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BAKER Genealogy Notes

Also mentioning the surnames:  Arnold, Bates, Booran, Briggs, Buck, Carr, Cobb, Cooper, Dean, DeCamp, Duffy, Eray, Everts, Faboni, Fairfield, Fox, Foyes, Gage, Ganung, Gorton, Grady, Graham, Grant, Hendricks, Ischie, Kendall, Knapp, Langborn, Lehman, Lincoln, Nye, Rice, Simmons, Snooks, Stevens, Teed, Thomas, Townsend, Tracy, Vaughan, Wardell, Wetsel.

(Notes compiled by Irene Crout Johnson.  Re-typed as received by Linda Z. O'Halloran.)

George Baker was supposed to have been  b. in England.  He married Eda Simmons.
They had 3 children at least: George H. Jr., Edward, and Eliza.
Edward was [related to?] Clara Teed of Dundee.

Baker, Judson, I Vol. Calvary, enlisted Sept. 1864.
Baker, Barnard Pvt. enlisted Apr. 25, 1863.  Discharged May 21, 1863 at the expiration of the enlistment.


LYMAN BAKER  b. 1834 d. July 27, 1925
Guy Baker, son, Dushow, PA
Jennie Fox, dau, Munsey, PA
Bernice Baker, dau, Tyrone, Schuyler co., NY
Fred L. Baker, Dundee, NY
Lizzie DeCamp, dau, Tyrone, Schuyler co., NY
Ira Baker, son, Tyrone, Schuyler co., NY
Lyman came from PA.

SAMUEL  BAKER --Town of Cameron  Mar. 4, 1852
son Daniel Baker, $200
dau Scintha M. Duffy  $100
dau Laura Dean  $100

AUSTIN BAKER  Vol. 10, p11 of Bath, NY Wills.
Made May 16, 1866, Town of Howard, Steuben co., NY.
Gives wife Caroline Melissa (Sept. 22, 1866) all his real and personal property and she's to be guardian of his infant children--Arome Adelpha and Emily C.W. Baker.  Settled Apr. 6, 1867.

WILLIAM BAKER  Town of Urbana, Steuben co., NY
wife Eunice; give all to wife and son Aaron.

Clara Teed's great-uncle--brought up her aunt and uncle. Her grandmother kept her mother. Her grandfather was killed in a runaway horse and buggy accident. Great grandparents were George and Eda Simmons Baker.  There were 2 Edmund Bakers, one buried in the Baptist Church Cem. in Wayne township, and one in McDowell cem.--One d. 1804 and the other d. May 16, 18??

DR. ROLLIN O. BAKER--Watkins Wills, pg. #7308.
d. Feb. 11, 1942  Rochester, NY.
wife Mary Louise.
son, Rollin Erwin Baker, Elimira, NY.
son Robert O. Baker, Montour Falls, NY.
Two houses and lot on westerly side of Mulberry St, Montour Falls, NY.
 Instruments and medical equipment worth $2,000.  Bills owed him = $5,450.

WILLIAM E. BAKER  Apr. 1, 1860.
wife Mary and 6 minor children: Albert, Charles, Louisa Jane, Sarah Isabella, Janette, and Emma.  Will made out Montour, Schuyler.

ORLO BAKER--Watkins p. 6760
Henry Baker, next of kin & executor.
wife, Etta Baker.  A house and lot  in Watkins Glen, Monroe St., left to son Seth, adult.

W. FRANK BAKER--Schuyler co. Wills, Dix pg. 4041,  May 9, 1910.
wife Carrie Baker,
mother Juliette Baker,
Etta Briggs, sister.

JAMES BAKER Mar. 5, 1909, pg. 3941
Left everything to wife Alice.
He was son of Robert E. and Margaret Jane Snooks.

MARY G. BAKER  May 29, 1927  pg. 5822, Village of Burdett.
dau. in law Edna M. Baker  $100
granddau., Marian E. Baker  $500
granddau., Iva M. Baker  $500
grandson, Stanley Buck $100
granddau., Margaret Hendricks  $100
All that is left equally divide between
daughters Eda J. Vaughan, Mary E. Buck, Della Hendricks.

Bath, NY Wills

mother Sarah Thomas
William Lincoln 12, member of family since early childhood.
(Cornelia Gage cousin)  daughter of cousin Charles (mother's sisters' son)  She didn't get date. All above are heirs to the will.

