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Collected Death Records - Town of Dix - late 1800s
Schuyler co., NY

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Dix Deaths

Jay C. ACKLEY  d. May 1, 1910, ae 33yr.   b. 1877 in Westfield, PA.   Person giving info. =  John RICE of Moreland, Dix, Schuyler co., NY.  [Father = John RICE?]

Cecil BAILEY  d. Feb. 28, 1913, ae 17 da.   b. Feb. 11, 1913 in Dix, NY.   Father = Stephen BAILEY - b. NY and Mother = Gertie CONKLIN - b. NY.   Information given by Stephen BAILEY of Dix, NY.   Burial in Montour Falls.

Emeline BAILEY  d. May 7, 1888, Dix, ae 80yr., 4m.   b. Dix, Schuyler co., NY.   Father = Brady WAKEMAN.

Eva L. Buck BAILEY  d. Nov. 16, 1911, ae 45y, 7m.   b. April 16, 1866 - Elk Run, PA.   Father = Henry BUCK - b. Sugar Hill, NY and Elzade WOODWARD - b. PA.   Information given by A. M. BAILEY of Watkins. NY.

Harvey BAILEY  d. Apr 15, 1913, ae 81y, 7m, 16d.  b. Aug. 29,1831 - NY.   Father = John BAILEY - b. Mass. and Mother = Emeline WAKEMAN - b. Mass.   Information given by Stephen BAILEY of Watkins, NY.  Burial in Montour Falls, NY.

Jehiel? H. BAILEY (clergyman)  d. May 2. 1900, Town of Dix,  ae 82yr, 5m, 28da.;  b. Enfield, NY; lived there 20 years.  Son of John BAILEY.

Lewis BAILEY  d. Apr. 19,1912, ae 86y, 6m, 27da.   b. Sept. 23, 1825 - NY State.  Father = Wilson BAILEY - b. Conn. and Mohter = Fanny BUMP - b. NY.  Information given by Emily S. C. BAILEY of Beaver Dams, NY.

Oscar C. BAILEY d. Apr. 12, 1900,  ae 50yrs. 11mo, 24 da., Town of Dix;  b. Catlin, NY; son of Lewis BAILEY, b. Hector, NY.  Buried in Montour Falls Cem.

Elena Jennette BAKER  d. Mar. 24, 1913, ae 64yr, 4m, 26da.  b. Oct 28, 1845 - Catlin, Chemung Co., NY.
Father = Hiram PERSONIUS - b. Tompkins Co., NY and Mother = Jane Ann PERSONIUS - b. Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY.  Information given by William BAKER of Moreland Station, NY.  Burial in Beaver Dams, NY.

William Franklin BAKER  d. May 9,1910,  ae 57y, 6m, 3da.   b. Nov. 8, 1852 - PA.   Father = Samuel M. BAKER - b. NY.   Mother = Julia ELLIOTT - b. NY.   Information given by Mrs. Carrie? BAKER of Beaver Dams, Dix.

Eliza S. BARTHOLOMUE d. Oct. 9, 1884, ae 62yr, 6m, 0da; b. Ireland.  [BARTHOLOMEW ?]
Parents Samuel [b.Ireland] & Jane LOVE.

William BEEBE ae 79, 8m, 12d.;  b. Reading, d. Town of Dix. ; lived here 60 years.  Father = Richard BEEBE  and Mother = Nancy Beebe, b. Mass.

Hiram BOYCE  d. Townsend, NY on July 24, 1914, ae 32y, 4m, 1d.   b. April 23, 1882 in Hector, Schuyler Co., NY.
Father = David H. BOYCE - b. NY State and Mother = Hanah J. CORNELL - b. NY State.  Information given by Hughston BOYCE of Watkins RD #3.   Burial in Montour Falls, NY.

Marvin CADY   b. Catlin, ae 35 at death.  Wife = Anna SPICER, ae 34.   Father = Gulford CADY and Mother = Rachael DEMUN.

Lewis CHAPMAN  d. Sept. 17, 1914, ae 42 yrs.   no date of birth given, but NY State was given.  Father = Izral [Isreal?] CHAPMAN - b. NY State and Mother = Malissa EVENS [EVANS?] - b. NY State.  Information given by Mrs. Reba CHASE of Montour Falls, NY.   Burial in Beaver Dams, NY.

Ann Louise CLEVELAND  d. Town of Dix, Feb 24, 1903, ae 62;  buried in Moreland Cem.   Mother = Gertrude.

