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A Biographical Record of Schuyler County, NY, 1903
S.J. Clarke Publishing Co.

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    AYERS, William E.

    BAILEY, Lewis
    BAILEY, Mrs. Lewis M. (aka Catherine McCLERNAN)
    BAIRD, James
    BALDWIN, Horace Jerome
    BALDWIN, William Henry
    BALL, Alonzo Graves
    BALL, Charles Benjamin (son of Alonzo)
    BARNES, George C.
    BEACH, Obadiah
    BEAHAN, James
    BEARDSLEE, Amos  (Beardsley)
    BEARDSLEY, Philo
    BECKER, Allen George (& his VAUGHAN in-laws)
    BECKWITH, Charles S.
    BEECHER, Truman G.
    BELL, Dr. Robert (photos of Robert & his wife)
    BESS, Lewis F.
    BICKNELL, Dr. George CHASE (CHASE=birthname; BICKNELL=adoptive name)
    BIRDSALL, James Edwin
    BISSELL, Emerson R.
    BOWER, Oliver Perry
    BOYD, John Alfred
    BOYNE, Edwin
    BOYNE, Moses
    BRADLEY, Professor Lewis H.
    BURCH, Lester

    CAREY, Fred
    CARNEY, Hugh
    CARVER, Ira  (& his PLOSS in-laws)
    CASE, George A.
    CASS, Marcus M.
    CATLIN, Henry Brant
    CATLIN, Phineas
    CHAPMAN, Aaron F.
    CHAPMAN, Charles
    CHAPMAN, George H.
    CHARLES, Simon
    CLARK, Thomas R.
    CLAWSON, Charles D.
    COATS, Joseph B.
    COLE, Fremont
    COLE, Samuel B.
    COON, Samuel M.
    CORBETT, J. Wallace (brother of Otis R.)
    CORBETT, Otis Read
    CORBY, James H.
    COUCH, Capt. Hiram L. (photo)
    COVERT, Seeley Hodges
    COVERT, Abraham C.
    CRAMER, Michael
    CRAWFORD, Albert
    CRAWFORD, Daniel S.
    CRAWFORD, John B.
    CRAWFORD, Leonard
    CRIPPEN, James
    CRONK, William
    CROUT, Washington A.

    DAVIES, John L.
    DAVIS, Frederick
    DAY, Charles
    DEAN, Erastus
    DECKER, H. F.
    DEMUN, Mattias  (photo of his wife Jane)
    DINISON, William W.
    DENNING, George
    DEWEY, George J.
    DIBBLE, Charles Schuyler
    DIBBLE, Perry
    DICKENS, Clarence
    DOTY, Isaac E.
    DURGEE, William Loraine
    DURLAND, Lewis H.
    DUSENBERRY, Joseph R.

    ELLIS, Clarence Newell
    ELY, George M.
    ELY, William B.
    ENNIS, Fred S.
    EVERTS, Charles H.
    EVERTS, Charles M.
    EVERTS, Josiah Banker
    EVLETH, Atwood  (& his HORTON in-laws)

    FERO, John
    FINLAN, James T.
    FLANDERS, William
    FOLEY, John
    FORD, Alonzo
    FORDHAM, Dr. Gideon Carl
    FROST, Charles Sherwood
    FROST, Martin L.

    GANO, Levi M.  (photo)
    GANUNG, Seely R.
    GIBSON, Peter
    GILE, Charles D.
    GOLTRY, Dr. George H. (& his NICHOLS in-laws)
    GOULD, George W.
    GRANT, Crandall W.
    GRAVES, Avery P.
    GRAVES, Richard
    GUNDERMAN, Winfield S.

    HADDOCK, James A.
    HAGER, Charles Henry
    HALL, Jerome B.
    HALWICK, John
    HANDRAHAN, John   (Hanrahan?)
    HANLEY, James
    HANLEY, Samuel Levi
    HARING, Charles
    HARING, Garret
    HARING, George  (photo)
    HARING, Oscar R.
    HARVEY, Frank A.
    HAUBNER, Ignatz
    HAUSNER, Jacob
    HAWES, P. Halsey  (photo)
    HECKMAN, George W.
    HENYAN, Addison
    HICKS, David
    HOLLETT, Benjamin Blackiston
    HOPE, James D.
    HORNING, Grove C.
    HOWARD, Daniel
    HOWARD, Henry S.
    HOWELL, Wellington (plus genealogy notes on his brother, Byron Clark HOWELL)
    HOXSIE, Joshua
    HUGHEY, Joseph H.
    HUGHEY, M. B.  (photo)
    HURLEY, David

    IRISH, Frank F.

