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A Record of People, Events & Daily Life around Montour Falls, NY.

1909  1910  1911  1912  1913

Generously contributed by Douglas & Sharon Harrison of Texas.
[Doug is Fred Stone's grandson.]
Edited & typed by Linda Z. O'Halloran, Feb. 2000.
[Linda is Fred Stone's great-grand-niece.]
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The "main characters" are family members of the STONE, McDOUGAL, PARSONS, MEEKS & STUART families.  (See McDOUGAL tree.  See STONE - STUART tree.)  Fred's wife was Libbie McDougal (her mother was a Parsons) and their baby Alice Stone was born in April of 1909.  Jay Stone is Fred's brother (Jay married Emma Rockwell) and Coral/Coe Meeks married Fred's sister Nellie Stone (d. 1907).  Fred mainly worked as a  machinist in "the Shop", which is almost certainly Shepard Electric Hoist Co.  [later Shepard Niles], a major employer in Montour Falls.  Fred was also active in local government, church, firemen, men's clubs, etc.  The "car" was the local electric Elmira-Watkins Trolley, which was given up for a bus around 1922.  Some of the people mentioned here are from Millport, Chemung co. - just over the Schuyler border.  See Veteran on the Chemung co. site.  This was written on pocket-sized diaries,  mostly in pencil.  Typist's comments in [ ].


A cyclone killed a number of area people in early April.
There was a robbery and a few fires and lost horses, etc.

Fri., Jan. 1 - Mother [Rebecca STUART STONE] and  I have been to Aunt Emmely's to a New Year's dinner.  There were 26 there.  Libbie [Fred STONE's wife, Libbie McDOUGAL STONE] went to WOODRUFF'S to dinner.  There is a little snow, but no sleighing...the road is good wheeling...Charley FLETCHER took possession of the post office today.  I gave Alfred DENSON $1.00 for lodge dues.
[Note from descendant Walt Samson:  The gathering on New Years Day 1909, was at the MacDougall homestead on the Ridge Rd., Veteran, Chemung co., NY.  At that time Marion and Emma (aka Emily?) EGBERT MacDougall lived there. Marion's son Charles &  his relatively new wife Berneice REED MacDougall still lived at home.  "Satie"/Sadie is the wife of William Mac Dougall, son of Marion & brother of Charles.  Clarabelle who appears on subsequent pages is the dau of  William & Sadie.]

Sat., Jan. 2 - Have been to work in the woods today....Aunt Sarah [STONE] & Jay [STONE, brother of Fred] have been down.  Eli STANLY was buned [burned?] today.  I have been over and paid our interest to W. L. HOPKINS & paid the post office box rent.  Roast beef for dinner was 45c.

Sun., Jan. 3 - Went to Church...temperance sermon by Rev. F. D. BLAKESLEE.  Going to Baptist church to hear the same man....he will show steroptican vews [views].

Mon., Jan. 4 - Been to work in the woods all day...Visits by Uncle John & Aunt Sarah.  [John STONE & John's sister Sarah STONE.]  I have been over town tonight to K & P [Knights of Pythias] lodge; paid dues for one quarter.  Bought a pair of leather mittens for 30c.

Tues., Jan. 5 - It rained this morning so I did not go to work untill the 7-15 car.  Have been building road to skid logs out of the hollow...got done and cut 2 trees.  Jay [STONE] was down and brought WOODRUFF'S beans.  Ernest brought us buttermilk today..we got a ton of coal.

Wed., Jan. 6 - Been to work in the woods.  Ham. [probably RHYNEHART] & I fell the trees.  Edd. & Geo. sawed them up.  [This seems to be Edd. McDOUGAL & Geo. CARPENTER or Geo. McDOUGAL...not sure.]  Mother is sick and had the doctor.  Pearl FROST and baby and Miss LEWIS was here to supper.  Geo. came & spent the evening.

Thu., Jan. 7 - Coldest day we have had this winter.  Jay said Mother [STONE] was a little better.  Have been over to town and got Ham. a pair of mittens.

Fri., Jan. 8 - Mother about the same.  Mother McDOUGAL [Cynthia Ulissa PARSONS McDOUGAL] has gone to Elmira to stay a few days with Aunt Call [probably Caroline OWEN].

Sat., Jan. 9 - Jay has been down...James P. FROST was appointed county superintendent of highways for this county this week.

Sun., Jan. 10 - Went to church.  Mr. LUMLY was there & came home with me and made a call....This afternoon went for a walk up the Odessa road, came back and brought wash water for tomorrow.  I am now going to eat mush and milk, will then go to the postoffice with a letter for Libbie's mother..

Mon., Jan. 11 - wet and bad, so did not work...went up to Mother's.  Libbie & I have been to Watkins & got her a new coat for $9.00 and one yard of muslin for sheats.  I am going to lodge tonight.  They have installation of officers:  S. B. HILL was made chancler commander.  Sir Knight CAMPBELL of Elmira was the deputy.

Tues., Jan. 12 - 5 - 6 inches of snow.  Jay was down...I fixed the couch and camp chair.  Have been to Dr. HENRY'S office this afternoon and had 2 cavity filled in my teeth...the same cost me one dollar.  I have been over town 5 or 6 times today.  Born to Mr. & Mrs. Charles McDOUGAL a girl...her name is Helen Allyne.

Wed., Jan. 13, 1909 - Been to work in the woods.  We have skidded the big logs down to the mill today.  Aunt Sarah was down.  We had beef steak smothered in onions for supper.  Libbie has been down to Carle's [probably Coral MEEKS'?].

Thu., Jan. 14 - It is disagreeable getting around in the woods....I went over town tonight & got a pair of felt artics for $2.25 and a quart of olive oil for .70.  A beef shank for .20.

Fri., Jan. 15, 1909 - The snow has gone off quite fast...I took the rubbers that I got last night back - could not ware them.  Went to RUMSEY'S [grocery] & got 1 quart of molasses and a 10c can of milk.  Mother was better last night, so Ham. said.

Sat., Jan. 16 - Joe HIBBARD lost two horses last night.  Charley BRAMBLE was driveing them with a sleigh load party of about thirty young people...he turned too short on Genisee St. corner and the bob struck the curb stone...the team broke loose and ran towards Watkins.  They were found this morning in the  marsh ditch drownded.

Sun., Jan. 17 - Mother McDOUGAL came back home tonight and brought Charles regalia.  Libbie and I went down to Coe's [Coral MEEKS'] this afternoon.  Born to Mr. & Mrs. Burr PARSONS - a girl.

Mon., Jan. 18 - Blizzard - Went to Watkins and bought a pair of leggins and rubbers for $3.00 and a granet basin for Pig.  Paid S. J. BROWN $3.00 on the ton of coal.  Dwight WEAVER had a light shock this morning.

Tue., Jan. 19 - WEAVER is a little better today.  We will begin getting milk up to PRINCE'S tomorrow morning.  HOSKINS/HOPKINS will bring it to us five cents a quart.  Mrs. Mary CRONK died this evening.

Wed., Jan. 20 - Clear - Fine sleighing now....Got 10lbs. of sugar.  There is a lot of the M. E. people going up to the TOMPSON place for a sleigh ride and a sociable tonight...it is a fine night for it.

Thu., Jan. 21 - There is a card party up to Jay's tonight.  Mrs. Anna HENRY has been over here...Aunt Sarah brought us 8lbs. of butter today.

Fri., Jan. 22 - Cut logs for Edd. BROWN this afternoon.  Mother has been over town and got some outing flanel for some shirts.  Ernest has brought us buttermilk.  Mrs. Mary CRONK was buried this afternoon.

