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Old Family Bible Data from Montour Library
Montour Falls, Schuyler co., NY

These old family bibles were copied in 1985 by JoAnn C. Sgrecci,
former Deputy Historian for Dix, & Helena Howard, former
Schuyler Co., NY Historical Society Genealogy Chairwoman.

[Generously provided by the Montour Library staff & Carol Fagnan, head of the Library Board & local historian.  They are dedicated to making their local history & genealogy archives accessible to the public.]



"The property of Amos and Elizabeth WALTON.
Bought for the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Eight [1838].
Price Five Dollars.
Elijah WALTON, Presented by his mother, 1850."

 - Merritt WALTON was born the 27th day of February 1840.
 - Johnathon K. WALTON, son of Elijah and Margaret WALTON HORNBECK,
      was born in the year of our Lord 1843, Jan. 11.
 - Emily E. WALTON, born May 11, 1845.
 - Dew ees?  Amos WALTON, Oct. 4, 1847.
 - Mary F. WALTON,  May 15, 1853.

 - Margaret P.WALTON, wife of Elijah WALTON, d. Jan 21, 1873, ae 59yr, 3m, 24da.
 - Elijah  WALTON  d. Apr. 8, 1880, ae 64yr, 5m.
 - Mary F. EHIRHART, dau of Elijah and Margaret WATKIN?,  d. Oct. 11, 1881, ae 28yr, 6m, 26d.
 - Granville EHIRHART, husband of Mary l. EHIRHART, d. Dec. 19, 1883, age 33yr, 7m, 15d.
 - Emily E. (WALTON) CASSELL, dau of Elijah and Margaret WALTON, d. Jan. 31, 1929, ae 83yr, 8m, 26d.

 - Bertha V. WALTON, dau of Jonathon and Mary E. WALTON,  Dec. 19, 1866.
 - Matilda [HECKNON?] WALTON
 - Margarette, Nov. 15, 1876.
 - Robert Wilson WALTON, Oct. 17, 1874.
 - Giles Homer SHECKLE son of Homer and Mildul WATSON,  d. Aug. 18, 1931, ae 21yr, 10m, 5d.

   The following Obit & Marriage Clippings were found in the WALTON Family Bible.
     (Note that the year is not always given.)

 - Christopher WILSON died on Jan. 28, 1898, beloved husband of Mary A. WILSON,
        aged 67yr, 8mo, 12days; resided at 407 W. Princess St.; funeral Sunday Jan. 30;
        interment at Prospect Hill Cemetery.
 - Ralph GOTWALT, son of Milton A. and Emma J. GOTWALT, age 2yr, 8mo,7days;
       resided at 518 E. Philadelphia St.; interment at Prospect Hill.
 - Celina WHITE KELLEY b. Jan. 28, 1809 in Loudon Co., Virginia, and d. May 20, 1909,
       aged 100yrs, 3mos, 22days.  Interment was in the local cemetery.
       Changed from Baptist Church and became a member of the Church of God at
       Hazel Dell [Illinois] until her death.
 - Fannie SANDERSON died in Renovo, Clinton Co., PA on the 1st, aged 10 yrs, 11mo, 13days.
      dau of Edwin A. and Matilda S. BECK, formally from Altoona, PA.
 - William A. GETZ - Tribute of Respect. The Laural Fire Co. have lost an active and efficient
      member, and a kind and devoted friend. [no dates]  The fire engine was draped in mourning for 30 days.
      Signed Albert HECKERT, Geo. METZEL and John MINNON.
 - Jacob IDAIL, a cigarmaker who had rooms at the Harrisburgh wheel club, 107 North 2nd St.,
      dropped dead from heart disease on Wed. at the close of the meeting at Capital City Council,
      Jr. O.U.A.M., at its hall in the Segelbaum building on Market. St.  [no dates]
      He was examined from Dr. S. F. HASSLER, councilor of the Society...also involved was
      Undertaker HAWKINS.

