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Hinman School Cemetery
Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

(AKA St. John Cemetery /North Settlement Cemetery)

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"From the corner of Co Rt 11 and Co Rt 14 go west .3 miles on Co Rt 14.
Cemetery is to the north out a farm lane about 110 yards from the road.  The
farm lane is just west of some farm buildings and the cemetery is enclosed
in a stone fence. The brush and berry bushes were all cleaned out
of this cemetery Oct 1997.  All stones were checked October 1997."

Town of Catharine

Bacon, Harriet wife of Nelson  d.7-30-1860 age 42-7-24
Bacon, Hattie L dau of Joel & Jane  b.9-8-1875  d.1-24-1877
Bacon, Merlin  d.8-14-1866 age 26-8-16

Beardslee, Leon M son of Seeley & Marietta  d.5-8-1881 age 8mo 9d
Beardslee, Mariette Miller  b.1856  d.1942

Gage, Bertha Beardslee  b.1880  d.1964

Hall, Jane wife of M D  d.5-15-1869 age 49
      Benjamin son of M D & Jane  d.5-14-1858 age 6-2-7

Miller, Barnabus  d.2-23-1871 age 81-6-16
        Abby his wife  d.2-12-1854 age 58-0-17
        Jane his wife  d.2-13-1863 age 53
        Nancy dau of Barnabus & Abby  d.10-15-1827 age ?
        Nancy dau of Barnabus & Abby  d.5-23-1843 age 13-6-11

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