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Collected Birth Records - Town of Dix - late 1800s
Schuyler co., NY

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Town of Dix Births

Marion Nellie ACKLEY b. Mar. 21,1907.  Parents Lidia Ellen COLLINS age 34 b. Geneva, NY,
& John E. ACKLEY ae 39 b. Town of Hector, NY.

Baby ALDRICH (male) b. Aug 3,1897 Dix.  Parents Ellen K. FREEMAN? MANNING age 39,
& William H. ALDRICH b. Binghamton, NY.

Katherine Inez BAILEY b. Nov. 30,1905.  Parents Eva BUCK age 40 b. Mansburg, PA,
& Asa BAILEY age 47 b. Enfield Center, Tompkins co..

Louise BAILEY b. Dec. 15, 1902.  Parents Eva BUCK age 36 b. Tioga Co PA,
& Asa V. M.? BAILEY age 44 b. Thompkins co.

Elmer C. BAKER b. Aug. 5, 1904.  Parents Sarah GRAHAM age 29 b. NY,
& William H. BAKER age 29 b. NY.

Baby BARKER (male) b. Aug. 22,1906.  Parents Gertrude LOEFLER age 28 b. Monterey,
and Oran Albert BARKER age 29 b. Monterey.

Clifford O. BARKER b. June 3,1904.  Parents Gertrude LEFFLER age 26 b. Bennettsburg,
and Albert BARKER age 26  b. Dix.

Margaret BARNES b. Feb. 4,1903.  Parents Alline JAMES age 30 b. NY,
and George BARNES age 32 b. NY.

Winfred A. BECKWITH  b. Aug. 11,1907.  Parents Flora ARMSTRONG age 21  b. PA,
and Aldelbert BECKWITH age 28 b. Dix.

Waldo A. BECKWITH b. Mar. 17, 1908.  Parents Flora ARMSTRONG age 23 b. PA,
and Adelbert BECKWITH age 29 b. Dix, Schuyler co.

Huey BECKWITH b. Mar. 19,1908 in Dix.  Parents Flora ARMSTRONG age 23 b. PA,
and Adelbert BECKWITH age 29 b. Dix.

Truman BEECHER b. Nov. 11, 1887.  Parents Loretta TERWILLIGER age 24 b. Ulster Co.,
and Mark A. BEECHER age 24 b. NY.

Ida J. BELL b. Feb. 24, 1898. Parents Carry M. BERRY age 27 b. Watkins,
and Norman BELL age 32 b. Town Orange.

Elmer BELL b. Nov. 5,1904.  Parents Carrie M. BERRY age 35 b. NY,
and Norman D. BELL age 39 b. NY.

Weston BERRY b. July 1,1902.  Parents California M. WEDGEWOOD age  40 b. Dix
and George B. BERRY age 40 b. Watkins.

William W. BOYCE b. Aug 30,1908.  Parents Gracie WIEDMAN age 19 b. Townsend,
and Heighstone BOYCE age 27 b. Mechlenburg, Schuyler co., NY.

John T. BRODERICK b. Feb. 19, 1899.  Parents Emma E. MILLSPAUGH age 39 b. Yates Co.,
and C. S. BRODERICK age 42 b. Seneca co., NY.

Emma Maude BRONSON b.Jan. 13,1899.  Parents Edith M. OBERS age 20 b. Beaver Dams,
and Clyde BRONSON age 34 b. Beaver Dams, Schuyler co., NY.

Merel Eugene BRUSH b. Apr. 16,1903.  Parents Della RHODES age 22 b. Schuyler Co.,
and Herbert BRUSH age 26 b. York, PA.

Frances Marion BUCK b. Nov. 24, 1903.  Parents Mary MAURER age 24 b. Herkimer Co.,
and William P. BUCK age 28 b. Town of Orange, Schuyler co.

