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The  EVA KIMBLE Collection
Newspaper Clippings - Obits, Marriages, 1906 - 1923
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(contributed by Irene C. Johnson)

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Joseph FERO died Jan 26,1906 at Gibson, NY (Steuben Co.) burial in Moreland.

Mrs. Belle POWELL died at Corning Feb. 10. Burial was in Hornby (Steuben co.).
Riley WEED died at Wattsburg Feb. 11.

Elder D.A. BELL died at Lockport N.Y. Feb. 12.1906. Burial Eliottville, NY.
Elders LANE and RAYMOND officiated at the funeral.

Willie EDMINISTER died Mar. 28 aged 2 yrs. burial Mar. 29th.

Nelson STURDEVANT died Aug 4,1906.  Funeral Aug at 1pm. at Savory School house.  Aged 83 yrs.

Mahlon JOHNSON died Aug. 7,1906.  Funeral at his residence at 1pm. aged 53 yrs.

Elder S. H. LANE died at West Bangor, NY Aug. 19,1906.  He was taken to Michigan for burial.

Selic JOHNSON died Sept. 17,1906 at his residence.  Funeral at the school house Sept 19,1906.  Aged 76 yrs.

Mrs. Cynthia N. CUMMINGS died at St. Paul, Minn.  Sept.7,1906.

Immer C. LANE died at Corning Oct.7,1906 burial  Oct. 9, aged 52 yrs.

John BAILEY died at Willard Hospital, Wed. Oct. 24, 1906.  He was sent to the hospital Oct. 23rd. (after having C.V.A) died the next day.  Burial Oct 27, 1906.  He was the husband of Arrilla BUMP.

Johnson C. BUTCHER died Nov 8,1906.  Burial Nov.10,1906 at Beaver Dams Cemetery.

Nehemiah GOULD died Dec. 3 at his house.  Burial at South School House.

Elder J. B. STOW died at Nunda, NY Dec. 4 of heart disease.  Aged 51 yrs.  Burial at Conewango Valley NY. F. PEABODY, C. MELEEN and F. H. HICKS officiated.


Louisa BUMP died Aug 28, 1907 at the house of Charles STORWES. Funerial at the Baptist Church at Moreland Aug. 30, 1907.

Ezra ROWLEY died at his home in Sing Sing Sept. 12, 1907.  Funeral Sept. 15 with burial n Big Flats, NY.

Eli PERSONIUS died at his home in Johnson Hollow Oct. 9,1907.  Funeral Oct. 11, burial at Millport.

Mrs. Henry BURRIS died at Pine Valley Oct. 10,1907.  Funeral Oct. 12, at the house.

Frank EDMINISTER died at Corning Nov. 17th 1907.  Funeral at South School house Tuesday, Nov. 19th 1907.

Henry S. KIMBLE died at Wellsboro, Pa. Dec. 11,1907 at 1pm.  Funeral Dec. 15 at 2pm.  Aged 86 yrs. 11 mo. and 12 days. Funeral conducted by the Odd Fellows.

Clayton L. KNIFFIN [KNIFFEN] died at Elmira Jan 13,1907.  Burial at Beaver Dams, NY.
Funeral was at the Westleyan Church at Chambers.

Thomas GALE died at Cooperstown, NY.  Burial at Beaver Dams Jan. 22,1907.

Joseph J. COOPER died at his home in Catlin, NY  Feb. 17,1907.  Aged 87 yrs.  Burial at Moreland Feb.19,1907.

Mrs. Luther PALMER died Apr. 7,1907.  Aged 77 years.  Funeral Apr. 9th at Catlin M. E. church at 1pm.  Burial at Pine Valley.

Mrs. Samuel MARSH died Apr. 8th, 1907; Funeral Apr. 10 at Catlin M. E. Church at 1pm.  Burial at Horseheads NY.

Sopherine HOOKER died at F. B. COOPER's Apr 24, 1907 of pneumonia.  Aged 73 years.
Service at Wesleyan M. church, Chambers, NY  at 1:30;  burial at Beaver Dams, Schuyler co., NY.

Mrs. Charlotte JOHNSON died at Elmira May 7,1907.  Funeral at Moreland, Dix, Schuyler co. May 10,1907. Burial at Moreland.

George Gould died in Big Flats, Chemung co. on May 13,1907.  Funeral May 15.

Miss Alice OSTRANDER died at her home Sunday June 7,1907.  Funeral June 11 at Wesleyan church in Chambers, NY.

Mrs. Polly WOOLEVER died Jun 23,1907.  Funeral at Chambers Church June 25.


Thomas C. DILMORE died at his home in Pine Valley Feb.11,1909.  Burial & Funeral at Pine Valley Feb. 14 at 2pm.

Mrs. Brant KIMBLE died Feb. 14 at Big Flats.  Funeral Feb. 17,1909 at Big Flats. NY. Age 78 yrs.

Thomas OLDFIELD died Feb. 18, 1909 of pneumonia at his home on the Post Creek Rd.  Aged 83 years.  Funeral Feb. 21, 1909 at the house & burial in Oldfield Cemetery.

Martin CARY died at Painted Post Feb. 21, 1909.  Funeral Feb. 20 at 11am,  Elder. H. W. CARR officiated.

Jay HANSON died in Horseheads, NY, Thursday Mar. 7, 1909,  aged 48 years.  Burial Mar 10, 1909 in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Mrs. John L. SMITH died at Big Flats, NY.  Funeral Mar. 11, 1909 and burial at Big Flats.

