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Memory Book of Elizabeth "Bib" Harris Beattie
1917 - 1933
Hector, Schuyler co., NY

Many thanks to Martha S. Magill, Asst. State Coordinator, NY Genweb,
who purchased this scrapbook and typed it up for the website.

I had the opportunity to purchase (hundreds of miles to the southeast) a large memory scrapbook belonging to Elizabeth Harris Beattie of the town of Hector, Schuyler County.   Elizabeth's scrapbook is about 4 inches thick, containing two leather-bound diaries, dance cards, school graduation programs, theatre brochures, obits, newspaper clippings, party placecards, tickets, love letters (in envelope labeled "Keep Out!! Under Penalty of Imprisonment by order of E.H. Beattie"), report cards, pressed flowers, crayon drawings and art projects, college acceptance letter, souvenirs from a trip across the U.S. and her Grand European Tour after college, and many other mementos. Bib's family's financial circumstances were not typical of that of her schoolmates in Hector.

"Bib's" scrapbook starts around 1917, when she was in the 5th grade attending School District No. 4 in Hector, continues on through her years at the Hartridge School in Plainfield, New Jersey (near where her father had other family), and on to her years as a student at Vassar College. The last item is a December 1933 newspaper clipping about Storrs A. BURROWS' private grove of trees in Groton, Tompkins County, New York. Below are transcriptions of the items of Schuyler County interest.

Martha S. Magill
Asst. State Coordinator


#1 - Newspaper clipping of honor students from Valois. Pasted on same page as Elizabeth's 1917 5th Grade report card.

Valois (no date)

The students who were successful in Regents' examinations held in Valois school June 14, 15 and 16 are as follows:

Reading - Elizabeth Beattie, Leona Bond, Ethel Cronk, Richard Gallow, Robert Longstreet, Sybil Osburn, Auriol Sutphen

Writing - Elizabeth Beattie, Leona Bond, Alice Cronk, Ethel Cronk, Auriol Sutphen, Richard Galloe, Helen Hawe, Robert Longstreet, Celia Osburn, Sybil Osburn

Spelling - Helen Clawson, Dorothea Criss, Richard Gallow, James Hawes, Robert Longstreet, Marguerite Lathrop, Lynn LaMoreaux, Marion Mickel, Roy Mizener, Ruth Smith, Auriol Sutphen, Cecil Updike

Elementary English - Elizabeth Beattie, Leona Bond, Ethel Cronk, Celia Osburn, Sybil Osburn

Arithmetic - Elizabeth Beattie, Leona Bond, Richard Gallow, James Hawes, Robert Longstreet, Grant Newkirk, Celia Osburn

Geography - Eugene Boorom, Alice Cronk, Sarah Harrison, James Hawes, Lynn LaMoreaux, Marion Mickel, Cecil Updike

Elementary United States History with civics - Elizabeth Beattie, Robert Longstreet, Marion Mickel, Celia Osburn

Those completing preliminary work during the school year: Elizabeth Beattie, Leona Bond, Ethel Cronk, Richard Gallow, Sybil Osburn, Howard M. Budd, Robert Longstreet and Auriol Sutphen


#2 - May 27, 1915 Certificate from the University of the State of New York Pupils Reading Circle. Given to Elizabeth Beattie, student in School District No. 26, Town of Hector, Schuyler County. Signed by Elizabeth Purdy, teacher, W.B. Huston, Trustee or President of School Board, and Alberta Spaulding, District Superintendent.


#3 - Certificate that Elizabeth passed 5th grade, dated July 1, 1917, signed by Irene Seybolt, Teacher and Alberta Spaulding, Superintendent.


#4 - Certificate that Elizabeth "completed requirements for admission to academic grade", dated July 14-18, 1920, signed by Alberta Spaulding.


#5 - letter sent to Elizabeth by Walter Sproul, dated Mar. 25, 1918 from Watkins, N.Y. (exactly as written)

Dear friend:- I saw that you were here Saturday and Sunday but did not see you to talk to you. Are you coming down Easter Vacation. We have 10 days here. I am (word omitted) this letter to you instead of during by algebra. Pass away time. I do not have much time to write at home as I am a businessman that is a boot-black. Emma sits nearly across from me in school and we have lots of fun our teacher is good and not harmless. I will have to close as they are coming in from the high school for algebra. Hoping to hear from you.
Your friend,
Walter Sproul
Watkins N.Y.