 - Married - John GREEN to Leah OVERMILLER  on Feb. 24th by the Rev. Jacob HARTZLER, both of York Co.
 - Married - Sunday 13 of Feb., by John K. WILLIS, Esq. - Daniel SCHELL of Newberry township
                    to Sarah LEWIS of Goldsborough, York Co.
 - Married - on the 24th at Liverpool, by the Rev. Wm. H. CRAUMER - John S. SIPE
                    to Anne Mary CONN,  both of Pleasureville, York Co.
 - Married - on the 27th, by H. S. BEAR, Esq. - Alfred ANDERSON of Conewago township,
                    to Elizabeth MYERS of Dover Township, York co.
 - Married - on the 24th in the Duke St. M.E. Church, this borough, by the Rev. James CURNS,
                 - Rev. W. H. NORCROSS of the Central PA Conference
                   to Mattie J. REESE of York, PA, formally of  Pembrokeshire, England.

A Centenarian's Death
The centenarian, Mrs. Celina KELLEY, of Hazel Dell, Ill., whose picture was in the Advocate a few months ago, died May 20, 1909.  There were over 6 hundred people who ate dinner in the village hall at the celebration of her 100th birthday, Jan. 28, 1909.  She also received many post cards from ministers and other in various States, who were interested in her by seeing her portrait in The Advocate.  She was conscious, it seemed, to the end, and her last words were, "Prepare the way!  Prepare the way!"  Thus ended her earthly life, as she passed out into the endless life.  I also give the following poem, written by Mrs. Eva LAYMAN...
 'To Mrs. Celina KELLEY, 1809 - 1909.
A Hundred Years the loom of life..' "  (clipping ends here)

Deaths, both on same clipping:
- SHELLY.. at the same place, November 11, 1875, Lydia Ann SHELLY, aged 8 mos, 8 days.  Funeral services by the writer.  [W. G. COULTER]
same clipping with:
- WALTON - At York Haven, PA, on Oct. 5, 1875, Margaretta Ruth WALTON, aged 4 years, 10 months and 20 days.  Funeral services by the writer W. G. COULTER.

Separate Clipping:
- On the 17th ult. [of last month] at York Haven [PA], Bertha Victoria [WALTON], daughter of Jonathan H. and Mary E. WALTON, aged 1 month and 29 days.
- On the morning of Monday last, the 4th inst. [current month], after a protracted and painful illness, in the 74th year of her age, at the residence of her son, Thomas E. COCHRAN, in this Borough, Mrs. Eliza F. COCHRAN, widow of Richard E. COCHRAN, M.D., late of Columbia, Lancaster co., deceased, and daughter of Dr. Thomas EVANS, long since deceased, of Pencader Hundred, New Castle country, Delaware, the place of her birth.
- On the 27th of January, in Edgarton, Williams co., Ohio, in the 93d year of her age, Mary NACE, widow of George NACE, dec'd., and a daughter of Colonel Michael SMYSER, near York, PA, deceased.
- On the 25th of January, in this borrough, George SMITH, son of George S. and
    Annie A. FREY, aged 1 yr and 8 mos.
- On Tues. last, in Hopewell twp., Mr. Conrad HAKE, aged 73 yrs and 23 days.

Next clipping:
- Married on November 11, in the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Lancaster, PA, Miss Maude M. BITNER, [class of] '97, to Mr. Charles Wright BRUNNER.  The cards read:  At home after January 1 at 520 [or 620] Swede St., Norristown, PA.  May theirs be a sweet and  happy home.
- Married at the home of the bride on October 5, Mr. Robert W. WALTON, [class of] '97, to Miss Margaret C. DEARDORFF.  The wedding occurred at York Springs, PA.  Mr. and Mrs. WALTON will have their home at 804 Pine St., Johnstown, PA.  The heartiest congratulations of the Journal are extended to them.
- "Dr. Elsie R. TREICHLER, 1804 North 16th St., Philadelphia, PA."  Thus reads a card that was handed to us a few days ago.  Our former students will recognize in the name one of the class of '97.  Dr. TREICHLER says she is greatly in love with her profession, and her Normal friends predict for her a successful career.