Mrs. Margaret BROWN died at her home at Catlin.  Funeral Mar. 13,1909.  Burial at Big Flats, NY.

Seymour BAILEY died at home in Chambers, NY, Jan. 2, of cancer of the stomach, aged 63 years.  Funeral at Beaver Dams M. E. Church Jan. 5, 1909.

Mrs. Henry LANE died at her home near Beaver Dams Jan. 6, 1909 of stomach trouble.  Funeral at Beaver Damns M. E. Church Jan. 8, 1909.

William MATTHEWS of Thompkins Corners died Jan 19, 1909 of paralysis.   Funeral at the Catlin M. E. Church, Jan. 22, at 11am.

Mrs. Daniel WOOLOVER died Feb. 2, 1909 at her home in Ferenbaugh, aged 65 years.  Funeral Feb. 4.  Burial in Oldfield Cemetery.

Joseph VanNORTHWICK  died Feb. 4, 1909 at home in Hornby [Steuben Co.].  Funeral at Dyke Church Feb. 7, at 2pm.  Burial in Hornby Cemetery.

Mrs. Elmira HINYON died Feb. 10.  Funeral Feb. 13, 1pm.  Burial at Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co.].

Mrs. Mariette STURDEVANT  died at hier home Mar. 10, 1909 of cancer of the bowels.  Funeral March 12 at 11am.

George SMALL died June 6, 1909 of tuberculosis.  Aged 61 yrs.  Burial June 8 2pm at Horseheads, NY.

Mrs. Maria BELLINGER died May 2, 1909 at her home in Erwin.  Funeral May 5.  Burial at Coopers, Elder CLAPP officiated.

D. Adelbert LANE died at his home in Urbana, Iowa of tuberculosis, aged 32 years - 8 mo.  on Sunday May 30. Funeral June 2, 1909 at the M. E. church of Urbana.

Mrs. Bert LaDIEW died at her home in Catlin, NY June 19.  Funeral at Savory school house June 22, at 11 am. Burial at Moreland, [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Darius SMITH died in Catlin, NY Aug. 21, aged 77yrs.  Funeral Monday Aug.23 at the house.

Conrad SMITH died in Horseheads, NY Aug. 23, aged 82.  Funeral Aug. 25.  Burial in Maple Grove.

John ATWOOD died Oct. 4, 1909 at his residence in Catlin, NY.  Funeral Oct 6, 1909 at 10 am  at the house and 11am at the M. E. Church Catlin, NY.  Burial  at Maple Grove, Horseheads, NY.

Milo P. KING died at J. H. BENNETT's Oct. 13, 1909, aged 90 yrs.  Funeral Sunday Oct 17, 1909 at 2pm at the house.


Jefferson BOWMAN died Mar. 16, 1910 at Menzo BOWMAN's , aged 62 yrs.  Burial Mar. 20 at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].  Funeral at M. E. Church, Rev. G. B. GOODRICH officiating.

Jay ACKLEY was killed by the cars [ie. the train] at the Wentz Crossing Sunday Morning, May 1, aged 33 yrs.  Burial in Moreland Cemetery [Dix, Schuyler co., NY] .

Peter MARSHALL died suddenly at his home in Horseheads, NY May 2, 1910.  Funeral May 5 at 2pm.   Burial at Maple Grove Cemetery.

James CUMMINS died at the house of his father in Catlin, NY.  Burial at Horseheads May 3 in Catholic Cemetery.

Alexander C. LAWHEAD died Aug. 20 at his home in Sullivanville aged 74 years.

Mrs. Delphine SAVORY was killed with the cars [ie. the train] at Chambers, NY, Sept. 7, 1910,  aged 65 yrs.  Funeral Sept 9 at Chambers, NY.

Jack QUIGLEY died Nov. 10 at his home in Chambers, NY.  Funeral Nov. 12, 1910 at the house.

Oliver C. MANNING died at his home in Horseheads, NY Dec. 5, 1910, aged 75 years.  Burial in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Mrs. Fred JOHNSON died May 31 of uremia poisoning.  Funeral Thurs. at 2pm.  Burial at Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. Jay SAUNDERS died June of apoplexy, aged 45 years.  Funeral Tuesday, June 7 at 2pm.  Burial in Painted Post, NY.

Mrs. F. W. ACKERMAN died June 16, 1910 at her home in Elmira, NY, aged 53 years.  Funeral June 19, at 3pm. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Mrs. Rebecca JONES died at Corning, NY June 16, aged 81 years.  Funeral June 19 at 1pm in S. D.A. Hall, Corning NY.  Burial at Addison, NY.

Mrs. LIVERMORE died July 25 at her home in Catlin, NY aged 79 years.  Funeral July 27 at Odessa NY  at 2pm. Burial at Odessa [Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY].

Mr. William WALLENBECK died Aug 1, aged 75 yrs.  Funeral at his home in Mecklenburg, Schuyler co., NY.

Harry HAMILTON died Aug. 17 at the Soldiers Home, Bath, Steuben co.,  NY. Burial at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].


Bryon FROST died Apr. 12 at Beaver Dams of heart failure, and
Mrs. Bryon FROST died Apr. 13 of apoplexy.  Funeral at Beaver Dams M. E. Church Apr. 15, 1912.

Mrs. Fanny OSTRANDER died at the house of Newton Easterbrook in Corning.  Burial Sunday Apr. 16.  Age 85 years.

