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Garrett Fero Descendants
Steuben co., NY & Schuyler co., NY

GARRETT FERO born 10 October 1810 was the last child of Peter FERO and JannetjeVanDEUSEN.  He was a boy of about 9 or 10 when they moved to Steuben County, which was then a wilderness.  He remained on the farm until his marriage in 1831 to Sylvina FULLER.  She was the daughter of Floyd FULLER and Elizabeth GEAN.  Elizabeth GEAN lived until the age of 101.
The death notice follows:
Another Centurian Gone
 "Mrs. Elizabeth FULLER, for more than forty years a resident of our town, was buried  from the residence of her son, Mr. A.K. FULLER, on Monday of this week.  She was  born before the signing of the Declaration of Independence in March 1776, and  was consequently one  hundred and one years old in March last.  She was older than any other resident of our town."

Children of Garrett FERO and Sylvina FULLER:
 1. Mariah Jane FERO born 8 August 1833 in Hornby, NY, died 18 May 1917.
                Married GeorgeYoung MILLER.
 2. Joel Parcel FERO born 10 December 1836, died 9 May 1909.  Married Patience Peth KENT.

Children of Mariah Jane FERO and George Young MILLER:
 a.  Robert Tremer MILLER born 18 October 1855 in Hornby, NY, died 1914.
             Married 04 October 1875, Rose Belle LEAGUE.
 b.  Andrew Garrett MILLER born 01 May 1859, died 1898.
             Married 04 January 1884, Jemmia CORN; married 2nd Lee WALKER.
 c.  Charles Armineous MILLER born 01 April 1861.
             Married 16 Sept. 1886, Marybelle HOLLAND.
                    Their children: Roy - Jan. 188_, Joseph - Sep. 1891, Ester Lewis - Jun. 1898.
 d.  John Marvin MILLER born 16 Jun. 1864 in Hornby, NY, died 16 Feb 1944.
             Married 03 Jul.1888 to Annie Laura PAYNE, daughter of James PAYNE.
 e.  Fred Remington MILLER  born 16 May 1868, died March 1916.
             Married 18 Dec, 1887 to Nellie Ann HENRY.
 f.  Judson Stanton MILLER born 26 Sept. 1870, married 26 Aug. 1894 Elizabeth DUNCAN.
 g.  Mary Sylvina MILLER born 07 July 1877, Dechard, Tennessee, d. 1944.
              Married 26 Dec 1905 to Jess W. EMBRY.

 When Mariah and her husband George MILLER moved with their family to Winchester, Tennessee, Garrett and Sylvina followed.  They remained there until  their deaths.  A story was told by a FERO descendant, Mr. Austin MILLER, which  explains the move to Tennessee.  George MILLER was a Democrat.  He was not necessarily a Southern sympathizer, but a believer in State's rights.  At the time of  the Civil War, he had a choice of going into the Army or paying a certain amount  of money.  He chose not to go to war and this made him  very unpopular with his  neighbors and some of his family.  After he settled in the South, Garrett and  Sylvina visited them and assisted with the erection of two homes.  These homes  became the homes of their descendants for many years.  Garrett and Sylvina's son  Joel Parcel FERO remained in Steuben County and married Patience Peth KENT, the daughter of Stephen and Pamelia KENT MILLER.  They were married at Havana, now  Montour Falls, New York in Schuyler County.  They began house-keeping on the  hill outside of Watkins Glen, NY, towards Corning.  Joel FERO is reported to have  been a toe path runner along the canal from Watkins Glen to at least Havana.  They then moved to Hornby, Steuben county, NY where five of their children were born.

 1.  Celia M. FERO - born 16 Sept 1866, died 1896.  Married Frank McCANN.
 2.  Charles M. FERO - born 24 June 1867, died 15 November 1845,
            Married 1st.  Belle PATTON; Married 2nd. Hattie FINK.
 3.  Mark Pomeroy FERO - born 16 February 1869, died 31 March 1908.
           Married Jennie MAPES.
 4.  Willis Garrett FERO - born 5 August 1871, died 3 June 1912.  Married Meda LUDLOW.
 5.  Oren Francis FERO - born 22 August 1875, died 12 October 1966.
           Married 1st.  Pearl Elvira THOMPSON, and second Nellie FLANNEKN.
 6.  May Rebecca FERO - born 31 January 1882, died 24 April 1975.  Married Ithemore HADLOCK.
 7.  Mina Edna FERO - born 3 March 1884, died September 1980.
           Married 1st. Harry KNOWLES, and second, William WILLOVER.

