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War Veterans - Town of Catharine
Schuyler co., NY

Taken from the History of Catharine, NY
by Mary Louise Catlin Cleaver, pub 1945, starting p.159.
Purchased and used with permission from Higginson Book Co.


Revolutionary War Vets

This list is from the Journal of the State of NY, 34th session, June 1841.
It shows Rev. War Vets still living in the Catharine, Schuyler co. area in 1840:

BRINK,       George,   age 80, living at George Brink's.
AGARD,       Noah,     age 85, living at Levi Beardsley's, son-in-law.
COOPER,      John,     age 87, living at Aaron Cooper's.
FROST,       Joseph,   age 85, living at Eli C. Frost's, son.
HITCHCOCK,   Jonathan, age 79, living at Jonathan Hitchcock's.
LEE,         Israel,   age 81, living at John S. Lee's, son.
SYLVESTER,   Levi,     age 85, living at Levi Sylvester's.
MITCHELL,    John,     age 82, living at John Mitchell Jr.'s.

MEEKER, Ichabod.  Pension files--S13912, Sept 6,1832: Ichabod MEEKER of Catharine, age 82, enlisted May 1775, at Saratoga, as private, NY State troops under Capt. White.  Witnesses: Elias Beardsley, a Rev. soldier and Abiad Lattin testified.

BULLEN (BOLYEN), David.  According to families, David Bullen (BOLYEN) served in the French-Indian Wars, but was appointed on a committee to look after the widows of the soldiers of the Revolutionary.

CATLIN, Phineas & Theodore.  In 1792, Phineas CATLIN, later known as Judge Catlin, took up a soldier's warrant three miles from Montour Falls.  He was Sergeant of Dragoons under Col. Elisha Sheldon's Continental Regiment, from Jun. 1778 until close of the war, enlisting when only 16.  His father, Theodore Catlin, was also in the Continental Army, being raised from Ensign of the 12th Reg. in 1773, to Lieut. of 11th Reg in 1776, and Capt. of same in 1779.

CHARLES, Aaron & Thomas.  Capt. Aaron CHARLES, Captain under George Washington at Bunker Hill.  Thomas CHARLES, his son, served under his father in Shay's rebellion. (Aug. 1999 correction/addition: the DAR did not accept the claim that Aaron Charles served under George Washington. Aaron Charles was born in Brimfield Mass b.9-28-1774 and d. 11-18-1802 in Brimfield Mass.  His son Thomas Charles was b. 10-31-1858 in Brimfield Mass and died in Brimfield Mass 4-3-1843. But they apparently are tied to the Charles family of Catharine, NY.)

COOPER, John & Peter.  John COOPER was in Capt. Archibald's Shaw's Co., N.J. Reg., also his son Peter was in the War of 1812, who died at Sackett's Harbor, NY.

FOOTE, John.  John FOOTE was registered in Col. Robert Van Rennselaer's Reg.

FROST, Joseph & Dimon.  Joseph FROST was in Col. Benj. Hinman's Reg. in 1775; in Col. Elijah Abel's Co., Col. Burr Bradley's Reg., in 1777; also in 1776.  His brother Dimon FROST made prisoner in 1776, and died.

HINMAN, Josiah.  He served in the Danbury raid in 1777.

LYON, Isaac.  He served as private in Capt. J. Farrand's Co., Col. Moseley's Reg., 4th Brigade, 1778.

MALLETTE, Capt. John.  (his record not given here.)

MITCHELL, John.  He was a private in Col. John Hathorn's NY Regt., was wounded and captured, was released and after wound healed, rejoined regiment.

MIX, Eldad. He served in the French and Indian Wars, and Revolutionary in Capt. Prentice's Co. in 1776, and Col. Canfield's Reg. in 1781.

PAINE, Col. Brinton.  He was raised from Maj. in NY Reg. under Morris Graham to Colonel in the Levies.  Taken prisoner on the Old Prison Ship.