JAMES BAKER, City of Corning.
dau., Mary L. Lehman
dau., Adeline B. Carr
dau., Carrie
son, Frank Baker,
son, John Baker,
son, C.H. Baker
son, James Baker.

only son, Charles, mentioned as heir and executor.

Left everything to wife Ida, also his executor. Town of Bath 1912.

To son Merit, all the land deeded by George Farmham and wife to me Feb. 24, 1862.
To son Otis Baker, all land in town of Rathburn also all land in Addison;
Give to daughter Minnie Baker all the land in Addison in a deed made by Henry Voorhees, and all household effects.

To sons Edwin P. Baker and Charles Baker, my estate known as Kano Mill Property;
give to sons the use of farm in village of Cameron, 75 acres known as John Rowley Farm.

SELDEN S. BAKER--Vol 9, pg. 171--book of wills.
Heir, Vance Baker, son
Will made Mar. 29, 1860. Probated Mar. 6, 1865.
Bozey Baker also heir.
Lot of Hornellville, Co. of Steuben, State of NY.
dau., Mainda (Melinda?) Baker
son, Josva (Joshua?) S. Baker
dau., Ann Linda Baker
son, Uriah S. Baker, son John, dau. Minerva ("says only dau. Minerva, but must be grandau.")

SARAH BAKER (Daniel's wife) will--Watkins, NY Drawer #1628-1647
Died Mar. 24, 1875.
Daniel Baker born in Vermont.
Sarah Baker, his wife, born in Tompkins co., NY.
son, Hiram Baker, town of Orange, Schuyler co., NY.
Angeline Baker, Philadelphia, PA, dau.
L.W. Baker, town of Dix, grandson.
King Baker, Dix, grandson.
Albert Baker, Montour, grandson.
Frank Baker, Dix, grandson.
Schedule E. Paid:  L.W. Baker 72.50, Hiram Baker 20.00, Mary Baker 30.00, Albert 12.00, Helen Baker 5.00, King Baker 20.00.

ELIZA BATES BAKER  (wife of Hiram B. Baker)--pg. 2508, Watkins wills
Probated Nov. 6, 1893.
Emma Grady, niece, Binghamton, Dix.
Harriet Baker Kendall, sister, Horse Heads, NY (married Ira B. Kendall)
George Bates, brother, Lockport, NY
Jennie Nye, niece, Town of Dix
Brothers, Town of Orange, (8?) 
Monroe Bates, executor.
Elijah Tracy, guardian of King and Harriet Baker, minor children of Philander and Elizabeth Baker, also called Mercy.  Elijah Tracy's wife was Caroline.

DANIEL BAKER & SALLY (SARAH)  BAKER--Will 1875  45 to 95.
Hiram Baker, son
Johnson Baker, son
Loring Baker, son
Alfred J. Baker, son
King Baker, son
Harriet Kendall, dau.
(other wills list Harriet & King as grandchildren--their parents were Philander Baker & Mercy=Elizabeth.)

KING BAKER  Will, Jan. 16, 1925, pg. 5518, Watkins Glen, NY.
King Baker of the Town of Dix.
William H. Baker, sole heir (with Mrs. William H. Baker only other party interested in estate.)
Mrs. William H. Baker,  Frank C. Ganung (of Bath) signed off.
Note to Sarah Baker $525.00.

ASA BAKER--Dec. 18, 1902--176 C, Book of Wills, Penn Yan, NY.
Julia Baker, executrix.
Lissie Baker, dau. by former wife.
James Baker, grandson, Waterloo, 20yrs.
Zilla Baker, grandaughter, 17 yrs.
Phillip Baker, grandson age 15 yrs.
Edgar Baker, brother, Owego Falls, 67 yrs.
James Baker, over 21, brother, Jamesville, Missouri.
Jane Rice, over 21, sister, Brooklyn, NY.

WILLIAM BAKER--Bath Wills, Vol. I Book of Wills.
Town of Canisteo, Sep. 12, 1800.
Wife Phebe to get everything but Las Wardell (no relation mentioned) to get half interest on real and personal property if wife remarried.

SAMUEL BAKER Jr.--Vol. 3, pg. 265 of Wills, Town of Urbana, NY June 6, 1842.
John Baker--2 lots of land in Ohio, also Faulkner farm.
Wife, Catherine.
eldest dau., Julianne Cobb.
dau., Lois, not 21.
unmarried daughters--no names

SAMUEL BAKER, Sr.  Urbana, NY, Vol. 3, pg. 311, Jan. 26, 1837  Book of Wills.
son, William.
son, Samuel.
dau. Cathy, wife of William Fairfield, town of Pultney.
Thomas J. Ischie (here "wife = Elizabeth Baker" written).
Mary, wife of Joseph Baker.
Nephena Eray, wife of Lewis Eray.
Sophia Stevens widow of George Stevens.
Lucretia Arnold, wife of Sylvester Arnold.

