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1920 Schuyler Co., NY Census

Index of Names
[mainly Heads of Households with wives & children &
different surnames within their households]


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Contributed by Walt Samson


- Montour Falls Village - Enumeration District 70

Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Names

001.  Hill, Maude  [single]

002.  Gurney, Charles  [boarder]
        Meddaugh, Samuel  [head, with wife Marian, son Samuel, son  John]

003.  Collins, Walter  [wife Lottie]
         [children - Laura, Ruth, Vera, Walter Jr., Winone, Althea, Sarah, Alice J., Homer F.]

004.  Merrick, Gurn   [wife Margaret]
         Holford, William  [step-son]
          [online marriage records show Margaret Jane Wasson Holford marrying Gurnee Merrick - 2nd marriage for both in 1910.]

005.  Crout, Horace D.  [wife Anna A.]
         [children - Sarah, Martha, Horace, Norman]

006.  Denson, Don  [wife Adie, dau Hattie]
         Raleigh, Donald  [grandson]

007.  Hall, Nora  [married, no husband in household, with children George, H oward, Laura]
008.  Conkrite, George  [widower]

009.  Brink, Jerry  [widower]

010.  Cole, Morton  [wife Mary A., son Ralph]

        Trumbul, Laura  [young widow, head of separate household in dwelling]
          [children - Daniel, Gladys, George]
        Hanshaw, Richard  [boarder, widower with 2 children Bessie & Ruth]

011.  James, Frank M.  [wife Frances, son Walter]

012.  Schick, John  [wife Lula, dau Evelyn]

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013.  Marshall, Omer  [wife Eunice] -  probably same as Homer Marshall in Hector Union Cemetery.
         Dickerson, Myron  [boarder, single]

014.  Bowlby, George  [wife Mary, father William]
         [children - Florence, Margaret, Rose M., William]

015.  Pelham, Glenn  [wife Mary, dau Ruby]

016.  Clust or Clurt ??, Walter  [wife Annie]
            [children - Max, Ernest, Vivian, Geraldine, Anita]

017.  Gano, Mary [widow]
        Drake, Anna  [servant, single]

018.  Corwin, W. L.  [wife Augusta]
        Pease, Marcellus  [brother-in-law]

019.  Williams, Chas. B.  [wife Mary]
           [children - Jane, Andrew, Delos, Frances]

020.  Woodard, Nathan  [wife Anna]

021.  Lubitsk, William  [wife Winifred]
         [daughters - Alberta, Dortha, Elinore]

022.  Stackhouse, Frances  [single female]

023.  Drake, Merwin  [wife Eugenia]

024.  Hartman, Charles  [wife Amie]

025.  Miller, Fred  [wife Emma, son Francis]

        Townsend, Kate  [widow, head of separate household]

026.  Saunders, Fred  [wife Sarah]
          [children - Fred A., Anna, Elizabeth, Marjorie, Ron]

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027.  Brundage, Harry W.  [wife Anna, son Richard]

028.  Davenport, Seward A.  [wife Mary P.]
          [dau Martha L., son Fred L.]
        Pond, Marvin  [boarder, married, no wife in house]

029.  Doolittle, John  [wife Celia, mother Grazelle]

030.  Hatt, Oscar  [wife Bertha]

031.  Woodworth, Fred  [married, but no wife listed in household]  [with sons Leland & Maynard]
        Sherwood, William  [boarder]

032.  Dunham, Herbert  [wife Jessie]
              [children - Kenneth, Elizabeth, Dorthy]
        Fish, Clia  [mother-in-law]

033.  Pearson, Austin  [wife Mary A.]

034.  Shepard, Jesse  [wife Ellen P., son James, dau Margaret, son Albert P.]

035.  Ayres, Elijah  [wife Harriet]
         Nightingale, Grace  [daughter, with husband Charles & their dau Mamie]

036.  Weller, Myron F.  [wife Sadie L.]

037.  Lynch, Roger  [wife Mary E., son Milton]
        Stewart, Blanche  [boarder, single]

038.  Sturdevant, Mark  [wife Nina, dau Ruby, son Harry E.]
         Ganung, Frank  [boarder, married, no wife with him]

         Ellis, Amy  [widow, head of separate household in dwelling]

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039.  Moulter, Fred  [wife Urilla]
        Dorn, Sarah E.  [mother-in-law, widow]

040.  Ferguson, Robert  [wife Agnes]
             [children - Ida May, Robert, Hazel M.]
        McMillan, Mort  [boarder - wife Teressa, son Mort Jr.]
        Haines, Cornelius  [boarder, widower]

041.  Blair, David  [wife Anna, dau Eleanor, son Albert W.]

042.  Kendall, Ralph  [wife Maude, son Clyde]

043.  Smith, Claude  [wife Mamie, son Claude Jr.]

044.  Hill, Mort  [wife May, dau Thelma]

045.  Wright, Harry H.  [wife Goldie, dau Helen B.]
         Hummel, Samuel  [father-in-law]

046.  Brown, Leslie  [wife Mildred S.]

047.  Chase, Edwin L.  [wife Orilla, dau Muriel]

048.  Pierson, Burdett  [wife Flora]

049.  Marshall, William  [wife Ruth, dau Marie, son Perry W.]

050.  Smith, Harry  [wife Flora]

051.  Brown, Samuel  [wife Hattie]

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052.  Unwin, Earl J.  [wife Mabel L.]
           [children - Norman, Fredrick, Leonard]

053.  Dean, Addie M.  [widow, with single dau Jessie]

054.  Dorn, Avery [wife Kornie, dau Ruth E.]
        Ireland, Glenn  [roomer]
        Johnson, Earl  [roomer]

055.  Montgomery, Josephine  [widow, with dau Mazie]
         Folring, Katherine  [boarder, single]
         Constance, Marguerite  [boarder, single]

056.  Fletcher, Chas. W.  [wife Hellen M.]

        Crofut, Simeon J.  [wife Jessie, dau Fannie] [separate household]

057.  Hand, Simeon  [wife Gertrude, son Orval]
        Ellenberger, Irene  [roomer, single]

058.  Leonard, Harland  [wife Florence D., son Martin]

059.  Updyke, Ruben  [wife Neoma]

060.  Goundrey, Mark  [wife Della, sons Hiram & Floyd]

061.  Foley, John  [widower]

062.  Gano, Linn  [wife Rita, dau Ruth, son Chas. E.]
         Foley, David  [boarder, single]

063.  Callahan, Adeline  [widow, with dau "Marco"]

064.  Osborne, Sydney  [wife Mary]
        Green, Mary  [adopted child]
         Cornell, Theodore  [cousin, single]
         Spearman, Milton  [boarder, single]

065.  Kendall, Lena  [widow]
        Morley, Lawrence  [boarder, 15]

066.  Brown, Edward  [wife Anna L., son Harry]
        Look, James  [boarder, widower]

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067.  Plants, Milton H.  [wife Julia]
        McNey, Howard  [roomer, single]