Sat., Jan. 23 - Did not go to work today.  Alice STONE has been down here all day.  I have been to caucus this afternoon...the following officers were nominated...
Supervisor - C.L. FROST  [Charles]
Road commissioner - O.F. CURTIS,  short term; Frank HEWIT, long term.
Overseer of the Poor - D. VANGORDER
Three assessors - James ARMSTRONG, Geo. LEE, Dr. Geo. LALOR
Collector - F.G. STONE  [Fred]

Sun., Jan. 24 - Have been up to PRINCE'S this morning after milk.  Sattie & Joe PELLUM [PELHAM] called here this afternoon.  [Sattie is apparently a paid midwife or nurse.]

Mon., Jan. 25 - Francis PELLUM [PELHAM] has come to stay two days for examinations.  The eastern sky was lit up with  heat lightning....had thunder showers in some parts near here.

Tue., Jan. 26 - Burr McDOUGAL has got the chicken pox - is getting along nicely.  SPAULDING the barber is sick with typhoid fever.

Wed., Jan. 27, 1909 - There is another case of typhoid fever in town...Robins boy who keeps the restaurant.  This makes 7 cases here in town this winter.  Francis went home...Libbie & Mother are very busy making Charles clothes.  Jay & Aunt Sarah were down.

Thu., Jan. 28 - Charley MEEKS has commenced widening the creek back of the house.

Fri., Jan. 29 - Ernest has been down and brought us liver and buttermilk.

Sat., Jan. 30 - There has been a good many farmers in town today.  I suppose to pay their taxes...it is the last day.

Sun., Jan. 31 - Went to church this morning.  This evening went to the Presbyterian Church & heard a temperance sermon.

Mon., Feb. 1 - Have hung around town all day...been to the shop...went to the blacksmith shop & ground nives for Libbie.  Helped unload coal for Mrs. FLETCHER.  Mr. & Mrs. LUMLY here - he cut my hair.

Tue., Feb. 2 - The old Bare [Groundhog] has had hard work to see his shadow.  The sun has peeped out a little...but did not stay long.  Jay & Emma [STONE] have been down....Mother has gone out calling this evening.

Wed., Feb. 3 - Libbie & Mother washed today, but did not get their clothes dry...it has been stormy.

Thu., Feb. 4, 1909 - Mrs. WOODRUFF & Libbie have been out calling...they made 5 calls.  Stella NARAGON and Gordon LONGCOY were married yesterday at noon & drove to Uncle John's in a cutter.

Fri., Feb. 5 - Raymond McDOUGAL has got chicken pox.

Sat., Feb. 6 - Died: Mis H. C. HENRY...[dau of?]  John A. HENRY.  Her remains will be brought here Monday morning.

Sun., Feb. 7 - Mr. LUMLY & I  have been up to Havana Glen & got some pictures.  Libbie and I have been up to SAYLOR'S and WANZ'S  a calling this evening.

Mon., Feb. 8 - Went to lodge.  Expected Lewis WATKINS would take the 2 degree, but did not put in an appearance.

Tue., Feb. 9 - Jay & Emma and Gordon & Stella LONGCOY were here to dinner.  The whole Republican ticket was elected, but Charles FROST was defeated by 22.

Wed., Feb. 10 - Mr. LUMLY came over & we went up and got a picture of the falls...went to Watkins on errands.

Thu., Feb. 11 - Went to the Dr. & got some medicine for my cold.  He said I had a little tuch of quinsy.  Aunt Emma PARSONS came here.  George O. STONE stayed to supper.  Mr. & Mrs. LUMLY called.

Fri, Feb 12 - beautiful day - Mother has gone home for a short time...went on the 10-15 car.  Libbie went down to Net's [Net STUART? Possibly Janett STUART?].  Born to D.T. WELLER & wife - a boy.

Sat., Feb. 13 - Jay was down.  Emma [ROCKWELL, Jay's wife] is up to Elmira attending an Uncle's funeral.  I have been to the town clerk's office and took my oath of office.

Sun., Feb 14 - ice storm - a lonesome day...we have been alone and did not even go to church.

Mon., Feb. 15, 1909 - severe snow & sleet - Mother Stone came down for a few days & to see the doctor for a rash.  Henry SHEPPARD died at 7:30 tonight.  The funeral will be Thurs. at 2 o'clock.

Tue., Feb. 16 - To doctor with Mother...To Rumsey's for flour, sugar, fish & 1qt portico mo(lasses).

Wed., Feb. 17 - Met Hithe & Grave PARSONS.  Mother STONE has been to Net's today a visiting.

Thu., Feb. 18 - Charles NARAGON & wife have been here.  Hattie STERLING has been down a visiting.  [Hattie was formerly Hattie McDOUGAL, sister to Fred's wife.]

Fri., Feb. 19 - Mildred McDOUGAL got hurt quite badly last night a rideing down hill.

Sat., Feb. 20 - Nearly all done cutting [wood] for Edd. BROWN.  Edd. [McDOUGAL?] went to Milerton with Herb CHAPMAN to get a head sawyer.

Sun., Feb. 21 - Mr. & Mrs. WOODRUFF have been here.

Mon., Feb. 22 - Worked in woods...finished cutting.  They have got the mill about ready to run.  Expect to start sawing tomorrow.

Tues., Feb. 23 - Went to work this morning.  Burr brought the team down...Ham. & I commenced drawing wood.  The sawmill men wanted coal...It was raining like shot.  I took the team to Millport for Burr & came home on the 4-30 car.  Olive oil - got 2 quarts at VAN DOZER'S for $1.50.

Wed., Feb. 24 - Mother STONE went home much better.  Geo. CARPENTER'S wife's sister came here & I went with her to Dr. CLAWSON'S - she wants to studdie for a nurse.  Florence CLEVELAND has been here this afternoon.

Thu., Feb. 25 - Went to Mrs. LUNGER funeral and acted as pall-bearer.  Mrs. LUNGER, mother of Sydnie LUNGER.  Went over to McKEG'S...got a file and tobacco for the mill men.

Fri., Feb. 26 - Libbie came up to Hattie's this afternoon.  Chancy [MEEKS or STERLING?] & I have been up town after supper.  Paid my lodge dues to S. E. PAGE - 50 cents.

Sat., Feb. 27, 1909 - Went to work with Edd. this morning...sawed slabs...Ham. piled lumber...Edd. went away with Myron COE.

Sun., Feb. 28 - Libbie & I went over to Uncle Geo.'s this morning.  Ed. went with Uncle Theador after a cow.  Burr brought us to the car...Mother came home with us...brought eggs and butter.

Mon., Mar. 1 - Dan TOMPKINS did not come to work...they  have been bothered a good deal.  John McDOUGAL went to work in the mill this morning.  They called on me to go back in the shop tonight [to work].  Aunt Julia McDOUGAL and Sattie were here to dinner.

Tue., Mar. 2 - Fair - Dr. BUSH came up to see Mother STONE...he thinks he can cure her.  I got my tool chest down, ready to go to work in the morning.

Wed., Mar. 3 - Worked at shop - drilling.  Jay said Aunt Sarah had a fainting spell Sun. night but is better.  Bought 2 shirts and a cap to work in - got trusted for the $1.10 for all.

Thu., Mar. 4 - Blizzard - Worked 13 hours & the shirt I got last night I wore today and the tail of it is all in rags tonight.

Fri., Mar. 5 - WHITE is sick with the grip [flu] and did not come to work.  I ordered a soup bone and it will be here in the morning.

Sat., Mar. 6, 1909 - I have taken back the shirts I got the other night.  SHU(L)MAN gave me the one and 2 other ones.  Aunt Emma McDOUGAL is here to visit over Sunday.  Been to Rumsey's & got old gristmill crackers, can of milk, the package of helth food that we ordered came & I got that.  Elert SAYLOR is going to have his tonsils out tonight.

Sun., Mar. 7 - Bessie [BROWN?] has been down.  Men have been cutting ice for the Montour House & Cramer's Meat Market.  It is about 6 inches - not very good ice.

