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Mills Cemetery
Town of  Dix, Schuyler co., NY

The main list was compiled by Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY.

wf/ = wife of
dau/ = daughter of
son/ or s/ = son of
ae = age at death

  MILLS CEMETERY - Town of Dix

MILLS                    John    b. 10-1-1827    d. 5-12-1909    Civil War Vet
                                 Elsie BOLT   his wife    b. 1-11-1837    d. 8-26-1900
MILLS                    Jacob    1842--1910

WHITE                    Angie     1853--?    mar 1st to J. Mills; 2nd to Thos. Delmar; 3rd to ___Stewart.

WYGANT                William L.    1847--?
                                 Olive GREEN  his wife    1854--1912

MILLS                    Margaret LINDERMAN  wife of Jacob    12-24-1832, ae 39

LINDERMAN        Elizabeth  wife of Jason    5-8-1824, ae 49-3-9

MILLS                    Sylvia Ann  dau of Jacob Jr. & Sally    3-25-1832, ae 6-2-2
MILLS                    Henry    son of Jacob Jr. & Sally    10-3-1837, ae 3-6-4
GRANT                   Emma N.  wife of Crandall and dau of J. Mills Jr.    8-3-1877, ae 41
MILLS                    Earl J.    b. 4-22-1814    d. 3-4-1858
MILLS                    Jacob    10-13-1818, ae 76
MILLS                    Jacob II    3-22-1876, ae 88-7-12
                                 Sally  his wife      4-12-1872, ae 60-5-16
MILLS                    Lewis V.    1875--1937
                                 Ella PANGBORN  his wife  1872--1902
                                 Myrtle   their dau    1900--1902
MILLS                    Leon    1885--1904
MILLS                    Mary E.    wife of V.C.    1856--1919
MILLS                    Vine Consider    d. Jul 1931

SEBRING               Sarah GREEN and Hattie GREEN

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