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Schuyler Co., NY  Land Deeds from Steuben Co.
Book 1-----Book 2-----Book 3-----Book4

Transcribed for the website by
Debra Gordon-Thom

Originally in Steuben county, these deed records were
transferred to the Schuyler county courthouse
after part of Schuyler county was formed
from Steuben county in 1854.

Schuyler co., NY -- Deed Book 1

Lebeus Hammond to Dudley Hammond, p. 6

Dudley Hammond to Justice Bennett, p. 26

Low & Harrison to Josiah Bennett, p. 72

Robert & Roswell Bailey to Josiah Bennett, p. 121

Elkanah Watson to Josiah Bennett, p. 124

Lebeus Hammond to Gershom Bennett, p. 194

Gershom Bennett to Jesse Sortor, p. 195

John Boyes to Justus Bennett, p. 250

Elkanah Watson & Wife to Justus Bennett, p. 273

Elkanah Watson & Wife to Josiah Bennett, p. 293

Peter Lewis to John Lewis, p. 439

Justus Bennett to Nathaniel H. Frisbie, p. 479

Justus Bennett to Ralph Swarthout, p. 494

Justus Bennett to Benjamin Sutton, p. 503

Henry Baker to James N. Marshall, p. 509

Justus Bennett to John S. Bennett, p. 512

Justus Bennett to Abraham Bennett, p. 513

    Justus Bennett to James J. Bennett, p. 514

Benjamin Sutton to Joseph Bennett, p. 525

Geo. McClure Shff to Benjamin Sutton, p. 547

George McClure Sheriff  to John S. Bennett, p. 594

John S. Bennett to Benjamin Sutton, p. 609

Schuyler co., NY -- Deed Book 2

James J. Bennett to William Lobdell, p. 132

Sam'l. & William Lobdell to Increase Cooley, p. 265

William Lobdell & wife to Increase Cooley, p. 267

Elizabeth Lobdell to Sylvanus Travis, p. 533

Schuyler co., NY -- Deed Book 3

Joseph Bennett to George Smith, p. 52

Gershom Bennett & Wife to Israel Bennett, p. 143

Israel Bennett to Gershom Bennett, p. 144

Cyrus Cole & Wife to Elijah Bennett, p. 325

Daniel Miller to Justus J. Bennett, p. 363

Schuyler co., NY -- Deed Book 4

Elijah Bennett & Wife to Steven Bennett, p. 228

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