Mon., Mar. 8 - [Libbie's writing]  Mother and I have washed today & Fred has put in 13 hours at the shop.  I bought some stove blacking of Arthur P....hope it is not a fake.

Tues., Mar. 9 - Jay is attending court at Watkins and came and stayed with us.  Irving FOWLER of Odessa caused a commotion in the Hendy House by shooting off a revolver.  They put him in the lock-up for a wonder.

Wed., Mar. 10 - There is a surprise party for Myron WELLER...it is his birthday.  Libbie got a dozen eggs off Ernest for 18c...it will seem good to eat one.

Thu., Mar. 11 - Libbie has been to the doctor today.  Frank WOODRUFF has rented the KEELER house on Henry St...will move the 1st of April.

Sat., Mar. 13 - I saw John ROLSON & bought 3 bushels of potatoes..75c a bushel.  Grace & Mildred McDOUGAL are here for over Sunday...we have been to the drink.  Paid Edd. SHUMAN for shirts.

Sun., Mar. 14 - Mr. LUMLY came here and we went to church....and we went up on the hill to see Mother.

Mon., Mar. 15 - Jay is here...called me over to the Hendy House to see Dr. CLAWSON'S lawyers in regard to the HILL case.  Born to Mr. & Mrs. Earl MERWIN - a boy.

Tues., Mar. 16 - Lee RILEY took our pictures last night by flash light.
Village Elections - Whole Republican ticket was elected...
POST, President
MEEKS & HOWEL for Trustees
Herbert DUNHAM for Collector
Electric lights for the streets was lost.

Wed., Mar. 17 - HILL & CLAWSON law suit ended.  Verdict: no cause of action.  Been out walking with Miss BALCH.

Thu., Mar. 18, 1909 - Jay was down to mill and went home with Coe [Coral MEEKS] to dinner.  Coe hurt his thumb some way with the engine...so bad that the Dr. had to take off the end back to the roots of the nail.  Aunt Sarah & Emma have been down to say that Mother is ever so much better.  Dr. HENRY is sick, but do not know how bad.

Sat., Mar. 20 - Uncle John was down.  Burr McDOUGAL came down and brought the things for Mother.  Paid RUMSEY for groceries and S. J. BROWN for coal.

Sun., Mar. 21 - I went over to see Dr. HENRY this morning...he is very bad off.  Edd. McDOUGAL came down...went for a walk and met Geo. FROST and Pearl..the Baby coming here so came home with them.

Tue., Mar. 23 - Mother and Mrs. WOODRUFF went to DUTCHER'S vandue.

Wed., Mar. 24 - Mother went to Elmira to see Aunt Cals.  Got a half-dozen oranges to WEED'S for 9c.

Fri., Mar. 26, 1909 - Uncle John's vandue is today..it is a nice day for it.  Libbie broke her glasses and sent them to HOPKINS via Willis [must be MEEKS].  Cost 35c.

Sat., Mar. 27 - Jay came down; Ernest brought buttermilk; Coral [MEEKS] came here and got the sholder of(f) Mother for  10c a pound.  Ordered a ton of coal for $6.

Mon., Mar. 29 - Mrs. Spencer FISHER died last night at 1:00.

Tues., Mar. 30 - Uncle John was down...he said Jay & Hamill/Warrill FROST was moving him down to the girls...Mother a little better.

Wed., Mar. 31 - Mr. LUMLY and I went to the Accamida [Academy?] to a basketball game...Elmira 24 and Giles 39.

Thu.., Apr. 1 - Elice OLDHAM commenced work in the shop yesterday.  Wrote to John ROLLISON in regards to the potatoes I bought of him 2 weeks ago.

Fri., Apr. 2 - ROLLISON brought the potatoes.

Sat., Apr. 3 - Aunt Sarah, Aunt Julia and Sattie were here.  Paid W. ROBERTSON $6 on my water tax.  We  had oysters for supper.  Mrs. WINTON died last night at 8 o'clock...Samuel & Fred WINTON'S mother.

Sun., Apr. 4 - To church with LUMLY and to Mother's.  Minnie and the children are up there.  WOODRUFF people were up here...Willis [MEEKS] & Herbert [MEEKS] are here tonight.  [nephews of Fred STONE].  Had sparerib (?) for dinner brought by Aunt Sarah.

Mon., Apr. 5 - Spring - the most like Spring today.  You can see a good many going with their fishing pools [poles].

Tues., Apr. 6 - Have been to RUMSEY'S...got 2 qt. molasses, 5lb. sugar, 1 lb. lard, 1/4 lb. ginger & raisins.  Paid my KDTW dues to Bert DENSON - he will give it to his father.

Wed., Apr. 7 - Windy - Got the Dr. for Libbie...George SHERWOOD is in town a visiting....was in the shop this forenoon.

Thu., Apr. 8 - The wind yesterday done a great deal of damage...it blowed down telephone wires and unroughed [unroofed] barns.  The paper stated that there were a great many killed by the cyclone.  Coral came to the shop for the first to work...He looks after the engins...is about all he can do.

Fri., Apr. 9 - The wind blowed the girls' corn crib over and it done a lot of damage....blew COUCH'S barn nearly all down.

Sat., Apr. 10 - Went over to Will CORWIN'S tonight and got 2 dozen eggs for Easter.

Sun., Apr. 11 - Beautiful Easter day - LUMLY went to the Glen and had the misfortune to dislocate his arm.  The Dr. put it back and it is alright now.

Mon., Apr. 12, 1909 - Libbie been over town & got her some new shirts and a bottle for me to put olive oil in.  She got some cloth to cover a basket to put baby clothes in.

Tue., Apr. 13 - Got Libbie some medicine at the Sanitarium.

Thu., Apr. 15, 1909 - Ansle ROBERTS went to work in the shop this morning.

Fri., Apr. 16, 1909 - Uncle John & Aunt Sarah were down & brought buttermilk...Saw Joe BARBER and engaged him to plow the garden tomorrow.

Sat., Apr. 17 - Had the garden plowed for 75c.  I planted some potatoes, onions, beets and lettuce.  Went a fishing after supper...got one nice sucker.  Got 10lbs. of sugar, starch  health food, nutmeg, beef stake.

Sun., Apr. 18 - Well, we have had a hard days work.  Libbie was taken sick 12-30 last night and has been very sick - we had to call QUIRK and 5 o'clock and at 10-30 we had a nice baby girl.  We telephoned to Jay at 2 this morning and he went for Sattie PELHAM [midwife]...they got here at 5 this morning.

Mon., Apr. 19 - Libbie and Alice are better this morning than we expected they could be.  The Dr. has been here this morning....I have been home today and have done what I could.  Hattie has been down all day and has helped a great deal.  A band of "Jipsys" went through town today.

Tues., Apr. 20 - Jay & Emma & Aunt Sarah were here to see Alice.  Alice has been good all day.  Sattie has gone to the Dr. for Libbie and to get some medicine for Mother.

Wed., Apr. 21 - Sattie has been over town and got a hair brush for Alice.

Thu., Apr. 22 - Alice has been good all day - she has been on exabition today.  Frank KIZE went to work in the shop this noon.  Edna BACON came and helped Mother wash this morning.

Fri., Apr. 23 - Alice got her first letter today from Bell BROWN.  Married:  Edd. (S.?) BROWN and Alice DAY.

Sat., Apr. 24 - HOPKINS has gone to Buffalo and I am taking care of his horse.  Got half a gal. of olive oil again tonight.

Sun., Apr. 25 - I have been up to the cemetery this afternoon....We had a mess of dandelion greens for dinner yesterday.

Mon., Apr. 26 - Edna BACON has helped Mother wash; Hattie STERLING has been down and helped do some baking.

Tues., Apr. 27 - Sattie went to see Miss STODDARD for us, but she could not come.  Sattie saw a Mr. HAGADORN over town...he said he thought his Mother could come.

