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Marriage Records from Havana Newspapers
from card files at the Montour Falls Library
mid - 1800s, Havana Republican & Havana Journal

[Generously provided by the Montour Library staff & Carol Fagnan, head of the Library Board & local historian.  They are dedicated to making their local history & genealogy archives accessible to the public.]

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m. = married

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The locations are usually in NY state, unless otherwise noted; they are often
in the surrounding counties of Chemung, Tompkins, Steuben and Yates.
The Gazetteer has detailed info on Schuyler co. villages.

Extracted from the Havana Republican & the Havana Journal.


From the Republican:
Enos ADAMS  of Havana & Lucy A. STOCKEY of Havana m. Sept. 9,1849 in Elmira, NY.
Reuben ABBOTT Varick, Seneca Co to Sarah A. STARKEY of Starkey, Yates Co. m. Aug.12,1853 in Havana.
George Q. ADAMS of Nichols and Maria L. BEARDSLEY of Odessa m. June 29,1853 in Ithaca.
Freeman G. AULT of Havana and Charlotte SKELLINGER of Havana m. Sept. 18,1851.
Samuel E. AYERS of Havana and Julia C. HUTCHINS of Kingston, PA. m. Dec. 8,1870.
Stafford ANDRUS of Horseheads & Mary E. SLATER of Catlin, NY m. Havana [Montour Falls] June 4,1869.
Carlos C. APPLEGATE of  Scott Co., Iowa & Anna RIGHTMIRE of Ulysses m. in Waverly on Dec. 9,1869.
James M. AUBLE of Burdett and Eliza BALDWIN of Burdett m. in Mechlenburg on Mar. 20,1870.
William E. AYERS of Havana and Harriet A. FORREST of Havana m. in Watkins, NY on Aug. 3,1869.
From the Journal:
Eaton J. AGARD of Catharine and Jane CORYELL of Nichols m. in Owego, Jan. 9,1868.
James ARMSTRONG of Havana and Frances E. HUNTLEY of Havana m. there Dec. 20,1865.
J. Cory ACKLEY of Enfield m. Permelia S. WILLIAMS of Ovid Center, Sept. 18,1861.
Miler V. AMEIGH of NY m. Sarah H. AGARD of Dix, Jan. 5,1860.
J. M. ARCHER of Odessa m. M. A. HATHAWAY of Rockstream,  Mar. 29,1860.
Charles AXTELL of Hector m. Sarah A. RICHARDS of Cayuta,  Aug. 11,1860.
Wm. ABGAR and Almira RENDAL both of Dix m. Apr. 18,1858.
Eli ADAMS of Thompson and Marion E. PIERCE of Montour m. Oct. 8,1863.
George ADAMS and Clara LOCKE both of Veteran m. June 23,1858.
John W. ADAMY and Martha UPDIKE both of Odessa m. Jan. 5,1864.
Darius ADEE  and Eliza VANVLEET both of Hector m. Mar. 6,1864.
Alexander AGARD of Havana m. Jerminma A. BURD of Mecklenburg, Apr. 14,1858.
Virgil ALBERTSON and Frances FAUSNAUGHT both of Elmira m. Sept. 30,1858.
Iahiel ALLEN of Burdett and Martha BYNON of Ithaca m. Oct. 27,1864.
John ANDREWS and Mary WESTERFIELD both of Orange m. Feb. 17,1863.
Freeman G. AULT of Havana m. Eliza J. FREER of Dix, Feb. 16,1865.
Lewis P. AXTELL of Catlin m. Mercy V. EVERETT of Cayuta, Aug. 5,1863.


From the Republican:
Luther BAILEY of Dix and Delia A. SMITH of Havana m. in Elmira Oct. 12,1870.
A. M. BAKER of Ithaca and Martha Ann McEWEN of Newfield m. in Newfield Feb 3,1851.
Samuel D. BAKER of Lansingville & Louesa BEARDSLEY of Johnsons Settlement m. at
           Johnsons Settlement [Town of Catharine] Feb. 26,1850.
J. A. BANKER of Dix and Phebe MORSE of Leominster, Mass.  m. in Mass. [issue May 9,1851].
J. BAXTER of Havana and Mary A. HYSLOP of Havana m. June 4,1854 in Havana.
David L. BACKER of Dix and Sarah BAZZARD of Dix m. Nov. 4,1841 in Dix.
Gilbert D. BAILEY of Havana and Anna Maria AGARD of Dix m. Aug. 19,1840  in Havana.
I. J. BASSETT of Havana and Julia CLAUHARTY of Havana m. May 6,1840 in Havana.
John H. BEDFORD  and Percilia C. JOHNSON of Odessa m. June 30,1939 in Odessa.
Silas L. BLACKMAN  of Troy and Almirea MAPES of Havana m. Dec. 24,1849 in Havana.
Gifford J. BOOTH of Elmira and Mary A. TABLER of Canton, PA. m. Aug 4,1841 in Canton, PA.
Hon. Luther BRADISH of NY City and Mary E. HART of NY City m. Nov. 26,1939 in NY city.
John G. BROWN of Havana and Louisa VanRIPER of Geneva m. 1850 in Geneva.
Nathan BROWN of Hector and Mary SHELTON of Catharine m. Dec. 18,1849 in Catharine.
J. S. BRYANT of Sweden and Frances Marion HENRY of Havana m. Mar. 1,1855 in Havana.
Jerome BUCK of Elmira and Harriet D. MILLER of Mecklenburg m. Dec. 31,1851 in Mecklenburg.
Sylvanus A. BUCK of Catlin and Hannah M. AMICK of Catlin m. June 5,1851 in Catlin.
Erl A. BUNNELL of Havana and Elizabeth BUTCHER of Havana m. Apr. 25,1851 in Havana.
Edson BURR of Catharine and Hannah E. THOMPSON of Veteran m. Apr. 1850.
William F. BUSSEY of Titusville, PA and Emma E. OBERT of Beaver Dams m. Nov.1870.
Martin BEAM of Dundee and Nancy OíNEIL of Dundee m. June 5, 1851 at Franklin House in Havana.
Manfred G. BARBER of Havana and Jennie ROGERS of New Britain, CT m. Nov. 12,1870.
William A. BURK and Lottie E. KNAPP m. Dec. 14,1870 in Catlin.
Albert BLAKE of Elizabeth and Jane LOW of Elizabeth m. in Council Hill Station, Oct. 1870.
John J. BRINK? of Welterville, NY and Pauline L. PEASE of Windham, PA m. Oct. 1870.
F. BEARDSLEE of Catharine and Cretia KENDALL of Catharine m. in Catharine on Oct. 22,1870.
Perry BABCOCK of Havana and Margareta DARLING of Hector m. Jun.7,1853 in Hector.
Charles BENJAMIN of West Hartwick and Mrs. Marcia CUFFMAN of Moreland m. in Moreland June 8,1854.
Erastus H. BENN of Havana and Phebe HAIGHT of Havana m. Feb. 7,1851 in Havana..
George BENNETT of Havana and Jane TREGILIOUS of Havana m. Oct. 4,1854 in Havana.
John Henry BIGGER of Ingersoll  and Phoebe WARD of Havana m. Jan. 20,1855 in Havana.
E.T. BOWLBY of Huron Co., Ohio and Mary McCLURE of Havana m. Feb. 15,1854 in Havana.
Francis H. BOWMAN of St. Charles, IL and Helen M. SMITH of Elmira m. Oct. 8,1849 in Elmira.
Gregift BRONSON of Beaver Dams and Elizabeth McDONALD of Catharine m. May 23,1855 in Catharine.
Frederick BREWSTER of Rigd, Monroe Co. and Caroline R. SMITH of Catlin m. Sept. 1833.
Philo BEARDSLEY of Odessa and Margaret CAMPBELL of Odessa m. Oct. 24,1853.
John BEARDSLEY  and Emily L. KIMBLE both of Catharine were m. in Oct. 1874 [Oct. 24,1874 issue].
Martin BEAM of Dundee and Nancy OíNEIL of Dundee m. June 5, 1851 at Franklin House, Havana.
John BAKER of Watkins  & Phebe BAXTER of Watkins  m. in Havana [Montour Falls] on Apr. 6,1868.
David W. BEEBE of Newfield and Saphrona BOYCE of VanEtten m. in Jacksonville on July 26,1868.
Aaron B. BEARDSLEY of Catharine and Lydia A. MOSHER of Southport m. Jan. 29,1870 in Pine Woods.
Charles BATES of Havana and Mary SMITH of Havana m. June 1,1870 in Havana [Montour Falls].
Nathan BENJAMIN of Burdett and Sarah BROKOW [BROKAW] of  Havana m. Horseheads, June 12,1870.
Charles M. BENNETT of Montgomery, IL and Melissa COLE of Havana m. June 12,1870 in Horseheads, NY.
Eugene M. BERRY of Watkins and Lottie A DEYO [DEVOE?] of Havana m. there Aug.1868.
George BOSSERD [BOSSARD] of Reading and Emma A. HOLLEY of Reading m. Havana Feb. 23,1870.
Frank BROWN of Corning and Miss BENTLY of Horseheads, NY m. recently. [Mar.21,1868 issue]
Irving BROWN of Lansing and Celia ACKLEY of Enfield m. there Nov. 8,1869.
Henry S. BRUNSON of Jersey City and Sarah SWITZER of Bradford m. there recently [Dec. 4,1869 issue]
William F. BROWN of Hector and Catherine FREEMAN of Waterburg m. Mechlenburg Apr. 30,1870.
From the Journal:
Sylvester BABCOCK of Havana m. Adeline J. RENCOCK, July 4,1860.
Washington BABCOCK and Ruth HITCHCOCK both of Catharine m. Oct. 12,1858.
Alanson BAILEY of Dix m. Ellen COMSTOCK of Catlin, Sept. 12,1864.
John Wm. BAILEY of Catlin m. Arrilla BUMP of Dix, Jan. 1,1864 in Moreland, Dix.
Mark BAILEY of Nevada, CA m. Lucy STEVENS of Moreland, Mar. 7,1864.
Ammon BAKER of PA m. Elizabeth HUBBELL of Hector, Oct. 17,1863.
Martin B. BAKER of Havana m. Fannie J. ROY of Dansville at Fayette, Seneca co., NY, Apr. 3,1862.
Enos W. BARNES m. Sarah HURD Jan. 12,1864 in Bath, Steuben co.
Henry A. BARROWS of Havana m. Elizabeth Elzie QUIGLEY of Havana, Nov. 10,1861.
Wm. C. BARTLETT of Moreland m. Sarah E. LEWIS of Elmira, Oct. 15,1861.
Frederick S. BARROWES of Havana m. Libbie A. WILLIAMS of Watkins, June 2,1864.
Henry A. BARROWS of Columbus, KY m. Fidelia QUIGLEY of Beaver Dams, Oct. 4,1863.
Wm F. BARROWS of Havana m. Emma JAQUES [JAQUISH ?] of Elmira, Oct. 13,1863 in Syracuse.
M. V. BATES of Montour m. Mary LEWIS of Orange, July 25,1863 in Reading.
Charles BEARD and Eunice CARPENTER both of Veteran m. Sept. 18,1858.
Elias BEARDSLEY and Ivah J. HOPKINS both of Catharine m. Feb. 14,1858.
John W. BEARDSLEY of Catharine m. Elmira EGBERT of Veteran, July 3,1864.
Frank S. BEARDSLEE of Catharine m. Libbie KENNEDY of Hector, Jan. 22,1862.
John L. BEARDSLEY m. Roxana BACON both of Schuyler Co., Oct. 31,1860.
Wallace BEEBE m. Libbie PETRIE both of Dix, Aug. 31,1864 in Dix.
Truman G. BEECHER of Dix m. Minerva BRISCO of Catharine, Sept. 29,1858.
Clark BELL of Hammondsport m. Helene WHEELER, Sept. 8,1857.
Wm. BELL m. Julia A. EVERTS both of Havana, June 14,1857.
Ira BEMENT m. Mary J. HADLEY both of Jackson, PA,  in Dix, Oct. 14,1862.
Lorenzo D. BEMENT m. Mary ALBRIGHT both of Hector, Jan. 1,1863.
Otis D. BEMENT m. Areminta C. ALLBRIGHT, Nov. 12,1863 in Hector.
Benjamine BENSON of Hector m. Sarah JAYNES of Farmer [Seneca co.] on Apr. 11,1860.
A. J. BICKNELL of Pillsfield, MA m. Hattie A. FROST of Havana, Sept. 25,1860.
Marvin BENHAM m. Elizabeth C. KRESS both of Reading, Nov. 22,1863.
Albert N. BENNETT of Dix m. Jane PERSONIUS of Montour, Dec. 14,1864.
H. B. BENNETT of Tyrone m. Emma HUNTER of Wayne, Feb. 21,1865 in Havana.
Lyman BENTLY m. Marinda HERRINGTON both of Horseheads, Dec. 6,1857.
Wm. A. BIDLEY of Dix m. Sarah J. MATHEWS of Coopers Plain, Jan. 15,1863.
Franklin D. BISHOP of Newfield m. Henrietta M. SWAN of Catharine, Nov. 19,1857.
Wm. BLOUNT m. Hester LANE both of Hector, Dec. 7,1863 in Hector.
Wm. BODLE and Jane THOMPSON both of Hector m. Nov. 22,1864 in Havana.
James H. BOND m. Lottie COUSE both of Logan, in Milo Center Nov. 4,1863.
Henry BONNETT and Mary MALLETT both of Catharine m. Nov. 13,1864 at Johnson's Settlement.
George F. BOWLBY and Phoebe SMITH both of Catharine m. Dec. 2,1858.
C. S. BROWN of Chemung m. Huldah S. HOPKINS of Catharine, Dec. 26,1859.
Dr. M. M. BROWN of Millport m. Mattie R. SHARP of Ithaca, Nov. 28,1863.
Waterman BROWN of E. Smithfield, PA m. Louisa COOPER of Cayuta, Mar. 22,1864.
Wm. O. BROWN of VanWert, Ohio m. Josie M. BURKE, Mar. 17,1864.
Merwin BUCKLEY of Odessa m. Margaret MURPHY of Elmira Apr. 20,1858.
Wm. BURRELL and Julia BEARDSLEY both of Veteran m. at Johnson's Settlement, Oct.  30,1864.
John L. BUSH and Adaline DELMATER m. Dec. 11,1863 in Burdett.
Oscar P. BUTTON of Watertown m. Martha E. TAYLOR of E. Rodman, Jan. 26,1863.
Clark BYRUM and Mary E. RUMSEY both of Enfield m. at Havana, Nov. 23,1864.
Alson L. BIDELER m. Fanny J. OWEN both of Dix, June 27,1860.
Joseph BARRETT of Bedford and Emma ROBERTSON of Bedford m. there Feb. 13,1867.
Horace A. BEARDSLEY of Catharine m. Emily C. COE of Montour, Dec. 23,1866.
Dwight BEEBE of Havana m. Clara CORYELL, formerly of Greenbush, Apr. 25,1867.
Ebenezer BEERS of Montour m. Maggie MILLER of Orange, Nov. 7,1866.
John M. BEMIS of Campbelltown m. Mary C. KNOX of Havana [Dec.14,1867 issue]
George BERGE [BURGE ?] of Burdett m. Kate C. MIX of Catharine, Dec. 5,1865.
William H. BOOTH of Newton, IL m. Ursula M. MILLER of Newton, IL, Apr. 4,1867.
Hiram W. BOSTWICK of NY City m. Louise JOHNSON, Dec. 27,1866.
Austin J. BRADLEY of Catharine m. Eliza N. LEWIS of Catharine, Nov. 7,1867.
Alexander B. BRADY m. Clara M. COMPTON, Oct. 5,1865.
E. M. BREESE of Breesport m. Grace E. CRANDALL of Breesport, Jan. 1,1868.
Theron A. BREES of Starkey m. Matilda A. STARING of Horseheads, Dec. 6,1865.
Benamine F. BRIANT [BRYANT ?] of Catharine m. Tresilla M. OWEN of Odessa, Nov. 1,1865.
Arthur S. BROWN of Catharine m. Savena LABAR of Catharine, Nov. 6,1867.
Robert M. BUNDY of Andover m. L. M. SEARS of Searsburg, June 13,1866.
Kinney BURHAM of Ridgebury, PA m. Louisa FLETCHER of same, Jan. 1,1868.


