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1920 Schuyler Co., NY Census

Index of Names
[mainly Heads of Households (sometimes wives) &
different surnames within their households]


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Contributed by Walt Samson

TOWN OF HECTOR - Enumeration District 67


Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Name

001.  Erway, Eugene  [wife Arabella]

002.  Ames, Hannah  [dau looks like Mae E.]

003.  Hager, Wm. H.  [wife Daisy, dau Bessie]
        Patterson, Dewey E.  [nephew]

004.  Brown, Stephen E.  [wife Winifred S., son H. Stilwell Brown]

005.  Mallory, Judson D.  [wife Flora A.]

006.  Jaquish, Jessie [single female]
                   , Sarah Elizabeth  [sister]

007.  Donnelly, Lydia  [widow]

008.  Keep, Joseph C.  [wife Zela E.]

009.  Paterson, Schuyler C.  [wife Florence L., son Schuyler G.]
        Bi_ ier, Virginia  [servant, b. Alsace-Lorraine]

010.  Kelley, Ester Ann  [widow]
         Swick, Nelson  [son]
         Alwood, Minerva ?  [mother]

011.  Mathews, Gilbert  [wife Henrietta]

        Withiam, J. Franklin  [head of separate household; wife Emma]

012.  Martin, Harry R.  [wife Mary S., son Mark B., son Russell S.]
        Benson, Solomon C.  [boarder, widower]
        Brooks, Rose B.  [boarder, widow]

013.  S____d, Clarence D.  [looks like Smead] [wife Helen]

014.  Hager, Orhpa S. [widow]

015.  Bowers, J. Carl  [wife Mable T., son Carl Robert?, son Gerald Parks Bowers]

016.  Bowers, Seely B.

017.  Wyckoff, Edgar  [wife Estelle S.]
         Nelson, Blanche  [grand-dau]

018.  Arnold, Elmer A. [wife Carrie]

019.  Paterson, Geo. B.  [wife Nettie]

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019.  [dwelling continued]
         Mead, Cora May  [head of separate household in dwelling]  [single]
         Reynold, Helen N.  [widow; head of separate household]
         Flack Maud H.  [companion]

020.  Burns, George C.  [wife Bianca B., dau Mildred E.]

021.  Bond, Frederick B.  [wife Lelia M., dau Dorothy M.]

         Dickerson, Adelia F.  [head of separate household, married]

022.  Donnelly, J. B.  [wife Cora E., son Harold A.]
        Becker, Lydia A.  [boarder]

023.  Hopkins, Rufus A.  [wife Julia A.]

024.  Morris, Leonora V.  [widow]

         Lown, Jennie L.  [widow; head of separate household]
                 , Truman P. [son, single]

025.  Granger, James E.  [wife Lena I., son Horace J., dau Frances E., dau Ella G.,
              dau Lena I., dau Beulah R., son Stewart R.]

026.  Snyder, George A.  [wife Annette M.]

027.  Smith, H. Eugene  [widower; had son Ralph G.]

028.  Martin, Marquis L.  [wife Emma]

029.  Warner, Louise B.  [widow]
         Brown, Eliza L.  [single; sister]

030.  Auble, Louella  [widow, with dau Gladys May, dau Anna Marie,
                  dau Helen L., dau Lena Bell, son Kenneth ?]
        Smith, Albert A.  [father]

031.  Barnum, Eunice B.  [widow]

         Lott, Edward P.  [wife Rose M.]  [head of separate household in dwelling]
            [dau Gertrude B., son Edward, dau Helen R., dau Mildred R., dau Ruth M.]

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032.  Manning, Lillie or Libbie L.  [widow]  [grandson John]
        Arnold, Stanley  [boarder]

033.  Bowers, Oliver H.  [wife Marie E., son Oliver A., dau Ellen M.]

034.  Rogers, Ida E.  [widow]

035.  Carrigan, Chas. A.  [wife Edith M., dau Ella Elaine]

036.  Krieder, John M.  [wife Jessie, dau Julia M.]
        Hanly, Julia A.  [mother-in-law, widow]  [also spelled Hanley]

037.  Beebe, Nelson P.  [wife looks like Catherine]

038.  Hager, William S.  [wife looks like Mary S., son John Francis Hager]
         Kimble, Martha J.  [widow; mother-in-law]

039.  Mulligan, George H.  [wife AbbyE., son Clarence W., dau M. Elizabeth, dau Gertrude]
        Washburn, Eleanor C.  [boarder; single]

040.  Bailey, David F.  [wife Faye H., dau Margaret M., dau Evelyn K.?]

041.  Bailey, Samuel  [widower]  [had son Leslie S., dau-in-law Rose & grandson Leslie Carter Bailey]

042.  Seitz, Charles E.  [wife Ida V., son Howard M., son Timothy R., dau Martha J.]

043.  Kepler, George A.  [with single sister Christine L.]

044.  Darling, Wm. H.  [wife Augusta M.]

045.  Pratt, Mary Wood  [single]
               , Llewellyn A.  [father, age 93, widower]

046.  Wenban, Bessie G.  [widow]
                    , Gordon  H.  [son]
         Beardslee, Emma [widowed mother]

047.  Chaffee, Anna T.  [married]  [with sons Clarence & Alton]

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048.  VanTuyl, Emma H. [married, husband elsewhere, dau Josephine L., son Francis]

049.  Billings, Emmett L.  [widower]

050.  Granger, Charles H.  [wife looks like Laura E. & son Palmer H.]
         Mericle, Wm. W.  [step-son]

051.  McCawley, Francis J.  [male, single]
                         , Helen  [sister, single]

052.  Spaulding, Antoinette  [widow with dau Alberta]

053. Judson, Albert B.  [wife looks like Carrie]

054.  Smith, George R.  [wife Anna M., son Richard m., son Alfred E., dau Margaret E.]
        Freeman, George W.  [boarder, with wife "Dorother" G. & child Halcyone?]

055.  Mead, Silas M.  [widower with dau Iva G.]
                , Garwood J.  [father]

056.  Baker, Mary [widow]

057.  Miller, Andrus D Mott  [single]

         Chaffee, DeForest C.  [head of separate household in dwelling,
              with wife Elsie Grace (nee Creighton, from marriage record), son Wm. DeForest]

058.  Paterson, Duane T.  [wife Theresa M., son George, son Stewart D.]

059.  Sherman, Minerva  [widow of Elias D. Jr.]
        Thompson, Belle  [sister, single]

060.  Mulligan, Wm. K.  [wife Martha C.]

061.  Coon, Andrew C.  [wife Matie E., dau S. Marguerite, dau Alice B., dau Bertha A.]

062.  Rogers, Adelia A.  [single]

063.  Henyan, Charles  [widower]
        Whalin [Whalen ], Azubah S.  [widow, housekeeper]
                  , Clarence A.  [boarder]

064.  MacDougall, Philetus  [single]
        Jayne, Mary J.  [widow, mother]

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065.  Carrigan, James O.  [widower]
        Blanchard, Helena A.  [daughter; with her husband Chester R.]

066.  Ellis, Mary A.  [single]

067.  DeMelt, Emma M.  [married, no others in household]

068.  Graham, Willard B.  [wife Verna M., son George S., son Willard D.]

069.  Giles, Frank H.  [wife Harriett M., son Merle L.]

070.  Elliott, Otis A.  [wife Winifred, dau Bernice C., dau Thelma, dau Altha, dau Lois, dau Edna,
            son Francis, son K--ylon? M.]

071.  Dunham, Irvin  [wife Lydia, dau Gladys H.]

072.  Rost, Melvin  [wife Lydia]

073.  Smith, Charles F.  [wife Emma M.]

074.  Magee, Clarence V.  [wife Florence A., dau Dorothy A., son Paul B., son Donald J.]

075.  Carey, Sidney  [single, with widower father Fred]

076.  Manning, Ann Eliza  [widow with son Fred A.]
         Harding, Clara L.  [grandaughter]

077.  Fink, Lewis W.  [wife Margaret B.]

078.  Coon, Floyd S.
        Aulbright  [Albright ] or Sutbright ?, Sarah E.  [daughter]
           [with her children Floyd and Cathleen ?]

079.  Erway, William  [widower]

080.  Withiam, Anson A.  [wife Susannah]

081.  Coon, John  M.  [widower]
         Manning, Viola E.  [married daughter]

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082.  Potter, Lyman F.  [widower with son Charles L., son John L., dau Mary E., dau Grace L.]
        Clark, Cora  [widowerd housekeeper]

083.  Green, Melvin A.  [wfe Grace F., son H. Otis]
         Hamilton, Nan? V.  [mother-in-law, widow]

084.  Dean, Elmer I.  [wife Deborah L.]

085.  Faulkner, George W.  [wife Lena B., dau Mildred E.]

086.  Percy or Perry, Oscar or Orson [wife Ethel May, son Lawrence H., dau Alta May, son Harold J.,
              son Leon F., dau Bernice L.]
        Walker,  Horace P.  [boarder]

087.  McQuillan, Peter  [wife Mary A.]

088.  Arcangeli, Angelo  [wife Rosa, son Santirio?, son Harry, dau Amelia, son Joe, 2nd cousin Fred]

089.  Jackson, Mike  [single]

090.  Smith, Fred E.  [wife Sarah L., dau Beryl, son Horace M., son Jabez E., son Orlo E., son Bentley F.]

091.  Manning, Judge H.  [wife Ella D.]

092.  Ames, Edward F.

093.  VerNooy, A Lincoln  [wife Dora, dau Addie M.]
               [maybe Abraham L. VerNooy ?]

094.  DeMunn, Burr  [wife Elizabeth, dau Helen, son Martin B., son Clark V. & son Hollen B.]

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095.  Partello, Clarence W.  [wife Florence B.]

