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Schuyler Co., NY Business Directory

Compiled by Hamilton Child
Pub. 1893 by E.M. Child


Index of Names by Township

Catharine-----Cayuta-----Dix (excluding Watkins village)
Havana Village (Montour Falls)-----Hector-----Montour
Orange-----Reading-----Tyrone-----Watkins Village

Entries contain info on their location, occupation, acres & livestock owned,
& sometimes the birthyear, birthplace, relatives, etc.


Aber, Merwin L.
Arnold, Andrew J. (Rev.)
Ault, Charles F.

Baker, Laurence
Brown, Augustus S.
Beach, Olive A.  (wife of William H.)
Beach, William H.
Beardsley, Alonzo D.
               , Ann L.  (widow of Burr)
               , D. Freeling
               , Francis S.
               , Henry A.  (millwright at Meeks Bros. mill)
               , J. Earl
               , Jennie D.  (dau of Alonzo D. who was son of Cyrus)
               , John L.
               , Phoebe  (widow of Sewel /Suel C.)
               , Samuel A.
               , Sarah (widow of Stiles)
Beebe, Albert
Beebe, John  (son of Albert)
Belcher, William A.
Betties, Daniel
Bishop, Frank D.
Bolyen, May B.
Bolyen, Sydney D.
Bodle, Lucius W.
Bower, Leander H.
Brown, Abram  (husband of Julia U.)
          , Arthur S.
          , Charles H.
          , Duane L.  (son of Arthur S.)
          , Julia U.  (wife of Abram)
          , Thomas
Budd, Jackson  (brother of Joseph & William)
        , Joseph
        , William H.
Bulkley, Aaron E.
           , Menzo D.
Burch, Lester
Butters, George

Campbell, Calvin
              , Hyle A. (widow of George)
Carley, William
Carpenter, Alva R. (son of George)
Carpenter, Edward C.
Carpenter, George
Cary, George
Catlin, Louis E.  (son of P. Howard)
        , Ralph L.
        , P. Howard
        , Stearns J.
Chapman, Adelbert  (son of James)
              , Delphine  (wife of George W.)
              , Emanuel  (husband of Julia A.)
              , George
              , George W.
              , James
              , Julia A. (wife of Emanuel)
              , Reuben
              , Simeon
              , William H.
              , William M.
Charles, Edward
           , Irving
           , John J.
           , Simon
           , Truman L.
Childs, Jane (widow of Thomas)
Coddington, Jatie
Cogswell, Ciba
             , Eliza (widow of Gould S.)
Cook, Electa J. (widow of William)
Cooper, Elizabeth (widow of Alvin)
           , Peter  (grandson of John)
Corby, James H.
Cornell, Edmund L.
          , Joseph
Couch, Emily M. Miss
         , Lucinda Miss
         , Mary Miss
         , Samuel T.
         , Sarah Miss
         , Timothy S.
Crane, David B.
Cronkright, James
Crout, Washington A.
Cure, James M.

Darling, William A.
Dean, Richard
Decker, George W.
           , Hiram F.
           , Lewis J.  (son of George W.)
Denmark, Nathan S.
Dewey, Anson C.
           , Arthur E. (son of George J.)
           , George J.
DeWitt, Abel S.
           , Abel S.
           , Edward A.
           , Mott
Dickens, Mary (widow of Oliver)
Donahue, M. Thomas
Doolittle, Harrison S.
            , Herman I.
            , John R.
Dove, Thomas J.
Drake, Betsey A. (wife of Elijah)
         , Elijah
         , L. Adrian
         , Merwin J.
Dunham, Henry C.
Dutcher, Thomas

Edgcomb, Gilbert
Elliott, Daniel
        , Omar (son of Daniel)
Ervay, Joseph
         , Lewis W.
         , Lucy (wife of Foster)
         , Foster
Erwin, George
Estabrook, Isaac S.
               , Robert C.
Everts, Frank D.
         , Theodore

Farr, Charles A.
      , Mary E.  (widow of Abram)
Farrington, Joseph T.
Ferguson, James
              , John A.
              , Obe (son of John A.)
Foot, Benjamin
Foote, Clarke
        , Phillip
Ford, James
Forrist, Sally A. (widow of Nathaniel)
Fowler, Eugene J.
          , Irvin A.
          , Leroy J.
          , Oliver A.
          , Theodore T.
          , Warren G.
Freese, Mary E. (widow of Riley)

Ganoung, Adelbert (adopted son of Richard Dean)
             , Emeline (widow of Zela)
Gardner, Elmer
            , George S.
            , Olive (widow of Silas)
            , Owen
Gates, Andrew B.
Gibbs, Charles D.
        , Delancey C.
        , Israel C.
        , Manley H.
Gillespie, Robert H.
Gillett, Albert
Graham, Alonzo
            , Jerome
Grant, J. Clarence
        , William C.

Hager, Annette (widow of Theodore)
         , Burr O.
         , George W.
Hall, John J.
      , Martin D.
      , Miller
Halpin, John L.
Harvey, Charles J.
           , George W.
           , Joseph T.
           , Reuben D.
           , Timothy M.
           , William D.
Hausner, Clarence W.
Hausmer (Hausner ?), Jacob
Henry, Benjamin
         , William F.
Hewitt, Myron H.
Hill, Augustin W.
     , Ferris C.
     , Walter A.
Hinman, Elijah S.
           , Phoebe (widow of Guy C.)
Hitchcock, Milo J.
Hopkins, Elizabeth (widow of Merchant L.)
            , Fred D.  (son of Merchant)
            , John W. (son of Merchant)
Hover, Clarence E.
Howard, Charles C.
Huntley, Allen
           , Rosanna J.

Ink, George

Jackson, George N.
            , Nathaniel M.
Jennings, Jean C.
Jones, Frances E.  (dau of Nicoll F.)
        , Lucy O. (dau of Nicoll F.)
        , Nicoll F.
        , William T.

Kane, John
Keeler, ____ - station agent, Lehigh Valley Ry.
Kelley, Alanson
Kelly, William
King, Elwin
       , Joseph T.
       , Lyman T.
       , Robert
       , Zela
Krum, Alicia (dau of Daniel)
        , Ursula (dau of Daniel)

La Barr, Ella (wife of Samuel F.)
            , Samuel F.
Lapham, Homer T.
Larew, William
Lattin, Fred
        , Joseph
Leonard, Clara B. (dau of Samuel A.)
            , Samuel A.
Lewis, Harriet A. (widow of Francis)
Lockerby, Jerome B.
              , John
              , William R.
Lockhart, Richard C.
Loveless, Eben
             , Nelson
             , William S.
Lyon, Clarence
       , Grove D.
       , Henry
       , Herbert V.
       , Jesse
       , Walter E.

