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Potts Cemetery
Town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"This cemetery is on the north side of Rt 227 east of Reynoldsville.
Go East from Reynoldsville until you see the remains of a stone house
on the left side of the road.  Go .1 mile east from there and the cemetery
is on the left (North) side of the road about 100 to 125 yards out in the
woods.  It isnít visible from the road but isnít hard to find.  There are two plots
that have iron fences around them and they are easy to see when near them.
Visited April 1997 and all stone were seen except for the lines with an * after them.
That information came from the old DAR Records."

Town of Hector

Potts, Alexander  d.7-23-1822 age 24-11-10

Potts, Andrew  b.3-28-1746  d.12-22-1828 *
       Mary his wife  b.4-5-1758  d.9-14-1830 *
       (There is a two burial plot surrounded with an iron fence.
        The headstones are gone but there was a foot stone with
        the initials M P on it.)

Potts, David  b.2-7-1784  d.3-29-1868
       Susan his wife  b.2-8-1798  d.3-4-1864

Potts, Samuel  d.5-15-1862  age 60-0-2 *

Potts, William  b.1-17-1779  d.4-19-1849
       Mary (Loomis) his wife  b.4-13-1805  d.7-31-1888
       Andrew their son  b.8-2-1825  d.10-1-1854
       David their son  d.11-?-1835 age infant
       Eliza E their dau  b.2-27-1839  d.11-?-1854
       Ellen F  b.2-1-1844  d.8-19-1850
       George W their son  b.3-1-1837  d.10-19-1841
       John their son  b.11-1-1826  d.8-?-1827
       Sarah A their dau  b.2-11-1832  d.8-28-1892

Saylor, Jane Eliza wife of Harry  d.4-3-1820 age 24-5-6

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