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Van Loon Cemetery
Town of  Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

The main list was compiled by Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY.

wf/ = wife of
dau/ = daughter of
son/ or s/ = son of
ae = age at death

 VAN LOON CEMETERY - Town of Catharine

OWEN                        Caroline    3-1-1863, ae 33

HAGER                      John H.
                                    Ruth  his wife    4-14-1889, ae 35

VAN LOON               Richard    3-14-1879, ae74
                                    Martha    his wife
                                    Esther Adelia    dau    1-8-1863, ae 15

THOMAS                   Harriet V.    wife of Edwin    10-1-1833, ae 35

VAN LOON                Peter S.    3-18-1837, ae 10
                                     Richard    son of Abram    7-10-1837, ae 5
                                     Elizabeth    dau of Abram    5-14-1840, ae 2

SHEAR                       Talmon    son of H.H. & Mary    3-14-1854, ae 3

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