About 1880, Joel and Patience FERO moved to the township of Addison, NY at Curtis Hollow.   Here May and Mina were born.  Stephen KENT and his wife, Pamelia MILLER KENT, moved there.  In 1909, Joel and Patience lived in the township of Thurston where Joel died in his sleep at the age of 72.   He was buried in Hope Cem., in Campbell, NY.  Patience later took up nursing and lived for a time in Corning, NY.  In 1913 she resided at 176 Sly Avenue.  Patience later lived in a part of her daughter Mina's home where she died 07 August 1938.  She was said to have had a lame hip and walked with a limp all of her life.

Stephen KENT - born 1815  (the son of Jonathan KENT - born 1787, and Patience GOFF - born 1784)
     died 1845;  married Pamelia MILLER - born 1816, and had the following children:
  Patience Peth KENT - born 1845 died 1936 mar. Joel FERO.
  Thomas M. KENT - born 1848 mar. Hattie HAMILTON.
  Emery L. KENT - born 1854
  Sophia KENT - born 1856 died 11 Feb., 1911 mar. David WRIGHT.

1.   Celia M. FERO born 16 Sept. 1866, died c.1896,  mar. Frank McCANN who also died c1896.
They had the following children:
  Edith Esther McCANN - born 1884
  Minnie Patience McCANN - born 1886
  Bertha May McCANN - born 1887
  Edward Joel McCANN - born 1889
After the death of their parents all of the children were placed in the Davenpost Home
for Orphans.  There is no further record of them.

2.  Charles M. FERO born 24 June, 1867 died 15 Nov., 1941 at Cresbard , South Dakota,
bur. Champlain Cemetary, Westfield, PA mar. c1892 Belle PATTON; mar. 2 March, 1926
Hattie FINK, born 1867, died 1958, bur. Hector, NY.
Children:  Mabel R. FERO - born 12 April 1894, mar 1st Charles GILL; 2nd Arthur BAKER.
                 Wilda FERO - born 4 July 1909, mar. Ivan Basil COSTLEY.

3.  Mark Pomeroy FERO born 16 Dec. 1869, died 31 March 1908, bur. Barnard Cemetary,
    Mossey Glen, NY;  mar. 1889 TO Jennie B. MAPES, daughter of Phillip MAPES and Cornelia
    QUACKENBUSH - no issue.

4.   Willis Garrett FERO born 5 Aug. 1871, Hornby, NY, died 3 June 1912, Thurston, NY,
buried Hope Cem., Campbell, NY; married 3 November 1900 to Meda LUDLOW,
born 26 Apr 1878, Locke, NY, the daughter of George Washington LUDLOW 1846-1925,
who was bur. Addison, NY and Mary Melissa PERRY 1855-1929, bur. Addison, NY.
Children of Willis and Meda FERO:
    Elsie Lavina FERO, born 05 Aug 1901, mar. Daniel Seymore BUCK.
    Oren Ludlow FERO, born 21 Oct 1904, died 1972, mar. Margaret PHILLIPS
          and married second Alta SLOCUM.
    Howard Daniel FERO, born 08 Aug 1910, mar. 23 November 1932 to Anna Louise McCAIG.
  [see below for more children of Meda LUDLOW FERO by 2nd marriage.]
Meda LUDLOW FERO remarried 01 March 1913 Guy CRANE, born 28 May 1894,
died 23 December 1958, bur. Addison, NY.  He was the son of Calvin Ansel CRANE & Rose HAINES.
Children of Meda FERO and Guy CRANE:
    Helen Lenora CRANE born 06 Feb 1914, died 23 Mar. 1916, bur. Hope Cem., Campbell, NY.
    Lawrence Guy CRANE, born 19 Sept 1917, mar. Lillian Maye Strope WICKERING,
           married second Dec. 1978 Patricia --------.
    Ruth May CRANE, born 08 June 1919 mar. Donald JAMES.

5.   Oren Francis FERO born 22 August 1875, died 12 Oct. 1966, mar. 6 June 1906 to Pearl
    Elvira THOMPSON born 4 Dec. 1882, Greenville, Illinois, died 31 Nov. 1915, age 33, bur.
    Oakdale, California.  Oren mar. on 20 Dec. 1916, San Jose,California, to Nellie Frances
    FLENNEKN, born 15 Nov. 1884, died 22 Nov. 1964, bur. Oakdale, California.
      Children:  Francis Whitcomb FERO, born 21 April 1907, Evansville, Wisc.
                               mar. Ruth G. LEEK.  No issue
                        Ruth FERO, born 27 April 1908, Alton, NY, died 5 Jan. 1930 Elkridge, CA.  Never married.
                        Willis Thompson FERO, born 30 July 1910, mar. Hazel GAUGER.  They lived in California.
                              Daughter Carolyn Ray FERO born 24 Dec., 1934 mar. Welland Failing SHORT.