W. FRANK BAKER--Town of Dix, Watkins wills, May 9, 1910,  pg. 4041.
wife Carrie Baker
Juliette Baker, mother
Georgie Wetsel, sister
Etta Briggs, sister
The mother and sisters were signing some property over to wife Carrie.

ORRIN BAKER--Watkins Wills pg. 82, Oct. 23, 1869.
Amanda Baker, wife
Emma Booram, daughter, wife of Sylvester Booram.
Martha O. Baker Knapp, dau.

OLIN J. BAKER--pg. 3833 20 yrs. of age  Sep. 24, 1908.
Tippett S. Baker (uncle)
Parents, James W. and Mary Baker, deceased.


Town of Tyrone, 1850 Census
Orrin Baker, 41;  Hannah, 41, wife;  Delson, 19, son;  Edward, 15, son;  Ann, 16, dau.;
Orrin, 15, son;  Almond, 11, son; Hulda, 7, dau.
Deed citation omits Almond and Delson, and adds grandchildren Guy, Alice and Cra?
Delson killed at Harpers Ferry, Civil War.

These are the Tracys that were made general guardian of King Baker and Harriet Baker.
Elijah Tracy  b. Nov. 8, 1808  d. Jan 10, 1886
Carolyn Tracy, his wife  b. May 5, 1808  d. Jan 11, 1899
Ellen Tracy, dau.  d. Sep. 20, 1842  3yrs.

W.H. Teed, resident Trumansburg, NY   d. Dec. 17, 1899  cancer lot 72.
Hale Teed  Trumansburg, NY  d. Mar. 11, 1854, 10mo.

1820 census, Bath, NY
Edmund Baker--4 males, 3 females; 1 married female, 1 male for militia duty, 3 unmarried females.

Steuben co., NY  1825 Census
Benjamin Baker, Wayne,   4-7-1-2.

In Lindley, NY  1905 census
John B. Baker, 64 yrs.
Katie J. his wife, 45 yrs.
Grace Heffner, 18 yrs. dau.

Town of Dix, Schuyler co. 1855 Watkin Census
Alonzo Baker, age 21 b. Chemung co., NY.
Eliza his wife, age 23  b. Chemung
Alfred J. Baker  brother
Margaret age 22, sister
George Baker, age 3 son  b. Chemung
George F. Baker age 2, b. Chemung
Alfred and Margaret were married and one George was theirs.  In 1865 George was 13.

Watkins Census 1855 town of Orange
Hiram Baker, age 28, born Chemung co.
Eliza Baker, his wife  age 30 b. Yates co.
Clarissa dau  5 yrs.
David son 4 yrs.

Bath, NY census 1860
Del(e)son Baker 28yrs. Close Baptist minister.
Rachael Baker, 28 yrs., wife
Allice A.  7 yrs., dau
Edmund M.  5 yrs., son

Urbana, NY  1860 census
Roxina Baker,      28, f.  b.NY
Charles Kingsley 24, m. b. NY
Luellin Kingsley  b. NY
Frank Kingsley  18, b. NY
Fanny Baker  6, b. NY
Samuel Baker 3, b. NY
Mary Reid(?)  60  b. "Baravia" (domestic)
John Baker 33 Miller b. NY

George Baker, head of household, b. 1853
Netta his wife
Alonzo Spears, adopted son, b. Dec. 1881, 18yrs,.
John Baker  b. Sep 18, 1882  age 17
Emma Baker  b. 1884  age 15
Eddie Baker b. 1891  age 8
other children:  George , Ethel (Clara Teed's mother--go to beginning for the rest of the info on her line.)

Caton, Steuben co., NY census 1905
Levi Baker, 55 yrs.
Ella wife
Hattie 14 yrs. dau
Lena 4 yrs. dau
Anna M. 1 yr dau
William or F. Baker 52 yrs.
Carrie J. Baker  37 yrs.

Clifford F. Baker  19 years with Herrick family.

Town of Hornby Steuben co., NY census 1905
Manly Baker 66 yrs.
Angeline M. Baker  64 yrs.,  wife
William E. Hayes, grandson, 15 yrs.