Raymond Leroy BUTTS b. Feb 15, 1910?  Parents Luler E. TILLINGHAST age 30 b. NY,
and John W. BUTTS age 47 b. England

Lucy J. CANFIELD/CAULFIELD  b. Jan. 22,1888.  Parents Mary CRAWFORD age 28 b. Bath, NY,
and Fred CAULFIELD age 28 b. NY.

William CHARLES b. Feb. 2,1903.  Parents Mary SMITH age 36  b. NY,
and Lewis CHARLES age 38 b. NY.

Hazel Mae CHURCH b. Aug 29,1902.  Parents Mary MILLER age 20 b. Dix
and William F. CHURCH age 23 b. NY.

Lawrence M. CHURCH b. July 14,1902.  Parents Mary MILLER age 19 b. Schuyler Co.,
and F. W. CHURCH age 22 b. Whiteville, NY.

Frank Leslie CHURCH b. Nov 4, 1908 in Dix.   Parents Libbie Mae MILLER age 25 b. NY,
and Fred W. CHURCH age 28 b. NY

Lelia Esther CHURCH b. May 26,1906.  Parents Libbie Mae MILLER age 23,
and Frederick W. CHURCH age 25 b. NY.

Gertrude Louise CLEVELAND b. Nov. 2,1908.  Parents Della WILLS age 31 b. NY,
and George CLEVELAND  age 36  b. NY.

Edna May CLEVELAND   b. July 01, 1907.  Parents Della May MILLER age 28 b. Dix,
and George CLEVELAND age b. Dix.

Isadore CLEVELAND b. Apr. 2,1899.  Parents Emma age 27,
and William CLEVELAND age 32 b. Catlin.

Harry L. [Lockwood] CLOSE  b. 1908 -no month & day listed.  Parents Mary ECTOR [her age should be 38] b. NY, & Burt CLOSE [his age should be 33] b. PA.  [ages supplied by their descendant Sally Meabon]

Esther Mary CLOSE b. Aug 10, 1905.  Parents Mary Elizabeth ECTOR age 34 b. Schuyler Co.,
and Burton Lockwood CLOSE age 30 b. Schuyler Co.

Robert William CLOSE b. Aug 24,1901.  Parents Mary E. ECTOR age 30 b. Sugar Hill,
and Burton L. CLOSE age 26 b. PA.

Rebe C. CLOSE b. Mar. 27, 1899.  Parents Mary E. ECTOR age 25  b. Town of Orange,
and Burton CLOSE age 34.  [ages should be about 29 for Mary & 24 for Burton]

Alfred Charles COYKENDALL b. Apr. 25,1904. Parents Ella ALLISON THORP age 42,
and Charles Alfred COYKENDALL age 47 b. Altay.

Bertha Agnes CROUT b. Apr. 21,1899.  Parents Margaret BOWMAN age 38 b. Town of Orange,
and Burton CROUT age 32 b. Dix.

Ernest  Walter CROUT b. Townsend Aug 22, 1908.  Parents Lynette KENDALL age 22 b. Schuyler Co.,
and Albert Warren CROUT age 22 b. Townsend.

Adam Clayton CROUT b. Aug. 5,1901.  Parents Maggie BOWMAN b. PA?,
and Burton CROUT age 36 b. Dix

Bessie CULVER b. May 5, 1888 Moreland.  Parents Minnie S. age 22 b. Dix,
and Clarence C. CULVER age 24 b. Catlin, NY.

June May CULVER b. Apr. 3, 1887.  Parents Minnie GANUNG b. Dix,
and Clarence CULVER age 23 b. Catlin, NY.

Lawrence MOSHER DANN b. May 2,1897 in Moreland.  Parents Mary MOSHER age 24 b. Pine Valley,
and Fred O. DANN age 26 b. Hornby, Steuben co., NY.

Esther Emma DELMORE b. Aug 15,1901.  Parents Kate PARK age 28 b. Sullivanville,
and T. H. DILMORE  age 31 b. Pine Valley, NY.

Thomas DILMON b. May 9,1899. Parents Kate PARKE age 21 b. Veteran
and Bert DILMON age 29 b. Veteran.

