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1920 Schuyler Co., NY Census

Index of Names
[mainly Heads of Households with wives & children &
different surnames within their households]



Contributed by Walt Samson

1920 CENSUS  (January)

   -- Enumeration District 73  (includes Wayne, NY)

Dwelling Number, Surname, Given Names

001.  Washburn, Edward   [single]

002.  Crosby, William M.  [wife Mary, dau Mildred]
        Taylor, George W.   [father-in-law, widower]

003.  Houck, Rose  [widow]

004.  Bailey, Floyd  [wife Mary]

005.  Moss, Edward  [wife Nettie]

006.  Stratton, Edward  [wife Eva]

007.  Boyce, Clifford  [wife Ella, son Herbert, son Clifford Jr.]

008.  Baskin, George  [single, with sister-in-law Mary & niece Eva]

009.  Bailey, Charles D.  [wife Mary I.]

010.  Boyce, Jennie E.  [widow, b. England]
         Green, Anna  [servant, single]
         Lawrence, Catherine  [nurse, widow]

011.  Rockefeller, Amos  [wife Louella, dau Ruth, son Ralph, son Howard]

012.  Hopkins, Gilbert  [widower]
         Haight, George  [son-in-law, married]
         Haight, Holmes  [gr-son]
                   , Wilma   [gr-niece]

013.  Bailey, Claud  [single, with brother Vin, single]

014.  Earnest, Phoebe  [widow]

015.  Smith, Fred R.  [wife Marguerite, dau Beulah, dau Eva E., dau Georgia]
        Eveland, Joseph  [father-in-law]
                    , Phoebe  [sister-in-law]

016.  Gasper, Frank W.  [wife Phoebe]

017.  Darrin, Frances  [married, husband not in house]
           [with son Charlie, dau Henrietta, son Niel]

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018.  VanGorden, Frank M.  [wife Francis]

019.  Eveland, Sarah  [widow]

020.  Jacobs, Eugene  [wife Maud]
        Bailey, Lavern  [brother-in-law, married, no wife in house]

021.  Lane, Charles Jr.  [wife Maggie M., dau Beatrice M., father Charles W.]
        Jordan, Norman  [father-in-law]

022.  Peck, Mattie  [single female]
        Ritter, Caroline  [aunt, widow]

023.  VanGorden, Albert  [widower, with sister Mary E., widow]
              [seems like Mary should have a different surname?]

024.  Crookston, Manley  [wife Mary, dau Rena /Reva]

025.  Houck, Harry  [wife Carrie, son Carl, dau Mildred]

026.  Gailes or Guiles, Leonard  [wife Jennie, dau Helen, son Floyd, dau Mildred]

027.  Gleason, Edward  [wife Emma, dau Thelma, dau Adelia, dau Evelyn]

028.  Price, Allen  [wife Lizzie]

029.  Pitcher, Joseph  [wife Lulu, dau Anna Theodora]

030.  Eaton, Jennie  [married, no husband in house]
           [dau Dortha, son Lawrence, son Morris, son Georgie]

031.  Lent, George  [wife Mary, son Archie, son Ira, dau Hazel]
        Glover, Leroy & Norris & Lila & Pearl [grandchildren]

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032.  Wickman or Weckman, John  [wife Nellie]

033.  Russell, James  [wife Ann Eliza]
         Wallen, Margaret  [mother-in-law]

034.  Tippett, Eugene  [wife Gussie ? - short for Augusta ?]

035.  Glover, William  [wife Augusta, son Willis]

036.  Gordon, Mary  [widow, with dau Florence, dau Elizabeth]

037.  Hayes, Schuyler  [wife Maud, son Aaron, dau Emma, dau Erma - twins]

038.  Margeson, Alva A.  [wife Ettie C.]
        Miller, Frank  [boarder, single]

039.  Houck, William  [wife ___ age 28,  dau Bertha, son Miles]
             - wife was not given, but could be Edith (from 1914 directory)