Mrs. Err LOCKE died at her home in Catlin, NY and was buried Apr. 19, at 2pm. in Millport Cemetery [Town of Veteran, Chemung co., NY].

Daniel SCHUYLER died at Willard Asylum, Apr. 17 and the funeral was held at his late home in the town of Hornby [Steuben co., NY], Apr. 20th.

Clara J. BEECHER, Jan. 3 at Kenwood, NY.  Funeral Jan 6th.1912.

Elijah OSBORNE died at his home in Morlean Jan. 3. Funeral Jan. 6,1912.

Mrs. Nancy GANUNG died Jan. 12.  Burial Jan. 14 at Moreland, [Town of Dix, Schuyler co.], NY.

Rev. Albert MARTIN died at his home in Upper Lake St., Elmira NY, of pneumonia, aged 81 years on Jan. 19. Funeral Jan. 21.  Burial Jan. 22 in Binghamton, NY.

Elizabeth CUMMINS died at the home of her parents in Catlin, NY, Mar. 10, aged 19/ 14? yrs.  Funeral at St. Mary’s church, Horseheads, NY, Mar. 14 at 11am.

John LEE died in Elmira, NY and was buried Thursday Mar. 14, 1912.

Effinham EDMINSTER [EDMINISTER?] died at Horseheads, NY by taking carbolic acid Mar. 25.  Funeral March 28 at Horseheads.  Burial in Maple Grove cemetery.

Fred B. HAMMOND died Thursday night at Albert JOHNSON’s  of heart failure, aged 55yrs.  Funeral Apr. 1 at M. E. Church, Millport, NY at 2pm.   Burial at Millport Cemetery.

Benjamine CLARK died in Moreland, March 24, aged 81 years.  Burial at Moreland [Town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Luther STANLEY died in Moreland Apr. 5.  Funeral Apr 8 at Moreland [Town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Lewis BAILEY died at Moreland Apr 19, aged 86 yrs.  Funeral Apr 21 at Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. George FERO died in Hornby Apr 21.  Funeral at Chambers Wesleyan Church Apr. 24 at 2pm.

Mrs. Delight KIMBLE died at the house of her parents near Salamanca Apr 24, at 12:15 am, aged 25 years.  Funeral Apr. 27 at West Salamanca at 2pm.

Mrs. Orin STEVENS died at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co.] Apr. 27,  aged 23 years.  Funeral Apr. 29.

Mrs. Henry FERO died at Beaver Dams, aged 95 years.  Funeral Apr. 29 at 2pm.

Mrs. William REGOR died in Post Creek, NY Apr. 27.  Funeral Apr. 30 and burial at the South School house cemetery.

Mrs. Emeline HILTON died at Beaver Dams, [Schuyler co., NY] May14, aged 92 years.  Funeral at M. E. Church May 16, at 1pm.  Rev. K. M. WALKER officiating.

Washington CROUT died at Moreland May 19.  Funeral May 20 at the home.  Burial at Beaver Dams [actually buried in Montour Falls Cemetery].

William REASOR died Aug 23, aged 78 years.  Funeral Aug 25, 1912.

Miles E. DARBY died in Catlin, NY Sept. 6.   Funeral Sept. 7 at 2pm at the house.  Burial Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. Bert DILMORE died Sept. 9, at her home in Beaver Dams [Schuyler co.], aged 34 years.  Funeral Sept. 11 at the M. E. Church at 2pm.  Rev. K. M. WALKER officiating.

Dr. William LOUGHHEAD died at Hornell [Steuben co., NY] Sept 12.  Funeral at Audover Sept.15 at 2:30 pm.

Henriettta EDMINISTER died Sept 24 aged 58 yrs.  Funeral Sept 27 at the house at 12 o’clock.  Burial at South School house cemetery.

Geraldine MARSH, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. William MARSH, died of cholera infanturm, Oct. 18.  Funeral Oct. 20 at 1:30 pm at Catlin M. E. church.

John LOUGHHEAD died Oct. 3, 1912 in the State of Michigan.  Burial in Michigan.

John BEARDSLEY died in Catharine [Schuyler co., NY]  about 20th of Oct. 1912.


Mrs. Michael REAGAN died at Post Creek, NY of pneumonia, aged 64, Jan. 4,1913.  Burial in Corning, NY at St. Mary’s Cemetery Jan. 7 at 10:30 am.

Mrs. Aurilla BAILEY [Arilla CADY, wife of John BAILEY] died in Corning (hospital?) of pneumonia, aged 70 years. Funeral at Moreland Jan. 8 at 12 o’clock. Burial at Moreland [Town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. Mary PRICE died Jan. 26 at Elmira Heights.  87 yrs.

Joshua STOWITS died at Midway Jan 27, 1913.

Mrs. MURPHY at Elmira, NY Jan. 27,  92 yrs.

Mrs. Hattie EDMINISTER  died at Whitney Point.  Burial Jan 30.

Mrs. James SMITH died at Post Creek, NY Feb. 12 aged 87 yrs.  Burial Feb. 5 at Oldfield Cemetery.

Minor BAILEY died in Catlin, NY  Feb. 16.   Funeral Feb. 19 at Millport, NY.  Aged 78 yrs.

Cassius M. SWEET died in Elmira, NY at the hospital Feb 20.  Funeral Feb. 24 at M. E. church in Catlin, NY.

Mrs. Peter OSTRANDER died at Millport, NY  Mar. 2.  Aged 70 yrs.  Funeral Mar. 5.

