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"Beaver Dams Homestead"
The Diaries of Truman Grove Beecher
 Edited by Patricia J. Beecher

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   Below is as accurate a listing of names in Truman's diaries as can be had.  The obstacles for total accuracy are tremendous.   Some of the ink has faded and run, his pencils have smeared.
   He also lived in the day of phonetic spelling.  That is, names were written down as they sounded to the individual doing the writing.  A classic example is Mrs. Jauele Hamilton, presumably Julie Hamilton.  There was no uniformity in spelling required by law until the late 1800s.  Thus, it is not unusual for individuals mentioned in the diaries to have their name spelled differently each time.
   Truman confuses the issue by sometimes using a persons' last name first, then reversing it later.  For example, he refers to Cooley White and White Cooley.
   Information gleaned about the individuals through research of the town history, military records, cemetery markers, or in the diaries is included for the purpose of clarification and interest.  This list is meant for reference to the diaries only.

Abbey, Mr.    clothier
Abbott, A.A.
Aclye, A.                       (Ackley)
Addams, Geo                (Adams)
Addpit, Oscar F
Alden, Byron
Allen, A.
Allen, Ensign
Allen, F.
Allen, Miles
Alman, Tim
Ames, Geo
Analley, Aunt   d.May 17, 1872   Aunt Anna Lee?
Andrews, Hiram   funeral Apr 6, 1875
Andrews, M.B.
Anthony, Carly    Died in heavy storm  8-9-1862.  Funeral “largest prosession ever on Beaver Dams our quoir sung”.  This is Caroline Anthony, 14yrs old, struck by lightening while standing in doorway between two rooms of her home
Anthony, Duane 1849-1924
Anthony, Erra
Anthony, Gust
Anthony, Jacob   buried July 22, 1863, d. 7-21-1863 age 50
Anthony, John  b. 4-20-1810,  d.11-24-1895
Anthony, Mike
Anthony, Peter
Armstrong, W.A.
Atcheson F.H.
Ault, Mr.
Austin, Mrs.
Austin, Elder      preacher
Austin, Joel H.

Backensten, Charlotte
Backenstoe, John
Backenstoe, Nate and Lisabeth
Backer, Eva
Backer, Jim
Backer, Jackson  d. Nov 1865
Bailey, Gauld S.  (Gould S.)  1845-1905
Bailey, Linus
Bailey, Marvin  buried October 18, 1881
Bailey, Serymour
Bailey, Wm
Baird, Henry  Corporal 161st Inf. Co.B; enlisted August 22, 1862,  died February 24, 1863
Baker, David
Baker, Hiram
Baker, Jacob
Baker, Jiran
Baldwin, C.C.    a relative of Hannah Baldwin Beecher, from  Cleveland
Baldwin, Henry, Hank, Harry
Balem, Clark
Balt, Mrs.    of Townsend
Banker, Mark   (Mort)
Bansdall, Mr.
Baracinana, Mr.
Bardon, A.W.   of Belova
Barker, Jacson  funeral Nov 26, 1865  “the masons were out”
Barker, Sam M.      farm machinery dealer
Barkins, Mr.        lawyer
Barmer, Manly
Barry, Mr. and Mrs.
Bartlett, Eva  buried Aug 22, 1872
Bartlett, Wm.
Baskins, Erastus , Private 107 Inf. Co. E; enlisted July 17, 1862, died in hospital November 3, 1863
Bates, Soliman
Bauham, John
Bazard, Anson
Bazard, Sanford
Beach, Dan
Beacon, Chas
Bean, Daniel
Becker, Harlow
Beebe, A.H.
Beebe, Farley
Beebe, Mrs.       died June 29, 1865
Beebe, William
Beebee, Mr. Died Jan 1866
Beecher, Uncle Elmer     brother to Almon
Beecher, James, a distant relation from Elmira
Beecher, Laman (Lyman) , distant relation from Elmira
Beecher, Thomas K.  distant relation
Beers, Alsina
Beers, Arza
Beers, Cela   married August 2, 1869
Beers, J.S.
Beers, Mrs. W.S.     died Oct 9, 1876  (this is not Emma, wife of William)
Beers, William S, 1813-1888, Beaver Dams Cemetery,  wife Emma Beers 1819-1887, came to Beaver Dams 1837.Justice of the  Peace, and Proprietor of Tannery.
Bella, Dr.
Benedict, Dr.
Benjamin, Garry
Bennet, Chester
Bennet, Geo W.  private 107 Inf. Co. E; enlisted June 17, 1862
Bennet, Colonel Green,  built first sawmill 1828 on Bowers Creek,  superintendent of the Chemung Canal, also ran a cider mill,   buried April 9,1879
Bennet, Mrs. Green  buried January 4, 1876
Bennet, Hollis
Bennet, John
Bennet, Josiah
Bennet, Lyman    from Illinois
Bennet, Rhos .N.
Bennet, Aunt Sallie   buried April 3, 1876
Bennet, Unkle Sam     Funeral April 26, 1865
Bennet, Thomas
Benson, Chas
Bently, Daniel  private 107th Inf. Co. E; enlisted August 21, 1862;  Home on furlough Feb 2, 1865
Bently, James d. 2-22-1865  “a Bently funeral”  Feb 24, 1865
Bently, Kate
Bently, Mort W.
Bently, Oliver
Bently, Sarah      funeral Nov.21,1868
Bess, Mr.
Bigson, Mr.
Bingham, C.F.
Blakeley, John F.
Blodget, Alva, buried Jan 12, 1862, died 1-11-1862 age 24, son of FL & Rebecca
Blodget, Frank  died July 28, 1979
Blodget, Steven, 4-11-1871 age 37
Bolbomb, Clark
Bolt, William       died January 1868
Boons, Arthur
Boons, Jay
Bournan, Mr.
Boyington, Guy
Boyse, Henry R.  enlisted February 15, 1864
Bowers, O.Phin
Bowers, Perry
Bowman, Adam, 9-25-1816, d.3-4-1903
Bowman, Menzo
Brant, John
Breabuck, Mion
Beurer, Bill
Brauns, Ches
Bridewise, John
Brightmire, Mr.
Brink, Samuel
Brisco, Charlotte  Minerva's sister, married L.W. Crandall
Brisco, Clarissa    Minerva's mother, Clarissa Van Gorder,  married Nathan Brisco January 1, 1824
Brisco, Clarissa  Minerva's sister, married Ervin Hewitt
Brisco, Cynthia    from Galesburgh, Illinois, wife of Minerva’s cousin Nathan, son of Isaac Addison Brisco
Brisco, Heilham
Brisco, Isaac, Minerva's brother, lived in Monterey
Brisco, Matilda, Minerva's sister, married Joel Mallory of  Winona, Minnesota
Brisco, Mrs.    from GalesBurgh, Illinois  (Cynthia)
Brisco, Nathaniel   Minerva's father, married Clarissa Van Gorder, d. Nov 13, 1869, born in Connecticut
Brisco, Nathan, Minerva's brother, died September 8, 1871 by drowning, fell into the Canal
Brisco, Rowena, (Roana) Minerva's sister, married  Wallace W.Bronson July 4, 1877
Brisco, Roxana,  Minerva's sister, married Charles Brown on July 4, 1877
Broad, Mr.
Broadrick, Minor T.
Bronson, Bruce     d. Nov 24, 1873
Bronson, Edwin
Bronson, Ela
Bronson, Harriet
Bronson, Marvin     hired hand,  married Feb 2, 1871 “to Peck’s”
Bronson, Mrs. Noah
Bronson, Sam
Bronson, Sylvester
Bronson, Truman
Bronson, Vet
Brown, G.R.
Brown, Jack
Brown, Jay           Died Nov 1864
Brown, Layfayett
Brown, W. Charles, married Minerva's sister Roxanna Brisco,  farmer, died May 24, 1901
Brown, Ransler D.    was killed November 24, 1873
Brown, Rob
Brown, Russell
Bruins, Henry
Bryant, A.
Bucher, Antonette   died October 1884
Bucher, Calvin
Bucher, Fred
Bucher, Henry
Bucher, Jacob W,  1859-1931
Bucher, Johnson     sawmill operator;  1842-1906 (son of Samuel of Post Creek)
Bucher, Luman
Bucher, Milo
Bucher, Robert, b.1871
Bucher, Sam
Bucher, Widdow
Buck, B.G.      photographer
Buck, John
Buck, Colonel    died in civil war,  “Cornel Buck in army”
Buck, Daniel .S.   b. 2-27-1805,  died 1-11-1887  (son of Ebenezer)
Buck, Grandfather ,  funeral June 3, 1869
Buck, Sela
Buck, Mrs.Sela ,  died April 10, 1880
Buck, Uncle
Buckingham, William
Buckley, Joe
Buggong, Mr.     of Wallace
Bullard, Mr.     preacher
Bump, Mr.
Burns, James
Busco, Nelson
Bussy, Benjamin
Bussy, Eugene (Eagen)
Bussy, Geo,  Two individuals with this name are buried in Beaver Dams Cemetery.  George 1805-1891 and George M.  d. 7-28-1891 age 56.
Bussy, Mrs. George d. 1-18-1869
Bussy, Isaiah
Bussy, Eliza   wife of Geoorge    died Jan 18, 1869  bur. Beaver  Dams
Bussy, Mrs.    died March 26, 1887
Butler, Ben
Butley, Edy
Byron, Charles