#6 - a pamphlet for a play "The Real Thing After All", presented by the Senior Class of Watkins High School - no date

Class Roll on back of program:

Miss Kathleen Miller, Class Teacher
Bayliss W. Bartlett, Pres.
Mary K. Oleson, Vice-Pres.
William Tuttle, Treas.
Grace Abbott, Sec.
Harold V. Hager, Business Manager

Bernice Bates
Beatrice Bement
Ruth Birge
Thelma Bond
Stilwell Brown
Frances Buck
Alice Coon
John Coughlin
Joseph Culligan
Louise Drake
John Frank
Clarence Frost
Edna Granston
Helen Haughey
Cora Howell
Gertrude Hubbell
Helen Huston
Oliver Kendall
Jack Love
Dorothea Mayham
Frank Moran
Francis Philp
Edward Quirk
Rose Rooney
Bernice Sleeper
Margaret Smith
Royce M. Smith
John J. Thompson
Thomas Vanderhoof
Hope Williams

Advertisement: Thomas R. Maddock, specialist in Men's and Women's Wear, Forbes Building, Watkins, N.Y.
Advertisement: L.H. Durand Son & Company, Watkins, N.Y. - Our New April Records Are Here. Big Hits. Come in and Hear Them.

Students in the play: John Coughlin, Mary Oleson, Bernice Bates, Helen Huston, Thomas Venderhoof, Grace Abbott, Bayliss Bartlett, Dorothea Mayham, Edward Quirk, Ruth Birge, John Frank, Harold Hager (Elizabeth's boyfriend for a time), Cora Howell, Frances Buck, Rose Rooney, Frank Moran

Students in the orchestra: Irving Wess, Harold Ely, Thomas O'Rourke, Francis Philp, Charles Haight, Ransom Lawton. John J. Thompson, Director.


#7 - Undated newspaper photo of Lodi-Watkins Highway Assistance Committee, newspaper not noted (can't be scanned without damaging scrapbook)

Row 1 - Edward Flood, Paul D. Adams, C. Earl Hagar, R.J. Wadd, J.E. Latourrette, Clarence M. Campbell, H.H. Hazlitt
Row 2 - Elmer G. Porter, F.E. Erdman, W.R. Johnson, H.S. Lamoreaux, W.S. Lozier
Row 3 - G.L. Mickel, Wm. Wickham, Thos. Spencer
Row 4 - R.C. Traphagen, C.E. Swarthout, C.M. Durland, C.H. Beattie, John C. Townsend, Wm. Barnhardt, E.C. Hatch, Joseph M. Murray, P.H. Murray, Arthur J. Peck


#8 - Lodi High School, Lodi, New York High School Annual for 1920, Volume II. There were only five graduating seniors.

Elizabeth Taggerty, President
H. Glenn Covert, Vice President
Thomas Taggerty, Secretary,
James R. Hazlett, Treasurer
Willis F. Longstreet

* Clawson, Willard
Hiney, Blanche
Huston, Elinor
* Jennings, Arthur
Wilson, Allouise

Birge, Ruth
Covert, Leroy
Hazlitt, Dorothea
Huston, Helen
Kead, Kathleen
* Meeker, Elizabeth
Nichols, Clarence

Budd, Olin
Burdin, Scott
Clawson, Mildred
Essom, Helen
* Essom, Madeline
Essom, Milnor
Freudenheim, Eudora
* Huff, Donald
Huff, Louise
Koch, Marion
Spriggs, Bernice
* Traphagen, Milton
Van Doren, Harold
Van Vleet, Frank
Voohees, James
Wiley, Howard

* Note - left school during year.

Faculty of 1919-1920:
James C. Foote, Principal
Miss Sarak K. Lott, Preceptress
Miss Molly Morgan, Inter.
Miss Evelyn M. Nash, First Asst.
Miss Clara Griswold, Prim.

Advertisers in the 1920 Annual were:

C.H. Wiley - wholesale hay, grain and beans, Lodi, NY
N. Freudenheim - men's, ladies' and children's wearing apparel, Lodi, NY
W.F. Humphrey - printers, Geneva, NY
A.C. Darling - groceries, stationery, ice cream, tobacco, candies, Lodi, NY
Charles A. Woodworth Co. - drugs & medicines, Lodi, NY
E.C. Foote & Bro. - tailors & cleaners, Geneva, NY
B. W. Scott Book and Art Shop - Geneva, NY
H.S. Covert - motor overhauling, Lodi, NY
Arthur Stevens - barber, Lodi, NY
Minor Brown - general merchandise, Lodi, NY
Miss Judith Lott - millinery, fancy goods, Lodi, NY
Nichols Hotel - E.R. Nichols, prop., Lodi, NY
James Farrell - general merchandise, Lodi, NY
Flynn & Early - furniture and undertaking, Lodi, NY
S.L. Sheldon - amateur finishing by mail, Ithaca, NY
The Charles H. Hagar Co. Department Store - dry goods, shoes, groceries, hardware, Valois, NY
Interlaken Sales Co. Dodge Brothers Motor Cars - Interlaken, NY
John J. Williams - meat markets at Lodi, Ovid, Burdett
Gulick & Miller - garage, woils, gasoline, auto livery, etc., Lodi, NY
Charles Miller - barger, Lodi, NY
W.S. Gunderman - harness and auto supplies, insurance, Lodi, NY
The Howard Peterson Co. - dry goods, Lodi, NY
E.H. Stevens - barber, ice cream, soft drinks, tobacco and cigars, Valois, NY
Banking House of O.G. and D.C. Wheeler, Interlaken, NY
H.S. La Moreaux - general merchant & funeral director, Valois, NY
Meyers Brothers - hatters and furnishers, Geneva, NY
Roenke & Rogers, dry goods, draperies, rugs, wearing apparel, Geneva, NY
Frank H. Gilmore - "for the best photograph", successor to J.E. Hale, Geneva, NY

Included inside the school annual was the small pamphlet, "Fourth Annual Commencement, Lodi High School, Tuesday Evening, June 22 1920, Methodist Episcopal Church." As well as the 5 graduates above, also on the program were:

Mrs. Chas. Whiteford, organ prelude
Rev. Geo. W. Hiney, invocation and benediction
Miss Allouise Wilson, vocal solo
Rev. Philip Reigle, D.D., address to the class
Philip T. Smelzer, vocal solo
James C. Foote, presentation of diploma

Faculty listed:
James C. Foote, Principal
Sarah K. Lott, Preceptress
Evelyn M. Nash, 1st Asst.
Mollie Morgan, Intermediate
Clara B. Griswold, Primary

Board of Education:
H.S. Lott, President
F.H. Van Doren, Treasurer
Budd Boyer
J.E. Lincoln
L.G. Farrington, Clerk

At this time, Elizabeth Beattie is attending high school at the Hartridge School, in Plainfield, N.J., where she performs in school plays. While there she makes frequent trips to New York City to attend Broadway shows. From a Western Union Telegram, we know that "Dad", Rev. Beattie, is still residing in Hector (where there is a Beattie Road). Friends are keeping her abreast of news back home by sending her clippings for sports and public events in Watkins, Beaver Dams and at Cornell University.


#9 - undated partial society column on back of baseball clipping.

Barnes and Rock Stream

- Miss Ella Jeffers of Rochester has been spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Goundrey.
- Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick Johnson and son William have been spending a few days with her peope at Groton.
- People who have been attending the Chautauqua in Dundee are the Peelles, Bakers, Stalkers and Kelloggs.
- Mrs. Mary Johnson has been spending the week with Miss Lena Beam of Dundee and attending the Chautauqua.
- Miss Eugenia Hetfield has been spending a few days with Mrs. Thomson and attending the Chautauqua.
- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cole of Fulton are spending the week with Mrs. and Mrs. Herbert Allen.
- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jarvis and little son from Massachusetts who have been spending some time at The Maples, have returned home.
- Ward Wheat and mother and Mrs. James Bishop and Rev. and Mrs. Roberts spent last Thursday in Elmira.
- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Finch attended the funeral of a friend at Crystal Springs Monday.
- Mr. DeMunn attended a military funeral in Penn Yan recently.
- The Missionary Society will hold a picnic supper at Mrs. Mary Parks' Thursday Aug. 18th.


#10 - undated newspaper clipping

C.H. Beattie has gone to Des Moines, Iowa as delegate to the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church of America, held in that city. He
will visit friends at Chicago and other places.

Paul Wager of Philadelphia spent last week with his mother, Mrs. Augusta Wager and other relatives here.
Miss Maude Pruden of San Diego, Cal., who has spent several months visiting her old friends here, will leave this week for New York and from there will go to Bud's Lake, N.J., and spend the summer.

Miss Peterson of Lodi was a weekend guest of Dorothea Hazlitt.

Miss Ruth Birge and Helen Huston of the Senior Class of the Watkins High School were entertained at dinner by the Watkins-Montour Rotary Club May 17th at the Hotel Jefferson with the rest of the class.


#11 - undated newspaper clipping

Oriental Lawn Fete at Hector

On Wednesday evening, August 24th will be held an oriental lawn fete at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Norton in Hector (on O.H. Budd farm). Jimmy Day's orchestra from Corning will furnish the music for this oriental pageant. Refreshments will be served at tiny tables by pretty girls in pretty costumes. Fortune telling will be one of the many features. Make it a great community rally - a fellowship festival. Admission 25 cents, children free.