040.  Zeliff, George  [wife Ollive, son Kenneth, dau Nora, son Herbert]

041.  Warren, Daniel  [widower, with dau Eva]

042.  Bates, George  [wife Alice, son  Harold, son Roy, dau Rena, dau Vera]

043.  Buckley, Roy  [wife Catherine, dau Louise, father James W., a widow]
         Calkins, Frances  [mother-in-law, married]

044.  Bartholomew, Ralph  [wife Lulu, dau Rena (adopted)]
         Cummings, Thomas  [servant, widower]

045.  Canfield, Nathaniel  [wife Elizabeth, son Lynn, son Elmer, dau Helen]

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046.  Millard, Alfred  [wife Francis, dau Berah, son Carlton, dau Barbara]

047.  Corey, William  [wife Eva]
         Maine, Henry  [step-son]
         Miller, Margarett  [mother]

048.  Ovenshire or Orenshire, Albert  [wife Francis]

049.  Canfield, Fred  [wife Mary]

050.  Sorta or Sorts or Sworts ?, Bl_as  [wife Florence]
        Utter, Raymond  [son-in-law]
               , Darlene  [dau, with their child E. Sworts]
         [From marriage record: Raymond D. Utter, son of Solomon W. Utter
          & Edith Lawrence (b. PA) was married in 1913 to Lelia Darlene Swarts,
          dau of Bartin M. Swarts & Florence Rogers.]

051.  Baker, Ira  [single male, with father Lyman & sister Bernice, widow]
         [should Bernice have a different surname?]

052.  Sebring, Fred  [wife Abbie]

053.  Babcock, William  [single]

054.  Haff, Wisner ?  [wife Elida, son Clarence, son Clifford, dau Flora,
            son Fred, son John, son Harry, son Floyd, father Abram]

055.  Disbrow, Hobart  [wife Mattie, son Gordon, dau Edna]

056.  Denison ?, Rufus  [wife Flora, son Marcus]

        Hill, Amos  [widower, with dau Lelah] - separate household

057.  Granfield or Greenfield, William  [wife Myrtie]

058.  Hall, Ernest  [wife Anna, son Elmer, dau Thelma, dau Vera]

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059.  Price, Marvin  [wife Eva, mother Alice, sister Mary]

060.  Covel, Joseph  [wife Loretta]

061.  Castner, Clifford  [wife Myrtle, so Wellington]

062.  Switzer, Lee  [wife Anna]
        Granger, Grace  [niece]

063.  Soles [Soules ], J. D.   [wife Hattie, son Daniel D., dau Nellie,
              son Harold, dau Stella, dau Emma, dau Josephine, dau Waneta, son Maynard]
        Catlin, Darius  [father-in-law]

064.  Smith, George  [wife Hattie, son Leslie]

065.  Wilbur, Floyd  [wife Ella G., dau Francis, dau Bernice, son John, dau Emily]

066.  Miles, Chas.  [wife Jennie, son John A.]

067.  Morse, Eugene  [wife Adaline]

068.  Horton,  Judson  [wife Lettie, son Clayton, dau-in-law Elma, son Clarence]

069.  Huey, Joseph  [wife Ethelyn]

070.  Rich or Rick, James M.  [wife Dora]
         Patrick, Carlie?  [sister-in-law, widow]

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071.  Huey, Asa  [wife Rozetta, dau Nina, son Stanley]

072.  Fleet, Millissa ? [widow, with dau Anna (divorced) & grandaughter Ann?]

073.  Fleet, Fred ?  [wife Lelah & adopted son Loyd W.]

074.  Beyerley, Frederick  [wife Mildred]
          - could be listed as Fred Beverly in Tyrone Union Cem. list

075.  Stevens, Frank  [wife Lena, son Ray, son Stanley, dau Fern]

076.  Ray, William E.  [wife Melissa, son Derwood (divorced),
             son Lawrence, dau Florence, grand-dau Dorothy]

077.  Storrs, Matilda  [widow, b. Ireland, with son Fred]

078.  Pierce, Ralph  [wife Ruth, son Freeman, dau Roberta, son Marion]

079.  Dodd, Charles  [wife Anna]
        Tennant, Nelson E.  [servant, with apparent wife Mary (also servant) & daughter Kathleen]