Cady, Marvin
Cady, Oliver
Campbell, A.G.     Funeral October 2, 1873
Campbell, John
Canfield, Chas
Carmen, Mr.
Carnell, George,  probably George Cornell
Carpenter, Edwin
Carpenter, G.D.
Carpenter, Jeremiah M.  1st Vet. Cav.; enlisted September 5, 1864
Carpenter, Loren
Carr,     from Orange
Carsana, Mrs Ela
Carson, Al
Carson, Chet
Carson, Jack
Castan, Geo
Castle, Rana
Catlin, John
Cattne, Mrs.John
Caykendall, Ed
Caykendall, Frank
Caykendall, Lewis
Cegswell, Ray
Chambers, John
Chaple, Mr.
Chapman, Ezu (Israel) died 1893 age 60 years, Beaver Dams Cemetery
Chapman, Lyras    funeral July 30, 1865
Chase, Henry S. Private, 50th Eng., enlisted September 5, 1864, discharged May 10, 1865, died July 18, 1865, age 30, buried Beaver Dams Cemetery, wagon repair, painting, saw sharpening
Chubb, Mr. from Bradford
Cicles, Mr.
Clairety, Mrs.
Clark, A.G.    preacher
Clark, Ben     carpenter, coffin maker, wagon maker, wife buried Feb 8, 1863
Clark, Betsy Jane
Clark, Elen
Clark, Geo
Clark, John
Clark, M.H.
Clark, Mary
Clark, Mrs.  d. Mar 13, 1871
Clawson, Mr.
Cleavland, Efram       sold eye glasses
Cleavland, Noble
Clinton, S.D.
Coats, Fred      storekeeper
Coats, Lyman F.
Coburn, Frank
Cofer, Richard
Coffman, George
Coffman, John
Coger, Mr.Billy
Coggswell, Chanse
Cogswell, Russ
Coffman, P.W.
Cole, All
Cole, Ashael    died September 25, 1884
Cole, Aunt Ann
Cole, Ansul
Cole, Aurelia - moved west Sept 1863, as did Marthia Cole
Cole, Caroline   (Carie)
Cole, Charles, see Coll
Cole, David
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Emy, Ema, Emila A.
Cole, George, b.4-25-1829; d. 9-8-1881, Beaver Dams Cemetery,  wife Mary
Cole, Granny    buried May 28, 1862
Cole, H.G.
Cole, H.T.       his child funeral Sept 30, 1869
Cole, Harlem, Private 5th H Art., Co. C; enlisted September 5, 1864, died 1899, Beaver Dams Cemetery
Cole, Harvy
Cole, Ira  died March 3, 1877 age 72,  wife Nancy died 11-16-1868 age 61, wife  Harriet died 3-25-1880 age 52
Cole, James
Cole, Jarvis, b. 1843,  m Nov 25, 1868,  (wife Adaline F 1841-1915), died December 2, 1881,Beaver Dams Cemetery
Cole, John  of Yates Co.
Cole, Joseph
Cole, Lib
Cole, Malesa (Melissa)
Cole, Marthia    went west, as did Aurelia Cole
Cole, Mary, b. 5-28-1825,  d. 3-10-1908, Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife of George, carpet maker and reweaver
Cole, Aunt Nancy      funeral Nov 18, 1868, wife of Ira Cole
Cole, Nathan   son of Harvy Cole
Cole, Aunt Polly
Cole, Sam
Colefield, Thomas
Colgrove, Cal
Colgrove, Cornell
Colgrove, Nelson
Coll, Charles (Cole),  Home on furlough Nov 1, 1863
Coll, (Cull), Harlem  Cole
Colt, Emily
Colt, Lee
Conklin, Abe
Conklin, N.H.
Constantine, Patric
Constantine, Rhose  (Consallin)
Conover, P.
Cook, Anna, 151 Seneca St., Buffalo in July 1872
Cook, Fred
Cook, Pat
Cook, Peter
Cook, Wm.
Cook, Mr.; funeral Oct 19, 1866
Coon, Elias
Coon, Ferant
Coon, Jacob
Coon, Lafayitt
Coon, Phoebe, a child, funeral 9-26-64, bought “small coffin for Phebe Coon $5.00”
Coon, Silas
Coon, William,  wife’s funeral July 21, 1872
Cooper,     Engineer
Cooper, Ryly
Cornell, George    d. July 3, 1865
Cornell, Peter  buried March 29, 1863
Cornell, Theodore
Cornshamer, Vos
Corry, Volney
Corwin, Andrew   Private, 141st Inf., Co. B; enlisted August 21, 1862
Costen, Charles
Costen, Geo
Costus, Charles
Countryman, Brother       preacher
Coyle, A.D.
Crandle, Caroline
Crandle, Charlotte
Crandle, Lewis
Crandle, Lula
Crandle, Nancy
Crandle, Rostus
Crane, John
Crawford, Judge
Crawford, Joseph
Crawford, John B.
Crawford, Nelson  2nd Sergeant 3d Inf., Co K; enlisted April 25, 1861
Crofull, Ed
Crout, Abraham P.   storekeeper, barber, shoe repair, father was
Christian Crout, one of the earliest settlers of Beaver Dams in 1818
Crout, Abba [Abram]  funeral June 25, 1884
Crout, Burt
Crout, Frank
Crout, Net
Crout, Perry
Crout, Sara
Crum, Clark   Sergeant 12th Inf., Co F; enlisted July 20, 1862 in 13 engagements of the war
Crum, Nort
Crum, Richard D.
Crum, William of Pennyan
Curn, Valney
Curry, Aurili
Curry, Henry
Curry, Vollney  Private 179th Inf., enlisted September 5, 1864, wounded in battle June 8, 1865
Cutty, Mrs.
Darlin, Homer
David, Hattie
David, Jerman
David Jo  buried May 27, 1877
David, John
David, Major
David, Mary
Davis, A.M.               preacher