068.  Henderson , Gertrude  [single]

069.  Trowbridge, Jacob  [wife Ursula]

070.  Woodworth, Charles  [wife Lela]

071.  Misner, Sarah  [widow]

072.  Pike, Sarah  [single]

073.  Ferguson, Addie  [widow]

074.  Vickio, Joseph  [wife Rachel]
           [children - Minnie, William, Guy, Nicholas, Mamie, Mary, Michael, Louise, Louis, Marguerite]

075.  Rumsey, Samuel  [wife Carrie E.]
        Habbershaw, Ida  [dau, with her husband George & their dau Eleanor]

076.  Elston, Edwin  [married, living along]

077.  Ganung, Theodore  [widower]

078.  Cratsley, William  [wife Emma, daughters Freda & Leda]

079.  Skinner, Edward  [single]

080.  VanDuzer, Julia  [widow]
         Ford, M. Grace  [companion, single]

081.  Danley, Jacob M.  [wife Alma, son Torrence]

082.  Emmick, Frank D.  [wife Angeline, son Delos] - all born in PA.

083.  Taylor, Alman J.  [wife Edith, mother Cornelia]

084.  Wilson, Burton  [wife May, son Maynard]

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085.  Cuyle, Homer  [wife Florence, son Raymond]

086.  Potter, Sarah  [head, divorced]
         Morgan, Laura  [sister]
         Peck, Albert   [boarder, widower]
         Strader Louis  [boarder, single]
         Smith, Harry   [boarder, single]
         Grover, Hazzard  [boarder, single]
         Roberts, William  [roomer, single]

087.  Dibble, John A.  [single, with single sister Eleanor & married brother Schuyler Dibble - no wife with him]

088.  Barter or Baxter, John D.  [wife Edith]

089.  Doane, Sydney  [wife Jennie]

090.  Doane, Lawrence  [wife Ann]

091.  Rhodes, Lucy
                   , Minnie W.  [looks like "pardner]

092.  Pletcher ? , Lewis  [wife Alma] - he was b. Indiana, she was b. PA

093.  Doane, Ira D.  [wife Nora M.]

094.  Davenport, John S.  [wife Jennie G.]

095.  Tress, Joseph  [wife Virginia, father Frank]

096.  Campbell, James M.  [wife Mary, son James]
        Guthrie, Andy [boarder]
        Fuller, Herbert  [boarder]
        Feehan, Peter H.  [boarder]
        Herbert, James  [boarder]
        Wilson, Ellis?  [boarder]
        Chapman, Mort  [boarder]
        Clark, Charles  [boarder]
        Graham, Elmer  [boarder]
        VanGorder, Harry  [boarder]
        Hager ?, Harry  [boarder]
        Dunn, John  [boarder]

097.  Wood, Frank  [single]
        VanCamp ?, Ross  [pardner, single]
         Guyer, Fred  [pardner, married]

098.  Livings or Lorings ?, Earl W.  [wife Jennie V.]

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099.  Woodard, Ray  [wife Catherine, son Charles R.]
        Smith, John & Orville  [roomers]

100.  Angus, Ezra  [wife Lela, dau Mildred]

101.  Weed, Wm.. J.  [wife Carrie T.]

        Drake, Alice  [widow, head of separate household]
        Brown, Fred  [roomer, married - no wife with him]

102.  Cowles, Melville  [wife Hazel]

103.  Vail, Mary J.  [widow]

104.  Sterrett, Samuel W.  [widower, with dau Mary W. & son John S.]
        Montgomery, Maxine  [boarder, single]

105.  Mackey, Paul R.  [wife Neda R.] - both b. PA

106.  Brown, George  [single]

107.  Morgan, Angie  [widow]
        Dress, Cora  [daughter, married]
         Whitaker, Albert  [son, single]

108.  Wilson, Lewis  [wife Gertrude]

109.  Saunders, Arthur  [wife Ruth]
        Babcock, Harold  [nephew, single]

110.  Chapman, Adelbert  [wife Libbie, son Stewart]
         Kelly, Dora  [sis-in-law]
        Quick ?, Clarence  [roomer, single]
        French, Clarence  [roomer, married]
         Ladding, Frank  [roomer, single]

111.  Chandler, Francis  [widower, with son Charles & dau Hannah]
        Maxwell, Sam A.  [roomer, widower]

112.  McKeg, Joseph  [wife Ella J., son Joseph S.]

113.  Drake, George  [wife Rachel]
         [children - Grace, Laura, Mabel]

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114. Towart, John  [b. Scotland, widower with daus Jessie B. & Mary M.]

115.  Armstrong, Frances  [widow]

        Wilford, Amil /Avril  [wife Blanche, son Edgar]  [separate household]

116.  Stoddard, Alvin H.  [wife Eulilia, son George, dau Francis]

117.  Miller, J. Blair  [wife Helen]

118.  Anderson, Fredrick  [wife Claire, dau Rose M.]

119.  Stack, Susan  [widow]

         Elliott, Arthur  [wife Marie]  [separate household]

120.  Barrett, Thomas T/F.  [wife Mary, dau Frances]

121.  Hendric, Pheobe G.  [widow, b. PA]
        ___nor   [Eisenor ?], Lucy  [companion, widow]

122.  Stoddard, Jesse B.  [wife Mary A., dau Gladys]

123.  Rice, Rev. Francis  [wife Lucy S.]
        Smith, Lucy  [dau]
                , Loretta  [dau]
                , Emerson  [grandson]

124.  Spaulding, Chester  [wife Isabel, son B. Chester, dau Ruthbiert?]

125.  Gibson, Peter  [widower]

126.  Randall, Earnest G.  [wife Martha, son Robert, son James]
        Hoyt, Joel  [roomer, single]
        Lang, William  [wife Mary J. - roomers]

127.  Cronk, Paul  [wife Helen F.]

128.  Craig, George K.  [wife Louise]

129.  Allison, William  [wife Mildred, son Page J.]

        Decker, Lawrence  [wife Alta, son Hugh F.] - separate household

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130.  Denson, Elmer  [wife Adaline]

131.  Ellis, Charles  [wife Albertina]
        Brown, Lewis  [boarder, widower]

132.  Martin, Oliver W.  [wife Lily, son Wilgus ?]
        Edwards, Nellie & Bell W. & Caroline  [looks like step-daughters]

133.  Woodward, Burt  [wife Mary]

134.  Stotenbur, Frank A.  [wife Sarah]

135.  Tracey, Marjorie ?  [widow]

136.  Giles, Janett  [widow]

137.  Abert, Merwin  [wife Lena M., son Harold]

138.  Taylor, Charles  [wife Florence]

139.  Habbershaw, Joseph  [wife Elizabeth]

140.  Cornell, Frank G.  [wife Fanny, son Gerald, son Donald J., father Daniel]

141.  Teetsel, Elizabeth  [widow, with dau Mary]

142.  Cronk, Elmer  [wife Frances, son William C.]

143.  Stockley, Moses L.  [wife Anna]
        Lee, Louise S.  [daughter, married, no husband in household]
        Lee, Cebern ?  [grandson]