Lawrence Hobart DILWON [DILMON?] b. Aug. 3,1897 Moreland, Dix.  Parents Kate PARKS
age 19 b. Sullivanville, and Bert DILWON age 27 b. Pine Valley.

Frank Allington DILMORE  Aug.  11,1904.  Parents Kate PARK age 27 b. NY,
and Thomas H. DILMORE age 34 b. NY.

John William ECTOR b. June 10,1907.  Parents Marie L. SKUSE b. Schuyler,
and John ECTOR [b. 23 Sep 1865 in Schuyler Co., according to a descendant]

Fanny Maria ECTOR b. June 21,1898.  Parents Maria SKUSE age 24, b. Schuyler Co.,
and John ECTOR [b. 23 Sep 1865 in Schuyler Co., according to a descendant]

Emma Lulla EDDY b. Oct. 25, 1905.  Parents Ida Jane MORROW age 36 b. Schuyler Co.,
and Freeman EDDY age 51 b. Townsend, Dix.

Baby EDDY (female) b. Feb 16,1902.  Parents Ida MARROW age 33 b. Hornby, Steuben co.,
and Freeman EDDY age 48 b. Dix.

Julia Bernice EDMINISTER b. July 29,1897.  Parents Libbie JOHNSON age 22 b. Catlin,
and Charles EDMIINISTER age 33 b. Pine Valley.

Irvin Wilkin  ERVAY  b. Aug. 15,1908.  Parents Hebe B. L-----(blurred but has May & 3 more letters after the “L”) ae 25 b. NY, and Miller Irving ERVAY age 30 b. NY.

Robert William FIELDS b. Nov. 20,1898 in Moreland.  Parents Eva A. OLDFIELD age 27 b. Minn.,
and Thomas H. FIELDS age 33 b. Watkins.

George FOSTER b. Sept 7,1897 in Beaver Dams.  Parents May HOWLEY age 19 b. Beaver Dams,
and Eugene FOSTER age 32 b. NY.

Myrtie FOX b. Oct 26,1902.  Parents Myrtel ROBINSON age 21 b. Yates Co..
and William J. FOX age 25 b. Schuyler Co.

Harlon Sebring GANO b. Jan. 7, 1899. Parents Cora Mae BEARDSELY age 27 b. Thompkins Co.,
and Charles S. GANO age 34 b. Town of Montour.

Hazel GANUNG b. Aug 20,1898.  Parents Mary C. CATLIN age 38 b. Dix,
and Charles GANUNG age 32 b. Dix.

Walter C. GANUNG b. Oct. 14,1888 Moreland.  Parents Nenie CATLIN ae 25, b. Dix
and Frank C. GANUNG  ae 28 b. Dix.

Clifford Frank GILBERT b. May 13,1907.  Parents Canie Mae BAKER ae 26 b. Blossburgh, ?PA
and Noah R. GILBERT ae 31 b. Marnsburg.

Helen GOBLE b. Jan 11,1887.  Parents Flavea VanELLEN ae 24 b. Chemung Co.
and John GOBLE ae 34 b. Ohio.

Glen F. GOLTRY  b. Mar. 6,1908 Dix.  Parents Edna WHITE ae 30 b. Dix
and Floyd GOLTRY ae 28 b. Tyrone.

Alda May GOULD b. June 5, 1902.  Parents Nettie May BUTCHER ae 23 b. Chemung Co.
and Myers GOULD ae 24 b. Tioga Co., PA.

Baby GRAHAM (male) b. Mar. 11,190, Dix.  Parents Anna LOVE ae 28 b. Dix
and Hiram H. GRAHAM ae 30 b. Dix.

Mary Elenor GRAHAM b. Mar? 22,1906.  Parents Anna LOVE ae 36 b. NY.
and Hiram GRAHAM ae 35 b. NY.

John Floriden HAYES b. Feb. 24, 1901.  Parents Hattie BAKER ae 26 b. Hornby [Steuben co.]
and John Floridan HAYES ae 38 b. Hornby Station.