Mabee, Jacob
Mackey, Gilbert J.  (son of Mary E.)
            , Mary E.  (widow of Mathew M.)
Makimson, Augustus H.
Mallett, Ephraim N.
Mallory, Alexander
McClary, Timothy B.
McFaul, Robert
McKune, Mary (widow of Daniel)
Megary, Barney
Merchant, Arlo
              , Gurden M.
              , Malissa M.  (widow of Bigsby)
Merrick, Emmet H.
Metcalf, Clarence S.
Mickel, Andrew
Miller, Ayers
        , Eliza Miss
        , Samuel B.
Misner, Conrad
          , Mary E. (wife of Conrad)
Mitchell, Dean
            , William J.
Mix, Samuel C.
Montgomery, George G.
Moot, David
Morgan, Jane P.  (wife of John M.)
            , John M.

Newton, Charles W.
            , George F.  (brother of Charles)
Nichols, Edgar

Owen, Daniel V.
         , Layton

Paine, George W.
Pearce, Burritt
          , William (son of Burritt)
Pelham, George J.
           , John J.
Pendorf, Oscar
Pinneer, Casper V.
Potter, Orange
Pratt, Fred W.
       , Judd
Prince, Arthur H.
         , Frederick W.
         , Joseph T.

Ray, Harry T. (son of Hester M.)
      , Hester M. (widow of William)
Reynolds, Thomas J.
Rice, Francis F. Rev.
Ring, John
Roe, Walter A.
Rumsey, Franklin D.
            , Herman L.
Rundle, Charles

Savercool, Fred N.
              , Jerome C.
              , Ury
Selover, Asher L.
Shear, Nancy (widow of Charles)
        , William (son of Nancy)
Shelton, Alvin
           , De Alston
           , Lewis
           , Ralph
           , Schuyler
Sherwood, Elmer
Sidney, William E.
Sine, John -
Smith, Albert L.
        , Elsie (widow of Lewis)
        , Esther N. (wife of Oliver D.)
        , George A.
        , Gideon O. M.D.
        , Hannah (widow of Sylvester C.)
        , Oliver D.
        , William C.
        , William J.
Snyder, William B.
"Sqiuer" [Squire or Squier], William A.
Stanley, Eli
           , Frank
           , Wesley
           , William
Starks, William
States, George
         , Randall W.
Sterling, John
Stevenson, Annie E.
               , William A.
Stoughton, Lodema D.  (widow of Justus L.)
               , Ralph D. (son of Lodema)
Strader, Peter
Sullivan, George H.
Swan, Fred E.
Swick, Oliver P.

Terry, Andrew
        , George
        , Ithiel
        , Susan (wife of George)
Thatcher, David
             , Edward C. (son of David)
Thomas, Iram
Thompson, Ananias M.
               , Martin V.
Tompkins, Caroline (widow of Ira S.)
              , Jesse I.
              , Lewis A.
Todd, Daniel
Tracy, John F.
Treadwell, Caroline (widow of James)
               , Georgie S. Miss
Tucker, Frank B.

Ullman, Cyrenius
Updyke, Nelson

Van Horn, Nathaniel
Van Lone, Alonzo A.
               , Sylvester R.
               , Thomas B.
Van Loon, Benjamin  (son of Samuel E.)
               , John R.
               , Samuel E.
Van Marter, ____ station agent, Lehigh Valley Ry., Alpine.
Van Vechten, Charles B.

Wagner, George N.
Ward, John A.
Washburn, Charles H.
               , Henry
               , Jean
               , Olive M. (wife of Henry)
               , Sarah E.  (widow of Sherman)
Wells, Mary A. (widow of Nelson J.)
West, Filanthy E. (widow of Lyman)
Winton, Samuel
Wood, Almerin T.
         , Harrison
Woodard, James

Town of CAYUTA

Ackley, Isaac
Andrews, James
             , William
Archibald, Adelia Miss
Ayres, Ellison A.
         , Ellison S. (son of Ellison A.)

Bales, William
Barnes, Benoni M.
          , Dorus C.
          , Emmet
          , Merritt H. (brother of Benoni)
Bates, James
Beers, James
         , Calvin F.
Beach, George W.
         , Jeremiah
Bovier, Betsy (widow of Ralph)
Boyce, Elmer
         , Jacob
Brock, Eathel
Brown, Bion J.
          , Elias
          , Lyman
          , Rachel Ann (wife of Lyman)
          , Samuel S.
Butler, Leroy C.
Butters, Wesley V.
Buzzard, Charles

Casterline, Arthur J.
               , Henry
               , Julius A.
Chaffee, David
Collins, James  (has son John)
          , John (son of James)
          , Will
Cooper, Emmet  (son of  Harrison)
           , Harrison
           , Steven S.
Corby, David W.
         , Sarah E. (wife of David W.)
Cornish, Lorana  (wife of William)
           , William
Cranmer, John W.

Davis, Benjamin E.
Dean, Charles
        , Erastus
        , Freeman
        , John
        , Lee
Decker, Arthur  (son of Myron)
           , Edward  (son of Myron)
           , Frederick  (son of Myron)
           , Ira  (son of Myron)
           , Myron
Degraw, George
            , Solomon

Ennis, Ben L.
        , Fred
        , John
        , Leroy
        , Lowell  (son of Leroy)
        , Myron
        , Willie B.  (son of Ben L.)
Ervay, Frank

Fitzgerald, William W.
Flanders, William

Gallou, John
Godfrey, Charles P. M.D.
Gregory, F.E. (Francis E., brother of William E.)
            , Francis E.
            , William E.

Hall, Elias
Hamlin, Thomas J.
Haskins, Frederick
Hetherington, Robert
Hoyte, Caroline  (widow of Moses)
Huddle, Andrew

Jayne, Ada E.  (dau of Ezra C.)
        , Adelbert D.  (son of Harmon)
        , Charles P.  (son of Ezra C.)
        , Ezra C.
        , Harmon
Jaynes, Sylvester A.
Johnson, Peter
Jones, G. Frank (son of Rev. George)
        , George Rev.

Kellogg, Chauncey  (husband of Rhodema)
           , Rhodema (wife of Chauncey)
Kendall, Nelson

Lambert, Mary Miss
Langley,  John
Linderbury, Charles A.
                , Henry
Linderman, James
Lindsey, Charles
Lockerby, Burr
              , John H.
              , Lemuel H.
              , William E.
Lounsbury, Hector
               , Thomas C.
Lawhead, Alexander L.
              , Fred A.

McClary, Miles
McDuffee, William
McEwen, John W.