096.  Sprague, Nathan  [with dau Ella Mary]

        Halton, LaMott  [boarder]

097.  Wickham, Ford  [wife Marietta]

098.  Houseworth, Monroe  [wife Hannah]

099.  Grant, Maggie  [widow]

100.   Grant, Cerelia  [widow with dau Eva M.]

101.  Mathew, Elmer M.  [wife Mable E.]

102.  Brown, Harry R.  [wife Jennie M., dau Evelyn C.]

103.  Dunham, Belle  [widow with son George]
        Wickham, Helen L.  [grandaughter]

104.  Lambert, Isabel J.  [widow]
        Spears, Addie  [sister, widow]

105.  Withiam, Fred D.  [wife Ella L., son Clarence A., son Archie E.]

106.  Fanning, Clayton M.  [wife A. Dell]

107.  Price, Levi L.  [wife Ethel V., son T. Otis, dau Kathryn E., dau Leona M.]
        Litteer, Horace H.  [father-in-law]

108.  Dunbar, Delmer V.  [wife Nellie M.]

109.  Egan, G. Earl  [wife Pearl A.]

110.  Smith, Hollin C.  [wife Tirzah Todd, dau Margaret T.]

111.  Egan, Charles  [wife Ida F.]
        Henyan, Clarence E. [boarder]

112.  Bokle or Bekle, George H.  [b. Alsace, French] [wife looks like Carrie Jane]

113.  Dean, Frank  [wife Effie]

        Chesley, Dollie  [head of separate household, widow]

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114.  Purdy, Elizabeth  [single]

        Evans, Louis H.  [wife Vesta V., dau Joyce V.]  [separate household in dwelling]
        VanLoon, Frances  [mother-in-law]

115.  Allen, Seth B.  [wife Lena Mae]
        Palmer, Grace L.  [niece]

116.  Zammett, Harry  [wife Felomana]  [Slavonian]
           [with son Kla__et, son Toney?, dau Anna]
        Racsie, Peter  [boarder]

117.  Kacgorowski, Joz  [wife Anna, dau Julia, dau Sophia, dau Mary, dau Anna, son William]

118.  Mathews, Oliver C.  [wife Grace F., son Clarence , son Fred]

119.  Curry, Arthur L.  [wife Sarah J., nee Fish, from cem. list]

120.  Howell, Dewitt C.  [Marion B.]

[end of Burdett Village]

TOWN OF HECTOR - Enumeration District 67 (continued)
[excluding Burdett Village]

Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Name

121.  Barrett, Floyd D.  [wife Martha J., dau Hazel E.]
        Homer ?, Charles  [hired man]

122.  Argetsinger, Lafayette W.  [wife Eulalia R.]

123.  Carpenter, Wm. E.  [wife Isidore R., dau Maude M., dau Isidore R.]

124.  Jolley, Roland W.  [wife Maria]
        Biever, Pieter  [boarder with apparent wife Teresa]

125.  Fuchs, Frank A.  [wife Mary]
        Baumberger, John  [father-in-law]
        Hartman, Amelia  [niece]

126.  Bush, Erastus  [wife Iverna]

127.  Brown, William S.  [wife Mary B.]
                  , Daniel J.  [or David? - father]
        Secor, Eliza A.  [mother-in-law]
        Bennett, Ella E.  [servant]

128.  Brown, Ray  [single  with mother Amanda /Aminda, uncle Ansel, sister Grace & brother Floyd C.]

129.  Brown, Clinton G.  [wife Fannie, son Ernest C., dau Blanch F., father Norman]

130.  Potts, Clyde H.  [wife Nellie I., dau Selma E., mother Sarah J.]

131.  King, Herbert B.  [wife Carrie, son Chester A., son Earl L.

132.  Carpenter, Millard W.  [wife Ruth A., dau Madge A.

133.  Spaulding, Oliver D.  [wife Edna V., son Oliver C., son Max V.]
        VanLoon, Hazel F.  [sis-in-law]

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134.  Rosekrans, Lawrence E.   [wife Mildred A., son Donald P., son H. Kenneth,
              son Wilmont L., son Manor /Mason? L.]

135.  Morris, J. Burge Sr.  [wife Katherine, son L. Hollier, son J. Burge Jr., son Kenneth J.
        Walker,  Randolph  [hired man]

136.  Berry, Edward E.  [wife Lelia B., son Covart? W., dau Hermione, dau Inez, dau Thelma]

137.  Canfield, George M.  [wife Ida M., son  Harold S.]
        Stevens, George  [hired man]

138.  Shewman, Raphael W.  [Jennie L. his wife]

139.  Knapp, John B.  [wife Coral B., son John A.
        Myron or Wyson ?, William J.  [father-in-law, b. England]

140.  Besecker, Raymond  [wife Edith E.]
        Gorry / Gorey ?, George  [boarder]

141.  Johnson, Henry  [with son Henry Jr.]  [widower]

142.  Archer, Roy R.  [Mary E. his wife, son Earnest, dau Hazel L.]

143.  Johns, William H.  [wife looks like Jennie]

144.  Johns, Charles H.  [wife Emma E., son William, dau Rena L., dau Catherine G.]

145.  Childs, John G.  [wife Mabel R., dau Alta M.]

146.  Strows, Willis  [wife Alice May]
        House, William M.  [brother-in-law]
                 , Mary  [sister-in-law]

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147.  Birge, Benjamin E.  [Lillian E. his wife, dau Mary H., dau Grace P.]

148.  Phelps or Philps, Earl A.  [wife Maude E., dau Helen M., son Arthur D., son Donald L.]

149.  Philps, Arthur M.  [wife Hattie A., dau Marion E.]

150.  McCarty, Burr  [wife Lagerna]

151.  Thorp, Jay M.  [wife Bessie F., son Thomas R., dau Mary Maurine, dau Helen J., dau Francis M.]

152.  Keep, Herman I.  [wife Mary H., nee Mary Hudson, dau Margaret M., son John H.]
         Booth, Fred H.  [hired man]

153.  Stilwell, Joseph  [wife Carrie V.]

154.  Clawson, Smith D.  [wife Jennie E., son Lewis B.]
        Auble, Elizabeth A.  [mother-in-law]

155.  Smith, Albert Vance  [wife Elizabeth C., dau Eleanor H., son Royce M., son David L.,
                  dau Dorothy C., dau Ruth E., son Carl V., son Marion L., son George S.,
                   son Edward E., son Paul R., son Donald K.]]
         Smith, Lewis C.  [brother]

156.  Wescott, Cynthia A. [widow - probably Cynthia Clark Wescott, widow of Albert]
         Sweeney ?  Ethel A.  [dau]
                           Lloyd W.  [grandson]

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157.  LaMoreaux, Millie  [single]

158.  Lyon, Palmer Heath  [wife Grace Hamilton]

159.  Hager, C. Earle  [wife Bessie Pauline, dau Marilyn E.]

160.  Hager, Charles H.  [wife Ida M., son Harold V.]

161.  Coyle, Phoebe E.  [widow]
        Johnson, Chalin? or Charline?  [sis-in-law, widow]
        McFadden, Mary J.  [sis-in-law, single]
        Galley, George W.  [hired man]

162.  Thayer, Warren S.  [wife Belle]

163.  Curtis, Linda  [single]
        Bennett, Emma [companion, widow]

164.  Wardner or Wardin, William H.  [wife Phoebe L, dau Vesta C., sister Delia T.]
         Egbert, Nelson   [boarder]

165.  Burr, Elliott V.  [single]
               , Ruth A.  [sister, single]

166.  Shergur  ? , Ralph C.  [wife Mary I., dau  Madeline F.]

167.  Rowley,  Norman P.  [son James F.] - both widowers

168.  German, Loren W.  [wife Sarah J.]

169.  LaTourette, Martha  [single]
         Fenn or Finn ?, Mary L.  [sister, widow]
         Meddick / Meddich, Mattie A.  [single aunt]

170.  Campbell, Winton G.  [wife Carolyn B., dau Louise, son Winton G. Jr.]

171.  Ball, James F.  [wife Hannah]

172.  Clark, Eugene  [wife M---y M., son Earl B.]

173.  Pitts, Lizzie  [widow]

174.  Chrysler, Chrystiana  [widow]

175.  Feagles, Sarah I.  [widow with son William L.]
        LaMoreaux, John  [widower, boarder]

176.  Thayer, Howard O.  [wife Lorina or Lovina]
        Budd, Howard M.  [step-son]

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177.  McCarrick, George  [wife  Harriett E., dau Gladys, son Leland]

178.  Harrison, Joseph C.  [wife Elizabeth W., dau Sarah M., dau Virginia M., son Joseph C.]

179.  Wilson, James H.  [wife Anna M.]

180.  Burr, Sarah  [widow, with dau Gladys]

181.  Everts, George  [widower]

182.  Crippen, Sarah  [widow with son William A.]

183.  Stevens, Flora S.
                    , Francis  [husband]
        Lathrop, S. Margaret  [dau]
        Stevens, George Byrons [son]
                   , George B.  [brother]

184.  Squires, Charles O.  [single]

185.  Fisher, William R.  [wife Elizabeth M., son William H., son James A., dau-in-law Lela G., grandson James W.]

186.  Wood, Frank  [wife Ollie]

187.  Stone, George W.  [widower]

188.  Hawes, Belle M.  [single]

189.  Stevens, Evan H.  [widower]
          Dwyer, Gertrude  [sister-in-law, single, b. VT]
          Davis, Dora      [widow, boarder]

190.  Wheeler, Ray E.  [wife Emma, son Earnest R.]

191.  Hall, Walton  [Nancy J.  his wife]

192.  LaMoreaux, Henry F.  [wife Harriett C., son Lynn L., dau Leona M., son Elmo M.]

193.  Bond, Anna H.  [widow]
        LaMoreaux, William H.  [head of separate household in dwelling]  [wife Margaret]

194.  Searles, Howard  [wife "Franc"]

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195.  Marshall, Freeman  [wife Charlotte]

196.  Clawson, Watson D.  [wife Fannie E., son Hager W.]
        Budd, Clinton  [grandson]

197.  Clawson, Gilbert L.  [wife Louise, dau Helen E.]

198.  Runyon, Albert  [wife Elizabeth]

199.  Mathews, Marshall D.  [wife Nellie J.]

200.  Chandler, S. Louise  [widow]

201.  Chandler, Jonathan E.  [wife Carrie E., dau Anna R.]

202.  Clawson, James B.  [wife looks like "Almed /Almeh B."; son Paul W., dau Ruth]

203.  Halsey, Fannie [single]
         Curry, Clifford H.  [nephew]

204.  Gunderman, W. Scott  [Florence E.  wife - probably Payne]

205.  Barnes, John R.  [wife Jennie B., son Alfred S.]

206.  Thompson, Fannie J.  [widow]

207.  VanVleet, Asa B.  [wife Harriett]

208.  Drake, Alice M.  [single]

209.  Mathews, Frank K.  [wife looks like Veda A., son Charles F.]

210.  Beckhorn, Fred H.  [wife Fannie H., son Waldo  H., dau Lucile M.]

211.  Colbert, Samuel  [single]

212.  Brown,  Harrison  [wife Addie D.]
        Williams, Frank  [hired man]

213.  Howell, Otis E.  [wife Frances S., dau G---ia B., son Emerson R.]
        Luckey, Cora L.  [dau, married, with her dau Frances E. & her son Arthur E.]