Next Clipping:
A Tragedy at a Shooting Match
A bright and popular lad runs in front of a gun and receives the charge in the head. - No blame attached to the unfortunate marksman.
Bert HARRIGAN, son of Mr. William HARRIGAN, foreman of the York Haven [Illinois] paper mills, was shot and killed yesterday near York Haven by a boy named John SEIFERT, aged about 15 years.  The accident occurred while a shooting match was going on along the banks of the river, about 1/2 mile above the paper mill, near the head of the mill race.  No blame attaches to SEIFERT....just as SEIFERT was taking aim...Bert started to run across in front of the gun....the parents' happy Thanksgiving Day was turned into one of deep agony.  Squire STROMINGER of Goldsboro, was notified.  Bert was a bright lad and a favorite with all who knew him.  He attended the Collegiate Inst. in company with 2 of his sisters, coming to York in the morning and retuning in the evening.  The officials and staff at the RR depot seemed to greatly deplore the sad occurance.  Mr. Harrigan and his family came from Wilmington, Del. and it is thought that the remains will be taken to that city for intement.  Bert was about 13 years of age.

"Presented to Montour Falls Library in Memory of the AULT Family of Odessa,
by Mrs. Asa BEARDSLEY."

Everett SHELTON Obit.
Everett SHELTON d. Mar. 24, 1887, one of 11 children born to Lemuel SHELTON, pioneer of Catharine.  Three children remain - Lewis of Catharine [Schuyler co.]; James of Reading [Schuyler co.]; George of Minnesota.
The obit of Joseph SHELTON, another brother, was in last week's Watkins Express.   He was on his way to visit Everett when he died suddenly.
Everet SHELTON was born in CT in Sept. 1803.  He came to Catharine with his parents & resided on the original family farm where he died.  His wife, the former Miss Maria KNAPP of Wolcott, Wayne Co., NY, survives - they were married 60 yrs. and had 3 sons: Burr SHELTON of Chadion, Nebraska [first judge of Daves Co., Neb.]
Ralph SHELTON of Catharine, Schuyler co., and Alvin SHELTON of Odessa, Schuyler co., NY.
Everett built many buildings in Watkins and Montour Falls, including the SHELTON block.


 - Evert SHELTON and Maria KNAPP Sept 23,1837?

 - Everet SHELTON  b. June 9, 1803
 - Mariah SHELTON  b. Dec. 15, 1810
 - Bunn SHELTON     b. May 13, 1829
 - Annah SHELTON   b. Dec. 10, 1830
 - Ralph SHELTON    b. Mar. 26, 1833
 - Albert & Alvin SHELTON b. Apr. 27, 1837
 - Annie SHELTON   b. Dec. 25, 1861, grand daughter

 - Annah SHELTON   d. June 4, 1834, aged 3yr, 5m, 25d.
 - Albert SHELTON   d. Aug. 18, 1837.
 - Everett SHELTON d. Mar. 23, 1887, aged 83yr, 10m, 17d.
 - Mariah SHELTON  d. Mar. 5, 1889, aged 78yr, 2m, 20d.


 - Mary BUNN, dau of John BUNN and his wife Sarah, was b. Feb. --, 1793.
 - Conrad BUNN son of John BUNN and Sarah, b. Mar. 1, 1800.
 - Eli V. BUNN, dau of John and Sarah, b. May 6, 1805.
 - Ann BUNN, dau of John and Sarah, b. Dec. 12, 1808.
 - William D. LUSK, son of David and Mary LUSK, b. May 11, 1897.
 - Daniel LUSK, son of William LUSK and Mary his wife, b. Sept. 12, 1820.
 - Sarahan LUSK, dau of William LUSK and Mary his wife, b. May 11, 1823.
 - Marilda LUSK, dau of Willaim LUSK and Mary his wife, b. July 25, 1825.
 - Mary LUSK, dau of William LUSK and Mary his wife, b. Mar. 13, 1827.
 - Elmira SKINNER b. Aug. 5, 1829.
 - William M. SKINNER b. Sept. 20, 1833.
 - David B. SKINNER b. Dec. 23, 1835.