Dean, Kate
Decker, Amisy H.
Decker, Anisa
Decker, S.C.
Decker, Sidney
Decker, Simon
Delano       preacher
Dellrymple, Abram W.  (Dalrymple)  private, 141st Inf. Co. A; enlisted August  14, 1862, discharged June 24, 1865
Dellrimple, Dennis; b. 4-4-1816, d. 9-26-1865
Dellrimple, Silas, son of Dennis & Polly, b. 3-24-1836, d. 6-3-1891
Dellrimple, wife, buried Feb 20, 1871 “Mr. Freers daughter”
Demey, John
Demun, Archie
Demun, Asher
Demun, Harry
Demun, James
Demun, Mathius
Demun, Thi
Demott, Mrs.
Demott, Peter
Denton, S.S.
Devenport, Harry
Dewitt, Geo
Dewitt, Oscar
Deyeo, Mark, b. 1859
Deyeo, Peter A. died January 1, 1883, aged 55 years,funeral  January 2, buried in Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Orcelia,  d.10-21-1908 age 77
Dickerson, F.H.
Dickinson, D.S.
Diley, John
Disbrow, Barsley
Divin, Geo M.
Dobert, L.
Dockwood,        photographer
Dodson, Mrs.  funeral May 10, 1883
Dodson, Tory
Drake, Frank
Drake, Hobert
Dreury, L M
Duchman, John
Dumm, Richard      of Syracuse, Government Pension Examiner
Dunam, Daniel
Dunam, Jim
Dunham, Miss Anice,    school teacher
Durlan          storekeeper
Dunlap, Mr.
Dutch, John
Dutchman, Havens
Duvall, Cornelius, 1811-1896 Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Jane  Frost, daughter  Susan Duvall
Duvall, John   had a son born April 12, 1879
Duvall, Susan, daughter of Jane and Cornelius, d. 1-3-68, funeral Jan 5,  1868, age 20
Easlin, Nate
Easton, Clarence E.  buried October 31, 1884
Eaton, Henry
Edminister, Lewis
Edy, Daniel
Egbert, Charlie
Egbert, Morgan
Egbert, Nathan
Eglan, Clarance
Ellis, Alpin  d. 2-8-1871
Ellis, Burt
Ellis, M.
Ellis, Townson
Elsworth, John H.,   private, 107th Inf Co E; enlisted July 17, 1862, discharged June 2, 1863
Elwood, Miss     school teacher
Ensley, Mr.    watch repair
Ervay, Harvey
Esterbrook, Herman L.
Evans, Bill
Evans, Ela
Evans, George
Evans, Sam
Eveland, Andrew
Eveland, Margaret
Evert, A.W.     surveyor
Evert, Charles
Evert, Jacob
Fanning, J.G.
Fanton, John
Farr, Allen
Farington, James
Farington, Marshall
Fasset, N.P.
Ferinbaugh, Benedict
Ferinbaugh, Chas
Ferinbaugh, Jo
Ferinbaugh, Line
Ferinbaugh, Marian
Fero, Abel
Fero, Case
Fero, Mrs. Case     funeral Apr 2, 1869
Fero, Daniel
Fero, Gary
Fero, Geo G
Fero, Henry   b. 4-24-1797, d.11-20-1887  (son of peter Fero and Jane VanDusen)
Fero, Isac
Fero, Mrs.Isac   died June 17, 1883
Fero, Joel                    [ one of the Feros is blacksmith]
Fero, John   5th Art.; enlisted March 28, 1864
Fero, Obb
Finey,  (Finny)
Fish, Sam
Fisher, Enoch   Private 14th H. Art., Co L; enlisted Jan 1, 1864, wounded, discharged March 20, 1865
Fitch, F.W.
Fitz, Anna   Birthday  June 5
Fitz, Nick   married October 29, 1878
Fitzpatrick, Dick
Fleming, Jo T.
Fletcher, George
Folter, W.
Fort, D.
Freer, Anna Marie, wife of Jonas, born 1809, Funeral May 25, 1864  Beaver Dams Cemetery
Freer, Jonas   born 1804, buried Sept 11, 1877 Beaver Dams   Cemetery
Freer, Mrs. Jonas,  funeral May 25, 1864
Frost, Adaline (Addie)  b. 1860                         “Miss A. Frost” = millinery
Frost, Arzilla  1823-1901 Beaver Dams Cemetery
Frost, Allen
Frost, Byron, 1828-1911,  his child's funeral was Sept 1, 1867  (son was Clarence C. d. 8-31-1864 age 2)
Frost, Charles  on Board of Trustees for First Universalist  Church in 1862
Frost, Clay
Frost, David W.,  wife Nancy (who died 1870 age 74)
Frost, Ery  (Erwin),  1864-1897
Frost, Horton, died March 14, 1879, 35 years old, buried Mar 16,  1879, Beaver Dams Cemetery
Frost, Jacob , died July 4, 1881, age 75, husband of  Temperance, funeral July 6, 1881, b. Beaver Dams   Cemetery
Frost, James , died October 8, 1865 47 years old, Beaver Dams Cemetery
Frost, Jane;  per Beaver Dams Cemetery records:  Jane Frost wife of John W.Cuffman 3-20-1821 d. 9-15-1894 and Jane Frost: wife Cornelius Duvall 1815 - 1894
Frost, Riby
Frost, Sela
Frost, Temperance   wife of Jacob, died August 6, 1881, funeral  August 8, 1881, buried Beaver Dams Cemetery
Frost, Underhill (Undril) D., 1834-1888, Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Emily  Ross 1844 - 1913 Beaver Dams Cemetery, son's  funeral on February 14, 1881( son was Horton d. 2-11-1881 age 3), Underhill was the son of  George Frost who helped settle Beaver Dams in 1823
Fuller, Wash
Fuller, William