From the Republican:
A.B. CARLEY  of Catharine and Martha GANO of Dix m. Sept. 31, 1850 in Dix.
Thomas B. CAMPBELLof St. Paul, MN and Louisa L. CATLIN of Odessa m. Sept. 7,1855 in Odessa.
William E. CAMPBELL of St. Paul, Minn. and Mary MERRELL of Oneida, NY m. Sept. 24,1870
      in Superior, Wisc.
A. C. CLARK of Union Springs & Sarah G. WOODHULL of Havana m. Nov. 23,1870 in
      Union Springs, Cayuga Co.
Staffored N. CLEVELAND of Dix and Cordelia ABER of Montour m. in Penn Yan in Dec 1870.
George COLE of Catlin and Polly STEWART of Catlin m. Dec. 24,1850 in Catlin.
Simeon C. COON of Alpine and Mahala Jane DILL of Milo Center m. Nov. 28,1854 in Havana.
John COOPER of Catlin Center and Elizabeth FRANK of Moreland m. Jan. 18,1855 in Moreland.
Peter COOPER of Catharine and Margaret OSTERHOUT of Catharine m. Feb. 8,1855.
George CORWIN of Havana and Louisa M. MAINE of Townsend Settlement m. Sept. 26,1849.
Charles COUCH of Havana and Mary MANDEVILLE of Newfield m. in Newfield [Jan. 3,1851 issue].
John CRANDALL of Veteran and Eveline SPAULDING of Catharine m. May 3,1854 Catharine.
Jonathan CRONK of Havana and ---- GRIFFTH of Havana m. Nov. 30,1854 in Havana.
W. W. CULVER of Big Flats and Jannette SEELYE [SEELEY] of Catlin m. Mar. 21,1855 in Catlin.
George CARPENTER of Hector and Esther M. COUCH of Catharine m. Mar. 13,1855 Catharine.
Charles H. CARR of Horseheads and Cordella SWARTOUT of Veteran m. in Havana on Dec.12,1850.
George CATLIN of Dix and Elizabeth GANO of Dix m. in Dix on Mar. 12,1854.
George CLARK of Clyde and A. M. GREGORY of Oakcliff, NJ. m. July 2,1852.
Ephraim CLEVELAND  of Dix and Matilda LYON of Dix m. Sept. 30, 1849 in Crawfords Settlement.
Alzada COLE of Millport and Gold COGSWELL of Millport m. Apr. 11,1853 in Haight Hotel, Elmira.
Lorin L. COLE of Catharine and Ellen NEVINS of Catharine m. Oct. 18,1855 Catharine.
Rev. Alvin COBURN of Jefferson [Watkins] & Mary A. WATKINS of Havana [Montour Falls] m. Sept.18,1850.
William COSHUM of Ovid and Mrs. Mary COUSHRUE of Ovid m. Dec. 18,1874 in North Hector.
Charles Henry COUCH of Montour and Mary Amanda TURNER of Veteran m. in Catharine on Oct.28,1874.
Willis B. CATLIN of Bay City, Mich. and Minnie VAUGHN of Havana m. Nov. 19,1874.
Adam G. CAMPBELL of Havana and Jane C. LAWRENCE of Catharine m. Oct. 7,1868 in New York.
David L CALL of Hornby and Frances L. McCLURE of Montour m. there July 3,1870.
O. F. CHAFFEE of Enfield and Mary F. McCLINTOCK of Enfield m. in Cayuta on Dec. 20, 1869.
H. O. CHAMBERS of Havana and Mary A. WHIPPY m. Havana May 11,1869.
Richard CORYELL of Orange and Elizabeth SIMPSON m. July 31,1870 in Orange.
A. D. CRANE of Newfield and Anna MARSH of Newfield m. Odessa Mar. 21,1870.
Wallace E. CRAMMER of Hartford, CT and Jennie K. WENTZ of Dix m. Dec. 2,1868.
Nathan CRIPPEN of Dix and Hannah TOWNSEND of Montour m. Havana Mar. 5,1870.
Joseph CUSHING of Fitchburg, Mass. and Betsy CUSHING of Catharine, NY m. Catharine Mar. 16,1868.
Chauncey CULVER of Mecklenburg and Harriet LAMBERT of Mechlenburg m. there Jan 13,1870.
George R. CROFORD [CRAWFORD?]of Newfield and Emma HENDERSHOT of Cayuta
      m. in Odessa on Mar. 30,1870.
Madison COVERT of Lodi and Frank [Frances?] WORTMAN of Jacksonville
      m. Odessa recently [Feb. 6,1869 issue]
From the Journal:
James M. COMAFIELD [COMERFORD ?] of Hector m. Emma J. WHITE of Dix Nov. 14,1865.
A. J. CLARK of Bath [Steuben co.] m. Emiline NOBLES of Bath Nov. 18,1865.
John M. CLAWSON of Campbell m. Lucinda R. DRAKE of Oak Hill Oct. 31,1865.
James M. CORNISH of Watkins m. Sophronia DARLING of Hector Jan. 7,1866.
Albert D. CRONK of Montour m. Lizzie THOMPSON of Montour Jan. 9,1867.
Michael CAHILL of Havana m. Ann BARNES of Watkins May 16,1858.
Jonathan CARPENTER of Catharine m. Josephine MISINER [MISNER] of Hector Feb. 6,1864.
Rev. C. C. CARR of Horseheads m. Olive M. CHEEVER in Hector Mar. 30,1864.
Herman CARSON of Watkins m. Delia SKELLENGER, Feb. 17,1865.
John H. CATLIN of Geneva m. Carrie F. LAMAN of Benton, July 28,1863.
James M. CHARLES of Montour m. Celestia C. WEST of Havana Feb. 22,1865.
Wm. N. CHESTER and Jennie CROWELL both of Havana m. Apr. 18,1865.
Bejamine CLARK of Moreland m. Minerva BURNS of Catlin Mar. 7,1864.
E. C. CLARK m. Harriet SKELLENGER both of Havana Dec. 2,1862.
Henry CLARK of Hornby m. Julia GILBERT of Corning Sept. 22,1864 at Coopers Plains.
S. A. CLAUHARTY of Havana m. Fidelia CODDINGTON of Trumansburg, June 22,1864.
Nathan B. CLEAVELAND and Mary A. PRICE both of Dix m. Oct. 8, 1862.
Luther COE of Veteran m. Elizabeth BURRIS of Horseheads Aug. 23,1857.
A. J. COMPTON of Grass Valley m. Elvira CORYELL of Havana Mar. 24,1858.
Nathan H. CONKLIN of Havana m. Hannah A. HYATT of Elmira [Oct. 31,1857 issue].
Kelsey COON and Melissa DALEY both of Croton m. Dec. 24,1864.
Charles A. CORYELL of Havana m. Florence E. BIGELOW of Albany Aug. 2,1865.
T. S. COUCH of Catharine m. Mariah EVANS of Montour. [Feb. 4, 1865 issue].
Truman COREY and Roletta D. BYRAN, both of Penn Yan, m. Jan. 3,1864.
Chas. CRANDEL [CRANDALL ?] of Osceola, PA m. Jennie SELLON of Reading, Mar. 10,1864.
Henry C. CRAWFORD of Dix m. Mary Emma RINGER of Catlin Dec. 8,1858.
John CRIPPEN of Dix m. Lucy C. SANDFORD of Jersey Shore, PA, Jan. 28,1863.
Milford CRONK of Montour m. Lucy B. MAXWELL of Havana Sept. 29,1864.
James CRONKRIGHT of Veteran m. at Montour House to Mary M. SMITH of Catharine, Mar. 21,1866.
Ed CROWFOOT of Schuyler m. Fanny J. BROWN of Veteran, Nov. 8,1865.
Charles CULVER of Cayutaville m. Lucy A. SHERWOOD of Cayutaville Dec. 6,1867.
John M. CARR of Veteran m. Julia L. CARR of Onondaga, Co. July 3, 1862.
Henry CATLIN of Odessa m. Carrie CLOSE of Havana June 13, 1830?
Homer CHAPMAN of Havana m. Ann FLETCHER of Havana Oct 7, 1860.
Lorenzo CHAPMAN m. Francis O. LYON both of Catharine [Dec. 29,1860 issue].
Rev. Chas. Ed. CHENEY of Chicago and Emma C. GRISWOLD of Chicago m. Apr. 25,1860.
S. C. COLGROVE of Burdett m. Mary E. WOOD of Aurora, Nov. 7,1860.
John B. CORYELL m. Priscilla PERSONIUS both of Havana,  May 12,1861.
J. M. COOL of St. Charles, MN & Catherine L. BEEBE of Moreland m. at Moreland, Jan. 8,1862.
John H. CREIGHTON m. Altie A. CLARK both of Hector June 18, 1861
William CROUCH [COUCH ?] m. Persilla KING both of Dix Jan. 15,1861.
Alpheus CURRY of Enfield m. Elizabeth J. MORGAN of Searsburg, Feb. 14,1860.
Alonzo CUSHING of Campbelltown m. Sarah E. MUNN of Montour, Aug. 11,1861.
Eddy CROWELL of Dix m. Esther Jane BUCK of Dix, Nov. 4,1866.