Mrs. Jay DEMUNN died at Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY] on Mar. 2.   Funeral Mar. 5 at 2pm.

Jacob WADE died in Catlin, NY on Mar. 22, aged 65 yrs.   Funeral Mar. 26 at 1pm.

Mrs. King BAKER [aka Elina PERSONIUS] died at her home in Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY] on Mar. 24. Funeral Mar. 27.

James SMALLEY’s little boy died Mar. 29.  Burial  Apr. 1, 1913.

Geroge W. BEEBE  died Apr 29.  Funeral May 1.  Burial at Big Flats, NY.  Aged 68 yrs.

Luther PALMER died June 17 at James UPSON’s.   Aged 86 years.  Funeral June 20.  Burial at Pine Valley.

Mrs. J. H. BENNETT died at the Arnot Ogden Hospital on July 31.   Funeral Aug 3 at the home in Horseheads, at 2pm.   Burial in Maple Grove Cemetery.

Sarah KIMBLE died Aug 27 at her home in Wellsboro, PA of cerebral hemorrhage and heart trouble. Aged 70. Burial and funeral Friday Aug 29 at 2pm at Wellsboro, PA.

Nathaniel OWEN died at the home of his son, Horace OWEN in Catlin, NY, Sept. 22 at 11am.

Mrs. O. G. THAYER died at her home in Catlin, NY.  Burial Nov. 4, 1913.

Charles KNEALE died in the town of Horseheads, NY on Nov. 8 1913.  Funeral Nov. 11 at 3pm.  Burial at Maple Grove Cemetery.

Henry BURRIS died Dec. 2 at his home in Pine Valley aged 70 years.  Funeral Dec. 5 at 2pm and burial in Pine Valley Cemetery.

Omar SANFORD, 62 yrs. died Dec. 8 at 2pm.  Burial in Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Samuel COLE died in Townsend [Dix, Schuyler co., NY], NY Dec 7,  aged 66 yrs.   Funeral Dec 10 at 1:30 pm.

Mrs. Albert FERO died in Hornby [Steuben co., NY], Dec. 7.  Funeral Dec. 11, 1913

Rev. Sanuel EARLY, pastor of Millport Baptist Church died at his home the fore part of Dec. and burial in Ohio.

Lucinda WOOD died in Pine Valley the first of Dec.  Burial at Pine Valley.

Mrs. Mary LEE died at Willard Hospital.  Funeral at Beaver Dams [Dix, Schuyler co., NY] Dec 16, 1913.


Jan. 8  Ira THAYER of complications at Watkins [Schuyler co., NY], age 57.   Rev. Mark SCHUYLER of Beaver Dams officiated.  Aged 47 -Brights Disease.

Jan 9 Mr. GIVENS died at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY] age 57.  Burial at Philadelphia, PA.  Died of heart trouble and apoplexy.

Jan 17 Stern CATLIN  died in Odessa [Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY] of acute indigestion.

Feb. 6 Miss Ella WRIGHT died at the Arnot Ogden Hospital following an operation for the removal of a tumor Jan 25.   Funeral Feb 7 at Park Church at Elmira, NY.

Feb. 14 Mrs. Harriett MANNING died in Corning, NY of heart trouble.  Funeral at her house in Horseheads, NY Feb. 16,1915.

Feb. 28 John FERO died at Willard Asylum.  Funeral March 3 at Wedgewood and burial Montour Falls [Schuyler co., NY].

Mar. 13 Marcus LANDON /LONDON died at his father’s home at Sawmill Run, Catt. Co., NY  of tuberculosis.  The funeral was Mar. 16 and burial at West Salamanca, NY.

Mar. 31 Charles PATCHEN died at Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY] aged 76 years.  Burial and funeral Apr.2 at Moreland.

Apr. 1 Samuel WOOLEVER died at his home west of Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].  Funeral Apr. 4 at Beaver Dams.

Israel SMITH died at his home in Horseheads, NY  some time in the later part of March.  Aged about 85 yrs.

Alfred ROLOSON died at his home in Hornby [Steuben co., NY] Apr. 7, aged 85 yrs.  Funeral Apr.9 at the house at 2 pm.  Burial in Hornby cemetery.

Sanford SMITH died at Simeons BUCHER's Apr. 13,1915  at 8am  of old age,  91 yrs. -10mo.  Funeral Apr.15 at 1pm.  Burial at the South School House.

Grasson ROSE died Apr. 20 of pneumonia.  Funeral Apr. 23 at Chambers Wesleyan Church at 1pm.  Age 67 years.

Lloyd HALL died in Beaver Dams [Dix, Schuyler co., NY]  Apr. 24 of Tuberculosis.  Funeral Apr. 26 at Beaver Dams.

Russell PIERCE died in Corning, NY Apr. 26, aged about 75 yrs.  Funeral Apr. 28. at 2:30 pm. Elder Del’HORK officiating.

Orrin POTTER died at his home near Starkey [Steuben co., NY] Apr. 18 aged 78 yrs.

Mr. DAILEY died at George HARRIS's at Chambers, NY Apr. 29.  Burial at Millport [town of Veteran, Chemung co., NY].

Mrs. Lotrick? SMITH died at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY] Apr. 21.  Funeral Sunday Apr 23, at the M. E. Church at 2:30 pm.

