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1920 Schuyler Co., NY Census

Index of Names
[mainly Heads of Households with wives & children &
different surnames within their households]


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Contributed by Walt Samson


 - Enumeration District 71 -- handwriting is hard to read on this

Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Names

001.  Updyke, Clark A.  [wife Eva B.]

002.  Lamphier, Emma F.  [widow]

003.  Bump, Isaac S.  [wife Maggie, son S. Clifton, son Wilson J.]

004.  Stewart, Matilda  [widow, from Ireland]
             [with son Samuel, son David, grandson unreadable, Charles (looks like a son)]

005.  Easling, Ellsworth  [wife Allie, dau Kathleen]

006.  Coon, Eugene  [wife Ethel E., dau Lesta? S., son Eldred E., son F. Semmoure?, son Clarence]
       Moody, John  [father-in-law]
       Sturdphant [Sturdevant], Ruth  [married, servant]

007.  Lorry or Lowry ?, Gilbert  [wife Lorena M., son Harold H., dau Hilda A., dau Helena]

008.  Hilton, Edgar  [wife Anna M.]

009.  Hughes, John H.  [wife Beulah]

010.  Baker, George R.  [wife Emma]
        Adams, Electia  [mother-in-law]

011.  Sylvester ?, William G.  [wife Jennie, sister Sarrah, a widow - surname unreadable]

012.   ____ler, Philip  [wife Carrie ?, boarder Clark H. ___]

013.  _____y, William D.  [wife Martha]

014.  Miller, Benjamin  [widower, with son Clarence]
         [his wife's surname was Randall, from son Benjamin's marriage record]

015.  Miller, Benjamin Jr.  [wife Pearl, son Leo]
            [married in 1913; Pearl was nee Pearl Baird, dau of John.]

        Miller, Fred H.  [wife Zadie M.] - separate household in same dwelling
        Engell, Mary F.  [aunt, divorced]

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016.  Briggs, Fred G.  [wife Grace E., dau Ruth M.]

017.  Bennett, Prudence  [widow, with son C. Max]

018.   Hagadorn, David W.  [wife Mary E.]
         Chrisjohn, Margery  [dau]
          [grandaughters - Martha?, Marian, Alice M.]

019.  Dewitt, Lowe or Louis ? [married]

020.  Keefer, John H.  [wife Mattie B., son Fremont, son Gordon, son Glenn C., dau Beulah]

021.  Chapman, William  [wife Fanny, dau Fanny]

022.  Clark, Edward  [wife Lena, son Harry, son Charles, mother Jane]

023.  Button, Jesse  [wife Margaret, son Donald, son George, dau Katharine, dau Marguerite, dau Theresa?, dau Beatris? & dau Carole?]

024.  Boyes, Thomas  [divorced, living with sister Susan & sister Hannah]
        O'Bryan ?, Joseph  [boarder, from Ireland]

025.  Miller, Robert  [wife Nellie, dau Evaline ?, son Clarence G., Grace, Gertrude V.]

026.  Misner, Robert  [wife Letitia ?]

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027.  Switzer, Lillian  [widow, with son Floyd, dau-in-law Mae]

028.  Sullivan ?, Temperence  [widow with son Aaron? and grandson Ernest]

029.  Whitehead, Norman  [with father John & mother Lydia]

030.  Campbell, James  [wife Mary, son Richard, son Irwin, dau Sarah, son Wesley, dau Phyllis]
        Powell, ____on  [maybe Clabon?] [grandson]

031.  Switzer, Jacob J.  [wife Louisa, son Vernon, son Merton?, dau Neva ?, son Winston A.]

032.  Wood, Joel  [mother Carrie, brother Maland or Waland ?]

033.  Rarric?  [Rarrick ?], Morte  [wife Frances]
         Holly, Pheobe  [mother-in-law]

034.  Gates, Lucius M.  [wife Mary F.]

035.  Weller, Robert  [wife M___, possibly Mamie?, son Laverne or Lawrence G., son Paul E.]

036.  Gates, Russell  [wife Florence]

037.  Carman, Jay  [wife Grace, son Clarence]

038.  Carman, Jacob ?  [widower, with dau Mary J.]

039.  Rhynehart ?, John  [wife Hattie, dau Doris]

040.  Look, Newman  [wife Lydia]

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041.  Robinson, Elisha G.  [wife L__ia]

