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Ward Collection Church Book of
First Baptist Church & Society of Hector, NY
Nov. 25, 1837 - May18, 1878 (partial)

Partial transcription by Lynn Stevenson Fisher of records
stored on microfilm at Kroch Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.

Additions to this transcription would be welcome.

This church appears to have been located in or near the village of Burdett, N.Y.


[Transcriber’s Note:  The DOLPHs may have been descendants of Joseph DOLPH, son of Abda DOLPH,
who moved to the town of Hector from the town of Westfield /Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY, prior to 1820.
Joseph’s sister, Tabitha DOLPH, moved to town of Hector /Ulysses, near the village of Mecklenburg,
with her husband, Andrew STEVENSON Jr., about 1805.]

1836 Members
[Partial list]

Chistin V. DOLPH
Lavima DOLPH
_love DOLPH

[More Dolphs]

____ FROST
Dinah OWEN
____ OWEN
Samantha OWEN
Gilbert OWEN
Sarah OWEN

1838 Members


Elisa DOLPH requests admission into the church.


1853 Members


Effy Jane OWEN,  Levi OWEN baptised April 10, 1853.


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