Niles, Lorenzo

O'Neil, John S.
Osmun, Charles W.
          , William

Patterson, William J.
Payne, Nettie
Perry, Marve H.
Pine, John

Reynolds, Clifford  (son of Jerome)
             , Jerome
             , John G.
Richards, John S.
             , Willis B.  (son of John)
Robbins, Ephraim
            , Preant (son of Ephraim)
Rorick, Cornelius
          , John  (son of Cornelius)
          , Llewelyn
          , Reuben  (son of Cornelius)
Rosebrook, Lorenzo
Roy, William
Rumsey, Cyrus

Scott, Ambrose L.
Smith, Abner G.
        , Charles H.  (has brothers Henry G. & James R.)
        , Edward Y.
        , Henry G.  (brother of Charles H. & James R.)
        , Henry G.  (son of Richmond)
        , James R.  (brother of Henry G. & Charles H.)
        , Richmond
        , Samuel
Stebbins, William
Swartwood, Ben L.
                 , Charles B.
                 , Charles R.
                 , John
Symes, John L.

Tice, Francis
Torry, Guy

Van Kuren, Ben  (son of Jacob)
Van Kuren, Emmet D.  (mother was Lucinda)
Van Kuren, Jacob
Vanzile, Abram

Watkins, Amos R.
White,  Henry G.
White, William B.
Woolever, Charles W.

Town of DIX

Adsit, William
Allen, Charles E.  (son of Thomas U.)
        , Francis N.  (son of Thomas U.)
        , Thomas U.
Andrew, Oren
Andrews, Alfred
             , Alice J.  (Mrs. Chas. B.)
             , Chas. B.
Anthony, Duane
            , Edwin
            , John
Ault, Eliza J.  (Mrs. Freeman)
Austin, Don J.  (mother was Temperance Austin, father was Asa)
         , George F.

Backer, Frances Miss  (dau of David L.)
           , Jacob
           , John
           , Morgan
Bailey, Er C.
         , George A. (son of Lewis)
         , John W.
         , Julia A. Miss  (dau of Lewis)
         , Kate R. Miss  (dau of Lewis)
         , Lewis
         , Luther
         , Ruth A.  (dau of Lewis)
Baker, Grant E.
         , King J.
         , William H.  (son of King J.)
Baldwin, William H.
Banker, Charles S.
           , Daniel (son of Martin B.)
           , Martin B.
Barker, Fred
          , Levi C.
Bartholomew, Charles A.
                    , Ira
Beardslee, Herman
Beardsley, David A.
Beckwith, Albert S.  (husband of Eda)
              , Hellen Miss
Beebe, Benjamin F.
          , Elizabeth
          , Sarah E. Miss  (dau of W.T. and Elizabeth)
          , William T.  (husband of Elizabeth)
Beecher, Clara J.  (dau of Minerva)
            , Mark A.  (son of Minerva)
            , Minerva  (widow of Truman G.)
Bell, Norman D.
Bennett, Charles
           , John M.  (father of Burton G.)
           , Oscar C.  (son of John M.)
           , William J.
           , William S.
Berry, Fred
Blain, Sarah M.  (wife of Silas V.)
       , Silas V.
Bolt, Eugene N.
      , Polly  (widow of Daniel)
      , William L.
Bossard, Anson
           , Fred A.  (son of Anson)
            , Mary A.  (sister of Anson)
Brewin, George B.  (brother of Henry E.)
          , Henry E.  (son of Edward)
Brodrick, Charles S.
             , Minnie M.  (Mrs. Clinton) (dau of Charles B. Smith)
Bronson, Calista E.  (widow of Sylvester)  (dau of Benj. Collins)
            , Clyde (son of Marvin)
            , Frank H.  (son of Mrs. Calista E.)
            , Marvin
            , Mary E. (dau of Calista E.)
Brown, Richard H.
Brush, Eugene L.
         , Herbert L. (son of Eugene L.)
         , Lockwood  (father of Eugene L.)
Bump, Susan Miss
Bunn, Daniel M.
Burns, Horace
        , James
        , Kate (Mrs. James)
Burrell, George W.  (son of Stephen W.)
          , Stephen W.
          , Walter M.  (son of Stephen W.)
Burt, Alonzo

Callahan, Timothy
Case, William
Caslin, William
Chapman, Arthur L.
              , Homer
              , Luie L.
              , Malissa A.  (widow of Israel)
Chrisjohn, Isabel  (widow of Warren)
Christian, Harriet Miss (dau of Wilson)
             , Wilson
Clark, Benjamin  (son of Smith Clark)
        , Byron  (his wife's father was Ambrose S. Mallory, son of Elisha B. Mallory)
        , John
        , Mary E.  (Mrs. John)
Cleveland, Ann
              , Charles C.
              , Ephraim
              , George R. (son of Charles C.)
              , Nathan Lee
              , Noble R.
              , William E.
Coats, Joseph B. (father of Russell H.)
        , Russell H.
Cole, Don S.  (son of Samuel B.)
       , George H.
       , Samuel B.
Coolbaugh, William  (had son-in-law Orlando F. Corwin)
Cooley, Charles (son of White Cooley)
          , White
Cornell, Caroline C. Miss (sister of Mrs. Sarah C. Cornell)
          , Sarah C.  (widow of John)
Corwin, Catharine L.  (Mrs. William A.)  (dau of Mrs. Ann E. Hardenburg)
           , Edward K.  (son of Orlando F.)
           , Nelson H. Dea
           , Orlando F.
           , Oscar P. (brother of Orlando F.)
           , William A.  (mother-in-law was Ann E. Hardenburg)
Crippin, Emma Miss  (sister of Lucinda and Sarah and Mrs. Orvilla Miles)
          , Lucinda Miss
          , Sarah Miss
Cronk, DeWitt  (son of Henry)
         , Henry
Crout, Burton H.

Dann, Andrew J.
        , Frederick O.  (son of Andrew J.)
        , Richard V.  (son of Andrew J.)
David, Melissa  (widow of Hamilton)  (dau of Wilson Christian)
        , Truman R.
Davis, Daniel W.  (son of Isaac W.)
Dee, Jerry W.
Demun, Matthias
Dimon, Jerome
Diven, Charlotte Miss  (sister of Eleanor; dau of Capt. John Diven)
         , Eleanor Miss
         , Ida B.  Miss  (great-uncle Ansel S. Townsend)
Drake, Adell B. (Mrs. James T.)
         , Charles S.
         , Francis L.
         , James T.  (husband of Adell A.)
         , Orrie G.
DuBois, Bert
           , Charles H.
Duvall, Cornelius  (father of William M.)
          , William M.

