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usually included with LAUREL HILL CEMETERY

(pre-1945 burials)



This cemetery list was taken from

"The History of the Town of Catharine, NY" by Mary Louise Catlin Cleaver,

First pub. in 1945, starting p. 268.

Purchased and used with permission from Higginson Book Co., reprinter.


The Catlin - Odessa cemetery was, according to Mrs. Cleaver, located where the Odessa Town Hall now stands.  It was established some time after Phineas Catlin purchased the land and mapped out the village in 1824.  There was a discussion of removal of the cemetery in 1875, but nothing was done about it until Apr. 1911, when the building of the Town Hall was planned, and the removal was completed.  The stones were placed in the northwest corner of  Laurel Hill Cemetery -- and so these  names are usually included in the readings of Laurel Hill.  Mrs. Cleaver wrote that the markings on the stones were somewhat obliterated, and the names and dates were hard to  obtain, so there may be errors.  Mrs. Clever obtained the information for Louis Catlin of Odessa.  We hope to update this later.

ADAMY        Rhoda (probably dau of Ebenezer & Elizabeth Adamy)

ARCHER       Lyman B.                     d. Oct 1849      aged ?

BEERS        Sarah, wife of Wakeman       d. 1859
BEERS        Wakeman                      b. Mar 20,1788,  d. Apr 23,1861

BUCHANAN     wife of Solomon; dau of Hiram Brown, d. Jul 20,1855, aged 24

BUEL         Ezra                         d. Jun 20,1850,  aged 50

BULKLEY      Aaron                        d. Aug 23,1870,  aged 68
BULKLEY      Ebenezer                     b. Jan 22,1770,  d. Apr 20,1830
BULKLEY      Hannah, wife of Ebenezer     d. 1848          aged 88
BULKLEY      John,   son of Ebenezer      d. Sep 6,1826,   aged 21
BULKLEY      Mary,   wife of Aaron        d. Jul 22,1880,  aged 70
BULKLEY      Moses,  son of Ebenezer      d. Aug 18,1826,  aged 23

DARLING      Dr. Jarvis                   d. Dec 26,1853,  aged 58
DARLING      Lucy,   wife of Samuel       d. Jun 18, 1836, aged 73

DAVIS        Huldah, wife of Nathaniel    d. Jul 23,1826,  aged 58
DAVIS        Ebenezer, son/John & Lucinda,d. 1840,         aged 2
DAVIS        Nathaniel                    d. Aug 26,1826   aged 62
DAVIS        Sarah, dau/John & Lucinda    d. Oct 13,1843,  aged 7

EUMANS       Andrew, son/Morris & Mary    d. 1860,         aged ??

FOSTER       Adelia, dau/John & Laura     d. 1827,         aged 26 days
FOSTER       Laura, wife of John          d. 1831,         aged ??
FOSTER       Samuel                       d. Aug 11,1826,  aged 26

GANOUNG      Jonathan                     d. Jan 24,1861,  aged 55(?)

GRAVES       Mary, wife of Bela           d. Jul 18,1831,  aged 23
                   dau of Robert & Diana Howard

GREEN        Letilla                      d. Sep 12,1840,  aged ??

HOWARD       Arly Jane, dau/Robert & Diana, d. Oct 22,1837,aged 20

JOHNSON      John A.
JOHNSON      Sarah, wife of John          d. Jun 18,1874,  aged 76

KING         Daniel, son/Jehiel & Mary    d. 1863,         aged 10

MILLER       Gurdin                       d. Aug 1818      aged ??

MISNER       Mary B., dau/Henry & Sarah   d. 1853

MORGAN       Edwin M.                     d. 1870
MORGAN       George                       d. Jan 19,1875
MORGAN       George W., son/Chas. & Kate  d. Jan 18,1871,  aged 4mo
MORGAN       John O.                      d. 1851
MORGAN       Sarah J.                     date not readable

NELSON       Minnie M., dau/A.& B.        d. Aug 18,1860,  aged 29

OGDEN        Jane Elizabeth, wife/Samuel  d. Nov 27,1870

PORTER       Polly                        d. Jan 18,1847

SEAMAN       Margaret, wife/Chauncey      d. Mar 20,1837,  aged 27
SEAMAN       Mary, dau of Chauncey        d. Mar 8,1837

SHELDON      Melissa                      d. May 26,1860

SOULE        James

THOMAS       Daniel J., son/Wm. & C.J.    d. Aug 10,1863,  aged 19mo

UPDIKE       Almira M.                    d. Jul 28,1842
UPDIKE       Minnie                       d. Aug 18,1869

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