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1920 Schuyler Co., NY Census

Index of Names
[mainly Heads of Households with wives & children &
different surnames within their households]



Contributed by Walt Samson

1920 CENSUS  (January)

  - Part of WATKINS VILLAGE -- Enumeration District 72
     [see the rest of Watkins Village in the Town of Dix]

Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Names

001.  Durland, Louis H.  [wife Florence B., son Franklin B., son Charles M.]
        Dunbar, Lorrine/Louise  [servant, single]

002.  Weller, Anna C.  [widow]
003.  _____? , Charles S.  [head of separate household, with wife Alice C., son Thomas S.]

004.  Myrgatroyd, Susey  [single]
         Kurbe, Louise  [single]

005.  Grosjean, Henry  [wife Kate]

006.  Ogden, Emma (?)  [widow]

007.  Cullen, Anna  [single, with brother Anthony & sister Kate]

008.  Vedder, Earl M.  [wife Blanche]

009.  Drake, Ruth  [widow]
        Keep, Carrie  [boarder]

010.  Conrad, William  [wife Anna L., dau Ruth E.]

011.  Moran, John H. [widower]

012.  Rathbun, Benjamin  [wife Jane, son Benjamin, dau Lucy Ann]
        Casey, Margaret  [servant, single]

013.  Pomery [Pomeroy], Rupert  [wife Doris]

014.  Norton, Jessie  [sister Helen - both single females]

015.  Scott, Madison  [wife Serenca, dau Frances, son Frederic, dau Mildred]

016.  Dykes, Melvin  [wife Louella]

017.  Lockington, Bernard  [wife Delia, son John]

018.  Abott  [Abbott], Charles  [wife Claire, dau Marguerite, dau Grace?]

019.  Overhiser, Nathan  [wife Nellie]

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020.  Severne, Frank W.  [wife Fannie (nee Brooks), dau Frances]
        Millen, Ralph  [son-in-law]
                , Cecile  [dau] & Fannie E.  [grandaughter]
        [Ralph & Cecile were married in 1916.  Ralph's parents were Frank Millen & Annie Blauvelt.]

021.  White, Irene E.  [widow, with son Herbert L. & dau Grace]

022.  LaDieu, Edward  [wife Matilda]

         Brown, Catharine  [head of separate household; widow with dau Esther]
         Nutting, James  [boarder, single]

023.  Windnagle ?, Mary  [married? living along]

024.  Holt, Charles E.  [wife Anna, son Willis R.]

025.  Price, Mina J.  [married, husband not in home; living with son James E.]
        Henyon, Charles  [boarder, single]

026.  Hommel or Hormel, Fraligh  [wife Maud, son Harold, son William]

027.  Stout, Frank  [wife Lillian, son John, son Harry, brother Levi, single]

028.  Dennis, Charles  [wife Ruth]

029.  Hurley, Edwin T.  [wife Viola A.]
        McAllister, Sarah  [mother-in-law]

030.  Culligan, John  [wife Ellen, son Joseph, son Gerald, son Francis]
        Scanlon, Daniel  [boarder, single]

031.  Burch, James  [wife Elizabeth, dau Louise, dau Alice, dau Justine]
        Clarke, Irene  [niece]

032.  Farrand, Milton  [wife Alma]

033.  Augustine, John  [wife Loretta]

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034.  Augustine, Patty  [wife Agnes]
        Solameto, Angeline  [widow, with children Virginia, Leo, Agnes, George & Joel?]