From the Republican:
John DAVIDSON of Croton and Elizabeth PIERCE of Croton m. Mar. 1851 in Croton.
Homer C. DARLING of Hector and Fidele WOODWARD of Hector m. Jan. 1871 in Delvin House, Elmira.
K.B. DENSON of Watkins and Emma TYRELL of Burdett m. Jan 1870.
John H. DUVALL of Beaver Dams and Sarah COLEGROVE of Catlin m. Dec. 31,1871 in Havana.
Chauncey DEAN of Townsendville and Salley A. STATES of Cayutaville m. Apr. 21,1850 in Newfield.
Edward DOTY of Catharine and Phebe OWENS of Dix m. Sept. 6,1854 in Dix.
Richard DONIVUE  of Havana and Ann Jane SYMMS of Havana m.Feb. 24,1850 Havana.
John E. DOTY of Catharine and Matilda McCARTY of Catharine m. in Catharine on Oct. 22, 1851.
Holton C. DRAKE of Havana and Susan Jane PRATT of Havana m. Mar. 9,1851 in Havana.
R. P.R. DUMARS of Elmira and M. Henrietta DAVIDSON of Elmira m. June 6,1854 in Chemung co.
Thomas DUNN of Elmira and Mary E. TUTHILL of Burdett m. Sept. 1,1855 in Burdett.
Henry DECKER of Lima, Livingston Co. and Catherine HALL of Havana m. Sept. 28,1853 in Havana.
A. W. DALRYMPLE of Odessa and Myra WOODRUFF of Odessa m. Jan. 18,1870.
Rev. C. DAVIS of E. Genesee Conf.  and Sarah GANO of Dix m. Aug. 1868.
Charles W. DAVIS of Savona and Hattie L. WINTON of Havana [Montour Falls] m. Oct. 5,1869.
Josiah DEAN of Weedsport and Eliza BRADLEY m. recently. [Jan 15, 1870 issue]
Milmor DECKER of New York and Sarah M. DECKER of Havana m. Oct. 27, 1869.
Jacob E. DINGMAN of Dix and Margarette McKEEL of Montour m. June 8,1870 in Montour.
A. J. DUTCHER of Alpine and C. VANDERMARK of Alpine m. Odessa May 22,1869.
From the Journal:
Fish H. DAY of Wauwatoza, Wis. was m. there to Frank ? [Frances] A. WILLIAMS, Nov. 3,1859.
Geroge DECKER of West Cayuta m. Pauline MILLER of Catharine, Sept. 14,1859.
William DILMORE m. Emily J. SOPER both of Pine Valley, Sept. 12,1860.
Wm. V. DOLPH m. Hattie E. REED both of Catharine, Mar. 22,1860.
Leland DOOLITTLE of Crown Point m. Lou BLANCHS of Havana [Oct. 22,1859 issue].
Myron  DECKER of Cayuta m. Olive FITZGERALD of same, Dec. 13,1866.
Willard L. DEWITT of Orange m. at Monterey to Jane D. OLIVER of Orange, Apr. 12,1866.
Herman E. DUNHAM of Havana m. Hattie JOBBITT of Havana Oct. 30,1867.
J. B. DUNHAM of Clarks Mill m. Frances KINNEY of same, June 1866.
Jerome C. DUTCHER of Havana m. Marietta LEWIS of Havana Jan. 7,1865.
Wm H. DALEY and Sarah A. HOBBIE both of Croton m. Dec. 24,1864.
Daniel B. DARLING and Henrietta COLLINS both of Perry City m. Jan. 31,1864.
Oliver P. DAVID and Polly Ann HILL both of Havana m. Oct. 14,1858.
Conclave DAYTON and Louisa LEAVENS both of Horseheads, Mar. 24,1864.
Richard DEAN and Susan VanLOON both of Catharine m. May 4,1858.
Frank F. DECKER of Havana m. Harriet RACE of Watkins, Dec. 31,1863.
Wm. A. DEPUE and Ruth E. TURNER both of Havana m. July 5,1857.
Hon. A. B. DICKINSON and Abagail GENUNG both of Hornby m. June 18,1857.
J. N. DOLPH of Portland, Ore. and Augusta MULKEY of Corvallis, Ore. m. Oct. 24, 1864.
Wm. V. DOLPH and Eliza D. REED m. Dec. 3, 1863 in Elmira.
Amos B. DRUM of Kanoma and Minerva STRAIT of Beaver Dams. m. Jan. 1,1864.
Eli A. DUNHAM and Minnie McMILLEN both of Havana m. Oct. 4,1864.


From the Republican:
M.W. NYE EBENESER of Hector and Margaret SHARP of Hector m. Dec. 7,1853 in Havana.
William C. ELY of Clyde and Mina DOWNS of Havana m. Oct. 31,1853 in Havana.
George G. ERWAY and Ruth Ann KNAPP m. in Caroline on Jan. 11,1854.
Marin S. ELLIS of Mechlenburg and Jennie A. DAVIS of Mechlenburg m. there Sept. 16,1869
Charles ENNIS of Cayuta and Lucy C. BARNES of Cayuta mar. there Dec. 23,1869
Edwin H. ELLSWORTH of Havana and Mary A. DuBOIS of Havana m. there Apr.19,1868
Halsey S. ELDRED of Cannon, Mich. and Mercy J. CARLEY of  Odessa m. there Nov. 3,1869
From the Journal:
Rufus K. EDMINISTER of Big Flats m. Rachael STORMS of Big Flats Dec. 25,1867.
Charles EMBREE m. Mary CRIPPIN both of Dix, Feb. 3,1862.
Oliver ELLISTON of Erin m. Elizabeth HOLLENBECK of Erin, Jan. 2,1869.
David EACKER of Big Flats m. Elizabeth JACKSON of Catharine Mar. 9,1859.
David G. EACKER and Hannah JACKSON both of Havana m. Sept. 15,1862.
Hiram ELIOTT of Hector m. Catherine VAUGHAM [VAUGHN ?] of Burdett on Dec. 31,1863.
George F. ELLIS of Lodi and Eliza Jane SKINNER of Covert m. Dec. 17,1863.
Wm. J. ENGLISH of Montour m. Sarah MERRILL of Ithaca [Jan. 9,1864 issue].
Samuel A. EVERTS of Branchville, NJ m. Adaline S. DECKER of Havana Mar. 16,1859.


From the Republican:
Rev. H. E. FORD of Wayne and Helen A. McKEEL of Havana m. Dec. 21,1870 in Wayne, NY.
I. I. FLEMMING of Hector and Lottie CURRY of Hector m. in Odessa on Sept. 8, 1870.
James B. FARRINGTON of Dix and Susan CARPENTER of Dix m. Oct. 30,1849 in Havana.
James FITZGERALD of Veteran and Betsy HERRICK of Veteran m. Dec. 19,1855.
William FLEMING of California and Eliza J. LEONARD of Burdett m. Aug. 28,1851 in Burdett.
George FLETCHER of Havana and Mary Ann SLOCUM of Havana m. Apr.15,1855 in Havana.
Samuel B. FLETCHER of Havana and Harriet SHELTON of Havana m. May 12,1850 in Havana.
Benjamin FRANKLIN of Havana and Clara ATWATER of Havana m. May 27,1853 in Havana.
R. T. FRENCH of Elmira and Frances E. JACKSON of Havana m. Jan. 25,1854 at Havana.
Eli C. FROST of Catharine and Sarah McCONELL m. in Canandaigua Mar. 21,1854.
Sylvenus A. FAY of Havana and Mina C. GILE of Havana m. Aug. 1868.
Osbert W. FOX of Italy and Lucy M. CRAWFORD of Moreland, Dix m. May 1868.
Marcus S. FRENCH of Watkins and Henriette NARES of Watkins m. in Watkins in Dec. 1869.
Eli C. FROST Jr. of Watkins and Mary E. ROBERTS of Montour m. Aug. 6,1869 in Montour.
From the Journal:
Hull FANTON and Louise TRACY both of Havana m. Aug. 12,1862 in Havana.
Joel P. FERO and Patience KENT both of Hornby [Steuben co.] m. Sept. 21,1864.
Henry H. FRITTS of Trumansburg m. Hattie BROWN of Odessa, Oct. 17,1860.
George J. FROST of Montour and  Mary L. TAYLOR of Millport m. at Elmira, Feb. 27,1861.
Sylvester FISH of Havana m. Mary HOWARD of Havana Oct. 25,1865.
Benjamine FLETCHER of Hector m. Sarah HAVENS of Hector Apr. 3,1867.
Isaiah FORREST and Harriet BENNET [BENNETT] both of Havana m. at Tyrone, June 29,1863.
Joel R. FORESTER of Orange m. Ellen E. POPE of Reading Jan. 19,1864.
J. L. FOX of Yates Co. m. Mary CRAWFORD of Dix, Nov. 20,1862.
Walter FEAR and Fannie E. FOSTER both of Placerville, CA m. Dec. 16,1858.
Charles FREEHAM of Elmira m. at Horseheads to Franklin DUTCHER of Elmira, Dec. 18,1868.
Charles H. FREEMAN of Corning m. at NY City to Monnie C. KING, Nov. 21,1865.
Ralza B. FREEMAN and Adrian IVES both of Havana m. Nov. 30,1864.
Francis A. FROST of Montour m. Maretta WITHERSPOON in Shalbana Grove, IL Nov. 18,1863.
Legrand FROST and Isabella PRINCE both of Catharine m. June 23,1857.
Madison FROST and Euphemia BISSELL both of Tyrone m. Feb. 4,1858.
Wallace W. FULKERSON of Starkey m. Ann M. GANUNG of Dix, Dec. 16,1863.


From the Republican:
Levi GANO of Dix and Miranda LEONARD of Dix m. Feb. 8,1855 in Elmira.
Nelson GANUNG of Catharine and Susan ERWAY of Catharine m. Mar. 5,1850 in Havana.
Silas GARDNER of Hector and Olive Ann CARLEY of Hector m. in Havana on Feb. 28,1850.
Abraham GARDNER of Hector and Persis BEMENT of Hector m. Nov. 8,1849 in Havana.
Samuel W. GOODRICH of Havana and Mary Eliza DeSt.CROIX of Havana m. Sept. 15, 1841.
Francis GEORGIA of VanEtten and Hattie ELSTON of VanEtten m. Oct. 19, 1870 in Havana.
Norval GILMORE of Dix and Jane Eliza DAVIS of Dix m. Sept. 7,1870.
Robert GRAHAM of Starkey and Maggie DANNING of Watkins m. Sept. 1870 in Havana.
 D.W. GOODRICH of Orange and Eliza Ann RUSCO of Orange m. Jan. 10, 1850.
Isaac M. GRAY of Conhocton and Elizabeth MILLS of Dix m. Oct. 15, 1850  in Dix.
Washington GRAVES of Catharine and Jane DECKER of Catharine m. July 16,1869 in Havana [Montour Falls].
Sheldon A. GILLESPIE of Buffalo and Minnie C. MORSE of Buffalo m. there Jan. 28,1868.
George A. GRAVES of Savana and Ella S. ALLEN of Tyrone m. in Tyrone Aug. 1870.
D.C. GIBBS of Alpine and Adelia FARINGTON [FARRINGTON] of Alpine m. there Dec. 29, 1870.
Stetson B. GEORGIA of Enfield and Prudence LANNING of Enfield m. in Havana on Dec. 28,1869.
From the Journal:
E. A. GAY of Havana m. Lissie S. FISH of Olean on Dec. 24, 1862 in Olean.
Wm. H. GANUNG of Williamsport, PA m. Abbie M. JONES of Havana, Jan. 30,1865.
Charles GANUNG of Catharine m. Fidelia MIX of Odessa, July 3,1867.
Guy H. GANUNG of Catharine m. Emma MITCHELL of Catharine Nov. 12,1865.
B. F. GAYLORD of Benton m. Elsie M. BEEBE of Catharine, May 17,1865.
N. C. GERALD of Covert m. Mrs. C. S. NEATE of Dix Sept. 6,1865.
Peter GIBSON of Havana m. Sarah ROGERS of Mecklenburgh, Mar. 11,1866.
George GILBERT and H. Louise NORRIS both of Reading m. Feb. 23,1864.
Chester GILES of Havana m. Janette HILL of Havana, Feb. 27,1867.
A. R. GRAHAM and Sarah H. JOHNSON both of Burdett m. Feb. 21,1864.
John C. GRAY of Smithboro m. Huldah M. DAVIS of Catharine, Nov. 16,1858.
Summers J. GREGORY of Altay m. Ursula THOMPSON of Montour Jan. 2,1866.
Luther W. GREEN and Malissa WAIT both of Williamsport, PA m. Oct. 24,1863.
E. F. GANUNG m. Sarah PATCHEN both of Dix Aug. 29,1860.
Erastus GREEN of Dix and Elizabeth A. MILLS of Montour m. July 29,1860.
Chas. GRAHAM of Meredith and Louesa A. HENRY of Havana m. Apr. 21,1865.
S. F. GRIFFETH and Carrie A. HAUSE both of Tyrone m. Feb. 13,1865.
John GRISWOLD of Tyrone and Augusta WASHBURN of Wayne m. Jan. 21,1864.


