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Hoyt /Fitzpatrick Hill Cemetery
Town of  Montour, Schuyler co., NY

Contributed by Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY.

wf/ = wife of
dau/ = daughter of
son/ or s/ = son of
ae = age at death


Recorded 1987 - many pieces of stones, some foot stones with only initials.

CALKINS                    Ephraim  s/Theil & Lydia  28Aug1844 ae 10 mo

CAULKINS                 Ada  wf/Reuben  22 Mar 1850  ae 55

HOYT                          Amos  24Dec1868  ae 78

HOYT                          Jared  17 Apr 1826  ae ---
                                     Mary  wf/Jared  18Oct1828  ae 69
HOYT                          Anna  11 Feb1844  ae 63

TURRELL                  Rebecca  wf/----lls D Turrell  Jun 1837  ae 23

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