 - Sarey BUNN, wife of John BUNN, d.  May 10, 1817.
 - Eliza BUNN, dau of John and Sarah BUNN, d. Jan. 15, 182?
 - Daniel LUSK, son of William and Mary LUSK, d. Nov. 14, 1821.


Thomas SMITH and Julia A. BLAINE married Apr. 23, 1842 by Elder DELAND Hector, NY.

Frank M. SMITH and Ella Joe OWENS  married Dec. 11, 1873 in Wedgewood, NY by Elder HURD.

 - Betty Ann SMITH  d. Mar. 2,1861 Hector, NY
 - Helen M. SMITH d. Dec. 6,1862  Hector NY
 - Thomas SMITH d. May 8,1881 Havana NY

 - Obit. of Mrs. Julia SMITH, widow of Thomas SMITH.
 - Obit. of Silas BLAIN(E)
      Silas BLAIN  of S. Dix d. Oct. 27, 1908; b. Lodi, Jan. 22, 1823;
      married Sarah M. MATTHEWS of Logan on Sept. 20,1845.
      He was a blacksmith in Logan, moved to Bolivar, Allegany Co., returned to Schuyler Co.
      and lived in Dix where he died. Wife survives him.
      4 children -
         - Mrs. George W. BIGEALOW [BIGELOW ?] of Montour
         - Mrs. Estella HURD  of S. Dix.
         - John who d. Nov. 1,1886 (1 son Rufus of Friendship)
         - Hattie SMITH who d. May 20, 1896 (had one dau, Mrs. Frank MILLER of Montour)
                 buried in Montour, Schuyler co., NY.


Bought in the year 1776.

Moses WEAVER 1899

Paper note Nov. 18,1802.  Rec. [Received] of James WEAVER the sum
       of $50 which is in full of demands.    Emon   X   ALSBOURGH
                                                                          his mark
8th son

 - Alonzo WEAVER          b. Feb. 14, 1818
 - James WEAVER           b. Jan 4, 1771
 - Annie WEAVER            b. Sat.  Nov. 8, 1777
 - Solomon D. WEAVER   b. Fri.  Oct. 21, 1796
 - James WEAVER Jr.      b. Thurs.  Aug. 3, 1798
 - Ransom WEAVER        b. Wed. May 28, 1800
 - Betsey WEAVER          b. Mon. June 21, 1802
 - Hugh N. WEAVER        b. Thurs. July 26, 1804
 - Nancy WEAVER           b. Sun. July 5, 1807
 - Josiah WEAVER           b. Thur. Sept. 8, 1809
 - Davis WEAVER            b. Dec. 14, 1811
 - Moses SMITH WEAVER  b. Wed. Jan 8, 1812
 - Lee--? can --? WEAVER    b. Mon. Mar. 27, 1814
 - Anah? WEAVER           b. Apr. 30, 1816

 - Elizabeth WEAVER     d.Oct. 3, 1832.
 - Louis WEAVER           d. Apr 7, 1836
 - Josiah WEAVER         d. May 23, 1838
 - Sarah WEAVER          d. Jan. 30, 1841
 - Theodore Alonzo WEAVER d. Jan. 3, 1846
 - Orel WEAVER            d. Apr. 31, 1816
 - Elizabeth WEAVER    d. Oct. 3, 1832
 - Davis WEAVER         d. Apr. 7, 1836
 - Josiah J. WEAVER    d. May 23, 1838
 - Josiah WEAVER        d. Jan. 30, 1841
 - James WEAVER        d. Aug. 15, 1863
 - Anna WEAVER          d. Oct. 25, 1865
 - Solomon D. WEAVER d. d Aug. 5, 1886
 - Hugh M. WEAVER   d. Aug. 15, 1886
 - John W. WEAVER    d. Oct. 8, 1886
 - Elizabeth MADDAUGH WEAVER  d. 1884
 - Nancy OBERT WEAVER  d. 1888
 - Hughett? WEAVER  d. 1886
 - James WAVER Jr.  d. 1889
 - Lydia Ann ELSWORTH WEAVER  d. Nov. 17, 1897

Notes S.D. WEAVER of Denver, Col. died Feb. 12, 1871, aged 58 yrs.
Line/Leve?---------?  J. W. ELLSWORTH

"Funds and Physicians could not save this mortal body from the grave
nor can the grave confirm it here.  When Christ commands it to appear."