Eddy, Freeman (son of John W.)
       , John W.
       , Maria Miss  (sister of Freeman)
       , Thomas
Eggleston, Emma  (widow of David E.)
Ellis, Geo. J.
Ellison, John Jr.
Evans, Elmer  (mother-in-law was Sarah M. Pangborn)

Fero, Catharine  (widow of Henry P.)
       , Cynthia A.  (widow of John H.; mother of Henry Fero & Mrs. Emma N. Lewis)
       , Emma  (Mrs. Henry W.)
       , Henry W.  (son of John H.)
       , Isaac W.  (son of Cornelius)
Flemming, Lottie (widow of Joseph)
Fordham, Eunice J.  (widow of William)
Fox, Eddie  (his guardian & uncle was Wm. C. Gray)
     , Ella M. Miss  (niece of Wm. C. Gray)
     , Mary C.  (widow of James L.)  (dau of John Crawford)
     , William J.  (nephew of Wm. C. Gray)
Freeman, Jennett Miss
Frost, Byron  (husband of Olive)
       , Erwin L.
       , Harriet (sister of Jane)
       , Jane
       , Olive  (Mrs. Byron)

Gano, J. Halsey  (son of Philip and Anna)
        , Jonas D.
Ganoung, Elias K.
Ganung, Arthur F.
           , Charles H.
           , Delphine Miss  (dau of Solomon)
           , DeWitt
           , Edwin F.
           , Frank C.
           , George W.
           , Mary Eudora  (Mrs. Arthur F.)
           , Percy D.  (son of George W.)
           , Seeley R.
           , Solomon  (son of John G.)
Gaygen, Patrick
Gaylord, Percy C.  (son of Mary E. Clark =Mrs. John Gaylord)
Goodrich, Edward
Gould, John
        , Myres
Goundrey, Mark C.  (son of Thomas D.)
              , Thomas D.
              , William
Graham, Eliza J.  (Mrs. Joseph)  (had children Annie E. & Samuel W. Love)
           , Hiram H.  (son of  Mary E.
            , James D.
            , Joseph  (husband of Eliza J.)
            , Mary E.  (widow of Wm.)
            , Sarah E.  (dau of Mary E.)
Gray, M. Henry
       , William C.  (son of Rev. John Gray) (guardian for heirs of J.L. & Hannah Fox)
Greenly, William

Halford, Frank
Hall, Henry C.  (husband of Olivia)
      , Leon W.  (son of Wm. F.)
      , Olivia  (Mrs. Henry C.)
      , William F.
Hanmer, Hannah  (widow of David; had son Thomas)
            , Thomas
Hardenburg, Ann Eliza  (widow of William; mother of Mrs. Melissa Lybolt & Mrs. C.L. Corwin)
Harwood, Andrew  (had sons Edwin, George W. and William K.)
              , Edwin
              , George W.
              , William K.
Havens, Albert
Haynes, Benjamin Rev.
Hays, Daniel L.  (husband of Cora A.)
        , Cora A.  (Mrs. Daniel L.)
Haring, Garret  (husband of Mary Ann; grandson of Garrett Haring)
          , Mary Ann (Norris)  (Mrs. Garret Haring)
Hedden, Albert E.  (son of Franklin B.)
           , Charles D.
           , Franklin B.  (son of Henry & grandson of Daniel)
           , Squire  (son of Bethuel)
Heist, William H. M.D.  (son of  Henry)
Hendrick, Fay  (son of Marcus E.)
             , Marcus E.
             , Merton C. (son of Marcus E.)
Henry, Alonzo
         , William A.
Henyan, Addison
Herrington, Levi
Hewitt, Harry L.
Hicks, David T.
        , Silas H.
Hilton, Emeline (widow of John C.)  (1st husband was Frederick F. Lane)
Holly, Delilah  (widow of James)
Hooker, Alonzo
Hoyt, Guy C.  (son of Orlando M.)
       , Orlando M.
       , William D.
Huey, Edwin C.  (son of Andrew)
        , Melvin N.  (son of Edwin C.)
Hughey, Daniel
           , Joseph H. (son of Daniel Hughey & Christiann Allison)
Hulett, M. Elizabeth  (widow of Joel)
Hurd, C. Wellington  (grandson of Oliver Hoyt & Richard Hurd; son of Sarah Hoyt & Bryant R. Hurd)
       , Edwin W.
       , Richmond
Hutchens, Lester  (had son-in-law Frank L. Woodward)

Jennings, Ira
             , James
Johnson, Brant
            , Samuel E.
Jones, Griffin W.
        , Samuel F.  (son of Nicol)

Keach, James F.
Kendall, Harriet E.  (wife of Ira B.)
           , Harry J.  (son of Ira B.)
           , Ira B.
           , William K.  (son of Ira B.)
Kent, Marcus
Kenyon, Charles E.
           , Edward H.
Knox, Joseph B.

Laass, Harvey R.
LaDue, Edward F.
LaFever, Agnes Miss  (dau of Lovett)
            , Dana (son of Lovett)
            , Lewis
            , Lovett
Lalar, Geo. P. (Dr.)
Lalor, William  (father-in-law was John Clark)
Laskhan, Thomas A.  (son-in-law was Noble R. Cleveland)
Lattin, Augustus B.  (son of William H.)
        , Charlotte  (widow of Augustus, mother of William H.)
        , William H.
Lee, Charles E.  (mother was Susan)
      , David
      , George (father of Geo. H.)
      , John J.
      , Susan  (widow of Emory; mother of Charles E.)
Leroy, Charles
Leslie, Charles B.
Lewis, Charles O.
         , Emma M.  (Mrs. Chas. O.)
Livermore, James Henry
Lockwood, George C.
Love, Andrew
Lybolt, Heman R.  (husband of Melissa A. - she had sister Mrs. Corwin & mother Mrs. Hardenburgh)
         , Melissa A.  (Mrs. Heman R.)  (sister was Mrs. Catharine L. Corwin)
         , Nelson W.