042.  Kelsey, Joe  [wife Bessie, son Samuel, dau Isabella, son Frank, son Harry]]
         Moore, Minnie & Mildred [daughters]
         Lamphere, Delon?  [male boarder, widower]

043.  Longwell, C. Carver  [male, divorced]

044.  Robison or Rolison ?, Silas W.  [with Mary A/K.- unsure of relationship, but looks like his daughter]

045.  Sebring, Charles  [wife Ann, son Samuel]

046.  Kelly, Frank  [wife Carrie, dau Kathreen]

047.  V__sburgh, Douglas  [wife Pearl, son Claud D.]  [maybe Vreesburgh or Vriesburgh ?]

048.  Rible, John  [wife Lucelia? M., dau Minnie? M., son Cliford J., dau Louellia M.]  [surname also spelled Ribble]

049.  Newkirk, Lewis E.  [wife Flora, dau Anna M., dau Grace E., son Donald s.]
        P___ks, Bartholomew  [bro-in-law]  [surname Parks ?]

050.  Decker, Lerdo C.  [wife Nellie E., dau Bernice, dau Beulah, dau Neva /Vera, son Natious? B., son Cliford, son North?, dau Thelma, son Lerdo Jr., dau Phalia]
        Kelso, Polly  [mother-in-law]

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051.  Goundry, Ivan C.  [wife Katherin]

052.  Andrews, Barnet  [wife Agnes J.]

053.  Chapman, Arthur  [wife Charity]

054.  P___ , William  [wife Emma]  [surname maybe Piner ?]

055.  Pope, Haris G.  [wife Frances E.]

056.  Rapaleye, Evie ?  [single, female]
        Potter, Delilah  [grandmother, widow, age 90]

057.  Dewit  [Dewitt], William  [wife Mattie]

058.  Bronson, Clyde  [wife Edith]
        Giles, Emma  [mother-in-law]

059.  Roscoe, Nelson  [wife Jasenoth, dau Estella]
         [probably same as Nelson Rusco & wife Asenath]

060.  Worden, William  [wife Jane]
         Vanamam, Ansel  [grandson]  [maybe Vanaman ?]
                        , Hazel  [grandaughter]

061.  Overhisher, Jason G.  [wife Lodina]  [Overhiser]

062.  Yaw or Yew, John  [wife Alma]

063.  Newell, Herbert C.  [wife Mary M.]

064.  Mapes, Harry  [wife Bertha, dau Dorcillia]

        Silvernail, John  [married, head of separate household]
                     , Ada  [housekeeper, single]

065.  Hadley, Frank  [wife Josie, son Leon, dau Gertrude, son Bennie]
         Lane, John  [father]

066.  _____n, Minnie  [married]

067.  Haynes, Emerson  [wife Susie]
        Jacoby, Mary  [mother-in-law]

        Haynes, Maggie  [widow, head of separate household]

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068.  Mapes, Floyd  [wife Belle, son Kenneth, dau Doris]
        Feagles, Nancy  [mother-in-law]
        Haring or Horning ?, Elen E.  [widow, boarder]

069.  Taft, Simeon E.  [wife Jewel, dau Bertha, dau Hazel, son William, son Lawrence, son "Hearld", son Lester]

070.  Burton, Archie  [wife Hellen]

071.  Woolever, George H.  [wife Cassie or Carrie, son Lewis]

072.  Horton, William  [wife Elsa, son John]

073.  Barclay, Loretta  [single]

074.  Baley, Estella  [widow]  [Bailey ]

075.  Lockwood, Mellvina  [widow, dau Julia]

        Lockwood, Merton  [wife Cora]  [separate household]
        Millard, Alma  [dau of above, a widow, with her dau June & son Karl & dau Kathryn]

076.  Elliot, Frank  [wife Elenor]
        Taylor, Charles  [looks like Bro-in-law]

077.  Bump, Joseph  [widower with dau Carrie & dau Mary W.]

078.  Beckwith, Charles  [wife Flosie, son Winson, dau Blondeen, dau Joyce]
        Brown, Hazel  [sis-in-law, single]
        Cooper, Leon  [father, widower]

079.  Thomas, Clarence  [wife Nellie]

080.  Brown or Bronson, Charles  [widower]  [Permelia & Charles Bronson were listed in 1914 directory]

081.  Bly, George  [wife Maud, son Glenn, son Nelson]

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082.  Coon, Agusta  [widow, with dau Maud M.]

