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Roster used with permission of Robert J. Taylor.
Roster of Company A, 89th NY Voluntary Infantry
Schuyler co., NY
Extracted from
The Civil War Letters of William A. Robinson &
the Story of the 89th New York Volunteer Infantry
Robert J. Taylor
This book is available to buy from Heritage Books, Inc.
#T1580, pub. 2000, 193 pages.
Description of book follows Roster, below.
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Company A - 89th Regiment, NY Voluntary Infantry

This company contained mainly Schuyler co., NY men.
Many thanks to Robert Taylor for contributing this to the website.

        Adams, Henry C.
        Agney, Irving

        Bacon, William A.
        Baker, Adolph
        Baker, Almon
        Bickal, Darius
        Brady, James T.
        Brown, Solomon
        Burke, Benjamin H.
        Burnett, Albert N.

        Cahill, William A.
        Cannon, Robert
        Carpenter, Birdsall
        Carpenter, John M.
        Carson, George W.
        Cary, Archibald
        Clanharty, Edgar W.    [Clauharty?]
        Clark, Alanson
        Coleman, Coe R.
        Colton, Charles
        Compton, William A.
        Cormack, Robert P.
        Coryell, Charles A.
        Coryell, Nathan
        Cramer, John D.
        Crandall, William
        Creegan, Jeffery
        Creque, Abram M.
        Curry, Edwin B.

        Dean, Douglass
        Dean, Wilson
        Demund, Leroy
        Dibble, Ira
        Doane, Joseph S.
        Dolan, Michael
        Dominick, John W.
        Donahue, John
        Dudlew, George W.
        Dumas, David H.

        Earnest, Clinton D.
        Egbert, Charles
        Elyea, Charles

        Feeley, Martin
        Folmsbee, George R.
        Forrest, Nathaniel I.
        Fowler, Charles O.
        Francisco, Henry R.

        Geelard, John
        Gilbert, Albert
        Gordon, William H.
        Guiney, Daniel

        Hannon, Peter
        Harris, Averill
        Harris, Ebben
        Harris, George
        Havencamp, Oliver P.
        Hillinger, John
        Holden, James
        Horton, Austin
        Houck, Mentiaville S.
        Hughes, George
        Hulien, Frank
        Hunt, Eben

        Jessop, John H.
        Julien, Theopolis

        Kelley, Andrew
        Kellogg, Edwin S.
        Kelly, Seneca
        Kiel, Fredrick
        Kinsick, Herman
        Kirtland, John C.
        Knapp, David M.
        Knapp, George H.
        Kunz, Charles

        Lambert, Decatur
        Lane, Thaddeus W.
        Latourno, Joseph
        Lawrence, Stephen D.
        Lee, James
        Letts, Delos
        Lewis, Isaiah
        Lindrob, John
        Linsenhoff, Rudolph
        Loomis, Charles
        Loutz, Adam
        Lovell, Salmon S.
        Lybolt, Albert

        Manning, James E.
        Manning, Silas
        Marshall, George E.
        Marshall, James E.
        Martin, John
        Martin, Nathan
        Mason, Mitchell
        Mathews, Frederick A.
        Maxwell, Albert
        Maxwell, John
        McGrimpsey, William
        McKune, Gilbert E.
        McLaughlin, Charles
        Merrick, William H.
        Merritt, Emory
        Miller, Jacob
        Miller, William H.
        Myre, John

        Newark, Frederick
        Nixon, William I.
        Northrup, Sevellon W.

        O'Brien, John
        Owen, Charles

        Patrick, Aaron S.
        Patzack, Charles
        Peck, John W.
        Pixley, John W.
        Pratt, Edward N.
        Pratt, Henry
        Proper, Gilbert

        Quackenbush, John

        Rima, Henry
        Rose, Jacob. H.
        Rossiter, Edward A.
        Rosten, Frederick
        Rowley, Henry E.

        Sarsefield, Thomas
        Shephard, William A.
        Simmons, Alfred
        Sims, Samuel L.
        Smith, Jacob
        Smith, Orcelas C.
        Smith, Silas M. N.
        Smith, William B.
        Solomon, Solomon A.
        Soule, Alfred W.
        Spades, John
        Specht, Joseph
        Stay, Oliver
        Stilwell, Schuyler
        Stinefield, Philipp
        Stone, Peter
        Strong, Munson
        Strubell, George
        Sullivan, Patrick
        Sullivan, Patrick
        Swallow, Isaac W.

        Tailby, John
        Tailby, William Jr.
        Taylor, Israel S.
        Tesck, Henry
        Thomas, Edward
        Thomson, George W.
        Thurtston, William
        Turner, Albert H.

        VanBuskirk, Dermont
        VanGelder, William S.
        Varian, Isaac B.
        Vosburgh, Francis S.

        Wasson, John
        Wasson, Samuel
        Waterfield, Dewitt
        Weed, Eliphalet Jr.
        Wesley, John
        Whitehead, Alonzo B.
        Whitehead, William
        Wick, William A.
        Wicks, Benjamin
        William, Henry L.
        Williams, Mordicia
        Wolvarton, Reading

        Yadder, John

Description of the book that contains the above roster:

The Civil War Letters of William A. Robinson & the Story of the 89th New
York Volunteer Infantry - Robert J. Taylor.
President Lincoln's call for volunteers to fight for  the restoration of the Union was answered by common men throughout the United States.  William A. Robinson was one of them, a simple farmer and a family man from Delaware County, NY, who enlisted for a three year term in Co. I of the 89th NY Volunteer Infantry in the fall of 1861.  Over the course of those three years Robinson and his fellows in the 89th would see service throughout the South, participating in engagements at South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Suffolk, VA, the Federal siege of
Fort Sumpter (1863), Cold Harbor, Petersburgh and Fair Oaks.  After Robinson's discharge in 1864, the unit continued its hard campaigning and was present for the final skirmishes with General Lee's army at Appomattox.  Robinson wrote home to his wife Mary as often as the rigors of soldiering would allow, and over 100 of these letters have survived to the present day.
Robert J. Taylor has transcribed Robinson's Civil War letters in their entirety, supplemented by a history of the 89th NY with accompanying rosters and an index of full names.
#T1580, pub. 2000, 193 pages, illus., append., bibliography, fullname index, paper, $20.50

Robert Taylor is available to answer questions about the book.

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