035.  Klube, August  [wife Maude, son Herman, son  Harry]

036.  Lindsay, Ada  [widow]
        Vosburgh, Inda ?  [widow, sister of Ada]
          [their surname was possibly Warner]

037.  Allen, John  [wife Mary, son Adelbert]

038.  Beckwith, Adelbert  [wife Flory, dau Winifred, son Waldo, dau Mildred, dau Flossie, son Ronald, dau Alberta]

039.  Granston, Charles  [wife Grace, dau Edna I., son Hiram, son George C., son Raymond, son Clyde]

040.  Knapp, Leonard  [wife Veronica, son Charles M., dau Estelle E., son Leonard, dau Veronica]

041.  Knapp, Nathaniel  [wife Estella, son George B. (widower), grandaughter Mary Ann]

042.  Collins, Frances  [widow]

043.  Bernauer, Herbert  [wife Anna]
        Payne, Almira  [dau, age 13]

044.  Erway, Allen  [wife Bertha, son Arthur, dau Grace]
        Egbert, Mary  [aunt, widow]
        Dewey, Aletta  [mother, widow]

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045.  Denmark ?, Laura [married, living alone]

046.  Huntley, Allen  [wife Ahava D.]
        Webster, G. Wells  [son] & Horace T. [son]
          [Allen Huntley's first wife Margaret died in 1891.  He was married in 1913 to Ahava Drake Webster, dau of George W. Drake & Ahava Pope.  Allen Huntley was son of Allen Huntley Sr. & Sarah Gusten.  This was Allen's 3rd marriage and Ahava's 2nd.]

047.  Holmes, Harvey  [wife Josephine, son Harvey, son Conrade W.]

048.  Carpenter, Charles  [widower]
        Rarrick, Jennie  [widow]

049.  Hine, George  [wife Laura M., so John L.]

050.  Reed, Sarah  [widow, with son Louis, son Gilbert, dau Mildred]
        Smith, Annabel  [grandaughter]
        Brown, Betsey  [daughter, married]
        Ely, Isaac  [boarder, divorced]
        Abott, James  [boarder, single]  [Abbott ?]

051.  Kimble, Emmett  [wife Daisy, dau Lucy, dau Helen]

052.  Goodwin, Wilbur  [wife Marie]

053.  Sinclair, James  [wife Carolyn]
        Glasco, Fred  [lodger, divorced]
         Hall, William  [single, lodger]
         Nickens, George  [single, lodger]

054.  Love, Emmett  [wife Lenore, son Jack]

055.  Willis, William  [wife Hattie]
        Rogers, Dorothy  [dau]

056.  Coleman, Silas  [wife Kate]
        Stout, Ethel  [boarder, 3 month baby]

057.  Orcutt, Irving  [wife Edith, dau Bertha, dau Gertrude R., son Ralph]

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058.  Lifft, Lester  [wife Amy, dau Elizabeth]

059.  Conroy, Elizabeth  [single, with sister Ellen]

060.  Griffith, David  [wife Miranda, son William]

061.  Wager, Milo  [wife Emma B., dau Gertrude May]

062.  VanAmburg, Charles  [wife Belle, dau Florence, son William, son Charles, son Richard]

063.  Coleman, Charles  [wife Ella S.]

064.  Royce, Elmo M.  [single]
        Wheeler, Addie  [mother, widow]
        Nye, Adaline M.  [boarder, single]
        Adait, Frad  [boarder, single]

065.  Vanderhoof, Walter W.  [wife Jessie, son Thomas, dau Elizabeth]

066. Durland, Charles M.  [wife Clara J., son Louis]

067.  Hoare, George  [wife Alice E., son Arthur C., son John H.]

068.  Turner, Merton D.  [wife Mary C.]

069.  Tunnicliff, Sevelon  [wife Harriett, dau Mary, son Sevelon J.]

070.  Barber, Ira  [wife Mary, son Paul, son James]

071.  Margeson, Frank  [wife Lena, dau Irene, dau Ora, dau Dyphane]
        Jones, Grace  [boarder, widow]

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072.  Hovey, Cora  [widow with son Jonathan P.]

