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Ennis Cemetery
Town of Cayuta, Schuyler co., NY

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"Located on the south side of State Rt 224 southeast of Cayuta right on
the county line.  All stones checked 12/16/96 by W E Fenton.
Any line with an * after it was a stone not seen and that information is
from a list obtained from the Steele Memorial Library dated Sept 1979.
Information in (   ) is not on the stones."

Town of Cayuta

Allington, Elizabeth wife of John  d.5-12-1799 age unknown but
           supposed to be in her 20yr. Dau of Peter Swartwood.

Annis, Sarah wife of Cornelius  b.3-30-1809  d.11-17-1885
            (spelled as shown of stone - see Sarah Ennis)

Arkills, John P son of Nathaniel S & Jane A d.3-16-1857 age 26-5-10

Barnes, Benjamin  d.3-2-1900 age 71
        Hannah his wife  d.2-23-1915 age 85
             (Dau of Benonia & Jerush Clark Barnes of Newfield, NY)
        Walter their son  d.6-20-1888 age 26
Barnes, Benjamin M  b.12-27-1852  d.8-13-1902  (see Benoni below)
Barnes, Ira B  b.10-16-1814  d.10-31-1885
        Ursala his wife  b.12-6-1815  d.11-21-1864
        Benoni M (their son)  b.12-27-1852 d.8-13-1902 (see Benj’M)
        Sarah C (their dau)  b.3-27-1848  d.9-3-1916
Barnes, E Jay  b.1868  d.1908
Barnes, John  d.9-17-1866 age 64 (son of Abram & Ruth Barnes born
        in Van Etten and killed by a run-away team)
        Phebe his wife - no data *
        Burr son of John & Phebe  d.8-26-1841 age 7mo 3d
        Caroline dau of John & Phebe  d.8-27-1841 age 3-5-18
         (the children’s names are spelled Barns)
Barnes, Merritt H  b.1840  d.1921
        Caroline J (his wife)  b.1843  d.1868

Beach, Bertha   b.2-2-1946  d.5-2-1973
Beach, David B b.1833  d.1904  CO H 15TH REG NY ENG
       Lydia his wife b.1841  d.(4-22-1914)
       Belle their dau  b.1873  d.1907
       Minnie their dau  b.1875  d.1880
       Retta their dau  b.1879  d.1900
       Rose their dau  b.1870  d.1879
Beach, Elmer  b.1922  d. ?  Married 7-25-1945
       Edith Mae his wife  b.1926  d.1979
Beach, George  d.4-27-1900 age 60
       James (his son)  d.1-10-1881 age 2
       Una E (his dau)  d.1-20-1881 age 4
       Wilson W (his son)  d.12-6-1879 age 8
         (the above four are on one stone)
Beach, Heman  b.1877  d.1944
Beach, Herbert  b.1913  d.1954

Beach, Jeremiah  d.7-7-1894 age 66-9-25  CO H 53TH REG IND INF VOL
Beach, John  b.1835  d.1908  CO A 109TH NY VOL
       Fannie his wife  b.1835  d.1917
       Ida A their dau  b.1880  d.1881
       Nellie W their dau  b.1869  d.1896
Beach, Leland  b.1918  d.1981
Beach, Melissa  b.1848  d.1921
Beach, Stanley  b.11-28-1920  d.8-31-1964

Beaty, James B  b.1796  d.1880
       Maria M his wife  b.1807  d.1882

Burgan, Jane  b.1842  d.1910

Catchin, Simeon  d.12-29-1883 age 68-10-26
         Permelia A his wife  d.2-15-1861 age 43-11-13

Chaffee, Amadell wife of Simeon  d.5-29-1881 age 31-9-24
Chaffee, Rufus  d.12-16-1893 age 67-4-2

Clark, David C  b.2-29-1828  d.7-20-1895

Collins, Mary  b.1872  d.1970

Cooper, Katherine L  b.12-25-1895  d.3-21-1906 *
Cooper, Ruby J dau of A & A E  b.3-28-1887  d.9-26-1888
        Warren H son of A & A E  b.3-24-1888  d.9-21-1888