Wed., Apr. 28 - snow & thunder - I got the elderblowes [elderflowers?] and they gave some of the tea to [baby] Alice last night and she is better today.

Sun., May 2 - The Dr. came in to see Libbie...told her she could begin to set up a little.  [2 weeks after giving birth]  I took the 2-15 car for Millport and went up to Edd's...he is not feeling very well...have rumatism in his shoulders.

Mon., May 3 - Mrs. HAGADORN [apparently a paid housekeeper...pd. $18 total] and Mother have washed today.  Jay is down tonight with pigs...brought us some liver and a pair of silk shoes and a bib from Emma and Rubby for Alice.  Joe PELHAM is down after his niece from Penn Yan...the nurse for Francis...she  has typhoid feaver.

Tues., May 4 - Aunt Emma PARSONS and Hattie was here....they brought Alice two pairs of knit showes [shawls?] and a bonnet.  Libbie paid Mrs. HAGADORN [another midwife?] $5 and she went over town and ordered her a new hat.

Wed., May 5 - I have set 2 fish lines in the creek back of the house....I have sent Allie DENSON my lodge dues - $1.

Sat., May 8, 1909 - Alice has had some tony callers...REDDICK, Mrs.  PROSCIOUS, Mrs. LATTEN, Dr. & Mrs. CLAWSON and others.  I went to Watkins tonight and got some elderblowes for Alice.  The cherry tree in front of the house is in full bloom...it is beautiful...they are a going to have some of them in the church sunday.

Sun., May 9 - Lee RYLEY [RILEY] and wife came to see Libbie and Alice this morning.  Mother heard that Francis PELHAM was a little better.  Alice got home with Ruth STONE....

Tues., May 11, 1909 - There was a mistry in town last night...they found a pair of twin babys in the Montour House barn...no one knows where they come from.   Mrs. Hagadorn was taken sick in the night...I got up at 11-30 and done what I could for her...she is a little better ths morning.

Sat., May 15 - Herbert & Willis [MEEKS] are here this evening.  Coral came over for them after he got shaved...the first time he has seen Libbie since Alice came.

Sun., May 16 - Aunt Sarah and Ivah came here after church...Aunt Ivah had not seen Alice before...we got home and found Clark tending Alice.  Edd. came down and stayed to dinner..he went on the 2-15 car to Sam BARBER'S funeral.  Florence CLEVELAND is here this evening.

Mon., May 17 - Aunt Sarah was down...brought us some beef liver...they killed a heffer that was a kicker.

Tues., May 18 - ...My foot is quite lame tonight...I am a going to bathe it good with arnica.
Jessie SHEPPARD'S folks have a 9lb. boy.

Fri., May 21 - Jay brought us a pig...it waid 68 lbs at 9 cents a pound.  I took it over and put it in Cramer's cooler untill tomorrow.  Coral [MEEKS] and I went up to the cemetery to mow the lot and he forgot the key and we could not get the tools...so will have to go up again.

Sat., May 22 - I quit work at 4 o'clock and came home and cut up the pig and Libbie fryed it and packed it down.  Mrs. HAGADORN looked after Alice.  [Mrs. HAGADORN is being paid for her help.]

Mon., May 24 - First time Libbie and Alice went out for a ride.  Dr. Henry came over and pulled a tooth for Libbie...she got along dandy.  I took the washing down to Mrs. WOODRUFF...she charged 50cents.

Wed., May 26 - Coral and I quit work at 5 o'clock and went up to the cemetery and cleared of(f) the lot and set out some flowers.  Mary COUCH called to see Alice.  Pearl FROST was down and brought the coat that she had for Jack and let us take it for Alice.

Thur., May 27 - I put in my cucumbers tonight...I planted them when the sign was right...when the sign is in the elbow.  Burr McDOUGAL has got the mumps.

Fri., May 28 - The County Fair is plaid in town tonight by home tallent...to benefit the Episcopal Church.

Sat., May 29 - Aunt Sarah and Cora VAN HORN have been here.  Jay was down this fore noon and took Herbert and Willis [MEEKS] with him.  I went over and hung a screen door for Mrs. TILLOPS tonight.

Sun., May 30 - beautiful day - It is deckeration day...they will observe it tomorrow.  James CRIPPEN has had to quit the shop on account of his health.  Went to Genett Stuart's...will go to church tonight and hear Mr. SURGER from Millport...there will be union services in the M.E. Church.

Mon., May 31 - beautiful day - Bessie came down...took a snap shot of Alice...I have been over to the Opera House to the memorial exercises.

Tue., Jun. 1, 1909 - I went over and got me some lether for to put on the heals of my shoes and nailed them on.  Aunt Sarah and Emma have been down and brought Herbert & Willis [MEEKS].  The hotel to Millport burned last Saturday night.

Wed., Jun 2 - Strawberries for supper.  Hattie STERLING was down and said Ruth STERLING can not live.   Libbie and I went to CALLIHAN'S to look at their babby wagon...did not decide what to do.

Thu., Jun. 3 - The COLLARD people have come back in the house next to us...

Fri., Jun. 4 - We finely took the CALLIHAN wagon [baby carriage] for six dollars.

Sat., Jun. 5 - Went to Watkins and took the hind wheels to Alice's wagon to get new rubber tires...Joe VINCENT will do it and send them up Monday morning by Lewis HAYTE.

Sun., Jun. 6 - Have been after milk...got 50 cents worth of tickets and forgot to pay for them.  Coral and I have been up to Mother's today...had lamb fryes for dinner.  Bew STERLING was buried this afternoon.

Mon., Jun. 7, 1909 - Mr. LUMLY was  here to supper and he took Alice's picture this afternoon...I went down with him to develop it.  Alice is getting so she holds her breath when she gets spunky.

Wed., Jun. 9 - Floyd FLETCHER came back to work in the shop this morning.  Coral came over and helped me take the coal stove down tonight.

Sat., Jun. 12 - Allie TAYLOR'S wife gave birth to a baby this morning...this afternoon they both died.  QUIRK was their doctor.  Mr. TAYLOR worked at WEED'S.  Arthur MEEKS is working at McKEG'S for 2 weeks.

Sun., Jun. 13 - At church it was children's day...the church was nearly full.  This was Memoral day for the fireman...they intended to march to the cemetery but the rain came and the exercises were in the protective rooms.  Wash ROBERTSON made the address, Mr. PROSSINS made the prayer and pronounced the benediction.  Alice laughed out loud for her father for the first today...we took her a rideing down to Coral's...

Mon., Jun. 14 - Burr McDOUGAL was here to dinner...was down for examinations.  Hattie and Chancy were down this afternoon.

Tues., Jun. 15 - Mother STONE is down to Genett's [STUART] this week while Mrs. WARD is on her vacation.

Thur., Jun. 17 - Burr McDOUGAL was here and said Aunt Libbie PARSONS has had a poor spell and there is no hope of her recovery.  Frank CORNELL has gone away to look for men to work in the shop.

Fri., Jun. 18 - a cold day like Fall - Mother McDOUGAL and Raymond have been down...Jay was down...Mother came...Ivah TERRY has been here.

Sat., Jun. 19 - It has been a perfect day.  I went down to the ball game.  The married men vs. the single men.  The married men beat 14 to 11.  Sorren STONE and Corrie was here to call this afternoon.  I went to BLAIR'S and got a cord of wood and 500 of coal...the wood was $1.50 and the coal was $1.55.

Mon., Jun. 21 - Aunt Sarah & Emma have been down and got Dazy shod.  I went to K of P lodge and saw the degree team from Elmira work the third degree on Lewis WATKINS...there was five up from North Hector.

Tues., Jun. 22 - I bought a bushel of potatoes of(f) Arthur [MEEKS] at McKEG'S last night and he brought them this morning.  Home grown strawberries are in market now for 14 cents a quart.  John DARLING went to work in the shop this morning.