Gale, Thomas b. 4-20-1823,  his “girl’s funeral” was May 27, 1872
Ganing, Carrie
Ganing, Ed
Ganing, Floyd
Ganing, John G.     funeral Jan 28, 1868
Ganing, Solimon
Gano, Elup
Gano, Frank
Gano, Levi   printer
Gardner, “girl”,  funeral Oct. 6, 1864
Gardner, Geo
Gardner, Jim L. (James) 1828-1901, Beaver Dams Cemetery,       shoemaker, leather goods
Gardner, Merinda Cole, (Miranda) 1832 -1910, Beaver Dams Cemetery,  daughter born Aug 29, 1869
Gardner, Michael
Gardner, P.L.
Gaundry, P.
Gaundry, Thomas
Gaunge, Mr.
Gaylord, Hank
Gaylord, Leroy
Giddings, Ralf
Givens, Tho
Glading, Wm G. (or F)
Goodan, Mr.
Goodsel, Unkle
Goodwin, Mr.       coal dealer
Gordan, A.
Graham, A.P.
Gray, Henry
Gray, Mulford
Green, Isaac, N.
Green, Seth
Greton, Lottie
Guilford, R.D.
Guinecker, Philo
Gulick, Oscar
Gulick, James
Gulick, Watson

Hadda, A.
Haden, Mr A.
Hadding, Mrs.
Hadley, Mrs.
Hager, Peter
Halford, Mart
Hall, Ed
Hall, Floral
Hall, Leona   of Dundee
Hall, O. of Sugar Hill
Hallem, Thomas
Hallet, William, 5th Art.; enlisted February 5, 1864
Hallock, Deacon    Died in Connecticut  Sept 1864
Halloning, D.P.
Ham, Albert, 107th Inf., enlisted September 5, 1864
Hamerson, Will
Hamilton, Harry
Hamilton, Jacob
Hamilton, Jane
Hamilton, Mrs. Jauele (Julie)
Hamilton, Walt  Private 5th Art. Co. C; enlisted February 16, 1864, discharged July 31, 1865
Hamilton, William   Private 5th Art., Co. C; enlisted February  16, 1864, discharged July 31, 1865
Hammon, Miss     school marm  Hammor ?
Hanley, Old Maid
Harding, Mr.     of Pennyan
Harring, Mrs.
Harrington, James
Harris, Oliver   56th Inf.; enlisted December 31, 1863
Harrison, Will
Harvey, Mr.
Harwood, Mrs.
Haskins, Sam
Hatfield, James
Hather, J.V.
Hause, William,    judge  (House)
Havens, Albert (?), b. 8-12-1832, d.10-17-1904
Hawkins, Eli  Private 5th Art., Co. C; enlisted January 16, 1864;  formerly in Co. K, 32nd Regiment New York Volunteers for 2  years
Haws, John
Hayes, Mark
Hayes, Nate
Hazen, Mrs.     funeral Nov 11, 1868
Hazen, Mart
Hazen, Webster
Heading, Mr.     of Reading
Heart, Charlie    Engineer on Railroad
Hearth, Frank
Heavland, Lewis
Hece, Frank
Hece, John
Heck, Mr.
Heffernans, T.
Hendrix, Orville
Henion, Steven
Henning, Lane
Henry, John
Henry, Lon
Heny, Thomas
Heny, Will
Hering, Cornelius
Hering, Garrett
Hering, William
Hesst, Geo
Hewey, John
Hewey, Joseph
Hewitt, Clarissa   Minerva's sister, married to Erving (Erwin, Irvin)
Hewit, Erwin (Irvin, Erving)  Married to Minerva's sister,  Clarissa, Died April 28, 1865
Hewitt, Merinda
Hewitt, Myron
Hibbard, Geo
Hicks, David  Private  141st Infantry Co. A; enlisted August 14, 1862,   1843-1923
Hilderbrant, John   1849 - 1928
Hill, Edgar      of Corning
Hills, Almond      buried Sept 18, 1864 , d. 9-16-1864  age 49
Hills, David
Himpall, Howland
Hinman, Dr.
Hitchcock, Geo
Hoagland, Chas
Hodskin, U.D.
Hoenn, Ruth       hired girl
Holden,  child   funeral  March 3, 1883
Holden, Geo
Holden, Grant, 1822-1895
Holden, Jimy
Holden, Phoebe, wife of Grant 1827 - 1916
Holdwin, Henry
Hollens, Vensant  [Vincent]
Holford, Mart
Hollis, Cela
Hollis, Mont
Hollis, Orcclia
Hollis, Ovelid
Hollis, Mrs.   d. Mar 12, 1871
Holly, James
Holmes, girl
Holmes, Jacob
Hoover, Aram
Hoovy, Mr.
Horton, Henry
Horton, James
Hoskins, Sam
Hotchkiss, Methodist preacher
Houk, Mr.
House, Emy
House, John
House, Mary
Hoyt, Maggie
Hoyt, Miles
Hubble, George
Hubbs, George
Hubbs, Gillbert
Hudson (Hodson)
Hugg, John W
Hum, Geo
Hunkerford, Chas
Hunkerford, Geo
Hunkerford, Risa
Hunt, Ervin
Hunt, William
Hunter, Nathan S.  Private 15th Cav. Co C; enlisted July 17, 1863
Hurd, B.
Hurd, Gash
Hurd, John
Hurd, Judge
Hurd, O.P.
Hurd, Richard, 1819-1908
Hurd, Ryan
Hurd, W.C. died July 14, 1864, 20 years old, Civil War Casualty, Co B 141 NY
Hurley, Emmy
Hurley, Thomas K.   Civil War Veteran, discharged June 1865; wife Minerva (d.5-30-1858 age 25); daughter Ella May (d.10-19-1856 age 1)
Husen, H.S.
Husen, Webster
Hutchins, Mr. Lester  d.11-19-1891 age 71
Hutchins, Mrs. Azuba  wife of Wyman (d. 1858 age 78),   funeral July 7, 1864  age 77

Ide, George
Ireton, Cynthia
Irish, Mark   Married Truman’s sister, Jane, later divorced
Ives      of Havana

Jackson, Geo
Janes, Elias
Janes, Timothy
Janson, Mr.
Janung, Mr.
Jessop, Steven
Jessup, Joseph
Jobbit, Andrew
Johnson, Ches
Johnson, Daniel  buried Nov 27,1879
Johnson, Elmer
Johnson, Emery
Johnson, Layfayett
Johnson, Margaret    died December 28, 1875
Johnson, Wallace
Jones, Cal
Jones, Charles
Jones, Eaton
Jones, G.W.
Jones, Tim
Judd, Mrs.
Jules, Dick

Kanglin     preacher
Keeler, Albert   50th Eng.; enlisted September 5, 1864
Keematt, R.M.
Kelsey, Ames
Kelsey, Duane
Kelsey, F.G.
Kendall, Ed
Kendall, Meritt
Kendall, Walter P.
Kent, Steve
Kent, Thomas
Kenyan, Dick
Kenyan, Ed
Kerick, Mr.
Kerkendall, John
Kerkendall, Lewis
Keyser, A.
Kimball     of Corning
Kimball, Phill
Kinney, William  (Keney, Keny) [Bill]  died September 9, 1873
Kingsbury, D.C.
Kingsbury, W.A.
Kingsley, P.F.
Kniffin, Clifton L,  1860-1907
Knox, Burr
Knox, Geo
Kress, Sam F.
Kusick, Mrs.