073.  Reynolds, Howard  [wife Alice, dau Edith I., dau Ellen, son Howard Nelson]

074.  Shannon, William  [wife Jane, dau Helen, son Henry J., son George, dau Geneveive]

075.  Nye, Bertrand W.  [wife May L., dau Jane, son Olin, son Bertrand]

076.  Harvey, William L.  [wife Elizabeth, son Edward, dau Irene, son William]

077.  Corbetts, James Jay  [wife Nellie J.]

078.  Corbett, William  [wife Mary, sister Sophia C.]

079.  Tuttle, Emily S.  [widow]
           [with dau Adaline, dau-in-law Catharine (widow), grandson William M., grandaughter Catharine]
        Chase, Abbott  [servant, single]
        Dolan, Jessie J.  [servant, widow]
                 , James C.  [boarder, child]

080.  Overton, Ervin I.  [wife Ida, dau Alta]
        Roberts, Elizabeth  [boarder, widow]

081.  Smith, S. Declerk  [wife Fidelia R.]

082.  Abrams, John H.  [wife DeEtte]

083.  Howard,  Harry  [wife Adaline, dau Harriett, son James, son George]
        Howard, Eleanor & Edward  [ages & relationships unknown]

[End of Watkins Village - next is Town of Reading outside of Watkins]

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084.  Orr, Homer  [wife Irene, son Wilbur, dau  Hester Jane, dau Ida May]

085.  Compton, Bert  [wife Esther]

086.  Axtell,  Harold  [wife Nellie, son James, dau Geneveive]

087.  Penney, George  [wife Amy Budd]

088.  Miller, John H.  [wife Mary L.]
         Gleason ?, Deborah  [boarder, widow]
         Penney, Adolphus  [boarder, single]

089.  Templar, Thomas  [wife Louise]
        [were married in Nov. 1916 - Louise H. Schaffner, b. Orange, dau of John Schaffner
        & Elizabeth Goldenberry - both born in Switzerland]
        [Thomas Templar was born in Glenora, son or Ansel Templar & Cady Lee.]

090.  Gabriel, Ezra  [wife LeEtta Estelle, dau Julia]

091.  Specchio, Tony  [wife Marianna, son Raphael, dau Mary, son Freddie, dau Libbie]

092.  Specchio, Dimmick  [wife Mary, dau Rosa, son Perry, dau Libbie, dau Josephine, dau Eugenia, dau Marian]

093.  Seager, Edgar  [wife May, son Edwin, son Chester]

094.  Pangborne, William  [wife Helen]
        Edgett, Sarah  [mother-in-law, widow]

095.  Love, Mary  [widow]

096/  Phinney, William  [wife Elizabeth, dau Harriett]

097.  Jaynes, Fred  [wife Lula]
        Wiencke, John  [boarder, single]

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098.  Smith, Eugene K.  [wife Charlotte E.]

099.  Smith, Jason  [wife Mabel, dau  Martha, son Doyle]

100.  Smith, Bert  [wife Anna, mother Emily]

101.  Pond, Charles E.  [wife Mary S.]

102.  Gilbert, George  [wife Harriett]

103.  Pangborne, Norman  [wife Sarah, son Fred]

104.  Martin, Willis S.  [single]

105.  Ballard, Cyrus  [wife Anna, dau Ruth, dau Laura]

106.  Morgan, John  [wife Mary]

107.  Edsall, Burr L.  [wife Phoebe, dau Adabelle, son Archie, son Philo, dau Lavina, dau Mary]

108.  Cole, J. Merritt  [wife Harriet]

109.  Leslie, Charles B.  [wife Marian]

110.  Covert, Earnest  [wife Bessie, dau Mary L.]
        Buck, Charles  [father-in-law]

111.  Leslie, Francis  [wife Laura]

112.  Arnold, George N.  [wife Natalie, son Kenneth E., dau Bulah D.]

113.  Back, Worthy  [wife Otilda]
          [1915 marriage:  Otilda M. Lentner of Reading, b. Germany, 3rd marriage,
          dau of Adam Miller & Mary Bauer, married Worthy Back (his 2nd marriage),
          b. England, son of Reuben Back & Harriet Weber.]