Wed., Jun. 23, 1909 - I went to MESSIG'S and got 1 dozen colleflour [cauliflower] and 18 cabagge plants.  It has been commencement day to the Academy and Arthur [MEEKS] graduated from there.  Jay, Emma and Aunt Sarah was  here to dinner...the women went to commencement.  Ernest called here.

Thu., Jun. 24 - This has been a very warm day ...there have been a great many deaths in NY City from the heat, so the papers state.

Fri., Jun. 25 - I borrowed John HENRY'S wheel and went up to MESSIG'S and bought 1.0 qt. of strawberries to can.

Sat., Jun. 26 - It is the hottest weather I think that I have ever seen in June.  I went to W.A.S. MARTIN'S and got a ladder and picked the sower cherries.  Took the dipper up to PRINCE and got a new botton in it.

Sun., Jun. 27 - Coral [MEEKS] and Mis PLAT called here tonight.  I put up the hammock today.  Homor WILLCOX & wife and De BAILEY & wife called to the door a few minnits....they were out rideing.

Tues., Jun. 29 - Kittie PARSONS has been down after medicine for her Father...she said they and Burr McDOUGAL each had new wagons.  Aunt Libbie is just alive...cannot live long.  Libbie and Alice went and called on Florence CLEVELAND this afternoon.

Wed., Jun. 30 - Alice has been having her first disaplining today...her mother let her have her cry out.  I picked a small pail of cherries but they are not quite ripe.  Bessie BROWN came here tonight.  We had strawberrie short cake for supper.

Thur., Jul. 1 - Jay was down tonight after a plow point.  Karcene [kerosene] oil today.  Florence
CLEVELAND left today for Ithaca...I took her trunk to the depo.  Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ernest HINE - a boy...ha, ha,  ha....It's name is Jay.

Fri., Jul. 2, 1909 - Manty GREEN was  here to dinner...she made Alice a very nice present of a silver spoon.  Bessie [BROWN?] and Manty went  home on the 3-15 car this afternoon.  The band is giveing a concert from the rostrum in front of HAYNE'S store...it is ISLEY'S band of Watkins.

Sat., Jul. 3 - I have paid our interest to HOPKINS and had the insurance on the house renewed....it was $7 on a thousand for 3 years.  I got 2 pairs of stockens, a pair of pants and a straw hat.  The north wind has blown up a gail all day and it is cold enough to need an over coat.

Sun., Jul 4 - It will seem good when Libbie can go to church and at other places again.  I have been to Watkins Glen and there was a great many people going through.  Sim CROFUT and wife called  here this afternoon to see Alice.

Mon., Jul. 5 - perfect day - People that celebrated the fourth have had a great day in Odessa.  Frank WOODRUFF has picked 2 bushels of cherries here and Libbie has been canning them.  She has 12 cans up and has not near done yet.  He has not got them all picked yet. I have been on the hill to dinner with the Girls and supper with Mother.  Emma and Mildred BRIDGEMAN brought me home.

Tue., Jul. 6 - Frank finished the cherries...there was about 90 qts.  Libbie had 25 cans and they are very nice.   Chancy STERLING was here today and said Libbie PARSONS is better again.  [June entry said there was no hope!]  Horise HUMLY is back and called here...Mrs. SWEETLOVE is here in town and called tonight.

Thu., Jul. 8 - I have been out and drilled with the fire company tonight.  It is getting very dry and the dust is deep.

Fri., Jul. 9 - The Presbyterian church have a lawn social this evening....ISLEY band is there.

Sat., Jul. 10, 1909 - I have been sprinkling the road and the garden...I paid the corporation tax...it was lower than it was last year...it was $7.07... I have been over to Mrs. REYNOLD'S and got some ice cream and brought it home.

Sun., Jul. 11 - It has been very hot...laid around all the forenoon....after dinner I wash the dishes for Libbie, she has a head ache today.  Herbert & Willis [MEEKS] are here to supper tonight.  Paid Mr. WOODRUFF for the washing last week that his wife done.

Mon., Jul. 12 - Libbie has done her own washing today for the first time since Alice was born [Apr. 18].  Three new men in the shop this week.  They have commenced working the road here on Owego St...today Geo. WARD is St. commissioner.

Tues., Jul. 13 - They have done a good job working the road...there is a lot of loose dirt they left in piles and I have engaged Herbert WOODRUFF to wheel it in the yard.  I bought a tin cup to hang down to the well.

Wed., Jul. 14 - Herbert wheeled in the dirt and I smoothed it off...he charged 25 cents.

Fri., Jul. 16 - a fine rain shower this afternoon - Mother gave me one dollar to pay for her paper, the Free Press, for another year.

Sat., Jul. 17 - STERRET is a going out of the clothing business and is selling very cheap....Chauncy STERLING called here...was driveing his horse down the valley and he got frightened at a horse rake and he had quite a time.  I went to BLAIR'S and got a board and fixed it for Libbie to iron Alice's dresses on.

Sun., Jul. 18- showers and gails; cold - Went up to the reservoy this afternoon.  Libbie went to church for the
first time this year.

Mon., Jul. 19- I have been to the sanitarium and got some lime tablets for Alice.  I got her a passafier...hoed the tomatoes and cucumbers...Lee BURCH went to work in the shop this morning.

Tues., Jul. 20 - Jay and Edmond BOWER was down tonight...I got Alice her first plaything tonight...it is a little rattle box.

Sat., Jul. 24 - Went up to Mother's and picked a 8 qt. pail of cherries, soured ones.  Jay went over to SWEEPER'S after Rus STONE and wife...they came to the girls for a visit...

Sun., Jul. 25 - Edd. McDOUGAL came down here...Marry intended to come with him but was sick and could not...Herbert & Willis [MEEKS] are here tonight.

Mon., Jul. 26, 1909 - Libbie went up to Mrs. AYERS to see about her dress that she is having her make.  WILLSON has commenced building today.  Have been to trustee meeting.  The packing blowed out of the steam pipes this morning and we quit at 8:30am till noon.

Wed., Jul. 28 - very hot - Libbie took her hat to Mrs. FLETCHER to have it repaired...I suppose she will look like a peacock.  New timeclock at the shop.

Thu.,  Jul. 29 - Sussie Hichcock [HITCHCOCK] called this afternoon.  This is the hottest weather that we have had in a long time...they have stopped us useing the water to sprinkle...the reservoy is lower than last year.

Sat., Jul. 31 - Water mellon, 35c...crackers, 10c...Libbie's shoes, $2.50...Libbie's  hat, $1...Alice's dress, 50c...chicken wire, 20c...evap. milk, .18.

Sun., Aug. 1, 1909 - Salmon, 2 cans, 25c...cond. milk, 2 cans, 32c...carbolic acid, 20c....Uncle John and Hattie [probably John STONE and his daughter Hattie] came home today.  Went to Ernest to see the baby...Mildred [probably McDOUGAL] visiting.

Tues., Aug. 3 - Mildred has gone home...I went to school meeting tonight...they elected 2 trustees, William CRONK/CRANK and Mrs. James A. SHEPARD.

Wed., Aug. 4 - Rittie and  Grace PARSONS spent the day.  Mother McDOUGAL came down to stay.

Thur., Aug. 5 - The Firemans parade is in Geneva today...very hot and dry...Libbie has been sick with colery morbus and is some better tonight.

Fri., Aug. 6 -  principle guests today....Hattie STERLING, Joe & Francis PELHAM, Aunt Sarah and Emma, Miss BLOOM.  I have to carry water from the creek to put on the garden.

Sat., Aug. 7 - Hellen FROST came to see Alice this afternoon.

Sun., Aug. 8 - Went to Havana Glen....seemed cool and comfortable there....thermometer has been 120 in the sun & 98 in the shade...the dust is very deep...some of the time when an Ato (?) goes by we cannot see across the street.