Mrs. Susianna JOHNSON died at Millport [Chemung co., NY] May 4, aged 73 years.  Funeral May 6 at 2pm.  Burial at Moreland Cemetery [Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. Henrietta CARTER died at H. F. VanORDER's, and funeral was held on Sunday July 2,1 915.

Clark GRIFFIN died at the house of his daughter in Catlin, NY on Friday June 30, aged 95 years.  Funeral July 3.

Mrs. Edward LaDIEU died July 2, at her home in Catlin, NY.  Funeral Wed. July 5, at Catlin M. E. Church.  Burial at Moreland [Town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. John PERRIGO died at Chambers, NY July 3.  Funeral at Wesleyan Church July 5 at 1pm.  Burial at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].

Brant KIMBLE died the forepart of June at his home in the town of Big Flats [Chemung co.], aged 75 years.

George B. YOUMANS [sometimes spelled EUMANS] died at his home in Catlin, NY Aug 16.  Funeral Aug. 19 at 2pm.  Burial in Mathews Cemetery.

Calvin BUCHER died May 22 near Gibson.  Funeral May 24.

Floyd BELLINGER died at Melrose Sanitarium May 22, aged 22.   Funeral May 26 at 1pm at the house and 2:30 at the church in Coopers.  Elder DeLhorve officiated.

Mrs. Mellisa SAVORY died at Chambers, NY May 26.  Funeral may 28.  Burial at Beaver Dams [Dix, Schuyler co., NY]. The town of Catlin, NY pays for her funeral expenses.

Mrs. Mack PALMER died at the house of her parents in Beaver Dams June 14.  Funeral  June 16, at 2pm at the M. E. Church.  She died of cancer.

John PERRIGO died at Chambers, NY June 22,  aged 71 yrs.   Funeral June 24 at the church.

Mrs. Myra JACKSON died in Rochester, NY.   Funeral at Millport, NY,  June 29 at 1pm.

William DANN died at his home in Hornby [Steuben co., NY] of dropsy June 30.   Funeral at Post Creek, July 2 at 2pm.

Mrs. Catherine DAVIS died at the home of Mrs. Ruth SPENCER July 4 at 3pm of old age,  aged 84.  Funeral July 8 at 1pm. at the house.  Burial at Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. Ellen G. WHITE died at St. Helena, Calif. on July 16, aged 88 years.  Funeral and burial at Battle Creek, Mich. July 24.

Harlem WELLER died at Chambers, NY, July 24, aged 75 years.  Funeral and burial July 25 at 2pm at the M. E. Church Beaver Dams [Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Philip SMITH died at Harry COOPER's on July 30 aged 75 yrs.  Funeral Aug. 1 at Catlin M. E. Church at 2pm. Burial at Maple Grove.

John BENNETT died near Moreland [Schuyler co., NY] Aug 7, aged 92 years.   Burial Monday Aug 9.

Byron CLARK died at Moreland [Schuyler co., NY]  Sunday Aug 8 of heart trouble, aged 62.  Burial Aug. 10.

George WOODRUFF died Aug 11 near Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY]  age 82.  Funeral Aug 14.

William A. EGAN died at his home in Pine City of Paralysis, Sept. 25.  Funeral Sept 28.  Burial at Bennettsburgh.

Mrs. William H. JOHNSON died at her home in Johnson Hollow, Sept 25.  Burial Sept 28 in Johnson Hollow.

Mrs. Van ALYSTINE of Post Creek died about 10 days ago at the home of her daughter in Watkins, aged 75 years.

George BELLINGER died Oct. 6 at his home in Erwin township of pneumonia.  Aged 51 years. Funeral at Coopers Oct. 9. J. W. RAYMOND officiated.

James WILCOX died at his home in the town of Horseheads, NY and was buried Oct. 29, age 66.

Ralph MATSON died at his father's home near Thompkins Corners, Oct. 31, aged 29 yrs.  Funeral M. E. Church at Catlin, NY at 1:30 pm.

Mrs. RUSSELL died at the home of her grandson, Bert RUSSELL near Moreland [Dix, Schuyler co., NY] Nov. 7. Burial Nov. 10 at 2pm.


Gideon OLDFIELD died in Corning, NY Oct. 8 and funeral Oct. 11 at 2pm.  Burial Oldfield cemetery.

Almon MATSON died at Tompkins Corners Nov. 19, aged 70 years.  Funeral Monday Nov.22 at 2pm at the M. E. Church.

Mrs. Calvin KIMBLE died at the Binghamton State Hospital Nov. 28 by hanging herself.  Funeral at Catlin M. E. Church Dec. 2 at 1pm and burial at Big Flats, NY age 47 years.

F. W. NORTHROP died on an ErieTrain at Youngstown, Ohio on Jan.6.  Funeral at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY] Jan 9 at 10 am, age 76.

Minor HARVEY was killed by the cars [the train?] at Corning, NY Jan 7.  Funeral Jan 10 at 2pm.   Age 54.

James H. LIVERMORE died at Elmira Heights, Jan 14,  aged 86 years.  Burial at Odessa [Town of Catharine, Schuyler co.], NY.

Mrs. Phebe MOSHER died at  Montour Falls [Schuyler co., NY] on Jan .16, of pneumonia, aged 86 yrs.  Funeral Jan. 19 at 11am.  Burial at Moreland [town of Dix, Schuyler co.].


Flora M. KIMBLE died Jan 14  at Wellsboro, PA, aged 62 yrs.  Funeral Jan.16 at Wellsboro, PA.