Town of Addison Steuben co., NY 1905
W. H. Baker  65 yrs. b. 1840
Libbie 52 yrs.

Watkins, Schuyler co., NY Census, Town of Catharine  1855
[original page said 1865 census, but should be 1855]
William E. Baker  33
Mary G. Baker  32, wife
Albert Baker son 7 yrs.
L. J. Baker dau. 5 yrs.

Tyrone 1875 Census
Edmund Baker
Mary, wife
John , son
Mary, dau.

Immigrant Records copied from Courthouse in PennYan
Stanley Albert Baker 21 yrs. white male basket-maker immigrated from Liverpool, England, 1812  b. South Wales P Pentri Ystred.
Elizabeth Ann Baker, 62, 125 lbs 5'4" housekeeper, from Hempshill, England,
b. South Wales Pentri.  Came 13th day of Feb. 1812,  Baltic Ship.
Daniel Baker, b. Germany, Naturalized Oct. 23, 1863.

1860 West Union, Steuben
Conklin Baker, female, married , 59 yrars old died of dropsy, sick one year.

From Schuyler co. Historical Museum in Montour
?? Baker, son of William C. Baker, Watkins, married Emma Townsend 12-19-1901
Bertha Baker married Herman Arnold Tyrone c. PA
Edna May Baker Montour Falls, married Anthony Faboni of Watkins 2-6-1937
Emma E. Baker married Floyd Grant 1-25-1882(?) both of Odessa, NY
Mrs. Lucy Baker, Watkins, married Newman H. Foyes of Geneva  10-10-1871
Sarah Baker, Havana, married Norman Langborn Beaver Dams  10-26-1871
Sarah Baker, Jersey City married Alagon Everts, Havana, 6-10-1871
William Baker, Dix, married Sarah Graham, Beaver Dams 12-19-1900

Philander Baker died 10-16-1857  32, yrs. 2mo 9da.
Elizabeth, also called Mercy E., his wife, d. 8-24-1858  age 30 yrs. 7mo.
[Elijah Tracy was guardian of their children King Baker and Harriet Baker Kendall.]

In 1813 Abel Kendall came here from Gardner, Mass. with his sons, Abel Jr. (age 13, later married Betsy), Silas (age 11), Herman (age 7), and Lyman.  They settled here in Altay on land Mr. Kendall bought from Capt. Coon.. Altay was first Sap Tub Hollow, then it became Kendall Hollow.
Chancy Kendall is believed to have been the father of Frank.

(Abraham Spear's wife was also Sarah.  Clara Teed's sister-in-law died in 1952, leaving 4 young children. The oldest, Blanch Ann, married a George Bowman. His father was also George Bowman. Ernest Crout knows this person.  George Baker married Eda Simmour and he may have been killed in the Civil War.)

Bath, NY Wills
George Baker  July 17, 1941
wife Phebe
dau Adele Cooper
sons Myron and Burt Baker
dau Nellie Gorton

Aphiniah H. Baker,  Townsend (town?), born 1848.

Watkins Census 1855 Dix
Amos Royce, age 51
Marilla, age 45, wife
Abigail Baker, age 79, mother  b. Conn. (wife of Amos)

1865 Census Dix Townsend
William H. Baker,  age 36, b. Onondaga,  Jeweler
Sarah I. Baker, age 26, wife, b. PA
Ada, age 8, dau, b. Steuben
Alonzo,  age 4, son,  b. PA
Francis, age 3, dau, b. PA

Damatha Baker, age 23, servant to Harry Gwen 48 and wife Harriet 40.

Alfred Baker, age 35,  b. Chemung, farmer
Margaret Baker, wife, age 36,  b. Chemung
George, son, age 13,  b. Chemung

Tyrone Census 1865
Hiram Baker, age 46, merchant
Finneetta, age 46
Mary, age 16
Isaac, age 14

Watkins Census 1865
Chauncy Kendall  age 34
Catherine, wife, age 38
Frank W., son
Hatta, dau, age 10
Cora, dau, age 8.