#12 - undated newspaper clipping re: the 1922 Watkins High School graduation next to flattened Chesterfield cigarette

Commencement Honors for W.H.S. Students

The Commencement Honors of the class of 1922 have been made out and are as follows:

John Thompson 88, Valedictorian; Berniece Sleeper 88, Salutatorian; Helen Huston 85, prophecy; Beatrice Bement 84, class will; Joseph Culligan 82, charge to Juniors; Cora Howell 82, class poem; Edna Granston 82, presentation; Frances Buck 81, class history; Harold Hager, class orator (elected by class); Newell Guillan, Junior reply.

There are 23 Seniors with averages of all estimates and tests for four years of over 75%. Commencement will be held Tuesday afternoon, 2:30 o'clock, June 27th.

Attached to her invitation to the commencement were calling cards for Ruth Birge and Helen Huston, both 1920 sophomores at Lodi High School.

#13 - undated newspaper clipping Howard Howell of Burdett left on Saturday night to resume his old position with the Oldsmobile company at Lansing, Michigan.

#14 - undated newspaper clipping

Pretty wedding takes place at Burdett home

A very pretty wedding was solemnized Thursday morning, February 15th at nine thirty o'clock at the home of Mrs. Mary Keep in Burdett when her daughter, Miss Carolyn Keep, became the bride of Charles H. Beattie of Hector, NY.

Preceeding the ceremony, Mrs. Jay Donnelly of Burdett sang very impressively, "Oh Perfect Love," accompanied by Miss Abigail O'Daniels of Watkins. As Miss O'Daniels played Mendelsohn's wedding March, the bride's only attendants, Miss Amelia Wickham and Miss Margaret Keep, entered the living room and took their places at each side and in front of a prettily arranged bower. Immediately followed the bridge and groom. Reverend Arthur B. Herr of the Presbyterian church of Watkins assisted by Reverend N.L. Campbell of the M.E. Church of Burdett performed the ceremony.

[description of bride's attire, flowers, decorations, and mention that 50 guests were served a wedding breakfast catered by Mrs. Ella Scanlon, cateress from Watkins.]

The out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodyear of Horseheads, Mrs. May Bevans of Scranton, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Hughey, Rev. and Mrs. A.B. Herr, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Woodward, William and Emma Woodward, Mrs. Charles Durland, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Elias Bissell, the Misses Bertha Thompson, Louise Drake, Abigail Watkins, Miss Amelia Wickham, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hubbell and Charles Ernest Adams of Hector.

[description of lavish gifts, popularity of bride, wedding trip to Atlantic City, N.J.]

Mr. Beattie has a large fruit farm in Hector where they will be at home to their many friends.

Follow-up short notice:
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Norton and Earnest Adams, Amelia Wickham, and Robert Beattie attended the Keep-Beatie wedding at Burdett on Thursday, February 15th. Mr. and Mrs. Beattie will be at home to their friends at their home here after the 22nd. Congratulations.


#15 - page with undated short clippings


Mrs. Elizabeth Jaquish has gone to Clifton Springs for treatment accompanied by Mrs. E.O. Hall. Her sister Jessie Jaquish will stay with Mrs. D.C. Howell.

Mary Mary Keep has gone to her farm home on the lake road. Miss Russell the school principal who was with Mrs. Keep will now board with Mrs. Flora Mallory.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Beattie have returned from their wedding trip to Atlantic City.

Other clippings on page:
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Norton entertained at six o'clock dinner Fridy evening Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Beattie, Rev. and Mrs. L.R. Foster of Scranton and Rev. and Mrs. R. Mackay.

Bruce Sheppard of Horseheads spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Shepapard of the Townsend Road

Business card for Frank T. Clawson, D.D.S.
525 Park Avenue


#16 - undated obituary

Death of Former Hector Girl

Mrs. Florence Flood Ferebee, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Flood of Hector, entered into rest at her home at Andrews, N.C., March 18th, 1923, after an illness of several weeks. She was 28 years of age. She went to Andrews, N.C. to teach music in a conservatory and while there was married on Feb. 6th, 1920 to Percy Ferebee of Andrews, where she has since resided.

She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, an infant son, her father and mother and one brother, Matt M. Flood and numerous relatives. She attended Sharkey Seminary for two years and was a graduate of the Conservatory of Music of Ithaca. She was of pleasing personality and had a host of friends. She was a devoted wife, a loving daughter and a kind sister, and she will be greatly missed. Sympathy is extended to the family in their bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Flood were with her when she passed away.

Other clippings on page:

Howard Howell has returned home after spending the winter in Michigan.