114.  Smith, Andrew  [wife Myrtle, dau Mildred]

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115.  Purkiss ?, Henry  [wife Fanny C.]

116.  Miller, Ann  [widow]
         Gridley, Lelia  [servant, single]

117.  Northway, George  [wife Kate, dau Helen Irene]

118.  Green, William  [wife Mary]

119.  Conklin, Claude  [wife Bertha B., dau Claudia, dau Ella]

120.  Conklin, George  [wife Sarah, dau Edith]

121.  O'Daniels, Byron  [wife Mary]

122.  Raymond, Milton  [widower, with dau Addie]
        Ellison, Stanley  [grandson]

123.  Finlan, James  [wife Emma C.]

124.  Gardner, Curtis  [wife Jennie]

125.  Chapman, Charles  [wife Lottie, dau Ruth, dau Marjorie, son Carlton, son Harold, son Roger, dau Lucile]

126.  Cretsley /Cratsley, Clarence  [wife Clara]

127.  Ellison, Robert J.  [wife Nina]

128.  Ellison, Homer  [wife Minnie M., dau Francis C.]

129.  Ellison, Seymour  [wife Helen, son Alfred]

130.  Hathaway, Budd  [wife Sarah]

131.  Ellison, Frank  [wife Mary]

132.  Meahan, Edward  [single]

133.  McIntyre, Samuel  [wife Harriett]

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134.  Ellison, Arthur  [wife Teresa, dau Alice, father John]

135.  Ellis, Grant  [wife Mary, dau Margaret, son James]
        Love, Thomas  [boarder, single]
        Stewart, Hamilton  [boarder, single]

136.  Green, Claude  [wife Anna, dau Madeline, son Carl]
        Stewart, Margaret  [mother-in-law]

137.  Wolverton, Merton  [wife Lana]

138.  Meahan, John  [wife Mary, son John]

139.  Willover, William  [wife Coral Edith, son George, dau Helen, dau Emily]

140.  Lowe, Lucinda  [married]
         Piper, Samuel  [brother]

141.  Caywood, Joseph  [wife Jennie]

142.  Vorhees,, Albert  [wife Adda]

143.  Horning, William  [widower]

144.  Finch, Myron  [widower, with dau Myrtle]

145.  Carey, Hiel  [wife Vilah]

146.  Roberts, Lewis  [wife Louisa, dau Jane, dau Rae, dau Ada]
        Marcel, Walter   [boarder, age 10]

147.  Roberts, Claude  [single]

148.  Roberts, John  [wife Bertha, son William, son Carl, dau Mary E., son James]
        Goltry, Aaron  [brother-in-law]

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149.  Benham, Marvin  [widower]

150.  Stamp, Charles  [wife Mary B., son Frank E., son Charles E.]
        Dunham, Sarah E.  [mother-in-law]

151.  Johnes or Jolmes ?,  Amos L.  [wife Mary]

152.  Doane, Amos B.  [wife Emma D., mother Polly S.]

153.  Hurst, Mary J.  [married, living alone]

154.  Moore, Levi  [wife Carrie]
        Shepherd, LaVern  [grandson]

155.  Reynolds, Addie  [widow, with dau Mary, son John]
         Hill, Joannah  [mother]

156.  Ford, Lucy Anna  [widow]

157.  Sanford, Catharine  [widow]
        Lott, John  [widower, brother]
        Hurley, Mary H.  [widow, sister]

158.  Morley, Gesler  [wife Mary J., son Frank]

159.  Hatfield, Mott  [wife Beatrice]

160.  Ellison, May  [single, with father Nelson & mother Lida D.]

161.  Philp, Joseph  [widower, b. England]
         Knapp, Augusta  [servant, widow]

162.  Sutton, Harry  [wife Hattie]

163.  Bauer, Augustus  [wife Cornelia, son Francis]

164.  Stenson, John  [single]
        Barlow, Margaret  [widow, sister

165.  Sharks ?, Charles  [lumberman, married, with son George & son Fred]

166. Miller, Orville  [wife Linda, son Desmond, son George, dau Winifred R.]

167.  Laraby, Carl or Earl D.  [wife Rena B., dau Catharine]

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168.  Hillerman, William N.  [wife Lida H., dau Ardis K., son Gilbert H., dau Ruth Elinor]
        Newman, Harriett  [married, sister]