083.  Titchnor  [Tichenor], William  [wife Elvira?]
         Simmons, Jennie  [dau, single]

084.  Roscoe, Baxter  [widower]  [also spelled Rusco]  [wife Dora in 1914 directory listing]

085.  D___t  [maybe Dewitt ?], George  [single]

086.  Kelso, Frank  [single]

087.  Brace, William  [wife Lora?, dau Louellia, son George L.]

088.  Jacoby, Sylvanus  [wife Delphine]

089.  Kelley, Peter  [wife Josey, dau Grace M.]

090.  Switzer, Deforest?  [wife A. Iren (Irene?), dau Loretta, dau Alberta, son Welles, son Howard, dau Rowena]

091.  Kelley Claud  [wife May, son Albert, dau  Helen, son Almen?]

092.  Miller, Gorge (George)  [wife Carrie, dau Saberna?, son Leroy?]

093.  Rarrick, Charles  [wife Anna, dau Hazel, dau Ruth, dau Florence, son Clare]

094.  Hill, Chauncey  [widower]
        Morice ?, Alice  [housekeeper, widow]

095.  Kelley, Oliver  [single]

096.  Button, William  [wife Ines, dau Flora, dau Grace, son James, son Thomas, son Charles, dau Ruth, son Earl, dau Bell, son Waland]

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097.  Dennis, Lloyd  [wife Viola, son Elias, dau Treva]

098.  Pope, Ernest  [wife Anna]

099.  Dennis, Delbert  [wife Grace]

100.  Warden, Adelbert  [wife Bertha, dau Elisabeth, son John]

101.  Warden or Worden, James  [wife Lena, dau Frances, son Charles W., son Thomas]

102.  Veley  [Velie ?], Groton   [wife Carrie]
         [listed as Graton Vealie in 1914 directory]

103..  Worden, Fredrick  [wife Nina]

104.  Havens, Floyd  [wife Ida May, son Howard H.]

105.  Putman, Fredrick  [widower with dau Ruby, dau Frances, son Jerald / Gerald]

106.  Stewart, John  [wife Anna, dau Ruth, son Ralph, son Earl]

107.  Westfall, Emery  [wife Mabel G.]

108.  Kelley, George W.  [wife Eliza G., dau Lucy, son Lawrence]

109.  Barker, Fredrick W.  [wife Emma A., son John H., son Charles F.]

110.  McOnnell [McConnell ],  Walter L. [wife Neva J.]
        McConel, William A.  [brother]

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111.  Lockwood, Lewis  [wife Bernice, dau Mabel, dau Helen]
        Kniffin, Susan  [mother-in-law]

112.  Miller, Charles [wife Mary]

113.  Babcock, Earl  [wife Louise]

114.  Lockwood, Ella R.  [widow]

115.  Chamberlain, Seamour  [wife Mirriel or Maria ?]
         Walsh, Charlot  [niece]
         Walsh, Martha or Dortha  [niece]
                  , Cherley  [Shirley ? - niece]

116.  Veley, Earnest  [Velie ?] [single]

117.  Scott ?, James  [wife Zaba /Zalia, son Harley]

118.  Rolison, James  [wife Jessie]
        Givin, James  [servant, single]

119.  Lockwood, Bealey or Sealey ?  [wife Sarrah]

120.  Smith, Eric V.  [wife Emma]

121.  Harvey, Timothy  [wife Kittie]
        Ballard, Sybil  [dau, single]
        Ervay, Eldred ?  [niece, single]

122.  Westerfield, John  [wife Lizzie, son Claton, dau Malisa]

123.  Hutchinson, Guy  [wife Alice]
        Casterline, Elma or Elva  [mother-in-law]

124.  Mathews, Guy  [wife Audrey?, son Charles, son Harold]

        Mathews, Harry  [head of separate household, divorced]