Eunice Louise HARRINGTON b. July 24,1897 Moreland.  Parents Reva LYNCH ae 21 b. Big Flats
and Levi HARRINGTON ae 30,  b. Chemung Co.

Clayton Willis HAZARD b. Apr. 8,1904.  Parents Nellie E. AMES ae 20 b. Hornby
and Willis HAZARD ae 27 b. Penn Yan.

Nellie M. HENRY b. June 5,1902.  Parents Martha L. KEYSP ae 33 b. Mich.
and William D. HENRY ae 39 b. NY.

Lena HERRICK b. Oct. 31, 1904.  Parents Lottie BURRIS ae 31 b. Pine Valley
and Loyal HERRICK ae 30 b. Dix.

Lloyd Orrin HERRICK b. May 6,1902.  Parents Lettie BURRIS ae 27 b. Pine Valley
and Loyal B. HERRICK ae 27 b. Dix.

Baby HOOKER (female) b. Dix Mar. 07,1908.  Paarents Emma Mae WIERICKE ae 31 b. NY
and Alonzo HOOKER ae 35 b NY.

Baby HOWELL (female) b. Nov.29,1904.  Parents Addie PROPER ae 30 NY
and Harry HOWELL ae 33 b. NY.

Baby HUEY (female) b. Nov. 24, 1904. Parents Minniett COYKENDALL ae 20 b. Beaver Dams
and B. ATWOOD HUEY ae 24 b. NY.

Baby HUEY (male) b. Jan 16,1904.  Parents Martha CALDWELL ae 28 b. Ireland
and Martin V. HUEY ae 28 b. Dix.

Eugene BOLT HUEY  b. Feb. 8, 1904.  Parents Martha CALDWELL ae 29 b. Ireland
and Martin V. HUEY ae 29 b. Dix.   [It seems that the year should be 1905, not 1904.]

Charlotte Mae HUEY b. Feb. 18,1908.  Parents Martha CALDWELL ae 33 b. Ireland
and Martin HUEY ae 33 b. Dix. (along side of this entry was written “than not taken put 1941 Feb, 18“)

Lydia Hattie JONES b. May 22, 1900.  Parents Bessie ALLEN ae 19 b. Chemung Co.
and Grant C. JONES ae 36 b. Breesport.

Oliver William KENDALL b. June 15,1903.  Parents Jennie ELLISON ae 30 b. Dix
and William K. KENDALL ae 28 b. Watkins.

Pearl KENDALL b. Oct 2,1903.  Parents Mary A. STERLING ae 25 b. Dix
and Harry J. KENDALL ae 26.

Maude May KENDALL b. Apr. 21, 1901.  Parents Mary A. STERLING ae 26 b. NY
and Harry J. KENDALL ae 24 [27?] b. NY.

Baby KIMBLE (male) b. Jan 28, 1901.  Parents Julia OSMAN ae 28 b. PA
and Charales KIMBLE ae 39 b. NY.

Alice LEDUE b. July 27, 1898.  Parents Jerusha HENYON ae 37 b. Catlin
and Edmon LADUE ae 33 b. Catlin.

Baby LEE (male) b. May 29, 1901.  Parents Lela OVERHIESER ae 20
and Frank A. LEE ae 21 b. Dix.

Viola LEWIS b. July 23,1906.  Parents Estell M. WAKELEE ae 26 b. Bradford NY
and Edwin H. LEWIS ae 25 b. Dix.

Austin LOUIS  b. Feb. 1,1908, Dix.  Parents Estelle M. WAKELEE b. Bradford
and Edwins H. LEWIS  ae 28 b. Dix.

Clarence Burton MAINE b. June 15, 1906.  Parents Julia CROUT ae 18 b. Schuyler Co., NY
and Frank MAINE ae 20 b. Schuyler Co., NY.

Edna Burnett MARSH b. Aug 11, 1898.  Parents Minnie WEAVER ae 20 b. Big Flats
and Howard MARSH ae 23 b. Big Flats.