Elizabeth CLEVELAND d. Aug 1, 1899, ae 18y, 11m, 7d.;  b. Alleganey co. NY, d/o Richard CLEVELAND.

Ephraim CLEVELAND  d. Aug. 4, 1901, ae 75 yrs, 11 da;  b. Town of Dix.  Son of Noble CLEVELAND and Gertrude ________.

Girlrjido? [possibly Gertrude] FULKERSON CLEVELAND d. Mar. 4, 1884, Moreland (Town of Dix), ae 75y, 11m, 26 da;  b. Lansing, NY.  Father = Samuel FULKERSON - b. NY; Mother = Sophia BROWN - b. Brunswick, NJ. Buried Moreland.

Henrietta CLEVELAND  d. Apr. 1, 1923, age 41y, 0m, 13da.;  b. Mar. 18, 1882 in Waterloo, NY.
Father = William CLEVELAND; Mother = Caroline  VanZANDT - both b.  in NY state.

Nathan B. CLEVELAND  d. Dec. 29, 1891, Town of Dix, ae 55yr., 11m, 26da.   Father = Noble CLEVELAND and Mother = Hannah PARSONS?

Noble CLEVELAND  d. Jan. or Jun. 9, 1884, Townsend, NY,  ae. 84yr, 3m, 2da.  b. CT. Father = Ephriam CLEVELAND and Mother = Ella J. DRAKE - b. Troupsburg, NY.  [Note:  another source gives death for Noble CLEVELAND as Jun. 9, 1888 - thiswas taken from an earlier list in the Havana Journal & from the cemetery.]

Edward LAYNE CONKLIN d. July 21, 1884.  Parents Woodard CONKLIN & Hannah WESTLAKE?

Lide H. CORWIN d. May 29,1897,  Town of Dix, ae 49 yr, 3mo, 18 d.;  b. Wisc.  Father = Ire TRACY, b. Oxford NY. Mother = Cornelia, b. Mass.

Loyd A. CROUT  d. Mar. 16, 1906, ae 1yr. 7mo, b. Wedgewood.  Father = Adelbert CROUT - b. Campbelltown, NY. Mother = Anna STANLEY - b. Alpine NY.

Washington A. CROUT  d. May 19, 1912, ae 68y, 2m, 5da.   b. Mar. 14, 1844 - NY State.   Father = Abraham CROUT - b. NY State and Minerva VANDYNE [also known as Elizabeth Minerva VANDINE].  Information given by Mrs. Washington CROUT [aka Sarah CRONK] of Watkins NY. RD#4.  Says buried in Beaver Dams,  but actually buried in Montour Falls Cemetery.

Susan EVANS d. Mar. 2 1891,  Moreland, Town of Dix, ae 73yr., 11m, 22da.   b. Delaware/Moreland ?
Father = Cusider D. EVANS [Consider B. EVANS?] and Gertrude CLEVELAND.

Catherine A. FIERO  d. Apr. 27, 1912, ae 95y, _ m, 11da.   b. Mar. 16, 1817 - NY.   Father = William McLANE or McLEWIS? - b. Ireland.  No mother name listed.  Information given by William F. HALL of Beaver Dams, NY.

Harvey Purcell GAYLORD  d. June 21,1924, Town of Dix, ae 51y, 8m, 17d.   b. Oct 4, 1872  in Saganaw, Mich.  Married to Bessie KITCHEN.  Occupation = Physician.   Father =  Augustus S. GAYLORD - b. Ohio and Mother = Emaline WASSEN?/WONEN? -  b. Ripley, NY.   Person giving information = Mrs. Bessie  Ritehorse? GAYLORD of Eggerville, NY.

Thomas D. GOUNDRY  d. in Beaver Dams March 13, 1914, ae 79 yr, 5m, 1da.   b. England.   Father = Ralph GOUNDRY - b. England and Mother = Anna LUCAS - b. England.   Information given by Tom GOUNDRY of Watkins RFD.   Burial in Monterey, Town of Orange, Schuyler co., NY.

Ann Eliza HARDENBURG  b. NY; d. Feb 25, 1901, ae 81yr, 11da; lived there 56 years.
daughter of  Ebenezer HARUS? [HARRIS?] -  b. NY,  and Mallisa TRACY - b. NY.

Bert F. HARDIMAN  d. Nov. 2, 1918, Beaver Dams, Dix, NY.

Albert HAVENS  d. Oct. 17, 1904, ae 71yr, 2m, 5d;  b. Enfield. Tompkins Co., NY.   Father = Ebenezer HAVENS; Mother = Malissa Ann TRACY - b. Chenago Co.