Miss Elizabeth Beattie is home for Easter vacation. She attends school at Plainfield, N.J.

Schuyler Paterson of Cornell University and his friend Mr. Lee of Tennessee, a senior at Cornell, are spending the Easter vacation with Schuyler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler C. Paterson.

#17 - An engraved invitation to the Class of 1923 of Watkins High School, pasted down with calling cards for Miss Emma Louise Woodward and
Miss Elizabeth Ellerby VanDerhoof


#18 - undated newspaper coverage of the death of Rev. W.C. Falconer in Buffalo, N.Y. Rev. Falconer was born in Scotland in 1873, emigrated alone to Canada at age 12, became a lumber camp missionary in Michigan at age 13, was later educated at Wooster College in Ohio, later became a doctor, and finally graduated from Auburn N.Y. Theological Seminary in 1903. Of importance to Schuyler County was that he was resident pastor at Rock Stream Federated Church when the war broke out. He was rejected because of his age and so went to Canada to enlist. He received many wounds in WWI, of which he long suffered and later succumbed to. He left no immediate family.

"Mr. Falconer came to his home in Rock Stream in December, 1918 and again took to his work there and at Pine Grove. In the spring of 1920 he became pastor of the Hectory church and carried on the work between the two places until October when he resigned as pastor of the Rock Stream church. On December 1, 1922 he took charge of two churches near Buffalo...where he took treatment until the last."


#19 - undated newspaper obituary

Dr. Beattie Dead, Former Ithaca Pastor

Presbyterian Clergyman Supplied Prominent Pulpits of Church's Denomination - Educated at Princeton - Memorial Service Sunday

The Rev. Dr. Robert H. Beattie, assistant pastor of the First Presbyterian Church between 1922 and 1928, died last night in a hospital in New York city. He was undergoing an operation upon one eye which had become sightless.

He will be buried at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in New Hurley, N.Y., in a country churchyard where Mrs. Beattie was buried three years ago. In that church his father, a Dutch Reformed minister, preached for over 20 years. The Rev. Dr. Martin D. Hardin, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, with whom Dr. Beattie served here, will officiate in the services.

A memorial service for the former assistant pastor wil be conducted in the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca Sunday morning.

Dr. Beattie was born about 69 years ago, near New Salisbury. He was educated at Princeton University and at Princeton Theological Seminary. Three years after graduation he served in Bayreuth, Syria, then accepted a pastorate at Newburgh. From there he went to Chicago, where he remained for 17 years as pastor of the Austin First Presbyterian Church.

Supplied Pulpits

Since his six years in the Ithaca church, Dr. Beattie had been supplying empty pulpits in prominent churches of the Presbyterian denomination. He had passed the first year in the First Presbyterian Church of Binghamton, the second in the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, and the third in the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus, Ohio.

Just before his death Dr. Beattie had been living at New Salisbury, near his childhood home, and preaching in a nearby church. Except for the weakness of his eye, his health had been good.

Dr. Beattie is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Harvey Churchill of Cortland, Mrs. Harold Kneen of Cleveland, Ohio, and Mrs. Fred Lovejoy, of Radburn, N.J.; and three sons, Robert H. Beattie of New York City, Charles Beattie who is a senior in the Cornell Medical College in New York City, and Dale Beattie of New York City.


#20 - undated newspaper obituary

Jimmy De Griff

With the death of "Jimmy" Griffin, one of the last of Ithaca's Bacchanalian figures has passed on. Achieving early fame as Theodore Zinck's assistant, "Jimmy De Griff," as he was familiarly known by students and alumni, has presided at almost every important Cornell University informal social function.

He made bartending his life's work, and his ruddy face has been seen behind such well-known resorts as Zinck's, the Alhambra, and the Senate. Always active as "master of ceremonies," for alumni homecomings, he received supreme recognition as such by being made an honorary member of the Class of 1912 at one of their annual reunions. Presented with an unusually deceiving replica of a University diploma, he carried it with him on all his subsequent travels, and it has been sported behind many an Ithacan bar.

His popularity among graduates can be best exemplified by the last honor that befell him. When the Cornell Club in New York opened its Campus Room about two years ago, Jimmy was called down from Ithaca to preside, by the unanimous vote of all members. It was his familiar visage that stirred the memories of the old-timers, and his presence was felt as a manifestation of former Cornell revelry.

We feel much regret at the loss of this time-honored individual. The old era of conviviality is passing with certainty, and it is up to the future to re-create ghosts of tradition.


#21 - program for Cornell University's Dramatic Club's March 14-15, 1930 presentation of "Journey's End" [Ithaca, N.Y.]