 - At Addison, Steuben Co., NY, Dec. 16, 1840, by the Rev. Lewis HAMILTON,
        George HITCHCOCK to wife Sarah Etta THOMPSON (mother of Odanis I. HITCHCOCK).
 - At Peach Orchard, Thompkins Co., NY, Nov. 25, 1852, by the Rev. M. A. HUGGINS,
        G. V. HITCHCOCK of Havana  and L. M. ELY of the former place.
 - At the residence of the Bride’s father, by Rev. M. Chester,  Octavia Frader? [Octavia Isadore?]
        of daughter of G.V. HITCHCOCK, to  Samuel O/C. KEELER.   All of Havana, Dec. 16, 1861.
 - Fredinia/Frederica Esther KEELER, dau of Octeria [Octavia] Isadore HITCHCOCK KEELER &
        Samuel C. KEELER, was married to Frederick ARCHER on the 3rd day of May, 1910.
      Their Children were:
           = Hope KEELER  b. Nov. 29, 1901  [see below]
           = June KEELER   b. Dec. 21, 1908
           = Jane Delano KEELER ARCHER, who married  ------? Harst Martin SCHILLBACK
                           on  Sept. 22, 1938 in the American Church in Berlin, Germany.
              [Jane D. K. ARCHER was named for Jane DELANO, the famous nurse who was
               a friend of her mother.]
 - Jane D. KEELER ARCHER and Dr. Horst Martini SCHILLBACK were married
         Sept. 22, 1938 in the American Church at Berlin, Germany.
         Their son Robert H. SCHILLBACK born at Houghton, Mich., St. Joseph’s Hospital, July 27, 1949.

 - George V. HITCHCOCK  was born in Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY, Mar. 12, 181?
         [looks like a “5” had been changed to a “2” in the birthyear].
 - Sarah Etta THOMPSON HITCHCOCK   b. Chathan, Columbia Co.,  NY, Mar. 1, 1818.
 - Octavia Isadore HITCHCOCK    b. Havana, Chemung Co., NY,  Oct. 1, 1841.
 - Asgill George HITCHCOCK    b. Town of Dix, Chemung Co., NY, Aug. 10, 1843.
 - Lydia M. ELY HITCHCOCK   b. Havana, NY,  Jan. 10, 1855.
 - George William HITCHCOCK son of Octavia HITCHCOCK & Samuel  C. KEELER,
         b. Havana, NY, Mar. 20, 1864.

 - Fredinia/Frederica Esther C. KEELER and Frederick C. ARCHER married on May 3rd, 1900.
        Their children were Hope KEELER ARCHER and Jane Delano ARCHER.
 - Hope KEELER ARCHER, dau of Frederick & Frederica? ARCHER, was married
        Aug. 29, 1929 to James Edwin BULLOCK of Williamstown, Mass.
 - Stephen BULLOCK, son of James Edwin & Hope K. ARCHER BULLOCK,
        b. Mar. 10,1934  at Pittsfield, Mass.
 - Susan Alice BULLOCK dau of James Edwin BULLOCK & Hope KEELER ARCHER BULLOCK,
        b. Jan. 14, 1942  at Pittsfield, Mass.
 - Frederick C. ARCHER  d. Apr. 19,1921 at Watkins Glen, NY.
 - George VanVLECK HITCHCOCK  died at his home at Watkins Glen, NY on Nov. 26, 1897.
 - Sarah Etta THOMPSON HITCHCOCK  died at her home at Havana, NY on Feb. 11, 1851.
 - Lydia ELY, 2nd wife of George V. HITCHCOCK, died at St. Luke's Hospital, NY City, Feb. 17, 1910.
 - Octavia HITCHCOCK KEELER  died at her home in Watkins, NY, Dec. 11, 1910.
 - George W. KEELER, son of Samuel C. & Octavia HITCHCOCK KEELER,
        b. Mar. 20,1864, d. Sept. 2,1897.