Lafever, child    buried October 19, 1875 (was Ophelia, dau Lovette & Susan 10-17-1875 age 6)
Lafever, Lewis
Lafever, Lovett   (Love), carpenter, 1828-1894 Beaver Dams  Cemetery, wife Susan P.Cole (1838-1926)
Lailor   [Lalar]
Lamphire, Fred   buried March 9, 1886
Lamphire, Martin
Lamphire, Mrs.  died August 19, 1883
Lance, Willian H.
Land, Mr.
Lane, Amos
Lane, Arvilie
Lane, Bill
Lane, Charles
Lane, Daniel
Lane, Emmaline
Lane, Frank     funeral June 21, 1869
Lane, Fred F.   died January 6, 1879
Lane, Henry
Lane, John
Lane, Lucy    hired girl from Reading
Lane, Lug
Lane, Mormon
Lane, Moses
Lane, Nell
Lane, Peter,     funeral August 21, 1878
Lane, Uncle William  funeral Nov 28, 1868
Lane, W.S.     (is not uncle)
Lang, Phil
Lasure (boys)
Latherbrant, John
Lathim, Mr.  of Veteran
Latun, Frank
Lawheads, Mr.
Lawrence, John H.  179 Inf.; enlisted September 3, 1864
Leonard, Mr. & Mrs.
Leonard, Uncle Seth    Died February 28, 1864
Lee, Alf
Lee, David   son’s funeral April 19, 1863
Lee, Dr.
Lee, Emery   funeral December 1, 1884
Lee, Frank      funeral August 9, 1878
Lee, George   9-4-1893  age 67
Lee, Jesse
Lee, John   Private 5th Art., Co. C; enlisted February 5, 1864
Lee, Mrs.    funeral June 13, 1884
Lee, Nellie    buried May 8, 1876
Lee, Ranson
Legraw, Mr.
Leibolt, Himan
Leifler, D.D.
Leikles, Mr.
Leonard, Mrs.
Leonard, Uncle Seth
Leone, Mr.F.
Lervy, Hart
Levensworth, Rus
Levins, Rus
Lewis, Isia    veteran of Civil War
Lewis, Jesse,  2-12-1877  age 75
Lewis, Jo    Died April 1865
Lewis, Mary, wife of Jesse  6-12-1859  age 55
Lewis, Michel
Libolt, Albert   Died 6-15-1864, age 29,  Civil War Casualty, 89th Reg NYV, son of Jacob
Libolt, Jacob  Died June 2, 1865 aged 71 years, Beaver Dams  Cemetery (Note that son Albert died in the Civil War, as did another son Edwin d. 2-4-1863 age 22,  141 Reg NYV)
Lilly, William
Lindsey, John  [Linsley, Linsey]
Lock, James
Logan, Webster
Loomis, Herm
Loomis, Mils
Loomis, William , d. 18-24-1864,  Funeral Oct 23, 1864, Civil War Casualty,  Co E 50 NY Engineers
Lorils, Mrs.
Lovey, George
Lunger, John
Lyle, Mr.
Lyon, Jessee

Mack, Ed
Mackley, Preacher
Madison, Lewis
Magee, Geo
Magee, John    Funeral Apr 6, 1868
Mahysky, J.E.
Main, Chester
Malang, Will
Mallet, Jesse
Mallory, Ambrose     taught singing school
Mallory, Fred, the son of Joel and Matilda, is Minerva and Truman’s nephew.
Mallory, Joel  married to Minerva's sister Matilda, from Winona,   Minnesota
Mallory, Leak  (Leet)  1847 - 1916
Mallory, Matilda, Minerva's sister, married to Joel Mallory
Mallory, Aunt Louise    d. August 1872
Mallory, Unkle Peter, the father of Joel, from Winona, MN
Mandervill, All
Mane, Hal
Mann,  Preacher
Mapes, Mr.
Marger, C.
Marring, Elder
Marsh, Sevellin F.,  1859 - 1936
Masters, Sam
Marvin, Charley
Marvin, Loid
Masters, Lew
Mather, Mr.
Matison, Mr.
Maxwell      of Elmira
McAlpine Mr. John  d. Aug 28, 1868  age 76
McBaldwn, Ed
McCauly, H.
McCress, Ed
McDougle, James
McDoyle, Lon
McKeny, J.
McKeny, William
McLuskey, Charles  Private 50th Eng., Co. F; enlisted August 18, 1862, died in service December 1862
McLuskey, Ed        Blacksmith Shop
McLuskey, James E.  1829-1905
McLuskey, Jimmy       Died February 18, 1865
McLuskey, Libbie      Died February 8, 1865
McLuskey, Mrs. Hat  (Harriet),  1833-1909
McLuskey, Mrs.Sally Ann
McPayne, Wm
Mead, Amos
Meads, M M
Mearty, All
Meckers, Mr.
Merchant, Mrs. Frances A., 1851 – 1913, wife of Chauncy Merchant
Merick, Silas
Michols, Hib
Miller, Mr.     funeral October 1, 1873
Miller, Jack
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Pulaski      Died January 1865
Miller, Robert
Miller, Sandy  [Sanford]
Miller, Wallace
Miller, Wash
Mills, Edy
Mills (Millers), Jacob
Minor, Mr.
Mockey, Mr.  (Mackley)  preacher
Moon, Peter B.  1842 – 1929, Co B 5th NY HA
Moore, Aaron
Moore, James  b. 9-24-1841,  d.11-14-1890  Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Alida
Moore, Martin  b.11-22-1817, d. 6-2-1887
Morgan, Chas   Pennyan clerk
Morgan, Dan
Morgan, John  1st Art., Co. C; enlisted February 27, 1865
Morse, Mr.    daughter d. Sept 18, 1869
Morse, James
Mulligan, Ed
Murdock, Mr.
Murphy, Thomas,  substitute; enlisted January 12, 1865