Margaret MATHEWS b. Mar. 1,1896 Townsend.  Parents Catherine CHAPMAN ae 31 b. Town of Orange
and Lawrence MATHEWS ae 36.

Marcus Marsh McCARTY  b. Nov. 15,1908 Dix.  Parents Mary STOUGHTON ae 30 b. Alpine
and Almon E. McCARTY ae 30 b. Dix.

Hazel Elizabeth McDOUGAL b. June 7,1900.  Parents Kitty SHERWOOD ae 29 b. NY
and John McDOUGAL ae 32 b. NY.

Baby McMEINES (female) b. Aug. 1,1897, Beaver Dams.  Parents Laura B. DENNING ae 32 b. Tyrone
and Andrew McMEINES ae 34 b. Yates Co.

Oren G. MEADE b. Dix May 10,1908.  Parents Eleanor Maude CLAWSON ae 25 b. NY
and William MEADE ae 31 b. NY.

Helen L. MILLER b. Oct. 23,1902.  Parents Mattie E. MERCHANT ae 22 b. Chemung Co.
and James R. MILLER ae 30 b. Yates Co.

Kittie B. MILLER b. May 22,1887.  Parents Shirley M.  b. Dix
and Marcus C. MILLER ae 26 b. Iowa.

Alma E. MILLER b. Oct. 4, 1887.  Parents Eva S. BENNETT ae 20 b. Schuyler Co.
and Fred H. MILLER ae 20 b. PA.

Amy Estell MILLER b. Sept 12,1888, Townsend.  Parents Drett? PARKER ae 23 b. Big Flats
and Lewis M. MILLER ae 28 b. Dix.

Hazel MILLER b. Aug. 14,1888, Moreland.  Parents Shirley ae 20 b. Moreland
and Marcus MILLER ae 26 b. Iowa.

Beatrice May MILLER  b. Mar. 4,1901.  Parents Lizzie Fae BARNS ae 18 b. Bolviar, NY
and Franklin B. MILLER ae 19 b. Dix.

Vrie ? A. MILLS b. Dix Mar. 20, 1908.  Parents Bertha L. ADEIT ae 31 b. Schuyler co.
and Henry J. MILLS ae 22 b. Watkins.

Estes (female) E. MILLS b. Mar. 5, 1898.  Parents Ella PANGBORNE ae 25 b. Town of Orange
and Lewis D. MILLS ae 23 b. Dix.

Mytle E. MILLS b.Oct. 30, 1900.  Parents Ella PANGBORNE ae 27 b. Town of Orange
and Lewis MILLS ae 25 b. Dix.

Arthur MURPHY b. Dix Mar 26,1908.  Parents Ruth Elizabeth  b. Sayre  ae 21
and Michael MURPHY ae 22 b. Watkins.
(very small print over this entry was written - father known as Lorena MURPHY, Toledo OH)

Lucy Leona PALMER b. June 14,1906.  Parents Mary MALLORY ae 32 b. Schuyler Co.
and Mac. PALMER ae 42 b. Schuyler Co.

Baby PALMER (male) b. Dec 13,1897.  Parents Viola Bell LEWIS ae 19 b. Dix
and Fred W. PALMER ae 23 b. Dix.

Rosa PARADISO  b. Apr. 20,1903.  Parents Clemetine SIPECCIO [SPECCIO ?] ae 28 b. Italy
and Domminic PARADISO ae 28 b. Italy.
Mary PARADISO b. Apr. 20, 1903.  Parents Clemetine SIPECCIO [SPECCIO ?] ae 28 b. Italy
and Domminic PARADISO ae 28 b. Italy.

Mary PARADISO b. Mar. 14, 1908 Dix.  Parents Clematine SPECIO ae 33 b. Italy
and Dominik PARADISO ae 33 b. Italy.

Jennie PETERSON  b. Mar. 6, 1904..  Parents Anna LOVE ae 28 b. Dix
and Hiram H. GRAHAM ae 30 b. Dix.

