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Schuyler County Area Churches

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Churches in Operation Today                                                                   Early Churches Listed in 1879 History

Alpine, NY 

Cayutaville UMC    3430 County Rt 6 c/o Soule   Alpine NY   14805

Alpine UMC   35 Shamrock Dr   Erin NY   14838   739-0470

Beaver Dams, NY 

Beaver Dams United Methodist Church   P O Box 516   1285 County Rt. 19 (Main St.)  Beaver Dams NY   14812   (607) 962-4567 

Grace Lee Memorial Wesleyan Church   2075 Chambers Rd   Beaver Dams NY   14812   962-3225

Grace Baptist Church   3032 Chambers Rd.   Beaver Dams, NY 14812   (607) 962-4864

Burdett, NY 

Burdett Presbyterian Church   P O Box 218  3995 Church St   Burdett NY   14818   546-7901  

 Burdett United Methodist Church  (Church at 4005 Lake St., Burdett, NY)  200 4th St   Watkins Glen NY   14891  

Cayuta, NY 

Cayuta Road Assembly of God   137 Cayuta Rd   Newfield  NY   14867

Dundee, NY 

Starkey UMC   P O Box 289   Dundee NY   14837   315-536-7732 

Weston Pres. Church   4365 Bailey Hill Rd   Dundee NY   14837   292-3279 

Weston Pres. Church   31 Main St   Dundee NY   14837   243-8514, 535-5584  

Hector, NY 

Hector Presb. Church   5516 Rte 414, P O Box 96   Hector NY   14841   546-2134  

Reynoldsville UMC   1728 Parker Rd   Elmira NY   14905   732-5480  

Searsburg Community Church   6024 Brook Rd   Trumansburg NY   14886

Montour Falls, NY 

Worship Musician   209 Montour   Montour Falls NY   14865   535-7295 

Bethel Fellowship   2035 Rt 14   Montour Falls NY   14865   535-9139 

Montour Falls UMC   P O Box 309   Montour Falls NY   14865   535-7204  

First Baptist Church MF   P O Box 578   Montour Falls NY   14865   535-5436  
          (Built in 1873) South Street, Montour Falls, NY 14865 

Montour Falls UMC   P O Box 983  124 Owego St., Montour Falls NY   14893   535-8016  
           (The oldest one in the town; constructed in 1832 & established by a number of families from
            Millport and Havana.  Still has old records from 1850-1869 when it was known as the Methodist Episcopal Church.)
             See also "Guide to M.E. Church Records, 1850-1869" on film at Cornell University. 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church  112 S. Genesee St., Montour Falls, NY14865-9601  (607) 535-7234
            (Built in 1853; has some records from the St. John's Episcopal church of Catharine.)

Odessa, NY 

Odessa & Catharine UMC   2844 Co Line Dr   Big Flats NY   14814   594-2271

Wesleyan Church of Odessa   (304 Church St.)  P O Box 288, 293 College Ave   Odessa NY   14869   594-3433

St. Benedict's Church   5231 Grant Rd   Odessa NY   14869   594-3385

Odessa Baptist Church  200 Maple Ave,  P O Box 149   Odessa NY   14869   (607) 594-2127 

Waycross Sanctuary   P O Box 117   Odessa NY   14869

Altay, Town of Orange, NY 

Altay Baptist Church   6 Corners Rd   Dundee NY   14837   315-536-0225

Reading, NY 

Reading Center Community Church   (2659 Church Rd.)  1884 Pertl Rd   Odessa NY   14869   594-2271 & 594-3437

Rock Stream, NY 

Rock Stream Presb Church   6062 Reading Center Rd   Rock Stream  NY   14878   243-5801

Tyrone, NY 

Tyrone United Methodist Church  Church Hill Rd   P O Box 1   Tyrone NY   14887   292-3539

Watkins Glen, NY area 

Schuyler Catholic Community   P O Box 289   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-2786

Schuyler Episcopal Churches   112 6th St   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-2331   interchurch@hotmail.com 

St. James Episcopal Church  112 6th St. Watkins, Glen, NY  14891-1359  (607) 535-2321 

Moreland Pres. Church   3185 Co Rt 22   Watkins Glen NY   14891   583-4048  

Watkins Glen United Methodist Church   114 12th St   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-2298 

Watkins Glen UMC   P O Box 254   Montour Falls NY   14865   535-9525   Umchurchoffice@stny.rr.com 

Glen Baptist Chruch   3311 Reading Rd   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-4802 

Church of the Nazarene   405 S Madison Ave   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-2313 

Watkins Glen First Presb. Church   500 N Decatur St   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-2377

WG Presb Church   3228 Co Rte 28   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-4789 

WG Presb Church   2456 County Line Rd   Watkins Glen NY   14891 

First Baptist Church WG   213 5th St   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-7385

Lakeview Assembly of God   P O Box 172   Watkins Glen NY   14891   535-9730 

St. Mary's of the Lake Church   5752 St Rt 14A   Dundee NY   14837   243-8460
                (Still has old records from 1848-1868 at the church, 905 N. Decatur St., Watkins Glen, NY )

Early Schuyler County Churches

Listed in the four-county “History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler
Counties, New York” by Everts and Ensign, Philadelphia PA, 1879.  The Schuyler
county portion was reprinted by Morrison Republishers of Ovid NY (with the
pages renumbered) in 1976.

