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Charles WILBUR's Account Book - c.1890s
He apparently lived in Warren, Herkimer co., NY

~The Original was found in the attic of the Montour Library in Schuyler co., NY~

[Generously provided by the Montour Library staff &
Carol Fagnan, head of the Library Board & local historian.
They are dedicated to making their local history & genealogy archives accessible to all.]

Charles WILBURS’S account book.
Bought April 13th 1888

There are many entries for each name, so some repetitive entries were omitted.
Any pertinent info was copied & summarized here.
This book showed a sort of barter system; sometimes people paid for other people.
Mr. Wilbur also kept records of purchases by his workers.
Many of the people listed match names found in Warren, Herkimer co., NY.

Sebastian ANGERMIRES - April 21, 1888 thru Nov. 1st, 1888.

Lena ANGERMIRES - June 23, 1888 thru Oct. 1888.
   A note stating this bill paid by Mort and Henry Angermires.

E. A. HINDS - Jan. 23, 1889 thru Apr. 9th 1898 (for docturing Bennie).

A. SCHOOLEY in Account Oct. 1888 thru Nov. 26, 1888.
   Will ANGERMAINER (?) and M. WIRES mentioned.

M. A. SHAUL - Fall of 1897 for mending coat.
   Dates Oct. 1st , Jan 14th 1899.   Alice mentioned.

Mort WATKINS - Dec. 5th, 1889.
   Dec. 6th, 1889 mentions McCrotelyes ? [maybe McEntyre ?] and son.

Mortimer WIRES  on account with C. WILBUR Apr. 13th, 1889.
   Many items bought but cash given to order cloths at WELDERS & CONRANDS.
   Cash to go for dinner at center.  Lost 1/2 day but Jessie worked for him.
   Cash to go to picnic at patent?  for a horse & buggy of SCHOOLEY.
   Cash paid for book of Maude.

H. M. DELONG - Sept. 1st, 1890.
   Many entries that seem to indicate he was being paid to make deliveries.

A. DILENBACK - in Oct. with Charles WILBUR.  Two entries made for a money order.

John SWITZERS account Dec. 7th, 1889 to Dec 19, 1890.
   Many items mentioned.  Shoeing horses Orpha & French, etc.

Conner Fred ROYER - Mar. 14th, 1890.
   Many items mentioned, paying cash for tobacco, etc.
   But than he mentions losing part of a day in wages.

Owen MANNING - Dec. 19, 1896 to Jan. 13th 1897.
   To be payed by Henry ANGERMIRE.

HEYMANS account 1890,

Fred CHAMBERLAIN Oct. 1890.  Many entries listed in inches like buying wood.

Lew WIRES - Oct 4th, through Dec. 1890.
   Mentions “Fred went away” Nov. 7-Nov. 9.

C. HOUSE - many lengths between Oct thru Nov.

C.  BATES - Nov. thru Dec.

Wm. PETER - listed numbers against dates through Oct- Dec.

Squire RATHBONE - in account with C. WILBUR.
   Many items listed for things bought and mostly paid for in cash.

Josie RATHBONE  - account date Aug. 16,1891.
   Squire went awaay this morning did not come back to work again. has worked four months 5 1/2 days amounting to balance due on Squire RATHBONE.

Jossie WIRES - commenced to work until Oct 1st for $10.00.
   One entry for cash to go to Cooperstown fair.

MR. WIRES - to shingley 4 1/2 days.
   Shingling and carpenter work.  Sept. 27th, 1891

A. M. PARKS - music lessions account.  1893, July 2- Jan 3, 1896.

James MEHAN - account  wood, butter, mostly bought by cash.

Town of WARREN
   Town meeting to canvass, meeting with town board to
   organize board of health - Nov. 5, 1891.

Wm. MILES - Nov. 2, 1891.  commencement work at $10.00 a month.
   List of items bought but settled in cash for time worked.
   It was applied to the items bought.

H. M. DELONG - Nov. 7, 1891
   Many items bought that are used on farm (wire, paint).
   Jan 12, 1892 - money was paid to his wife.

A. WEATHERBEE's  account. Hay for French (horse) - Nov. 7, 1891.

C. HOUSE - Nov. 9, 1891
   Items that look like building materials, plus items for a horse.
Jesse  _____ with no last name.

_____ SWEET with no first name.

Howard GREEN's - hay brought in and given credit.

Abner COOK - Dec. 14, 1891 Abner COOK  by P. J. SIMMONS order.
   Also by Will MILES.   Harness leather, brushes.

Henry FRENLENBURY ?  with 2 jars of butter - Nov, 14, 1891.

Charles BIER - commenced work Mar. 21, 1892.
   Bought several items but paid with wages earned.

Income of the cows - 1892
Frank KING, George BELL, Wilds JOSELAURILLE?, Frank KING, Len WIRES,
Deacon Skims WEATHERBUE?, Floyd FURMAN, Frank GATES, Mr. HOUSE,
F. FURMAN.   Milk to E.W. FRENCH.