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214.  Hubbell, Herbert G.  [wife Lulu F., dau Reba M., son Oliver E., son Gorden G., mother Lydia Ann]

215.  Harris, Frank L.  [wife Martha B., son James R., dau Margaret M.]

216.  Brown, James  [wife Margaret, dau Frances A.]  [born Ireland]

217.  Fenton ?, Anna E.  [widow]

218.  Erway, Sara J.  [widow]
                  , Sylvester P.  [nephew, married]

219.  Erway, Grover M.  [Florence M. wife, dau Ruth A., dau Mary L., dau Alma E.]

220.  Cratsley, Albert M.  [wife Mary]

221.  Baker, Lewis  [wife Lulu B.]

222.  Mathews, Manley  [wife E. Pearl]

223.  William, Burton R.  [wife Leah, son William R., dau Hazel M.]

224.  Howell, Willis M.  [single]

225.  Erway, Herbert E.  [wife Ruth C.]

226.  Corwin, George M.  [wife Mary E.]

227. Cratsley, George F.  [wife Myrtie F., son George S.]

228.  Youngs, Melvin V.  [wife Ada M.]

229.  Taylor, Frank  [wife Sarah L.]
         Fairham or Farnham ?, Edgar C.  [father-in-law] [widower]

230.  Wescott, Homer C.  [wife Grace L., dau Cynthia N.]

231.  Howard, Parker W.  [wife Mary F., dau Selma Budd, dau Minnie E.]
         Wood, Arthur M.  [hired man]

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232.  Johnson, Alfred E.  [wife Olive M., dau Elnor M.]

233.  Longstreet, Loren W.  [wife Nettie, son Nelson V.]

234.  Howell, Wellington E.  [wife Cornelia M.]
        Southard, Earl W.  [step-son]

235.  Wolcott, Ralph  [wife Bessie; mother looks like Lorraine]

236.  Dugue, John F.  [wife Gertrude E., son James V., son Edward]

237.  Savey ?, Frank W.  [wife Lucy J., dau Abby J., son Paul J., son Richard L.]  [supposed to be Sarvey?]
        Smith, Lewis L. & Raymond [step-sons]
        Smith, John J.  [father-in-law]

238.  Freese, Clarence A.  [wife Stella A., dau Mildred E., son Linford S.]

239.  Taylor, Clarence W.  [wife Helen L., dau Elenore M.]
         Vi_ley, Ida M.  [mother-in-law]  [Visley ?]

240.  Davis, Harry B.  [wife Saidie M., son George L., dau Charlotte, dau Frances M.,
              son Charles M., son Howard R.]

241.  Stra__ey ?, David E.  [Audrey A. wife, son Clifford D.]  [looks like Strailey ]

242.  Allen, Myron W.  [married, no wife in household]

243.  Hatch, Ernest C.  [wife Julia E., son Arthur E.]
         Worster ?, Beryl ?  [female, boarder]

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244.  Johnson, Williard R.  [wife Satie V.]
        VanWormer, Wm. H.  [father-in-law]
                          , Lewis  [brother-in-law]
        Mathews, Helen M.  [looks like 2n cousin ?]

245. Ely, Mrs. Dell  [widow with dau Marian, son Ralph E.]

246.  Adams, Paul D.  [wife Ruth B.]

247.  Kendall, Walter E.  [wife Helen B., son Ralph C.]

248.  Johnston, Hariette M.  [head]
                     , Harold  [husband, b. England]
        Johnson, Mary E.  [mother]
         Mathews, Carrie  [2nd cousin]
         Mathews, Howard  [hired man]

249.  Teribury ,Fred D.  [wife Mary E., son Theodore F., son William Byron]  [also spelled Terryberry]
         Lowrey ?, Susan J.  [mother-in-law]

250.  Morley Otis H.  [wife Edith, dau Helen E., son K enneth C., dau Katherine J.]

251.  Yaw, Hiram A.  [wife Lina C., son Harold G., dau Mary R., son Hiram A. Jr.]

252.  Wright, Oscar Joseph  [wife Anna E., son Grant L., son Clair O., son John C.]

253.  Hazlett, W. Herbert  [Inez his wife, son James R., dau Dorthy M.]
        Cassidy, George  [hired man]

254.  Johnson, William [wife Carrie May, son Walter, son Clifford]
        Colwell, Mildred L.  [step-daughter]
        Davis, Charles  [boarder, single]

255.  Wasson, William E.  [wife Lulu M.]
         Rolf, Leon James  [step-son]

256.  Mickel, Glenn L.  [wife May T., dau Marion E., father Silas N.]
         Rogers, Marie  [hired girl]

257.  Wickham, William  [wife Nellie M., son Don J.]
         Koellner, Charles  [single, hired man]
         Chilson, Mary  [servant]

258.   Williams Fred A. [widower]

259.  Hall, William W.  [wife Elizabeth, son Fred W., dau-in-law Georgia O., granddau Lydia? M.]

260.  Dickerson, Emma I.  [single]
                        , Margarett H.  [sister, single]

261.  Reed, Mary  [widow with son Aaron M., son George D.]

262.  Wager, Agusta W.  [widow]
                  , Lincoln G. [son] & his wife Edna L.

263.  Ely, Clarence C.  [wife Lulu J.]

264.  Budd, Albert  [single]
                , Minnie M.  [mother]
                , Carrie R. [sister]
        Peck, Lodancy  [widow, boarder]

265.  Slocum, Bert D.  [wife Grace B.]
        Dunham, Lewis L.  [step-son]
        Jennings, Marie S.   [boarder] - recorded on another sheet below

266.  Longstreet, Frank W.  [wife Effie B., son Harold W., son Ralph, son Earl B., son Willis, son Robert, son Lewis]

267.  Bryant, Frank  [wife Margaret, dau  Helen, son Harry, son Earl, son Walter]

268.  Murphy, Wesley [widower]

[061a  next page]

269.  Birge, Chalres W.  [wife Mary F., son David W., dau Mary Ruth, son Benjamin E.]

270.  Huston, Samuel E.  [wife Fannie J., dau Elinor D., dau Helen F.]
        Wright, Herbert L.  [boarder, single]

271.  Flood, Robert  [single]

272.  Murphy, Minor A.  [wife Myrtie]

273.  Whitford, Deasey or Deney T.  [wife Roberta L.]

274.  Fassett, William S.  [wife Sarah, son William E., son Floyd  P., dau Mary E.]
        Griswold, Edmund  [father-in-law]  [& his wife Sarah]
        Brown, Olie  [hired man, single]

275.  Beattie, Charles H.  [widower with dau Elizabeth H., son Robert D.]
        Birge, Mary E.  [housekeeper, single]

276.  Stevens, Floyd E.  [wife Edith M.]

277.  Updyke, Arthur G.  [wife Minnie M., dau Anna L., dau Mildred L.]

265.  Jennings, Marie S.  [boarder, single]  - out of order - see above [Bert Slocum household]

278.  Huston, Leroy  [wife Mary J.]

279.  Clock or Clark ?, George E.  [wife Eudora M.]

280.  Hooghkirk, Flossie  [young widow]  - probably same as Flossie Cogswell that married
             Charles Hooghkirk in 1909.  He died 1918.  [with dau Marian F., dau Dorothy A.]

281.  McClellan, George B.  [wife Rose, son George D.]

282.  Reed or Rood, John D.  [wife Hannah E.]
         Lyon, Earl R.  [grandson]

         Hall, W. Earl  [head of separate household in dwelling]

283.  Hart, Alice  [widow with son Emmet J. & son Frank E.]

[061b  next page]

284.  Wagner, Bell  [widow, with son Stanley L., dau Mildred E.]

285.  Arnold, Willard W.  [wife Emma L., son Leland C., son Willard W. Jr.]
        Miles, Veronica  [servant, single]

[End of Enumeration District 67]

TOWN OF HECTOR - Enumeration District 68

001.  Chesley, Jehial L.  [single]

002.  Smith,  Henry M.  [single]
                , Abbie M.  [mother, widow]
        Clock, Harriet  [aunt, widow]

003.  Cure, Cecil  [wife Katherine]

004.  Velie, Charles M.  [father]
                , Adelia  [mother]
                , William  [head, single]

005.  Chesley, Jabez S.  [wife Estella, dau Grace, son Floyd]

006.  Bulkley, Joseph C.  [wife Emma A.]
        Sharpstein, Julia A.  [mother-in-law]
        Manhein, Frank  [boarder]

007.  Shanon, Frank P.  [wife Mary]  [also spelled Shannon]

008.  Shanon, Lyle C.  [wife Louie R., son Frank E., dau Marian J.]

009.  Theatge, Henry  [wife Anna]
         Landon, Reva  [niece] & Harry [nephew]

010.  Grover, Charles  [with mother Julia E.]

011.  Hubble, Elisa A.  [widow]

012.  Usher, May W.  [mother]
                 , Belea? C.  [head]  [probably Bela C. Usher]

013.  Greek, Clarence M.
        Erway, Lillian  [mother]
                  , Katherine  [sister] & Harold [brother]
        Hovencamp, Debrah  [aunt, widow]

014.  Archer, Frank G.  [wife Marguerite, son Gorman]

015.  Pike, Clarence E.  [wife Minnie, son Leon J., son Albert E., dau Mertle, son William N., son Charles]

016.  Robertson, Homer  [wife Sarah, dau Madeline]

[062b  next page]

017.  Pike, Hiram C.  [wife Lucinda]

018.  Morley, Fay  [wife Mary, son Herbert, dau Hazel, dau Marie]
         Fisk, Clyde   [St-son?]
               , Katherine  [dau]

019.  Horwath or Howorth, John  [wife Anna, dau Madeline, son John, dau Anna]

019.  Heck, Nicholas  [wife Mary Marg., son Frank, son Edward, son William] - separate household

020.  Howell, Charles M.  [wife Clara A., dau Mary L., dau Doris E.]

021.  VanWormer, Bert  [wife Ruby W.]

022.  Grimes, Robert N.  [wife Minnie E., son Floyd M., son Neal D.]
        Arnwine, Mary  [mother-in-law]

023.  Jaquish, Louisa J.  [widow with son James]

024.  Bowmen, Leon  [wife Ethela, son Donald, son Grant, son Maynard J., son Earl N.]

025.  Butler, Moses  [wife "Emly B."]

026.  Drake, Syrus B.  [wife Minnie]

027.  Simpson, Edward  [wife Nettie M., son Lauren D.]

028.  Egbert, George P.  [wife Harriett]

029.  Rudolph, Arthur F.  [wife M. Louise, dau Eunice C.]

[063a  next page]

030.  Champion, Irna? C.  [widow]
                        , Betty E.  [mother, single]
         Landon, Gertrude L.  [niece, single]

031.  Cumings [ Cummings ], Moses  [wife Ida (Townsend)]

032.  Champion, Howard M.  [son]
032.  Champion, Eugene H.  [wife Alice, dau Myrtle E., dau Hazel]

033.  Voorheis, William E.  [wife Theresa S., son Clifford E., son Keith, son Dewitt?,
          son Harold, dau Gladys, son Edwin, son Lyle]

034.  Stilwell, James  [widower]
                  , Jane  [mother, widow]

035.  Dates, Salina  [widow]

036.  Kingoren ? or Kinyown, Charles H.  [wife Fanny, son Harry, dau Elizabeth, dau looks like Cloretta]
        Gebhardt, Soke or Susie?  [female boarder]
        Hattfield, Elspeth or Elizabeth  [boarder]

