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Collected Burial Records - Town of Cayuta
Schuyler co., NY
[1894 - 1922]

Typist's notes in [ ].

Burial / Removal Records, CAYUTA

In chronological order.
In some cases the writing was very old & hard to read, so the best guess is given here.

Charlotte CULARS?  - Date of death = Jan. 26, 1893 or 1895,  ae 81,
    place of death = Cayuta, certified by Levi ? Culver?
  (Issued to Lo?  G. CULARS?)  Internment at Broom Co., NY.

Elizabeth SANTWOOD d. Feb. 2, 1894 ae 87, d. Cayuta [at] residence [of] VanDUSER?
   Another entry for the same person? -
Elizabeth SANTVARD - d. Feb. 2, 1894, ae 87.  Place of  death = Cayuta.
   Place of burial = VanDuser.  Undertaker = Drake.

Mary HOWELL - d. Veteran, Chemung Co., July 1, 1894, ae 44, Town of Cayuta, Schuyler co.
   Cause of death = Cancer.  Transit permit for burial at Cayuta NY.  Date on this permit Dec. 18, 1924.
   Undertaker Wesley BUTTERS/BRITTERS of Cayuta.

Seth C. RUSSELL  - d. Dec. 28, 1894, ae 23, typhoid fever. (Issued to Geo. HARRINGTON).
   Issued to George HARRINGTON - transit permit for deceased = Seth C. RUSSELL,
   d. Dec 28, 1894 ae 23 - cause of death = typhoid fever.  Certified by W. F. JAMES.

Edmond T. SMITH, deceased, ae 91, place of burial Cayuta, place of death Cayuta,
   d. April 9, 1906?, Cause of death = Uremia.  Wm T. JONES certified.
   [The only entry close to this on the Cayuta cem. list is:
     SMITH,  Edward Y.  b. 1809  d. 1901;  Maria COOPER  his wife  b. 1819  d. 1870]

Mary Ann VanVOLKENBURG , d. Cayuta, NY ae 79yr-28day on Feb. 1903;
   place of burial VanEtten, Residence VanEtten.

Hans? COOPER ae 64, d. Cayuta, b. Cayuta, cause of death = Cancer Stones, Ben Coloson  MD.
   [Cayuta cem. list has a possible match: COOPER,  Harrison  b. 1847  d. 1911 - making him 64yr.]

Mrs. Mona R. TANAZ? /TANCY? [This was very old & faded & hard to read.]  - d. Cayuta, NY,
   ae 21y-3m-4d.  In 1911?  of bowel obstruction; buried Horseheads, NY.
  Certified by Z.V. COLEGROVE of Breesport.  Undertaker VanBUSKIRK.

John HADSELL d. March 17, 1911, ae 79 yrs.  Place of Burial = Breesport, NY.
   Place of death = Cayuta, NY, of heart disease.
   Certified by Z.V. COLEGROVE. Undertaker = Frank S?--

Lorana CORNISH - female, white, married, d. Jany 10, 1913, Cayuta, NY, ae 59yr-10mo-21da.
   Cause of death apoplexy.  Date of birth Feb. 20, 1854.  Occupation = housekeeper.
   Place of death = Cayuta, NY.

John GALLOW - Town of VanEtten, Chemung Co., NY -  d. at ae 86 in VanEtten, NY
   on Nov. 2, 1913 of Mitral insufficency. No burial place given...most likely Cayuta cem.
   Undertaker = Wm. DECKER of VanEtten.

Sarah Jane BREESE /BRUSE? -  ae 73 yrs, d. Jan. 22, 1914, Breesport NY.
   Cause of death chronic endocarditis.  Certified C. F. SWIFT.  Undertaker R. D. HORTON.

John REA - d. Feb 23, 1914, Cayuta, NY.  Place of burial = Catharine.
   Cause of death Chronic bronchitis.  Undertaker E. W. HIBBARD.  No age given.

Female FUDALE - child stillborn, Cayuta,  March 21, 1914.  Burial on premises.  Undertaker FUDALO.

Abram RARICK - died age 66yr at Breesport, Chemung Co., NY, Apr. 2, 1914.
   Cause of death acute indigestion.  Burial in Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker F.V. UNK. and wife.

May REYNOLDS - VanEtten, Chemung Co., NY,  ae 72; d. VanEtten, April 6, 1914.
   Cause of death being Chronic Nephritis.  Place of burial Cayuta.  Wm. DECKER undertaker.
The next one looks like a repeat:
Mary REYNOLDS - ae 72yr, d. April 6, 1914, VanEtten, Chemung Co.
   Cause of death = chronic Nephritis.   Place of burial = Cayuta. Undertaker = Wm DECKER.