144.  Dickens, Abie  [female widow, with brother Robert D., widower]

145.  Corner or Cornis [maybe supposed to be Cornish ?], George A.
           [wife Lena A., dau Clara M., dau Ruth B.]

146.  Weaver, Emily  [widow]
         Stoddard, Abigail  [widow, companion]
         Swartout, Bayard  [married, no wife in house]

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147.  Shepard, James M.  [wife Frances]
        Spitz, Mary  [servant, single]

148.  Cramer, George H.  [wife Luie A.]

149.  Condi or Conde, Frank  [wife Helen, son Merlin]

150.  MacDowell, R. Lawrence  [wife Susan S., dau Mary S., son Richard]

151.  Lunger, Sydney H.  [wife Mabel H., son Harry D., son John P.]

152.  Fasting, Sverre [b. Belgium]   [wife Maj_e]
          [sons Sverre Kingo & Jens Kingo Fasting]

153.  McKonnell  [McConnell ], Francis  [single male]

154.  Wells, Lee  [wife Eva, dau Athelia]
         Cleveland, Ray  [nephew]

155.  Racklyeft, Samuel  [wife Jennie, son Carl E., dau Erla, dau Ilah]
         [There was a Samuel & Mary Racklyeft living in Elmira, NY in 1880.  That Samuel was b. England & was an actor.]

156.  Rhodes, John G.  [wife Melvina or Meloina]

157.  Finch, Taylor W.  [wife Anna P.]

158.  O'Brien, John  [single, with mother Bridget]
        Molloy, Anna  [sister, with her husband John & their dau Kathryn]

159.  Brennan, James  [wife Anna]
        Boyle, Harry  [step-son]

160.  Stoddard, Emory J.  [wife Nelllie]
        Banfield, Emma ?  [mother-in-law]

161.  Carmody, Cornelius  [wife Margaret]
         Hobbs, Cecilla  [niece, single]
         Gull__, Dennis  [roomer, married, no wife in house]

162.  Rollinson, Fred  [divorced]
        Smith, Emma  [sister, widow]

163.  Sherman, Francis  [single, with single brother Arthur K. & mother Ella L.]

164.  Dencenburg, Claude  [wife Winifred, dau Claudine]

165.  Gibson, Charles  [single]

166.  Oliver, James  [wife Mary, dau Agnes]
         Currie, Agnes  [sis-in-law]

167.  Spearman, Arthur  [wife Ida]
        Markle, Layfayette  [father-in-law]
                   , Henry  [brother-in-law]

168.  DuBois, Burt  [wife Della, son Leland, dau-in-law Emma]
         German, Gerald  [boarder, with his wife Helen]
         Leonard, Anna   [boarder, single]

169.  Hendricks, Harry A.  [wife Laura, dau Orpha]

170.  Denson, Lionel  [wife Alma]

171.  Myres / Myers, Lester F.  [widower, with son Charles H.]

172.  Howell, Minor B.  [wife Mae]
        Beary or Berry, Della M.    [boarder, single]
        Covert, Carrie  [boarder, single]
        Hall, William L.  [boarder, single]
        Jorgensen, Viggo B.  [boarder, single]

173.  Covert, Seely H.  pwife Anna M.]
        Beardsley, Alice  [roomer, single]
        Jones, Harry  [roomer, single]
        Swick, Maude  [roomer, married]

174.  Tracey, Florence  [single]
        Albright, Martha  [niece, single]
        Lasity or Larity ?, Jackson  [roomer]
        Newkirk or Nesbits ?, Claude  [boarder]
        Haton, Alfred  [boarder]
        Robinson, Alfred  [boarder]
        Councilman ?,  Howard
        Smith, LeGrande  [boarder]

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175.  Getman, Lawrence  [wife Emma, dau Doris]

176.  Stotenbur, Percy   [wife Hazel, son Ralph, dau Jean]
         Hendricks, Frances  [mother-in-law] [widow of George]
        [Percy was son of Frank & Sally]

177.  Wilson, Frank  [wife Josephine]
           [children - Dorthy, Kenneth]

178.  Swick, Fred  [wife Maude, dau Madelin]
          Sayre, Kate  [mother-in-law]

179.  Austin, George F.  [wife Caroline]
        Barrowcliff, William  [roomer, single]

180.  Howell, Harriet  [widow]
         Neal, Helen  [widow]
        Palmer, Glenn  [roomer, single]

181.  Welles, Daniel F.  [wife Grace E., son Edwin S.]

182.  Lalor William  [widower]
        Ward or Wood, Edith  [dau]
                               , Elmer D.  [son-in-law] b. PA

183.  Grey, Harry D.  [wife Mabel, son Delon, dau Kathryn]

184.  Morse, Albert  [wife Margaret, dau Marion, dau Alberta]
         Kinney, Francis  [roomer, single]

185.  Peppard, Burr C.  [wife Clara, son Orley]

186.  Getman, Floyd  [wife Edith M., son Albert]

187.  Martin or Masters, William  [single]

188.  Fox, Harold  [wife Eloise, son Robert]

189.  Hodges, Eugene  [wife Edna M., father John R.]

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190.  VanVleet, Margaret  [single]
         Bailey, Elizabeth  [widow, companion]
         Clawson, Gilbert  [boarder]
                     , Louise  [boarder]
         Smith, Fred B.  [boarder]
                 , Sarah  [boarder]

191.  Guyer, John  [wife Riva]

192.  Driscoll, Arthur  [wife Mary, son Robert, son Ralph]

193.  Moore, Chas.  [wife Ruth, son James, son Atley G., dau Lucille, son Louis D.]

         Blunt, Emma  [head of separate household, widow]
         Barber, John  [boarder, widower]

194.  Ferriss, George  [single, with mother Eleanor M., widow]

195.  Hopkins, Willis L.  [wife Elizabeth]

196.  Covert, Alfred  [wife Margaret, son Ralph, dau-in-law Katherine, grandson Donald]

197.  Tucker, William J.  [wife Dorthy]

198.  Coon, Timothy D.  [wife Frances, dau Ruth]

199.  Day, Harry  [wife Anna]

200.  Parks, Thomas W.  [wife Sarah]
        Blaine, Anna  [cousin, widow]

201.  Hibbard, Georgia  [widow, with dau Catharine]
         Weller, Addie  J.  [mother, widow]
         Rhodes, Edward  [roomer, single]

202.  Hibbard, Edward W.  [wife Emma]
         McGinnis, Adelbert  [roomer, single]

203.  Wood, George W.  [wife Georgia M., son Robert E., son George Jr.]

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204.  Vedder, Hiram S.  [wife Electa, son Ralph C., dau-in-law Nellie]

