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Town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY

Located to the rear of Beckhorn barn, on Seneca Blvd.

Provided by Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY.

CURRY                   Robert     d. 1-30-1848  AE 76
                                Abe     wife    d. 11-29-1843  ae 71
                                Levi         son      d. 4-14-1827  ae15
                                Simeon    son      d. 8-26-1832  ae 20

COLEMAN             Phoebe   wife of  David   Mar 1842
                                Mercy     wife of David   9-28-1838  ae 33

WYCKOFF             James S    son of  Nicholas & Anna   d. 2-17-1842  ae 7

ELY                        William   d. 9-22-1837   ae 47
                                Emma   wife of Wm   d. 12-29-1828  ae 33
                                Fannie  dau of  Wm & Cornelia    d. 2-27-1840  ae 3
                                George  son of  Wm & Cornelia    d. 5-15-1835  ae  11 mo

COVERT                 Jacob  son of  Chas & Sarah    d. 9-28-1830  ae 2mo
                                Phoebe  dau of Chas & Sarah   d. 1-18-1846   ae 8y

MARLETT             William Jr    son of  Wm & Elizabeth    d. 9-29-1828  ae 27

CAMPBELL           Wm E  son of  James & Maria    d. 11-1-1837  ae 2y

FAUSETT               Amanda   dau of  Alanson  & Mary    d. 7-4-1839  ae 3
                                James      son of  Alanson  & Mary     d. 9-18-1834  ae 5

WYCKOFF             Anna   wife of  Nicholas    d. 12-25-1813  ae 42

CURRY                  William  ( Rev Soldier)    d. 5-6-1811  ae 95

CLAWSON             H.    no date   Co M 15 N Y Eng
                                George           Co M 15 N Y Eng

WILSON                 Sarah J   wife of  Alanson    d. 8-17-1878  ae 36

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