Edna C. PHELPS b. Mar. 4,1888, Dix Center.  Parents Fhena A. ROOD ae 34 b. Townsend
and Henry W. PHELPS ae 35 b. Dix.

Baby QUICK (male) b. Oct 10,1897.  Parents Maggie HOAG ae 17 b. Hammonds Corners
and Harry QUICK ae 24 b. Schuyler Co.

Maurice Emerson RHODES b. Dix Nov. 6, 1907.  Parents Bertha Bell STATER ae 20
and Bryan C. RHODES ae 25 b. NY.

Ema Inez RHODES b. Moreland Aug. 29,1907.  Parents Stella KNIFFIN b. NY
and Elmer F. RHODES ae 40 b. Schuyler Co.

Douglas Roch RICE b. Feb. 24,1907.  Parents Nellie FRARY ae 18 b. Townsend
and Raymond L. RICE ae 22 b. Prattsburg.

Baby (gender not recorded) SEIDERS b. May 5,1906.  Parents Carry b. Dix
and William SEIDERS  b. Philadelphia, PA.

Harry SIMPSON b Aug. 20,1899.  Parents Myrtle WASSON ae 22 b. Dix
and Irvin J. SIMPSON ae 24 b. Dix.

Lewis Hartley SLATER b. Oct 13,1898.  Parents Ella MERGATROID ae 44 b. Elmira
and Madison SLATER ae 54 b. Johnson Hollow.

Baby SMITH (male) b, July 27, 1898.  Parents Julia RARRICK ae 22 b. Town of Orange
and Frank M. SMITH ae 32 b. East Campbell.

Claire E. SMITH  b. May 23,1904 Dix.  Parents Mary PHELPS ae 28 b. NY
and Herber L. SMITH ae 26 b. NY.

Edith Marion SMITH b. Dix Nov. 29,1907.  Parents Mary PHELPS  ae 31 b. Hector
and Herbert SMITH ae 30 b. Hornby [Steuben co.]

(faded) Howard? SMITH (male) b. Feb. 21,1907.  Parents Grace HERRICK ae 30 b. Dix
and Myron H. SMITH  ae 35 b. Catlin.

Louis Ruff SMITH  b. Jan. 2,1910.  Parents Lutia O. MARTIN ae 46 b. NY
and Loell W. SMITH ae 54 b. NY.

George Almond SPADER b. May 8,1897.  Parents Delphine SPADER ae 27 b. Ovid
and David SPADER ae 41 b. Lodi, NY.

Edith SPADER b. Jan 23,1907.  Parents Delphine TOWNSEND ae 36 b. Ovid, Seneca Co., NY
and Daniel SPADER ae 50 b. Lodi.

Lelia May SPADER b. Aug. 11,1901.  Parents Delphine ae 31 b. Hector
and Daniel SPADER ae 45 b. Dix.

Baby SPRECCIO (male) b. Mar. 7,1901.  Parents Mary PALMER ae 22 b. Italy
and Dominico SPRECCIO ae 29 b. Italy.  [SPECCIO ?]

Earnest SPILLMAN b. Apr. 2,1897 Moreland.  Parents Susan HECLION?  ae 37 b. Ovid
and Thomas SPILLMAN  ae 44 b. NY.

Reginald Charles STEVENS b. Beaver Dams Oct. 28,1901.  Parents Alethea O. FROST ae 18 b. NY
and Oren STEVENS ae 25 b. NY.

Jane STEWART b. Mar. 13,1896.  Parents Nellie WASSON ae 31 b. Dix [age wrong? - see next one]
and Andrew STEWART ae 38 b. Ireland.

Wallace J. STEWART b. July 3,1904.  Parents Nellie WASSON ae 31 b. Dix
and Andrew STEWART ae 46 b. Ireland.

Helen Seredes? STRADER b. July 3,1904. Parents Bertha GUNN ae 21 b. Mich.
and Jack or Jake STRADER ae 22 b. Dix.