169.  Meade, Clarence  [wife Gertrude, son Clifford, dau Olive, dau Helen I.]

170.  Drake, William  [wife Gertie & mother Amanda]]
        Wood, Grace  [sister-in-law, single]
        Sutton, Amanda  [sister-in-law, widow]

171.  Chase, C. Henry  [wife Drusilla W., son Rae]

172.  Karns, B. H.  [wife Clara, dau Esther R.]
         Howell, Benjamin  [grandson]

173.  Eaton, Loren G.  [wife Gertie A., son Gilbert, son Walter, dau Lorena]
        Pratt, Adelia  [aunt, widow]
        Goltry, James  [father-in-law, widower]

174.  McConnell, Patrick H.  [widower, with dau Mary, dau Rose]

175.  Andrews, Arthur  [wife Cora R., dau Dorothy, dau Margaret, son Carl]

176.  Cole,  Joseph  [widower, with son Grover, son's wife M. Deverne, dau Lucy Elizabeth, dau Nellie? Lenora.]

177.  Culver, Michael  [widower, with son Edward, single]

178.  Hall, David?  [wife Teressa, dau Iva]

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179.  Masters, Fred J.  [wife Belle]
        Filkins, John  [father-in-law]

180.  Sutton, Anson  [widower]
         Clarke, Leona  [widow, daughter of above]
         Philp, Estella    [widow, daughter of above]

181. Jackson, Townsend  [wife Lorena, son Andrew, dau Elizabeth, son Robert, dau Logenia, dau Miranda, dau Agnes]

182.  Losaw, Herman M.  [wife Margaret A., dau Elsie, dau Madaline A., father Geroge Losaw & mother Sarah]

183.  Dietrich, Esther  [married, with son Samuel, son Clayton]

184.  Whalen, Frank  [wife Angelina, dau Mary Ann]

185.  Terrill, Eliza  [widow]
        Meadow, Mary  [widow, boarder]

186.  Salvatore, Perry  [wife Mary, dau Edith, dau Rosa, son Leo, son Dan, son Carmen, dau Teressa]

187.  Salvatore, Leonardo  [wife Consiglia, son Louis, dau-in-law Rosa,
grandaughter Mary Ann, grandson Joe, grandson John, grandaughter Pauline]

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188.  Reynolds, Earnest  [wife Gladys]
        Herman, John  [boarder, single]

189.  VanDuzer, Howard  [wife Louise, dau Dorothy W., dau Ruth Louise]

190.  Raymond, Isaac  [wife Minnie]

191.  Hicks, Albert  [wife Myrtle]
        Hatfield, Minnie  [daughter, with her husband Earl Hatfield]

192.  McNeil, Grant  [wife Emma, dau Hazel May, dau Gladys E., dau Leona Irene, son George W., son Woodrow Wilson McNeil]

193.  Lawton, J. D.
        Smith, Mary  [dau]  & Marian [grandaughter] & Martha [grandaughter]

194.  Brinner or Brimes ?, Rant ?  [wife Cynthia, son Alfred, son Elmer, son Earnest, grandaughter Vi_a, grandaughter Ida, grandson Gordon]

195.  Gabriel, Err C.  [wife Alta, son Harry S.]

196.  Mowrey, Will  [wife Abbie, dau Elizabeth, dau Georgia]
        Gabriel, Abigail  [mother-in-law]

197.  Kent, Julian  [wife Helen, dau Alice]

198.  Manley, Sprowls  [wife Elizabeth]

199.  Hall, William  [wife Elinor May, dau Ida May, son Harry, son Ola, son Earl, son Tracy, son Raymond, son Arthur B., father Frank]

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200.  Burrell, Hubert  [wife Elizabeth]

201.  Roberts, Lee  [wife Lena, son Louis, son John, son Glen, dau Francis, son Martin, dau Lucille]

202.  O'Dea, Patrick  [widower, with son Franklin]
        Francescony, Margaret  [daughter, widow, with her children Josephine & Earnest; her husband Leo died 1918.]