From the Republican:
J. W. HOLLMAN  of Ulysses and Laura A. FORSYTH of Ulysses m. Feb. 1850.
Clark  P. HOLMES of Corning and Grace E. BARCLAY of Havana m. Sept. 14,1854 in Havana.
David HOLTON of Havana and Rebecca NASH of Havana m. May 13,1854.
William HOPPS of Wells, PA and Mercy DELANEY of Big Flats m. Aug. 28,1849.
Benjamin HOUGHTALING of LaSalle, IL and Jane CLEVELAND of Lodi m. Aug. 14,1853.
H. HOVEY of Galen and C. J. SMITH of Galen m. Dec. 21,1849 in Galen.
H.H. HULL of Bath and Clara WILLISTON of Athens, PA m. Aug. 15,1850  at Athens, PA.
Rev. M. HUGGINS of Havana and Isabella SIMPSON of Geneva m. Jan. 3,1854.
John HAMMOND of Catharine and Emeline JUNE of Catharine m. Oct. 1851.
Daniel HUBBELL of Hector and Harriet M. LEONARD of Enfield m. Oct. 30,1853.
J.W. HOWARD of Millport and Charlotte ALLEN of Veteran m. Mar. 27,1855  in Veteran.
Orlando HURD of Watkins and Julia A. TOWNSEND of Geneva m. Sept. 12,1853 in Geneva [Ontario co., NY].
George HARRIS of New Oreleans and Elmira R. BAXTER of Troy, PA  m. Jan. 7,1851.
Jonalhan C. HEAD, Esq. of Corning & Calista A. WATSON of Georgetown m. June 15,1851 in Georgetown.
E. E. HENRY of Oshawa and Harriet MILLS of Dix m. in Dix on June 26,1851.
Stephen HENYON of Dix and Almira STURDEVANT of Dix m. Feb. 27, 1854.
Chauncey HEWITT of Havana and Violette WHITE of Dix m. Dix July 25, 1850.
Daniel HAIGHT of Plainville and Betsey CORMACK of Palinville m. Dec. 27,1854 in Geneva.
B. HACKNEY of Aurora, IL and I. E. EVANS of Wickford, RI m. in Chicago in Oct. 1854.
John H. HALL of Catharine and Sarah E. JESSUP of Newfield m. Feb.23,1854 in Newfield.
John A. HIGGINS  of Tyrone and Fanny A. GLEASON of Ithaca m. Nov. 28,1853 in Ithaca.
A.B. HAMBLIN of Havana and Mary I. CHAPPEL of Aurelius m. Oct. 1,1850.
J. B. HAMMOND of Ithaca and Lavina CAIN of Ithaca m. May 1, 1855 in Ithaca.
Daniel HAMILTON of Catharine and Fanny JACOBY of Catharine m. Aug 25,1853 Catharine.
William HAN of Catlin and Mary A. COLGROVE of Catlin m. Sept. 1870.
William J. HUNISTON [HUMISTON ?] of Monterey and Ellen HACKET of Monterey m. Oct.5,1870.
Jay S. HINE of Southport and Chloe BROWN of Havana m. May 1850 [May 25, 1850 issue].
E. A. HADLEY of Geneva and Jane A. MALLORY of Dix m. in Dix on Nov. 3,1839.
Leonard HALL of Spencer and Mary BROWN of Cayuta m. May 14, 1840 at Sanfords Creek.
Walter HAMILTON of Havana and Susan SHOCKY of Elmira m. Mar. 14,1839  in Elmira.
Robert HARRISON of Havana and Abagail HAND of Jefferson [Watkins] m. in Jefferson on Aug 27,1837.
Almon HILLS of Dix and Ann Marie VanDEVENTER of Dix m. Dec. 19,1839.
Richard HILLS of Dix and Martha MEAD of Dix m. Dec. 19,1839 in Dix.
Alexander HUSTON of Dix & Jane HANDERSON [HENDERSON ?] of Reading m. Nov. 1,1854 in Reading.
I. S. HYATT of Ithaca and Mary E. McKEAN of Ithaca m. Oct 2,1849 in Ithaca.
M. J. HYSLOP of Havana and Mrs. Hannah BENNETT of Havana m. Oct. 19, 1854 in Havana.
George HOAG and Margaret DINGMAN both of Montour m. Oct. 31, 1874.
James HANLEY of Hector and Erminda C. EVERTS of Hector m. there Dec. 29,1869.
Samuel HANLEY of Peach Orchard and Julia STILLWELL of Reynoldsville m. Hector Mar. 3,1870.
William E. HIGMAN of Corning and Adel HOKE of Levenworth m. Sept. 15 1869 in Levenworth.
A. P. HOLLETT of Havana and B. H. MATHEWS m. Nov. 3,1869 in Savona.
William S. HUBBLE of Culpepper, VA and Gertrude SMITH of Hector m. in Hector on Dec. 30,1870.
J. E. HUNT of Newfield and E. CRANE of Newfield m. Mar.21,1870 in Odessa.
From the Journal:
Orlando HAGER m. Mary G. HEATH both of Hector [Oct. 5,1861 issue].
Samuel HAYDEN of Oramel, NY m. Lucie E. TAYLOR of Port Bryon, Sept. 16,1861.
James J. HICKS m. Emoline LYONS of Bennetsburg July 4,1860.
Baldwin HILL of Montour m. Emeline DAYTON of Catharine July 11,1861.
J. H. HINTERMINSTER of Ithaca m. Frances A. GERMAN of Burdett Apr. 18,1860.
Miles A. HOYT m. Fanny A. BANKER both of Havana June 24,1860.
Chas. C. HUBBELL of Hudson m. Mary J. JACKSON of Havana June 25,1862.
C. Wellington HURD of Reading m. Charlotte HERRING of Orange Feb. 10,1861.
John L. HALPIN of Pine Valley m. Sarah C. LATTIN of Catharine, Dec. 23,1865.
Walter HAMILTON of Hornby [Steuben co.] m. at Dix to Jane EASLING of Hornby Dec. 30,1866.
Oscar M. HARING of Watkins m. Kate VANDEVENTER of Watkins Sept. 11,1866.
Eban HARRIS of Perry City m. Trumansburg Phebe SLATER of Lodi May 25,1866.
Thomas HEATHERINGTON of Owego m. Sophia HOOVER of Tyrone Oct. 27,1865.
Hudson HAVLIN  m. Melissa CRANDALL, both of Breesport, Jan. 1,1869.
John B. HAYES of Fairfield, CT m. Teresa A. CORYELL of Havana Oct. 23,1867.
D. W. HAZEN  m. Mary A SHERMAN, both of Hornby, June 7,1866.
Mark S. HAZEN  m. Emma WETHERELL both of Dix,  Feb. 20,1867.
Thomas J. HEARD of Wellsboro, PA m. Laura KENEDA [KENEDAY ?] of Corning, Nov. 11,1865.
Squire HEDDING of Townsend m. Jennie WETHERELL Oct. 21,1867.
Grover C. HINMAN  m. Albertine WHITTEMORE both of Havana, May 23,1866.
S. F. HOOKER of Horseheads m. Ann HERRICK of Alpine Sept. 5,1866.
Francis HOPPING of Auburn m. Ellen M. VANDUSEN of Havana Sept. 26,1865.
George HOUGH m. Mary HUGHEY both of Orange Sept. 6,1865.
Emmitt  HOUTLAND  m. Apr. 2,1837 to Elizabeth WILEY, both of Starkey [Steuben co.].
Miles HOYT  m. Mar. 28,1866 to Lydia WOOD, both of  Havana.
Chas. HAGADORN and Mary B. BALDWIN both of Elmira m. Dec. 29,1864.
Chas. HAIGHT of Jerusalem and Mary HOFFMAN of Watkins m. Dec. 10,1863.
Nathan HAINES and Clara LYON both of Catharine m. Odessa Nov. 23,1858.
Chas. P. HALL of Barrington m. Kate BRADMER of Pine Creek, Mar. 1,1864.
Seely HALLIDAY of Elmira m. Anna Marie LEE of Montour, Oct, 15,1863,
Robert S. HALSEY and Malancie RUMSEY both of Alpine m. at Catharine Feb. 15,1863.
David S. HAMILTON and Jane MANNING both of Horseheads m. Oct. 31,1857.
Ezra HAMMOND and Miranda BARRISTER both of Deans Corners m. July 1,1858.
Isaac C. HARADON of Corning m. Mary A. DICKINSON of Hornby, Sept. 15,1858.
Chas. HARRING of Watkins m. Jennie SHEPHERD of Reading Jan. 6,1864.
Charles HARRIS and Elizabeth STOWE both of Havana m. Oct. 5,1858.
L. H. HASTINGS of Havana m. Ettie E. COVERT of Ithaca Jan. 20,1859.
Thomas HAVEN and Julia A. SHEAR both of Hector m. Jan. 22,1864.
Gilbert HEDDEN of Reading m. Zelda ELLIS of Dix Mar. 13,1864.
Lancaster HENYAN of Havana m. Jane MILLER of Canada, Aug. 26,1857.
Morgan HILL of Millport m. Nancy GREEN of Stephentown, NY, Jan. 11,1863.
Thurlow W. HODSON and Melvina SHEWMAN both of Watkins m. Dec. 10,1864.
Wm. J. HODSON of Watkins m. Laura TILLFORD of Beaver Dams Aug. 18,1862.
L. N. HOPKINS of Catharine m. Elizabeth DIMON of Vanettenville Dec. 16,1858.
Norman S. HOPKINS and Sarah M. VARIAN both of Veteran m. at Catlin Oct. 11,1857.
E. A. HOTCHKISS of Monterey m. Cynthia HUNTINGTON of Dundee Apr. 29,1863.
Edwin H. HOUGH of Hornellsville m. E. B. LOOK of Prattsburgh Sept. 11,1858.
Horace HOWE of Rockstream m. Sarah A. DEAN of Hector Sept. 18 or 19, 1864.
Robert HUDSON of Nevada Territory m. Eliza Jane SMITH of Catharine Apr. 11,1864.
Myron H. HUMPHREY of Erin m. Sarah C. BAILEY of Horeseheads Dec. 22,1863.
Geroge F. HADLEY m. Fannie SHERMAN of Trumball, CT, May 21,1867.


From the Republican:
Samuel N. INGORSOLL [INGERSOLL?] of Burdett & Margaraet E. RANSOM of Burdett m. May 7,1854.
Edward IRETON of Millport and Cynthia SMITH of Millport m. Mar. 18,1854.
From the Journal:
Mark H. IRISH of Toronto m. Jane S. BEECHER of Beaver Dam July 6, 1862
C.S. IRVIN  m. ----WHITFORD both of Dix Feb. 27, 1837


From the Republican:
John M. JACKSON of Havana and Mary L. BUNYAN of Havana were married. [Sept. 19,1851 issue]
William JOHNSON of Penn Yan and Helen M. CANFIELD of Danby m. Aug. 26,1854 in Danby.
Dr. A. H. JOHNSON of Orangeville, Mich. and Harriett E. LEEK of Moreland m. July 16,1854.
William T. JACKSON of Havana and Elma AYLWORTH of Havana m. Aug. 31,1854 in Havana.
Hon. Wm. T. JACKSON of Havana and Mrs. Mary DOWN HINE of Havana m. Sept. 11,1849 in Greenbush.
Ira B. JAYNE of Cayuta and Mary T. SMITH of Cayuta m. Cayuta recently [Jan. 23,1869 issue]
Thomas JACK of  Orange and Sarah LOVE of Orange m. there July 31,1870.
George JACKSON of Havana  and Hulda ADELINE of Wantage, NJ. m. Aug. 26,1869 in Wantage.
From the Journal:
Derrick A. JANUARY of St. Louis m. Julia CHURCHILL of KY. [Nov. 10,1860 issue].
J. B. JOHNSON  m. Laura BUCKLEY both of Odessa Mar. 29,1860.
Wm. JOHNWYNN  m. Eliza J. YOUNG both of Wakins Oct. 7,1860.
George JONES of Catharine m. Elizabeth S. VanORDER of Jacksonville Sept. 30,1860.
John E. JONES of Havana m. Olivia M. JARVIS of Ithaca June 20,1860.
Hon. Thomas A. JOHNSON of Corning m. Sarah W. PARKER of Penn Yan, Dec. 18,1866.
Nicoll F. JONES of Catharine m. Adelia D. NERWIN of Catharine Apr. 4,1866.
Andrew JOBBIT of Havana m. Harriet HILTIBIDAL of Penn Yan Dec. 22,1864.
Amos JOHNSON m.  Mary J. ROBINSON both of Catlin Center Mar. 1,1863.
Tartulas JONES m. Maria THOMPSON both of Ulysses Dec. 3,1863.


From the Republican:
Daniel P. KELLEY of Jefferson and Hannah THOMPSON of Jefferson m. in Elmira. [Apr. 20,1850 issue]
Samuel KNAPP of Havana and Lotte JABBIT of Havana m. May 27, 1855 in Havana.
Peter KEYSER of Havana and Ann C. METLER of Havana m. Sept. 27, 1849 in Havana.
Milo P. KING of Mecklenburg and Louise COLEGROVE of Mecklenburg m. Aug. 16,1841.
Albert KING of Big Flats and Urania V. TENBROECK of Dix m. Jan. 4,1871.
Edmund D. KING of Ulysess  and Louise MURPHY of Ulysess m. Oct. 9, 1869 in Havana [Montour Falls].
Albert KING of Catharine and Julia A CONE of Alpine m. in Odessa on Dec. 2,1869.
Dr. James KENEDA [KENNEDAY?] of Lodi and Lidie BOLBY of North Hector m. May 11,1870.
 Ira B. RENDALL (should be KENDALL) of Millport & Harriet BAKER of Townsend m. Havana Feb. 20, 1870.
From the Journal:
E. H. KING of WAtkins m. Emma WEST of Watkins Dec. 14,1865.
Francis KOONS m. Aurelia COLE both of Beaver Dams Oct. 17,1860.
Adam KRAUS of Tamagua, PA m. Susaan M.CLARK of Catharine Dec. 24,1867.
Samuel C. KEELER m. Octavia HITCHCOCK both of Havana Dec. 16,1862.
Joshua E. KENDALL of Veteran m. Abby BACON of Catharine Dec. 3,1864.
Thomas KENT m. Hariet M. HAMILTON both of Hornby Sept. 21,1864.
James D. KILBORN of Hector m. Clara F. SMITH of Wakins Aug. 15,1864.
John H. KIMBALL of NY City m. Helen S. GAYLORD of Orange, Jan. 21,1863.
Charles R. KING m. Anne BEESLEY [BEASLEY ?] both of Erin, Aug. 31,1864 in Catlin.
George L. KING m. Emily STOTENBUR both of Havana Sept. 7,1857.
James B. KNAPP of Canisteo [Steuben co.] m. Nancy J. CRONKRITE of Tyrone Feb. 18,1864.