Maccary, Vine H.
             , Margaret  (widow of John)
Macreery, William T.  (works for John B. Macreery of Watkins)
Main, Harriet N.  (Mrs. Tracy N.)  (mother of Charlie M.)
       , Tracy M.
Mallory, Edith May (dau of Leet R.0
           , Leet R.
Marsh, Sevalian F.
Masten, Fanny S.
Maurer, Andrew (husband of Emeline)
           , Emeline (Mrs. Andrew)
McCarthy, Mary  (widow of John)
McCarty, Almon
             , Burr  (son of Almon)
             , Clara  (dau of Almon)
             , Matilda  (Mrs. Almon)
McDowell, Andrew J.  (husband of Mandana)
               , Mamdana  (Mrs. Andrew J.)  (dau of Leonard Robinson)
McLuskey, Frances E. Miss  (dau of James E.)
                , James E.
Meeks, Edward
          , Jonathan (AKA "Don") (son of Edward)
Mettler, Charles H.
           , Saphronia A.  (Mrs. Charles H.)
Miller, George W.  (son of Mathias Jr., grandson of Mathias 1st)
        , Hannah M.  (widow of Wm. Wallace Miller; he was son of Dr. Lewis Miller)
        , Harvey J.
        , Harry P.  (son of William Wallace)
        , James R.  (son of Robert F.)
        , Lewis M.
        , Marcus C.
        , Martha  (Mrs. Mattie)  (dau of Daniel Eddy)
        , Mary A. Miss  (grandaughter of Matthias 1st)
        , Mary E.  (wife of James R.)
        , Mattie  (husband of Martha)
        , Robert F.  (husband of Mary)
Mills, Jacob  (brother of John L., son of Jacob)
       , Lewis Vine  (son of V.C.)
       , Vine Consider  (grandson of Jacob of Harrisburg, PA area; Jacob's father = Jacob from Germany)
Moore, Aaron
          , Alida L.  (widow of James H.)
          , Anna Miss  (dau of Alida L.)
          , Arthur J.  (son of Alida L.)
          , Edwin V.
          , Loren V.  (son of Alida L.)
          , Martin
Morse, Allen B.
          , Sabrina  (widow of John R., mother of Allen B.)
Mosher, Charles C.  (brother of Eliza H.)
           , Eliza  H.
           , Frank R.

Nagreen, S. Marshall  (had aunt Eunice J. Fordham)
Newcomb, William M.
Northrup, Flavius W.
             , Leonard E.  (son of F. W.)
             , Seaman F.  (son of Flavius W.)
Nye, Bert W.  (son of E. M. W.)
      , Ebenezer M. W.  (son of Sylvanus)
      , Otis H.  (son of E. M. W.)

Oakley, William
Obert, Emma J.  (widow of Peter)
Oldfield, Reuben B.  (son of William M.)
           , William M.
Oliver, Elizabeth  (widow of John)
         , John
Orr, Homer L.
     , James
Osborn, Charles E.
           , Elijah
           , Joseph B.  (had father-in-law Wm. C. Saylor)
           , Loren
Owen, Elizabeth (or Betsy)  (widow of Jonathan)
         , Hiram S.
         , Horace B.
         , Nelson
Owens, Benjamin
          , Thomas R.
          , Henry
          , Mary A.  (widow of Thomas)
          , Tedie Dell Miss  (had aunt Mary A.)
          , William H.  (son of Henry)

Paisley, Henry
Palmer, Fred W.  (son of William C.)
          , William C.
Pangborn, Alva I.  (husband of Sarah M.)
              , Ella Miss  (sister of Mrs. Frank Waugh)
              , Eugene
              , George W.
              , Sarah M.  (Mrs. Alva I.)
              , William B.
Parks, George W.
Patchen, Charles  H.  (son of  Harvey)
Peck, William J.  (son of Norman)
Personius, Evert
              , Ursula  (Mrs. Everts)
Phelps, Henry W.
          , Sevelon
Phillips, Alfred
Pierce, Arvilla  (wife of Myron R.)
         , Myron R.
Pike, Charles E.
       , Eleanor  (widow of David)
Piper, Abner  (brother of Anson)
        , Albert L.  (brother of Barton L.) - errata section said he had moved to Tyrone.
        , Alice H. Miss  (brother-in-law was C.D. Wheat)
        , Anson  (brother of Abner)
        , Barton L.  (brother of Albert L.)
        , Mary  (widow of William, mother of Anson)
        , William S.
Powers, Abigail  (widow of David)
Prentiss, Horace L.  (son of Stephen)
            , Stephen
Price, Edgar J.  (son of John N. & Nancy N.
        , F. Owen
        , John N. (son of Samuel & Ann)
        , Nancy N.  (Mrs. John N.)  (dau of James M. Huston)
Purdy, Frank O. M.D.  (brother of Dr. Mark S. of Corning; son of Dr.Wm. S.)

Race, Harriet Miss  (sister of Mrs. M. Elizabeth Hulett)
Rhodes, Charles B.
           , Elmer F.
           , John
           , John G.
Roberts, Elcina C.  (widow of James)  (sister of Mrs. Celia E. Tompkins)
            , James Ray  (son of Lewis)
            , Lewis
Robinson, Ezra
              , Geo. W.
Roblyer, Charles E.  (son of James S.)
           , George E. (son of James S.)
           , James S.
Rockwell, Burton L.
Rogers, Daniel
          , Richard H.  (brother of Daniel)
Roloson, Albert
            , Floyd J.  (son of Albert)
            , John G.
            , James M.
            , Mahlon G.  (son of James M.)
Rose, Bela
        , Grasson
Rumsey, Alonzo
            , Celia  (Mrs. Alonzo)
            , David
            , George W.  (son of W.H.)
            , Susan Miss
            , Walter  (son of Alonzo)
            , William H.  (father of George W.)
Russell, Adelbert W.  (his mother was Sarah)
          , Cynthia B.  (dau of Sarah)
          , Sarah  (widow of Philander L.)