205.  Lyon, Joseph  [wife Bertha, son Joseph Jr., dau Mellisa, son Charles]
        Bartell, Fritz  [son-in-law, widower]
                 , Paula  [grandaughter]

206.  Bush, Byron  [wife Lottie]

207.  Ward, Irvin  [wife Clara, son W. Albert, dau Gertrude L.]

208.  Denson, Stephen B.  [wife Jac C., son Kenneth]

209.  "Cogsdall", Claire  [with wife Vera, son Claire Jr., dau Helen, son Charles] - all born in PA

210.  Brunson, Claude  [wife Doris]

211.  Beadle, George  [wife Alice]
         Wheaton, Clyde & Lyman  [boarders]

212.  Parks, James  [wife Gertrude]
        Delong, Arthur  [step-son]

213.  Smith, Clarence  [wife Orpha, son Melvin, dau Waneta]

214.  Clark, Adelbert T.  [wife Ruth R., dau Ruth, son Adelbert Jr., son John R.]

215.  Willis, Nettie  [widow, with dau Bess]

216.  Frost, Charles L.  [wife Florence T.]

217.  Vedder, Lynn  [wife Viola]

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218.  Towart, James  [wife Fanny M., son James W.]
         Jarvis, Geneveive  [adopted child]

219.  Riley, Douglas D.  [wife Bernice S., son Jack S.]

220.  Stoddard, Burton B.  [wife Susie, dau Helen, son  Howard, dau Dorthy]
        Lewis, Fred  [nephew]

221.  Schlich or Schlick, Frank L.  [wife Lillian M., dau Lillian F/T.]

222.  Ives or Iver, Edwina  [single]
        Conard or Coward or Conrad ?, William  [nephew, married]
                                                      , Edith  [niece, married]
        Freeman, Helen  [niece, single]

223.  Cronk, William  [widower]
        Elmore, Grace C.  [dau]
                  , William C. & Eleanor [children of Grace]
        McGrady, Fredrick & Sara  [boarders]

224.  Barton, George F.  [wife Mary B., mother Sarah]
            [children - George, Margaret, Edward, Ruth H., Irving, John]
        Collins, Margaret  [servant]

224.  Hibbard, Joseph S.  [wife Anna D.]

225.  Carley, John K.  [wife Lela, father William A.]
        Corbin, Leslie  [boarder]
        Griffis or Griffin, Earl   [boarder]   [Griffiths ?]
        Canber or Carver ?, Roy  [boarder]

226.  Mallory, Frank  [wife Celia]
         Taylor, Delclutha  [widow, boarder]
         Backman, George & Grace [boarders]
         Ball, Lyman  [boarder, single]
         Owen, Raymond  [boarder, single]

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227.  Fletcher, Floyd  [wife Marilla]

228.  Dimon, Warren  [widower with son Melvin & dau-in-law Allenza]

        Harrington, Orlo  [wife Helen, dau Frederika, mother Sarah, sister Cecil & brother Guy]  [separate household]

229.  Conkrite, Frank  [wife Katherine, dau Bertha, son Francis, dau Myrtle, dau Ruth, dau Adwina.]

230.  Miller, Frank B.  [wife Elizabeth, dau Beatrice, dau Pearl]
         Blaine, Sarah  [grandmother]

231.  Ash, Albert  [wife Grace S., son Thurston, dau Gertrude, dau Phoebe]

232.  Malette, William  [head, single]

        Mapes, George W. [head, widower]

        Boyce, David H.  [head, single]

233.  Barber, Joseph  [wife Josephine]

234.  Dimon, Merlin  [wife Caroline]
         Hakes, Lucy  [roomer]
         Hakes, Howard  [head]

235.  Birney, Mahlon  [wife Eva, dau Claudia]

236.  Waite, Earl C.  [wife Martha]

237.  McClernan, John  [widower]
        Swartout, Orlando  [son-in-law]
                     , Katherine  [dau]
        DeWitte, Katherine  [grandaughter]

238.  Prosper or Proaper ?,  Earl  [wife Anna, son Err, dau Harriet, son Lyman]]

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239.  Pratt, Judd  [wife Blanch]

240.  VanSickel, Sarah  [widow]
         Laybown, Marjorie  [grandaughter]

241.  Haynes, Bert R.  [wife Bertha]

242.  Teetsel, Albert  [wife Katherine, son C. Fanton]

243.  Argus, Martin  [wife Blanche]
        Gilbert, Anna   [employee, widow]

244.  Dykes, Frank  [widower]
        Vargeron or Vargison ?, Clara  [widow, housekeeper, with her dau Georgia & her son James]

245.  Secken or Sicken, Frank  [wife Mary, sons John & Charles]

246.  Brink, Eliza  [widow, with son Clarence J.]

        Cleveland, James  [wife Agnes, dau Wanda]  [separate household]

247.  Everts, Robert B.  [wife Eva P., son Robert Jr.]

248.  Saylor, Henry C.  [wife Katy]

249.  Head,  Harry J. [wife Ruth]
         Hayden, George  [father-in-law] & Bell [mother-in-law]

250.  Gano, Chalres S.  [wife Cora B.]
        Heggie, Lyman  [uncle]

251.  Hallock, Martin L.  [wife Ione, dau Ruth, son Stewart]

252.  Catlin, Frank H.  [wife Jenette]
         Martin, William A.  [boarder]

253.  Mitchell, Robert B.  [wife Helen, dau Margaret]

254.  Aldridge, Lena  [widow]

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255.  Bastian, Byron  [wife Anna V., dau Gladys L., son Clifford, son Franklin]

256.  Decker, J. Clarence  [wife Elsie]
        Cattell, William A.  [nephew]

257.  Owen, Frank  [wife Mae, dau Bessie]

258.  Brown, Alexander  [wife Penelope, son George]

259.  Bailey, Nancy  [widow]

260.  Austin, Don J.  [wife Reba]

261.  Forrest, Irah or Isah  [wife Rose]
         [children - dau Frances, Donald, dau Marion, Fern, Hope, Joseph]
         [dau-in-law Ruth, grandson Giles, grandson Ross]

262.  Merrick, Joseph  [wife Agnes]
           [children - Clinton, Howard, Hazel, Lucile]

263.  Phillips, Sarah  [widow]
         Beardsley, Marretta  [niece, divorced]

264.  VanSlyke Lawrence  [wife Mabel]

265.  Smith, Roland A.  [wife Emma, son Allen]

266.  Davenport, Lafayette  [wife Carrie, son Claude]
         Decker, Lester  [grandson]

267.  Hewitt, Frank  [wife Ellen]
        Barrett, Harold & Margaret & Robert & Annie & Harold [boarders]
        Kimball, William A.  [boarder, single]

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268.  Clark, Mervin  [wife Isabel, daughters Velma, Alma, Trida & Emma]