    JACKSON, Charles N.
    JAYNE, Ezra C.
    JEFFERS, William Henry
    JONES, Nicoll F.

    KIMBLE, Charles
    KNAPP, Albert

    LACKERBY, John    (Lockerby?)
    LaDOW, O. S.
    LaFEVER, Lovett
    LaRUE, Henri Belmont
    LEE, Franklin
    LEE, George
    LEFFINGWELL, William Elderkin (photo)
    LEONARD, Herbert J.
    LOCKWOOD, George C.

    MACK, Emerson J.
    MACREERY, John B.
    McCREERY, Mrs. Margaret (nee EWING)
    MAGEE, Duncan S. (son of Hon. John)
    MAGEE, General George J. (son of Hon. John) - photo
    MAGEE, Colonel John (son of Gen. George; grandson of Hon. John)
    MAGEE, Hon. John (son of Henry) - photo
    MAHONEY, Mrs. Elizabeth
    MAIN, Tracy M.
    MALONEY, Richard
    MARTIN, A. I.
    MARTIN, William Sutphen
    MATTHEWS, Milford
    MEEKS, Ira B.
    MESSIG, Carrol
    MESSIG, William
    MILLER, Amos
    MILLER, Frank LaFitte  (photo)
    MOORE, Edwin V.
    MORAN, William J.

    NAGLE, John
    NORDIKE, Joseph L. DDS
    NORTHRUP, Flavius W.
    NORTHRUP, Seaman F.
    NYE, Olin Tracy

    O'DAY, Peter
    OGDEN, John White

    PAGE, Jonathan
    PALMER, Benjamin
    PALMER, James D.
    PALMER, Syrillus H.
    PALMER, William C.
    PARKER, Darius
    PARKER, George
    PARKER, Edmund
    PATCHEN, Charles H.
    PATTERSON, James
    PAYNE, Clifton A.
    PECORARA, Albert
    PIPER, Barton Leland
    PRENTISS, Horace J.
    PRICE, John N.

    QUICK, James M.

    RANDALL, John
    REDNER, Herman L.
    REDNER, Virgil
    REICH, Carl August
    REYNOLDS, Daniel M.
    RHODES, Charles B.
    RICH, Charles Byron
    RINGER, George Andrew
    RORICK, Cornelius
    RORICK, Peter
    ROSEBROOK, Lorenzo
    ROSENKRANS, George W.

    SAYLER, Henry C.
    SCHUYLER, John Edwin
    SCOBEY, Benjamin Wood
    SEAMAN, William DeZeng
    SHAPPIE, David
    SHERMAN, Winfield Scott
    SHULENBURG, Joseph H.
    SIRRINE, Fred B.
    SLOANE, Charles A.
    SMITH, James B.
    SMITH, Osborn
    SMITH, William Vaughn
    SOULE, George Aiken
    STALEY, Luther C.
    STEWART, Alexander
    STILWELL, Dr. H. Proper
    STOUGHTON, James H.
    SULLIVAN, John Drury (partial)
    SUPPLER, William
    SUTPHEN, Charles Munson
    SUTPHEN, Peter Oscar
    SWAN, Elias
    SWICK, John Hall
    SWICK, Oliver P.

    TOMPKINS, Ira S.
    TOWNSEND, John Wesley
    TUCKER, William John

    ULMAN, Cyranus

    VanALLEN, Cornelius
    VanALLEN, John J.  (brother of Cornelius)
    VANDERHOOF, Dr. Walter Ward
    VanDOREN, Horatio W.
    VAUGHAN - see A. G. BECKER
    VEDDER, Hiram S.

    WAIT, George C.
    WAIT, Hon. William H. (photo)
    WALLENBECK, William George
    WARDEN, William
    WAUGH, William (son of James)
    WAUGH, William S.
    WICKHAM, Clark
    WICKHAM, M. LaFayette
    WICKHAM, William
    WILLIAMS, John D.
    WILLIAMS, Oliver Hazzard
    WILSON, Peter
    WILCOX, William D.
    WINNE, Rev. Christian W.
    WISPERT, George
    WOODWARD, Arthur C.

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