125.  Chase, Cyrus  [single, with Polly Chase, mother & sister Sarrah.]

126.  Moody, Burt  [wife Katie, dau Freda, dau Inez, dau Lillian]

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127.  Thomas, William or Melvin ?  [wife Catharine, son Melvin I., dau Mildred]
         [ surname probably Trotter ], Olive  [boarder, widow]

128.  Everts, Aranthus  [divorced]

129.  Schuyler, Darius  [wife El___]

130.  Arndt, Arthur  [wife Mildred]

131.  Titus ?, Frank B.  [wife Belle]

133.  Coon, George  [wife Ethel, dau Winifred L., son C. Edward, mother Jennie]
        Chrisjohn, George   [divorced]

134.  Sample ?, Daniel  [wife Jennie, son Frank L., son Raymond, son Roy]

135.  Brush, John  [widower]

136.  Farrington ?, Charles [wife Mary]

137.  McGraw, Edward  [single]

 138.  Palmer, Dency ?  [wife Effie, son Mason]

139.  Solomon or Schmooller ??, Henry  [wife Irene]

140.  Lowry, Burt  [single, with nephew Fred L. Lowry]

141.  Sample, Lee  [wife Bertha, dau Violet, son Raymond, dau Ivana or Irene, dau Gracie]
        Beyea, Julia  [mother-in-law]
        Sample, Merton  [uncle]

142.  Morehouse, Martin  [wife Sarrah, son George, dau Grace]

143.  Impson, Arthur  [wife Sussie ?, dau Frances, dau Gladys, son Maynard]

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144.  Waugh, Thomas  [wife Carrie, dau Jesse, son Wesley, son Claude, son Walter, dau Edith]

145.  Baker, Tippitt  [wife Martha J., dau Cora L.]

146.  Taylor, George   [wife Adah]

147.  Keefer, Delephine  [widow, with son Clarence, dau  Mildred, son Charles, dau Maryetta?, dau Letta?]

148.  Wallis or Wallace ?, James  [single, with mother Mary]

149.  Shirrer or Skinner ?, Fredrick  [looks like "D" for divorced]

150.  Goultry / Goltry, Waland  [wife Martha, son Richard, son Francis]

151.  Tyler, Lewis  [wife Isabell, dau Agusta, son Floyd, son Arthur, dau Elsa, son Willie, son L__nard]

152.  Shannon, Roy  [wife Rose]

153.  Wolverton, John
         Goltry, Emma  [housekeeper, single]

154.  Shannon, Silas W.  [wife Mary]

155.  Shannon, Lewis  [wife Genevieve, son Leroy, son George]

156.  Goltry, Clarence ?  [single]

157.  Goltry, Wesley  [single]

158.  Merchant ?, Chancy [widower]
        Pangborne ?, Callie  [housekeeper, widow]

159.  Lewis or Lomis [Loomis ?], Melvin  [wife Carrie, son Howard, son Daniel, dau Madaline, son Guy, dau Irene?]

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160.  Wollet, George R.  [wife Sadie, son George, dau Dortha E., son Floyd W.]

161.  Ables [ Auble ?], Benjamin  [wife Minnie, dau Hazel, dau Estella]

162.  Smith, Mott  [wife Sussie, dau Margrett, son Edward, dau Dortha]

163.  Heath, Eddward  [wife Mary A., son William E.]

164.  Milspaugh, Chancy  [wife Flora]

165.  Lewis, Arch  [wife Esta, son Tracy, dau Ruth son Jack L.]

166.  Lewis, Clara  [widow]

167.  Wilcox, Leon  [wife Ella, son Leland, dau Coralee?]
        Smith, Axey  [mother-in-law]

168.  Personius ?, Ephraim ?  [wife Nellie, son Lawrence, son Leland, son Hubert/Herbert]

169.  Rutlidge, Edgar M.  [wife Maggie, dau Helen L.]
        Ricks, James  [servant, black, single]

170.  Cornell, Albert  [single]

171.  Cornell, Charles  [wife Francis]

172.  Babcock ?, Mark  [wife Mary

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173.  Quirk ?, David ?  [wife Mary, son Morris H., son Milton]