269.  Vanderpool, Carl R.  [wife Clara]

270.  Wilson, Archie  [wife Mary]

271.  Hall, U. Grant  [wife Isabel, sons Lewis, Arthur & Richard]

272.  Platt, Herbert  [wife Emma]

273.  Meeks, Coral S.  [wife Eleanor (Platt), son Willis, son Herbert]

274.  Horton, Jesse  [wife Florence]

275.  Lowman, Edward J.  [wife Marie, son Willits, dau Barbara]

276.  Bates, Charles M.  [wife Sarah, sister Mary P.]
         Edgett, Addie  [mother-in-law]

277.  Ayers, Charles A.  [wife Leonora C., dau Helen F.]

278.  Newell, Herman  [wife Elizabeth, son David]

279.  Brown, Elmer  [wife Jesse, dau Dorthy, son Lewis]

280.  Stotenbur, Harry  [wife Grace]

281.  Foster William H.  [wife Pearl, dau Ethel]
        Whiting, Willis  [boarder, single]

[094a  next page]

282.  Frost, Mary  [widow, with daughter Orpha Smith]
         Smith, West [son, with his wife Frances & his dau Eleanor]

283.  Raymond, Delos D.  [wife Mary, dau Blanche, dau Georgiana]

284.  Durkee, Lucy  [widow, with dau Nellie]

285.  Workman, Daniel  [wife Elora]

286.  Messig, Charles  [wife Sophie, son Walter, dau Frances, dau Dorthy, dau  Helen]

287.  Rynehart, Charles  [single]  [also spelled Rhynehart]

288.  Barrett, James  [wife Regina,  dau Isabel, son James R.]

289.  Messig, George B.  [wife Mary, dau Gladys]

290.  Minnick, Jabes ?  [wife Nettie, son Harold]

291.  Parks, Duncan  [wife Florence, son Duncan Jr.]

292.  Doolittle, Charles  [wife Della]
        McCormac, Joseph  [hired man, single]

293.  Crippen, Bertha  [married, no husband in home, with son James]

294.  Hendricks, Ella  [widow, with dau Eliza]
        Thomas, David  [boarder, single]
         Dunham, Leonta  [boarder, single]

295.  Terry, John  [wife Myra, son Clarence J., son William]

296.  Locke, Charles  [wife Nora, dau Lena L.]  [Nora was nee Nora Wyatt, then wife of Sam Chesley]

297.  Northrup, Harry J.  [wife Irene, dau Inez L.]

[094b  next page]

298.  Clark, Lizzie  [widow]
        Smith, Harry  [son]
        Clark, Louise  [dau]
        Carey, Arlan  [boarder, single]

299.  Fanton, Arthur  [wife Ruth, son George A., son James]

300.  Barrett, Wellington  [wife Cora, son Orville, dau Reva C., son Herman]
        Gehan, Peter  [roomer]  [also spelled Feehan]

301.  Eggersdorf, William  [wife Estella, mother Frances]
         Teed, Isabel  [niece]

302.  Price, Willard B.  [wife Jessie, son John]

303.  Smart, Harold  [wife Mildred, dau Bernice, dau Mildred]

304.  Mason, Thomas A.  [wife Lucretia P.]
        King, Mary /May L.  [grandaughter]
        Mason, Hollis  [son]

305.  Wills or Wells, Charles  [wife Eliza]
         Cleveland, Gertrude & Eva  [grandaughters]

306.  Schlick, Lester  [wife Elizabeth ,dau Elsie, dau Helen]

307.  Bishop, Emma P.  [widow, with son Waldo, dau Olive, son Perry]

308.  Howell, Marion  [wife Irene]

309.  Mack, William F.  [wife Clara R.

310.  Hatch, Frank A.  [wife Ruth, son John]

[095a  next page]

311.  Layton, George M.  [wife Mary, son Donald, son William]
        Jarvis, Thomas & Sherman  [adopted children]

312.  Johnson, Frank  [single, with mother Kate L., a widow]

313.  Drake, Albert  [wife Alta, dau Mary]

314.   Clawson, Carrie L.  [single]

315.  Meeks, Arthur H.  [wife Iva M., dau Sibyl L., son Jackson]

316.  Corbin, Sewell B.  [wife Isabel, son Barnett]
        Black, Gertrude  [sis-in-law, single]

317.  James, Albert R.  [wife Marion, dau Dorthy L., dau Margaret]

318.  Watkins, Charles R.  [wife Anna F.]

319.  Meeks, Chauncey  [wife Mary]

320.  Riber, George G.  [wife Jennie]

321.  DeNeff ? ,  Isaac  [wife Ida]

322.  Messig, Fred  [wife Jennie W.]

323.  Dunham, Henry  [widower, with dau Mary]

324.  Westlake, Robert  [wife Edna (nee Meeks), son Robert Jr., dau Margaret, dau Ethel]
        Nelson, Lena  [boarder, single]

325.  Coon, James  [wife Myrtle]

326.  Morris, James  [wife Rose, son James Jr., son Edward]

        Morris, Otto  [wife Nellie, daughter Margaret]

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327.  Jacobs, Oscar  [wife Harriet]

328.  Wakely, Louise  [single]

329.  Taylor, Leon  [wife Amy, son Kenneth]

330.  Stoddard, Louis  [wife Carrie, dau Mary]

331.  Wilding, Lovina  [widow]

         Kendall, Grace  [single, head of separate household]
         Huey, Leon  [nephew]
         Huey, Cllifford & Albert  [boarders]
         Stocum or Stocune, Julian  [boarder]

332.  Beary or Berry, Emma  [married, no husband in home]
        Beary or Berry, Eli  [brother-in-law, married, no wife in home]

333.  Thomson, Ann  [widow]  [spelled Thompson ?]
                     , Hattie  [sister, widow]

334.  Twiss, Lucy  [widow]
        Meeks, Sarah  [widow, boarder]
                  , William  [boarder, single]

335.  Messig, William  [wife Marie]
        Marshall, Joseph  [boarder, single]
        Weaver, Fred  [boarder, widower]
         Schleer, Raymond  [boarder, single]

336.  Swartout, Charles  [widower with sons John & James]
        Beckhorn, Clara  [sister, widow]

337.  Merrick, George C.  [wife Myrtle]

338.  VanSice, Lewis  [wife Eva (nee Meeks)]

        Benge or Birge, Samuel W.  [wife Hannah S.]  [separate household in dwelling]

         Ploss, Susan  [widow, with dau Alma]  [separate household]

339.  Walton, Robert W.  [wife Margaret, dau Juliet, son George]

340.  Fanton, Myron  [wife Lula, dau Clara son Claude]

341.  Thompson, Dianthia  [widow]

342.  Owen, Mary  [widow]
         Keach, Oscar [widower] & Floyd  [single] [boarders]

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343.  Baker, Rollin O.  [wife Mary L., son Erwin R., son Robert O.]