037.  Hager, John H.  [wife Elizabeth]

038.  Anthony, Nelson [wife Marguerite, dau Izaretta?, dau Glayds (Gladys?), dau Lisle?]

039.  Henry, Mary  [widow, with dau Fanny]

040.  Conover, Davis  [wife Clara, son Floyd J.]

041.  Dean, Lina W.  [widow with dau Bernice F., son Paul, son Ralph, son  Harold, mother Carline M.]

042.  Scott, Vaughan  [wife Shara ?, son Herbert]

[063b  next page]

043.  Stone, Melvin C.  [married, no wife in household]
        Keep, Emma A.  [mother-in-law]

044.  Soule, Fred E.    [married, no wife with him]

        Soule, Oscar  [head of separate household in dwelling]
           [wife Margaret, dau Glayds (Gladys), son Allen, dau Katherine, son Kenneth]

045.  Stiwell, Helen  [probably should be Stilwell]  [widow with son John L.]

046. Stiwell, Myrtle D.  [widow with son Clinton]  [should be Stilwell ?]
       LaBarr, John   [father]  & Sara  [mother]

047.  Shirrine, Oscar  [widower]  [also spelled Sirrine] [with son Claude H., dau Anna Susie]

048.  Smith, Osborn  [wife Carrie M.]
        Swancy, John  [boarder]

049.  Kelley, Sherman  [wife Jessie, son looks like Ivan, son  Millard]

050.  Read, Harvey N.  [wife Ellen E., son  Henry E.]

051.  Harford, George B.  [wife Mary E.]

052.  Scott, Eugene  [wife looks like Marla]

053.  Kelley, Martha  [widow]

054.  McCoy, William  [widower with dau Maud E.]

055.  Demsey, John  [also spelled Dempsey ]  [widower]

056.  Swick, Fred  [wife Nina, dau Marjorie, dau Florence]
        Sinclare, Zilla  [mother-in-law]    [Sinclair ?]
        Renolds, William B.  [grandfather]     [Reynolds ?]

057.  Heverly, Orrie L.  [wife Mary]

058.  Brodrick, Windfield S.  [wife Hatti]

059.  Care, George J.  [wife Cora B.]

060.  Evans, Mott E.  [wife Lena A., dau Ethel E., son Clyde W., son looks like Morris W.]

[064a  next page]

061.  Gray, Harry C.  [wife Alice C.]
         Bunn, Charles W. [boarder listed as married]

062.  Murray, Robert Jr.  [married, wife not in household]
                   , Carrie  [sister]

063.  Updike, John J.  [widower]
         Casidy ?, Catharine  [housekeeper, widow]
              [probably same as Katherine Cassidy, widow of Edd in 1914 directory]

064.  Quick, Norman  [wife May]

065.  Rathbun, Bradley  [wife Susan A.]

066.  Slaght, James F.  [wife Mary R., dau Francis, dau Katherine]

067.  Mahoney, William  [wife Maritta, dau  Mildred, dau Ruth, dau Anna, son Robert, dau Edith, dau Thelma]

068.  Boyd, George  [wife Georgia, son looks like Clair, dau-in-law Mable, dau Carolyn E.]

069.  Murray, Bruce  [single]
        Prior, Thomas  [boarder]
        Mulcahy, Katherine  [housekeeper, widow]

070.  Darling,  Albert H.  [wife Flora C.]
        Millspaugh, Irwin?  [father-in-law]

072.  Taber, "Calma"  [wife Lena Belle, dau Clara, son Grant]
         [they are called Caleman & Lenabel in Hector Union Cem.]

073.  Stoughton, Emmett or Ernest ?  [wife Hattie, son Ernest J., son Fred W.]

074.  Sayler, Ruth E.  [widow]

075.  ____ Camp, John  [single]  [surname might be Hovencamp]

076.  Decker, Tracy C.  [wife Carrie, son Clarance, dau Marguerite]

[064b  next page]

077.  Goldsmith, Donald E.  [wife Augusta H.]
            [in 1914 directory as D. Elsworth Goldsmith]

078.  Potter, Tirzah L.  [widow]

079.  Jensen, Jens C. [b. Denmark] [wife Mary E. D. b. Minn., son Victor, dau Lillian, dau Vivian]

080.  Bodle, Hattie  [single]

081.  Schuyler, Amie  [widow]  [listed in 1914 directory as widow of Dr. J.E.]

082.  Lovelace, Lue or Lee R. [wife Dell, son Ellworth, dau Lena?, son Stewart]
        Everts, Richard  [boarder, widower]

083.  Dollaway, Charles  [widower with dau Luella, son Fred]

084.  Soule, Adelaide  [single]

085.  Stilwell, George W.  [wife Florence J.]
        Wood, Martha   [boarder, single]

086.  Bicknell, George C.  [wife Sarah E.]

087 or 088.  McKeegan, Louisa  [widow]
                  Bennett, Mary E.  [dau, married]

089.     McCarthy, Lawrence  [head, widower]
           Miller,  John E.  [son-in-law of head]
                 , Joanna ?  [daughter of head; John E. Miller Jr. and Julia F. Miller were grandchildren of head]

090.  Cooper, George B.  [wife Frances]
        Brown or Brewer ?, Francis [grandson]

091.  Mosh__, J. Howard  [wife Jane S., son Carl]

092.  Flecher, Grant  [wife Helen, dau Erma]  [usually spelled Fletcher ]

093.  Goldsmith, Charles D.  [wife Katherine]

094.  Wood, Mary  [widow]

         Leonard ?, Deborah  [head of separate household in dwelling, widow]

095.  Hausner, Imogene  [widow]

096.  Darrow, John V.  [wife Grace M., dau looks like Sinclare, son looks like Iwald]

[065a  next page]

097.  Darling, Herbert D.  [wife Edith, dau Carrie]
        Eddy, Nancy  [grandmother, age 92, widow]

098.  Kelsey, Arthur  [wife Jennie]

099.  Curry, Edward C.  [wife Cora]
        Fairington, David  [father-in-law]
                      , Clarinta  [mother-in-law]

100.  Warren, Nettie  [widow with sons Clifford & Nelson]

101.  Twist, Clarence L.  [wife Fanny A.]
        Creag or Crug or Cray ?, George B.  [step-son]

102.  Baultvelt, Albert  [wife Maggie, dau Lena]  [possibly Blauvelt]

103.  Andrew, Bert  [wife Lizzie, son Harold, son Robert]

104.  Smith, Elizabeth B.  [widow, with son Arista]

105.  Lennard, Eugene B.  [wife Ella]  [surname Leonard ?]
        Copper, Samuel D.  [boarder, widower]
           [he is same age as S. D. Cooper found in Mecklenburg Cem. with wife Eliza.]

106.  Patterson, Frank  [wife Lena, son Dewey, son looks like Harold, dau Dorthey, dau Nora, son Deward? ]

107.  Ward, Herbert  [wife Pearl]

108.  Lennard, To__as  [wife Helen]  [surname Leonard ?]

109.  Waren, John   [wife Hattie]  [surname Warren ?]
        Hill, Alfred  [father-in-law]

110.  Kirby / Kerby, Eugene W.  [wife Edna D., son Eugene W. Jr., son Kenneth]

111.  Brown or Browere or Browner ?, Andrew  [wife Adeline]
                     , Herbert  [son, with his wife Alice]

[065b  next page]

112.  Lassier or Larrier, William  [wife Ella]

113.  Ward, Samuel  [wife Mildred, son Arthur C.]

114.  Schilling, Albert  [wife Mary, son Harry, son Norman, son George, dau Helen,
              dau Nettie, son Adelbert, dau Anna, son David]

115.  Bodle, Selim M.  [wife Elizabeth C., daughter Babbela]

116.  Welch, Willis [wife Sattie L., son Louis, son Henry, dau Josephine, son Howard]
        Shephard, Esther L.  [mother-in-law]

117.  Bower, Susan M.  [widow]

118.  Bower, Ira S.  [wife Melissa, dau Theresa N.]
         Arrance or Arriance, Henry  [boarder, single]

119.  Nourse ?, Arthur W.  [wife Sara, son Edwin C.]

120.  Carman, Tommy J.  [wife Anna K., son William D., dau Barbara]
           - see Hector Union Cemetery

121.  Dickens, Fred  [wife Harriett, dau Grace, dau looks like Schlart ?]

122.  Andrews, Carrie  [single]
        Vandine, Mary  [sister, widow]

123.  Carman, Ralph E.  [single, with mother Amelia]
            [seems to be son & widow of William]

124.  Stilwell, Fred H .  [wife Martha, son Homer, dau Bernice]

[066a  next page]

125.  Wixsom, William  [wife Alice F.]  [also spelled Wixon]
         Empson, Mable  [dau]
         Brokaw, Francis M.  [widow, sister-in-law]

126.  Wood, Frank  [wife Lida F., dau Thelma, dau Mildred]

127.  Wixom, Frank  [wife Harriet H., dau Francis H., dau Emelin, dau Caroline, son Theodore]
        Jennings, George  [boarder, single]

128.  Losburg / Lofbarg, Harold  [with brother Carl]
        Amey, Scharlote  [widow, housekeeper]

129.  Stilwell, John S. [wife Elizabeth L., dau Lena E., son Lincoln, son John S. Jr.]

130.  Billings, William  [brother, single]
                  , Emma    [head, single]
                  , Eva        [sister, single]

131.  Maki, Frank  [wife Wilhelmina, son John E., son Ivor?, son Edno?, dau Mary, son Elmer,
             son Richard, dau Hilda, son E-----ter, son Willhart]

132.  Silmer or Silver or Schnu, Frank  [wife Sofie, Willard, dau Sacred?, dau Elennor]

133.  Perrey or Persey, Webster H.  [wife looks like Emma or Ermine ?, son Howard,
          dau Anna, son Alfried C.]

134.  Williams, Samuel H.  [wife Ella]

[066b  next page]

135.  Stanard, Starr  [wife Mary L.]

136.  Shaw, Ernest  [wife Mable, son Roger, son Carlton]

137.  Herrich, William R.  [wife Elizabeth]  [surname AKA Herrick ?]
        Simmons, Gilbert?    [grandson]

138.  Tripp, Charles  [wife Tamar ?, son Walter C.]

139.  King, Frank H.  [wife Alice N., Jenny A., Bertha M., Jessie E., son Jefferson E.,
             Seymour F., father-in-law Elijah A., mother-in-law Martha M.]
             [seems like in-laws should have different surname]

140.  Hoag, Agusta A.  [wife Addie]
        Brokaw, Ella  [niece]

141.  Updike, Daniel or David [wife Delphine]

142.  Reynold, Horace  [with brother Chesley & sister Gertrude]

143.  Ammack, Howard  [wife Ida]

144.  Slone, Humphrey H.  [widower]
        Drucher, Kattie  [housekeeper, widow, b. Hungary]

145.  Allen, Ernest F.  [wife Blanche, dau Edith M.]

146.  Wooledge, Althea  [married]
         Philbrick, Emmely  [boarder, single]

147.  Ellis, Lizzie  [widow]

148.  Foote, Henry J.  [wife Hazel B., dau S. Alma, son  Henry J. jr., dau Sylvia]

149.  Hatfield, William  [wife Sarah]

150.  Stilwell, Berton C./E.
        Cornell, Lillian  [housekeeper, married, with children Martha & Franklin]

[067a  next page]

151.  Barum or Barnum, Emmett  [wife "Jophine", probably Josephine]

152.  Allen, Ephraim  [father]
        Harvey, Mary  [head, widow, with son George, son Howard]
        Harpet or Harpert ?, Bert  [boarder, single]

153.  Shaw, Seneca  [with wife Nellie T., dau Mable J., dau Lucy P., son Milton R., dau Mary A.,
             son Stanley W., son Leslie I.]