080.  Bennett, Morris  [wife Mildred, son Fred, mother Eliza]

081.  Utter ?, Harry (34, b. PA)  [wife Myrtie (29), son George (4)]
        [This is most likely Harry W. Utter, b. PA, son of Solomon & Edith Lawrence Utter,
         who  married Myrtie VanVleet in Dec. 1909 in Tyrone, NY]

082.  VanNess, Foster  [wife Mary E.]

083.  Snyder, George W.  [wife Jennie]
        O'Dell, Martha  [mother-in-law, widow]

084.  Brace, Albina M.  [widow]

085.  Lyons, Cornelius  [wife Minnie] - but looks like both were "W" for widowed?

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086.  Green, William  [wife Rena, dau Edna, dau Mildred]

087.  McMan ?, John  [wife Mary] - both 69  [John arrived from Ireland in 1869]

088.  Mottram, George  [wife Ida M.]
         - probably Ida May Chapman, as in Tyrone Union Cem. list.

089.  Conran, Lettie  [single]

090.  Mowrey, Benjamin  [wife Mina, son Clare, dau Beatrice]
         Overhiser, Lucy [mother-in-law]

091.  Wood, Edgar M.  [single]

092.  Litteer, John E.  [widower]

093.  Rosenkrans, George W.  [wife Julia, son Harmon, son Edmond, dau Bertha]

094.  Green, Benjamin  [wife Lulu, son Harold, dau Dorthia, dau Melvina]

095.  Dean, Gregory  [wife Nellie M., dau Catherine, son William, son Harlow]

096.  Litteer, Roy  [wife Emma, son  John, son Donald,
              son Arthur, dau Thelma, dau Ruth, son Fred]

097.  Simmons, Melvin  [divorced]

098.  Utter, Edith  [widow, with son Wallie, son Lawrence]

099.  Gilon, Edward  [wife Susan]

100.  Mattoon, William  [wife Minnie, son Raymond, dau Charlotte]

101.  Mitchell, Eliza  [widow]

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086.  Demott, George  [divorced]

087.  Peterson, William  [wife Myra, dau Emily, dau Marian,
            dau Helen, dau Jessie, dau Madelin]

088.  Knapp,  James  [wife Alice, son James, dau Mary, dau Gertrude, son Joseph S.]
        Shears ?, Leroy  [boarder, single]

089.  Rogers, Frank  [wife Carrie]

090.  Greek, Floyd  [wife Nora]

091.  Paddock, Peter  [wife Mary L.]
        Lawrence, Ruth A.  [mother-in-law]

092.  Blunt, John  [wife Mabel, dau Lila, son Curtis]

093.  Raplee, Joshua  [married, with wife not in home, with dau Gardie ?]

094.  Givens, George  [wife Ida]

095.  Pitcher, Benjamin  [wife Jennie, son Ralph E., dau Anna, dau Martha J., son Lyman W.]

096.  Guerin, Micagah  [wife Ella, dau Georganna, son Hilen]

097.  Longwell, Clarence  [wife Rosa, dau Hazel, son Willard,
             son Warren, dau Clara, son Howard]

098.  Dixon, Henry  [wife Ruah ?, son Raymond, son Clifford, son Claud,
             son Albert, dau Alice, son Robert, dau Beatrice]

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099.  Runner, Wendell  [wife Lizzie, son Francis, son Stewart, dau Mildred, dau Helen]

100.  Barkley, Leslie  [wife Edith, son Leon, dau Ruth, dau Dorthy, son Albert, dau Mary]

101.  Pitcher, Hiram  [wife Louise, son Leo, dau Isabell, dau Gertrude, son Kenneth]

102.  Crawford, Ward  [wife Mary, dau Frances]
        VanLiew,  Henry  [father-in-law]

103.  Henderson, Sherman  [single, with sister Elizabeth, single]

104.  Baker, Isaac  [wife Susan]

105.  Townley, Charles  [wife Amanda, son William]

106.  Arndt, George  [wife Fanny D., son Broton, son Fred, dau Greta,
             son Ivar, son Harold, son George, dau Esther, son Edgar]