 - Saralette HITCHCOCK d. Feb. 11,1801. Sermon by Rev. M. HUGGINS from Revelation 21-4.
 - Asgill George HITCHCOCK d. June 19,1857. Sermon by Rev. Mulls DAY from Job,
          1st Chapter 3 of the 21st and 3rd.
 - Willie E. HITCHCOCK d. Feb. 18, 1872. Sermon by Rev. S. F. HOWE at the home in Watkins, NY.
 - My Mother Lovina HAY T. HITCHCOCK d. Oct. 1, 1850, ae 70y, 1m.  [mother of George V. HITCHCOCK]
 - My Father Joseph HITCHCOCK d. Mar. 14, 1857, aged 88yr, 7m, 8da. [father of George V. HITCHCOCK]
 - Samuel C. KEELER d. Feb. 17, 1910 at 3 o’clock.  Born Sept. 10, 1838 in Ridgefield, CT.
 - Octavia I. HICHCOCK, wife of Samuel C. KEEPER, d. at her home in Watkins Glen, Dec. 11, 1910.

"One year in Heaven I sit within the room.
  So strangely select since Thou are not There.
  And wintry moonbeams silver all the gloom.
  And whitely fall across thine empty chair.
  One year in Heaven no thought of thee is bound.
  With a dark tomb that hides thee from our sight
  But with the romance and the glory around.
  Who dwell with there in God’s eternal light.
  So near perchcance thy lender pitying face.
  But for this earthly film world meet my eyes.
  So far no speach of mine can  __  the space.
  That lifts thee from us to the holy skies.
  O patient hands, who’s day of toil is o’er.
  So meekly folded on the silent breast
  How heavy was the crop of pain ye bore.
  How sweet at last must be the promised rest.
  Selected in memory of our Willie, Feb. 18th 1873."



 - Abner COOK b. Mar. 16, 1822, d. July 29, 1893.
 - Cordelia VanALSTINE his wife b. Nov. 5, 1825, d. Sept. 15, 1892.
Their Children:
 - Irving COOK b. May 28, 1852, d. Dec. 25, 1854.
 - Dora COOK. b. May 30, 1854, d. May 24, 1856.

 - Thomas COOK was married to Catherine CHAWGO, June 11, 1821.
 - Abner COOK married Cordelia VanALSTINE ,Feb. 18, 1847.
 - Alice M. COOK married to Charles WILBUR, Mar. 14, 1883.
 - Harriett Maud COOK married William H. DAVIS, June 22, 1897.
 - Harriett's daughter Marguerite Maria DAVIS married John W. CLAIRE, Apr. 27, 1946.

 - Thomas COOK    b. Oct. 2, 1795.
 - Catherine CHAWGO   b. Aug. 20, 1801.
 - Abner COOK   b. Mar. 16, 1822.
 - Cordelia VAN ALSTINE   b. Nov. 5, 1825.
 - Alice Minerva COOK   b. Nov. 11, 1847.
 - Irving COOK   b. May 28, 1852.
 - Dora COOK   b. May 30, 1854.
 - Daniel Everett COOK   b. Sept 2, 1856.
 - Ida Cornelia COOK    b. July 17, 1858.
 - Mary Margaret COOK   b. July 19, 1862.
 - Harriet Maud COOK   b. July 27, 1866.
 - Margaret Mariah DAVIS   b. Mar. 13, 1898.
 - Thomas COOK   b. Feb. 1, 1900 at Oneida.
 - Mary Jane BURTON   b. May ? 1927, St. Petersburg, FL.
 - James John CLAIR   b. Oct. 9, 1948, Montour Falls, NY.
 - Eric Alan CLAIR   b. Aug. 16, 1951, Montour Falls, NY.
 - Thomas Richard CLAIR   b. Apr. 2, 1954, Montour Falls, NY.
 - Maggie Ann CLAIR   b. Nov. 16, 1955, Montour Falls, NY.
 - Grace Valerie CLAIR   b. Jan. 12, 1957.