Mon., Aug. 9 - I have attended a meeting of Trustees of the M. E. Church at RUMSEY'S store tonight.

Tues., Aug. 10 - dues in fire com., $1....the water has give out in the reservoy and the town is without city water.

Wed., Aug. 11 - the crickets have begun to yell...seems like fall...Libbie has been down to Net STUART.

Thu., Aug. 12 - Aunt Sarah & Emma have been down....said the grasshoppers have destroyed their buckwheat.

Sat., Aug. 14 - Went to the ball game between the office help and the shop boys...the score was 6 to 8 in favor of the shop boys.  Jay brought Herbert & Willis [MEEKS] home th is morning.

Sun., Aug. 15 - Went to the cemetery with Frank WOODRUFF...Mrs. Charley MANNING and Mrs. John DARLING called here while I was gone.  Edd. BROWN called...Mrs. VanRansler McDOUGAL from Ithaca called today.  Libbie and the MEEKS boys and I went to church tonight.  Mr. PITMAN preached this evening.  Had a nice rain...it laid the dust...I payed $1 on the Paster's salery.

Mon., Aug. 16 - It is Italian day to Watkins today.  We are getting a very hard rain...it has put the fireworks out of business.

Tues., Aug. 17 - Mother went home this afternoon.  Uncle James McDOUGAL & Aunt Julia McDOUGAL came this afternoon...Stell McDOUGAL came and spent the evening.  Berton FISHER was discharged today and PARMER quit.

Wed., Aug. 18 - brown sugar, 4lbs., 20c...bushel potatoes, $1...Uncle James & Aunt Julia went to Millport...they heard of the death of Mrs. John HALPIN, so they came back and got a ride home with LeGrang COUCH.  Ernest HINE came to dinner....we have got lots of water now.

Thu., Aug. 19 - The STUART picnic was held at Eldrig Park today.  2 qt. peaches, 10c.
Sat., Aug. 21 - (sick yesterday, better today) - Jay & Aunt Sarah here...Charley NARAGON & cousin Ella PAGE were with them...Cousin Abby McDOUGAL called here....I subscribed with Lee RILEY for the Popular Machinist, $1.

Mon., Aug. 23, 1909 - Uncle John & I went to Chapple [chapel] to Stuards meeting.  Geo. FROST brought a load of lumber for the bridge out here.

Tues., Aug. 24 - Uncle John will be here the rest of the week collecting for the church.  Alice laughed out loud today for the first.

Fri., Aug. 25 - Hattie STONE & Hellen FROST came down and they and Uncle John went down to Well STONE's for a visit.

Sat., Aug. 28 - visitors: Hattie & Chancie STERLING, Emma, Aunt Sarah & Gertrude BOWER.

Sun., Aug. 29 - beautiful day....went to church & heard the Presiding Elder...finished paying my pledge for the Pastor's salary, $2....went to PLAT'S and then to RILEY'S.

Mon., Aug. 30 - crab apples, 50c...4 cord wood, $5....visited by Mrs. HAGADORN & Stell McDOUGAL.

Thur., Sep. 2 - Hair cut, 20c...Uncle John came from Well STONE's...Hattie & Helen FROST are over to MARTENS.

Fri., Sep. 3 - George BROWN was put in the lock-up last night for being drunk.

Sat., Sep. 4 - We have been to Burr PARSONS to the Reunion today and have had a nice time.

Sun., Sep. 5 - went to Mother's...Edd. & I went to the saw mill to look at the lumber...STERLINGS were here...went to Geo. CARPENTER'S.  Marry took Libbie to the doctor in Horseheads.

Mon., Sep. 6 - light frost - We have had a good time...Kittie brought us down to Charles PARSON'S to call
and then took us to Hattie's.

Tues., Sep. 7 - They have got the water shut off...fixing the pipe over South St. bridge...Libbie went to WELLER'S and got her a new corset, 50c...Pearl & Jennie FROST have been here this afternoon.

Wed., Sep. 8 - I have been to Watkins this evening to see the fire works.  Jay & Emma stopped here on the way to the Fair.  Coe [MEEKS] went home sick this forenoon with a spell of indigestion.

Thu., Sep. 9 - Florence CLEVELAND stayed with Libbie till I got home from work at 10 o'clock.  They have had two nice days for the fair.  Meat, 3.5 lbs, 42c...

Fri., Sep. 10 - Coe is better and back to work now.

Sun., Sep. 12 - Went to Geo. FROST'S ...got some elderberries...etc.

Mon., Sep. 13 - We got the peaches of(f) Mrs. John CRONK.  Pearl FROST & son was here today.

Tues., Sep. 14 - Hazle CARLEY fell &  broke her arm this afternoon in the same place it was broken before. Mother McDOUGAL came down this forenoon...

Wed., Sep. 15 - Plums from SLOAN'S.

Thu., Sep. 16 - Libbie paid Mrs. KNIFFIN for the plums this afternoon.  Libbie has canned peaches, plums, tomatoes.

Fri., Sep. 17 - There was a big fire in Watkins last night of which seven business places were burned.  Paid Mrs. AYRS [AYRES] for makeing Libbie a skirt, $1.50.

Sat., Sep. 18 - I finished putting the wood in the house & pulled the onions out...had over a peck...they are nice pickling onions.  We did not go to Geo. STONE'S as we intended because Alice's Father fell & hurt himself so badly that it is doubtful that he ever recovers.

Sun., Sep. 19 - Well I got up this morning & got breakfast & Libbie layed & rested. Went down to Watkins & went thru the Glen with Sam WINTON...came back down across to see where the fire was.  Libbie, Alice, Herbert & Willis went to Net's & to Woodruff's.  I went to church this evening...Libbie has pressed my best clothes and they look very nice.

Mon., Sep. 20, 1909 - We awakened this morning at 4 o'clock by the fire bell...the Hendy House & barn was on fire...it was damaged a great deal.  VAN DOUSER'S/VAN DUZER'S barn and the Central House barn were burned...it was a bad fire to get at.  Mrs. WOODRUFF stayed with Libbie tonight till I got home.

Tues., Sep. 21 - Alice hair cut, 20c...post office box rent, 20c...2 cakes of lava soap, 10c.

Wed., Sep. 22 - 10lbs. salt, 10c...Frank KEACH brought  us our peaches...not quite half a bushel...said he will bring enough to make it out...I will pay for them when he does.

Thu., Sep. 23 - They are putting in cement foundation for some new machinary in the shop.

Fri., Sep. 24 - KEECH/KEACH brought the rest of the peaches.  4lbs. brown sugar, 22c...Libbie & Alice have been down to Coral's to call on Mrs. JOHNSON/JONSON.

Sat., Sep. 25 - Ralston breakfast, 15c...to Jay for 9.5lbs. butter, $2.37...I went to Republican Corcus/Caucus this afternoon & to Dolph's vandue...did not buy anything.

Sun., Sep. 26 - went to church this morning & heard Brother PROSSUS deliver his fairwell sermon for this conference year.  Libbie has gone to church tonight.  Called on Sim CROFUT'S people this afternoon.

Tues., Sep. 28 - Coral MEEKS & Ella PLAT were married at four o'clock this afternoon.  Cough syrup, 20c...Wyandot cleaner, 5c...meat, 47c...Mother McDOUGAL came to  help Libbie clean house.  Frank TUTTLE commenced work in the shop today.

Wed., Sep. 29 - I have been to Will MESSIG'S to engage a half bushel of tomatoes for Mother.

Fri., Oct. 1 - Libbie has blacked the little wood stove & I have set it up all but putting the pipe togather.  Myron WELLER struck his thumb with a  hammer and hurt it quite badly.

Sat., Oct. 2 - We went to Elmira this afternoon to Alice & Geo. STONE'S.  Bought Alice a coat, $2.95 and a lap robe, $2.50.