   BAKER Burials

BAKER, GRANT E. 1869-1893
New Sugar Hill Cemetery

BAKER, HIRAM O. Nov.4,1824-Aug 20,1884
Martha, (wife) Dec 19,1835 to------
        New Sugar Hill Cemetery

HENRY, BAKER     died June 11,1837 aged 82 yr 15 da
        Gabriel Cemetery, Reading Center, NY

BAKER, J.F.W.-son of James and Mary -died Nov.18,1854 aged 23yr 1 mo 7da
Nettie (sister) died February 17,1865-aged 1 yr 6 mo
        buried Cayuta Cemetery, Cayuta, NY

BAKER, JOSEPH- died April 26,1868 aged 72 yr 7 mo26 da
        Mary (wife) died April 26,1858 aged 60 yr 9da
        Lucy (dau) died September 21,1854-aged 21 yr 1mo 26 da
        Hector Cemetery, Hector, NY

BAKER, KING J. 1849-1925
        Elena J (wife) 1848-1913
        Beaver Dams Cemetery, Beaver Dams NY

BAKER, JOHN W. 1828-1908
        MARY J.  his wife 1833-1909
        Mecklenburg Cemetery, Mecklenburg, NY

BAKER, W. H. died June 21,1891 aged 65 yr  [Bryan Cass writes that death date should be
        Jun. 21, 1881, not 1891.  He was born about 1816 and had tuberculosis in 1880.]
        Lawrence Cemetery, Cayuta Lake Rd, Cayuta, NY

BAKER, CARY of Binghamton, died July 1871
        cemetery unknown

BAKER, ELIJAH of Lodi-died June 29, 1876 aged 64 yr
        children:C.S. Baker of Dundee
                      Mrs. A. G. Everets of Montour Falls
                      F.E. Baker of Syracuse
       cemetery unknown

Then entered again the following information
BAKER, ELIJAH died June 9,1876 age 64 yr
        Susan E. wife died June 2, 1868-58 yrs
        buried Burdett Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Burdett, NY

BAKER, MRS. ELIZABETH of Mecklenburg died Sept 24, 1889 aged 73 yr

BAKER, CHARLES C. 1820-1909
        Mary E. his wife 1824-1846
        Mitchell Cemetery, Highland, NY

BAKER, CHRISTOPHER      died March 21,1850 aged 52 yr 5 mo 15 da
        Burdett Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Burdett NY

BAKER, ELMER    -RD#2 Watkins Glen-died Feb 12,1975 aged 70 yrs.
        Beaver Dams, NY

BAKER, MRS. EMMA of Lodi-died March 5, 1975 aged 89 yrs
        West Lodi, NY

BAKER,HARMON died March 28,1831 aged 28 yrs 5mo 7 da
        Townsend Cemetery, Townsend NY

BAKER, HIRAM B. september 8,1827-March 23,1898
        wife Eliza Aug. 25, 1824 -Sept 2,1894
        Old Sugar HIll Cemetery

BAKER,MRS. NETTILLA B. of Odessa-died Mar 27,1965 aged 84 yrs
        Laurel Hill Cemetery NY

BAKER,RACHAEL wife of THOMAS SARJENT BAKER, died May 14,1845 aged 84 yrs.
        Reynoldsville Cemetery.

BAKER,ROBERT died Oct 2,1869 aged 27 yrs 2 mo 23 da
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone NY

BAKER, LYMAN 1834-1925
        Elizabeth GRAVELY wife,1834-1917
        Tyrone Cemetery Tyrone, NY

BAKER, LETA D. June 9, 1899 -Aug. 31, 1909
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone, NY

BAKER,ROBERT A. June 8,1816-Feb. 8, 1898
        Marjaret J wife., July 16, 1819-June 28, 1895
        Tyrone Cemetery Tyrone, NY

BAKER,LEE W. Mar.12,1863-Oct. 12,1928
        Vinnie, wife, July 29, 1863- Feb. 2, 1905
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone, NY

BAKER, JAMES W. died March 5, 1909-aged 70 yrs.
        Caroline, wife, died May 28, 1871 aged 33 yrs
        Sarah, wife, died Mrch 2, 1907 aged 59 yr 11mo 14 da
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone, NY

        Martha J GILES wife, 1848-1926
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone, NY

BAKER,ISAAC 1851--blank
        Frances wife died March 20, 1877 aged 24 yr 8mo
        Susan A. ELLISON WIFE 1854-1930
        Tyrone Cemeetery Tyrone, NY

BAKER, LIBBY LOVE  wife of E.(Emmett) H. -Sept. 10,1878-Mary 25, 1901
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone, NY

BAKER, GEORGE R. 1856-1932
        Cynthia A wife 1856-1917
        Tyrone Cemetery, Tyrone, NY

        Mary Cross wife, 1861-1929
        New Reading Cemetery, Highland, NY

BAKER, ANGELINE of Trumansburg NY died May 13,1912 aged 88 yr
        Grove Cemetery,Trumansburg, NY