203.  Stamp, Nelson  [wife Mae, dau Florence E., dau Iva E., dau Charlotte, son Charles, son Leo]

204.  Waugh, Frank  [wife Clara]
        Mills, Esther  [niece]

205.  Waugh, Robert  [wife Inez]

206.  Beahan, Harry  [wife Ida]

207.  Carney, Charles  [wife Catharine, dau Esther, son Hugh, son Lawrence, son Helen]
         Donovan, Edward  [brother-in-law]

208.  Phelps, Ira  [wife Martha, son Kingston, son  Harold]

209.  Caslin, Frank   [wife Emma, son William, son Clyde, son  Harry, son Claude]

210.  Skuse, Charles  [wife Alice, son Lawrence]

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211.  Litteer, Fred  [wife Nellie, son Thomas, son  Herbert]

212.  Couger, Horace  [wife Eva]

213.  Honell, Harry  [wife Ada, dau Louella]

214.  Pye, Geo. Washington  [single, with sister Nellie R., sister Anna & mother Mary J., a widow b. Canada]

215.  Faville, Daniel  [widower, with sister Ella C., single] - see Glenwood Cemetery

216.  Love, Earnest [single]
         Leonard, Wilbur  [servant, married, with Louella Leonard]

217.  Brimmer or Brimner, John  [wife Margaret, dau Evalyn, dau Catharine, dau Alberta, dau Inez]

218.  Davis, William W.  [wife Mary, son Frank J., dau-in-law Grace, grandaughter Helen Louise]

219.  Ayers, Daniel  [wife Nettie, dau Carlon /Carelon, son Daniel F., dau Gladys, son Leland, son Herbert, son Donald]

220.  Bates, Louis J.  [wife Susie W., dau Bernice]

221.  Kent, Ross  [wife Edith, son Kenneth, son Raymond, son Caralton, son Morris]

222.  Denson, William  [wife Emma, dau Ruth]

223.  O'Brien, Elizabeth  [widow]
        Crans ?, Harry  J.  [relationship not given, single]
        Johnson, Mary  [friend, widow]

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224.  Brink, George  [wife Flora]

225.  Lilley, Carl  [wife Elizabeth, son Wayne E., dau Elva Maude, dau Louise, dau Margery, dau  Donna]

226.  Knapp, Charles A.  [wife Julia A.]
        Park, Orrin  [son-in-law, married to Lois Libbie, dau of above]

227.  Gillis, John  [wife Laura, son Ralph, dau Florence]

228.  Smith, William  [wife Sarah, dau Marian, son Clifford, dau Esther, dau Edith, dau Iris, dau Delores]

229.  Chadwick, William  [wife Georgia, son Pierre, dau Gra___ ?]

230.  Miller, Albert  [wife Cleda, dau Genevieve]
         Andrews, Elmer  [father-in-law]

231.  McIntyre, Leon  [wife Grace, dau Freda, dau Flora, father Ellison McIntyre]

232.  McNemer, George  [wife Lottie]
         Goltry, Charlotte  [servant, single]

233.  Whitehead, Jesse  [wife Jane, son Walter]
          Haring, Katy  [mother-in-law]

234.  Benjamin, Fred  [wife Iva, son Charles F.

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235.  Matthews, George H.  [wife Emma or Erma  J.]