Sabine, Edward A.
Sample, A. Eugene
Sanford, Jay B.  (son of  Omar J.)
           , Omar J.  (son of Bela)
Savory, Minerva  (widow of Walter)
Saxe, Sarah  ("Mrs. George L., of NY, dwarf")
Sayler, Charles
         , Henry C. (son of Andrew)
         , William C.  (had son-in-law Joseph B. Osborn)
Sayre, Henry C.
        , Purdy D.
Schuyler, Mark
Scott, Alvia
       , Lee
Seaman, Dean M.D.
Sellon, Charles W.
Shewman, Asenath  (widow of James; mother of Susan L.)
              , Channing J. (brother of Susan L.)
              , Curtis O.  (son of Frank L.)
              , Cynthia C.  (dau of Frank L.)
              , Frank L.
              , Susan L.
Silerman, Lewis
Sillimon, George J.
Silyman, Thomas
Simpson, Anna E.
            , Irving J.  (son of Anna E.)
Skellinger, William P.
Slater, Ella  (Mrs. Madison)
         , Madison
Smart, Jason H.  (husband of Mary A.)
         , Mary A.  (Mrs. Jason H.; dau of Nathan Disbrow, who was son of Reuben.)
Smith, Albert H.  (father-in-law was Silas V. Blain)
        , Anson A. (had sisters Maggie and Bessie E.)
        , Bessie E.
        , Charles B.
        , Darius L.
        , David C.  (son of James Smith & Isabel Leghorn) ("Mrs.Harriet Smith's father = Jonathan Gray")
        , Elias Wager
        , Frank M. (wife Ella J. was dau of the late Thomas Owens)
        , Julia A.  (widow of Thomas, mother of Frank M.)
        , Loell
        , Mary Jeannette Miss
        , Myron G.
Soule, Arthur L.  (son of Laurence L.)
        , Laurence L.
Soules, Leroy
Spielman, Ulissa Ann  (wife of Evlyn)
             , Mr. Evlyn  (husband of Ulissa Ann)
Staley, Luther C.
Stamp, Frances A.  (widow of Abner)
         , Nancy A.  (widow of John A.)
         , Nelson M. (son of Frances A.)
Stevens, Edwin
            , Eliza  (widow of Edward R.; mother of Charles R. & Burnett Stevens)
            , Emma Miss  (dau of William H.)
            , Marilla A.  (widow of Lester Stevens of Michigan; dau of Rev. Benj. Haynes)
            , William H.
Stewart, Alexander
            , Andrew
            , Robert  (son of Alexander)
Stoddard, Jesse
             , Richard  (son of Jesse)
Stoker, Daniel Rev.
Strader, Mary Owen  (widow of Jacob; dau of Mowbray Owen)
           , Mary L. Miss  (grandaughter of Jacob & Mary O. Strader)
           , Mowbray O.
Strait, Erastus M.
Sturdevant, Jonathan
Swift, Loren R.

Thayer, Ida M.  (Mrs. Ira S.)
          , Ira S.
          , Warren  (had son-in-law Martin Moore)
Thompson, Allen
               , David
               , Joseph ("colored")
               , Pamelia  (widow of Demetrius B.)
Tillinghast, W. Ambrose
Tompkins, Celia E.  (Mrs. John)  (sister of Mrs. Elcina C. Roberts)
              , John
Townsend, Ansel S.  (husband of Eliza; father of Minnie J.)
               , Eliza
               , Minnie J. Miss
Tracy, Caroline  (widow of Elijah)
         , Ebenezer  (brother of John G.)
         , John G.  (son of Daniel)
         , Sarah A.  (Mrs. John G.)
Tucker, William J.

VanCamp, Benjamin D.
               , Charles R.  (son of Benj. D.)
VanDeventer, Augusta J.  (Mrs. Abraham F.)
                    , Burr J.  (son of John)
                    , John
                    , William S.
VanTuyl, Janet  (widow of Isaac; mother of William Adsit)

Wait, Daniel  (grandson of Daniel, a Rev. War vet involved in "Boston Tea Party")
       , Mont L.
Waite, Mary H. Miss  (dau of Samuel W.
         , Samuel W.
Wakelee, George W. Jr.  (son of George W. Sr.)
             , Geo. W. Sr.
             , Lemuel C.
Wakeman, Caroline  (widow of David; mother of Wm. T.)
               , Sarah A. Miss  (aunt of William T.)
               , William T.
Wallenbeck, Benj. F.
Wasson, Andrew
            , David
            , James F.
            , James M.  (son of Matthew)
            , John  (son of Matthew)
            , Matilda  (widow of Andrew)
            , Matthew
            , Wallace J.
            , Walter F.
Waugh, Frank  (brother of Joseph)
          , Joseph  (son of William)
          , William
Wedgewood, Arthur Henry  (son of James)
                  , California M. Miss  (dau of William C.)
                  , James  (father of Oscar Edwin Wedgewood)
                               (his wife's parents were Joseph Hane & Judelia Hotchkiss)
                  , Warren  (had an uncle John Wedgewood of California)
                  , William C.
Weidman, William
Weller, Henry R.
Webber, John H.
Wheat, Cyrus D.
White, David B.
         , Lazette  (widow of Melancton; mother of George B. killed in Civil War)
         , Milton I.
         , Myron C.
Whitford, James
Wight, Catharine  (widow of Philip M.; resides with son-in-law was E. Spielman)
Wilbur, Charles
          , Irving H.  (son of Owen H.)
          , Owen  H.  (son of Solomon)
Willover, Elizabeth  (sister of Catharine =Mrs. Hiram Lewis)
            , George W.  (brother of Elizabeth Willover & Catharine Lewis)
            , William S.  (son of George W.)
Wixson, Charles L.
           , Elizabeth E.
           , Frank T.  (son of Reuben)
           , Reuben  (father of Frank)
Woodward, Clyde  (son of Esmus)
                , Esmus
                , Frank L.  (husband of Mary D.)
                , Jennie Miss (niece of Esmus)
                , Mary Deett  (Mrs. Frank L.)
                , Sally  (widow of Hiram)
                , Nathan W.  (son of Sally)
                , Willard W.
Woodworth, Selina  (widow of James M.)

Young, Mary E.  (widow of William; had son-in-law Morgan Backer)


Adamy, Emeline  (widow of Solomon)
           , Huldah  (bds with C.S. Meeks)
           , William
Agard, Jane C.  (widow of Eaton J.)
Armstrong, James C.
Austin, Otis Ellsworth
         , Temperence  (widow of Asa; mother of Otis E.)
Ayers, Andress
         , William E.

Backman, Nancy  (widow of George)
              , Ursula  (resides with Nancy)
Bailey, George
         , Leroy G.
         , Louis V.
Ball, Alonzo G.
      , Charles B.
Banker, Jane W.  (widow of Hiram S.)
Bardo, Alfred
Barnes, Joe Miss  (dau of W. Hawley Barnes)
          , Mary L. Miss
          , W. Hawley
Bates, Charles M.
Beardsley, Emma Miss  (dau of James B.)
               , Menzo C.
Beers, Francis S.
Bement, Ella J. Mrs.
Bennett, Albert V.
Bess, Elizabeth Miss
       , Lewis F.
Blaine, Amelia  (widow of John; dau of John June)
Blair, David C.
Bohmwetseh, Frederick
Bower, Mary  (widow of Henry)
          , Nicholas
Bowlby, George F.  (father of William D.)
           , William D.
Brennan, James L.
Briggs, George W.
Brink, C. Emmett
        , Charles F.
        , Jerry
        , Milo
Brown, Frank L.
          , George D.
          , Samuel J.
Buck, Fred H.
Burchard, Herbert M.
Burrett, Margaret  (widow of John G.)
Bush, Emma L., A.B.
Butler, Margaret Miss