6.  May Rebecca FERO born 31 Jan. 1882, died 24 April 1975, bur. Addison, NY
            mar. 31 March 1909 Ithamora HADLOCK, born 6 July 1886, died 15 Oct. 1961, bur. Addison,
            NY son of Moses Leander HADLOCK 1836-1906 and Lois Jane CDANE 1845-1926.
        Children:  Mary Ogden HADLOCK - born 11 April 1914 Elmira, NY mar. Norbert
                         George BECK, had 1 son, George Norbert BECK, b. 26 Nov. 1948, Buffalo, NY.

7.   Mina Edna FERO born 3 March 1884, died 17 Sept. 1980, mar. 12 Oct. 1903
           Harry KNOWLES, born 3 May 1883, died 28 Nov. 1937, both buried  Moreland, NY.
           Mina mar.  23 Feb. 1946 William WILLOVER who died 19 Oct. 1959, bur. Weston, NY.
   Children of Mina and Harry KNOWLES:
  Florence L. KNOWLES - born 29 Nov. 1905 Thurston, NY, died 16 April 1923.
        She was engaged but died before she was married;  bur.  Hope Cem., Campbell, NY.
  Charles Mark KNOWLES - born 27 Oct. 1907, died 28 March 1978
        mar. Dorothy MOSHIER.
  Bertha May KNOWLES - born 1 Aug. 1909, mar. William STRAWSON.
  Hila Elaine KNOWLES - born 12 Sept. 1911, mar. Richard WHITING.
  Ruth Patience KNOWLES - born 9 Aug. 1913, mar. Kenneth FOX.
  Nellie Bernice KNOWLES - born 10 Sept. 1915, mar. George SOLOMON.
  Lena Belle KNOWLES - born 24 July 1917, mar. Harold MARTIN.
  Leland H. KNOWLES - born 3 March 1919, mar. Margaret EVANS.
  Mary Lucille KNOWLES - born 26 March 1921, mar. Olin S. PERSONIOUS.
  Ernest Sheldon KNOWLES - born 11 Jan. 1923, mar. Margaret HILTON.
  Harry Kenneth KNOWLES - born 1925, mar. Donna SHAY.
  Stanley KNOWLES - born Sept. 1930, mar. Esther GROW.

Following is a copy of reminiscence of Elsie FERO BUCK:
"Stephen and wife Pamelia Miller Kent already were living in Curtis Hollow before Joel and wife Patience Fero came with their five children from Hornby.  I loved my 'Bob-a'.  He had what people in those days called the wheezes.  It was still winter when Uncle Mark died.  The family went with long sleigh and team.  I stayed with 'Bob-a' (grandfather).  Many times I have seen him visit with the Addison rural carrier under a large Willow tree.  The carrier always stopped at the water trough for his horse to drink.  Believe the carrier was Farrell Crane of Goodhue Creek Road.  Grandfather used plug tobacco and the carriage house had many emblems of brands he used.  One time I was delighted by his asking me to ride in buggy drawn by old Nellie to go visit his sister-in-law and brother-in-law Dave Wright and family.  Sunday morning we all piled into the platform wagon behind a trim team and soon were in church in Risingville.  There would be Uncle Dave, Aunt Sophia, John, Myrtle and Lafayette Wright.  Besides us.
Another incident, I  recall grandfather did not like cooked onions.  One day when he found grandmother was having them for dinner.  He hooked up drove over to Willis.  Low and behold Meda was having onions too.
Grandmother wove carpet on her loom, long strips sewn together, rooms 15x16 were covered from wall to wall with these.  Made quilts, etc. was all general work of a married woman.  Not counting baking, churning and many other things.  After Joel's death grandmother took up nursing in Campbell and Corning.  Before Aunt May married, she worked as house maid for Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis of Curtisville.  They lived in the LARGE HOUSE still standing with iron fence in front.  Some times was there to visit Aunt May.  The old stone smokehouse too.  Carriage shed still there.
Brothers Oren and Willis appeared very close.  Farm formerly owned by Eugene Wood.  The 70 acres Willis lived on I believe Oren and he were in partnership.  Oren owned a horse Prince; Willis horses were Kit and Snip.  There was a barn with basement.  Willis and Meda Fero set up housekeeping in two rooms.

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