107.  Walling, Henry  [wife Sarah, son Cecil]

108.  Huey, Leon [wife Edna, son Wilford, son Alfred, son George].

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109.  Yost, Frank  [wife Carrie, son Lewis, dau Laura dau Alma]

110.  Wheeler, Melvin  [wife Alice]
        Reynolds, Clara  [mother-in-law]

111.  VanVleet, George  [wife Eliza, son Clinton]

112.  Cole, Cora  [widow, with son Charles H.]

113.  Bennett, Lee  [wife Ida]

114.  Hill, Elizabeth  [widow]
        Carr, John  [nephew,single]

115.  Goltry, Clyd  [wife Bessie, dau Maud, son Ernest]

116.  Howell, Charles  [wife Alice, son Arthur, dau Esther, dau Mildred,
              son VanLiew, mother Emma (widow), aunt Rachel (single)]

117.  Rappleye, Jesse  [wife Maud, dau Gladys, son Jesse Jr.,
             dau Clara, son George, dau Marjorie, dau Mary, son Daniel, son Tracy]

118.  Wilber [Wilbur ], Joseph  [widower]

119.  Aiken, John  [widower, b. Ireland]
        Rappleye, Alex  [no details]

120.  Howell, I. Morton  [wife Carrie P., son Sebring, son Lester]
        Kenelly  [Kennelly], Zoloma  [cousin, single]

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121.  Potter, William  [wife Lottie, father William H.]

122.  Swarthout, Edwin  [wife Josie, dau Mildred, dau Edith, dau Emily]

123.  Green, Edward  [wife Bertha, dau Alma, dau Esther, son Edward Jr.]

124.  Green, Stewart  [wife Hazel]

125.  Mulloy, Dewitt  [wife Jessie, son Walter]
         Orr, Ira  [servant, widower]

126.  Mattison, Albert  [wife Elizabeth, dau Edith, dau Ruth, dau Dorthy, so Lynn, dau Jennie]

127.  Kendall, Fred  [wife Flora, dau Madge, dau Ruth, dau Inez, mother Alzada]

128.  Brink, Isaac  [wife Della, father Nelson]

129.  Brink, Freeman  [wife Ruby, son Gordon]

130.  Goltry, Miles  [wife Mary, son Charlie, son Morton]

131.  Roleston, Andrew  [wife Elizabeth]

132.  Love, James  [wife Matilda]

133.  Huey, Alonzo  [wife Erminda]

134.  Bush, Ella  [widow]

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135.  Sproul, Melville  [wife Jennie, dau Florence]

136.  Giles, William  [wife Edna C., dau Thelma, son Earnest, son E. Dugles (Douglas ?)]

137.  Caywood, Guy  [wife Ruth]

138.  Hughey, Emma A.  [husband = Samuel, son Charles, son Daniel]
         Benjamin, Hattie  [dau, divorced]

139.  Hughey, Samuel  [wife Pearl]
        VanGorder, Theron  [uncle, single]

140.  Mitchell, Frank  [wife Kathryn]

141.  Mitchell, Thaddeus  [wife Mary, son Harold, son Frank, dau Amelia]

142.  Hull, James  [widower]

143.  Hedden, Rachel  [widow, with dau Grace]

144.  Ector, William  [wife Carrie, dau Florence, dau Francis, dau Margery, son William]

145.  Hughey, William  [wife Grace]

146.  VanDuzer, Milton  [wife May, son Frances]

147.  Dill, Harry J.  [wife Tempa, dau Georgia, son Joseph]

148.  Hanmer, George  [wife Cordelia A.]

149.  Sunderlin, Jacob  [wife Cora, dau Francis]

150.  Yost, Guy  [wife Bessie]

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151.  Crawford, John  [wife Celia, dau Aline, dau Myrtie]

152.  Booram, Albert  [wife Gladys, dau Erva, son Edward]
        Gregory, John  [step-father]

153.  Coolbaugh, Orson  [wife Mary, dau Mabel]

154.  Berry, Charles  [wife Nora, son Emerson, son Harold,
            son Earl, dau Gertrude, son Mathew, dau Melvina, dau Flora]
        Scott, Bessie  [step-dau]
               , Frank & Raymond  [step-sons]

