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1835 Advocates for a New County
General Meeting of residents of
Hector, Ulysses, Enfield, Covert, and Lodi

In 1835, the Trumansburg Advertiser published a notice of a
meeting to discuss the formation of a new county, listing
46 supporters from Hector, 108 from Ulysses,
42 from Covert, 9 from Enfield & 9 from Lodi.
This initiative not successful; the history books, such as History of
Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins & Schuyler Counties, NY, pub. 1879,
made no mention of the 1835 attempt to create a new county.

Contributed by Lynn Stevenson Fisher, Georgianna Stevenson
and Wendy Stevenson, June 2003.

Trumansburg Advertiser
Wednesday, February 18, 1835

General Meeting
Of the Inhabitants of the towns of Ulysses, Enfield, Hector, Covert, and Lodi.

"The undersigned respectfully invite their fellow-citizens in the towns above named, to assemble in GENERAL MEETING, at Corey’s Union House, in Trumansburg, on Tuesday the 24th instant, at 2 o’clock PM., to take into consideration the propriety and practicability of erecting a new County out of the towns before mentioned.  As the object of this meeting is of immense importance, a large and respectable meeting is expected and earnestly solicited.  Feb. 18, 1835."


H D Barto
G T Spink
U Turner
E J Ayers
T Thompson
H Camp
Benjamin Allen
Nathaniel Ayers
David Fairchild
Hiram Clock
J G Corey
David Bower
John M Miller
L Strobridge
Joseph Stout
Elijah Atwater
George Goodwin
Stephen Bates
J T Lisk
G R Dunbar
Abner Treman
Justus Thorp
Daniel E. Lampkin
Charles Cressman
David Trembly
Solomon Buck
Irvin Camp
Philo Foot
Eliphalet Bates
Daniel Barto
Martin Stevens
Lewis Halsey
Reuben Compton
Clark Daggett
John Wardevell
Luther Sage
Thomas Bower
C H  Parshall
John Earl 
Charles Smith
Samuel E Clark
Peter Probasco
Abm S Smith
Amzi L Wheeler
Luther Lewis
Robert Beckwith 
Alvah Pease
Samuel Burlew
James Mattison
Eb’r Farrington
Ephraim Porter
Caleb Fowler
Byram Harrison
Joseph I Cornell
Simeon Pease
John Kellogg
W B Goddard
F M Camp
Alvin C Bradley
P H Thompson
A Stevenson
Marvin Smith
Allen Pease
David Farrington
James McLallen
Henry Taylor
J W Abel 
B H Frear
Wm Atwater
L W Owen
Alfred Bates
Nathan T Bradley
John M Goodwin jr
A M Crandall
Alfred Treman
Russel Lampkin
O Stetson
Elias Easling
William C Dean
Abraham Andrews
J C  Wortman
Isaiah Mead
Werter Thompson
John Creque
Reuben H Jewel
D K McLallen
Jared C King
David Bower
Levi Valentine
Jonathan Treman
Albert Campbell
John Hopkins
P C Brewer
John A Letts
Reuben Fowler
Miner King
James Warring
Isaac Updike
Eli Terry
Niles Gregory
Daniel Uhl
John Porter
Walter Bradley
Jonathan Owen
S H Lamport
Samuel Birdsall
Erastus Treman
Stephen Williams 


Richard E. Smith
Richard Terry
Ira Terry
John W. Matthews
David F Sears
Tunis Sherwood
John Demund
D B Ayers
David H Woodford
A E Proper
Samuel Allen
Jacob Smith
Benjamin Ketcham
Abraham Vangausbeck
George W Tompkins
Cyrus Barber
Elijah Hazletine
Joseph Wyckoff
Christopher S Smith
Miner Colegrove
Stephen S Smith
Calvin Treman 
Zalmon Barker
Elmer Chase 
Nathaniel Terry
Ashabel Treman
James Y Corwin
Abraham Cutler
Matthias Demund
Caleb Smith
Reubin Davis
Samuel Shattuch 
Ephraim Allen
Stephen Allen
Edward Demund
Elias Byram
George Spaulding
Jacob Burt
Ephraim S Tichenor
Jonathan Hinsdale
John Egbert
Elihu Barker jr
George Grant
Wakeman Lyon
A C Colegrove
John Mears


Jacob Updike jr
Josiah Cleavland
Samuel Kidder
Theodoric Smith
William Hoffmire
Warren Phelps
Nathaniel Neuman
Ezra Chase
Reuben Updike


Jeremiah Slaught
Jeth P Kinch
Bunyan C Covert
Joshua G Skinner
John Lamereax
Cornelius Compton
Travis Townsend
John Townsend
Cornelius Boyce


Chauncey Pratt
Levi W Bradley
Frederick Frits
E C Gregg
L B Wheeler
Oliver Bradley
Alanson Whiting
Gamaliel Dickason
Orange S Graves
Lewis Porter
Harsey King
Joshua Terry
Edward McCormic
Benjamin Selover
Job Clarke
Samuel Hopkins
David Vananken
Chauncey King
Jonathan Smith
Alanson Sniffin
Alanson Woodworth
Sylvester King
Jesse Horton
Yale Phelps
E S Pratt
Samuel Cooper
Henry McLallen 2d
Anson Hopkins
Eli Cole
Samuel Hopkins
Harvey King
William H Smith
Corydon T Gregg
Daniel G Clarke
Lucius Fenn
Annanias Smith
James Terry
Nathaniel King
Nathaniel King jr
William Shearer
Daniel Holmes
Lyman Bradley

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