Madelon STRADER b. July 28, 1907.  Parents Bertha GUNN ae 24 b. Mich.
and Jacob STRADER ae 25 b. Dix.

Blanche M. SUDUS [SEIDER ?]  b. Aug 16,1908, Dix.  Parents Caroline WASSON ae 24 b. Dix
and William E. SEIDER ae 26 b. San Francisco, CA.

George Charles THOMPSON b. Mar 25,1906.  Parents Ella WASSON ae 36 b. NY
and David THOMPSON ae 42 b. NY.

Ellen Mildred TRACEY b. Mar. 3,1898.  Parents Ruth Ann HURY ae 26 b. Tyrone
and Smith TRACEY ae 28 b. Town of Orange.

Christine Augusta VANDEVENTER b. Aug 7,1898 Townsend.   Parents Mary J. BALDWIN ae 24 b. Elmira
and William T. VANDEVENTER ae 25 b. Watkins.

Gertrude VANDEVENTER b. Dec. 02,1907, Beaver Dams.   Parents Elsa May FERO ae 21 b. NY
and Charles VANDEVERNTER ae 24 b. Beaver Dams

John David VANDUSEN  b. Aug. 3,1907 Dix.   Parents Dora GATES ae 23 b. Watkins
and John VANDUSEN ae 30.

George VANDUZEN b. Dix Aug 18, 1908.  Parents Dora YATES ae 25 b. Watkins
and John VANDUZEN  ae 32 b. Dix.

Dean Roger VANKIRK b. Jan 12,1888.  Parents Susie MILLER ae 22 b. NY
and J.S. VANKIRK ae 45 b. NY.

Minor D. WAKEMAN b. Aug. 31,1899.  Parents Ella P. BECKWITH ae 30 b. Dix
and William WAKEMAN ae 39 b. Virginia.

Walter John WAKLEE b. Oct. 3, 1900.  Parents Jennie Dur---?  b. Beaver Dams
and George W. WAKLEE b. Reading.

Baby WASSON (male) b. Oct 19,1903.  Parents Nellie L. OWENS b. Dix
and Charles WASSON ae 23 b. Dix.

Baby WASSON (male) b. Feb. 17,1902.  Parents Nellie L. OWEN ae 18 b. Dix
and Charles WASSON ae 22 b. Dix.

Wallace WASSON  b. Oct. 3,1908 Dix.  Parents Isabella STEWART  b. Ireland
and Andrew WASSON ae 42 b. Dix.

Marion WEEKS  b. Mar. 5, 1899.  Parents Gertrude McCARTHY ae 38 b. Catlin
and Fred WEEKS ae 36 b. Millport.

Lennie A. WEIDMAN b. Mar. 11, 1888.  Parents George [Georgia?] HICKS ae 24 b. Dix
and William WIEDMAN ae 30 b. Reading.

Merton Jay WHITFORD b. Aug 7,1906.  Parents Norubi Bell THORP ae 27 b. Steuben Co.
and William WHITFORD ae 37 b. Steuben Co.

Leo?/Less Erving WHITFORD  b. Apr. 22,1904.  Parents Nora THORPE ae 22 b. Cochocton
and William Dayton WHITFORD  ae 35 b. Steuben Co.

Dennis WOODWARD b. Oct 10, 1887 Beaver Dams.  Parents Rosetta DAVIS ae 21
and Nathan W. WOODWARD ae 32 b. NY.

Edna WOODWARD b. May 17,1888, Beaver Dams.  Parents Mary BAILEY ae 33 b. Chemung Co
and Frank WOODWARD ae 34 b. Chemung Co.

Harvey C.? WOODWARD  b.  June 29,1888, Townsend.  Parents Nellie SCOTT ae 28 b. Town of Orange
and Truman C. WOODWARD ae 30 b. Dix.

R. D.  Pearl YATES b. Oct. 25,1900.  Parents Lydia KIGER ae 28 b. Newport
and Roberet D. YATES ae 54 b. Renselear Co.

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Pearl ALEXANDER Apr. 22,1900. certificate  on this page.

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