Sun., Oct. 3 - Alice was on exhibition all day...the people that see her say that she is prettie nice...Mother was here...she had a good visit down to the DEGRAWS.  Arthur [MEEKS] & the little boys was here this evening.

Mon., Oct. 4 - The new boring mill has come today...it is a five foot machine.  We have got the fire started in the little wood stove.  Mr. Henry CRONK died tonight.

Tues., Oct. 5 - Edd. [McDOUGAL?] was down with wood...Jay & Emma was down...Mother here.  Alice drank from a cup for the first time today.

Fri., Oct. 8 - Coral [MEEKS] gave me the Vinager barrel that Father [Charles W. STONE] gave Nellie [STONE, Coral's first wife; deceased sister of Fred] when she was married and I went and got it tonight.  Will HUEY died this morning at 8 o'clock.

Sat., Oct. 9 - school taxes, $3.67...I gave S. J. BROWN a five dollar gold piece and two half dollars for the coal (1 ton).  I have drawed(?) off the sides and put it in the vinager barrel that Coe gave me.

Sun., Oct. 10 - clear & warm - I went to church and heard Mr. EATON the new minister...like him very much.  I have been up the hill this afternoon.  I got a few chestnuts...they are not very good this year.

Mon., Oct. 11 - Fred MESSIG came here with the roofing and tools to put it on, but had to quit on account of the rain.  We are getting a fine rain today.  Libbie has commenced work on the bedroom floor...she is going to grain it.

Tues., Oct. 12 - Libbie and I have been out this evening to a reception for Mr. PROSUS [PROCIOUS?] and to Seward MEEKS for Coral and Ella MEEKS.  Mother stayed with Alice.

Thur., Oct. 14 - I have been down to Ezra WOODEN'S to get him to pick up the shingles & clean some rugs and matting .  Jay has been down after a load of corn stalks for Aunt Sarah.

Sat., Oct. 16 - Uncle John had Billy killed today...he could never be any better.  [Billy must be a dog or horse.]  Alice played on the organ up to the girls'...that is good for a six month old girl.  Aunt Irene [STUART, sister of Rebecca "Mother" STONE] came out to Mother's today.

Sun., Oct. 17, 1909 - Went to see Aunt Irene this morning...the MOLTER boys came for Jay to help berry old Bill for Uncle John.  Clark came in and had a big time with Alice.

Mon., Oct. 18 - LANTZ'S Store was broken into last night and the safe blown open...they got about $100.00 besides some Duffies Malt Whisky, six bottles.  Joe & Sattie PELHAM came here & brought apples, 1 bushel Hendric sweet apples, 60cents.

Tues., Oct. 19 - Ernest HINE called here...Arthur [MEEKS]  brought us a bushel of onions tonight...I did not pay him for them (50c).

Wed., Oct. 20 - There was a new drill press came to the shop today (a little one).  We had cabbage for dinner all that we raised in the garden...Jessie BEMENT is back in town and is a going to work in the shop in the morning.

Thur., Oct. 21 - James FROST drove in the ditch that the Village  had dug across the road tapping the city water for WILLSON...his horse was hurt quite badly.

Fri., Oct. 22 - We got 10 gal. cider of SAYLOR/SAYLER today ($1)....have been to WOODRUFF helping move a petition.

Sat., Oct. 23 - shoes for Fred, $4...shoes for Alice, 35c...rubbers, 85c...car fair, 10c...essence of pepsin, 50c.  Mother & Aunt Irene [STUART] made us a visit.

Sun., Oct. 24 - Went to church...came home and Coe [MEEKS] and the boys came in....Aunt Irene & I went up to the Episcopal church this afternoon.  Arthur [MEEKS] was here to supper and spent the evening.

Mon., Oct. 25 - Ernest HINE came here...I have been to RUMSEY'S store to trustee meeting of the church.

Tues., Oct. 26 - Aunt Irene [STUART] has pieced a bedquilt and give it to me...I shall think a great deal of it...she has also got yarn for a bonnet for Alice and is a going to croshay it for her.  Mother, Irene & Libbie have gone up to call on Coe & Ella MEEKS.  Sattie PELHAM was here.

Wed., Oct. 27 - Mother & Aunt Irene have gone to Net STUART'S today.  Reva GUIRE and her little girl  came here...Locele [Lucile?] gave Alice a rattle box.

Thur., Oct. 28 - Have commenced to take the Star Gazette again today...The boy brought us 3 papers & then quit, leaving them for some reason.

Fri., Oct. 29 - Coldest day this fall...water pail froze over...Mrs. Jane TURNER died.  Telephone tole, 10cents...4lbs. beans, 24c.

Sat., Oct. 30 - Coral [MEEKS] had his vandue this afternoon...I was clerk.  It amounted to about $2.50.

Sun., Oct. 31 - very nice warm day - to church with Libbie in the morning & with Aunt Irene in the afternoon.  Jay was here and BACON'S people have been here...Ella [MEEKS] Coral's wife is sick a bed with sore throte.

Mon., Nov. 1 - Libbie  has a toothache...Mrs. Susan PIERCE has been here and called.

Tues., Nov. 2 - Election today...Jay has been down on the election board...was here to dinner & supper.

Wed., Nov. 3 - Mica for stove, 15c...8.5lbs. butter, $2.13...Libbie blacked the cole stove today...Frank WOODRUFF came & helped put it up.  Aunt Sarah & Emma were here....they brought Uncle John's suitcase here...I expect he will be here until Saturday.

Thur., Nov. 4 - Uncle John was here & has gone to a prayer meeting and he is a going home with Bert TEETSLE/TEETSEL tonight.

Fri., Nov. 5 - Uncle John has gone to lodge.  Edd. McDOUGAL came with wood for Coral [MEEKS] and was here to dinner.

Sun.,, Nov. 7 - Aunt Sarah & Ivah were down...we went out with Alice & called on Coral [MEEKS] & family.  I went to Legue with Frank WOODRUFF.  Alice is the center of attention when we take her out anywhare.

Tues., Nov. 9, 1909 - Emma &  Pearl [FROST?] came down...Emma stayed with Jack while Pearl had her teeth fixed.  Jay telephoned to me tonight that Uncle Hart's people were coming Thursday & would come down here Friday.  [Uncle Hart is Hart STUART, brother to Irene Stuart & Rebecca "Mother" Stone.  Hart & Irene lived in Mansfield, Tioga co., PA]  Libbie is painting the kitchen floor tonight.

Wed., Nov. 10 - Sarah RICHARD was here to dinner.  Jay was down with Geo. FROST to bring a pig that Geo. sold to DUNHAM.

Fri., Nov. 12 - Uncle Hart, Aunt Mary [Mary SHAW STUART], Aunt Irene & Mother [Rebecca STUART STONE] came here this forenoon...will stay untill tomorrow.  Uncle Hart & I went to the Opra House to a moveing picture show this evening.

Sat., Nov. 13 - I have been home visiting today...raked leaves...Hart & I went through the shop...Jay & Emma came down and we went through Watkins Glen.

Sun., Nov. 14 - WOODRUFF'S people and us went to McDOUGAL'S today.  Reverend Mr. ALDEN preached his farewell sermon tonight...the other churches united in union services...I went to hear him.  I went to Frank MILLER'S with Edd.'s team & the trundle bed that Well STONE said we can have for $1.50.

Mon., Nov. 15 - Born to Mr. & Mrs. Sidney LUNGER last Saturday - a boy.

Tues., Nov. 16 - bought watch at auction, $1.85.

Wed., Nov. 17 - 3 meals to [at] ROBINSON'S, 55cents...Sent application into Odd Fellows, $2...I have taken out a term policy of $5 in the K & P insurance...it will be 73c a month.  It is a bad night out...snow & rain togather...will be glad when Libbie & Alice get home.

Thu., Nov. 18 - Alice was out in the snow storm for the first time...I left my new old watch with GANUNG to regulate...Alice got home and was tickled to see her Dad.