155.  Beach, Philip  [wife Hattie, son Harold]

156.   Perry ?, Raymond  [wife Mildred]  - nee Mildred Wood ?
         Hill, Alzina  [aunt, widow]

157.  Goltry, Leroy  [single]
        Marrin ?, Joseph  [single, b. Ireland]

158.  Hovey, Abbie  [widow, with son Benjamin & son Fred]

159.  VanGelder, Theodore H.  [wife Mary]
        Goundry, Maria  [aunt, age 90, widow]
        Goundry, Serepta  [mother-in-law]
         Huey, Ann  [aunt, age 87, widow]

160.  Vangelder, Evert  [wife Mary, grandson Harvey]

161.  Hathaway, Hampton  [wife Carrie L., son Charles, dau  Mary,
             dau Sarah, dau Helen, son Lewis, son Marshall, dau Ella, dau Nora]

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162.  Littell, Ansel  [wife Bertha]

163.  Taylor, Arthur  [wife Alice]

164.  Parker, Eli  [wife Amelia]

165.  Lamb, Leon  [wife Harriet, dau Nelda, dau Thelma, son Henry, son Harold]

166.  Kinner, Alanson D.  [wife Mary J., son Lewis]

167.  Kendall, Frank  [widower]
        Littelle [Littell], Frank L.  [grandson]
                             , Marjorie  [grandaughter]
        Arnold, Emma  [housekeeper, single]

168.  May, Charles H.  [wife Alice]

169.  Bailey, Charles  [wife Jennie]

170.  Wilber [Wilbur], George  [wife Edna]

171.  Workman, Lavern  [wife Ida]

172.  Green ??, [first name looks something like Harris ?]
          [wife looks something likeBlanch ?, mother something like Evelin or Elmira ?]

173.  Parker or Pulver ?,  Leon ?  [wife Esther, son, dau, aunt? - unreadable]

174.  Porter, Lewis  [wife Maud]

175.  Littelle, Clarence  [wife Mary, son Herbert, dau Marian]

176.  Shaffer, VanGaasbecht  [wife Elisabeth]

177.  Price, Milton  [wife Estelle]

178.  Brown, Alfred F.  [wife Mattie ?]

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179.  Brownere, Taylor  [wife Ada K.]
        Kendall, George  [brother-in-law, widower]

180.  Sproul, Hugh  [wife Bessie, son Francis]
        Graham, William  [father-in-law] & Louise [mother-in-law]

181.  Arwine, John  [wife Henriette, grandson Clyd, son William,single]

182.  Peck, Arthur  [wife Lenora]

183.  Shepherd, Frank  [widower]

184.  Fenno, Sarah  [widow, with dau Grace, widow]

185.  Bailey, Leroy  [wife Stella, dau Stella May, son Russell]
        Johns, Earnest D.  [boarder, single]

186.  Sebring, Harrison  [wife Jennie, son William, dau-in-law Clarabelle]

187.  Clark, Lester  [wife Ora]
        Prentiss, Millard F.  [father-in-law]
                   , ______     [mother-in-law in  household]

188.  Mowrey ?, Delmar W.  [wife Ettie]

189.  Brace, Caslin  [wife Alice, son Fred, dau Esther, dau Elizabeth]

190.  Price, Clark  [wife Ruth, dau Flora, dau Louise, mother Mary L.]

191.  Allen, Adelbert  [wife Susie]

192.  Kelly, Roy  [wife Mabel, son Frank]

193.  Dilliston, Elbert  [wife Harriet]

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194.  Sechrist, Charles  [wife Mary, son Ray, son Kenneth, son Howard, son John]

195.  Littelle  [Littell], David  [wife Anna]

196.  Waters, Morris  [dau Helen, dau Susie, wife Rose]

197.  Palmer, Arthur  [wife Lena, dau Eva]
        Palmer, David   [wife Marjorie] - separate household

198.  Clark, Ira  [single]

199.  Richtmyer, Burt ?  [wife Lena, son Theodore]

200.  Dilliston, Levi  [wife Helen M., son Edward]

201.  Smith, Erva  [single female]
         Osborn, Edna  [single]

202.  Green, Earl  [wife Pearl]

203.  Littelle  [Littell],  Edwin  [wife Josephine]

204.  Archibald, Jones  [Jones seems to be the surname]
        Abbie                  [wife]
        Cummings, Duane  [grandson]