154.  Bower, Gaylord C.  [wife Ellen, son Maurice S.]

155.  Poppino, Albert  [wife Alice]

156.  Wilson, Henry  [wife Mary]

157.  Breed, Frank  [wife Hattie, son Clark, dau-in-law Mildred, dau Ritta?]

158.  Coon, Claude B.  [wife Edith M., dau Edna L.]

159.  VanFleet, Charles A.  [wife looks like Flossie L.]

160.  Stilwell, Lyman R.  [wife Francis E., dau? Clara, dau-in-law Lila C. (married),
           grandau E. Marian, grandau Ruth A.]

161.  VanFleet, Edwin  [wife  Nettie]
        Beckley, Raymond  [boarder]

162.  Covert, Adelbert  [wife Anna, son Lewis /Lewy]

163.  Rorich, Irvin  [husband of Nettie, with dau Frances]  [also spelled Rorick / Rorrick ]
        Weaver, Charles C.  [son-in-law of above, husband of Hazel E.; their daus were Florence & Elaine]

[067b  next page]

164.  Hatch, William C.  [wife Flora B.]
        Maloney, Norma D.  [age 13, single]

165.  Keach, Seymour  [wife Lucy, brother William, dau Dorothy, dau Bertha, son Harvey, son Howard]

166.  Parish, Fred R.  [wife Mary B., son  Harold A.]

167.  Keep, Caleb M.  [single, with mother Minnie E., widow]

168.  Fenton, Ellworth  [wife Mary, son Howard A., twin sons Ray & Roy]
         Ely, Ina  or Iva ?  [daughter]
         Auble, George  [father-in-law]

169.  Robertson, Newton L.  [wife Allie N., son Glen, dau Gladys, dau Inez, dau Margaret]

170.  Robertson, Ward B.  [with mother Martha E. - both widowed]

171.  Tichenor, Frank [widower with son George E., dau-in-law Ada D., dau Verne, grandau Hilda M.]
         Smith, Mary J.  [mother-in-law]

172.  Moore, Chester A.  [wife Ruth A., dau Marian E., father Henry]

173.  Criss, James Bert  [wife Edyth, dau Dorothy, grandau Genevie]

174.  Hall, William  [wife Carrie R.]
              , Katherine  [mother, widow]
        Kelley, Charles  [boarder, single]

175.  McNetton, Fred D.   [wife Fanny Bell listed on next pg.]

[068a  next page]

176.  Nichols, Leon M.  [wife Mary F., son Frank W., son DeForest, son Chauncey,
            dau-in-law Helen M., dau-in-law Edyth Mae]

177.  Moore, William H.  [wife Theodoria S., son Robert H., son Everett, dau Caroline E.]

178.  Compton, Ezekiel  [married, no wife in household]

179.  Johnson, Emory  [wife Mary A.]

180.  Huston, W. Bunn  [wife Anna E.]
          [a match for William B. Huston & Anna Ely Huston in Hector Presbyterian Cemetery.

181.  Velie, Birge J.  [single, with mother Lida, widow]

182.  Cogswell, Ira  [wife Goldie, son Jerome, dau Ula, dau Vivian]

183.  Updike, Alva D.  [wife Harriett, son Floyd, dau Mary O.]
        Smith, Mary A.  [mother-in-law]

184.  Blanchard, Charles E.  [wife Mary A., dau Lela M., son Harold, son Earl, nephew Oscar A.]
         Murphy, Abigail    [mother-in-law]

185.  Goens, George T.  [wife Olive M.]
             [he is in Logan Cem.]

186.  Chesley, Samuel F.  ["married", wife not in household, probably divorced.
                    Wife Nora Wyatt remarried Charles Locke.]
         Doty, Clara [daughter, widow, her dau Louise P.]
         [also sons of Samuel =  George & Alfred R.]

187.  Moore, Edgar E.  [wife looks like Susan, dau Bernice, son Irvin]

188.  Egbert, Andrew M.  [wife Carolyn]

[068b  next page]

189.  Shriner, Ernest H.  [wife Mable C.]

190.  Mathews, Elmer E.  [wife Elsie, son Grant, dau Betrice]

191.  Swick, Dewitt  [wife Alice, dau Dorthey, dau Martha, son Fredrick, son Cecil]

192.  Mathews, Daniel A.  [widower]

193.  Terrybery, Peter  [wife Mable]
        Morley, Carl  [boarder, single]

194.  Terrybery, Thomas  [wife Sarah]  [also spelled Terryberry]

195.  Sutphen, Myron R.  [wife Hattie K., son Seymour, son Arriol or Auriel ?, son Carlton]
        Kinnan, Patient E.  [mother-in-law]

196.  Foote, Phineas  H.  [wife Millicent, son Francis J., dau Naomey,
            son Alten, son Adelbert, dau Emma, dau Elice]

197.  Yaw, Vernon  [wife Eva, son Philip C., mother Mary]

198.  Flood, Edward  [wife Adelaide]

199.  Flood, Matt M.  [wife Florence F., son Eddward, dau Katherine, son James, son John]
        Carpenter (?), Tracy  [boarder, single]

200.  Osburn, Windfield  [wife Mary L.]

201.  Murphy, John  H.  [wife Lula S., son Charles, dau Mildred M., son Gilbert,
            son Fred E., dau Ina B., dau Carrie M.]

[069a  next page]

202.  Burgess or Birgess, Ephraim  [single]

203.  Johnson, Fred D.  [wife Lua, dau Agnes M., son Ward]

204.  Updike, Edgar [wife Lena, dau Grace, son Earl, son Claude, son Herbert, son Cecil, son Hiles, dau Nora]

205.  Hooghkirk, William  [wife Katherine, grandson William R.]

206.  Fairchild, Frank  [widower, son Henry, dau Florence, dau Maude, mother Elvin /Eveline M. age 93]
          [see Valois Cem. - mother seems to be Emeline M. Cornwall Fairchild]

207.  Jones, James M.  [wife Margaret, son Clarence]

208.  Cornwell, Elizabeth  [widow, with daughter Minnie]
        Hathaway, Charles  [boarder, single]

209.  Lowe, Frank  [wife Catherine, dau Edith]

210.  Jennings, George W.  [wife Nancy, son Leslie, son Arthur, dau Beatrice]

211.  Clark, Ruben  [wife Effie]

212.  Johnson, Alfred D.  [wife Mary, son Clark, dau-in-law Hazel M.]

213.  Johnson, Charles R.  [wife Elizabeth]
        Fairchild, George S.  [son-in-law, husband of Georgianna]

[069b  next page]

214.  Mizener, Edward W.  [wife Addie D., dau Ruth A., son Roy E., son L. Francis, dau Helen]
        Moore, Enoch  [father-in-law]

215.  Taylor, John J.  [wife Olive J.]

216.  Gallow, Alva  [wife Ida, son Richard, dau Bell, dau Helen, dau Nora, son Frank]
         Chaffee, Emily  [step-daughter]
                     , Eddie  [step-son]

217.  Davis, Homer  [wife Blanche]

218.  Witnereld or Wetnereld ??, William M. [single]

219.  Huston, Oakley  [wife Clara, son Charley, dau-in-law Fry?,  son Clarence,
             dau-in-law Helen, grandson Donald C.]

220.  Shannon, Charles  [wife Augusta, son Clinton, dau Hazel?, dau Edith, son Glen,
             son Ray, dau Ina, son Carl]

221.  Cronk, Abram C.  [wife Sarah J.]

222.  Cronk, Eben W.  [wife Edna L., son George A., dau Frances C.]

223.  Spence, Martha  [widow, with dau Minnie]
        Spencer, Katherine  [boarder, widow]
        VanSiclen  [VanSicklen] , Addison B.  [boarder, single]

224.  Predmore, Oscar G.  [wife Bertha, son Harold, son Ralph, dau Marian, son Richard]

[070a  next page]

225.  Bond, Irvin  [wife Minnie, dau Thelma, dau Leona, son Carman, son Miles]
        Clawson, Elizabeth  [mother-in-law]

226.  Newkirk, Fred  [wife Cora L., son Grant C., son Ray J.]

227.  Osborn, Herman  [wife Hattie, dau Sybil, dau Celia, son Myron]

228.  Predmore, Ansel  [wife Melissa]
        MacPherson, Frank  [son-in-law, husband of Lora, with their son Claude & dau Frances]
        Lurey or Losey ?, Mary  [aunt, widow]

229.  Hawes, W. Penn  no.2  [William Penn Hawes]  [wife Edla, son Harold, son James, dau Helen]
        Reeves, Sally  [aunt, widow]

230.  Williams, John  [widower]

231.  Huff, Myron  [wife Louise A., son Leverne, dau Alda]
        Runyan, Jennie  [aunt, widow]

232.  Clark, Edward C.  [wife Margaret, dau Edyth C.]
         Catlin, Frank  [son-in-law, husband of Tivola]

233.  Burr, Lewis  [wife Ruth, son George]

234.  Cronk, Isaac  [wife Lillian, dau Ethel E., dau Alice A.]

[070b  next page]

235.  Newkirk, Jacob  [wife Emma, son Lloyd]
         Robertson, Edna  [grandaughter]

236.  Flecher, Charles H.  [wife Grace, son Claire? C., dau Mary, son Alfred, son Ray,
            son Theodore, dau Bertha, son Dwight, dau Bernice, dau Clarissa]
       [Fletcher ?]

