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1866 Juror Lists, Havana
(Montour Falls), Schuyler co., NY

Published in the Havana Journal, November 10, 1866.

[Generously provided by the Montour Library staff & Carol Fagnan, head of the Library Board & local historian.  They are dedicated to making their local history & genealogy archives accessible to the public.]

"Minutes of the Drawing of a Panel of Twenty-four Grand Jurors to serve at a Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held at the Court House in the village of Havana, in and for the County of the first Monday (3rd day) of December, 1866 at 10 O’clock in the forenoon."

  1.  Wm. M. SHAW, Perry, Farmer.
  2.  George B. TREMAN, Mecklenburg, Merchant.
  3.  Robert DARLING, Reynoldsville, Farmer.
  4.  William N. LOVE, Pine Grove, Farmer
  5.  John C, LAREW, Havana, Farmer
  6.  Robert SWAN, Alpine, Farmer
  7.  James M. BERRY, Watkins, Farmer
  8.  David R. MILLER, Orange, Farmer
  9.  John C. MEAD, Burdett, Farmer
10.  John W. BROWN
11.  George GRANT, Mechlenburg, Farmer
12.  Daniel BEACH, Watkins, Lawyer
13.  James ELLSWORTH, Havana, Farmer
14.  T. L. MINIER, Havana, Banker
15.  Robert BURGE, Beaver Dams, Farmer
16.  Beta SANFORD, Beaver Dam, Farmer
17.  M. d. FREER, Watkins, merchant.
18.  William HARING, Watkins, Merchant
19.  Jonas CANFIELD, Burdett, Farmer
20.  Cyrus BARBER, Searsburg, Farmer
21.  Andrew S. QUINN, Reading, Farmer
22.  Oziel NIVISON, Reynoldsville, Farmer
23.  Zalmom BARKER, Mechlenburg, Farmer
24.  Harmon JAYNE, Cayuta, Farmer

"Minutes of the Drawing of a Panel of Thirty-Six Petit Jurors to serve at a Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer to be held at the court house in the village of Havana, in and for the said County, on the first Monday(3rd) of December, 1866 at 10 o’clock in the fornoon."

  1.  Everitt SHELTON, Jr. Catherine, Lumberman
  2.  Humphrey D. TRIPP, Perry City, Mechanic
  3.  Spencer WHEELER, Burdett, Farmer
  4.  A. C. HAUSE, Tyrone, Farmer
  5.  John FAUCETT, Tyrone, Farmer
  6.  John D. DAVIS, Reading, Farmer
  7.  Mathias MILLER, Montour, Farmer
  8.  Robert C. BUDD, Hector, Farmer
  9.  Eli C. FROST, Montour, Farmer
10.  Clark J. BASKIN, reading, Lawyer
11.  Garry STONE, Montour, Farmer
12.  O. R. CORBETT, Reading, Farmer
13.  Samuel C. KEELER, Havana, Lawyer
14.  Peter A. COATS, Burdett, Farmer
15.  Martin M. KEEP, Bennettsburg, Farmer
16.  Joseph B. REYNOLDS, Tyrone, Farmer
17.  Thomas FITZPATRICK, Montour, Farmer
18.  William ALLEN, Petty City, Farmer
19.  Francis LEWIS, Catherine, Farmer
20.  Charles RATHBUN, Smith Valley, Farmer
21.  John ROBERTS, 2nd  Reading, Farmer
22.  Emery LEE, Dix, Farmer
23.  John WESTERFIELD, Orange, Farmer
24.  Daniel TODD, Alpine, Farmer
25.  George STANTON, Tyrone, Farmer
26.  Ambuson ATWATER, Mecklenburg, Farmer
27.  Abram CRATSLEY, Orange, Farmer
28.  Wesley WHITMAN, Burdett, Mechanic
29.  Jason COOPER, Mecklenburg, Farmer
30.  Canillus FENNO, Tyrone, Farmer
31.  George W. HOUSE,  Havana, Boatman
32.  Rowland SECORD, Reynoldsville, Farmer
33.  Andrew J. WILLIAMS, Burdett, Farmer
34.  Frederick BARBER, Perry City, Farmer
35.  John H. NICHOLS, Reading, Farmer
36.  John H. VINE, Orange, Shoemaker

   D. G. WEAVER, clerk.
   Havana, November 3, 1866

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