205.  Losey, Charles  [wife Emma, dau Leah, dau Arline, dau Florence]

206.  Shay, James  [wife May, son Harry, son Leon]

207.  Shay, L. D.  [wife Carrie]

208.  Crans,  Mott  [wife Anna, dau Linda]

209.  Crans, George  [wife Gertrude, son Kenneth]

210.  Deusenburg or Densenburg, Chas. Sr.  [wife Eunice]

        Deusenburg or Densenburg, Charles Jr.
             [wife Margarett, son Harry, son Harvey] - separate household

211.  Ardrey, Guy  [wife Nellie, son George E., sister Libbie]

212.  Larsen, John  [wife Hilda, son Oscar]

213.  Manning, Ray  [widower with mother Philena (widow), son Jay]

214.  Green, Harry  [wife Laura, dau Winifred]

215.  Turner ?, Solon ?  [wife Josephine]
         Miles, Florence  [niece, single]

216.  Wood, Frank G.  [wife Ada, son Roy H., son Carlton N.]

217.  Decamp, Charles  [wife Lizzie, son  Harold, dau Gertrude, dau Erma]

218.  Decamp, Alvin  [wife Kate]

219.  Beyea, Vern  [wife Elizabeth, son Raymond, dau Elnora]

220.  Little, Edward  [wife Amanda, son Walter]

221.  Wortman, Herbert  [wife  Nellie]

222.  Phillip, Ernest  [wife Phoebe, son Harvey, son Orin C.,
              dau Ethel D., son Glen E., dau Olee? R., father Charles]

223.  Sherwood, Edwin  [wife Hattie]

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224.  Ballou, Aamuel E.  [wife Adda, dau Ora, son Robert]

225.  Miller ?, Mortimer  [wife Myrtie]
         Beakin, John  [father-in-law]

226.  Fawcett, George  [wife Anna, dau Edith, son Stanley]

227.  Seeley, Clarence  [wife Mabel]

228.  Spence ?, Fred  [household hard to read]
        Simmons, ___   [mother-in-law]

229.  Wixson, Newkirk ?  [wife Henrietta, son Leo, dau Mabel, dau Margaret,
            son Malon G., dau Luella M., son Theodore R., dau Erva B., dau Edna M.]

230.  Fenno, Myron  [wife Emma L., dau Thelma]

231.  Jackson, Charles  [wife Addie?]

232.  Fox, Loyd  [wife Lizzie]

233.  Bert ?, Edd.  [wife Johann, son Kenneth, mother Sarah]

234.  Fox, Samuel  [brother George] - both single
        McConnell, Harriet  [housekeeper, single]

236.  Hendricks, Albert  [wife Mary, dau Cora]

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237.  Tuttle, Leroy  [wife Anna, son Harvey, son Robert, dau Edith,
            dau Ethel, dau Bina?, dau Gladys, son Herbert, dau Eva]

238.  Stocking, Harry  [wife Flora, son Harry Jr.]

239.  Disbrow, Lyman S.  [wife Jennie, father Ogden]
         Stone, Lena  [servant, single]

240.  Lane, Emory  [wife Sarah, son Claud, son Leon, son Earl]

241.  Bailey, Wright J.  [wife Laura]
        Smiley, Margaret  [ward, age 6]

242.  Bailey, Edson  [wife Lettie, dau Ramona, son Howard]

243.  Crosby or Crisby, James  [wife Maria, dau Stella]

244.  Pulver, Emmett  [wife Nellie, dau Sylvia, son Fred, son Roger,
             son Emmett Jr., son Harry, son Fordice, dau Winifred B.]