Mary LASKA MASIN - ae 36, d. May 9, 1914 [at her] residence in Montour Falls.
   Cayuta, Schuyler Co. - Undertaker = E.W. HIBBARD.   Place of burial = Cayuta.

Male Child MASIN - Cayuta, Schuyler Co. - still birth, d. May 7, 1914.  Burial = Private grounds.

Mary E. BROWN - d. Sept. 4, 1914, Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Pneumonia Lobar.  Place of burial = Cayuta, NY.
   Resided at VanEtten [Chemung co., NY.]  Undertaker = Wm. DECKER.

Erastus DEAN - d. Cayuta, Schuyler Co., Date of Death - Jan. 11, 1913 [should be 1915]  of Nephritis,
   bur. Cayuta.= on Jan. 14, 1915, ae 92 yrs.
   A second certificate was written giving the death date as Jan. 11, 1915.

Josephine M. BE? [ the rest of the surname has an ink smudge] - d. Jan. 19, 1915, ae 67 yrs.
   Place of burial = Cayuta.  Cause of death = Cancer of breast.
   Undertaker R. D. HORTON. of Odessa.

George DUNBAR - d. Feb. 23, 1915, ae 77yrs, Hopewell, Ontario Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Uremia Poison.  Place of burial = Cayuta NY.
   Undertaker = KENNEDY and KENNEDY.

Hannah MASSIE WHITE - d. April 2, 1915, ae 85 yrs, Watkins, Schuyler co., NY.
   Cause of death  = fracture of hip.  [no place of burial listed]  Undertaker C.N. COLE, Watkins, NY.

Elizabeth R/H. REYNOLDS - d.  June 13, 1915 at 2429 Jerome Ave., Bronx, NY on
   June 12, 1915, ae 79yr-11mo-14da.  Cause of death = ruptures.

Josie LAZZA - died Dec. 1, 1915 ae 46 yrs, Cayuta, Schuyler co., complications of fibroid surgery.
   Bur. in Cayuta.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON of Odessa.

Byrd Willis RICHARDS d. Jan. 9, 1916 of Pulmonary Tuberculosis,  ae 45 yrs.
   Bur. at Cayuta on Jan. 11, 1916.  Undertaker R. D. HORTON of Odessa.

William H. [HOYT] [Surname looked like HOUGH /HOGH /HOYH]
   d. May 6, 1916 of senile dementia,  burial Cayuta on May 10, 1916.
   Undertaker E. H. HIBBARD of Montour Falls.
   [Cayuta cem. list shows - HOYT,  William H  b. 1844  d. 1916  Co I 137th NY Vol - Civil War]

Augia? DEAN - ae 17, d. July 17, 1916 of  Acute nephritis, County of Bradford, town of Sayre.
   Bur. in Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = Poug? Miller of Athen, PA.

Sarah C. BARNS - single - d. Sept 1, 1916, ae 68yr-5mo, 1916.  b. Mar. 27, 1848.
   Father Ira B. BARNS b. Newfield, NY.  Mother Ersula SPING?----
   Cause of death was apparent suicide.  She was found in a well dug 40 ft deep.  Comment was
   she had been in poor health for a long time.  Burial Ennis Cemetery. Undertaker Wm Decker.
   Arthur BARNS gave the information.

William SWARTWOOD /SWARTVARD  aged 12yr-9mo-22da, who died at Cayuta on 22 Oct. 1916.
   Cause of death was accidental shooting.  Buried at Cayuta.  H.D. HORTEN undertaker.

Loretta WOOD d. Dec. 9, 1916 of apoplexy, ae 60, at town of Elmira, Chemung Co.
Burial at Cayuta, E.W. HIBBARD - undertaker, of Montour Falls.

Amesscius? WARD?- Seneca County, town of [Lodi] - d. Jan. 6, 1917,  ae 88yrs.  Buried Cayuta cem.
   Cause of death = senility & myocardial  infarction.

John AL?-- TE [ALLBEE ?] - d. Jan 7, 1917, County of Chemung,  ae 65yr;
   died from gunshot wound (homicidal ).  Buried in Cayuta NY.
   Undertaker  = R.H. HARTEN, Odessa, NY.
   [Possible match found on Cayuta cem. list =
    ALLBEE,  John W.  b. 1-20-1861  d. 1-6-1917
                      Harriett C his wife  b. 1861  d.?]