Nenifier, Leander
Newcomb, Jim
Newcomb, Mrs.
Newman, Bige
Nichols, Harvey
Nichols, Julia
Nichols, Dr. Hibard B.S.   treasurer of  Schuyler County Medical Society which was organized December 29, 1857
Niffin [Kniffin] , Lander       tuned dulcimer
Nolon, Edward   buried October 31, 1880
Nothrup, Alen  (referred to as Uncle, June ’66)
Nothrup, Elizabeth   born 1811, funeral March 28, 1876, Beaver  Dams Cemetery,  husband William G.
Nothrup, Chas A       Storekeeper  Rented store Mar 26, 1864
Nothrup, F.W. - dry goods, grocery, general merchandise store
Nothrup, Flairos  (Flavius W.), 1840 – 1916  wife Josephine Seaman (1844-1933)
Nothrup, Homer
Nothrup, Len
Nothrup, William G.  b.9-28- 1828, d. 3-13-1886, funeral March 16, 1886 Beaver  Dams Cemetery,  wife Elizabeth
Norus (Norris)
Nye, All S.
Nye, Ed  or Ebb
Nye, E.M.W.
Nye, Otis 1856 – 1923/9  wife Jane Lafever 1858-1943

ODaniels, Brother
ODaniels, D.C.
Obert, Cass    (Caroline)
Obert, Dr.
Obert, Fut
Obert, L.D.
Obert, O.
Obert, Peter
Obert, Tat
Oldfield, Mr. S.     funeral Aug 5, 1868
Olfields, Thomas
Olmstead, Millan  [Mit]
Orwin, Thomas
Osborne, Wm   funeral May 5, 1867
Ostrander, Mrs.  Lucinda, wife of Abraham (d.1870), first married to J.Cuffman, d.3-26-1876 age 83,   funeral March 28, 1876
Ostrander, Cornelius
Ostrander, Joe
Ostrander, Solimon, b. 6-15-1820
Overacker, Philo
Overhiser,   widow Minerva
Owens, George
Owens, Steven
Owens, Thomas

Pangborn, baby      Funeral April 21, 1865
Pangborn, child    Funeral September 24, 1865
Note that this family lost a baby and a child in one year.  Beaver Dams Cemetery records indicate son, Seymour 1863, 1865.  He was probably the “child”.
Pangborn, Alva H.  1825-1895  Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Sarah  M.Bolt  (1823 – 1910)
Pangborn, Miss Kate    school teacher
Paine, J.D.
Palmatier, Mr.
Palmer, Geo  1833-1909 Beaver Dams Cemetery
Palmer, Gordan (Gordency)  d. 2-3-1881,  funeral Feb 6, 1881, age 89,  Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Arzilla (d.1889 age 90)
Palmer, Sarah C.      school Marm
Palmer, Manly
Palmer, Mark
Palmer, William
Pane, Thimothy
Parhemus, Mrs   buried January 3, 1880
Parker, Lewis
Parks, Joseph   Private  161st Inf., Co. B; enlisted September 6, 1864, engaged in Battle of Mobile
Parsons, Chas
Patchen, Minerva Ruth, daughter of Joseph & Pheve Cole b. 8-30-1817, d. 3-24-1904
Patchen, Dr.     dentist
Patchen, Terry
Patterson, William C.    Deputy Sheriff, Corning
Payne, Eli
Payne, Harlow    buried Sept 24, 1871
Payne, Harlow    [another]
Payne, Henry
Payne, J.D.
Payne, Markus  1838-1922
Payne, Miles
Payne, Tip
Pearse, Mr   died December 11, 1866
Peck, Adda  (Adarian, Adrian)   d. Sept 1865
Peck, Benomin - tailor, justice of the peace, grocer
Peck, H.
Peck, Byron
Peck, Nollis
Peck, Wallace  Sergeant 161st Inf., Co. B; enlisted August 26, 1862; married   July 3, 1866
Peck, Wil
Perry, Theodore
Personius, All
Personius, Andrew  Private 50st Eng; enlisted December 17, 1863;  wounded at Hatcher's Run, 1816 – 1898;  wife Helena (d. 4-14-1849 age 33)
Personius, girl, funeral 10-3-1865
Personius, Helen
Personius, Hiram
Personius, Thompson
Phelps, Mrs. Pheve    died December 2, 1876,  wife of Elijah
Phelps, Asa
Phelps, Charles
Phelps, Dyelm
Phelps, Elijah, died  March 5,1867  aged 74 years, wife Phebe
Phelps, Geo     (son of Joel)
Phelps, Hart
Phelps, Joel  farmer and blacksmith,  b.12-20-1828, d. 9-17-1883; funeral September 22, 1883,  Truman  found him dead in the Glen, no circumstances given
Phelps, Nancy, wife of Joel b. 8-6-1831, d. 4-21-1900
Phelps, Rant H. (Ransom), b.3-31-1825, d. 6-18-1893
Phelps, Syvelan  [Vella]
Phelps, Wallace, born 1817, funeral October 23, 1879, Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Rhoda Weller (1827-1909 m.2nd to Isaac Fero)
Phinegan, John
Pike, Sewall  of Havana     coffin maker, carpenter, waggon maker
Pinder, Elder    preacher
Platt, Hiram    Private 141st Inf.,Co. B; enlisted August 14,  1862, died while on furlough
Pope, Mr.    insurance agent
Powel, Jacop “went west” Feb 1865
Powell, Vern
Powers, Abigail
Powers, Amos     died October 19, 1877
Powers, David
Powers, Pat
Powers, Thomas
Pratt, Geo
Presho, T.J.
Predmore, Geo
Price, Pat
Pruitt, Geo
Pulick, James
Purdy, W.E.

Quigley, Mrs.
Quigley, Thurs

Rady, Pat
Raimant, Hiram
Raimant, W.
Ramsey, David
Ransom, Roana
Raplyea, Burt  (Rapley)
Rapseler, Mrs.
Ray, Almon          lived in Vermont
Ray, Aunt Anice     lived in Vermont
Ray, Ralf           lived in Vermont
Ray, Roda           lived in Vermont
Raymond, Augusta
Raymond, Cousin Helen
Raymond, Hiram
Raymond, Willie
Reed, Mrs.Alice
Reiglyn, Geo
Remington, Pat
Rhodes, Jesse
Rhodes, John    Schuyler Valley Grist Mill and  Saw Mill
Ribble, young
Rich, Mr.
Rightmire, Mr.
Riment, H.
Rinerman, Mr.
Ringer, Geo   Private 61st Inf. Co. C; enlisted September 6,  1864, had formerly served 2 years in Co. I 23rd Regt, New
     York Volunteers; was taken prisoner and discharged June 5, 1865
Road, Judge
Roads, K.
Robberts, Cyrus  (Cyke)
Robberts, Gil
Robberts, James
Robberts, Lewis
Robertson, Mr.     of Monterey
Robinson, Lyman
Robler, Gary
Rockwell, Burt    (NOTE: Beaver Dams Cemetery records show B.L.Rockwell, Co E 10th NY Cal)
Rockwell, Gary
Rockwell, Mary
Rockwell, Sarah , per diaries, “found brother dead Nov 6, 1864”
Rogger, Mr.  buried March 16, 1884
Rogers, Daniel
Roggers, David
Roggers, Del  (Delphine)  wife of Richard 1846 - 1920
Roggers, Matt
Roggers, Peter
Roggers, Richard,  1842 - 1917
Roide, Pat
Rollison, Melvin P. b. 5-30-1856, d. 9-22-1929
Rood, Alonso C.  [Lonzo, Leon, Lon], d.10- 28 - 1880,  age 32, bur. 10-31-1880 Beaver Dams Cemetery, son of Rockwell & Mathilda
Rood, Dan
Rood, Nathan
Rood, Rockwell  died March 12, 1871, aged 82
Roofe, John
Roofe, Mrs. John  died July 6, 1885
Rorar, Daniel
Rose, Chas.      his baby died October 10, 1873
Rose, Gross
Ross, L.
Ross, Penn
Rousie, Mrs.
Rowlins, Jacob
Rowly, Jonathan  [Rawleigh, Rowley,]
Rumsey, Elnathan   Private 5th Art. Co. D; enlisted December 28,  1865
Rusco, Dan
Rusco, Nelson
Rushford,      (cousins)
Russell, Mrs.
Russell, Cynthia
Russell, Emett
Russel, Philander
Russel, Thomas
Ryan, John
Ryan, Kate    sister to Stacy
Ryan, Peter      died  September 29, 1877
Ryan, Stacy  [Stacia]   sister to Kate