Mrs. Charlotte FERENBAUGH died Jan 20 at Post Creek, aged 68.  Funeral Jan. 22 at home.

Bert LaDIEU  died at Corning, NY on Jan. 26,  aged 50 years.  Funeral Jan 28 at Corning and Moreland, burial at Moreland [town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY].

Mrs. Florence UPSON MOSHER died at her home in Veteran [Chemung co., NY] on Mar. 4 of peritonitis.  Funeral Mar. 7 at 1pm.

Mrs. George WHITNEY died about March 1st at her home in Big Flats [Chemung co., NY].

Percy Otto LOOMIS, 6 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Bert LOOMIS of Chambers, NY died of pneumonia, March 8.  Funeral March 10 at 2pm.  Burial at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].

George CANFIELD died July 2.  Funeral July 5,  age ?

Frank SHRIVER died July 5 at his home in Big Flats, NY.   Burial July 8.

Jerome PLATT died at his home in Horseheads, NY sometime in August.

James VanALYSTINE died at his home in Hornby [Steuben co., NY] on Aug. 26.  Aged 74 years.   Burial Aug. 28.

Mrs. George SMITH died in Caton, Aug. 27.   Funeral Aug. 30 at 2pm.

Mrs. David RUTAN died in  Corning, NY on Sept. 1.   Funeral at Elmira, NY  Sept. 4,  age 81 yrs.

Valantine GOULD died Tuesday Sept. 4 at Corning Hospital. aged 16 yrs. Burial at Big Flats.

Sylvester ROGERS died Sept. 8 at his home in Elmira, NY, aged 81years.  Burial Sept 9 at Elmira.

Mrs. Silas ATWOOD died about Sept 16.   Funeral Sept 18.

Mrs. Lucinda PHILLIPS died Oct. 19 at Mrs. George LAWDY’s,  aged 76 years.  Funeral Sunday Oct.21 at Catlin M. E. Church.

Ralph GOULD  was instantly killed at Horseheads, NY when his auto ran into a Penna passenger train at 9pm Oct. 30.  His son Laverne GOULD was hurt, died at Arnot Ogden Hospital,  Oct. 31 at 2pm.  Funeral at the home in Johnson Hollow Friday 2pm.  Burial at Millport Cemetery Nov. 2.

Mrs. Eliza WEDDELL BANKER died in Corning, NY about Nov. 13.  Funeral and burial in Corning Nov. 15.

Orrie HILDEBRANT died Nov. 22 at his home in Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY], of pneumonia.  Funeral Nov. 25 at 2pm.

Mrs. Lena EGAN MONKS died Dec. 23 at Burdette [town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY].  Funeral in Elmira, NY at the home of the mother Mrs. EGAN Dec. 27, 1917

Mrs. Nellie VANDERHOOF  BRONSON died in Corning Hospital Dec. 26.  Funeral Dec. 29 and burial at Corning.

Mrs. Vina BLACK died at Wttsburg, PA. of Brights disease on Nov. 15.   Funeral sermon by Eld. W. F. SWARTZ of Erie, PA.


One Sheet with Deaths 1918:
Jan 23       Mrs. Leander KNIFFIN [KNIFFEN], age 79 yrs.
Feb 15      Charles BENNETT,  age 91 yrs.
Mar. 4      William GEDNER
Mar. 4      Samuel JOHNSON
Mar. 14    Mrs. Marvin SAVERY [SAVORY]
Mar. 16    Mrs. Betsy J. FARR, age 74
Mar. 28    Mrs. Sarah MATTHEWS, age 73
Mar. 29     Peter PETERSON
Apr. 1       Mrs. Burnett STEVENS, age 72
May 7       Clinton TIMMERMAN, age 71
May _       Mrs. Sarah DUVALL, age 70
May 24     Edward ROWLEY
June 9      Mrs. C. L. EATON, age 73
June 20    C. Wesley LEE, age 63
July 11      Joseph JOHNSON, age 19
Sept. 15    John HERRICK, age 76
Sept. 16    Parley HUMPHREY, age 67
Sept. 21    Chas. B. RHODES, age 69.
Oct. 11     Joshua LIVERMORE
This Fall   Forrest VanETTEN
Oct. 11     Mrs. Jack QUIGLEY
Oct 20      Mrs. Amos KIMBLE
Oct. 27     Rev. J. L. COLE, age 65 yrs
Oct 27      Martha BENNETT, age 15 yrs.
Nov. 25    Mr. BARRETT, age 80 yrs
Dec. 7      Claude SCHUYLER, age 80 yrs.
Dec. 11    Darius H. ALLEN, age 81 yrs.

Thaddeus S. SWEET died at the Corning Hospital  aged 66 yrs.  Died Mar. 11.   Funeral Mar. 14

Henry PETERSON died at Rochester, NY on March 10.  Funeral near Penn Yan [Yates co., NY]  March 13.   Aged 20 yrs.

James PERSONIOUS Jr. died Mar. 24 from injuries received Mar. 22 when a horse kicked him in the abdomen. Funeral Mar. 27 at Chambers, NY.  Age 35 years.

John ROWLEY died Apr. 6 at his home in Big Flats, NY.   Funeral Apr. 9 at 2 pm.

E. B. SHAFFEE died at his home near Horseheads, NY Apr. 7.   Funeral Apr. 10.

Mrs. Mahal J. RHODES died Apr. 24 at Moreland Station [Schuyler co., NY].   Age 90 yrs.   Funeral Apr.26.