Polly HEDDEN  d. Jan 8, 1914, ae 79yrs.   b. 1835 - Schuyler Co.  Single.   Father = Benjamine HEDDEN - b. Schuyler Co., NY and Mother = Charlotte CORNELL - b. Steuben Co., NY.   Information given by Miss Sue HEDDEN of Townsend, NY.  Burial in Sugar Hill, Schuyler co., NY.

Timothy J. KELLY  d. Mar. 1,1925,  ae 62y 11m, 14d.   b. Mar 1, 1862- Ireland.   Mason by trade.   Married Elizabeth KELLY - b. Ireland.   Father = James Kelly - b. Ireland and Mother = Elizabeth KELLY - b. Ireland.
Mrs. Timothy KELLY of Watkins gave information.

Harriett E. KENDALL  d. July 4th, 1910, ae 69y, 11m.   b. July 13, 1850 - NY State.  Father = Judson BAKER - b. NY and Mother = Matsum? BRUSH [should be Mercy Elizabeth BRUSH] - b. NY.  Information was given by Harry J. KENDALL. [Harriet’s brother]

Ira KENDALL  d. Nov. 20, 1904, ae 57 yr.; lived there 10 yrs.  Cause = tumor in rt. side of abdomen.

Hattie Anna KIES  d. Sept 20, 1914, ae 62yr, 5m, 15da.  b. April 5, 1852 - Burdett, Schuyler co.,  NY.   Father = Charles BRYAM [BYRAM?] - b. Yates Co., NY and Mother = Abbe Jane HICKS - b. Schuyler Co., NY.  Information given by Mrs. Fred TUBBS of Watkins, NY, No 3.  Burial in Woodlawn cem., Elmira, NY.

Andrew LOVE  d. Jan. 13, 1914, ae 64y, 4m, 13d.  b. Sept. 20, 1849 - Ireland.   Father = Samuel LOVE - b. Ireland and Mother = Mary McCLUILIE?/ McCLINLIE - b. Ireland.   Information given by Irving WILBUR of Watkins RFD.   Burial in Glenwood Cem., Watkins, NY.

Tracy Miner MAINE  d. Sept. 21, 1914, ae 85yr, 3m, 21da. in Beaver Dams, NY.   b. May 30, 1829 - Brookfield Madison Co., NY.   Father = Ira M. MAINE - b. unknown and Mother = Susan TRACY - b. Townsend, NY.   Burial in Beaver Dams, NY.   Information given by William BEEBE of Beaver Dams, NY.

Andrew J. McDONELL  d. Feb. 18, 1894,  ae 75yr.   b. Reading, NY.

AndrewJ. McDOWELL ae 75;  b. Reading, NY, died in the Town of Dix.  Father = William McDOWELL b. NY, Mother = Polly TRACY, b. VT.

Mary E. MILLER  d. Feb. 28, 1913, ae 74yr, 10m, 26da.   b. April 26, 1838 - Jeruselem, NY.   Father = James STEVENS - b. Hilsdale, Columbia Co., NY and Mother = Desire P. STEVER - b. Hilsdale, NY.   Information given by Robert MILLER of Watkins RD#3 NY.  Burial in Beaver Dams, Dix, NY.

E. H. NYE d. Oct. 2, 1884 in Watkins, NY.

Amanda M. OVERHISER  d. Beaver Dams, NY on Mar. 31, 1914, ae 86yr, 9m, 4da.  b. June 24, 1827 in Enfield, NY.
Father = Peter ROLESON b. Wantage, NY and Mother = Judith KIRBY - b. Westport, Mass.   Information given by Angus OVERHISER of Beaver Dams.   Burial in Beaver Dams, NY.

John J. PALMER  d. Nov. 12,1911, ae 78y;  b. 1823 - NY.   Father = Zimri PALMER - b. NY and Jane CUMMINGS - b. NY.  Information given by Ola PALMER of Watkins, NY,

Marie J. PANGBORNE  d. May 30, 1910,  ae 86y, 8m, 9d.   b. Sept 19, 1823.   Father = William BOLT - b. USA and mother not listed.   Information was given by --------PANGBORNE.

George E. POWERS d. Feb. 19, 1883, ae 7m.  Parents Nicholas POWERS & May KINNEY.

Mary Jane Lucy PARKER   b. July 29, 1847,  d. June 19, 1924.  Married to Edward PARKER;  lived in Dix 60yrs. Father = John TRACY - b. USA  and Mother = Alice ZWYER - b. USA.   Info given by Miss Ellen L. PARKER.