 - Charles WILBUR   d. Feb. 28, 1913.
 - Thomas COOK   d. Ft. Wayne, Indiana, May 19, 1840.
 - Catherine CHAWGO   d. Springfield Center, NY, July 29, 1893.
 - Cordelia VANALSTINE   d. Springfield Center, NY, Sept. 5, 1892.
 - Irving COOK   d. Springfield, NY, Dec. 25, 1854.
 - Dora COOK  d. Springfield, NY, May 24, 1856.
 - Alice M. COOK  d. Springfield, NY, Mar. 28, 1903.
 - Thomas COOK DAVIS  d. at Oneida, Feb. 4, 1900.
 - Daniel Evert  COOK   d. ? 1929.
 - Ida COOK CHURCHILL  d. Aug 24, 1930.
 - Harriet Maud DAVID?   d. Oneida ----
 - Mary C. WILBUR   d. Oneida-------
 - Marguerite M. BURTON   d. Burdett, Feb. 21, 1950.
 - Isial ? CHURCHILL   d. Sept. 6, 1925.

A loose slip of paper reads G. W. HOWELL, Feb. 15, 1820?
An obit for James COOKE d. Springfield...no dates.


Wallace DREW of Duxbury, Mass. and Emily M. ALBEE of Chesterfield, NJ?
     married on Oct. 6, 1863 at Chesterfield by Rev. F. FOWLER.

 - Emma Vianna DREW  b. Dec. 25, 1865, d. Oct. 6, 1866.
 - Ella Frances DREW     b. Nov. 9, 1867.
 - George Wallace DREW  b. Nov. 24, 1870.
 - Fred Prescott DREW b. Mar. 15, 1873.

 - Charles DREW Jr. and Hannah THOMAS, June 18, 1826.

 - Oscar DREW    d. Mar. 7, 1827.
 - Walter DREW   d. Nov. 23, 1830.
 - Charley DREW d. Oct. 20, 1836, ae 33y, 3m, 9d.


 - Eseck WILBUR was married to Betsey SCHOOLEY Jan. 9, 1817.

 - William H. WILBUR was married to Rachel STANSEL? Apr. 8, 1840.
 - Purden K. WAPKINS [WATKINS ?]  was married to Caroline H. WILBUR, Feb. 7, 1850.
 - Daniel CRUM was married to Jane L. WILBUR, Jan. 19, 1864.
 - Charles WILBUR married Edna J. PETRIE, Jan. 24, 1866.

 - Eseck WILBUR         b. Oct. 12, 1787.
 - Betsey SCHOOLEY  b. July 13, 1792.
 - William H. WILBUR b. Oct. 31, 1817.
 - Caroline M WILBUR b. Mar. 2, 1826.
 - Jane L. WILBUR      b. July 29, 1827.
 - Charles WILBUR     b. Oct. 17, 1836.

 - Esick WILBUR     d. Dec. 25, 1871, ae 83yr, 2m, 13d.
 - Betsey WILBUR  d. June 11, 1875, ae 82yr, 10m, 28d.
 - William H. WILBUR d. Mar. 1, 1889, ae 71yrs, 4m.


 - Caleb MALLORY married Polly WOOLCOTT, May 3, 1819?
 - Minor H. MALLORY married Etta A. SWICK, July 17, 1878.
 - Frank MALLORY married Celia WHITFORD, Dec. 29, 1897.