237.  Clark, Warren  [wife Rose]

238.  Ballard, Claude H.  [wife Clarissa, dau Glayds (Gladys?), son Harold]
        Chesley, Fanny  [boarder]
        Chesley , Grant L.  [boarder]

239.  Dean, Christopher J.  [wife Anna, son Robert]

240.  Ballard, Herbert  [single]

241.   McCombs, Peter  [wife Elizabeth]
         Ballard, Keetha  [daughter, widow, with her son Kenneth]

242.  Gayheart, Phebe  [widow with dau Myrtle, son Daniel]
        Williams, Jerry  [boarder, widower]

243.  Trowbridge, Frank  [wife Elizabeth, son Morris]

244.  Pollay, Charles  [with father Harvey - both widowers]

245.  Slaght, Willard P.  [single]

246.  Covert, Elisha M.  [wife Lora, son Kenneth, son Clinton, son Garvis Pyle Covert,
            dau Elnora, son Bert Lewis Covert, dau Mary]

[071a  next page]

247.  Pierson, Warren A.  [wife Eliza]

248.  Stamp, Charles C.  [wife Grace, dau Helen L.]

249.  Boyer, Gertrude M.  [widow with son Harry, dau Jessie, son Fred]

250.  Spooner, Eli  [wife Jennie]

251.  Davis, Fred B.  [Cora E. his wife, son Charley, dau Ethel]

252.  Kirton, Holmes B.  [wife Florence]
                  , Charlie    [father, b. England]
          [1880 Hector census shows Holmes' parents were Charles & Annie Wilson Kirton, both born in England.
           Annie was dau of Mary A. Wilson b. England.]

253.  Predmore, Lyman  [wife Ethel, son Clinton, dau-in-law Emma, grandau Pearl]

254.  Merser or Messer, Henry  [wife Margueret, son William, dau Anna, dau Henrietta, dau Lola, dau Elizabeth]
           [Mercer ?]

255.  Millspaugh, Frank  [wife Ethel, son George, son Arthur, son Wesley /Westley]

256.  Walker, George  [wife Clara, dau Leona, dau Louise]

257.  Hyland, Joseph  [wife Alice, dau Ruth, dau Ellen]
         Corning, John  [boarder]
         Stilwell, Joseph  [grandson]

258.  Baines, Raymond S.  [wife LaVerna?, Weston? M.]
                   , Will  [father, widower]

[071b  next page]

259.  Stilwell, Cornelius  [wife Matilda, dau Grace, dau Ruth]

260.  DeMund, Theodore  [wife Mary = Mary A. Davis]
        Webb, Davis  [half-brother, widower]
         [Theodore was son of John P. Demund & Helen Drew of Hector, NY.]

261.  VanNess, Merton  [wife Mary E.] - both born in PA  [dau Blanche, son Henry, son Russell, dau Ruth, son Robert]

262.  Taylor, Joseph  [wife Fanny]

263.  Mabey, William E.  [wife Ella, son Floyd, dau Alice]

264.  Tunison, Frank  H.
         Snyder, Clarence  [son-in-law, husband of Mantie?]
         Hoyt, George  [single, farm helper]
         Wilson, Elizabeth  [town charge, single]

265.  Dickens, Isaac  [single]

266.  Wilson, David D.  [wife Cora, mother Martha]

267.  Gee, Charles  [wife Addie]
         Stilwell, Mary A.  [mother-in-law]

268.  Sherwood, Jay  [wife Annis/ Anna, dau Edna, dau Alice, son Harold J.]
        Longsberry, George  [boarder, single]  [Lounsbury ?]

269.  Tunison, Lewis H.  [wife Georgia, son J. Westley, dau-in-law Louie M., son Frank A.]

270.  Bailey, Andrew  [wife Florence, son Albert, son Floyd, son Milton]

271.  Auble, Frank  [wife Bertie, son Willmont, son David F.]

[072a  next page]

272.  Dean, Fremont  [widower]
        Lowe, Meeker  [grandson]

273.  Dean, William G.  [wife Mary E., dau Sophronia, son Earl]

274.  Welch, Elliott  [wife Matilda]

275.  Spaulding, Charles P.  [wife May M., dau Bernice]

276.  Proper, Headley  [with brother Schuyler & mother Mary]

277.  Townsend, Harry  [wife Marry E.]
         Chalfont, Elizabeth?  [mother-in-law, widow]

278.  Ballard, William  [wife Sarah]

279.  Bell, John H.  [wife Evaline, son Charles, dau Edna, dau Mary, son John H.  Jr.,
          son Walter, son Theodore, son Andrew J., son Dewitt, son Elsworth, son Ernest]

280.  Grove, Floyd W.  [wife Louie E. = nee Wakeman]  [dau Dorothy, son Floyd W. Jr., son Edwin C., son David D.]

281.  Allen, James S.  [wife Jennie M., dau Elizabeth, dau Alice M., son Frederick]
        Cl___, Charles  [boarder, single]  [maybe Clary ?]

282.  Hatt, George A.  [wife Minnie, son Arthur L., son Fred R., dau Alice]

[072b  next page]

283.  Hatt, Lewis  [wife Maude]

284.  Hammond, Albert S.  [wife Francis M., son Clem M., son Louis A., father Joseph L., mother Anna C.]

285.  Secord, James A.  [wife Georgia]

286.  Wheeler, Dewitt C.  [wife Carrie]

287.  Moore, Charles H.  [wife H. Amy]

288.  Welch, Frank  [wife Alice]
                  , Clara L.  [sis-in-law]

289.  Wheeler, Frank  [wife Delphine, son William, son Lee]

290.  Wheeler, Albert S.  [wife Sara_, dau Anna]

291.  Wright, William  [wife Lizzie, dau Letha, son Thelbert, son Lawrence, son Fordyce, dau Effie, son Kenneth]

292.  Kiernan or Kierman, Daniel  [wife Bertha, son Alfred, son Elvis?, dau Marian]

293.  Shriner, Howard  [wife Estella, son Harold E., son Arthur W., dau Eloise C.]

294.  Shriner, Arthur  [wife Lydia M.]
         Botre or Boise ?, Katherine  [sister-in-law]

295.  Burr, Charles  [wife Jane C.]

296.  Burr, Elmer C.  [wife Ella N., dau Saida L.]

[073a  next page]

297.  Lowe, Peter  [widower]
                , George  [looks like divorced]

298.  Lowe, Charles  [wife Clara]

299.  Bruce, Clifford E.  [wife Dorthia ?, dau Ruth, au Helen?]

300.  Stilwell, Irvin  [wife Mary, son Harold, dau Dora]

301.  Arden, William  [wife Nellie, dau Martha, son William Jr., dau Florence]

302.  Rumsey, Howard  [wife Edith]

         Rumsey, Seymour  [head of separate household in dwelling; wife Jennie, mother Elinor, dau Mildred]

303.  Wright, Agnes  [widow with son Clarence, dau Marian, dau Helen, dau Salina]

304.  Jenney, James W.  [wife Francis L., son Leroy, son James, dau Elma]

305.  Barber, John  [wife Hattie]

306.  Hoffmire, Owen  [wife Katharine]

307.  Hoffmire, Charles  [wife Carrie]

308.  Sherwood, Jay J.  [wife Eliza]
        Bloomer, Eva  [housekeeper, single]

309.  Jeffers, Floyd L.  [wife Florence, son H arland, dau Ellen, mother Clara]

310.  Spalding, George S.  [wife Fanny S.]
        Robertson, Harriet  [daughter, married, husband not in household]

[073b  next page]

311.  Shirrine  [ Sirrine ], Fred B.  [wife Eliza]
        Vanwormer, Franklin  [boarder, single]

312.  Holford, Herman  [wife Anna]

313.  Rumsey, Charles Jr. [wife Elizabeth]
         Eastburn, Frank S.  [husband of Anne H.]
         Rumsey, Charlie  [father]

314.  Spenser [ Spencer ], Charles W.  [wife Katherine]

315.  Dickens, Robert  [wife Blanche]

316.  Parsons, William D.  [wife Adelia]

317.  Battin, Clayton  [wife Nellie]
        Beals, Gordon  [son]

318.  Harford, Edward L.  [wife Jessie M.]

319.  Thompson, Jessie  [male, with mother Jennie]

320.  Cronk, Frank  [wife Elennor]

321.  Jewell, Fred  [wife Anna B., son W. Ellsworth]

[074a  next page]

322.  Spaulding, Schuyler  [wife Ella, dau Anna]

323.  Gordnier, Walter  [wife Winnifred = Winifred Bennett]
         Bennett, Lisettie  [mother-in-law = Lisette Rallings = widow of Charles Bennett]

324.  VanDerzee, Fremont  [wife Clara, dau Mable, dau Ruah]

325.  VanDerzee, Leon  [wife Elizabeth L., son Claire]]
        Rush, Charles  [boarder, single]

326.  Spalding, William  [single]

327.  Coon, Nathan S.  [wife Frank L.]

328.  DeMelt or DeMult, Herman  [with sister Della]

329.  Woolidge, Burnham C.  [wife Lydia O., dau Christine L.]
         Miller, George  [step-son]

330.  Spalding, __omes  [single] maybe Toomes or Thomas Spalding ?

331.  Swick, James  [wife Mary]

332.  Wilson, Raymond  [wife Susie]

333.  Robinson, James D.  [wife Eva, son Christopher]
                     , Louisa  [mother-in-law]

334.  Adams, George H.  [with mother Mary]

325.  Stilwell, Celestia  [widow]
         Moshier, Mary  [town charge, single]

336.  Brown, Bert D.  [wife Jessie]

337.  Grant, Andrew  [wife Fanny, dau Christine, dau Anna M., son Fred L.]

338.  Beckley, Fred  [wife Anna, son Raymond, son Willis, son Fred, dau Ruth]

[074b  next page]

339.  Johnson, Howard H.  [wife Louise F., dau Helen, son Clyde H.]

340.  Wheeler, Frank A.  [wife Susie]
          Potter, Charles  [step-son]
                   , Ralph     [step-son]
                   , Leon      [step-son]

341.  Voorheis, Charles L.  [wife Ida, dau Ethel]

342.  Swick, Clarence  [with mother Emily & sister Mable H.]

343.  Funk, Daniel  [wife Anna, dau Mary, dau Elizabeth, dau Marguerite, son Lue?,  son Julius]
         Panbourn, Oscar  [boarder]  [ Pangborne ]

344.  Johnson, Homer D.  [wife Minnie E., son George]
                    , Emma  [mother]

345.  Compton, Olin S.  [wife Lidia = nee Lydia Burd, dau Francis M., son Floyd M.]

346.  Swick, Dewitt  [wife Carrie E.]

347.  Auble, Arthur C.  [widower, with sons  Arthur Jr. & Crissy.]

348.  Theetge, Lewis  [wife Viola, son William, son Joseph]
         Landon, Joseph Wilbur or Joseph Wilham [nephew]
                    , Viola  [niece]

349.  Swick, A. Eugene  [father]
                 , Arthur E.  [head, with wife Ilah]

350.  Champion, Jerome  [wife Edith, son William, son Leon, son Harold, dau Leona, son Jerome L., son Delbert]

[075a  next page]