Cornish, Arthur G  b.1894  d.1965
         Frances N (his wife) b.1918  d. ?
Cornish, James  d.1-2-1892 age 69yr 2mo *
         Permelia his wife  d.3-9-1871 age 49-10-11
         James their son  d.11-23-1981 age 33-2-1
Cornish, Olive Hicks “Mother”  b.1841  d.1882
Cornish, ???cie dau of J & C - no data  dates buried *
Cornish, Tracy dau of J & C  d.6-6-1880 age 2-6-2 *
Cornish, William H  b.1846  d.1915         |these two are a metal
         Lorana (his wife)  b.1852  d.1913 |plaque of a flat stone

Cortright, Betty Beach  b.1927 d.1988
Cortright, Elbert  b.5-19-1848  d.12-6-1893
           Phebe E his wife  b.12-22-1848  d.8-16-1898

Darling, Charlie son of Joseph & Sophronia d.5-27-1877 age 6mo 13d

Drake, A J  b.12-29-1849  d.8-21-1894 (this data appears on a
       large stone with “Ann Foot”. A small stone next to it has
       the name “Abram”on it.
Drake, Alexander C  b.1848  d.1898

Ennis, Allexander  d.2-13-1853 age 82-2-7 (spelled as noted)
       Jane his wife  b.11-7-1777  d.6-7-1819 *
       Jarusha his wife  b.12-18-1766  d.3-23-1844
Ennis, Avery M  b.1853  d. ?
       Della his wife  b.1850  d.1905
Ennis, Benjamin  d.4-5-1865 age 84-4-14
Ennis, Benjamin Jr.  d.9-16-1886 age 76
       Eliza S his wife  d.11-21-1844 age 29-9-29 stone bad
       Phebe his wife  d.2-15-1878 age 57-9-23
       Ira B son of Benj’ & Eliza S  d.2-27-1867 age 22-3-14
Ennis, Benjamin E  b.2-26-1805  d.3-16-1861
       Dorothy his wife  b.9-18-1800  d.6-10-1888
       Hiram their son  b.3-27-1840  d.9-23-1841
       Katie J their dau b.5-2-1828  d.6-14-1830
            Also spelled Caty on a second stone
Ennis, Benjamin F  b.1859  d.1884
Ennis, Charles  b.1831  d.1871
       Lucy C his wife  b.1845  d.1933
Ennis, Corneilus  d.2-1-1858 age 50-6-16 (spelled as noted)
       Sarah his wife (See Sarah Annis) b.3-30-1809  d.11-17-1885
       Cornelius Vanderburg their son  d.2-6-1862 age 11yr 8mo
       Cynthia C their dau  d.3-3-1837 age 2-1-16
       Cynthia V their dau  d.9-16-1863 age 11-1-17
       George E their son  d.4-7-1849 age 10-4-17
       Mary Emeline their dau  d.4-9-1849 age 4-3-5
Ennis, Daniel  b.1804  d.1888
       Maryett his wife  b.1809  d.1890
       Hiram their son  d.3-15-1869 age 34yr 3mo
Ennis, Elizabeth dau of James & Catherine d.6-6-1841 age 3-9-2
       John son of James & Catherine  d.10-19-1841 age 1-11-28
       Tyler son of James & Catherine  d.11-5-1860 age 14-1-29
Ennis, Emanuel  d.1-26-1828 age ? *
              (early settler in Town of VanEtten)
Ennis, Emanuel J  d.12-18-1857 age 49yr 21d stone broken
       Maria Partridge (his wife) stone bad
       James W son of Emanuel & Maria  d.2-2-1864 age 18-4-13
Ennis, Emanuel Jr. d.9-11-1870 age 58yr 4mo
       Emeline his wife  d.10-10-1897 age 69yr 8mo
       Hannah E their dau  d.1-3-1857 age 3yr 10mo
Ennis, Francis M  b.1837  d.1911
Ennis, Frankie son of Francis & Mary  d.10-9-1870 age 13wk
Ennis, George H  b.1855  d.1936
       Mary A his wife  b.1855  d.1935
       Hattie their dau  b.1887  d.1922
       William E (their son)  b.1889  d.1933
Ennis, Jerry Donihue son of Samuel  d.1-1-1850 age 1
Ennis, John S  d.1-6-1893 age 69-2-6
       Caroline his wife  d.4-14-1890 age 63-8-19
Ennis, Lowman W  b.1845  d.1911
       Melissa (his wife)  b.1841  d.1905
        (above two are on same stone as Allen Fish)