From the Republican:
James B. LUCE of Elmira and Marietta KENNEDY of Elmira m. Sept. 28,1849 in Elmira.
Wm. LOSEY of Hector and Clarinda SMITH of Hector were married. [Jan. 5,1850 issue]
Richard LEONARD of Enfield and Deborah ALLEN of Hector m. Apr. 17,1855.
Marcus LYON of Mecklenburg and Susan M. SCHUYLER of Ithaca m. Sept. 17, 1855.
Lewis LaFEVER of Dix and Sarah BATES of Dix m. June 28,1854 in Dix.
L.F. LEAL, Esq.  and _____ McDONOUGH were married June 28, 1854 in Dix.
Alfred LEE of Orange Co. and Jane LEE of Catharine m. Nov. 18, 1850 in Catharine.
M. T. LYND of  NY City and Celia OLTZ of Ithaca m. Sept. 8,1870.
Albert LOUNSBERRY of Pultney and Nettie SCOTT of Tyrone m. Dec. 22, 1870  South Pultney.
Peter LOVELL of Odessa and Mrs. Mary BURKE of Havana m. Oct. 23,1870 in Havana.
Frederick H. LEWIS of Havana and Lucinda LEONARD of Havana m. in Havana Aug. 1,1841.
Isaiah D. LEE of Havana and Rebecca CROWFOOT of Havana m. July 11,1839.
Hector L. LEE of Jefferson  and Jane WARNER of Reading m. Dec. 21,1841 in Reading.
Charles A. LARUE of Havana and Mary A. FINTON of Havana m. in Havana on Dec. 24,1868.
William LAREW  and Albina BOWLBY m. Dec. 2,1869.
S. M. LEROY of Colorado and Hatty COTTON of Alpine m. Jan. 20,1869 in Odessa.
Hiram L. LOCKE of Veteran and Libbie DELOP of Veteran m. July 6,1870, Elmira.
Burr LOCKERBY of Cayuta and Caroline SWARTWOOD of Cayuta m. in Havana on Dec. 23,1868.
W. H. LUNGER of Havana and Elizabeth KING of Havana m. in Havana on Sept. 3,1868.
Nathan LOSEY of Tyrone and Mary ROONEY of Watkins m. Havana June 29,1870.
From the Journal:
Henry B. LARUE of NY City m. Minnie CRANDELL of Havana [Nov. 23,1867 issue].
Sydney LATTIN of Vetean m. Mary COOPER of Catharine Oct. 15,1866.
Denis LEWIS of Barrington m. Amelia COYKENDALL of Tyrone Dec. 5,1867.
Hiram LEWIS of Havana m. Nancy J. WILLOVER of Dix Sept. 25,1867.
T. E. LONERGAN of NY City m. Ellen O'MAHONEY of Quincey, IL, Oct. 9,1867.
Heman R. LYBOLT of Orange m. Melissa HARDENBURG of Dix Nov. 22,1865.
Henry LYON m. Justin [Justine?] MIX, both of Catharine, Jan. 29,1867.
Ed. S. LACY of San Francisco and Isabella BORLAND of Montgomery m. Dec. 6,1859.
D. LAMOREAUX of Lodi and E. J. OWEN of Hector m. May 30,1860.
Samuel LAWRENCE of Cayuta Lake and Caroline COTHEAL of NY m. Oct. 4,1859.
Henry W. LEE of Millport and Franky M. WOODWARD of Millport m. Nov. 24,1861.
M. G. LEWIS and M. B. MULFORD both of Havana m. Dec. 5,1859.
R. P. LEE m. Josie NOBLE both of Fayette, Iowa, Dec. 11or 16, 1867.
Thomas B. LANCE and Eliza BYRON both of Pittston, PA m. Feb 22,1859 in Burdett.
Will S. LARKUM of Havana m. A. L. SUTHERLAND of N. Danvers, MA, Mar. 21,1863.
John J. LARRISON and Harriet BYRAM both of Enfield m. June 27,1858.
John I. LAWRENCE of Havana m. A. B. THOM of Geneva June 23,1863.
Reuben LEACH m. Marion COMPTON both of Grass Valley, CA  Mar. 5,1863.
John M. LEE and Hattie CURRY both of Dix m. Feb. 20,1864 in Havana.
Henry LEONARD and Hannah OLMSTEAD both of Orange m. Mar. 15,1864 at Sugar Hill.
Jefferson LINDERMAN of Cayuta m. Katie BARNS of Newfield May 20,1863.
Lewis T. LITCHFIELD of Lawrence, KY m. Anna S. CARTER in Dix Mar. 9,1858.
Wm. H. LOCK of Canton m. Wealthy BRONSON of Veteran  Nov. 8,1857.
Stanton A. LONGWELLL of Corning m. Josephine OWENS of Tyrone Dec. 20,1863.
Thomas LOUNSBURY and Mary LINDERBURY  both of Cayuta m. Apr. 8,1863.
Orion LOVELESS of Montour m. Catherine KNAPP of Watkins at Hector, Dec. 30,1863.
Joseph LYONE [LYON ?] m. Lucy A. BEARDSLEY both of Catharine, at Johnson's Settlement, Oct. 14,1857.


From the Republican:
William P. MALLORY of Catharine and Sally MIX of Catharine m. in Catharine ___ 12,1842.
Leroy MANWARING of Millport and Loraine DODGE of Millport m. Dec. 25,1870.
Bixby MERCHANT of Havana and Juliet EVANS of Havana m. Sept. 1841. [Sept.22,1841 issue]
Jesse MALLET of Catharine and Mary STORY of Elmira m. in Elmira. [July 11,1851 issue]
Peter L. MALLORY of Dix and Eliza WINTON of Johnsonís Settlement were married. [Feb.7,1851 issue]
W. M. MANDEVILLE of Havana and Maria F. TRACY of Newfield m. Newfield July 19,1853.
Jerry MATHEWS of Ovid and Sahah J. CHAPMAN of Catharine m. Oct. 7,1855 in Havana.
George H. McDONALD of Canada West and Melissa MAPES of Havana m. July 10, 1854.
Archibald McDOUGALL of Lockport and Emily WALKER of Havana m. Sept. 23,1849 in Havana.
Walter MITCHELL of Johnsonís Settlement & Malinea MANDEVILLE of Newfield m. Nov. 20,1849, Newfield.
Abraham MISINER of Havana and Hannah WHIPPLE of Havana m. Oct. 6,1850 in Newfield.
J. MEGUIRE [McGUIRE /MAGUIRE ?] of Havana & Electa A. WATKINS of Havana m. Sept. 18,1851, Havana.
Edwin MEAD of Hector and Theodocia T. SWAN of Catharine m. May 8,1855 in Catharine.
George MOREHOUSE of Pine Valley and Helen WILBER of Havana m. Oct. 27,1853 in Havana.
A. B. MORGAN of Prattsburg and Sarah B. LOOK of Prattsburg m. Sept. 25,1854 in Prattsburg.
John E. MULFORD of Oswego and Frances H. GOODWIN of Havana m. Jan. 25,1854 in Havana.
Titus F. MIX of Catharine and Hannah EARLS of Newark, NJ  m. July 1,1838.
Rockwell H. MORE of East Veteran and Mrs. Jane CASE of Cayuta m. Mar. 2,1840 in Newfield.
Stephen MORSE of Havana and Charlotte WILLIVER [WILLOVER /WOOLEVER] of
      Jerseytown, PA m. Aug.16,1838.
Joseph L. MACK of Havana and Cornelia VAN ETTEN of Havana m. Havana Mar. 29,1869.
C. C. MISNOR of Catherine and ------ THOMPSON of Montour mar. Nov. 16,1869
Edwin McCLARY of west Cayuta and Mary MYRES of Bennettsburg  m. Dec. 1868.
David McLAFFERTY  and Mary SPAULDING m. in Odessa on Nov. 30,1869.
Mort W. MORGAN of Montour and Nettie O. EGBERT of Montour m. Apr. 22,1869 in Montour.
Robert MOINTY of Reading and Elizabeth BRIGGS of Wheeler m. in Bath, NY on Feb. 22,1870.
William MOON of Penn Yan and Alice SCUTT of Weston m. in Weston on Aug. 21,1870.
Edward R. MUNSON of Phillipsburgh, PA & Emma ROBINSON of Osceola, PA  m. in
      Osceola in May 1869. [in issue May 8,1869]
John MURRY of Hornby and Nancy L. MILLS of Havana m. Jan. 15,1870 in Havana.
From the Journal:
Joel MALLERY of Winona, MN m. Matilday BRISCO of Catharine Dec. 16,1858.
R. B. MALLORY of Montour and Julia M. SMITH of Newfield m. Nov. 7,1860.
George W. MARTIN and Rebecca WHITLOCK m. Apr. 15,1862.
Joseph MAPES of Reading m. Rebecca RUSH of Benton Dec. 14,1864.
Isaac S. MARSHALL m. Eliza J. BENNITT [BENNETT] both of Horeseheads, Jan. 20,1864.
Manly T. MATHEWS of Watkins m. Sarah OSTRANDER of Kanona, Apr. 28,1864.
J. I. MAXWELL of Geneva m. Minor T. BRODRICK of Havana, Sept. 25,1862.
Nathan MAXWELL of Havana m. Betsey A. YOUNKER of Stafford Dec. 28,1863.
Almon McCARTY of Catlin m. Matilda CLEVELAND of Dix Mar. 21,1858.
John S. McDUFFEE and Delia SWARTWOOD both of Cayuta m. Feb. 19,1863.
David L. McNISH of Horseheads m. Orlena BEARD of Veteran Mar. 13,1858.
James McNARMARA of Hammondsport m. B. HOUGHTAILING of Tyrone Nov. 24,1863.
James S. MEAD and Sarah L. ROGERS both of Tyrone m. at Wayne on Feb. 20,1864.
Ira B. MEEKS of Cayuta m. Sarah H. HOUSE of Newfield, Feb. 17,1864.
A. C. MILLER of Ohio m. Lisetta J. WOOD of Ithaca Jan. 31,1863.
Barnabas MILLER of Catharine m. Caroline MITCHELL of Odessa Nov. 14,1863.
Charles MILLER of Havana m. Esther BEIDLEMAND of Elmira Apr. 26,1863.
David R. MILLER and Frances DAWSON both of Orange m. July 11,1864.
George M. MILLER of Newton m. Frances E. MINTA of Garden Plain, IL Jan. 24,1864.
Peter A. MILLER and Melissa E. LATTIN both of Veteran m. Apr. 4,1858.
Henry MILLS and Abigail ARMSTRONG both of Havana m. Dec. 29,1863.
Henry D. McCLURE  and Emma WEBB both of Havana m. Nov. 23,1859.
M. M. MEAD and Charlotte JACKSON both of Havana m. Oct. 10,1860.
Andrew MILLER  and Mary E. SACKETT both of Hector m. Jan. 16,1862.
Andrew MISNER and Falancy HENMANS both of Catharine m. Jan. 1,1860.
Harrison MITCHELL and Martha OAKLEY both of Schuyler Co. m. Odessa, Jan. 1,1861.
Samuel MORGAN of Montour and Adelia T. BREWIN of Dix m. Apr. 17,1861.
Edward W. MALLOY of Brooklyn m. Augusta JACKSON of Havana May 28,1867.
Charles MAXWELL of Havana m. Susan A. SMITH of Ludington, MI, Sept 22,1867.
George McDOUGAL m. Lucy A. COLEMAN Jan. 1,1868, both of Veteran.
Micahel McGRAW m. Mary E. DEWITT Dec. 31,1866, both of Orange.
H. D. MILLER of Mecklenburg m. Caroline MERCHANT of Athens, PA [May 25,1869 issue].
Phineas C. MITCHELL m. Frank [Frances] E. BOWLBY both of Catharine, Dec. 5,1865.
Wm. J. MITCHELL m. Lydia BOWLBY both of Odessa June 16,1869.
Conrad MISNER of Hector m. Mary Eliza MISNER of Ulster July 5,1858.
S. B. MOORE and Samantha BURR both of Mecklenburgh m. Dec. 17,1863.
A. H. MORGAN of Montour m. Minnie E. BOOM of Salem, Ore. on Feb 22,1865.
George D. MOSHER of Millport m. Charlotte SCOTT of Bradford on Jan. 3,1864.
Dewitt MUNGER and Estettte HINMAN both of Havana m. Sept. 2,1863.
Judson A. MELLAN of Dement, IL m. Flora M. SWAN of Winnebago, IL, Oct. 2,1866.
Henry A. MORGAN m. Mary A. SKINNER on Jan. 24,1866, both of Horseheads.


From the Republican:
Algernon NEWCOMB of Monterey and Sarah CULVER of Dix m. Jan. 29,1850 in Dix.
Richmond A. NICHOLS and Helen WEEKS of Mt. Morris m. Sept. 5, 1853 in Mt. Morris.
Theodore NORTH, Esq. of Elmira and Miss LUE of Pine Valley m. in Pine Valley on Nov. 6,1850.
Theodore NORTH of Elmira and Ann BRADLEY of Elmira m. Apr. 22,1854 in Dix.
Charles NEAT and Eugene [Eugenie?] NORRIS of Reading married. - Dec. 31,1870 issue.
Charles E. NOBLE of Havana and Cynthia B. MILLS of Havana m. Dec. 31,1838 in Havana.
John A. NIGHTHART of Mecklenburg and Mary A. BOYCE of Mechlenburg m. Dec. 15,1869 in Mecklenburg.
Jay NOBLES of Newfield and Fronie CHARLES  of Catharine m. in Catharine on Dec. 3,1868.
William O. NIVERSON of Mecklenburg and Emma J. CULVER of Mechlenburg m. Nov. 3,1869.
From the Journal:
James D. NARES of Watkins m. Huldah MORELAND of Burdett, Mar. 28,1866.
A. M. NEWCOMB of Rock Stream m. Mary E. CHAPMAN of Orange, June 5,1867.
Marcus C. NIVER of Ithaca m. Alice V. SMITH of Townsend, Oct. 26,1866.
Isaac NOBLES m. Annetta ALLERTON both of Bath, Nov. 19,1865.
Wm. NOFMAN m.. Eliza TENBROOK both of Big Flats Dec. 25,1867.
Wm.  NORMAN m. Eliza TENBROOK both of Big Flats Dec. 25,1868.
      [these last two cards were both in the file]
H. P. NEWTON of Irving m. Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Catharine Feb. 16, 1858/50.
Henry O. NIGHTENGALE of Rochester m. Judeth UNDERBOWN of Newfield July 3,1865.


