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Index to Wills Book #4
From the original index at the Schuyler co., NY courthouse.

Dates are unknown, but appears to be from the mid 1800s.

[Handwritten index was difficult to read at times,
so the best guess was given, as indicated.]

Info from these records can be obtained from the
Schuyler co. Courthouse.  [See mailing address.]
There may be a fee involved.

Contributed by I.C.J.


The numbers are the page numbers in Book #4.  This is an index to Book # 4 of Wills.
This had relatively few names in it and is not part of the main courthouse will index.

ACKLEY, Amanda   67
ADEE or ADER or ADA?, John   151
ABER, Sidney   181
ANDREWS, Hiram   223
ALLEN, Sophronia   301

["B" surnames not available - page skipped]

CRAWFORD, John   43
COREY, William   247
CONKLIN, Julia A.   379
CHAPMAN, Nick?   409

DISBROW, H__t_an  O.   7
DISBROW, Peter   13
DIVIN, William   19
DAVIS, Reuben   283?
DOWNING or DURNING, Robert   349
DAVIS or DAVID, John D.   361

ENGELT ?, John   187

FERRIS, Hust---?   91

[possibly no "G" surnames]

HUBBELL, Edmund W.   31
HAU-- ?, Mark   85
HINMAN, Guy C.   61
HOLDEN ?, Heman   109
HOVEY, Erastus S.   199

JOHNSON, ____?   175    [two "J" surnames were not available]
J_______,           ?   313

KINNAN, Abigal   157
KILBEY or KELLEY ?, Betsey   115

MILLER, Liod ?   45
McELHENEY, Theodore   265
MILLER, Charles   307
MATHER, S_____ ?   319  [looks like "Sucrease" or maybe "Lucrecia"?]
MANN, Duncan C.   331
McCRARY, Elizabeth   355  [aka McCREERY?]
MARING, Andrew   241
MAINE, William   439
MEDDICK, George   445

[There were a few "N" surnames, but not readable in my copy.]

OWEN, Alanson   139

PROPER, Albert W.   55
PUTMAN, Zenig or Zaring?   121
PORTER, Thomas   405

REYNOLDS, Gideon   205

STOUGHTON, Mary   73?
ST----,  Or---   103
SCHOFIELD, Nancy   145
STILWILL, Lewis   219   [STILWELL]
SMITH, Sylvester C.   239
SMITH, Christopher S.   253
SIMMONS, Alonzo   271
SIRRINE, Horace   296
SMITH, Lewis [unreadable word]   337
STRADER, Peter   343
SKIFF or SWIFF ?, Russell   373
SMITH, David   391?
SWARTWOUT ?, Mary E.   436?
SKELLENGER, Mary A.   431 or 471?

TUTTLE, George W.   163
TUTTLE ?, Daniel   385
TILFERS, Hannah Jane   427

VICKERY, Ebenezer   169    [or VICKERG?]
VAN DUZER or VAN DUYER, James   235?


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