Village of Watkins [page 580, reprint page 60]
Presbyterian Church organized 1818
Methodist Episcopal preacher visited Jefferson by 1810
St. James [Episcopal] Church of Watkins and Reading organized 1830
Catholic Church, first missionary unknown  (after 1833 the Presbyterian
building was purchased)
First Baptist Church of Jefferson organized 1846

Town of Catharine [page 598, reprint page 88]
Methodist Episcopal Society of Catharine organized 1805
Methodist Episcopal Society of Alpine formed 1874
Methodist Episcopal Church of Odessa organized 1877
First Wesleyan Methodist Church of Odessa was in 1856 the consolidation of
Foote’s Hill and East Hollow Societies
St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church of Catharine organized 1809
First Free-Will Baptist Society of Odessa formed 1841
First Baptist Church of Alpine organized 1874 (former branch of Havana

Town of Cayuta [page 605, reprint page 101]
Free Church (non-sectarian) erected 1859
First Baptist Church of Cayuta (close communion) organized 1877

Town of Dix [page 609, reprint page 107]
First Baptist Church of Dix and Orange organized 1833 as Baptist Church of Jersey & Townsend
Baptist Church of Catlin and Dix at Moreland organized about 1830
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Beaver Dams formed as a class about 1833
First Presbyterian Church of Catlin at Moreland org 1834 (earlier Congregational &Presbyterian)
First Universalist Society of Dix organized 1848

Town of Hector [page 628, reprint page 150]
Presbyterian Church of Peach Orchard constituted 1809
Presbyterian Church of Burdett organized 1826
Presbyterian Church of Mecklenburg organized 1833
Baptist Church of Mecklenburg organized 1825 as Second Baptist Church of Hector
Baptist Church in Peach Orchard begun 1820 as Fourth Hector Baptist Church
North Hector Baptist Church constituted 1821 as First Baptist Church in Lodi
Episcopal Church at Peach Orchard organized about 1830, discontinued
Baptist Church of Bennettsburg organized 1809 as First Baptist Church in Hector
Old School Baptist Church in Burdett begun 1836
McIntyre Settlement Methodist Class 1805 united with Mecklenburg
Mecklenburg Methodist class in 1824
Methodist Church at Reynoldsville built 1824
Methodist Church at Burdett begun as a class 1833
Methodist Church of North Hector organized 1857
Logan Methodist Church first class 1816 or 1817
Methodist Church at Steamburg 1856
Methodist organization before 1840 (building  between Reynoldsville and Steamburg)
Christian Church at Searsburg constituted 1817
Society of Friends meeting from 1814 in Perry City

Village of Havana (now Montour Falls) [page 648, reprint page 178]
First Presbyterian Church of Havana organized 1829
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Havana probably a class 1820
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Havana organized 1856
First Baptist Church of Havana organized 1869
African Union Protestant Church of Havana organized 1870

Town of Orange [page 666, reprint page 200]
Presbyterian Church of Mead’s Creek organized 1824
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Monterey organized 1827 or 1828
Baptist Church of Orange in Monterey village formed as Mead’s Creek Baptist church 1837
Bradford Baptist Church organized 1834, a previous church about 1824
Presbyterian Church at Sugar Hill (perhaps about 1860 from Pine Grove Church of Tyrone)

Town of Reading [page 674, page 210]
Second Baptist Church of Reading organized 1809, disbanded 1833
Baptist Church of Reading formed 1833
Methodist Episcopal Church of Reading first building about 1818

Town of Tyrone [page 683, reprint page 221]
Tyrone Baptist Church constituted as Baptist Church of Jersey 1815
Methodist Episcopal Church of Pine Grove class about 1830, using former Presbyterian bldg
Methodist Episcopal Church of Tyrone Village formed 1828
Altay Baptist Church formed 1824 from First Baptist Church of Reading
Presbyterian Church of Tyrone formed 1832 at the union church in Tyrone village
Methodist Episcopal Church of Wayne Village formed about 1830
Baptist Church of Wayne Village organized 1819 as Second Baptist Church of Wayne

 [notes by Rev. Jim Lesch 10/04]

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