 - Polly WOOLCOTT   b. July 10, 1786.
 - Caleb. MALLORY   b. Dec. 21? 1790.
 - _____ WOOLCOTT    b. Nov. 20, 1814.
 - Alexander MALLORY   b. Sept. 26, 1831.
 - Minor H. MALLORY    b. Apr. 29, 1855.
 - Etta H. SWICK    b. July 14, 1858.
 - Frank L. MALLORY   b. Apr. 24, 1879 ,Alpine, NY.
 - Celia WHITFORD   b. Nov. 5, 1879, Chambers, NY.

 - Polly MALLORY     d. Feb. 19, 1870, ae 83yr, 7m, 9d.
 - Caleb MALLORY   d. Feb. 10, 1871, ae 80yr, 1m, 19d.
 - Alexander MALLORY   d. Apr. 14, 1904, ae 78yr, 9m, 4d.
 - Emily MALLORY   d. July 11, 1922, ae 90yr, 9m, 15d.
 - Etta MALLORY     d. Sept. 28, 1926, ae 68yr, 2m, 14d.


[This bible has very faded writing.]

 - Thomas NICHOLS married Mary RIGGS, Sept. 27, 1787.
 - Dithy NICHOLS married    _____?? - cannot read name or date.
 - Esther NICHOLS married  _____?? - cannot read name or date.
 - Milicent NICHOLS married _____?? - cannot read name or date.
 - Armenia NICHOLS married Peter QUICK, Aug. 11, 1844.
 - Fanny NICHOLS married John HAGERMAR, July 5, 1807.
 - Mary NICHOLS married Guy C. B___?  Sept. 13, 1807.
 - Betsey NICHOLS married Joshua M.___? Mar. 5, 1810.
 - Florence NICHOLS married Sally M_____? Jan 8, 1814.
 - Dithy NICHOLS married Nichols SHELD___? Feb. 25, 1824.

 - Thomas NICHOLS   b. Nov. 2, 1757.
 - Mary RIGGS NICHOLS   b. Apr. 22, 17?
 - Fanny NICHOLS   b. July ? 1788.
 - Horace  NICHOLS   b. Apr. 22, 1790.
 - Mary NICHOLS    b. Apr. ? 1792.
 - Betsey NICHOLS   b. June 5, 1794.
 - John NICHOLS   b. Apr. 20, 1797.
 - Esther NICHOLS  b. Jan. 20, 1799.
 - Dithy NICHOLS  b. June 15, 1801.
 - Millicent NICHOLS   b. Feb. 4, 1804.
 - Armnia NICHOLS   b. Feb. ? 180?
The births of ------? NICHOLS' Children [can’t read 1st name]
 - Harper S. NICHOLS   b. Oct 12, 1810.
 - Synthia NICHOLS   b. Dec. 25, 1817.
 - Sarah M. NICHOLS   b. Aug. 19, 1819.
 - Thomas NICHOLS   b. Apr. 29, 1820-21.
 - Mary NICHOLS   b. Mar. 8, 1822.
 - Aimey NICHOLS   b. Mar. 22, 1825.
 - Marthy M. NICHOLS   b. Feb. 22, 1827.

 - Hester BARNES  d. Feb. 1866, ae 67 yrs.
 - Mary Barnes   d. Apr. 11, 1867, ae 73yr, 5m.
 - Fanny HAPERMAN  d. May 27, 1872.
 - John NICHOLS  d. Sept. 9, 1797.
 - Thomas NICHOLS  d. Oct. 12, 1823, ae 65yr.
 - Mary NICHOLS   d. Feb. 4, 1844, ae 77yr, 9m, 13d.
 - Dithy SHELTON  d. Mar. 10, 1879, ae 77yr, 8m, 23d.
 - Milicent RANSON d. Nov. 18, 1843, ae 39.
 - Thomas MOR---?   d. Aug. 29, 1878?, ae 2yr, 11m, 12d.
 - Harper NICHOLS  d. Aug. 31, 1818, ae 1yr, 10m.
 - Betsey MORSE  d. Sept. 16, 1860, ae 66yr, 3m.

Obit in Nichols Bible - Martha BALL, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Charles BALL,
                                        d. Jan. 21,[no year], ae 4yr, 3m.

[contributed & typed by I.C.J.]

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