174.  Quirk ?, E. Welling ?  [single male]

175.  Raplee, Lucinda  [widow]
        Sprowl, Emma R.  [daughter, widow]
                  , Lesley F.  [grandson]

176.  Evans, Jan ?  [wife Polly]

177.  Mapes, Lewis ?  [wife Florence]

178.  Mapes, Manerva  [widow]

179.  Barker, Ophrah ?  [married, with dau Hettie, single]

180.  Hughey, Earl  [wife Flora, dau Amy, son Clifford]

181.  Sohinek or Schinek ?, Harold  [wife Sophie] - both b. Sweden

182.  Darling, Warren  [wife Mary]

183.  Heckman, Clarence  [wife Myrtle]

184.  Vanlieu, Deforest  [with dau Florence, dau Agness, dau Sarrah]

185.  Vanlieu, Edwin  [widower, with dau Caroline, dau Lidia, dau Helen]

186.  Vanlieu, Ira  [wife Mar___]
         Morgan, Ray  [boarder, married]

187.  Mathews, Fredrick  [wife Ella]

188.  Wolverton, Frank  [wife Jennie, son Robert, dau Carrie, son Willie, son Silas, son Charles, dau? Harold]

189.  Houck, John  [wife Elisabeth, son Thomas, dau Catherine, son Glenn, dau Cynthia]

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190.  Henderson, Daniel  [wife Elizabeth]
        Baker, George  [son-in-law]
                 , Jane  [dau]
                 , Ruth  [grand-daughter]

191.  Goundry, John  [widower, with Elizabeth his mother, a widow]

192.  Parker, William  [wife Olive, dau Lillian, son Charles]

193.  Ganung ?, Margarett  [widow, with single son Joseph H.]

[numbers got repeated here]

184.  Randal  [ Randall ], John  [wife Clara D.]
        Stewart, Earnest  [son]
                   , Clare M.  [son]

185.  Read, George  [wife Emma]  [Reid ?]

186.  Yawger, Henry  [widower, with son Clare, dau-in-law Laura, grandson Calum?]

187.  Holley, Delbert F.  [wife Vietta, son Delbert, dau Mildred]

188.  Jacoby, Stephen  [wife Pearl, dau Mary, son Marvin, dau Viola]

189.  Woodford, Lee  [wife Mary, dau Pearl?, dau Kate, dau Carrie, dau Mildred]

190.  McCann, John  [brother George] - both single

191.  Sheppard, Charles  [single]

192.  Barrett, William  [wife Sarrah]
        Miller, Samuel  [boarder, single]
        Barret, John  [brother, single]

193.  Sunderlin, Darwin  [wife Maud, dau Mildred]

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194.  West, Edward  [wife Minnie, son John, dau Mildred, son Carl?, dau Alberta, son Vernon]

195.  Knickerbocker, Ward  [wife Belle or Della, son Lawson or Lawrence, mother Marranda?]

196.  Sunderline, Henry  [wife Elisa A., dau Francis]

197.  Redaker, Amos  [wife Mary]

198.  Klecker, Frantz or Francis ?  [wife Nellie]
        Fleet, Earnest  [servant, single]

199.  Klecker, Delmarr  [wife Ruth]

200.  Br___  [ Bruce ?], Daniel  [wife Ethel, son Arlyn, dau Dortha]

201.  Jenkings [ Jenkins ], Ira C.  [wife Edie]

202.  Houck, Wellington  [wife Justine or Joslin ?]
        Sherman, Peter  [servant]

203.  Parks, Minor?  [wife Anna, dau Maria or Mamie, sister-in-law Susan]

204.  Farnham, Harry  [wife Hattie, dau Catherine, son Kenneth, dau Ruth]
        Morris, Frank  [father-in-law]

205.  Ribble, James  [wife Minnie]

206.  Keefer, Donald  [wife Delephine, son Walter, son Henry W.]

207.  Fleet, Jesse  [single male]

208.  Short, John  [wife Etta]
        Conley, Hanford  [brother-in-law]

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209.  Evans, Henry  [wife Ella, son Donald]