Ennis, Luther  b.1830  d.1911
       Sarah A his wife b.1836  d.1915
       Willie L (their son)  b.1879  d.1912
Ennis, May & Grace - no date single marker
Ennis, Myron  b.1837  d.1921
       Eleanor his wife  b.1865  d.1907
Ennis, Myron Clark “Father”  b.11-24-1854  d.5-17-1927
       Nellie Clark “Mother” (his wife) b.7-17-1858  d.5-25-1927
Ennis, Solomon “Father”  b.1822 d.1905
       Jane (his wife)  b.1832  d.1901

Esselstine, Benjamin  C  b.2-5-1844  d.1-25-1886

Fabun, Hathaway  b.1831  d.1916  CO H 96TH NY INF VOL
       Melissa his wife  b.1838  d.1882
       Nettie their dau  b.1867  d.1873
Fabun, James B  d.10-15-1879 age 54
       Henry W son of James & Patience  d.5-24-1877 age 6-4-29
       James P son of James & Patience  d.5-28-1875 age 10-10-15

Fish, Allen  b.6-21-1818  d.5-18-1842
      Elizabeth (his wife)  b.7-6-1815  d.8-10-1877
       (above two are on same stone as Lowman Ennis)

Fleming, Thomas  b.1-16-1826  d.1-1-1904
         Frances L his wife  b.5-29-1831  d. ?

Foot, Ann  b.1-7-1813  d.10-12-1895 (on same stone as A J Drake)

Hall, Elias  d.4-7-1898 age 82
      Lydia A his wife  d.5-25-1877 age 53-4-8
      Jerome B their son  d.5-16-1875 age 10-10-12
Hall, Joseph  b.3-29-1829  d.11-3-1892

Haskins, Fred  b.1860  d.1946
Haskins, Myrtle  b.1876  d.1933
Haskins, Edgar  b.1893  d.1976 US ARMY WWI (1979 on Funeral Plaque)
         Meekia “Mother” (his wife)  b.1896  d.1982
Haskins, Jay (homemade concrete stone - no dates)
Haskins, Baby (homemade concrete stone - no dates)

Herrick, John  b.11-9-1836  d.11-29-1897
         Lovina his wife  b.5-17-1893  d.10-5-1909
          (See Fanny Treat)

Houghton, Mary  b.1930 d.1979  (Funeral Plaque)

House, Chauncey J  b.1856  d.1933
       Cora Beach his wife  b.1865  d.1932

Howe, Robert Leon  b.1-8-1923  d.3-17-1985  S1 US NAVY WWII
Howe, William B  d.11-10-1884 age 58-6-20
      Matilda his wife  b.1843  d.1924
      Cora May their dau  d.3-2-1881 age 11-11-2

Hoyt, Bertie  b.1894  d.1894
Hoyt, Clarence  b.1869  d.1894
Hoyt, Daisy dau of J B & Ida  b.11-23-1887  d.4-19-1891
Hoyt, Harry  b.1892  d.1894

Huddle, Andrew  d.4-27-1950 age 86-11-10 (Funeral Plaque) *
Huddle, Archie  b.1892  d.1977  PVT US ARMY WWI
Huddle, Burt B  b.1866  d.1889 *
        (Data on Bert from card in Chemung Co Hist’ records)
Huddle, Claude B  b.1901  d.1966
Huddle, Myrtle L  b.1890  d.1959
Huddle, Rossaleen D  b.1904  d. ?  (name as shown on stone)
Huddle, Sarah J wife of A Huddle  b.1833  d.1896 (on Beaty stone)

