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Misc. Records from Trumansburg Newspapers
1827, 1840, 1844-46
Schuyler co., NY area

contributed by Lynn Stevenson Fisher

Misc. Marriage & Death Records for Present Schuyler County
From Trumansburg Newspapers for 1827, 1840, 1844- 46

Source:  Presented to New York State Library, Albany, New York, Unpublished Records, Daughters of the American Revolution of New York State, 1966-1967, Vol. 285, State Chairman Mrs. Elmer J. Whitacre, Niagara Falls, New York, pp. 96-102  (Note: same volume has Ithaca newspaper marriages and deaths that are not included here, but may contain Schuyler County people)

Deaths and Marriages from a bound book containing four newspapers in Trumansburg, New York
-- in DeWitt Historical Society, Ithaca, N.Y.


“Lake Light”


Jan. 5:  Rev. Ira Smith, Jr., on 29th, John L. Smith to Harriet Beyea, all of Hector.

July: 31:  Hector on 24th inst., Rev. Nelson Brown of Mecklinburg, Samuel R. Clock of Trumansburg to Mary Letts, dau. of James Letts of former place.

Dec. 4:  Hector Nov. 23rd, by Elder Flemming, David Howford to Catherine Mesler, all of Hector.


Mar. 5:  22 ult., Rev. D.S. Chase, Oliver B. Walling to Mary Ann Morgan, both of Mecklinburg.

Mar. 5:  Covert on 1st inst., Rev. Chasee, Alvah S. Alden to Sarah W. Hoisinston, both of Hector.

“Trumansburg Herald”


July 11: 24th inst., Rev. S. R. Scofield, William T. Dutton a graduate of West Point to Lucy, dau of Dea. J.W. Mathews of Mecklinburg.

July 25: Elimira on 4th inst., Rev. Brown, Lewis Tompkins of Hector to Maria Chapman of Catherine.

Aug. 22: Hector, Rev. H. West, Nathan P. Case, Esq., of Troy, Pa., to Sarah M., dau of John M. Coddington, Esq., of Hector.


“Lake Light”


Oct. 22: Hector, 26th ult., Catharine Rosencranse, wife of Abraham, age 21.

Nov. 26: Covert, 19th inst., Elder Barzillai King, pastor of 1st Bapt. Church of Hector, age 53.

“The Trumansburg Sun”


Dec. 2:  Died in Mecklinburg Nov. 10, William Clock age 4 yrs., and on the 19th age 6, Edwin Clock, both sons of Oliver and Maria Clock, of scarlet fever.

“Trumansburg Gazette”


Aug. 8:  While visiting friends in Ohio, Richard Treman of Mecklinburg (no date).

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