Sage, Elder       preacher
Salsbury, Dan
Salsbury, Fred
Salsbury, Lizzy
Sampson, Charles
Sanders, Mr.  (preacher)
Sanford, Mrs.  funeral February 7, 1882
Sanford, Mrs. Bela  funeral November 4, 1872
Sanford, Bela   Justice of the Peace, brother to Ira Sanford, a  Masons funeral held  March 19, 1876, d. Mar 16
Sanford, Homer
Savory, B.W.
Savory, Delphine
Savory, Dr. Dell
Savory, Frank    Funeral Mar 23, 1869
Savory, George
Savory, Ira
Savory, Mary     buried Dec 16, 1868
Savory, Mrs.     Funeral Oct 1, 1864
Savory, S.P.
Savory, Mrs. Wash (Washington) b. 8-17-1813, d. 3-19-1886, funeral March 22, 1886
Savory, Walter C. b. 7-18-1808, d. 11-3-1890/6;  church trustee of First Universalist Church in 1862;  Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Manerva (1818-1902)
Savory, Wilbor
Savory, Willard  (Willford) 1824-1896 Beaver Dams Cemetery,  wife Melissa  (1837 – 1915)
Savory, Willis
Sayer, Purd
Saylor, Andrew
Saylor, Henry
Saylor, Wm
Scoby, Andrew
    Scatt, Hod
    Schutt, Horis
    Skott, Peter
Schuyler, Dan
Schuyler, Dorman, 1831-1895, Beaver Dams Cemetery  (wife Sarah Sanford b.10-20-1832, d.11-2-1882)
Seaman, Dean  1856-1903  Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Florence (1861-1946)
Seaman, Norman  Private 179th Inf  Co C; enlisted March 29, 1864
Seaman, Ophelia,  died March 29, 1881 age 48, Beaver Dams Cemetery. Wife of Dr..H.D.Seaman
Seaman, Dr..Horace.D., physican, surgeon,  school trustee, died 1-12-1888, wife Ophelia, Beaver Dams Cemetery, also served as postmaster
Seamour   nominated governor
Sebene, E.R.
Sellen, Dr.T.B.   dentist and physician
Seltzer, Ed
Servitt, Laris
Shafelt, John
Shafer, W.R.
Shamens, James
Shappe, Sheffee, Shupper, Shapper
Sharp, William
Sharp, Mrs.Baptist  buried Mar 1, 1862
Shay, Deacon    died September 2, 1878
Shay, Jerry
Shay, L.B.
Shearer S.B.
Shephard, Mr.    Director Fire Insurance Co.
Sherman, Frank   wagon shop, undertaker
Sherman, Geo      cartman
Sherman, Hattie
Sherwood, Phebe
Shofelt, Edward M.
Shofelt, John
Shomaker, Barsley
Shuman, Bell    died September 5, 1875
Shuman, Frank     (Shewman, Shoeman)  Wagon Shop and Undertaker
Shuman, Homer
Shuman, Shurley
Sickles, David
Siekelo, John
Skellinger, Mr. Buried Mar 1, 1865
Skelinger, Nate
Skellinger, William (Skells) - built foundry and machine shop in   1834
Skiner, James  Private  23rd Inf Co I; enlisted April 30, 1861
Slassen, A.D.
Slocum, Loid  Private 14th H Art., Co. B; enlisted December 28,  1863, died of wounds received in battle June 1, 1864
Slocum, Ruth    worked as seamstress for B.Peck
Slocum, W.H.  d.1871   Lodge member , “bro”  W.H.Slocum
Slotenburgh, A.
Smalley, Nate     funeral July 26, 1863

Smith – one of the Smiths is the “horse doctor”
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Charles          of Erin
Smith, Cynthia
Smith, D.L.  (Darius, Duries), 1829 – 1904,  wife Almira Palmer (1829 – 1911)
Smith, Delia
Smith, Ed
Smith, Ella
Smith, Frank    Private 103d Inf. Co. I; enlisted July 31, 1862,   discharged January 21, 1864
Smith, Geo G.,  d. Nov 23, 1868 age 52, wife Catherine (1-9-1899 afe 70)
Smith, H.L.
Smith, Helen
Smith, Uncle Jo
Smith, Joel    Civil War veteran
Smith, L.D.
Smith, Aunt Laurie (Lori)
Smith, Late
Smith, Levi  Co G 50 Regiment, New York Engineers; served at   Harpers Ferry
Smith, Lottie
Smith, Nathaniel   (Nate)
Smith, Peter
Smith, Sanford
Smith, Uncle Soloman
Smith, Trid
Smith, Warren
Soitts, Mrs.     Stoit?
Solsbury, Jo                   [Salisbury ?]
Spalding, Edward
Spalding, Harvey
Spender   dentist
Spulman                         [Spielman ?]
Stase, Gary
Sterling         grocer
Stevens, Burnett  1846 - 1920
Stevens, Chas R., 1849-1897 Beaver Dams cemetery, wife Celestia Philips (1851-1919), daughter funeral Feb 14, 1881
Stevens, Ed R. 1807 – 1891  wife Eliza
Stevens, Err R.  1856 - 1937
Stevens, Fineas
Stevens, John, 1855 - 1920
Stevens, Kate
Stevens, S.W.      sales agent
Stevens, Susan
Stevens William H. b. 5-24- 1829, d. 1-6-1908 (1900?)  Beaver Dams Cemetery
Stodard, Dick
Stoit, David
Stoit, John
Stoit, Mrs.
Stolenburgh, A.
Stone, Caroline
Stone, Charlie
Stone, Err
Stone, Gary
Stone, John
Stone, Lee
Stone, Phifene
Stout, Cavins
Stout, Jane
Stout, Nell
Stout, Tom  Sergeant 161st Inf. Co. K; enlisted December 12, 1863; in several battles; discharged November 12, 1865
Stow, Hulbert
Strait, C.W.
Strait, David
Strait, Mart V.
Strait, Orr
Strait, Sam
Strassen, A.D.
Striker, Stryker
Strutt, Sam
Sturdyphant, Jesse           [Sturdevant]
Sturdyphant, Joahn
Sturdyphant, Nelson
Sturdyphant, Riley   Private 50th Eng., Co I; enlisted October 6, 1864
Swartout, Chas
Swartout, Mary Jane
Swartz, Wm
Sydam, Henry
Sycoff, Tollison