245.  Spears or Spence, William  [wife Martha]

246.  Swarthout, John  [wife Alta, son Stanley, dau-in-law Della]
         O'Day, Thomas  [servant, single]

247.  Carlson, Aaron

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248.  Disbrow, Eva  [widow, with single daughters Ida & Elizabeth]
         Palmer, Nelson  [servant, divorced]

249.  Clark, Robert  [single, with  mother Elizabeth, brother Martin,
           sis-in-law Lillian, niece Anna, niece Lois, niece Gladys]

250.  Hallock, John  [widower]
        Walsh, Anna  [mother-in-law, widow]

251.  Allen, Floyd  [wife Bessie, father Thomas, mother Anna]

252.  Bailey, Edwin J.  [wife Emily, dau Louise, dau Francis]

253.  Look, Frank  [wife May, son Edward]

254.  Gardner, William  [wife Hulda, son Leland, son Merlin]

255.  Carpenter, Daniel  [wife Sarah, son Alton]
        Mulloy, Margarett  [sis-in-law, single]

256.  Crookston, Jennie  [widow]

257.  Hallock, Jay  [wife Cora]

258.  Darrin, George  [looks like "D" for divorced]
        Beers, Elab ?    [male, single, "pard" - probably partner]

259.  Knapp, Charles  [wife Martha, dau-in-law Carrie (young widow), grandaughter Elizabeth]

260.  Voorhees, Arthur  [wife Ethel, dau Irene, brother Floyd]

261.  Swarthout, L. D.  [wife Laura, son Paulding, dau Clele?, dau Gertrude]

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262.  Shafer, Charles  [wife Elnora]
        Saddler, William Jr.  [son-in-law, married to Josephine, dau of above]

263.  Saddler, William Sr.  [wife Mary E.]

264.  Foster, Mary  [widow, with son Vernie]

265.  Sproul, Lela  [single]

266.  Yost, Ray  [wife Bessie, dau Constance]

267.  VanVleet, Charles  [wife Teressa]

268.  VanDuzer, John  [wife Carrie]
         Green, Andrew  [brother-in-law, single]

269.  Bassett, Edward  [wife Iva, dau Gertrude, son Gerald, son Lewis]
        Hyde, Ruth  [servant, single]

270.  Aber, Ralph  [wife Edith, son Hilel, son Alfred, dau Pauline, dau Dorthea, dau Martha]
        Hyde, Loyd  [servant, single]

271.  Arnold, James  [wife Ella, dau Charlotte]
        Ditticetus ?, Gertrude  [nurse, widow]

272.  Armstrong, William  [wife Edith, son Leland, dau Kathleen, adopted daughter Lucile]
        Brisbane, Lucy  [servant, married]

273.  Norris, Burton  [wife Grace]

274.  Sherwood, Daniel    [wife Ida L., dau Olga]

275.  Coykendall, Marcus  [wife Elizabeth son Adney]

276.  Huey ??, John  [widower]

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277.  Beach, Charles  [single, with  mother Cordelia]

278.  Wixom, Albert  [wife Myrtie]

279.  Mead, Elmer  [wife Clara]

280.  Pitcher, Mandell  [wife Edna, son Harland]

281.  Mayer or Moyer, John  [wife Lilpha]

282.  Baker, Lee  [widower, with son Merle Baker]
        Hill, Millie  [servant, widow]

283.  Hanmer, Lewis  [wife Jane]

284.  Rexford, Glen  [wife May, dau Evelun ?, dau Ruth]

285.  Willis, James  [wife Eva M., dau  Mildred E., son Raymond J., dau Cecelia, dau Edith H.]

286.  Pitcher, James H.  [looks like widower]

287.  Fleet, Sarah  [single]

288.  Hand, Henry  [wife Myrtle, dau Virginia, mother Adaline]

289.  Snyder, Walter L.  [wife May, son Howard, son Hugh]
        Stevens, Phoebe  [mother-in-law]

290.  Hedge, Amelia  [widow]
        Champlin, ___  [head of separate household]

291.  Seybolt, Oscar  [wife Calista, son George, son  Harold, dau Gertrude]
        Devall, John  [father-in-law]

292.  Hall, Charles  [wife Elizabeth, dau Agnes, son Howard]

293.  Brace, Augusta  [single]

[End of Enumeration District 73 - Town of Tyrone]

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