Richard ROGERS died at his home near Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY]  Apr 28, aged 75 yrs.  Funeral at M. E. church May 1 at 2pm.

Myers GOULD died May 4 at Corning, NY.   Funeral at Beaver Dams M. E. Church.  Burial in Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].

Horace S. PERSONIOUS  died at his home in Horseheads, NY on May 12 of heart disease.   Funeral May 16; age 67.

M. H. GRAY died Sunday June 10 at 10:30 am at Watkins, [Schuyler co., NY]  aged 79 yrs.  Funeral June 13 at his home in Moreland.   Burial in Moreland [town of Dix, Schuyler co.].


Jan. 1        William DURKEE, age 76.
Jan. 6        Ex. Pres. Theodore ROOSEVELT, Oyster Bay, NY, 60 yrs.
Jan. 12      Granviller VanETTEN, 26 yrs.
May 20      Leroy HAMILTON, died of cancer.
July 18      Leon MOORE, of Beaver Dams, tuberculosis.
July 23      Mrs. Lucy VanORDER, of Elmira, NY; 82yrs.
July 28      C.D. SCHUYLER of Wyson?,  PA; 62 yrs.
Aug. 9       Martin CADY, of Catlin, NY, age 70.
Aug. 18     Walter VanORDER, of Big Flats [Chemung co.], NY, age 69.
Aug. 27     Howard OWENS of Hornby, [Steuben co.], NY, age 67.
Sept. 4      Geo. BARTLETT of Corning, NY, age 53.
Sept. 25    Mrs. C.R. KING of Millport [Chemung co., NY], age 71.
Oct. 2       Daniel FOSTER of Big Flats [Chemung co., NY].
Oct 16      George PHILLIPS of Catlin, NY,  age 54.
Nov. 23    Gorden BIRCH of Endicott, NY;  son of Winnie Small BIRCH; died of water on the brain, age. 6yr.-10 mo.
Dec. 14     Samuel KIMBLE died at East 454 E. Church St., Elmira, NY,  age 60.
Dec. 29     Eld. K. C. RUSSELL  died of apoplexy at Dunkirk, NY,  age 59.  Funeral at Rochester, on Thur. Jan. 1.


Jan 5        John JOHNSON of Midway.  Funeral Jan 8; age 78.
Jan. 6       Luther BENNETT of Hornby [Steuben co., NY].  Funeral Jan 9.
Jan. 7.      Mrs. H. W. CARR died at Melrose Sanitarioum at 1:40 pm.  Burial at Jamestown, NY;  age 47.
Jan. 14     Judson PARK of Horseheads, NY.
Jan. 17     E. Lysander TRACY of Elmira, NY. Died in Binghamton State Hospital; age 80.
Feb. 7       George BRANK died at Midway.   Funeral Feb. 10; age 53.
Feb. 11     John WARD died at Pine Valley, NY; age 75.
Feb. 23     W. H. BEERS? died of pneumonia at D. SHINNER's in Corning, NY;  age 55.
Mar. 3      Edwin HARADON of Hornby [Steuben co., NY]; age 75.
Mar. 5      Mrs. Dell ROGERS of Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY]; of heart failure, age 73.
Mar. 17    Mrs. Susan BAILEY of Millport, NY; age 86.
Mar. 21    Mrs. Sarah SANDS of Painted Post, NY died at Mrs. D. F? LANE's.  Funeral Mon 23 at 2pm.

William H. KENT died May 29 at his home in Catlin, NY, aged 57 years.   Funeral June 1 at Catlin M. E. Church. Burial at Horseheads, NY.

Mrs. Darius SMITH died at Chas. EDMINISTER's on June 25.  Funeral at Catlin M. E. Church June 27 at 1pm.

John BELLINGER died at his home in Curtis, aged 89 years, July 6.   Funeral July 9 at 2pm.   Burial in Coopers Plains Cemetery.

John A. HAMMOND died at his home in Millport, NY on July 24, aged 85 years.   Funeral at 2pm July 26.

Cora LAWHEAD died at Hillsdale, Mich. Aug 5.   Funeral Aug. 7 in the afternoon.

John MEDDAUGH died at Post Creek about Aug 10th.

R. T BUCHER Sr. died at Post Creek Aug 15.  Funeral Aug. 17 at 2pm.

Burnett STEVENS died at Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY] on Monday Morning.   Funeral Aug.22


Jan.           J. W. PARK
Feb.          Alonzo THOMPSON, age 74.
Mar. 15    Charles PHILLIPS, age 77.
Mar.         Mrs. Jonathon KENT, age 65.
Apr.          Mrs. Allen BARNES, age 80.
Apr. 11     Jesse BASSAGE, died of Anthrox?,  age 52.
Apr. 14     Mrs. Ray VOORHEES.
Apr. 13     Matt SLATER, age 78.
May. 24    Dr. George W. LANE of Corning, NY.  Funeral May 26 at 2:30 pm.
June 5      Nelson UPSON of West Groton.  Funeral June 8; age 87.
June 28    Mrs. Robert BUCHER.
July 2       Lyman SMITH,  age 73.
Sept. 8      Mrs. Minnie UPSON, of Big Flats, NY.
Sept          Mrs. Lousie BOS/ BASS?  of Corning, NY.
Sept. 17    Chas. LeBRANTZ died at Rochester General Hospital.
Oct. 2       Mrs. Elizabeth  COOPER died at Prattsburgh, NY, aged 91 years.  Funeral Oct.4 at 2:30pm at
                            Moreland [Schuyler co., NY].
Oct. 13     Mrs. William SINKIN died at Wellsville, NY, aged 80 years.
Oct. 29     Mrs. Floyd PERSONIOUS of Millport, NY.  Killed by a car in the village while on her way
                            to church Sunday evening.
Oct. 7       Jesse UPSON died in Florida, age 79 years.
Oct. 27     Silas ATWOOD died at Savona NY.   Funeral Oct.29.   Aged 79 years.