344.  Bristow, Fred  [wife Cicelia, dau Winifred, son Fred R., dau Helen M., son Robert ]
        Whittemore, Elmira  [boarder, single]
        Hazlett, Williamina  [boarder, widow]
        Stone, Cora  [boarder, single]
        Smith, Charlotte  [boarder, single]
        Ellenberger, Irene  [boarder, single]
        Munger, DeWitt  [boarder, single]
        Stafford, Dewey  [boarder, single]
        Sanderson, Weston  [boarder, single]

345.  Cronk, Claude  [wife Lulu, son Hugh]
         Bennett, Ida  [mother-in-law]

346.  Neal, Syrena  [widow]
         Kendall, Elizabeth  [boarder, single]
         Petranick, Jane  [boarder, single]
         Petranick, Amelia  [boarder, single]
         Coppan, Marvin  [boarder, single]

347.  Misner, Willis C.  [wife Florence, son Donald]

348.  Unwin, Lewis  [wife Elizabeth, son Stanley]

349.  Hayden, Norman  [wife Louise A., son Vincent, son George]

350.  Charpel or Chapel ?, John  [wife Grace, son Victor, son Merl]
        Hagadorn, Ralph  [boarder, single]

351.  Bradley, L. M.  [wife May,  son Arthur]

352.  Burr, Frank  [widower]
         Misel or Mirel, Jennie  [servant, widow]

353.  Fanton, John W.  [wife Grace, son Gerald]

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354.  Nichols, Edward  [wife Amy, dau Eleanor, dau Alice son Charles]

355.  Frost, John L.  [widower]
        Hol___, __a   [housekeeper, widow]

356.  Buckbee ?, Harry  [married, wife not in household]

357.  Fox, William  [wife Alice, son Joseph, son Arthur, dau Dorthy]

358.  Stocum, Walter  [wife Daisy, dau Gladys]

359.  Crandall, William  [wife Irene]
         Thurston, Linda  [housekeeper, single]

360.  Stocum, Jesse  [wife Florence]

361.  Wood, Rollo B.  [wife Carrie, son Donald, dau Dorthy A., dau Gertrude M., son  Harold R., dau Lillian G.]

362.  Barrett, Gertrude  [widow, with son Charles]

363.  Holmes, Minnie B.  [widow, with son Gerald]

364.  Jacobs, Eliza  [widow]

365.  Towner, Charles G.  [wife Mary, dau Charlotte, dau Ruth]
         Morris, Edna  [step-daughter]

366.  Adams, Charles  [wife Lillian]

367.  Rightmire, William   [married, living along]

368.  Swartout, Arthur  [wife Laura, son Frank, grandaugther Jane]

369.  Koslik, Frank  [born in Bohemia]  [wife Emma, dau Rosa, son Otto, son John, dau Frances, son Rudolph]

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370.  Schiefer, Carl  [wife Mary E., dau Marjorie, dau Mary, dau Eleanor, son Lawrence]

371.  Newton, John  [wife Anna, son William, dau Estella]

372.  Paterson, Joseph  [single]
         Harrington, Viola  [housekeeper, single]

373.  Miller, Adrian  [wife Cynthia, son  Josiah, son Donald]

374.  Hewitt, Charles  [wife Eliza]

375.  Weaver, Henry  [wife Tilly]
        Alger, Chas.  [son-in-law, husband of Laura Weaver]
              [their children - Henry Sylvester, Grace, Carl, Lucile]

376.  Cornish, Harry  [wife Bessie, son George]
        Bogart, Clarence  [father-in-law] & Luella [mother-in-law]
        Bogar , Lewis & Elsworth

377.  Davenport, Fred  [wife Clara, dau Harriet]
        Shercock ?, John  [boarder, single]

378.  Holmes, James L.  [wife Jennie S.]

379.  Crawford, John  [wife Susie, son Floyd]
        LaTourrette, James  [boarder, widower]

380.  Post, George M.  [wife Olena]

[097b  next page]

381.  Woodworth, Frank  [wife Mary]

382.  Lerch, Fred C.  [wife Martha L.]
        Swick, Robert J.  [step-son]
        Palmer, Sarah  [mother-in-law]
        Ward, Mildred  [boarder, single]

383.  LaTourrette, Dora  [widow]

384.  Drake, Howard  [wife Anna, dau Pauline M.]

385.  Pierce, Martin J.  [wife Laura, dau Catharine]

386.  Gerome ?, William  [head, b. Russian Poland]
        Costollano, Michele  ["pardner", b. Italy, widower]
        Arch, Tony  ["pardner", b. Italy, single]
        Chass, Tony  ["pardner", b. Italy, married]
         Profine, Alexander  ["pardner", b. Italy, married]

387.  Barrett, Archie F.  [wife Dena]

388.  Cole, Bert  [single]

389.  Nell ?, James A.  [wife Elizabeth E., dau Edith M., dau Laura A.]

390.  Barnum, Arthur  [wife Fannie, dau Beryl, dau  Norma, son LeGrande, dau Frances, dau Sarah]

391.  Conklin, George  [wife Adella, son Adelbert, son Gordon]

392.  Schultz, Henry  [wife Lucy M., son Harold J.]

393.  Smith, Elam D.  [wife Ethel, dau Marcia, son Stuart]

394.  Sloane, Annie  [widow, with dau-in-law Frances, a widow]

395.  Kuttner or Kutmer, Albert  [wife Nellie, dau Thelma, son Roy]

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396.  Stone, Elizabeth  [widow of Fred, with dau Alice]
        Stuart, Jenett  [boarder, single]

397.  Boyer, Samuel E.  [wife Agnes M., dau Iva .]

398.  Shepard, Mary J.  [widow]

399.  Pelliter, Henri  [wife Mary]

400.  Barnes, Alloysius  [wife Mary G.]
        Doherty, Evelyn  [niece, single]

401.  Cramer, Edgar L.  [widower, with dau Edwina]

402.  Young, Elmer C.  [wife Angie H.]

403.  French, Merton S.  [wife Mable, son Robert, dau Harriet, son Edward, son Edwin]

404.  Barrett, Harry L.  [wife Harriet, dau Virginia, dau Elnora]
        Frost, Herbert  [roomer, single]

405.  Rowles, Frank  [wife Martha, son Harold]
        Wolcott, Victor  [boarder, married, wife not in household]

406.  Elliot, Fred O.  [wife Mabel, dau Katherine, dau Marion]

407.  Cole, Clarence  [widower, with son Paul F., housekeeper Nettie V. Cole, single]

408.  Boyce, Milo C.  [wife Katherine son Roscoe, son Willis]
         Alpaugh, George  [boarder, baby]
         Baker, Rachel  [mother-in-law, widow]
         McDonald, Arthur  [boarder, divorced]

409.  Eaton, Clarence  [wife Tressa, son Raymond, dau Emma G., dau Mary, son William W., dau Katherine, dau Dorthy]

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410.  Catlin, Welles  [wife Pearl M., dau Dorthy L., dau Margaret]

411. Henyan, Henry  [wife Sarah]

412.  Goundrey, Ralph E.  [wife Lucy, son Otto J., dau Georgia, son Fred, son Raymond]
         Prosser, Allie  [mother-in-law, widow]
         Harbut, Vincent  [boarder, single]