Jaynes, A D (Adelbert Dewit) “Father”  b.8-3-1847  d.11-15-1897
        Josephine “Mother” his wife  b.12-25-1851  d.5-21-1890
        Etta M their dau  b.4-17-1883  d.12-9-1897
Jaynes, Harmon “Father”  b.3-7-1816  d.10-2-1898

Kaskala, Matt  b.1862  d.1928  (In front of this stone are two
              stones with the names “Fritti” & “John”
Kaskela, Maria K  b.1870  d.1963

Ketchum, Earl son of John & Louise  d.11-29-1870 age 2mo 15d
         Freddie son of John & Louise  d.1-4-1881 age 9r 2mo

Linderman, John S  b.7-26-1871  d.12-8-1900
           Louella dau of J S & L E  d. ?  age 2wk 4d
Linderman, Frances  b.10-12-1895  d.3-10-1904

Lindsey, David E  b.1843  d.1931
         Catherine Ennis his wife  b.1845  d.1929

Matthews, Jimmy J  b.1966  d.1966  (Funeral Plaque)
Matthews, Sherry L  b.1967  d.1967  (Funeral Plaque)

McDuffee, Asa E  d.7-20-1878 age 11
McDuffee, ??? son of J W & J C  d.1-1-1855 age ?
          ??? Dau of J W & J C  d.2-1-1856 age ?
          ??? son of J W & J C  d.3-13-1857 age ?
McDuffee, Daniel  b.1815  d.1899
          Catherine his wife  b.1820  d.1905
McDuffee, Horace M  b.1840  d.1924
          Elsie J Cooper his wife  b.1836  d.1908
          E Gratz (their son)  b.1869  d.1870

McDuffee, John  d.7-15-1876 age 85-4-5
          Cornelia his wife  d.4-13-1865 age 74
McDuffee, William  d.3-8-1854 age 27-0-26

Millage, Maria wife of Peter  d.4-2-1882 age 74-0-6

Niles, Samuel  b.1806  d.1857
       Olive his wife  b.1811  d.1892
       John their son  b.1839  d.1845
       Madison their son  b.1855  d.1865

Parker, Joyce M  b.1945  d.1972

Parkko, John E  b.1-26-1888  d.6-27-1935

Parsons, Patchen  b.4-6-1831  d.9-6-1887
         Adaline his wife  d.5-3-1883 age 51-4-29
Parsons, Libbie  d.1-1-1882 age 24yr 7mo

Payne, Lola A dau of Walter & Belle  d.4-25-1900 age 2-10-2 *

Richards, Kate N wife of J S  d.11-19-1885 age 48-0-1

Schuyler, Cyrus D  b.1857  d.1919
          Inez M (his wife) b.1872  d.1952

Shoemaker, John  d.9-7-1841 age 64-6-25
           Phebe (Decker) his wife  d.10-25-1850 age 70-9-5

Simson, Carrie L  b.1848  d.1901

Smith, Marie  b.1908  d.1987

Stackhouse, Reed  b.2-8-1926  d.4-26-1993  PFC US ARMY WWII
            Violet (his wife)  b.10-9-1928  d. ?

Starks, Charley B son of Daniel & Mary F  d.3-28-1880 age 13-6-22
        Daniel W son of Daniel & Mary F  d.4-1-1880 age 10-4-22
Starks, James Alfred  d.3-26-1867 age 8-11-5

Treat, Fanny  b.8-23-1801  d.1-18-1899 (on same stone as John &
                                        Lovina Herrick)

Wood, Martha L wife of Aaron  d.1-26-1894 age 53

Woolever, Adelia  b.1821  d.1907
Woolever, Joseph  d.6-17-1890 age 75-11-17

Zimmer, Charles  d.5-1-1912 age 74  NEW YORK HEAVY ART

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