BAKER,GEORGE M. died Sept 2,1916 aged 54yr (suicide)

BAKER, THOMAS A. of Trumansburg NY,died April 30,1925 aged 70
        acute indigestion and heart failure
        Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY

BAKER, WINIFRED STONE of Tulsa, Oklahoma=died Jan.6,1926 aged 71 yr
        (fractured skull) Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY

BAKER, ABRAHAM died Nov 24, 1844-aged 22yr 1 mo 20 da
        Huldah- June30, 1793-Oct 23, 1896 (wife of Samuel)
        Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, NY

BAKER, ELEANOR wife of H.H.  dau.Vinson and Elizabeth RUNYAN
        died Jan 18, 1853-aged 61 yr
        Charles son of H.H. died March 16, 1813 aged 1 yr
            Burgh Cemetery, Fayette, NY

BAKER, FRANCIS March 12, 1787-July 19, 1864 aged 77 yr 4 mo ?da
        Henrietta dau. of F. and Sarah, died Sept 29, 1829 aged 2 yrs
        Ovid Gospel Lot, Ovid, NY

BAKER,CHRISTIAN son of John and Barbary died Aug 21,1851 aged 38 yr
        Hannah wife and 2nd wife of A.J. BROTT died Feb 9, 1881 aged 61 yr
        West Lodi Cemetery, Lodi, NY

BAKER,CHARLES died Feb 14, 1886 aged 77 yrs
        Jane wife died June 8, 1979 aged 67 yr 1mo 26 da
        Whitfield J son, died Jan 28, 1839 aged 4 yr
        John C. son died April 8, 1868 aged 21 yr 2mo 14 da
        West Lodi, Lodi, NY

BAKER, DANIEL Aug 22, 1873-May 24,1903
        West Lodi, Lodi NY

BAKER, MOSES Nov. 25, 1815-Nov. 18, 1899
        Samuel F 1836-1916
        Mary G BURRITT wife 1846-1927
        Floyd S 1881-1881
        Cass L. 1870-1890
        Maggie R. 1875-1888
        Hector Union Cemetery, Hector, NY

BAKER, CHRISTOPHER died Mar 21, 1850 aged 52 yr 5mo 15 da
        Old Burdett Cemetery Burdett, NY

BAKER,ELIJAH died June 29, 1876 -aged 63 yr
        Susan E wife June 3, 1868 died aged 58 yr
        Old Burdett cemetery, Burdett NY

        Lula B. 1889-1959
        Charles E 1922-1951
        Hector Cemetery Hector NY

BODINE, PETER V.N. 1832-1902
        Helen E Baker wife died Jan 23, 1872 aged 34 yr 7mo 6 da
        Willie son Dec 27, 1876-March 13.1877
        West Lodi Cemetery Lodi, NY

STEVENS,JOHN H. 1843-1931
        Anah BAKER wife 1856-1932
        Fred C son 1886-1933
        Ida H. 1875-1935
        West Lodi, Lodi, NY

        Nancy A. 1848-1936
        Thomas W July 4, 1803- March 16, 1895
        Louise L BAKER wife Oct. 14, 1804-May 17, 1884
        Asa, April 13,1834-Sept 24, 1847
        John T. 1830-1907 son of TW and LL
        Sarah 1826-1910
        Hector Union Cemetery, Mecklenburg, NY

WHITE, FLOYD J. died Dec 13, 1868
        adopted son of JW and Mary J BAKER
        Mecklenburg Union Cemetery Mecklenburg, NY

BAKER,HENRY-------committed suicide.
        Angelina wife
BAKER,OLIVE died Aug. 25,1877 aged 70-brief illness
BAKER, ELMER died  Feb 12,1975, 70 yr
BAKER, FRANK died Jan 19,1883 age 30 yr 4 m 7da
BAKER, ELLA M. dau. of LW and Eliza-diedApr 28, 1872- 16 yr 2mo
BAKER, PHILANDER died Oct 16, 1857 age 32 yr 2mo 9 da
        wife Mercy Elizabeth died Aug 24, 1858 age 30 yrs 7 mo
BAKER, AMOS died Dec 21, 1853-75yr 7 mo
        wife Abigail died Oct 9,1861 age 84 yr 9mo
BAKER,ALFRED died Sept 13,1875-45yr,9mo
        wife Margret died Nov 9, 1860 -28 yr
BAKER,HARMON died Mar. 28, 1831 age 28 yr 5mo 7da.
        buried Townsend. NY

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