236.  Goltry, Monmouth B.  [wife Jessie, dau Georgia L.]

237.  Headden, Charles  [wife Charlotte, dau Eleanor, son  Harry]

238.  Davis, Robert  [single, with sister Anna]

239.  Rolfe, William W.  [single]

240.  Gillis, Andrew  [wife Carrie]

241.  Dennis, Henry  [wife Lucretia, dau Helena, son Lyman]

242.  Philp, Charles  [wife Cora, son Leon]
        Ferguson, Sarah  [servant, widow]

243.  Andrews, Stella  [married, with son Amherst & son Lloyd]

244.  Vorhees, Garrie  [wife Minnie A., son Charles]

245.  Wetmore, Fred  [wife Vertie, son George F., son Thomas J., dau Iva P., dau Margaret, son Daniel]

246.  Miller, Mary Jane  [widow, with dau Delia, son Stanley]
        Orr, William  [servant, single]

247.  Holly, Lev S.  [wife Bessie, son Jay, dau Bertha, dau Gladys]

248.  Wilson, George  [wife Mary]

249.  Breitwise, Frank W.  [wife Louise Mary, son J. Dean, son Frederic O.]

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250.  Cunningham, Joe  [single]

251.  Phillips, Ray  [single]
        Smith, Marie  [mother, widow]

252.  Burbank, Arthur  [wife Ethel, dau Katie, son Emmett, son William, son Raymond]

253.  Fennell, R. N.  [widower, b. Ireland]

254.  Kuhn, Jacob  [wife Carrie]

255.  White, Leon  [married, wife not in household]
        McLaren, Edith  [housekeeper, married, with McLaren children = Dorothy, George, Hilton, Lawrence]
        Rogers, Fred  [boarder, married]

256.  Hatfield, Llewellyn  [wife Catharine, dau Josephing, son Bert]

257. Hatfield, Max  [wife Edith]
       Horton, Ethel  [step-dau]

258.  Smith, Anson  [wife Lulu & sister Maggie, single]
        Walling, Shelton  [boarder, boy]

259.  Doane, Ray  [married, living alone]

260.  Gunderman, Monroe  [widower]

261.  Graham, Clayton  [wife Gertrude, mother Celestia Ann, sister Marietta]

262.  Sleeper, Wells  [wife Anna, dau Bernice]

263.  Speary, Wood  [wife Violet, son Maurice, dau-in-law Myrtie]

264.  Spencer, William  [wife Anna, son Stanley, dau Joyce, dau Dorothy, father Almeron]
        Orr, Hester  [mother-in-law]

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265.  Fox, John Samuel  [wife Louie L., son Frederic Jones]

266.  Compton, Robert  [single]

        Porter, Charles  [married, head of separate household in dwelling, with William Porter, probably his son]

267.  Perry, Henry G.  [wife Eliza D.]

268.  Phelps, Sevellon  [wife Sarah]

269.  Jennings, John W.  [wife Susie, dau Marie, son Walter]
        Shearer, Jennie  [mother-in-law]

270.  Phelps, Dean  [wife Leona]

271.  O'Neil, James C.  [with sister Lillie, single]

272.  Bartholomew, Giraldo  [wife Angelica, dau Nellie, son  Johnnie, dau Bertha, son Dominick, dau Lucy, dau Anita]

273.  Denmark, Jay  [wife Electa, son Leon, dau Helen]
        Henderson, Jessie  [niece,child]

274.  Harvey, Joseph  [wife Bessie, son Alec]
        Henderson, William & Frank  [nephews]
        Henderson, Catharine  [mother]

275.  Hoagland, Adele  [with son Fred Carl]

276.  Hoagland, Archie  [wife  Minnie, son Mariott]

277.  Ousterhoudt, William  [wife Ella]
        Spencer, Esther  [daughter, widow]

278.  Harvey, Bert  [wife Gladys, dau Helen]

279.  Hoagland, Floyd  [wife Gertrude, son James, son John, dau Eloise, son George, son Morris]
        Maybee, Edward  [brother]
        Maybee, Elizabeth  [sis-in-law]