David RUSSELL d. at ae 57yr-8mo-1da, d. Cayuta on Jan. 3, 191_? of Brights Desease.
   Undertaker = Wm. DECKER of Van Etten.
David Curtis RUSSELL d. Jan. 19, 1917 of Brights Disease, ae 56yr-8mo-1da, in Cayuta, Schuyler Co.
   Parents = Richard RUSSELL b. NY and Jane CHAFFEE b.  NY.
   sex - male, color - white; date of death - Jan. 9, 1917.  Date of birth - April 8, 1859
   Occupation - Laborer.

Jane RAY - Cayuta Schuyler co.,  aged 84yr-8mo-20da, d. Feb. 26/20? 1917 of Cancer (lower jaw & nasal).
   Burial at Mo?   Settlement in NY. E.W. HIBBARD of Montour  Undertaker.

Francis Helen SWARTWOOD BEECH d. Cayuta, Schuyler co., Apr. 12, 1917, ae 71yr-2mo-19da.
   Cause - cancer of Stomach.   Burial in Cayuta.   Wm DECKER = undertaker.

Eliza OSMUN  d. Newfield, Tompkins co., NY on Apr. 17, 1917, ae 70yr-2mo-5da.
   Cause of death = Diabetic Melitis.  Undertaker = A.R. ALLEN.

Delancy/ Felancy?  ENNIS?/ ER? - ae 73yr, d. May 13, 1917, Catharine, Schuyler Co.
   Cause of death = Pneumonia.  Place of burial = Cayuta.  Undertaker = R. D. HORTON.

Catherine RARICK - d. Sept. 26, 1917, ae 53yr,VanEtten, Chemung Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Tubercalosis.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = Wm DECKER of VanEtten, NY.

Jennie W. STEWART - d. Cayuta on Dec 19, 1917, ae 41yr-5mo-13da, Cayuta, NY.
   Cause of death = Aeeil? Bright.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON.

Charles E. LINDSEY - d. Jan. 10, 1918, ae 63yr, Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Valvular Heart disease with paralysis right side.
   Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = R. D. HORTON.

David ALLBEE - d. Jan. 21, 1918, ae 23 yr, Romulis, Seneca Co., NY.
   Cause of death  = Status Epileptic.  Burial in Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON.

John GRANT REYNOLDS - d. Jan. 27, 1918, ae 65yr, Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY.
   Cause of death = old age.  Burial = Cayuta.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON.

William FLANDERS - d. Feb. 4, 1918, ae 85yr, Cayuta, Schuyler co., NY.
   Cause of death = Senility.  Place of burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = P.J. BRENNAN.

Miles McCLAREY - male ae 73, d. Cayuta on Feb. 5, 1918.  Resided in Odessa.
   Death caused by Operation, probably cancer.  Undertaker R. D. HORTON.

Meg? LAMBERT? - d. Ithaca, Thompkins Co., NY on Feb. 10, 1918, ae 44yr-3mo.
   Bur. Cayuta on Feb. 14, 1918.  Cause of death - cerebral hemorrhage.  Undertaker F. V. GILBERT.

John S. RICHARDS - d. at Cayuta, March 19, 1918, ae 81yr-6mo-14da, Cayuta, NY.
   Cause of death = Senile Dementia.   Undertaker = R. D. HORTON.

Elvira CRONKRITE - d. June 7, 1918, ae 85yr, Veteran, Chemung Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Cerebral Hemorrhage.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = VanBUSKIRK.

Miss Florence RARRICK - d. Aug. 16, 1918, ae 17yrs, of Pulmonary tuberculosis.
   Place of burial Cayuta.  C. L. DAVIS undertaker.

Walter REYNOLDS - d. Sept 11, 1918, ae 61 yrs.  Veteran, Chemung Co., NY;
   Cause of  death = diabetes with Gangrene toes.
   Place of burial = Cayuta NY.  Undertaker VanBUSKIRK &  Bros., Horseheads, NY.

Sylvester  WHITE - d. Nov. 9, 1918, ae 48 or 78yr, Town of Cayuta.
   Cause of death = Disease of Kidney.  Burial = Ennis Cemetery.  Undertaker = Will DECKER.

Alonzo LATTIN - d. Nov. 16, 1918, ae 84yr, County of Tioga, town of Spencer.
   Cause of death = Interstital nephritis.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = H. L. PALMER.

