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1932 & 1933 Newspaper Clippings,
Schuyler co., NY & vicinity

Contributed by Walt Samson.

1932 - Elmiran Lost with Titanic 20 Years Ago.
W. Hull BOTSFORD, 1 of 1,595 Passengers & Crew to Sink - Disaster Caused Ice Patrol of North Atlantic to Avert More Calamities.
Thurday was the 20th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, chronicled in history as one of the worst disasters in a half century.  An Elmiran, W. Hull BOTSFORD, whose home was at Davis & Fifth Streets, was lost when the ill-fated White Star liner struck an iceberg.  He was returning from a trip through Europe and Egypt, on which he had studied architecture.  First reports said the vessel was safe, but the next day came the startling news that 1,595 lives of passengers and crew had been lost.  A total of 2,340 persons, including the crew, were on board.  The Carpathia, which went to the rescue, saved 739.  If the man on the street ever asks himself why this disaster has never been repeated, he may find his answer in a small item in the German Government budget.  This item is never omitted, regardless of crisis at home or abroad.  The entry calls for payment of 80,000 marks annually to the American Government (roughly $20,000) for the ice patrol in the North Atlantic.  The patrol is maintained by 14 nations whose liners ply the North Atlantic, and was instituted because so many lives were lost when the Titanic crashed with an unseen "berg".

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The Life of Talitha BOTSFORD, Sep. 1901 - Feb. 2002.
Walt Samson writes:
"Some years ago I was in the Millport Cemetery and came across a stone with the names of W. Hull BOTSFORD and Talitha BOTSFORD. The dates did not compute for them to be spouses. Later I learned that W. Hull BOTSFORD graduated from Horseheads High School in the Class of 1903 and became an architect of some note. He was returning from a trip to Europe in 1912 on the Titanic. The cemetery caretaker told me Talitha is his sister and is an artist.  I later learned that she resided in the local area and was a multi-talented individual. With her passing, the following article from the 2 Feb 2002 Elmira Star-Gazette is worth archiving.--- Walt Samson"
Paraphrased from the Star-Gazette Newspaper article:
Talitha BOTSFORD, resident of west Elmira, NY, had a life dedicated to music, art and poetry.  She turned 100 in Sep. 2001.  She could trace her roots to John ALDEN of the Mayflower.  Talitha's brother, W. Hull BOTSFORD, an architect, went down with the Titanic.  Talitha put a marker for him  in Millport cemetery.   Talitha was in the habit of sending postcards to friends and family with her drawings and paintings of local landscapes.  She preferred to give her paintings away rather than sell them.  She was the oldest living alumna of Ithaca College at the time of her death.  She said on her 100th birthday that she was proudest of having 5 of her piano compositions published.  She was elected to the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers in 1960.  She was a professional violinist & pianist who travelled the country, and for 43 years she accompanied the songs of the Elmira Kiwanis Club meetings.  She also wrote poems every day and had several booklets of poems published, including "Short Stems".  Her verse was published in Reader's Digest.  Her watercolors were printed in national magazines such as Ford Times Magazine.  An interview with her was recorded on tape by the Chemung Co. Historical Society and she was an honorary member & benefactor of the Schuyler Co. Historical Society.  She was often seen driving around country roads looking for a place to picnic and paint.  She was buried in Millport cemetery and requested no funeral.  There was a celebraion of her life at The Park Church, Elmira, NY.

1933 - PARSONS Home on Middle Road Razed by Fire
Millport [Chemung co., NY] - Fire destroyed the residence of Burr J. PARSONS, on the Middle Road, southeast of Millport, early Monday morning.  Mr. PARSONS, who lives alone in the house, was preparing to visit his son, Carl PARSONS, a patient at the Veteran's Hospital in Bath [Steuben co., NY], and was not aware of the blaze until apprised of the fact by Jesse BANKS, a neighbor.
The house, for many years one of the showiest in a neighborhood of good houses, was built by Burr PARSONS, Sr. about 70?  years ago, on 40 acres of choice farm land presented to Nathan PARSONS, father of the present occupant, at the time of his marriage.
Charles PARSONS and George PARSONS, other sons, were given similar allotments with buildings, and a daughter, Mrs. Ai MacDOUGALL, received the homestead which was conducted as a tavern for many years by Mr. PARSONS.  It is still standing.
A few pieces of furniture were removed by neighbors, who were called to the scene by telephone.  Otherwise the house and contents with an adjoining building used as a woodhouse were totally destroyed.  It is reported that some insurance was carried on the buildings.  Millport volunteer firement responded to a call for help, but the blaze was beyond control by the time they arrived.

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