From the Republican:
Henry ORMAN of Dix and Oliva WILBUR of Dix m. Apr. 19,1854 in Dix.
Mr. OSTRANDER of Millport and Mrs. Eunice STERLING of Millport m. Dec.25,1870.
Curtis OSBORN of Havana and Lovinda DAVIS of Aurora, IL m. in Havana on Feb. 19,1840.
Charles OVERHISER of Monterey and Estell BECKWITH of Watkins m. Nov. 7,1874.
From the Journal:
Cyrenus OLMAN of Jacksonville m. Louisa STRANG of Newfield, Oct. 10,1865.
Alexander OWEN of Hector and Sally COLE of Ulysses m. Oct. 13,1860.
Madison K. OWEN and Maria Louisa BARTLETT both of Moreland m. Nov. 6,1861.
Samuel L. OWEN of Dix and Emma J. DICKINS [DICKENS] of Hector m. at Watkins, Nov. 22,1860.


From the Republican:
Charles PALMER of Havana and Nancy CLAUGHARTY [CLAUHARTY ?] of Havana m. June 23, 1838.
John PLANTS of Newfield and Charlott TIBBITS of Veteran m. Oct. 1,1839.
Ransom PRATT of Havana and Mrs. Sarah OLVORD [ALVORD ?] of Dix m. Jan. 30,1839 in Dix.
C. P. PHELPS of Havana and Emily TUTHILL of Kelloggsville m. there Jan. 10, 1855.
David G. PIERCE of Veteran and Nancy N. ANDRUS m. Dec. 12, 1854 in Veteran.
Munson PRINCE of Catharine and Susan HAZEN of Catharine m. in North Settlement on June, 13,1854.
Edwin PAGE of Watkins and Viola THAYER of Watkins m. Sept. 28, 1870.
Charles L. PHELPS of Addison and Ann Augusta CRUM of Beaver Dams.
Warren A. PEARSON of Hector and Emily SHRINER of Hector m. Oct 5,1870 Hector.
Isaac PERSONIUS of Havana and Helen ENGLISH of Ithaca m. in Ithaca on Mar. 11, 1855.
T.H. PIERSON of Newfield and Th-- ROSEBROOK of Cayuta m. in Odessa on Dec. 28,1870.
William H. PAGE of Penn Yan and Ella KINNER of Penn Yan m. May 18,1870  in Penn Yan [Yates co., NY].
William D. PARSONS of Burdett and Adelia THOMPSON of Odessa m. in Odessa on Feb. 24,1869.
William E. PRIME of Bath, NY and Charlotte MILLS of Bath m. in Havana on July 5,1868.
From the Journal:
Samuel J. PARKER m. Phoebe EGBERT both of Veteran, June 11,1867.
Charles PATCHEN of Moreland m. Angie CORWIN of Dix Oct. 17,1866.
W. A. PERSONS of Hopewell m. Sarah A. TAYLOR of Havana Oct. 22,1865.
John F. PHELPS of Jersey City m. Carrie K. MITCHELL of Mitchell Creek, PA, Oct. 11,1865.
C. B. POMEROY of Troy, PA m. Sophia WEBBER of Elmira, Oct. 30,1867.
Jacob S. PULVER  m. Betsey IDELL [Odell ?] both of Orange, June 8,1866.
Joseph L. PURPLE m. Hester A. WENTZ both of Havana May 30,1866.
Henry PATRICK of Covert and Elizabeth BURDEN of Hector m. Feb. 13,1862.
O. M. PAVIS of Branchport and J. A. COLE of Beaver Dams m. Jan. 24,1860.
Tipp PAYNE of Townsend and Pruda WOODRUFF of Beaver Dams m. June 13,1861.
Chas. S. PEASLEY of Madison, Wis. and Martha KENYAN [KENYON] of Orange, NY m. Mar. 26,1861.
Hiram E. PIKE and Sarah W. HUNTER both of Havana m. Sept. 22,1860.
Jonathan P. PINE and Frank [Frances] A. AGNEY m. June 20,1860.
Joseph POTTER and Elizabeth BENNETT both of Havana m. June 8,1861.
Daniel PRATT  and Isabelle MURDOCK both of Elmira m. Apr. 11,1860.
Oscar S. PRATT of Hector and Susan J. BROWN of Catharine m. Oct. 29,1861.
Eli W. PRIME and Ann A. SCOTT both of Havana m. Feb. 17,1861.
Erastus PAGE of Townsend m. Caroline TURNER of Hector [July 11,1863 issue].
John PARKER and Alice SLIDELL both of Montour m. Aug. 14,1863.
Aaron N. PARRISH and Martha MATHEWS both of Reading m. Jan. 25,1864 at Watkins.
Charles PARSONS and Elizabeth MOSHER both of Millport m. Sept. 15,1858.
Ely PARSONS and Caroline RACE both Watkins m. Mar. 6,1859 in Havana.
Harlan P. PECK and Augusta G. SQUIRE both of Havana m. Mar. 3,1858.
Joel S. PECK and Lola CULVER both of Tyrone m. at Altay, Nov. 19,1863.
Edwin PERRY of Hector m. Laura BECKWITH of Watkins Jan. 26,1864.
Thomas PERRY and Louisa DEPEW both of Hector m. Jan. 12,1864 Reynoldsville.
John PRATT of Millport m. Rebecca D. DRISCOLL of Elmira, m. at Elmira, Feb. 1,1864.
Orlo H. PRATT and Mary E. COLLINS both of Perry City m. Dec. 31,1863.
Chas. N. PRICE and Miranda CLEVELAND both of Dix m. Jan. 4,1865.
Abel C. PRINCE and Melissa McCARTY both of Catharine m. Dec. 22,1857.
Lewis PURDY of Newfield m. Esther EDDY of Catharine  Apr. 21,1864 there.
John PRUTSMAN of Tioga m. Caroline VanNORSTRAND of Corning Jan. 4,1858.


From the Republican:
Charles C. QUIGLEY of Havana & Augusta A. STANLEY of Havana m. in Horseheads, NY, Jan. 14,1869.
John H. QUIGLEY of Havana and Hattie E. STANLEY of Havana m. in Horseheads, NY, Jan. 14,1869.
From the Journal:
Willis QUIGLEY of Havana m. Nettie BEERS of Montour Jan. 30,1867.
William D. QUIGLEY of CA and Lizzie MIDDLETON of NY City m. May 18,1861.
Thomas QUIGLY and Tryphena WIGHT m. at Catlin Apr. 7, 1861.
Albert A. QUICK of Havana m. Jenetta A. HAYS of Starkey, at Starkey [Steuben co.], Dec. 23,1857.
Wm. L. QUIGLEY and Ella C. ROBINSON both of Havana m. at Johnsonville July 4,1864.


From the Republican:
William R---TT  of Orange and Rebecca WAUGH of Orange m. Nov. 1,1855.
Layton RYAN of  ?---one and Henrietta THAYER of Jefferson m. at the Jefferson House on Jan. 22,1839.
Edward D. ROE of Elmira and Eleanor J. FROST of Catharine m. at Catharine on Feb. 3,1842.
Henry RIGHTMIRE of Havana and Arminda ISABEL of Havana m. Feb. 3,1840 in Havana.
Hiram RAYMOND of Wilton, CT /Havana, NY and Louisa A. McLURE of Havana m. Nov.13,1841.
Estus ROCKWELL of Newfield and Gusta SMITH of Cayuta m. Sept 14,1870 in Cayuta.
D. RAYMOND of Catlin and C. STEWART of Erin m. Feb. 25, 1850 in Erin.
I. B. ROBINSON of Horseheads and Catherine BROWN of Painted Post m. Apr. 12,1853.
Henry E. ROCKWELL of Monterey and Letticia M. CULVER of Dix m. Jan. 4,1855 in Dix.
Albert ROLOSON of Hornby and Susan GANUNG of Dix m. ....?
Samuel E. ROGERS of Havana and Helen M. WOODWARD of Dix m. Aug. 8,1850 in Havana.
Harrison ROBERS of Albion and Lovina WOOD of Enfield m. Apr. 22,1855 at Montour.
Harris ROE of Havana and Eunice FOX of Homer m. Aug. 5, 1854 in Havana.
Greely ROOD of Dix and Ann Sophia COLLINS of Dix m. Dec. 31,1849 in Dix.
Willaim L. ROSE of Ithaca and Deborah HELME of Ithaca m. Oct. 3,1849 in Ithaca.
E. RANSOM of Millport and Margaret MURRAY /MURRY of Hopewell m. in Hopewell. [Oct 20,1841 issue]
Philip ROBINSON of Havana and Julia TAYLOR of Elmira m. in Havana, May 30,1869.
George A. RINGER of Orion, Mich. and Myra E. CARPENTER of Havana m. Jan. 1869.
Willis H. RISING of South Thurston and Alice MASTERS of Merchantville m. in Merchantville, July 31,1870.
Willaim E. RULAPAUGH of Avon and Hattie M. HUBBARD of Havana m. Jan. 8,1870 in Avon.
James M. ROLINSON of Millport and Melvina MOORE of Orange m. June 1,1870 in Orange.
W. E. ROBERTS of Cayuta and Lizania SWAN of Erin m. in Cayuta on Jan. 1,1869.
Charles M. ROBINSON of Weedsport and Ollie ERSKINE of Havana m. Jan. 1870.
From the Journal:
Lewis A. RANDALL and Mary NICHOLAS both of Reading m. Jan. 6,1864.
Justice REED and Jane THOMPSON both of Foote's Hill [Catharine] m. July 25,1858.
John REEVES of Newfield m. Elizabeth COX of Catlin, Nov. 4,1857 in Catlin.
J. B. RAYNOR of Chemung m. Elizabeth HARLOW of Chemung, Nov. 17,1868.
Henry M. RIKER of Breesport m. Eliza PARKS of Elmira at Colwell's Hotel, Jan. 1,1868.
C. H. RISING of Ovid m. Emily GANO of Romulus, Dec. 31,1867 in Romulus.
Charles E. ROBBINS of Sugar Hill m. Annie M. SPROWL of Tyrone Dec. 14,1865.
Lyman ROBERTS of Cayuta m. Adeline MERICLE of Cayuta Jan. 2,1868 in Catharine.
Wm. J. ROOT of Cayuta m. Abby C. TYLER of Alpine Mar. 25,1866.
James ROWLEY of Mich. m. Amanda L. SHEARER of Hector Mar. 8,1866.
Seward ROWLEY of Penn Yan m. Amelia HERRICK of Havana Mar. 20,1866.
Milo RANSOM and Harriet M. QUICK of Havana m. Nov. 23,1859.
George F. RICHARD of Carlisle and Abigal WING of Havana m. Oct. 31,1860.
John S. RICHARDS and Margaret both of Cayuta m. Jan. 7,1860.
Wm. L. ROBB and Mary K. STOUT both of NY m. Mar. 20,1862.
Ansil ROBERTS and Frank [Frances] M. SLOCUM both of Havana m. May 20,1860.
James ROBERTS and Clarinda B. SEMAN [SEAMAN] both of Reading m. Jan. 1,1861.
T. R. ROBERTS of Havana and Jane STODARD of Lawrence, PA m. at Watkins Sept. 27,1859.
D. J. ROBINSON of Port Dover and Hattie J. COMPTON of Havana m. Nov. 16,1859.
C. W. ROBINSON of Union Corners and Licette GERMON [GERMAN ?] of Burdett m. Mar. 28,1860.
George RUMSEY of Millport and Kate BAILEY of Dix m. at Beaver Dams Dec. 13,1859.
Thomas D. RUS [RUSS or RUSH ?] and Lydia A. SMITH both of Hector m. Sept 24,1861.
C. ROBERTS of Veteran m. Julia R. CRAWFORD of Dix, Dec. 24,1863.
Frank C. ROBERTS and Minerva HARVERY [HARVEY ?] both of Reading m. at Tyrone Oct. 13,1863.
Wm. B. ROBERTSON and Lide CHAPMAN both of Elmira m. Jan. 2,1865 in Havana.
Henry ROBESON of Havana m. Rose M. MILLS of Elmira Jan. 10,1858.
G. W. ROGERS and Juliett McADAMS both of Hector m. Dec. 6,1858.
James H. ROSS of Catharine m. Rosalie G. DOLPH of Montour June 14,1864.
James J. ROWLEY of Elmira m. Samantha CLAUHARTY of Havana Nov. 25,1857.
John RUDAY and Ellen HUSTED both of Trumansburg m. at Dix, Aug. 21,1858.


