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FOOTE Genealogy Notes
from CT to Catharine, Schuyler co., NY & beyond

Obit for a Judge Samuel FOOT -
he died 11 May 1878; he was b. 1796 in Watertown, CT.

The first FOOTE to the Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY & vicinity gave his name to Foote's Hill.  The History of Catharine, NY book (by Cleaver, pub. 1945) gives details about his descendants who lived around Catharine.  (On the Schuyler site they tend to be spelled "FOOT".)

From The History of Catharine, NY
(notes contributed to the author by Mrs. Etta FOOTE LYON.)
"John FOOTE, born in England in 1757, was the first of this family  in this section.  With a sister, and a widowed mother, he lived in Holland, like a good many families from England in those days.  John was the miller, for his mother, who owned a grist mill.  He was seized by the British boat crew, and although he protested, they would not release him, or allow him to say "Goodbye" to his mother, but hurried him to the ship, and took him to America to serve in the British army.  In 1777, he was with Burgoyne's army; he escaped and joined the American forces, serving until the close of the war.  The Rolls at Washington have him registered in Col. Robert VanRensselaer's regiment.  The Footes are of German descent.  After the war, he married Catherine MILLER of Mohawk, NY.  He settled in NY City, where he was engaged in the dairy business; selling out, he took up draying, until 1800, when he sold out that business and moved with 2 teams to Cayuga co., NY, settling on the Indian Fields, now Town of Genoa, where he became acquainted with Chris JANSEN, recently home from Holland, and 3 sons married 3 of JANSEN's daughters.  In 1802 John FOOT sold his property in Genoa and moved to Odessa, where he had purchased 300 acres of land in 1800 for $300, and Foote's Hill is named for him and his family.  John FOOTE died in 1817. He was of medium height, strongly built, and had blue eyes.  He and some of his family are buried on Foote's Hill.  He had 8 children:  John, b. 1784; Philip, b. 1786; Daniel, b. 1788; Adam, b. 1790; Catherine, b. 1792; Esther, b. 1794; Susan, b. 1796; Elizabeth, b. 1799."
It goes on to talk about more descendants of this family.
Adam FOOTE, the 4th son of John (above) married Esther LANE, who was of
French descent.  10 children are listed for them.  Contact Linda for look-ups if additional info is needed.

Descendant David Foote writes:
John FOOTE [of Catharine, NY] was really Johan(nes) FUSS, a German Hessian, who was captured by the
Americans during the Revolutionary War, and showed up the day after - reported as AWOL
by the Hessians on the Rolls of the Rev Army,  while being marched from Baltimore to Boston.
"Johan Fuss" means "John Foot" in German…..
Johannes FUSS belonged to the Hesse-Hanau Regiment which marched with General Bergoyne to Saratoga
and was captured there with Bergoyne’s army on 17 Oct 1777.   After capture, American General Gates marched
Bergoyne's army back to Boston for shipment back to England and Germany.  Enroute near Nobelton, MA,
Johannes Fuss went AWOL, with another Hessian, Andreas Diel.  Johannes FUSS shows up as Johan Caspar FOOT,
PVT in Capt Aaron Aorson’s company of Light Infantry in the 3d Batt’n of NY Forces, commanded by Col. Peter
Gansevoort.  After that enlistment, he shows up as John FOOT in Pawling’s NY Militia Regiment.
[David Foote received this information from Bob Webler, who is a Hessian researcher.]
John Foote's wife was Catherine MILLER from the  Mohawk Valley, NY area, according to this information.
John's Hessian unit camped in this area on earlier campaigns, before their capture at Saratoga.
He probably met his future wife there.

A grandson of John FOOTE (aka Johannes FUSS) was George FOOTE, son of Daniel.
George FOOTE’s death certificate, in the Ingham County, MI court house, lists Daniel and Caroline FOOTE as his parents.
George was born in 1815 & had a wife Caroline.  He’s the oldest FOOTE buried in Foote Cemetery, Williamston MI,
along with every generation after him.
George is believed to be living next to his father, Daniel FOOTE, in the 1840 census for Catharine, Chemung co., NY.
Adam FOOTE was on the same 1840 census page - he was brother of Daniel and uncle of George.
In 1850, George FOOTE (b. 1815) was living in the Town of Catharine, NY with wife Caroline (b. 1820) and children
Lucius, Charles, Daniel F., Phebe & George FOOTE.
Here’s an interesting bio of Daniel F. FOOTE (son of George & Caroline), from c.1900 in mid-Michigan.

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