George E. THOMAS - d. Dec. 26, 1918, ae 68yrs, Newfield, Tompkins Co., NY.
   Cause of death = complication following mild attack of flu.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker = A. R. ALLEN, Newfield NY.

Andrew JACKSON RUSSELL - d. March 30, 1919 ae 57yr, Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Suicide [by] Shooting.  Place of burial Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker = R.D. HORTON of Odessa.

George BASTIAN - d. May 15, 1919, ae 37 yr, Binghamton, Broome Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Epilepsy Exhaustion from Co---?  Burial = Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker = Wm. DECKER of VanEtten.

Julia A. BENNITT - d. Nov. 12, 1919, ae 79yr, Cayuta, Schuyler co., NY.
   Cause of death = Lobar Pneumonia.  Burial at Horseheads, NY.  Undertaker = VanBUSKIRK.

William SEALY [SEELEY] - d. Dec. 6, 1919, ae 28yr-8mo-0da, Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Tuberculosis.  Place of burial = Cayuta NY.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON.
   [Cayuta cem. list has - SEELEY,  William  b. 1891  d. 1919
                                                           Laura W  his wife  b. 1898  d. 1957]

Robert CARMAN - d. April 15, 1920, ae 36 yrs, Erie, Chemung Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Cancer of Stomach.  Burial - Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker VanBUSKIRK Bros., Horseheads, NY.

Henry G. SMITH - d. Cayuta June 22, 1920, ae 80yrs, Cayuta, Schuyler co., NY.
   Cause of death = Prostrate Cancer.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON.

August REICH - d. Oct. 21, 1920, ae 64 yrs, Elmira, Chemung Co., NY.
   Cause of death = ____ femoral hernia.  Burial = Sullivanville, NY.
   Undertaker = A.R. ALLEN of Newifield, NY.

Daniel W. GER? [GORE ?] - Transit label [this part is very hard to read] - d. Jan. 2, 1921, Erie Co.,
   City of Buffalo, at 2178 Balcom St. - Escort was Mrs. W. HARD? [hard to read]
   Certified by H. F. SMITH.  Point of shipment - Buffalo, NY; Destination - Cayuta, NY.
   [Cayuta Cem. has possible match:  GORE,  Daniel  b. 1851  d. 1921.]

Reuben ROUCH /ROWCH - d. March 23, 1921, ae 51yr, Bradford, Sayre, PA.
   Cause of death  = dilation of heart.  Transit via Lehigh Valley RR.
   Caretaker - W.R. STEBBINS.  Removal to Cayuta, NY for burial.

Helen KUNDALE - d. June 18, 1921, ae 1yr-5m0, Bradford, Sayre, PA.
   Cause of death = Tetanus.  Burial in Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = SLAKER & OSHA.

Mary Ann BOYER - d. July 2, 1921, ae 77 yrs, Newfield, Tompkins Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Chronic Interstitial  Nephritis. Burial - Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker = R. D. HORTON of Odessa.

Harriett L. ROBERTS - d. Aug. 25, 1921 at Catharine, Schuyler Co. of Bronchial pneumonia
   ae 49 yrs.  Place of burial = Cayuta.  Undertaker = R.D. HORTON of Odessa NY.

Myron ENNIS - d. Aug. 26, 1921 in Cayuta, Schuyler Co., NY, Residence of Varrillin.
   Cause of death - Mental Degeneration.  Place of burial = Cayuta.  Undertaker = Wm. DECKER.

Brooks MANNING COCKSHUTT - d. Sept. 6, 1921 in Schuyler co. at Park Station,
   ae 5mo- 2da.  Cause of death = Cholic and famine.  Burial in Horseheads, NY.
   A second  burial permit, dated Aug. 7, 1921, gave the cause of death as
   Cholera Infection [Infantium?] - d. Aug. 6, 1921 in Cayuta town.  Burial at Horseheads.
   Undertaker W. W. VIRCK?   Residence Horseheads. NY.
  Probably the same person as this, but the details are slightly different:
Brooks Manly CARSHUTT - d. Schuyler Co.  on Sept. 6, [1919?] - Cause of death =
   Colina Infanton? [probably Cholera Infantium], ae 5 yrs?  Burial in Horseheads.
   Signed by A? C. JACKSON, coroner.

Charles Lewis GALES [GATES ?] - d. Sept. 19, 1921, ae __,  Montour Falls, NY.
   Cause of death = Gangreen intestine due to [? ].  Burial = Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker = Royce Bros., Watkins, NY.
   [Cayuta Cem. has possible match:  GATES,  Charles - no data ]

I. J. VANZILE - d. Sept. 28, 1921, ae 15yr, 10mo-28da. - Cayuta, NY.
   Cause of death  = accidently killed by  ___es [?]  Burial = Cayuta Cem.
   Undertaker = R.D. HORTON.