Callahan, Michael
             , Michael Jr.
Carey, Fred
Carley, John
          , John H.
Carter, Frances
Cassidy, Owen
Chandler, Charles C.  (son of Frances E.)
              , Frances E.  (widow of Jay M.; dau of A. G. Campbell & Ursula Catlin)
Chapman, Eunice  (widow of Elisha)
Charles, John A.
Clauharty, Charles W. Col.
               , Oscar M.
Clawson, Charles D. (Dr.)
             , M. Schuyler  (son of Dr. Charles D.)
             , Lorette L.  (Mrs. Dr. Charles D.)
Coe, Lorin L.  (originally written "Louis L." but corrected to Lorin L. in errata section)
Coit, Albert Rev.
Cole, Hiram  (son of Hiram)
       , Martin  (son of Hiram)
Cook, Grace Miss  (dau of Col. Elbert W. Cook who had brothers Charles & Hiram Cook)
Coolbaugh, W. Emmett
Corwin, William L.
Covert, Alfred B.
          , Seeley H.  (brother of Alfred)
Cramer, Arthur S.
           , Edgar L.
           , George H.
           , James A.
           , Jennie
           , Luie A. Mrs.  (wife of George H.)
           , Louisa  (widow of Peter H.)
Crandall, Laban B.
Crane, Kate  (widow of Thomas)
Carver, Jennie  (widow of Alexander)
Crippen, Hannah  (widow of Nelson)
Crofut, Simeon J.
Cronk, Albert
         , Edward G.
         , Elmer E.
         , Jonathan
         , Paul T.
         , William
Crouch, Henry
Culigan, James E.
Curtis, Mary J.  (dau of Brant C.; resides with O.F. Curtis)
         , Oscar F.
Cushing, Herman

Darrow, Charles W.
           , Grant  (son of Charles W.)
           , William  (son of Charles W.)
Davies, Arthur Rev.
Decker, Hattie E.  (widow of Simon)
           , Sarah  (widow of Simon)
           , Simon
           , Sidney S.
D'Enson, Elmer E.
             , Sylvester C.
DeWitt, Emmitt
           ,  Henry
Dibble, John A.  (brother of Schuyler A. or Schuyler C. Dibble)
         , Perry S.
         , Schuyler C.
Dolph, William V.
Doolittle, Frank
Downing, Robert E.
Dunham, E. A. & Co.  (Eli A., James M. and Fred J.)
Dunham, Eli A.
            , Fred J.  (son of E. A.)
            , Harriet  (widow of Herman)
            , Henry E.
            , James M.
Durkee, William L.
Dutcher, Jerome C.

Edsall, David P.
Ellis, Clarence N.
Erway, George F.
          , Joseph  (son of George F.)
          , Roswell M.  (son of George F.)
Everts, Alanson G.
          , George W.

Fanton, Hull
Ferguson, Silas N.
Fink, N. E. Mrs.
Fitzpatrick, John (b. 1820)
               , John  (b. 1824)
               , John  (b. 1852, son of John)
               , Joseph
Flavel, Nativity Miss
Fleming, James
Fletcher, Charles
            , James
            , James M.
            , Jane  (widow of Henry)
            , Nellie Mrs.
Forest, Isaiah W.
Fowler, Charles W.
          , George H.
Freer,  Harry J.
        , Lizzie H.  (widow of Robert B.)
Frederickson, Ida J.  (dau of Sarah A.)
                   , Sarah A.  (widow of John J.)
Frost, Edwin D.
        , Martin

Gano, Charles
Ganung, Adelaide E.  (wife of Theodore W.)
           , Floyd A.
           , Theodore W.
German, Calvin
            , S. Helen  (Mrs. Calvin)
Gibson, Peter  (husband of Sarah)
          , Sarah  (wife of Peter)
Gile, Margaret A.  (widow of Charles D.)
Giles, Chester
       , Joseph
Gillespie, Catharine M.  (widow of Wyatt C.)
             , James E.  (son of Catharine M.)
Greene, Ella Miss
           , Kate Miss
           , Mary Miss
Gregory, Josiah S.
            , Mary Miss  (dau of Josiah S.)

Haddock, James A.
             , Sarah A.  (wife of James A.)
Hall, Austin J.  (father of Fred C.)
      , Fred C.
Hallock, Lilian
Hamilton, Charles A.
             , Charles G.
Handy, Fannie   (widow of Ephraim)
Harding, Charles H.
Harris, Leona  (Mrs. Henry)
Hausner, Alveretta  (wife of S. E.)
            , Mahlah D.  (widow of Jacob; mother of Samuel E.)
            , Samuel E.
Hawken, W. H. Rev.
Hayden, George E.  (son of Mary)
           , Mary  (widow of Cyrus)
Henderson, Ray E.  (widow of Mark)
Henry, Edward
Henry, John A.  DDS  (son of J. G. Henry)
         , Thomas A.
Herman, Pratt
Hibbard, Edward W.
Hill, Albert C.  PhD.
     , Augustin W.
     , Seth
     , Sherman B.
Hills, E. Darwin  Dr.
Hinman, Elijah S.
Holmes, Clark P.
           , Fred M.
           , Willis F.
Hopkins, Willis L.
Howell, Elijah
Huey, John S.
        , William
Hull, Adelia  (widow of Sylvester; had son-in-law Edward W. Hibbard)
Humphrey, Moses
Hunt, Charles Frederick
Huntley, Rollin D.

Ives, Edwina L.  (sister of Marian T.)
      , Marian T.  (dau of Hiram D. Ives, sister of Halsey C. Ives)

Jackson, Hiram B.  (son of Wm. T.)
           , John D.
           , Mary L.  (widow of John M.)
James, Frank
Jones, Priscilla M.  (widow of George M.)
        , Thomas
June,  John

Keach, George
          , Phebe Ann  (widow of David; had son-in-law Nelson Owen)
Keeler, George W.  (lives with Samuel C.)
          , Samuel C.
Kellogg, Hiram H. Rev.
           , Holmes
Kendall, Charles
Kenney, John F.
Kilbourn, Alfred O.
Kimball, Frank  (Mrs. Alonzo)
           , William  (his mother was Frank)
King, Harsey Rev.  (son of Asaph King)
       , Julia A.  (widow of John D.)
Kinney, William
Knapp, Samuel A.
Kniffin, Freeman  J.
          , George L.
Knox, Nelson E.  (son of Harry B.)