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280.  Shoffner, Arnold  [wife Mazie[

281.  Vaughn, William  [wife Cora, son Isaac]

282.  Lincoln, George  [wife Eva]

283.  Egbert, Elizabeth  [married, no husband in house, with son Louis Henry]
        Slaver ?, Frank  [boarder, married, no wife in household]
        Egbert, Harry J.  [married, probably boarder]

284.  Mosconi, Enrico  [wife Matilda, son Eugene, dau Gertrude, dau Edith, son William, son Aldo, dau Mary]

285.  Domincio, Anthony  [wife Mariette, dau Grazia, dau Rosina, son Settimio, son Oresto]
        Sforza, Alfredo  [boarder, single]
        Graassi, Donato  [boarder, single]

286.  Bianca, Nazzarre  [wife Maria, dau Vera, son Serafino, dau Lena, son James]

287.  Filippelli or Filippetti, Thomas   [wife Christine, dau Rachel, dau Henrietta, son Earnest, dau Mary]
         Tosci, Caesare  [boarder, married]

288.  Beligotti, Antonio  [wife Eda, dau Filomena, dau Maria]

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289.  Massini, William  [wife Josephine]

290.  Filippetti, Albert  [wife Maria, dau Elvisa]

291.  Parazzini, Antonio ?  [wife Elizabeth, son Antonio, dau-in-law Pauline, son Carl, son Sylvio, dau Theresa, dau Lena, grandson Earnest, grandaughter Julia - last 2 seem to be children of Antonio & Pauline]

292.  Beligotti, Louis  [wife Theresa, son Serafinio, son Frank, son Aldo, son Renato]
        Gaetano, Albertine  [boarder, married, with son? Joseph]

293.  Gilbert, Morris  [widower]
         Strader, James  [boarder, married]
         Merrick, Edward  [boarder, single]

294.  Earle, Leon  [wife Iva, son Kenneth]

295.  Musconi ?, Antonio  [wife Augusta, dau Josephine, son Alfredo, dau Elene]
        Guido, Santo  [married, boarder]
        PerPavlino, Matteo  [boarder, single]

296.  PerPavlino, John  [wife Angelina, dau  Maria, dau Linda, mother Albina]
         PerPavlino, Giuseppe  [wife Maria, boarders]
         Basari or Basni ?, Abile  [boarder, single]

297.  Salvatino or Sabatino, Giuseppe  pwife Vittoria?, son Serafino, dau Silvia, son Mario, son Ubaldo]

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298.  D'Agostino, Antonio  [wife Loretta, son John, dau Josephine, dau Maria]

299.  Sabatino, Ciro  [wife Elvira /Elvisa, son Nando]

300.  Pasaglino or Paraglino, Pietro  [wife Amalia, son Mario, son Gasparino]

301.  D'Agostino, Fillipo  [wife Josephine, son Louis]

302.  Francese, Nicola  [wife Nicolletta, son Domenico, dau Josephine, dau Mary, son Antonio, dau Asunta, son John, dau Rosina, son Joseph, dau Lucy]

303.  Bernardo, Giuseppe  [wife Julia]

304.  Martini, Matteo  [wife Catharine, son Antonio, dau Filomena, son Leo, dau Laura, son Albert, dau Delores, dau Grace]

305.  Roindinasio, Eugene  [wife Maria, son Antonio, dau Matilda, dau Marguerite, dau Lucy, dau Lena, dau Julia]

306.  Bertone, Fortiniato (Fortunato?)  [wife Maria, son Michaelo, dau Rose, son Antonio, brother Rufano]

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307.  Viglione, John  [wife Amelia, son Thomas, son Domenico, dau Lenora, dau Emma, son William, dau Lebonicia, "dau" Ignasius, son James]

308.  Valente, Michael  [wife Rose, son Joseph, dau Angeline]

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