Actors - Michael Catalano, Chalmers Mole, Charles Wilson, Robert Pierce, Robert Harper, Adolph Haber, Howard Baker, George Turner, Sylvan Nathan, Damon Boynton, Louis Harris, Ambrose Clark, Frederick Cowden, Jack Curvin.

Technical staff - W.H. Stainton, Lawrence Martin, Henry Garretson, Arthur Stallman

Costumes - Mary Louise Bishop, Rose Gruber, Catherine Laney, Helen Lautrop

Properties - Rachel Wood, Marjorie Halwer, Portia Hopper

Makeup - Jean Bancroft, Justine Burch, Alice Burch

Business - James Leonard


The 1919 Diary -

In her 1919 diary, written in fading pencil, Bib says she's 5 6" tall, wears glove size 7, hosiery size 10, and 7 1/2 shoe. No age is given but she's probably in 7th grade now. Bib's life and family means were not typical of her Schuyler County schoolmates. The first entry is dated Feb. 24, 1919; Bib is out visiting the city of Chicago and says that "Uncle Bert, Aunt Caroline, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Carol, Charles and Dale Beattie have come down." From there the family drives down through Kansas and by the 26th are in Albequerque. Arrived at the Grand Canyon on the 27th. By March 1st she was admiring the Pasadena orange groves. On March 14 she is being fitted by a dressmaker for new tennis clothes. On March 20 she is out in L.A. visiting an ostrich farm with Aunt Peggy. Her education at this time is provided by lessons at her aunt's house. Descriptions of picnicing in canyons, eating olives straight off the trees, visiting ranches, visiting cousin Marian Wescott in Riverside, meeting a "new cousin" Priscilla Beattie, fishing in Carmel Bay, riding horses. By early May she is shopping in San Francisco, leaving that place May 5 to wend her way back to Hector. May 7 Salt Lake City. May 8 Colorado Springs. Chicago May 14, and arriving by train back in New York City May 15. She went directly to Miss Chapin's School, after which visit she caught a cold. The diary stops May 19, with this entry - "Very nice day. I am going to get up."

Either she was very busy over the summer or didn't consider days eventful. The diary picks up again on Tuesday, Sept. 2, 1919 when Bib goes back to school in Hector rather than attending Miss Chapin's in New York. The descriptions that follow mention bike riding, school subjects and going to friends' homes and movies. Unfortunately, she doesn't mention her girlfriends' last names. Girls mentioned are Dottie H., Emma (lives up in Burdett), Ruth Birge, Norma Hatch, Margaret M., Elenor Millen. Boys mentioned are Jamie/James R. Hazelett (who she is so sweet on that day after day she says she didn't see him), Dave, and her brother Robert. Relatives mentioned who live in the area are Aunt "Sis" Lerch (who's in New Hampshire), cousin Bernard Bates, cousin Frances and Hal, Mrs. Woodward ("cousin Frances' aunt") and her daughter Mrs. Newman, Aunt Minnie, Aunt Polly Beach, Aunt Marian Wescott.

Synopses of larger diary entries:

Sept. 14 - grape packing at Miss Marian Mathews'
Sept. 15 - went to Aunt Mary's for tomatoes
Sept. 16 - a boy she likes said "Hello, Betty" to her
Sept. 28 - Jamie waved to her
Sept. 30 - Jamie rode down the hill with her
Oct. 3 - James R. Hazlett written in big letters [note: James R. Hazlett was treasurer of the 1920 graduating class of Lodi High School. His photograph shows that even by today's standards Jamie was exceptionally good-looking.]
Oct. 4 - Daddy went down to Grandma's
Oct. 5 - Jamie gave her a winning smile
Oct. 8 - rode as far as Sloan's with Jamie
Oct. 10 - Mrs. Hazlett is very sick
Oct. 11 - Mrs. Mary Hazlett died last night at 9 o'clock
Oct. 12 - Mary Woodward and Isabelle came up
Oct. 13 - Mrs. Hazlett's funeral today
Oct. 16 - went to the station on a load of grapes
Oct. 20 - Mrs. Wescott came up, Miss Poole still here
Oct. 26 - went to Aunt Polly Keach/Beach's for dinner
Oct. 31 - went down to Norton's and their Halloween masquerade
Nov. 3 - Jamie has gone to the Adirondacks and won't be back for two weeks
Nov. 4 - Harvey Keach's birthday; misses J. like the dickens
Nov. 7 - Bertha Keach's birthday
Nov. 8 - Ruth Birge's birthday; "I am crazy about William Luttell (sp)."
Nov. 9 - "I like Will Luttel. J. is still in the N. woods."
Nov. 13 - Bob's birthday. "I got him a pair of rabbits."
Nov. 16 - "Jamie came home! Thank God!"
Nov. 20 - sewing for the fair with Ruth
Dec. 4 - made sausages
Dec. 12- went to the Library Social and had oysters. "J. was there. He went home sick. Poor kid."
Dec. 20 - went to N.Y.C. and Elinor Husten (sp?) went with them
Dec. 31 - Elizabeth's birthday