Fri., Nov. 19 - GANUNG thinks the watch needs cleaning the most of anything...we have been pinking the felt for Alice's robe and Libbie is sewing it on.  Mrs. Evland NIVISON/NIVASON & son were here to dinner.

Sat., Nov. 20 - flat iron for Alice, 25c [a toy?]...Frank WOODRUFF and I went to the Picture Show.

Sun., Nov. 21 - went to church & Aunt Sarah came home with me...we had meat pie for dinner and it was fine...went to Net's & Woodruff's...Pastor's support, $1.

Mon., Nov. 22 - Libbie & Alice were invited over to Mrs. J. A. HENRY'S this afternoon to a little gathering.

Tues., Nov. 23 - Mrs. CLARK from Millport was down & said Hattie was sick with one of her throte spells.

Wed., Nov. 24 - J. T. McKEG for roofing, $25.70...2 baskets of grapes, 20c...oysters, 20c...

Thur., Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving - heavy snow - the snow is in heaps...it is very cold & the cars are late.  The drifts are 3 or 4 feet deep in places.  Went to Mothers just the same & Burr was there...Geo. CARPENTER'S people & Aunt Call OWEN(?) were there.  We had a fine time and a good dinner.

Fri., Nov. 26 - Jay & Emma were here for dinner...the snow is going off...The roof to the shop  got a fire this afternoon...the firemen all got out but they put it out before the apparatus got there.  Coral [MEEKS] bumped his head on a hoist hook while running to the fire...it hurt him quite badly.

Sat., Nov. 27 - got underware for me, $3 at MORAN & GANNETT'S, Watkins.  1 cake chocolate, 17cents.

Mon., Nov. 29 - I went over to RUMSEY'S store tonight to a mens' meeting to prepare for a chicken pie supper one week from Wensday night.  Nov. has been a nice month...we need rain quite badly.

Tues., Nov. 30 - I have joined the Odd Fellowes tonight ($3.00).  Florence CLEVELAND is home again...

Wed., Dec. 1 - Libbie is serving on a social over at the Chapel...she will eat her supper there & brought mine over home.  Aunt Sarah brought John & Hattie down to serve on the social...they will stay here tonight.

Thu., Dec. 2 - Libbie, Hattie & Mrs. WOODRUFF went over to the chapel and cleaned the floor...

Fri., Dec. 3, 1909 - Libbie & Florence went to Watkins...had Alice's picture taken today.  I received my insurance policy from the K of P today.

Sat., Dec. 4 - Lodge dues, Maccabee for 2 months, $1.00

Sun., Dec. 5 - Arthur [MEEKS] was here to dinner & spent the afternoon.  Libbie has gone to Noble CLEVELAND'S to meet Florence & go to church this evening.

Mon., Dec. 6 - 20 bars of soap of Mrs. Frank BURCH, 50c...2lbs of nails, 6cents...Mr. BENG/BENY came this forenoon and commenced shingling the porches.  The proofs of Alice's pictures come today and one of them is very good.

Tue., Dec. 7 - Mr. BENGE worked on the roof...2lbs crackers, 18cents...toilet soap of Hazle CARLEY, 25c.  I helped carry the tables from the GAR hall over to the Chapel for the supper tomorrow night.

Wed., Dec. 8 - Alice's pictures, 2 doz, $3.75...chamber for Alice, 25c...chicken pie supper, 25c.  We went to Watkins with Alice and had her set for another picture.  Chicken pie supper was a great success...took in about $37.  Jay, Emma and Aunt Sarah were down to supper and did not have enough to eat...to bad.

Fri., Dec. 10 - I feel bummy with the cold that I have..got throat sore and  head stopped up.

Sat., Dec. 11 - Libbie & Jay made a bet of 25 cents on Coral's wife...each put in the money and it is to be decided the first day of Apr. next and the one that wins is to give the money to Alice for a birthday present.  [suppose they are betting if Ella is pregnant or not??  Ella had no children.]

Sun., Dec. 12 - Libbie went to church ...Elder  SANFORD preached.  I stayed with Alice...I have been to see the Dr. and get some medicine for my cold...Dr. (CLAWSON) bill, 25cents.

Thur., Dec. 16 - I was over town this forenoon and got a calendarfrom E.A. DUNHAM & Co.  Edd. and Anna BROWN were here this afternoon.  Aunt Sarah was also here.

Fri., Dec. 17 - milk tickets, 50c...Christmas reath of Fred HERINGTON, 15cents.  Edd. JUD [JUDD] died...do not know the exact day.

Sat., Dec. 18 - to BENGE for work, $1.40...Dr. HENRY for pulling & filling Libbie's teeth, 75cents...Jay was here to dinner...was down with pigs to CRAMER [meat man].

Sun., Dec. 19 - Christmas music at church...went to Dr. HENRY'S and called this evening...came home and Lee RILEY &  his wife made a long call.

Mon., Dec. 20 - Election of officers at K & P lodge.  Alice's picture came tonight and we are pleased with them.

Tues., Dec. 21 - Libbie went down to Dr. CLAWSON'S and gave them one of Alice's pictures.  Charley JAMES has been off sick nearly two weeks.  Swetter coat, $1...3  handkerchiefs, 25cents.

Wed., Dec. 22 - we sent 4 of Alice's pictures away tonight...one to Aunt Irene STUART, one to Ella PAGE, one to Charley NARAGON and one to Rev. Mr. PROSEUS [PROCIOUS/PROSSUS?]  Frank WOODRUFF brought us a picture of  he and his wife in return for Alice's picture.  He also brought Alice a rattle box.

Thur., Dec. 23 - Alice got a nice ivory ring from Bessie BROWN.  Libbie got a high toned dusting cloth from Aunt Irene as an Exmas present.  We sent Alice's picture to Geo. STONE'S, one to Manty GREEN, one to Bessie BROWN.

Fri., Dec. 24 - Gloves for Mother, $1.00...I went to Dr. Quirk's and gave him one of Alice's pictures & settled up with him to date, $5...Libbie has gone to the Passion Play with WOODRUFF'S people.  Coral MEEKS and Luis UNWIN came here tonight and we elected officers for the Endowment ranp(?) of the K of P insurance.

Sat., Dec. 25 - Christmas - snowed all day - Coral's boys and us took the 9-15 car to Croton.  Jay met us there and we went up to Mother's.  Uncle John, Hattie & the Girls were there.  Had a very nice dinner...a turkey and oysters scolloped and lemon velved cream candy and nuts.  Coral & Ella could not go because Mrs. PLAT [MEEKS] is sick.

Sun., Dec. 26, 1909 - Blizzard - Gosh but this is a bad one...wind in the north and snow a blowing and drifting.  Ham RHYNEHART came up and wanted Jay and I to go and see his cow, she is sick.  We could do  nothing.  He telephoned Dr. FORDOM [FORDHAM?] to come up.  We were down there 3 times.  Mrs. PLAT [MEEKS] is worse today.  Florence CLEVELAND & Frank WOODRUFF have been in tonight.

Mon., Dec. 27 - Libbie has gone to HILL'S crockery sale to get some dishes.  I am a going to the Pashion Play this evening.  Pashion Play, 10cents...Overalls cleaned, 10c...dishes, 50c.

Tues., Dec. 28 - Jay has been down with 2 pigs to Cramer's.  Pork is 10 cents a pound.  There are a good many driveing sleighs for the first time this winter.

Wed., Dec. 29 - I took my collectors notice to the Free Press office to have it put in for two weeks.  I have been up to lodge and seen 3 initiated.

Thur., Dec. 31 - Diary for 1910, 60cents...2 pair of woolen hose, 50cents.  1909 is a going out mild and nice...it is cold but not blustering.  There is snow on the ground, but not enough for sleighing.  Libbie has got the headache and is not feeling a bit good.

[end 1909]

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