413.  Dorsey, Frank  [wife Sarah, dau Minnie, dau Ada]

414.  Selover, Eva  [widow, with son J. Gordon]

415.  Decker, Sydney S.  [married, no wife in household]
         Tompkins, Alice  [housekeeper, widow, with Martha & Charlotte Tompkins, both age 11]

416.  Weed, Charles M.  [wife Harriet, son Mason N.]

417.  Price, Lewis  [wife Helen, son Louis O., mother Emma Price]

418.  Robbins, Gerald  [wife Katherine, dau  Margaret]
        Sellers, Kate  [mother-in-law]

419.  McGredy, Robert  [wife Mary  M., son Robert M., Fred]
         Minier, Julia  [sister-in-law, single]
         Alexander, Belle  [servant, single]

420.  Mulford, Frances  [widow]
        Chaffin, Sarah  [servant, widow]
        Jackson, Ada    [servant, single]

421.  Hern, Alice  [widow, with son Ralph, dau Wilda, son Glenn, son Robert]

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422.  Gate, Bert C.  [wife Ruth, dau Dorthey, dau  Margaret, son Louis, dau Barbara]

423.  Lynn, Floyd  [wife Bessie, son John, dau Marjorie, dau Thelma]

424.  Saylor, Albert  [wife Olive]

425.  Fitzpatrick, Thomas  [wife Elizabeth]

426.  Smith, Myron  [wife Rhoda, sister Maryetta Smith]

427.  Cleveland, George  [widower, with son Adrian]

428.  Dimmick, Wilson  [wife May, son Wayne]

429.  Towne, Leo  [wife Leola (nee Meeks)]
         Meeks, Charles  [father-in-law]

430.  Gustin, Fred  [wife Flora, dau Dorthey]

431.  McCollum, Duane  [wife E__ie]

432.  Dunn, John H.  [wife Mary]

433.  VanOrder, Emmett  [wife Stella]

434.  Alling, John  [wife Jessie, dau June]
         Brink, Maggie  [mother-in-law]

435.  Kendall, Walter  [wife Ella]
         Youngs, John L.  [boarder, single]

436.  McDowell, Mary A.  [widow, with dau Frances]

437.  Conkrite, William  [wife Dana]

438.  Chandler, Percy L.  [wife Hazel]

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439.  Stanley, Belle  [single, with sister Killian or Lillian]

440.  Beach, Arthur  [wife Nellie]

441.  Brush, Herbert  [wife Della R., son Merle, mother Annie]

442.  Henry, John A.  [wife Anna B.]

[Here ends Enumeration of  Montour Falls Village]

TOWN OF MONTOUR  [excluding Montour Village]
 - Enumeration District 70  (continued)

Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Names

443.  Beebe, William H.  [wife Genevieve, son Gordon, dau Naomi]
        Allen, Anna B.  [hired woman, divorced]

444.  Scott, George W.  [wife Adelia R.]

445.  Scott, James W.  [wife Eleanor, dau Evelyn, dau Gladys, son Durand, son James Jr., dau Eleanor, son Roger]

446.  Echelberger, Warren  [wife Della, father Penrose]

447.  Cass, John L.  [wife Edith, son Marcellus M., son Cecil H., son Lawrence]

448.  Hendricks, Alanson  [single, with sisters Julia & Lottie]

449.  Williams, Mott  [wife Elizabeth, son Harold]
        Kelly, William  [hired man, married]
        Crandall, Henry  [boarder, married]

450.  Mills, Charles  [wife Elizabeth, dau Laura, dau Lucy, son Charles Jr., dau Winifred, dau Mary, father-in-law Henry]

451.  Sherrer, William  [wife Kate, son Leon, dau Henrietta, dau Eva, dau Maude, dau Doris]

452.  Spielman, Mr. Evlyn  [widower]
        Spielman, Minnie       [daughter]
        Reckord, Edith  [housekeeper, widow]  [nee Edith Wyatt]
        Quick, Marshall  [hired man, single]

[100b  next page]

453.  Spielman, Edward  [wife Lela]
             [Edward was son of Mr. Evlyn Spielman above & his 2nd wife Ulissa Ann Wight]
             [Lela was nee Lela Chesley, dau of Sam & Nora Wyatt Chesley.  Lela was niece of Edith Reckord above]

454.  Williams, Solomon  [wife Evalena, son Malcolm, son C. Dudley]

455.  Fletcher, James  [wife Lena or Luna]

456.  Ferguson, Silas  [wife Nellie M., son Albert]

457.  Hayes, Daniel L.  [wife Cora A., son Andrew, son Clarence, son Alpheus]

458.  Wickham, Minor  [wife Ida, son Loyal]

459.  Gardner, William  [wife Nancy]

460.  Briscoe, Alonzo  [wife Rose]

461. Price, Frank  [wife Mary, son George]

462.  Myers, Earl C.  [wife Elizabeth, son Richard B., dau Winifred, dau  Janice]

463.  McDonald, Percy  [wife Helen]
         Carson, Morris C.  & Roy [step-sons]
         McDonald, Mary [dau]
                        , Ca__os  [son]
                        , Lawrence [son]
                        , Alden  [nephew]

464.  Benson, Charles  [wife Alta, dau Margurite, son James]

465.  Wickham, Oscar  [wife Margaret]
        Wood, Charles  [boarder, single]

466.  Wickham, Clark  [wife Helen, son Neal]

467.  Wickham, Edith  [widow, with son Charles, dau Frances & father-in-law F. Marion]

[101a  next page]

468.  Thompson, Edwon  [widower with mother Susie, dau Leona]

469.  Betties, Joseph  [wife Sarah]

470.  Houghton, Arthur  [wife Laura, son DeWitt, dau Pearl, son James, son Alfred]

471.  Burnett, Frank  [wife Alice, dau Ida, son Ray, son Ralph, son Elmer, dau Ruth, dau Julia]

472.  Shelton, Henry  [wife Emma]

473.  Gibbs, Manley  [wife M. Ella]

474.  DuBois, John  [wife Marian]

475.  Woodbeak or Woodbeck, Manley  [wife Charlotte]
         McKinney, Gladys  [step-daughter, single]

476.  Malette, Joseph  [widower, with sons Frank & John]
        Grover, Rose  [housekeeper, widow, with Ruth Grover]

477.  LaRue, Mary  [widow, with Archie, grandson]

478.  LaRue, Alton C.  [wife Georgia, dau Mildred, son George, son Charles]

479.  Harrington, Patrick  [widower, with son Charles, dau Agnes, son George, son Paul, dau Catherine, dau  Mildred, dau Thelma, son Jerry]
        Ketterman, Elizabeth  [mother-in-law, married]

[101b  next page]