From the Republican:
Edward E. SYLVESTER of Catharine & Roxhana F. BROWN m. Apr. 11,1850 in Wheaton House in Dundee.
Thomas SCOFIELD of Marion and Betsey DAVIS of Havana m. May 15,1850 in Havana.
Nathan SCOVILL Jr. of Burdett and Hannah ALLER of Burdett m. Oct. 2, 1850  in Burdett.
Dewitt C. SEAMAN of Jefferson and Catherine E. THOMPSON of Jefferson m. Apr. 9, 1850 in Elmira.
Frederick W. SEWARD of Albany and Anna M. WARTON of Albany m. Oct.31,1854 in Albany.
Joseph SHADDUCK of Catharine and Jane ROCKWELL of Catharine m. Sept. 5,1850 in Havana.
Caroline (?) R. SMITH of Catlin and Fredia BREWSTER of Rigd, Monroe Co. m. Sept. 1853.
Asher SILLICK of Dix and Mary A. PALMER of Dix m. in Havana on Aug. 31,1851.
Nicholas SHOT of Dix and Madeline YOUNK of Dix m. Sept. 18,1849 in Jefferson.
Phineas SHELTON of Catharine and Mary Jane COOPER of Catharine m. May 2,1855 in Havana.
Dr. S. B. SHEARDOWN of Havana and Mary A. WINTON of Havana m. Mar. 27/29, 1854
Mulford  STRAITER of Hector and Mary A. WAKELY of Dix m. May 17,1854.
L. STONE of Rhoadsport and Abigail CRONK of Rhoadsport m. Feb. 18, 1855? [stated in issue Mar.3,1855]
J. Wesley SMITH of Havana and Alta A. DOWNER of Auburn m. Dec. 31,1851 in Auburn.
William V. SMITH of Jefferson and Sarah MITCHELL of Johnsonís Settlement m. there Mar. 21,1851.
James SMITH of Jefferson and Lyndia CONKLIN of Jefferson m. there in Aug. 1851.
John STEWART of Havana and Clarisa GRINMAN of Catharine m. Oct. 20,1841.
Edward R. STEVENS of Dix and Eliza CHAPMAN of Dix m. Dec. 11,1838 in Dix.
Neemiah SHANNON of Millport and Eliza DUNHAM of Hector m. Dec. 18,1838.
George E. STOWELL and Gertrude E. BOYTON m. Dec. 20,1871 in Watkins.
Charles W. SPAULDING of Spencer and Sarah R. MacDONALD of Havana m. Dec. 7,1870.
Estus STOWELL of Enfield and Gusta SMITH of Cayuta m. Cayuta  ? 15,1870  -- another entry reads:
                      Estus ROCKWELL of Newfield & Gusta SMITH of Cayuta m. Sept 14,1870 in Cayuta.
Warren A. SORSON /SEARSON of Hector & Emily SHRINER of Hector m. Oct 5,1870 at bride's residence.
Alfred SINCLAIR of Millport and Emily SINCLAIR of Brooklyn m. at Havana on Sept. 1,1870.
Philetus SHAW of Perry City and Jeannette BROWN of Hector m. at Hector on Dec. 10,1871.
William H. SMITH of Orange and Emma CRAWFORD of Tyrone m. Nov. 13, 1870 in Monterey.
Eugene SMITH of Reading and Libbie CROSS of Reading m. Dec. 21,1871 in Reading.
Smith SOULS [SOULE ?] & Jessie H. SIMPKINS both of Reynoldsville, m. Dec. 16, 1874 at Montour House.
Ambrose L. SCOTT of Cayuta and Hattie LOCKE of Veteran m. in Pine Valley on July 10,1870.
George C. SINCLAIR of Mecklenburg and Ella E. BROWN of Mecklenburg m. Nov. 11,1869.
Casper SLAUGHTER of Ithaca and Julia QUINN of Ithaca m. in Havana, Nov. 22,1868.
Charles W. SMITH of Elizabeth, NC and Hester A. BURNES of Burlington, PA m. Feb. 17,1869.
Francis C. SMITH of Mechlenburg and Betsey SMITH of Mecklenburg m. Mar. 9,1870.
Lewis SMITH of Burdett and Phebe CARMAN of Mecklenbug m. Dec. 30, 1870 in Mecklenburg.
Nathanial D. STEWART of Dix and Mary LOOK of Havana m. Dec. 15,1868 in Havana.
Frank STANLEY of Odessa and Alice BOWLBY of Footís Hill m. Dec. 2, 1868 on Foots hill [town of Catharine].
William C. SAYLER of Catlin and Ranny RANSOM of Moreland m. in Havana, Dec. 1,1869.
From the Journal:
Cyrus SAWYER of Starkey m. Sara ROSS of Reading m. Nov. 30,1864.
Robert W. SAWYER m. Carrie BEARDSLEE [BEARDSLEY] both of Canton, PA, Mar. 15,1863.
Samuel S. SAYRE and Melissa C. FISH both of Veteran m. Dec. 24,1863.
Daniel J. SCHUYLER and Harriet EASLING both of Hornby [Steuben co.] m. Jan. 17,1863.
Delabar SCOTT of Elmira m. Carrie L. GANO of Havana Dec. 24,1863.
Wm. D. SEARMAN [SEAMAN] and Emily M. BECKWITH both of Watkins m. Mar. 4,1858.
Gilbert SEELEY and Nellie GREEN both of Horseheads m. Jan. 23,1864.
Seeley H. SIMPSON of Orange m. Mary J. MORSE of E. Tyrone, Apr. 28,1864.
Wm B. SHATTUE of Ohio m. Sarah M. MILLIMAN of Watkins Mar. 11,1863.
Alvin SHELTON of Foote's Hill m. Amelia STANLY of Odessa Dec. 20,1857 in Catharine.
James SHOTLIFF of Havana m. Elizabeth STANAWANY [STANAWAY ?] of Albany May 20,1863.
Smith SHULTERS and Adelia EVANS both of Catharine m. Nov. 13,1863.
Wm. SIMKIM of Popular Ridge m. Lucretia EMPTON of Mecklenburg Apr. 11,1864.
John SISSONS of Hector m. Sarah J. FIGELEY of Freeport, IL, Dec. 23,1864.
Nathan SKELLINGER and Marian J. PHELPS both of Havana m. Sept. 30,1857.
Wm. H. SKELLENGER of Havana m. Mary THOM of Geneva, Jan. 26,1859.
John F. SLOCUM and Ellen CONNELLY both of Montour m. Feb. 21,1865.
Truxton SLOCUM and Frances D. GERMAN both of Havana m. at Odessa Sept. 20,1857.
Clarence D. SMEED and Hetty E. SMITH both of Hector m. at Catharine, Feb. 10,1863.
Chas. B. SMITH of Montour m. Emma E. SMITH of Dix July 3,1864 in Moreland.
Eli W. SMITH of Catharine m. Julia A. HENRY of Havana, in Elmira Dec. 18,1863.
Hiram C. SMITH of Olean m. Elizabeth DAVISON of Odessa, Feb. 11,1863 in Odessa.
Wm. SNYDER of Newfield m. Harriet VanANSTYNE of Danby Dec. 15,1858.
Benjamine SOUTWOOD [SOUTHWOOD ?] of Horseheads m. Nancy SWARTWOOD
      of VanEtten on Feb. 17,1864.
Phinehas SPAULDING of Montour m. Abigail MAXWELL of Havana Apr. 19,1865.
Wm. STANLEY of Odessa m. Charotte W. BOWLBY of Hector. [Aug. 26,1865 issue].
J. J. SWARWOUT [SWARTWOUT] of Saginaw City, MI m. Mary RING of Hector Aug. 18,1857.
Hiram SWICK and Eliza Ann LOW both of Hector m. Dec. 9,1863.
Joel STEBBINS of Geneva m. Betsey M. WING of Havana Nov. 8,1863.
Jeremiah STEVENS of Horseheads m. Elizabth VOSBUGH of Orange Dec. 31,1864.
George STILWELL and Agusta HOWELL both of Hector m. Jan. 1,1863.
Jesse STODDARD and Abigail ROBERTS both of Havana m. Dec.7,1858.
Dr. M. STRONG of Danville m. Persis GRIFFETH of Tyrone  Aug. 13,1865.
Charles STURDEVANT and Maryette CADY both of Catlin m. at Havana Jan. 3,1863.
John SAVORY of Post Creek m. Libbie WIGHT of Post Creek Feb. 20,1867.
Wm. SCOTT of Elmira m. Almira E. SMITH of Havana  Oct. 30,1865.
Lewis SHERWOOD m. Kesiah BURKE both of Montour Oct. 2,1867.
John W. SIMCOE of Chemung m. Mary J. CHANDLER of Veteran Oct. 16,1867.
S. M. SISSONS of Louisville, KY m. Mary E. BARROWS of Havana June 20,1866.
E. A. SIMMONS of Chatsworth, IL m. Anna G. MURRAY of Hawkinsville Feb. 19,1867.
N. E. SLOCUM of Sullivanville m. Clarisa J. HULBURT Jun. 8,1867 in Odessa.
John SLY m. A. BONHAM both of Corning, m. at Knoxville, Dec. 28,1866.
Joseph SMALLEY m. Frances STURDEVANT both of Catlin m. at Dix June 27,1866.
Charles G. SMITH of Watkins m. Ursula V. JOHNSON of Odessa  Jan. 6,1867.
Frank L. SMITH of Havana m. Mary E. CRONK of Montour Oct. 30,1865.
Henry SMILZER [SMELZER ?] of Chicago, IL m. Sarah M. GRAHAM of Havana Nov. 28,1866.
Alonzo SOVERCOOL [SAVERCOOL ?] of Newfield m. Mary L. WEEKS of Cayuta Dec. 23,1866.
Eli STANLEY m. Delia BEARDSLEY Aug. 10,1865 in Newfield.
Wesley STANLEY m. Lottie BEARDSLEY Aug. 10,1865.
Francis M. STEVEAN of Penn Yan m. Nancy HENRICKSON of Odessa Oct. 10,1865.
Thadeus STEVENS of Tioga, PA m. Sarah WOODFIELD of PA, Dec. 5,1867 in Tyrone.
Wm. STICKLER m. Hannah MERRITT Nov. 13,1865, both of Corning.
Joseph STREICHENBERG m. Frederika GELDNER in Havana Dec. 28,1868.
E. A. SWAN of Elmira m. Rebecca FARRINGTON of Alpine Dec. 18,1867.
Leroy W. SWARTWOOD of Cayuta m. Minnie MUNROE of Catharine Sept. 7 or 9, 1866.
Martin SWARTWOOD of Cayuta m. at Sandusky, Ohio, Harriet PERRIN of Milan, Ohio, Nov. 14,1866.
Jacob N. SWILZER [SMELZER ?] of Hammondsport m. Cornelia MALTBY of Monterey, May 21,1867,
Chas. C. SHERWOOD of Havana and Marg. McKINY [McKINNEY ?] of Veteran m. Aug. 12,1860.
Henry SIMPSON and Cynthia BALDWIN both of Hector m. Jan. 3,1861.
Wm. H. SLOCUM  and Amy M. ROBETS [ROBERTS] of Havana m. Dec. 31,1860.
Chas. N. SMITH of Lodi and Maria McCARTY of Catlin m. Dec. 5,1860.
G. W. SNYDER of Coudersport and Hattie GANO of Dix m. Dec. 20,1860.
Chas. STACKHOUSE and Mary S. FORRIST [FORREST] both of Havana m. Sept. 22,1861.
Isaac STANLEY and Mary BUTLER both of Havana m. Nov. 30,1859.
Nicholas STERLING of Millport and Aimena NICKERSON of Watkins m. Apr. 18,1861.
Thomas STOAKS of Medina, Ohio and Maranda WELLS of Orange m. June 13,1860.
John STOTENBUR of Havana and Frank PATCHEN of Granville, PA m. Dec. 31,1860.
C. W. STRAIT and Kate COMPTON both of Bradford m. Jan. 8,1860.
Mathew STUART of Catharine and Huldah PORTER of Baldwin m. Nov. 24,1859.
Jonathan STURDEVANT and Ellen E. WOODWORTH both of Moreland m. June 13,1861.
Washington SWARTHOUT and Mary MARTIN both of Havana m. Oct. 26,1859.
Ira SWARTWOOD and Adelia S. COOPER both of Cayuta m. Jan. 1,1861.
Addison SWARTWOUT & Lizzie STROBRIDGE [STROWBRIDGE] both of Perry City m. Jan. 16,1860.