Lake, Samuel
LaTourrette, James E.
Lee, Eugene
      , Hiram M.
Lewis, Edward B.  (son of Mary B.)
         , Edwin P.
         , Hiram
         , Mary B.  (widow of Edward)
Loury, Kate  (widow of Albert)
Lovell, Frances E.  (Mrs. Hiram)  (dau of C. E. Spaulding)
Luer, Cora E.  (dau of Henry S.)
       , Henry S.
       , Mary F.  (wife of  Henry S.)
Lynch, Catharine  (widow of Dennis)
         , William

Mack, William
Mallory, Minor H.
Manning, Can
Martin, Carharine A.  (widow of Ward C.)
          , Elma G.  (dau of Wm. A. L.)
          , H. Edna  (dau of Wm. A. L.)
          , Oliver W.
          , Thomas J.
          , William
          , William A. L.
Mason, Thomas A.
McCarthy, Daniel E.
McClellan, John
McClure, Emma A.  (widow of Henry D.)
             , Florence  (bds Henry)
             , John
McConnel, Abram A. [added in errata section]
McCutcheon, George  [typist note: son of Peter & Sarah Broas McCutcheon]
McDougall, James
McKeel, Levi
McKeg, Joseph T.
McLafferty, Phelia  (widow of Frank)
Meeks, Charles B. (son of Ira)
          , Chauncey N. (son of Ira)
          , Coral S.  (son of Ira)
          , Ira B.
          , Seward E.  (son of Ira)
Merrick, William H.
Messig, Carl
          , Charles H.
          , Frank A.
          , Fred
          , William
Mettler, Carrie Miss
           , Lizzie Miss  (probably sister of Carrie; ran a boarding house)
Miller, Caroline  (widow of Horatio D.)
        , Charles V.
        , Esther   (widow of Charles)
        , Lyman J.
Misner, Andrew D.
Moelich, Christian
Morgan, Charles
Mosher, Alvin J.
Mulford, John E.

Nagle, John
         , Lizzie I.  (dau of  John)
Newton, James  (father of Mrs. C. A. Sloan)
Noyes, Clark
         , Eliza  (wife of Clark)
         , Fred S.
         , John  H.

Obert, Susan M. Miss
Odell, Chester
        , Francis
Osburn, Fylinda Mrs.
Ostrander, Sylvester
Overhiser, Nathaniel
Owen, Nelson

Palmer, Albert B.
          , Harriet A.  (widow of Avery M.)
          , John J.
          , Julia H.  (Mrs. A. B.)
Pease, John E.
Pelham, Joseph F.
Perigo, Eliza B.  (widow of Thomas)
Perry, Elizabeth C.  (widow of John K.) (sister of Mrs. Jane C. Agard)
Personius, Gilbert
Phelps, Hester G.  (widow of John F.)
Pike, Sewall
Platt, Mary   (widow)
Post, George M. Dr.
Powers, Nicholas
Pratt, James M.

Quick, Armenia  (widow of Peter)  (dau of Thomas Nichols)
Quigley, Charles C.
           , Willis S.
           , Wirt S.  (son of Charles C.)
Quirk, Athelia A.  (Mrs.  John M.)

Randall, Mabel
Ribble, Charles F.
         , Lula J. Miss
Rice, Francis F. Rev.
Rightmire, Fred
              , Henry
              , William T.
Rittenhouse, Byron
Roberts, Ansel
Robertson, Thaddeus M.
               , Washington
Roblyer, George
Rumsey, Samuel  H.
Rundle, Jonathan  (husband of Elizabeth)
Russel, Ella M.

Sailor, Albert
Sainsbury, William
Sayre, Kate
Schenck, James
Scott, Henry
Shelton, David L.
Shepard, Alice  (widow of William)
            , James A.
            , William H.
Sherman, Winfield S.
Sherwood, Hattie Miss  (dau of Keziah)
              , Keziah  (widow of Lewis)
              , Lillie Miss  (dau of Keziah)
Simpson, Alice E.
Skinner, Edward D.
           , William M.
Sloane, Charles A.
Smelzer, Baxter T. Dr.
Smith, Charles D.
        , Leroy T.
Snyder, Stewart C.
Spaulding, Calvin
Sprague, Lillian O.
Stackhouse, Charles J.
                , John T.
Stahl, Simon
Starr, Jehial L.
Sterrett, S. W.
Stilwell, Fenton E.
Stockley, Moses L.
Stoddard, Alvin  (son of Jesse)
             , Jesse
             , Jesse Jr.  (son of Jesse)
Stotenbur, Harry
              , Susie A.  (widow of Edwin)
Stover, Guy R.
          , Philip D.
Stout, Alfred
        , Jessie D.   (wife of Levi A.)
        , Levi A.
Strattenburg, George
Strong, Larue P.
         , Rachel T.  (wife of Larue P.)
Strutt, George W. Rev.
Stuart, Janette Miss
Supple, William
Swick, Fred G.
Swarthout, George W.
               , William K.  (son of George W.)
Swick, Abraham

Thomas, Calvin
            , Eliza  (wife of Calvin)
Thompson, Archibald
               , Lewis
               , Nathaniel S.
               , Samuel
Townsend, Dora L.  (dau of John W.)
               , John W.  (b. 1839)
               , John W.  (b. 1841)
Tracy, Charles Avery  (son of Peter)
         , E. Lysander
         , Florence Dombey Miss  (dau of Louisa W.)
         , Louisa Watkins  (widow of Daniel)  (dau of Waterman Watkins)
         , Margery Fanton  (Mrs. Charles A. Tracy)  (dau of Francis L. Fanton)
         , Sarah Louisa Miss  (dau of Louisa W.)  (grandaughter of John Tracy)
Trowbridge, Jacob
Turner, George E.

Vail, John M.
VanDuzer, Francis
VanVleet, Frank L.
Veazie, Henry T.  (son of John)
          , John

Wagner, Frank
Wakely, Louise F. Miss
Wakeman, George B. A.B.
Walker, Cornelia  (widow of Horace)
Ward, Emeline  (widow of Henry T.)
Watkins, Charles R.
Weaver, Almeda H.  (widow of Llewellyn)
            , Dwight E.
            , Merrick J. (son of Josiah M.; Josiah's father was James)
            , Morris  (lives with father)
            , Moses S.
            , William
            , Myron H.
Weed, Charles Mason  (son of M.N.)
         , Horace V.
         , Joseph M.
         , Mary E.
         , Mason N.
         , William J.  (husband of Carrie)
Weller, Edwin
          , Jessie Miss  (dau of Edwin)
          , Charles S.
Wheat, Albert  (son of Ira G.)
         , Ira G.
Wheeler, Eliza
Whippy, George T.
Whiting, Anna
Whitney, Luther
Wilcox, Lucy J.
Wilkin, Frank C.
Wilkinson, Harry
Williams, Mary Miss
Wolverton, James
Woodland, Ernest J., B.S.
Woodworth, Alfred
                 , Frank

Young, Elmer C.
          , Joseph K.
          , Willmer  (son of Joseph K.)

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