52nd Wedding Anniversary of James D. & Elizabeth KIMBLE, Feb. 1. 1922,
and also the 71st birthday of Elizabeth KIMBLE.  Guests present and those who ate dinner:
Alfred BACKER; Mr. & Mrs. Orin BACKER; Charlton BACKER; Mr. & Mrs. Milo BUCHER; Mr. & Mrs. Simeon BUCHER; Mrs. Fred DEMUNN; George, Ethel & Earl EDMINISTER; Miss Bernice GARDNER; Mr. & Mrs. John FERO; Miss Edith JOHNSON; Emily & Harvey KIMBLE; Mrs. NEHOWE? PALMER; Mrs. Christina PETERSON; Ethel PETERSON; Mrs. Delia PHILLIPS; Mr. George SMITH; Mrs. Lucinda STURDEVANT CHARLES; Fanny & Eva KIMBLE; James, Elizabeth & William KIMBLE attended.

Marriage Miss Bernice GARDNER and Charles WEED? at Horseheads, NY.   ___ 21, 1922.

Nov.  20 death of Frank R. MOSHER of 516 Logan St., Elmira, NY;  aged 72 years.  Funeral Nov. 22.

Nov. 21 Mrs. Lester ROBSON of Hornby [Steuben co., NY], died of apoplexy, age 58.

Dec. 14    Harvey FIERO  of Hornby [Steuben co., NY], stroke.
Dec. 28    Mr. HAYWOOD/ HAWWOOD of Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY],  age 83.
Dec. 31    Alfred PHILLIPS died at William JOHNSON's,  age 70.


Jan. 6       Uncle George KIMBLE, aged 96 yrs.-12 days.  Funeral Jan 10.   Burial at Geneva [Ontario co.], NY.
Feb. 2       Mrs. Edward STEVENS of Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY], age 42.
Feb. 11     Fred LAND died in a barn fire at Corning, NY, age 34.
Feb. 23     Mrs. Frank GENNUNG [GANUNG] of Beaver Dams [Schuyler co., NY].
Feb. 23     John MINTOM of Catlin, NY, age 72 years.
Mar. 22    Mark MILLER of Watkins [Schuyler co., NY], age 61 yrs.

No year given for the following; they were from journal entries & notes:

Mrs. Mary UPSON died at her home in Genoa, NY.  Dec. 26.  Funeral Dec. 29 at 1pm.

Nov. - John VANDERHOFF, age 65 of Millport, NY was killed tonight when his car struck a truck at the Dundee Watkins highway.  They had been to visit his daughter at Dundee or Penn Yan, I think,  or Rock Stream.  It was after dark when this happened.  Mrs. VANDERHOFF was hurt and taken to the Sheppard Hospital.  She was Mrs. Flora RENIFF VANDERHOFF - they have not been married so very many years.

Doris CATLIN funeral was held today at 2 oclock at her home.   I went over to the house.   I started a foot but Earl K. and Fred MOSHER were at the school house putting on chains, so I rode from the top of the hill with them.  It was a large turn out for the chilly day it was.   Sun shone some.   I went to the cemetery with Ruth and her father.  Eva stayed at the house with Molly and Mrs. BROWN, Horace MATTHEWS and George VanBUSKIRK at a lunch at Libbie.   The casket was gray metallic and MATTHEWS brought two sprays of Chrysanthemum when he came and Mark came with one I think.   Nellie went home from the cemetery with Gus BOWERS from Reading Center.
VanBUSKIRK brought Libbie and Charley CALKINS back and at supper before he went home.

Nov. 16 - John VANDERLOCK funeral was held today at his home.   He had two daughters Mrs. Fred SPRAGUE of Roscoe, NY,  and Mrs. Harry SHAFFER of Elmira Heights, and one son Irving J. VANDERLOCK of Montour Falls or near home.  The funeral was 2pm, O.H. TRAVIS of Burdett officiating.  Burial in Millport.

Dec. 22 Clifford EDMINISTER was married tonight at watkins to Miss Heleen MAINE of Moreland [town of Dix, Schuyler co., NY].   They had Mr. & Mrs.KANES/ CAINE of Beaver Dams stand up  with them. Then Clifford left for Mary's trailer home in the Catskills for over Saturday and Sunday.  Mary and Bob have come out to the EDMINISTER's for tonight.   They came last night so that gives Clifford and Helen the use of the trailer all alone by themselves.

Roy JENNINGS was married at sunset tonight at Lake Wales, Florida in Bok Tower.  In the privet study of Edward BOK.  Her mother and a man from Elmira who attended them went down.  Our cousin Mrs. James or Bell Jennings Newhall and husband were attendance of them at Florida.   The weather has been quite cold it has warmed up a little.

We had S. Sup here.  It was nice out.  The sun shone.  Uvone [Yvonne?] WHEADON came up and was here until her stepfather came for her and Alton at Elijah's L_st?   Uncle Will and ourselves were all that were here.

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