From the Republican:
Charles C. THAYER of Catlin and Clarinda PATCHEN of Catlin m. in Catlin.  [Jan.3,1851 issue]
James TRAVIS of Tarry, Yates Co. and Eliza WARNER of Havana m. Mar. 3,1853 in Havana.
Daniel TRACY of Havana and Louisa WATKINS of Havana m. Nov. 1,1855 in Havana.
Charles TITCOMB of Odessa and Clarissa ADEMY [ADAMY] of Odessa m. Aug. 20,1850 in Odessa.
Warren THAYER of Catlin and Emily OWEN of Catlin m. Dec. 24,1851 in Catlin.
John Elliott THAYER of Boston, MA and Cornelia A. GRANGER of Cannadaguia m. Oct. 1855.
Clark THAYER of Dix and Susan E. HUNT of Dix m. Mar. 18,1851 in Havana.
James TRAVIS of Torry, Yates Co. and Eliza WARNER of Havana m. Mar. 31, 1851.
G. W. TAYLOR of Havana and Sephrona MACK of Seneca Falls m. Nov. 12,1838 in Seneca Falls.
Manly P. THOMPSON of Montour and Josephine CARPENTER of Catharine m. Dec. 20,1878 in Havana.
Calvin THOMAS of Pulteney and Mrs. Eliza WILSON of Havana  m. in Havana.  [Dec. 31,1870 issue.]
Elijah H. THOMPSON of Knoxville, PA and Eliza HAYNER of Deerfield m. in Montour, July 4,1870.
Joseph THURBUR of Caton and Alice FORCE of Canton m. Jan. 1,1870  in Mecklenburg.
J. H. TOPPIN  of Odessa and L. A. HOAG of Odessa m. Dec. 1869.
Charles W. THOMPSON of South Thurston and Loly ADAMSON of Havana m. in Addison, Dec. 23,1870.
Autin B. THOMPSON of Millport and Alche E. BREWIN of Millport m. in Odessa ,Mar. 4,1868.
H.K. TODD of Horseheads and M.J. KNOWLES of Newfield m. in Cayuta on Oct. 15,1868.
Elijah TOWNNSEND of Orange and Della WALDRON of Orange m. in Havana on July 3,1868.
L. TREMBLEY of Trumansburg and Lucy WESTERVELT of Montour m. Havana Dec. 9,1868*
               *[in the Sept. 12,1868 issue perhaps transposed the marriage dates?]
From the Journal:
Daniel D. TAYLOR of Cayuga Co. and Maggie HYSLOP of Havana m. Oct. 22,1860.
David H. THOMPSON  and Susan MISNER both of Catharine m. Jan. 1,1860.
Chas. A. THOMPSON  and Emeline CURTIS both of Millport m. Nov. 24,1861.
David H. THOMPSON  of Montour & Susan E. MISENER [MISNER] of Catharine m. Aug. 4,1861.
Benjamine W. TROTTER and Lovda RUMSEY both of Enfield m. at Havana Sept. 4,1861.
Steven S. THOMAS m. Sarah M. SHNECK of Bath. at Savona Oct. 27,1865.
Richard M. TINKER of NY m. Louise JOHNSON of Catharine [Jan. 5,1867 issue].
Edwin S. THOMPSON of Havana m. Emma L. SMITH of Coal Point, Jan. 1,1868.
Benjamine W. TOPPPING of Catharine m. Amelia BEARDSLEY, Sept. 24,1866.
D. G. TOPPING of Elmira m. Martha LARUE of Montour Jan. 5,1866.
Thomas S. TOWNSEND & Minnie DOOLITTLE both of Orange m. Sept. 26,1866.
Wm. H. TOWNSEND of Havana m. Sarah E. DOOLITTLE of Orange Sept. 26,1865 [or 1866 - a double wedding?]
Benjamine J. TRACY of Townsend m. Franc E. FAIRCHILD of Ovid July 31,1867.
Thomas I. TREAT m. Martha LeBARRON both of Big Flats Jan. 1,1868.
C. G. TUTHILL of Brooklyn m. L. A. KENYON of Havana Sept 3,1867.
George N. TUTTLE of Coudersport m. Mary HAMILTON of Watkins July 27,1867.
Samuel C. TABER of Elmira m. Mary Jane BENNITT [BENNETT] of Horseheads May 20,1858.
Wm. H. TABER of Elmira m. Ollie E. KENNEDY of Hector Feb. 22,1865.
S. N. TAYLOR of Havana m. Sarah M. BENNETT of Peekskill Apr. 2,1863.
Thomas H. KING and Adeline LONGSTREET both of Millport m. May 18,1863.
Thorn C. TOWNSEND and Frances ORMISTON both of Horseheads m. Jan. 27,1864.
John TICHENER of Jacksonville m. Sarah L. AMEIGH  Nov. 12,1863.
A. J. TOMPKINS and Emma M. TEEPLE both of Sonora m. July 17,1864.
Frank TOMPKINS of Havana m. Louise J. BEMISH of Rochester June 28,1864.
Wm. E. TOMPKINS of Catlin m. Mary M. PARK of Big Flats Mar. 2,1864.
John W. TOWNSEND of Havana m. Kate V. BENJAMINE of Owego Dec 11 or 12,1864.
Wm. C. TRACY and Eliza M. ROYCE both of Dix m. Aug. 21,1864.
Stacy M. TUCKER of Hamilton m. Frankie E. FULFORD of Binghamton [Apr. 18,1863 issue].


From the Journal:
Levi UPDIKE  m. Adriana RUMSEY both of Enfield Mar. 1,1866.
Horace UPDIKE and Harriet L. BURK of Havana m. Nov. 18,1859.


From the Republican:
E. VANDEBURG of Havana and Sarah E. HOWARD of Havana m. Sept. 9,1841.
D. D. VanALLEN of Scranton, PA and Fanny J. HOLLAND of Scranton, PA m. in Scranton, June 2,1868.
Robert A. VANDENBURG of Millport & Clarrisa GRIMMAN of Catharine m. in Catharine on Oct. 20,1841.
Johnson VAUGHN of Hector and Elizabeth PALMER of Hector m. in Hector.  [Mar.21,1850 issue]
_____ VanVECHTEN of Catharine and Julia M. ROSS of Catharine m. Nov. 7, 1855 in Catharine.
From the Journal:
Alfred VANDUSEN m. Henrietta SHAFER both of Veteran Dec. 31,1867.
Vivian VANCE of CA and Sarah QUIGLY of Havana m. July 10,1861.
Erie VAUGHN and Emeline MORRIS both of Hector m. Dec. 4,1861.
Johnson VAUGHAN  and Deborah FLETCHER m. Dix Jan. 1,1861.
Justus VANDEMARK [VANDERMARK] & Delphine PERSONIUS both of Catlin m. Mar. 2,1864.
Isaac VANGORDER of Erin m. Amanda WILCOX of Dix [Nov 6, 1858 issue].
Samuel VANSICKLE of Goshen m. Sarah E. VAIL Sept. 28,1864.


From the Republican:
Oliver Cromwell WOLCOTT of Newfield and Esther M. RODNEY of Newfield m. Jan. 14,1851 in Boiceville.
Dr. E. S. WRIGHT of Syracuse & Mary JACKSON of Havana m. in Havana May 30,1855?*
            * [reported in the Jan. 2,1855 issue]
Frederick WOODRUFF of Candor and Harriett HAMILTON of Catharine m. Oct. 24,1854 in Catharine.
Harrison WOOD of Jacksonville and Esther A. ADAMY of  Odessa m. Aug. 20,1834 in Odessa.
John B. WILCOX of Hector and Larinda BEMENT of Hector m. Oct.10, 1855 in Hector.
John WARD of Catharine and Adelia SPAULDING of Catharine m. Sept.23,1851 in Catharine.
Charles WANZER of Ledyard and Emeline WEBLEY of West Groton m. Sept. 21,1853 in West Groton.
Samuel WHEELER of Hector and Miss. M. B. COSTER of Hector m. Hector May 22,1853
Almos WATWORTH of Enfield and Lovina ROLOSON of Enfield m. Apr. 17,1855.
Leroy WELLER & Flora H. JONES m. in Townsend on Jan. 12,1871 by brother of Edwin WELLER.
William WARD of Reading and Annie JONES of Reading m. in Reading on Dec. 22,1871.
Lemuel WILBER and Anna BLODGETT of Dix m. Nov. 1,1874 by R. S. WAKELY, Esq.
R. WETMORE of Conhocton and Mary BUSH of Naples m. in Odessa, Dec. 14,1869.
Mr. WHITE of Alpine and Miss SAVACOOL  [SAVERCOOL] of Alpine m. Jan. 15,1870 in Havana.
Myron C. WHITE of Townsend  and Jane BUCKLEY of Townsend m. there May 24, 1870.
A. T. WOOD of Schuyler Co. and Fanny RICHARDS of Schuyler Co. m. in Cayuta, Apr. 3,1868.
L. P. WOOLOVER of Cayuta and Hattie E. ROSS of Cayuta m. Dec. 31. 1869 in Cayuta.
Robert WYCOFF of White Lake, Mich. & Harriett BENSON of Burdett m. in Springfield, MI, Feb.22, 1870.
Albert H. WEST of Odessa and Cathren UPDIKE of Odessa m. in Odessa, Nov. 18,1869.
Melville R. WEBSTER of Keenyís Settlement and Jennie JAY of Sullivanville m. Mar. 23,1870.
Oscar WEBBER of Orange and Augusta HALL of Orange m. Aug. 31,1869 in Orange.
Charles R. WATKINS of Havana and Frankie TRACY of Havana m. there Oct. 20,1869.
From the Journal:
George F. WADSWORTH of Springfield, MA m. Helen WINTON of Havana May 6,1866.
J. Dates WAGER of Lansing m. Clara B. MALLORY of Catharine June 6,1866.
Lewis WAIT of Odessa m. Annie A. SMITH of Dix  Nov. 20,1865.
Charles N. WALKER of Elmira m. Sarah E. CRAMMER of Havana Nov. 6,1867.
Wm. H. WEDDLE of Poughkeepsie m. Eliza E. LANE of Beaver Dams July 3,1866.
Mason N. WEED of Havana m. Delphine PRINCE of Catharine Nov. 14,1865.
Edwin WELLER of Watkins m. Nettie L. WATKINS of Havana Nov. 15,1865.
J. K. WELLER of Moreland m. Marion RUSSELL of Moreland Dec. 20,1865.
Ephiriam M. WENTZ  m. Hattie OGDEN Dec. 19,1867.
Bailey WESCOTT m. Mayella CRAMER both of Corning Dec. 17,1865 in Monterey.
Benjamine WESTBROOK of Erin m. Ellen COLWELL of Breesport, in Horseheads Jan. 1,1868.
J. F. WESTLAKE  m. Mary C. WOOD Oct. 11,1866, both of Horseheads.
John E. WILCOX of Catlin m. Mary E. ROGERS of Montour Jan. 1,1866.
George W. WILLOVER of Dix m. Teresa HUEY of Tyrone Feb. 26,1867.
Edward P. WILSON of Delaware m. Rufus? MUNSON of Bradford July 2,1866.
Asa P. WOOD of Havana m. Mary M. WILBUR of Dix Jan. 3,1866.
John E. WALKER of Havana and Libbie BROWNELL of Elmira m. Sept. 27,1859.
Mason N. WEED of Havana and Adelaide BEEMAN of Addison m.  [Oct. 22,1860 issue].
Harlem C. WELLER and Mary Ann SMITH both of Orange m. Dec. 24,1862.
John E. WEST  and Libbie E. DAVIS  both of Catharine m. Apr. 16,1862.
G. C. WHEAT of Shesheguin and Mary E. PHILLIPS of Smithfield m. Mar. 29,1860.
Amasa B. WHITE of Millport and Henrietta M. TITUS of Horseheads m. May 29,1861.
Lloyd WILCOX of Montour and Rachael HOLDEN of Watkins m. June 1861 [no day mentioned].
John D. WISNER [or MISNER ?] of West Dresden and Adaline C. NOBLE of Moreland m. Oct. 10,1860.
F. S. WOODS of Havana and Eliza PRINCE of Elmira m. Mar. 27,1860.
Levi S. WAKEFIELD of Cherryfield, MA m. Maria F. COMPTON of Havana Oct. 2,1853.
Levand WAKELY and Abba CORWIN both of Dix m. Mar. 27,1864.
Horace V. WEED and Isabella JACKSON both of Havana m. July 12,1864.
Wm. E. WELLS of Ithaca m. Mary FRANCE of Elmira, Mar. 22,1864.
B. M. WENTZ and Miranda PERRY both of Dix m. Mar. 29,1859.
Thomas D. WEST and Carrie L. BURK both of Dix m. Havana Dec. 31,1858.
Dexter WHITE and Marian I. TITUS both of Millport m. Jan. 27,1864.
Joseph WHITE of NY m. Mary A. BENNETT of Havana  Oct. 18,1857.
W. W. WHITNEY of Hartfort, Wis. m. Habrieth BOOTH of Havana May 4,1858.
N. Winton WILCOX  and Alsada TOWNSEND both of Havana m. Feb. 28,1858.
Ira H. WILDER and Lizzie J. CHASE of Elmira m. June 22, .1864.
Alexander WILSON of Havana m. Harriet MASON of Lodi Center, Jan. 15,1863.
D. B. WINTON of Chicago m. J. D. GILLET of Addison  Jan. 12,1859.
Almerin T. WOOD and Melissa S. COOPER both of Cayuta m. Apr. 10,1864.
C. WOODRUFF of Virginia m. K. T. BALL of Horseheads. [Jan. 23,1864 issue].
A. R. WOODWARD of Trumansburgh m. Leonora EMPTON of Mecklenburg, Apr. 11,1864.
Chas. WOODWARD and Lucy WAKELLE [WAKELEE ?] both of Townsend m. Dec. 21,1863.
George L. WORDEN and Sarah E. BEEBE both of Veteran m. Dec. 10,1857.
E. R. WRIGHT of Canisteo m. Carrie LYON of Bennettsburg Feb. 10,1859.


From the Republican:
Lloyd YOUNG of Hector  and Josephine STOLL of  Pine Valley m. Jan 1,1870 in Horseheads, NY.
From the Journal:
John YOST of Tyrone and Olive SANDERS of Orange  m. Feb. 13,1861.
John YOUNG  and Mary A. McCONNELL both of Horseheads m. Apr. 1864.
Wm. YOUNG of Reading m. Mary E. BOOTH of Orange Aug. 14,1864.

[typed by I.C.J.]

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