210.  Cadie [Cady ], Frank  [wife Susan, son Archie, dau-in-law Flosie?, grandson Earl R.]

211.  Hough, Henry  [widower with son Harry, son Cecil]
        Laberan ?, Eva  [housekeeper, widow]
        Leberin ?, Nelson & Isabelle [boarders, children]

212.  Webb, Lee B.  [wife Maggie, son Loyd, son Allen /Alten]

213.  Lewis, Ward  [wife Pearl, dau Madalyn, son Ned]

214.  Shaufiner  [Schaufner ?], John  [mother Elisabeth, sister Florence] - from Switzerland

215.  Woodard, Frank  [wife DeEtt, brother Charlie] - listed elsewhere as Woodward.

216.  Kent, Jerome  [wife Nora]

[numbers get out of sequence here]

117.  Davis, Mahlon  [wife Estella, son Orlando M., dau Gladys I., son Mahlon D., dau Maud E., son Darius?, son Walter L.]

118.  Scott, George  [wife Emma, son Elmer, son Clatin?]

119.  Powell, Joseph  [wife Dealia, son Lee, son Budd]

120.  Davenport, James H.  [wife Julia A.]

121.  MacKercher, James  [wife Anna /Annie] - from Scotland

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222.  Peaterson ?, Peater  [Peterson ?, Peter]  [wife Julia, son Raymond, dau Mary, son Lawrence]

223.  Taylor, Daniel  [wife Susan]
        Lane, Henry  [grandson]

224.  Rutlidge, Charles  [with sister Mary - both single]

226.  Guyles or Guytes ?, Oran  [divorced]

227.  Denning, Elmer L.  [wife Carrie C., son Harold S.]

228.  Giles, "Pluner" [Plummer]  [wife Dora M.]
        Hughey [Huey], Joseph  [father-in-law]

229.  Rappleye, Sardus  [wife Ida, son John, son Homer]

230.  Guyles ?, Jerome  [wife Cindia ?]

231.  Broadbent, John  [wife Julia, son Hubbert, son Robert, dau L__al, son John, dau Mary]

232.  Sproul, Frank  [wife Clara, son Edward, dau Margurett, dau Edith, son Lawrence, mother Mary Jane]

233.  Rapplee, Oakley  [wife Eva, son Haroyd /Harold, dau Doris, dau Cintha, dau Ruth]
        Hughey, Charles  [boarder, single]

234.  Hughey, Henry  [wife Magretta /Margaret]
        Shaufner, Eva Mary  [dau]  [also spelled Schaufner or Schoffner]
        Shaufner, Alfred  [son-in-law]

235.  Hughey, Andrea  [wife Dealia]

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236.  Caldwell, Robert  [wife Eliza Jane, brother John (single)]

237.  Caldwell, Lee  [wife Maud, dau Jennie?, dau Mable W.]
           [seems to be Robert Lee Caldwell & Maud Cratsley married in 1909]
        Keefer, George  [servant]

238.  Cratsley, Frank  [wife Anna]  [parents of Maud Cratsley Caldwell.  Anna was nee Macreery]

239.  Waugh, J. Edgar  [wife Mary, dau Edna, son Harold, dau Frances]

240.  Waugh, Jane  [widow, with dau Margurett]

241.  Parks, William  [sister Nellie ?]

242.  Wasson, Samuel  [wife Sarrah]

243.  Buck, William  [wife may, dau Frances, dau Margerett, da Wilma]

244.  Wasson, Burt  [wife Alice, son Raymond]
        Bailey, ____ & ____  [2 sisters-in-law, both single]

245.  Owen, Willis? C.  [wife Louise]

246.  Ayers, Albert  [wife Annabell, son Kennety, dau Ester]

247.  Crandal, Edgar  [wife Mary]

248.  Fram___, Gladder ?  [wife Clara, dau Margurett, son Charles S., son James W.]  [surname looks like Framosa ?]

249.  Heatherington, John  [wife Elen]
         T___, M___[boarder - name unreadable - age 13, father b. Germany, mother b. Ireland]

250.  Williams, Chester  [wife Mary]

[End of Enumeration District 71 - Town of Orange]

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