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Burdett Baptist Church Cemetery
Town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"Located behind the old Baptist Church on Tug Hollow Road in Burdett.
This is a private residence on the east side of the road (House # 3868).
Copied from the DAR Records Oct 1996."

Town of Hector

Benson, Benjamin  d.4-29-1866 age 82yr 7mo
        Roxanna his wife  d.9-25-1858 age 65yr 3mo
Benson, J D  d.4-23-1850 age 43
        Olive his wife  d.4-24-1847 age 40
        Martin L their son  d.6-25-1856 age 7-3-13(age?)
Benson, J H  d.12-7-1867 age 27-4-6

Brown, Alice wife of Norman  d.7-10-1877 age 28yr 9mo
       Jesse G son of Norman & Alice  d.7-20-1871 age 3
Brown, Daniel J  d.2-21-1849 age 66-5-14
       Susannah his wife  d.6-12-1842 age 66-1-4
Brown, Gideon C  d.12-3-1885 age 74yr 7mo
       Emeline his wife  d.9-4-1900 age 85
Brown, William W  d.12-23-1884 age 79-9-25

Burritt, Frank C son of George R & Susan  d.4-17-1859 age 7mo 10d
Burritt, John Leroy son of J G & Margaret - no data
Burritt, Elder Reed  d.11-26-1859 age 72yr 7mo
         Abbey Gregory his wife  d.10-31-1859 age ?
         Dorothy his wife d.9-16-1849 age 63-9-9

Coats, Grace dau of L E & F P b.4-5-1850  d.4-16-1860

Elliott, Ansel  d.8-14-1856 age ?
         Betsy his wife  d.5-15-1841 age 32-1-19
Elliott, David S  d.6-2-1856 age 52
Elliott, Nathan  d.1-28-1857 age 85

Force, Charlie T son of Lyman & Julia  d.2-28-1858 age 1-6-17

Haxton, Clarendon son of Russel & Phinny  d.6-6-1882 age 47-11-3

Jaquish, Matthias J  d.5-7-1882 age 85-7-18
         Phebe his wife  d.3-29-1886 age 88-5-29
         Nancy Maby his wife - no data

Lambert, Joseph M  b.1874  d.1891
Lambert, Wesley  b.1840  d.1900 (Civil War Vet)
         Isabella J his wife  b.1840  d.1928
         Della E their dau  b.4-12-1872  d.4-16-1889
         George R their son  b.5-2-1869  d.7-4-1887
         J Henry their son  b.10-21-1866  d.2-19-1881

McElleney, Eliza  b.1818  d.1882
McElleney, Re. Theodore  d.3-23-1825 age 66

Owen, Albert T son of J M & Lydia A  d.3-2-1870 age 10-6-19

Reynolds, Luella dau of Hiram & Sophia  d.2-1-1862 age 1
Reynolds, Nathan  d.4-6-1861 age 87
          Margaret his wife b.3-16-1781  d.6-16-1862

Rogers, Henry  d.4-12-1850 age 70-1-12
        Lucinda his wife d.12-15-1871 age 83
        Philo their son  d.12-8-1863 age 17d

Strader, Harriet wife of Mulford  d.12-9-1846 age ?

Tyrrell, Arthur  d.?-23-1883 age 1yr 3mo

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