James S. RAPALEE  d. Feb. 20, 1910, ae 79y, 10m.   b.  Feb 10, 1831 - NY.  Father = Andrew RAPALEE - b. NY. Mother - Margaret ACKERSON.   Information given by Charles RAPALEE of Townsend, NY.

Mary SECOR  d. May 25, 1910,  ae 77y, 8m, 17d.   b. Sept 8, 1822 - Penn.   Father = Aaron BARTHOLAMEW - b. NY State.  Mother = Elizabeth HOW? - b. USA.  information given by Fowler SECOR of Watkins, NY.

William SICKLES d. Apr. 14, 1884, ae 78yr, 6m; died in the Town of Orange [Schuyler co.].

Susan SIMPSON d. Aug. 28, 1884, ae 24y, 7m, 12da.  Parents H. J. SWARTOUT & Mary.

Nicholas STERLING  d. Aug. 19, 1912, ae 79yr, 11m, 14da.  b. June 5, 1832 NY.  Father = John STERLING - b. NY and Mohter = Phoebe AMIE - b. NY.   Information given by Mrs. N. STERLING of Beaver Dams, NY.  Burial in Millport, NY.

Albert TRACY d. Jan. 24, ae 72 yr; died in Town of Dix.  Single.   b. Chenango Co., NY.    Lived here (Dix) 72 years.
Father = Daniel TRACY - b. CT. and Mother = Elizabeth CRANDLE.

Caroline TRACY d. Jan 11, 1899,  ae. 90 y.;  b. Cayuga Co.; lived here 60 yrs.

Catherine  M. TRACY d. Aug. 22, 1902,  Town of Dix, ae 81 yrs.;  b. NY.   Daughter of Darius CHAPMAN - b. US. and Rebecca BASKINS.

Ebinezer TRACY d. Townsend, Jan 20, 1894, ae 48 about 9mo.;  b. CT; lived here 60 years.
Son of Daniel TRACY, b. CT and Samantha OWENS, b. NY.

John F. TRACY  d. Jan. 13, 1888, Beaver Dams, ae 42yr., 5m., 22da.   Father = Elijah TRACY - b. NY and Mother = Inez DENYEO - b. NY.

John G. TRACY  d. March 5, 1914, ae 92 yr., 2m, 2da.   b. Jan. 3, 1822 - Oxford, NY.   Father = Daniel TRACY - b. Chenango Co., NY. and Mother = Mary HAVENS - b. Chenango Co., NY.   Information given by Charles BROADRICK of Watkins, NY RD#3.   Burial in Montour Falls Cem.

Hannah WAKLEE  d. Dec. 2 or 3, 1909, ae 75yr., 4mo;  b. Town of Dix.   Father = Thomas EDDY - b. NY.   Mother = Elizabeth STRARR [STARR?] - b. NY.

Lemual C. WAKLEE d. Sept. 12, 1905, ae 73y, 4mo.; Carpenter by trade;  b. NY;  life long resident.
Son of Lemual WAKLEE.

Mary Jane WAKLEE d. Jan. 6, 1898,  ae 61 yr. 5m, 6da;  daughter of Abraham LYBOLD and Ann.

Grant WASSON  d. Jan. 23, 1914, ae 29y, 10m, 20 da.   b. Mar. 3, 1884 in Dix.  Father = Mathew WASSON - b. Ireland and Mother = Ellen ERWAY - b. Ireland.  Information given by Mathew WASSON of Watkins.  Burial in Glenwood Cem., Watkins, NY.

Lewis Harmon WATKINS  d. Mar. 6, 1925, ae 47 yr., 10 mo., 14 da.   b. Apr. 22, 1878.   Lived in Dix area 5yrs. 6mo. Lawyer by trade.  Father = Charles Robinson WATKINS - b. Montour and Mother = Anna Francis TRACY of Montour Falls.

Augusta E. WOOD  d. June 10, 1923, ae 71y, 5m,13da.;  b. Dec. 28, 1857 in Springfield, PA
nar, Olen WOOD.  Father b. Middletown, CT;  Mother = Jennie BAILEY b. CT.
Information given by Russell YOUNG.

C. Agustis WOOD d. July 21, 1884, ae 73yr, 5m, 10da; b. Barrington [Yates co.];
d/o Richard WOOD (b. England) & Hannah CARD/CORD (b. England).

[Contributed by I.C.J.]

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