Frances G. DECKER - d. City of Buffalo, Erie Co., NY on Dec. 1, 1921, ae 77yrs.
   [Transit permit.]  Cause of  death = apoplexy.  Shipment via Lehigh Valley RR.
   Shipment from Buffalo, NY to Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = Philip SMITH.

Lowell RARICK - d. Dec. 9, 1921, ae 61 yr, town of Seneca, Ontario co., NY.
   Cause of death = Cerebral Hemorrhage.  Burial = Cayuta NY.
   Undertaker = James M. KENNEDY of Geneva, Ontario co., NY.

Henrietta TORREY - d. Dec. 26, 1921, Ithaca, Tompkins co., NY.
   Cause of death = Carcinoma Breast Metastasis.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = V. GILBERT.

Viola GROVES - d. Jan. 11, 1922, ae 58yr, Romulus, Seneca Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Chronic Nephritis.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = Samuel GARRETT.
A second certificate:
   Romulus, Seneca Co., NY. - Routing the remains to Cayuta, NY aboard Lehigh Valley RR.

Catherine ROSEBROOK - d. in Cayuta on 1 Feb. 1922, no age given.
   Cause of death = chronic Intestinal.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = Wm. DECKER.

Bertha May McATTER - d. Jan. 10, 1923, ae 22yrs, Southport, Chemung Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Lobar Pneumonia.  Burial = Cayuta, NY.
   Undertaker = W.C. HARRINGTON, 351 Main St.

Elizabeth DECKER SMITH - d. Odessa, Schuyler Co. on April 7, 1923,  ae 84 yr.
   Cause of death - softening of brain.   Burial at Cayuta.   R.D. HORTON of Odessa = undertaker.
   [Seems to be the wife of Abner C. SMITH - from cem. list.]

Ellen DEAN - d. town of Cayuta, Schuyler county, June 17, 1923,  ae 71yr-5mo-5da.
   Buried in Cayuta Cem.   Cause of death = Valmesan? heart disease.
   Wm DECKER = undertaker, of Odessa NY.

Asa PAGE - d. Aug. 16, 1923, town of Cayuta,  ae 44yr-6mo-21 da.  Cause of death = Carcinoma of liver.
   R. D. HORTON  undertaker of Odessa.

Hannah COOPER - d. on Sept. 5, 1923, ae 79yr.  County of Seneca, town of Ovid.
   Cause of d. = Chronic myocardial   Charles F. LEONARD = undertaker of Interlaken.  Burial Cayuta  NY.

Minnie SMITH - d. Jan. 28, 1924 of Cancer, ae 81yr-3mo-27da, Cayuta, Schuyler co., NY.
   Burial in Cayuta NY.  Undertaker R.D. HORTON of Odessa.

Herman BOYER - d. Feb. 7, 1924 of enlargement of heart, Newfield, Thompkins co.
   Place of burial Cayuta;  ae 75yr.  R.D. HORTON undertaker, of Odessa, NY.

John DEAN - ae 53, d. Cayuta on Aug. 21, 1924; cause of death = acute aleihalesm ? [maybe alcoholism?]
   Burial in Cayuta . R. D. HORTON undertaker.

Lymon BROWN - d. Aug. 28, 1924, Cayuta.  Cause of death = myocardial; ae 70 yr.
   Burial in Cayuta. Undertaker R.D. HORTON.

Louise COSTER - d. City of Buffalo, Erie co., NY on Dec. 19, 1924; Permit of Local Registrar,
   Dec. 21, 1924 - body prepared strictly in accordance of Rule 3 as certified by F. J. KRAFT
   & Son., 17 East Utica St.   Escort Peter COSTER, shipment - Buffalo, NY - destination = Cayuta, NY.

Frederick FREEMAN DEAN - d. Mar. 13, 1925, ae 1 month, Waverly, Tioga Co., NY.
   Cause of death = Pneumonia.  Burial at Cayuta, NY.  Undertaker = F. J. STALKER of Sayre, PA.

Unknown Female - d. at VanEtten, Chemung co., NY, ae 88yrs, white, d. of acute bronchitis
   on March 24, 1925. [no name of deceased]  Undertaker DECKER & ARNOLD of VanEtten.

[Contributed by I.C.J.]

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