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Catharine Cemetery
Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

(AKA St. John Cemetery /North Settlement Cemetery)

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"Located about .4 miles east of the Village of Catharine on the south
side of the road.  All stones checked Sept. 16, 2002 by W.E. Fenton.
Any line with an * after it is a name I didnít see. That info came from the old DAR lists.
It appears that many of the graves are not marked as there is a large area with no stones".

Town of Catherine

Barnes, Harriet dau of Ely  d.2-8-1846 age 9mo 8d

Beardsley, A N  d.10-1-1852 age 38-8-22
Beardsley, Daniel  d.9-12-1834 age 23-7-23
Beardsley, David  d.6-20-1846 age 77-0-27 (date gone in 2002)
           Pamela his wife  d.2-9-1858 age 82yr 9mo
Beardsley, Elias  d.1-19-1822 age 60-10-10
           Hannah his wife  d.11-30-1829 age 63
Beardlsey, Emeline dau of Elias & Anna  d.9-16-1821 age 6-1-21
           Roswell son of Elias & Anna  d.12-3-1830 age 2yr 9mo *
Beardslee, Eunice wife of Michael  d.3-25-1820 age 76
Beardsley, James  d.12-4-1851 age 80yr 6mo
           Hannah his wife  d.9-26-1851 age 73yr 5mo
Beardsley, Lewis  d.5-26-1802 age 38-4-3
Beardsley, Lucy  b.2-6-1809  d.8-25-1891 *
Beardsley, Philo  d.2-3-1849 age 52
           Mehitable his wife  b.11-22-1801  d.11-25-1843
              (date of death gone in 2002, that info from DAR list)
           Sophia his wife  d.2-13-1877 age 72
           Agur son of Philo & Mehitable  d.3-10-1823 age 2-2-21
           Daniel son of Philo/Mehitable d.11-16-1852 age 11-0-21
           Ely son of Philo & Mehitable  b.8-11-1825  d.8-29-1843 *
           Oscar son of Philo & Mehitable  d.3-10-1832 age 1mo 1d
Beardslee, Polly Ann wife of Isaac  d.5-30-1834 age 56-10-28
Beardsley, Rachael wife of Ammon  d.5-17-1814 age 19-4-20
Beardsley, Zacariah C  d.9-13-1869 age 83-6-5
           Polly his wife  d.4-26-1844 age 54-10-5
           Ede their dau  d.4-13-1836 age 19
            (see Joseph Lyon)

Booth, Solomon  d.1-12-1821 age 80-2-17
       Naomi wife of Solomon  d.5-23-1817 age 71-5-26

Bulkley, Sally  d.2-12-1811 age 2-7-7

Burritt, Legrand son of J A & Anna Olive  d.8-23-1821 age 7-1-17 *

Carpenter, Sarah A wife of Albert d.4-24-1869 age 60 (in bad shape)

Denmark, Gennet dau of Jesse & Emeline  d.11-20-1818 age 8mo 13d

Fosdick, Charles  d.12-27-1861 age 72-11-8
         Maria his wife  d.12-26-1891 age 85

Frost, Joseph  d.8-25-1810 age 83

Grey, David  d.?-11-1836 age 51-2-13 (broken bad in 2002)
      (see Joseph Lyon)

Hall, Martha wife of Aaron  d.6-18-1831 age 75-2-18

Hawley, Sally Delilah dau of Abijah  d.2-19-1815 age 4yr 11d

Hibbard, Nancy wife of Dr. George  d.2-1-1830 age 43(age gone)

Hyde, Martha dau of Abner & Nancy  d.2-17-1841 age 6-2-25 *
      Mary dau of Abner & Nancy  d.3-4-1841 age 11mo 6d
      John son of Abner & Nancy  d.1-30-1841 age 4-6-13
      Joseph son of Abner & Nancy  d.1-3-1841 age 2-9-9

Jones, George  d.3-?-1861 age 74yr 1mo
       Frances Eliza his wife  d.12-2-1859 age 58

Kimball, Lydia wife of N C  d.7-24-1820 age 33yr 5mo

Knight, Cornelius son of Samuel & Sarah Ann d.12-26-1840 age 2-1-23

Lovell, Olive  b.5-4-1811  d.12-26-1861 *
Lovell, William  b.5-23-1799  d.5-26-1855 *

Lyon, Isaac   d.4-1-1821 age 76
      Rachael his wife  d.9-24-1815 age 58yr 4mo
Lyon, Jennette Sherman wife of Isaac  d.1-4-1877 age 65
Lyon, Joseph  d.9-26-1832 age 50yr 8mo
      Clarina widow of Joseph Lyon, David Gray & Z A Beardsley
               d. 2-11-1857 age 71yr 6mo
      Roswell Knap son of Joseph d.2-14-1817 age 13mo 23d

Malettte, Demon  d.3-20-1828 age 50
          Eucice Couch his wife  d.5-23-1856 age 79-11-24
Malette, Philip  d.4-27-1856 age 67
Malette, Philip  d.3-7-1819 age 69

Mitchell, Catheine wife of Samuel  d.8-4-1881 age 72yr 4mo
Mitchell, Clarina dau of Jesse  d.2-22-1815 age 3mo 8d
Mitchell, Delilah  d.2-6-1819 age 7mo
Mitchell, Hilana  d.9-27-1815 age 18
Mitchell, James  d.8-22-1818 age 31
          Sarah wife of James  d.6-10-1831 age 36

Ousterhout, James  d.1-27-1821 age 40
            Polly his wife  d.6-24-1877 age 89yr 8mo
            Samuel their son  d.5-2-1822 age 2yr 3mo

Owen, Fannie wife of Neil  d.8-29-1879 age 72

Pike, Sewall  d.10-10-1833 age 56 (broken bad)

Ruggles, Eleanor wife of Nathaniel  d.7-29-1818 age 31-6-20

Sherwood, Patty wife of John  d.11-26-1826 age 66-8-10

Shulters, Rhoda wife of John  b.7-2-1799  d.7-21-1856 *
          Philip son of John & Rhoda  d.12-13-1855 age 25-10-19

Smith, James son of James & Ruth  d.9-14-1814 age 19-11-2
Smith, George son of William & Caroline  d.9-27-1838 age 1-6-7
       James son of William & Caroline  d.8-28-1836 age 6mo 6d

Stone, Mary wife of David  d.6-17-1881 age 59-1-7
       David E son of David & Mary  d.4-13-1864 age 17
               CO A 89 REG NYV
       Mary Jane dau of David & Mary  d.11-29-1875 age 30yr 9mo

Summers, Susannah wife of Silas  d.10-18-1825 age 52-6-11

Updike, Anna wife of Archibald  d.?-8-1828 age ? (in bad shape)

Weeks, John son of Chauncey & Mary  d.1-8-1863 age 5yr 1mo
       Sarah E dau of Chauncey & Mary  d.12-25-1862 age 11yr 12d
       George H son of Chauncey & Mary  d.4-22-1866 age 6yr 2mo

Weller, Elizabeth wife of John  d.2-7-1844 age 40-1-15

Winton, Samuel  d.8-15-1845 age 66-8-1

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