480.  Beardsley, Herbert  [wife Rosa]

481.  LaRue, George  [wife Ida M.]

482.  Vaughan, _. LaVern  [wife Julia]

483.  Owen, Huron  [wife Mary]

484.  Owen, John V.  [wife Leola, dau Genevieve, dau Reva, dau Helen, son Delos]

485.  Vaughan, William J.  [wife Edith]

486.  Vaughan, Elbert J.  [wife Anna M.]

487.  Miller, Alonzo  [wife Hanna, dau Viola]

488.  Gee, Charles A.  [wife Irene M., dau Gladys R., son Homer]

489.  Woodhaus or Woodhams, Edward  [wife Lena]

        Brooks, Luther  [wife Clara G.] - separate household

490.  Kniffin, Freeman J.  [wife Anna B., dau Ruth B., son G. Alpha]

[dwelling numbers skipped here]

497.  Henyan, George  [wife Jennie, son Oakley B.]
        Keach, Walter  [brother-in-law, single]
                 , Frank  [father-in-law, widower]

498.  Crowell, John W.  [wife Cora]

         Archer, Myrtle    [widow, head of separate household]

499.  Hausner, Clarence  [wife Florence, dau Edna, son Kenneth]
        Smith, Olive A.  [mother-in-law]

        Hausner, Harold  [head of separate household]
              [with wife Edith, son Arthur]

[102a  next page]

500.  Miller, Charles E.  [wife Addie]

501.  Crane, Earl W.  [wife Marie, son Lee R., dau Alice, son William, dau Catherine, son Charles]

502.  Hewitt, Harry S.  [wife F. Pearl, dau Lillian]
        Rowe, G. Earnest  [boarder, single]

503.  Jackson, Curran  [wife Dell, son John S.]
        Mack, James  [hired man, single]

504.  Meeks, Fred  [widower]
        Cleveland, Emma  [housekeeper, widow, with child Edna Cleveland]

505.  Hermann, Lewis  [wife Mamie, son Frank, son Ray, son Roy, son Kenneth]

506.  Hitchcock, Milo  [wife Minnie, son Herbert, father George, mother Mary]

507.  Hubbell, Stuart  [wife Mabel, son Stephen, son Clifford]

508.  Crans, Earl B.  [wife Minnie, mother Emma]
        Upson, Lauren  [hired man, widower]

509.  Depew, Russel  [wife Frances, son Paul, son Gail, dau Doris]
        Pelham, Sarah  [mother-in-law]

510.  Beach, Charles E.  [wife Mary, dau Ruth]

[102b  next page]

511.  Burch, Fred  [wife Arabella, dau Ethel]

512.  Frost, George A.  [wife Pearl B., son Jack, dau Charlotte]

513.  Decker, Frank  [wife Nina]

514.  Smith, Charles  [wife Carrie, son Byron, son John W., son Orville]

515.  Marsh, Harrison A.  [wife Bessie]
        Hilliary, Rose  [mother-in-law, widow]
        Mott, Charles  [hired man, married]

516.  Crofut, Edwin  [widower]
        Carley, Adelaid  [housekeeper, widow]
        Crofut, Jay  [son]

517.  Burch or Bench, Frank  [wife Clara

518.  Kruger, Albert  [wife Frieda, son Paul, son Frederick]

        Bullman, Carl  [wife Louisa] - separate household in dwelling

519.  Stone, Jay B.  [wife Emma (nee Rockwell)]
        Stone, Sarah I.  [aunt]
        Stone, Rebecca  [mother]  -  nee Rebecca Stuart, widow of Charles W. Stone

520.  Mowry, Marshall  [wife Flora L., son Earl G., dau-in-law Nellie, grandson Frank, grandson Harold]

521.  Lee, George  [wife Catherine H.]

522.  Gailey, John F.  [wife Alice, son Eugene?, dau-in-law Marguerite]

523.  Fitzpatrick, Daniel    [wife Katherine]

524.  Powers, Casper C.  [wife Lilly]
        Baldwin, Fanny  [mother-in-law]
        Baldwin, William  [brother-in-law]

[103a  next page]

525.  Henyan, William  [wife Lucy]

526.  Lewis, Burton  [wife Edna F.]

527.  Beardsley, Glen  [single, with widowed mother Sarah, sister Emma]

528.  Brink, Fred E.  [wife Daisy]

529.  Barrett, Albert  [wife Pearl, dau Winifred, son William]
        Rockwell, Emma  [mother-in-law,  widow]

530.  Hitchcock, George  [wife Harriet, son Gene, son James]
        Metler, Emma  [housekeeper, widow]

531.  Hays, Fred  [wife Winifred, dau Florence K., dau Mildred, son Frank B., son George, dau Ethel, son Chester, dau-in-law Clara]

532.  Rounds, Joseph C.  [wife Emma O., son Luman, son Joseph Jr., son Coleman, son Westlake]

533.  Winton, Ernest  [wife Myrna]
        Rogers, Mary  [adopted daughter]
        Winton, Samuel  [father]

534.  Beebe, David W.  [widower with dau Edith]

535.  Fitzpatrick, Joseph  [wife Carron?, dau Mary, son Daniel]

536.  Kinney, Gilbert  [wife Mary, dau Evelyn, son Charles, son William, dau Gladys, son Walter]

[103b  next page]

537.  Hines, Ernest  [wife Clara L., son Jay S.]
        Horton, Dorthey  [boarder, single]

538.  VanGorder, Duane  [wife Lena, dau Margaret]

539.  Gilbert, Wallace  [married, no wife in household]
                  , Minnie  [dau]

540.  DeWitte, Clare  [wife Lorna, dau  Mary A.]
         [Lorna DeWitt used to watch for fires from a tower]
        Lynch, William  [brother-in-law, single]

541.  Jarvis, Frank  [widower]

542.  King, Eliza  [widow]
        Farr, Frank  [hired man, single]

543.  Doolittle, Ed.  [wife Addie, son Elmer]

544.  McClarnan, Ben  [single, with mother Rose, a widow]
            [also spelled McClernan]

545.  Hoxie, Joshua  [wife Mariah]

546.  Sellard, Otto ?  [wife's name unreadable]
        Casterline ?, Kenneth ?  [step-son]
        Decker, Lewis  [boarder, married]

547.  Rhynehart, Emmet  [wife Dora, son Clifford?]
        Goodwin, Mary [mother-in-law]

548.  Wright, Joseph  [widower]

549.  Brown, Ernest  [wife Dema ?, son Harold]

550.  Wickham, Nora  [widow]
        Simpson, Frank  [hired man]

551.  Handrahan, Henry  [single, with sister Katherine, nephew Irving, niece Mary]

552.  Groom, Emmett  [wife Lena, dau Frances]

553.  Everts, Paige  [male, divorced]

554.  Hopkins, Frank  [wife Georgia]

555.  Vaughan, William  [wife Janet L., dau Irene, dau Anna L., son Wardell O., son Andrew G., dau Doris M., father Erie Vaughan]

[End of Enumeration District 70 - Town of Montour]

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