351.  Mathews, Myron L.  [wife Bell, son Raymond, father Sylvester]

352.  Ely, Richard  [wife Mable, dau Georgia, son Harold, dau Doris]

353. Dunn, Mort  [wife Mable]

354.  Huston, William H.  [wife Katherine]
         Nichols, Mary A.  [daughter]

355.  Dudgeon, Theodore  [wife Marguerite, dau Carolyn]

356.  Dudgeon, Robert  [widower]

357.  Howeth, John  [wife Clara] - both born in Hungary  [son Joseph]

353.  Armstrong, Susie  [widow]

359.  Seybolt, Steven J.  [wife Minerva, dau Irene]

360.  Cogswell, Ruel  [wife Alice, dau Flora]

361.  Burnett,  Henry J.  [wife Lucia M. = nee Lucy Howell,  son Chester, dau Glyds M.,
           son Robert or Herbert H., son Ralph, dau Mildred]

362.  Jaquish, Alva  [wife Carrie, dau Maud]

363.  Creighton, George B.  [wife Glayde ? = should be Gladys M.]  [dau Ruth]

364.  Moore, Irvin  [wife Sarah E.] - see Logan Cem.  [son Clarence J.]

365.  Creighton, William  [wife Marion, mother Alta, son Henry, dau-in-law Mary, grandson John M.]

[075b  next page]

366.  Ely, George M.  [single]

367.  Covert, Elmer M.  [wife Myrtie, dau Martha L.]

        Jennings, Verner  [head of separate household in dwelling]
                    , Pearl  [his wife]

[End of Enumeration District 68]

TOWN OF HECTOR - Enumeration District 69

001.  Bailey, William S.  [wife Estella C., son lyman S., son Ralph, dau Alida]]
        West, Filancy  [mother-in-law = wife of Lyman D. West]

002.  Himrod, Elmer
        Weaver, Kate  [housekeeper]

003.  Auble, James M.  [widower with dau T./F. Marie]
         Blydo, Martain   [laborer, b. Austria, Polish]

004.  Scherrer, Clarence  [wife Blanch, son Lloyd, dau Pauline]
           [Clarence was son of Sam & Sarah Sherrer, as in Hector Union Cem.]

005.  Bradley, Grover S.  [wife Mattie, son Donald S., dau Sara]
        Sherrer, Sara  [mother-in-law] - probably widow of Samuel R. Sherrer as in Hector Union Cem.

006.  Cole, Frank  [wife Janem dau Anna?]
         Alling, William  [step-son]

007.  Hendricks, Carl E.  [wife Della M., dau D. Margaret]

008.  Buck, Frank S.  [wife Mary, son Stanley R., son Seeley E.]
        Chapman, Lydia  [mother-in-law, widow]
        Ganung, Sara B.  [aunt, single]

009.  Kellogg, Steven A.  [wife Coral, son Theodore J., son Roland S., son Llewellyn D.,
            son Malcolm C., father Theodore R.]

010.  Shaffer, Geo.  [wife Eva, dau Eva, dau Elizabeth, dau Susan, dau Margaret]

012.  Williams, Jacob M.  [wife Abbie, dau Hope P.]

[076b  next page]

013.  Williams, Wm.. L.  [wife Lina R., mother Henrietta Williams]

014.  Gardner, Albert B.  [wife Eva, son Harold]
        Caldwell, James  [laborer]

015.  Hyatt, Fred D.  [wife Maude A., dau Lattie, dau Glenys?, dau Florence]
           [Fred was probably son of Mortimer Hyatt]
         Bond, James H.  [father-in-law]

016.  Ayres or Ayers, Geo. B.  [wife Sara J., son Levi  H.]

017.  Hake, William H.  [wife Georgia, dau Carrie, dau Georgianna, dau Edith]

018.  Rosenkrans, Edgar or Ezra ?  [wife Cristina] - see Hector Union Cem.

019.  Gardner, Ranthas H.  [wife Belle D.] - see Hector Union Cem.

020.  Chesley, Charles  [wife Alice, dau Florence?, brother Grover]

021.  Morris, ___ (Isaac?)  [wife Harriet, son Isaac A. Jr.]
        Vaughn, Erie  [laborer, widower]

022.  Paisley, Henry  [wife Cora, son George, son Elmer, son John, dau  Martha, son Benjiman]

023.  Carley, William  [wife Sadie, son Jack, son William]

024.  Gordner, William  [wife Addie, son Charles, dau Marie, son William S. Jr., son Frank,
              son Andrew, son George, son Earl/Carl, dau Susie, dau Lottie]

[077a  next page]

025.  Allen, Olin B.  [wife Ida J., dau Elizabeth, dau Lois A., son Marcus L., son Frank E.,
              dau Jeanetta, son Carl A., son Oakley A.]

026.  Bailey, Bert E.  [wife Norma C.]
         Redner, Paul N.  [step-son]

027.  Simpson, "Thedore" (Theodore)  [wife Grace, dau Genevieve, dau Gertrude, son Parry/Barry]

028.  Leonard, Charles W.  [wife Hattie, dau Tacy/Lucy ?, father Alexander, mother Elizabeth]

029.  Palmer, John D.  [wife Cynthia, grandson Alfred, grandson Edward]

030.  Bond, Charles  [wife Elizabeth, dau Eva, son Edward, son Charles D. Jr.]

        Irving, Simpson  [head of separate household]  [wife Lillian M., dau Mildred A.]

031.  Hoag, Edith  [married, no husband in household, son Roy, dau Helen]

032.  Stevenson, Chas. E.  [wife May, dau Daisy M., son William]

033.  Dickens, Benjamin  [wife Edith L., dau Marion E./C., son Milton E., son Millard E.]

[077b  next page]

034.  Dean, Walter S.  [wife Isa A. = Isa A. Beattie, son Beattie] - see Hector Union Cem.

035.  Ayres, Charles B.  [wife Jennie L., dau Sara B.]

036.  Dean, Cory C.  [wife Ruby A., son John W.]

037.  Bement ?,  Martha ?  [widow, son Grant, son Don]

038.  Carpenter, Howard A.  [wife Emily, son Raymond]

039.  Caywood, Charles  [he is single, with mother Sarah, widow]

040.  Rathbun, Glen  [wife Emma, dau Dorthy D., son Elmo J., son Seymour]

041.  Eldred, Frank C.  [wife Clara]

042.  Jolley, Clarence L.  [wife Kate, dau Alice]

043.  Graves, Willard  [wife Cora, dau Sarah, son Lawrence, son Philip B.]
        Obid, Arthur Grover  [cousin]  [surname is Grover - see WW1 draft list]

044.  Fitzgerald, Charles  [wife Blanch]

045.  Mickle [ Mickel ], Herbert  [wife Nellie, dau Arleen, son Charlie H.]

046.  Bement, Leslie  [wife Nettie, dau Beatrice, dau Ruth]

047.  Gardner, Fred  [widower]
         Ayres, Mary W.  [sister, widow]
         Barnes, Ruth  [servant]

048.  Barrett, Newman  [widower]

049.  Rowe,  John  [widower with dau Ethel M., dau Harriet, son George B., dau Edna? M.,
               dau Mary, dau looks like Rushel (Rachel?)]

[078a  next page]

050.  Clapp, Charles M.  [wife Mary A., son looks like Clarence, dau-in-law Ruth A.]
         Ottley, Victoria  [foster grand-child]
         Coy, Mable  [niece]

051.  Woodward, ___win  [with mother Jane & sister Nellie]

052.  Bush, Charles H.  [wife Rosa V., dau Eva M., dau Helen M, dau Leslie J., son Otis]

053.  King, Fred B.  [wife Phylis, mother Sarah, son George A.]

054.  Chaffee, Glen E.  [wife Jennie]

055.  Bement, Adam ?[single, with brother Charles H., a widower]

056.  Fitzgerald, Julia  [widow, with daughter Louise E.]

057.  Banker, Martha  [widow]

058.  Robbins, Paul  G.  [wife Grace E., son Paul W., son Denton D.]

059.  Marshal, James G.

060.  Smith, Jabez S.  [wife Adeline S.]
        Wykoff, Eva L.  [married daughter, but husband not in household, with her daus Irene & Geneveive]
        McNetton, Edward  [boarder, single]

061.  Leonard, Harry A.  [wife Francis, son Leslie, dau Marjorie, dau  Mildred]

062.  Palmer, John G.  [wife Ruth, dau Martha L.]
                  , Lyle or Loyle ?  [father, b. PA]

[078b  next page]

063.  Broderick,  Herman  [wife Maude]

064.  Mattison, Lewis A.  [wife Manda, son Frank, son Theodore]

065.  Barnes, George   [wife Minnie M., son Ervin G., dau Irene M., son Arthur L., son Ralph E.]
        Henyan, Leslie  [laborer]

066.  Smith, Mark J.  [wife Margaret R., son Hollen C., dau Isabelle R.]

067.  Green, Arthur  [wife Gertrude E., dau Beatrice E., son Melvin B.]
        Radcliff, Charles G.  [laborer]

068.  Colman or Ardman (?), August [b. Germany]  [wife Lavisa or Louisa]

069.  Bush, Benjamin J.  [wife Turesa or Thresa M., dau Anna S., dau May E., dau Minnie L.,
             son Archie A., dau Lillian E., son Stanley, dau Martha, son Gilbert, son Keneth L.]

070.  Simpson, Agustus  [wife Amanda]

071.  Grace, Charles  [wife Edith, son Elijah, dau Arlene or Adiene M.]

072.  Steiner, Albert  [wife Gertrude, son John C.]

073.   Harvey, Geo. W.  [wife Olive]

074.  Chase, Geo S.  [sister Anna E.] - both single

[079a  next page]

075/  Chase, Fred W.  [wife Adella]

076.  Dickens, John H.  [wife Addie]

077.  Smith, Chalres G.  [wife Nellie, son Byron H.]

078.  Smith, R. Ely  [wife Cora E.]
        Dean, Louise  [boarder, single]
        Chase, Mertie  [boarder, single]
        Bowers, Anna  [boarder, widow]

079.  Hubble, James H.  [wife Bina, son Ralph C., dau Gertrude A.]

080.  Guinnip, Frank  [wife Mums or Mame ?, son Percy] - see Hector Union Cem.
         Kaufman, Beatrice  [step-daughter]

081.  Bush, George  [mother Jane]

082.  Mathews, Geo. C.   [wife Sarah, dau Margaret]

083.  Walworth, Geo. A.  [mother Hannan]
         Legg, Edith  [boarder, single]

084.  Barnes, Lewis A.  [wife Rose]

085.  Gardner or Gordner, Mitchel
         Proper, Rose  [housekeeper]
          [both listed as married, but spouses not in household]

086.  Mathews, Samuel H.  [wife Margaret, son Clyde, dau Nora, dau Elizabeth, son Sylvester L.]

087.  Simpson, Leon A.  [wife Mary]

088.  Whiteford, Mary  [widow]
        Bennett, Sarah  [sister, widow]

089.  Stone, Lemuel W.  [wife Nancy M.]
         Curry, Mary A.  [dau, with her husband Ralph E., dau Pauline H. Curry]

090.  Albright, Isaac  [wife Mary, dau Helen]

[079b  next page]