Entries after this for earlier in the year:

Feb. 27 The wreck did no damage to our train but the other engine that ran into us was badly wrecked. The tracks were uprooted. The coal car was thrown over and the wheels came off. While we were in Williams we went to see a lumber mill. Saw a lot of interesting things at the canyon. 2:45 went to the Hopi or Indian house. Saw two very cute little Indians. Went up the edge of the canyon. It is a lovely, lovely place.

Oct. 8 The Farmerettes of the Land Army of America (?) came up to the house. They have broke up camp and Miss Vera Pooley 86 Eldert St. Brooklyn, NY is going to stay at our house.

Mrs. Mary Haslett mother of Utterbert Haslett & Grandmother of James Russell Hazlett, wife of James Russell Hazlett died at 9 P.M. on Friday Oct. 9, 1919. She was buried on Monday Oct. 13, 1919.

Miss Poole left Sat. Nov. 1 to go to Mrs. Young's to stay. I miss her very much.

On Monday March 24, 1919 I weith 117 lbs.
On Nov. 3, 1919 I weighh 125 lbs.

Addresses at Back of Book:

Clarence Strong
Lark St.
Washingtonville, N.Y.

Mrs. E.W. Sparrow
41 E. 68th St.
New York City (March 13, 49 yrs 1919)

Mr. C.H. Beattie
Hector, N.Y.
April 24 (4-, 1919)

Miss Jessie Downing
Kansas City, MO

Mr. Charles Weil
White Plains, N.Y.
March 10

Miss Babette Weil
White Plains, N.Y.

Miss Margaret Sparrow
41 E. 68th St.
New York City
Jany. 8 (11 yrs, 1919)

Mr. Charles Beattie
9 S. Munn Ave.
East Orange, N.J.
Jan. 26

Charles W. Beattie
219 N. Central Ave.
Austin Hts., Chicago, Ill.

Miss Vera Poole
87 Eldert St.
Brooklyn, NY.

Ruth Nicholas
490 West End Ave.
New York City

Charles W. Beattie
5658 S. Park Ave.
Chicago, Ill.
c/o S.M. Stone

List of persons who wrote her letters and she answered (addresses not given; unique names only):

Thompson Photo
Grace Arnett
Charles W. Beattie
Maysee Leich
May Bevans
Bill Bevans
Jean Carter
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The 1920 Diary -

Elizabeth is 5' 7 1/2" tall and 124 lbs. at the beginning of the year, growing to be 5'9" and 138 lbs. Shoe size now size 8, hosiery 10 1/2. She attends school district No. 4 in Hector. Her family is in East Orange, NJ New Year's Day and they go to visit her Aunt Emily Finley. I've noticed that Bib never mentions her mother.

Synopses of selected entries:

Jan. 4 - while in E. Orange, N.J. she went to cousin Helen & cousin May Dodson's on 82nd St. Visited by cousin Bob Bates and Caldwell Thompson.
Jan. 5 - went to Washingtonville, saw Granny's dog "Midget" and the cat
Jan. 6 - stopped at Uncle "Ed" Hallock's in Salisbury Mills; was visited by Clara Strong
Jan. 8 - was visited by Aunt Peg in N.Y.C.
Jan. 9 - had lunch at the Waldorf-Astoria; took train alone to Scranton, Pa.
Jan. 10 - in Scranton went over to Cousin Clem's
Jan. 11 - Aunt Cora came over
Jan. 12 - left Scranton with Cousin Lorenzo
Jan. 13 - went back to school, saw James
Jan. 16 - Dr. Bond came over, Elizabeth has the measles
Jan. 17 - fever of 104, Aunt Mary taking care of her
Jan. 23 - doctor took the quarantine off
Feb. 14 - "Went to Watkins with Dad. Lot of snow but thawing. Saw Uncle Alfred and Bill, saw Walter S. and Frank Harrington. Also Jack Thompson. Went to the movies. Saw Madeline Traverse in "The Splendid Lie"
Feb. 19 - went to Watkins to the Woodwards'. Basketball game Montour vs. Watkins High School. 43-13 in favor of W.H.S.
Feb. 22 - Lucille, Naomie, Lot, Elinor, Stevie, Catherine, Emma and Bib went down to Barret's; met Betty Van and went out on the canal
Feb. 23 - attended a dance with Emma and Grace Abbott
Feb. 24 - "Dear Mother has been with the good father just one year"
Mar. 3 - saw Aunt Clara in Watkins, Chippy came home
Mar. 4 - sleigh riding party until half past 11
Mar. 7 - Mr. Falconer from across the lakes preaches
Mar. 9 - Mr. Porter is coming today to do some papering; went out on the ice in the field, took sled
April 24 - today is Dad's birthday
May 2 - there is no sugar to speak of in the county and Sam Huston has none at all.
May 3 - went to the station at night, saw J
May 5 - cousin Frances' birthday & the Nortons and Fosters were up; saw J. at the store
May 6 - Mrs. Thomas came in and she took her home; Bib's wearing overalls - "the fad now all over the country even the girls were them and the hot congressmen."
May 7 - went to a spelling contest in Lodi. Leona Bond first, Mary Erway second. Bib was fourth. "Saw Dave"
May 8 - went to the Hazletts, Dot wasn't there and J. was papering houses
May 9 - Ruth and Ben were over for dinner. Went to their home after and saw Mrs. Kinne, who is going back to Herkimer tomorrow.
May 29 - went to the circus in Elmira with Ruth Ben, Bob, and Dad. Later went up to see Walt in Watkins
Friday June 11, 1920 - "My last day of school. Hurrah. I am going to a hot dog roast tonight. Marie Jennine(?) asked me it was a great. Agnes Johnson, Grant Wright, Elinor, Herb, Marie, Dave, Helen, Ruth, Dot, Frank, Willis, Jim and myself. We had dogs, rolls, marshmallows and cake."
June 11 - "Dot, Ruth and myself slept three to a bed. It was lots of fun. We got up about 7:30. Took Dot home and then had to go the lake for Ruth's Kodak. Then we went home. Ruth stayed for dinner and we took a nap (Not!)"
June 21 - went to class day at Lodi with the Hazeletts, got Jim's class ring.
June 25 - attended weiner roast with Marie, Jennie, and Emma Woodward. Mrs. Brigs was "chaperen." Dewey, Willis Grant, Marie, Dave, Frank, Emma, Ray Mathews, Helen, Marian Riddey, Elen, Herb, Ruth Sudrice (?), Jim.
June 27 - 30 - Bib stayed in most of the time and sewed as it was "dreadfully, unbeavably hot."
July 2 - got her trunk, going to Oyster Bay tomorrow, and went to festival at Nichols, were she saw Jim
July 5 - on vacation at Oyster Bay she saw Granny and Miss Nellie Parker. Went to the sound with Mrs. McKenna, who has a nice blue Stutz to match ___'s yellow one. They have five girls to do the work. Bib was bored.
July 6 - Bib stayed back and pickled peas while Granny, Miss Nellie Jean and Aunt Peggy went to East Hampton. Bib and Peggy read most of the time. Went for a long drive with Snowball in the comfortable carriage.
July 9 - cousin Maria Wescott came up
July 10 - Arthur the gardener tied a long loop around under her arms and she swam around
July 14 - Waxy and her sister Mrs. Cuddy came out in the Stuts
July 19 - Bib's going to stay one more week but wishes it were one more month. Played tennis. Uncle Brews and Cecil left.
July 27 - swam, played croquet, played tennis
July 28 - lost two sets of tennis to Peggy by 6-2, 6-4, went to Martha Humphrey's for lunch, then Cordelia Gurnee came over
July 30 - Adele took her to Jersey City and she went on to Washingtonville.
Aug. 2 - Bib is visiting relatives and saw __ the father of Ruby Beattie of Pasadena.
Aug. 10 - back home and Cousin Hal and the kids met her at Watkins
Aug 15 - saw a boy named Carl Zelle who's staying with the Judds for the summer; took the wash up to Mrs. Thomas with Hector
Aug. 16 - went to pick berries at Aunt Mary's and met Carl who walked her home
Aug. 17 - saw Jamie for the first time since home but had Carl over for dinner
Aug. 28 - drove over to Keuka with Daddy, Uncle Burson, Aunt May
Sept. 3 - went to Taughanock Falls and had supper over at Sheldrake
Sept. 27 - Bib has started at Hartridge School in New Jersey. Roommate is Elizabeth Miller from Cuba and she has red hair and freckles. Few entries for October and her days are regimented. Nov. 5-7 she's gone to Uncle Br.'s, where she sees her brother Charles and grandmother. No more entries until Dec. 18, when she's leaving "Rah! Rah!" Over Christmas back in Hector she sees her relatives and friends, goes skiing, skating at Jim's. No more entries.

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