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Miller Cemetery, Montour Townsend Rd.
Town of  Dix, Schuyler co., NY

The main list was compiled by Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY.

wf/ = wife of
dau/ = daughter of
son/ or s/ = son of
ae = age at death


   [some of this is repeated or slightly different in FERO Plot - Town of Orange]

MILLER                Mathias    d. 4-18-1844, ae 82 yr
MILLER                Elizabeth his wife    d. 2-11-1825, ae 41-11-16
MILLER                Hannah his wife    d. 3-20-1853, ae 94-7-10
MILLER                Wellington    son of M. & Alice Miller    d. 11-11-1865, ae 80-1-2
                                                                                       [age given as 30-1-2 in other list]
MILLER                Nelson W.    son of M. & Alice Miller    d. 11-28-1856, ae 20-1-11

FERO                     John H.     d. 4-17-1874, ae 45 yrs.
FERO                     Johnnie B. son of John & Cynthia    d. 4-26-1881, ae 17-4-6

FOOT                     Mariah  dau of John & Cynthia    d. 2-19-1858, ae 7mo & 7da.

GUSTIN                 George M. son of David & Hester Gustin    d. 11-11-1854, ae 6mos.
                                                                                                          [age 8 yrs. in other list]

BOSSARD             Edson Co B 169 Reg NY Vol    d. 1-2-1863, ae 27-7-7
                                Maria L.  his wife    d. 1861, ae 29-3-1
BOSSARD             Ida May dau of Edson & Magie Bossard    d. 4-18-1877, ae 15-6-5

SMITH                   Caleb J.    d. 2-18-1852, ae 45-6-9
                                Williampy his wife    d. 9-24-1852, ae 53-1-27

BISHOP                 Miranda    dau of Peter and Mary Bishop    d. 6-8-1864, ae 21-2-22

HITCHCOCK        Levina   wife of Joseph Hitchcock    d. 10-1-1850, ae 78-1mo.

DUDLEY                George W.    son of Lemuel & Margaret Dudley
                                   Co A 89 Reg NY Vol    d. 3-1863, ae 22 yrs.


MILLER - Town of Dix
[seems to be a repeat of the other MILLER info above, with some variations.]

MILLER                  Mathias    4-18-1844, ae 82
                                  Elizabeth  his wife    2-11-1825, ae 41-11-16
                                  Hannah  his wife    3-20-1853, ae 94-7-10
MILLER                  L. Wellington    son of M. & Alice 11-11-1865, ae 30-1-2  [says 80-1-2 in other list]
                                  Nelson W.    brother    11-28-1856, ae 20-1-4   [age given as 20-1-11 in other list]

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