090.  Taber, Fred G.  [head inseparate household of same dwelling as above]  [wife Erla]
        Hodge, Geo.  [laborer, single]
        Walker, Marie E.  [boarder, widow]

091.  Holmes, Fred M.  [wife Emily M.]

092.  King, David  [wife Mary]
         Power, David  [brother-in-law, single]

093.  Potts, Arthur G.  [wife Olive S., father John]

094.  Lake, Edd.  [wife Marsha or Martha M.]

095.  Ammack, Arthur  [wife Lena J., son Floyd, son Howard, son James W., dau Marjorie]

096.  Hevener, James S.  [wife Carrie?, dau Lizzie]
        Dykeman (?), Delos  [boarder, single]

097.  Becker, DeWitt  [wife Susan]

098.  Becker, Permilla C.  [widow]

099.  Ovencamp, Josh.  [widower, with son Charles]  [also spelled Hovencamp]

100.  Grant, Geo.  [wife Sarah G.]

101.  Burton, John W.  [wife Harriett, son John W. Jr.]

102.  Leigh, Edward W.  [single]

103.  Duryea, Ruth M.  [widow]

        Cramer, Mary  [head of separate household in dwelling]

104.  Harvey, William  [single]

105.  Beardsley, Frank J.  [wife Carrie]

106.  Smith, Willis C.  [wife Frances D.]

107.  Decker, Edgar  [widower with son George]
        Wood, Flora  [housekeeper, single]

108.  Cobert, Isaac  [Covert ?]  [single]

109.  Slocum, Harold  [wife Lillian, son Donald, dau Charleen, dau Marjorie, son Earl J.]

[080a  next page]

110.  Miller, Frank  [wife Wilhelmina]

111.  Stevenson, Josephine  [widow]

112.  Warren, Thomas  [wife Jennifred]

113.  Rhodes, Herbert  [wife Minnie]

114.  Dart, Adisson B.  [wife Elsie, son George]

115.  Peck, Nathinal  [Nathaniel]  [widower with dau Nettie]

116.  Leonard, Fred  [wife Henrietta, son Kermit, dau Freda M.]

117.  Hungerford, Spencer  [wife Lucy, dau Florence A., son Lewis D.,
             son Edward C., son Harvey S., mother Nancy L.]

118.  Eldred, Charles  [wife Bessie, dau Mary E.]

119.  Sherer, Jay C.  [wife Elnora]

120.  Gardner, Mitchel  [married, no wife in household]

121.  Sawyer, B. Z?.  [widower]

122.  Willet, Tracy M.  [wife Cora A., son Harold]

123.  Hathaway, B. L.  [wife Agusta]

124.  Crippin, Elmer  [wife Lydia, son Merle G.]  [also spelled Crippen]

125.  Russell, John H.  [wife Harriet,. son John T., son Howard]

126.  Rathburn, Jerome  [wife Laura, son Harold]

127.  Sears, Myron H.  [wife Edna, dau Helen]

[080b  next page]

128.  Shriner, Walter  [wife Laura A.]
        White Esther M.  [niece]

129.  Wixom, Mary E.  [widow]
         Kelsey, Lilian ?  [daughter of above with her husband Thomas Kelsey,
              son Charles, son Henry, son Keith, dau Mary, son Carlton]]

130.  Williams, Elias S. [single]

131.  Coon, Myron M.  [wife Carrie]

132.  Everts, Judson  [wife Helen M.]

133.  Coats, Frank W.  [wife Anna E., mother Delia]

134.  Fish, Eugene  [wife Cora A.]

135.  Wood, Jacob M.  [wife Ida L., son John C., dau-in-law Hasel]

136.  Simmons, Robley or Robby  [wife Philena]
          Lee, Thomas  [laborer, widower]

137.  Dunham, Eva L.  [widow]
         Wright, Florence D.  [daughter, married with no husband in household,
                but with her dau Alberta R.]

138.  Coats, Howard L.  [wife Georganna]
        Horn, Fred  [laborer, single]

139.  Love, David  [wife Winifred C., son Charles D., dau Jane]

140.  Everts, Eliza A.  [widow]
         Chase, Hannah M.  [daughter, widow]

141.  Wilson, John  [wife Louise & probably father Peter J. Wilson, who
             was 30 years older than John Wilson]

142.  Sackett, J. Egbert  [wife Nellie, dau Helen, son S. George]
        Sears, Blake A.  [boarder, widower]

143.  Sackett, Willis P.  [with Ollie - could be wife?]

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144.  Sackett, Ralph B.  [wife Susie M., dau Ethel M., dau Susie J.]

145.  Gordner  [Gardner ?], Geo. W.  [wife Jessie, son Olin D.]

146.  Simpson, Frank  [wife Anna M., dau Nora L., dau Cora E.,
              dau Eva A., dau Anna B., dau Bessie, dau Laura M.]

147.  Campbell, Elmer  [wife Claudia, son Tracey, son Milford]
         Sweeney, Mildred  [niece]

148.  Owen, Warren  [married, but no wife in  household]
         Price, Clara  [housekeeper, married]
         Owen, Lena  [mother]

149.  Depew, Bela L.  [wife Rebecca, son Ralph, son Harold]
         Sine, Della  [daughter, widow, her son "Martain", and dau Ruthana]

150.  Harvey, Edgar B.  [wife Edith E., son Leon M.]

151.  Secor, Charles  [widower]
                , H. Mable  [daughter]
                , Fowler  [brother]

152.  Rogers, William  [wife Grace M., son John L., dau Mary A.,
             son Valentine, dau -in-law Sarah]

153.  Campbell, John H .  [wife Mary E.]

154.  Searles, Elmer J.  [wife Elizabeth, dau Beatrice, son Ward, dau Emma]
        Johnson, Ward  [laborer]

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155.  Sherrer, Ely J.  [wife Margaret, son John]
        Swan, Fred  [laborer]

156.  Kellogg, Ray R.  [wife Lena]

157.  Updyke, Geo. L.  [wife Stella S., son Francis S., dau Ruth L., son Harold E.]

158.  Bodine, Melvin  [wife Beatrice, dau Ada B., son Lloyd, son Mansel?, son Charles M.]
        Chase, James S.  [father-in-law, widower]
        Hardin, William  [laborer]

159.  Coon, Fred W.   [wife Hiilda, son Charles, son Roy /Ray]

160.  Gardner or Gardnel?,  Herman  [wife Kate]

161.  Havens, Howard  [wife Mildred, dau Grace]

162.  Earls, Susan  [widow with children Geo. & Hattie]

163.  Percey or Percy ?, Arleigh C.  [wife Mildred, son Harry, son Raymond, son Steven]

164.  Wilson, Steven R.  [with mother Lavina - both widowed]

165.  Wellman, Charles E.  [wife Clara, son Earl, dau Dora, son John]

166.  Carman, Clarence  [wife Emily A., dau Kathleen, dau Charlotte A.]
        Bower or Bowes, Mable  [domestic]

167.  Bement, Clarence E.  [wife Susie]

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168.  Darling, Andrew  [wife Ida, dau Agnes, dau Alice, dau Beatrice]

169.  Darling, Raymond H.  [wife Olive]

170.  Leonard, Thomas  [wife Eva]

171.  Kelly, Warren  [wife Julia & sister Mary]
         Schuler, John & Lottie  [boarders]

172.  Slaght, John  [wife Mary]

173.  Agard, Hibbard B.  [wife Laura]

174.  Empson, George A.  [wife Elvira]
         Culver, Leslie  [laborer]
         Culver, Charlotte  [boarder]

175.  Sturdavant, Howard  [wife Estella, dau Christine, dau Eleanor]
           [also spelled Sturdevant]

176.  Schmidt, William  [wife Mildred G., dau Mary E.]

177.  Fisher, Charles  [wife Kathrine]
         Wixon, Edna & Edith  [grandaughters, both 17 = twins]

178.  Sturdevent, Allen J.  [wife Emma]

179.  Culver, Wilmer  [wife Mary M., son Chauncey E., dau Mary M.,
             son Allen L., dau-in-law Mildred]

180.  King, Earnest  [wife Julia A.]

181.  Strong, Bemons C.  [wife Kathrine]

182.  Bodine, James  [wife Nora, son Leslie, son Ervin?, son ??]

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183.  Corey, Frank  [wife Lulu, son Charles, son Carlton]

184.  McCoy, William  [wife Clara, father Charlie]
        Boyce, Emma  [mother-in-law, widow]

185.  Sherwood, William  [wife Edith]

186.  Personius, David  [married, no wife in household]
              [with married son Lavern & 4 grand-daughters = Elizabeth, Evelyn, Virginia, and Florence]

187.  Ammack, Marion  [wife Mary, mother Lydia]

188.  Boyce, John W.  [wife Anna M., dau Evelyn N., dau Ealnore? (Eleanor?)]

189.  Tracey, Mott  [wife Coridette? - probably Coriette Gee] - see Laurel Hill Cemetery
         Gee, "Joshaway"   [Joshua, father-in-law]

190.  Leonard, Howard  [wife Christine, dau Doris] - see Laurel Hill Cem.

191.  Darling, Laverne  [wife Emily, son James H.]

192.  Sherwood, Dwight  [wife Pauline, mother Aline]

193.  States, Roaine  [female, widow]
              - listed in 1914 Catharine Farm Directory as wife of Warren States.

194.  Smith, Lafayette  [wife Cassie]

195.  Darling, Sarah  [widow]

196.  Jackson, Artemus J.  [wife Iona, dau Lucile M., son Leslie]

197.  Leonard, Edward

198.  Chapman, Agustus  [wife Sabella Nye, son Lester, son Andrew,
             son Nye, dau Dorinda?, dau Hester]

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199.  Burd, Frank M.  [wife Fidelia, dau Frances L.]

200.  Edward, Moot  [mother Sarah]

201.  Depew, Frank  [wife Grace, son Orlo, dau Helen R./B.]
         Kennedy, A. P.  [father-in-law, widower]
         Ford, Granger  [laborer, single]

202.  Conklin, Alfred  [widower, with sister Jennie, single]

203.  Morris, Elmer  [wife Martha, dau Christine]

204.  Quirk, James  [widower, with son Delbert]

205.  Edminister, Lewis  [wife Lillian, dau Dorthy, son Robert, son Russell, dau Martha]
         Chesley, Archie  [laborer, single]  - son of Samuel Chesley & Nora Wyatt

206.  Taber, Olive E.  [widow] - see Laurel Hill Cem.  [widow of Wm. H. Taber]

207.  Mosteller, Frank  [wife Myra]

208.  Evans, Delbert  [wife May]

[End of Enumeration District 69]

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