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Darling Plot
Town of  Hector, Schuyler co., NY

These 2 readings of the Darling Plot are from
the D.A.R. book at the NY State Library in Albany, NY.

Contributed by Lynn Stevenson Fisher.

Town of Hector

Source:  State Regent, Mrs. Frank B. Cuff, White Plains, NY, Unpublished Cemetery & Church Records, Presented to the Daughters of the American Revolution by Several Chapters of New York State, 1961-1962, Vol. 236


The Darling Burial Lot, left side of road 1 1/2 miles west of Mecklenburg, N.Y.  Sent in by Mrs. Eleanor White, Chief Taughannock Chapter, Trumansburg, N.Y. (Cemetery in Town of Hector, Schuyler, Co.

BILSON, Sarah d. 1862, Dec. 23, ae 67 yrs
(same stone)   David d. May 23, 1831 ae 5 yrs
  Mary d. May 16, 1814 ae 4 yrs
  (children of A. B. DARLING)

MISNER, Juliann, wife of Hiram, d. July 1, 1847 ae 38 yrs
MISNER, John, son of Hiram & Juliann, d. Oct. 21, 1848 ae 4 yrs

Thomas B. DARLING d. Apr. 7, 1870 ae 52 yrs. 9 mo. 9 da.
Jane F. DARLLING d. Mar. 19, 1890 ae 63 yrs 8 mo. 8 da.
DARLING, Henry C. d. Dec. 28, 1860 ae 26 yrs 4 mo. 26 da.


In the same DAR book on a different page is a slightly different version, as follows.


Darling Cemetery.  Town of Hector, Schuyler County, 1/2 mile west of Mecklenburg, New York.  Sent in by Mrs. M. Eleanor White, Chief Taughannock Chapter, N.S.D.A.R. Trumansburg, New York.

DARLING, Thomas B.   d. Apr. 7, 1870, aged 52 yrs. 9 mo. & 9 days
DARLING, Jane F.  d. Mar. 19, 1890, age 63 yrs 8 mo. & 8 da.
DARLING, Henry C. d. Dec. 28, 1860, age 26 yrs 4 mo. & 26 da.

MISNER, Juliann, wife of Hiram MISNER, d. July 1, 1847 aged 38 yrs, 8 mo. 15 days
MISNER, John, son of Juliann and Hiram MISINER, d. Oct. 21, 1848, aged 4 yrs., 6 mo. & 20 days
(On one stone MISNER, on the other MISINER)

BILSON, Sarah  d. 1862, Dec. 23, aged 67 yrs
BILSON, David   d. May 23, 1831 AE 5 yrs
BILSON,  Mary   d. May 16, 1814 AE 4 yrs
  Children of A. E. DARLING

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