Taple, Ester
Taple, Helen (Ellen)
Taple, Jacop
Tattens, William
Taylor, Elder
Taylor, Mrs.   funeral December 1, 1882
Taylor, William    substitute, enlisted November 30, 1864
Tennison, Susie
Thayer, Oliver
Thomas, Mr.    suicide  July 13, 1873 "hanged himself"
Thomas, Oscar  suicide  July 23, 1881  " cut his throat"
Thurman, Bro.
Tibbetts, Frank    of Ithaca
Tice, C.
Tillford, Archibald
Tillford, Mrs.Hannah    died April 12, 1876
Tifford, Lewis  Private 107 Inf. Co. E; enlisted July 25, 1862,   discharged June 5, 1865
Tillford, Mr.        Undertaker
Tompkins, Ed
Tompson, Elder
Tompson, Susie
Tottem, William
Tousick, Mrs.
Tow, Mr.    is Charles Nothrups cousin
Tracy, Daniel
Tracy, James    Private 107th Inf. Co. E; enlisted July 21, 1862
Tracy, John, b.7-27-1848, d. 1-14-1891; wife Cynthia Hall (b.10-28-1849, d. 3-5-1890)
Tracy, Lysander
Tracy, widow
Travers, James
Troy, D.
Tully, Conductor
Tum, George  -- Proprietor,  Catharine Highland Nurseries.
Turk, Mrs.
Tyler, Mr.    from Hector

Updike, Mr.A.
Upson, Caleb
Unison, Mr.

VanAllen, C.
VanCamp, Andrew   Private 107th Inf Co E, enlisted July 17, 1862;  in battle of Antietam, died of typhoid fever at Harper's  Ferry November 3, 1862
VanDerwert, Ches
VanDevender, John
VanDeulle, All
VanDeulle, Polly
VanDusin         insurance agent
VanNatrick, Morgan  (Mory)
Vanotrick, P.
VanSyle, Mr.
Vosburgh, Mrs. Catharine, wife of A.P.,  b. 5-22-1842, died September 6, 1877
Vosburgh, A.P., b. 9-21-1837, d. 3-21-1926
Vosburgh, John, 1842 – 1929; Co K 15 NY Engineer; wife Charity Chambers (1848 – 1919)
Vosburgh, Pat

Wadle, Mrs. Wadelle   funeral Apr 28, 1869
Wadsworth    nominated governor
Wait, Deforest   (Weight)
Wait, Leroy     died October 10, 1873
Wait, Lewis
Wait, Mary
Wakely, Charles D.
Wakely, Russell
Walker, Geo
Walker Jacob
Walker, Ruth
Washington, Buch
Watkins, Chas R. , storekeeper, married Oct 20, 1869, baby died  February 17, 1873
Watrous, L
Watrous, R
Watson, Uncle
Weatherly, Joseph
Weaver, H.M.
Weaver, O.B.
Weaver, Moses
Webber, Henry
Webber, Lem      Nominated for Assembly 1864
Weddle, Mrs.
Wedgewood, Jim
Weed, Jo M.
Weed, Mason      storekeeper
Wellar, Harlem C. 1839-1915 Beaver Dams Cemetery; his child  buried Dec 13, 1863; wife Mary A. (1844-1911) ; per diaries ousted from Civil War service as deserter 1863  NOTE: His child died in 1863, the same year he left service.
Wellar, Henry, b.3-25- 1814,  d.7-17-1899 Beaver Dams Cemetery, wife Mary Ann  Phelps (b.4-9-1819, d.7-27-1897)
Wellar, Leroy  1850 - 1905
Wellar, Mrs.        Died March 1865                 [Weller]
Wellington, Nate
Wencznet, Mr. & Mrs.
Wendall, I.P.
West, William     his child died August 13, 1873
Westerfelt  (Westerfield)   bur Nov 3, 1866
Westerfelt, Mrs.  funeral Oct 24, 1869
Wheeler, Mark
Wheeler, Martin
White, Cooly
White, Ransom
White, William     of N Y City
Whitford, James
Whitford, P. Mrs.
Whitford, William
Whitmore, Hall
Whitmore, O.A.
Whitmore, P.A.
Wight, Dorcas,  wife of Rev.Phillip, mother of Phillip, died 1869, funeral April 4, 1869
Wight, Nate
Wight, Phillip M., 1814-1892 Beaver Dams Cem, mother Dorcas,  father Rev. Phillip Wight, wife Catharine, b.1813
Wightman, Albert T.  Private 5th Artillary; enlisted January 4,  1864
Wightman, Anson B.
Wightman, Bart (Burt)    returned from war May 17, 1863, and again October 4, 1863
Wightman, Mrs.
Wikely, Mrs.
Wilber, Charles
Wilber Lemuel
Wilber, RP
Willard, Geo
Willard, Ira
Williams, Mrs.    died Dec 7, 1869
Williams, Chester
Williams, George
Williams, Jacob    was a cooper
Williams, Sample
Willison, F.A.
Wily, Mrs.
Wimans, Leroy
Winfield, A.S.
Winfield, Burt
Winfield, Claud      daughter born January 6, 1887
Winton, Henry
Witherall, Henry
Wixon, Lewis
Wixon, Reuben
Wixon, Sanford
Wood, W.A.           government assessor
Wood, Andrew     funeral January 22, 1873
Wood, J.P.   farm equipment dealer in St.Paul
Woodard, Bone
Woodard, Deal
Woodard, S.
Woodford, Governor
Woodrough, Mrs. & Dr.   (Woodruff)
Woodward, Dealie     hired girl
Woodward, Hiram
Woodward, Willard
Woolever, Geo  b.1849;  wife Cassie (1854 – 1923)
Woolever, Humphrey
Woolever, Polly
Woolever, Sam
Woolsey, Emma
Wright, Mary

Upson, Loise

Uncle Dadious
Uncle Goodsel
Uncle Ranson
Uncle Sabry
Uncle Seth

Yaple,         funeral June 5, 1881
Yaple, Mr.  buried August 17, 1887
Yaple, Ester
Yaple, Herm   birthday July 14
Yaple, Jacob ,  died July 28, 1882
Yaple, Lane
Yarnell, L.   of Ovid

Bill, the horse
Charlie, horse
Fred, Mule
George, the colt
John, the horse
Lilly, cow
Pete, the horse
Robb, (OldRob) the horse
Peg, mare

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