E.W. FRENCH - Milk account - Jul 11, 1892.

JOHNSON's - Milk account - July 28, 1892.

HOUSE and CAREY - Milk account.

Credit to Charles BICE account, Aug 30, 1892.

Town of WARREN accounts.
   Granting a barn permit Hannah RICKARD.
   Charles BICE account
   Spring House account

Jesse WIRES - 4 pigs.

Gib WIRES - Nov. 26, 1892.

Wm MARTIN - commenced work at 8 per month - Dec. 1892.

S. J. McRORIE account - Fall of 1895.

Mary and Maude COOK account 1893.  Long list of goods.

Income of Cows 1893

Myron SIMMONS account Mar. 1893.

Nov. 5, 1893 trashing [thrashing = threshing] at McRORUS [McRORIE's ?].

John CARR account Sept 18, 1893.

Mr. SAMMONS account helping draw  wood.  Jan. 22, 1896.

McCREDDY and Son - Dec. 13, 1893.

Charles BARGER account - Sept. 11, 1896.

Jesse WIRES account.
Lew WIRES account Dec. 1893
Charles WILBUR as gurardian in account.

March 12, 1894 - Philip BRASAL (?) work for a year for $175.00.
   Then a list of items are shown to be deducted. Occasionally cash would be
   given & subtracted from the starting amount.

Mr. SAMMONS Account.
   He "trashed" [threshed] for credit & bought items, deducting from
   the starting amount. -  Dec. 1897.

Martin DIS--IKIE Acount - Commenced work at $8.00 a month for 8 months.
   This time span was March. 18, 1895 till Dec. 5, 1895.

Mar. 15, 1897 MARTIN commenced work for 8 months.
   Cash was given on one line and purchases on the other.

Mr. Martin ZDROIEWSKI  commenced work Apr 10, 1895 and worked for 7 months.

Henry  ANGERMIRE account starting at Apr 28, 1896.
   A long list of items pertaining to farming, planting crops.
   Owen MANNING was mentioned in this list of transactions.

C. E. CARRY Account - June 8, 1897 thru Nov. 9, 1895.

Myron SAMMONS account went into Sept. 1903.

The Estate of ABNER COOK in Account.
   Listed are the names under this heading.
   The title of Expenses of Estate Debot; this list started July 29, 1893.
   Pd. Mr. CLOUGH
   Pd. W. S. GORDINER [GARDINER ?] for two caskets. Mar. 21, 1894
   W. T. HOKES
   E. A. POTTER toward monument
   Pd. Herkimer County Clerk for recording will.
   Aug. 25, 1895 paid the girls for bloughs work removing bodies of children. Pd.
   Pd to Daniel COOK to apply on dower. Dec. 9, 1895
   Jan. 19, 1895 lent Mary and Maude to pay their taxes to be applied on their bequest.

Charles WILBUR Estate 1893
   The following names were listed as paying money to the estate.
   Received from Daniel at Cooperstown.
   Received from D. CRIM
   Received from James HULL / HALL
   Received from PEPLINSKI
   Received from James FOY / FAY

1893 list of people who bought items from the estate:
   Daniel E. COOK
   Ida C. COOK
   Maude H. COOK
   Mary M. COOK.
The amount Alice M. WILSON  has had from her fathers' estate amounted to $88.87.
The amount Ida COOK has had of her father's estate. $88.87
The amount Mary M. COOK has had of her father's estate $113.76
The amount Maude H. COOK has had of her father's estate $63.98
The amount of property Daniel E. COOK has had of his father's estate $354.50
Also listed is the amount of money paid out by Daniel E. COOK of his father's estate.
Names listed - Alice M .WILBUR, C. WILBUR, Ida C. COOK, Maude, Isaac PECK, John GREEGS.

Lorenzo SAMMONS account 1904.
S. J. McRORRES [McRORY or McRORIE] account 1890.
John SWITZER in account with Chas. WILBUR - several items listed under these names.
Myron D. JEWELL account 1897.
Thomas ELLIS account 1896.
Lee TAYLOR account 1898.
Niles D. JEWELL account July 9, 1898.
James WEEKS - Dec. 15, 1897.
Charles RACE account.
M. A. SAUL account.
Henry GRUNMANS mentions two silver teaspoons for little Margaret & two for little Wilbur.
John RENO account with Mary COOK.
Clarence BREWELL account.
Andrew CREWELL account.
Thad PURCHASE in account.
Golf WEAVER account.
James COSGROVE account.
Thomas KING account.
Myron SAMMONS account.
Maud H. COOK DAVIS account.
Philinda HARRIS account.
Will DAWBY account.
Paul D. COOK account.
C. J. ARMSTRONG account.
Dominick CAMASSASA account.
Jelliffe WRIGHT & Co., 284 Washington St., NY.
Lewis ALLEN, 198 Bleeker St., NY city.

[contributed by I.C.J.]

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