War of 1812 Vets:

CATLIN,     Phineas Jr.
CHARLES,    James
COOPER,     Peter [Killed at Sackett Harbor.]
MALLORY,    Benjamin  [General Scott's Reg.]
SALMON,     Stephen Sherwood

Civil War Vets:

"As far as can be ascertained, names on the following list were soldiers of the Civil War, living in the Town of Catharine before or after the war."
[ * indicates that more info on the families of the veteran is given below.]

BEARDSLEE,*   Amos (Beardsley) enlisted Jun 13,1862, in 13 battles.
BEARDSLEY,    Philo,      Co D, 1st R.I. Light Art.
BEEBE,        Albert W.   enlisted May 24,1861, discharged for disability.
CATLIN,       P. Howard,  Corp., Capt. W.W.Rhodes, Co B, Reg 194,
                          NY Vol Inf, enlisted Mar 7,1865, discharged
                          Apr 3,1865, close of war.
CHAPMAN,      Manuel      under Capt. Whittier, Co F Md. P.H.B. Vol Inf.
CHARLES,      Simeon      53rd Reg Penn Vol. Taken prisoner Aug 25,1864.
CORBY,        Albert      Co C Penn Inf.
CORBY,    *   James H.    Co C 141 under Capt. W.J. Swartz.
CORBY,        William     Co K Penn Inf under Capt Ingham.
COUCH,        Myron       private 107 NY Vol, enlisted Jul 29,1862, killed
                          at Dallas, GA.
CROUT,    *   Washington A., enrolled Nov 6,1861, Reg 88, Co C NY Vol
DAVIS,        Frank       "colored".
DENMARK,      Nathan S.   enlisted in 1862, Co C 132 Penn Reg
DENNING,  *   George      "colored", enlisted Co B 26th Reg NY Vol
DEWEY,    *   George      enlisted Oct. 22,1861.
"Comrade Curtis" lived in Odessa after the war.
DOOLITTLE,    Herman J.   private in Co G 109th NY Vol, enlisted Jul
DRAKE         Elijah      Co G 109th NY Vol under Capt. Solomon Oakley.
FARR,         Abram       Co D 11th Reg Penn. Cav. under Capt. James Cook.
FARR,         John B.     Reg Co Sergt. 11th Reg Penn Cav, enlisted Feb.
FOWLER,       Warren      private Co D 137 Reg enlisted Aug 15,1862,
                          discharged Jun 9,1865.
GANOUNG,      Charles     enlisted Co B Reg NY Art, died Jan 22,1910.
GARDNER,      Owen O.     private 107th NY Vol Co H, enlisted Jul 25,1862.
GRAVES,   *   Avery P.    enlisted Apr 25,1861, 3rd Reg.
GRAVES,   *   Richard/Reuben Wesley, 104 Penn Vol.
HALPIN,       Capt.John L., enlisted 50 Eng Co D 1862 until close, was
                            wounded, raised to Captain.
HARVEY,       Chas. J.    loss of arm result of war.
HARVEY,       Frank       CO E 179 Reg NY Vol
HAUSNER,  *   Jacob       enlisted Aug 8,1864, NY Vol, till close of war.
HOXIE,        Joshua.
JACKSON,      George      private 3rd Reg, enlisted Dec 17,1861, disc.
                          Jun 2,1862, disability.
JACKSON,      William.
JONES,        Nicol F.    served from Aug 1864 to Jun 1865.
LATTIN,       Joseph      enlisted 50th Eng Co G.
LEE,      *   Franklyn    CO 121 NY Cav under Col. Tibbetts, till close.
LOCKERBY,     Burr        private Co C 3rd Reg NY Art. enlisted
                          Sep 15,1864.
LOCKERBY,     John.
LYON,         Henry.
MALLETTE,     Ephraim N.  enlisted Jul 21,1862, Co D 107th, discharged
                          Oct 15,1864.
MALLORY,      Wm. P.      141st NY Vol enlisted 1862.
MITCHELL,     Harrison O. enlisted 107th.
MITCHELL,     Phineas C.  Capt. Co G or B, 141 NY Vol.
MITCHELL,     Wm. J.
MORGAN,       John        1st Art Co C, enlisted Feb 27,1865.
PEARCE,       Burritt     Co A 141 Reg.
QUICK,    *   James       enlisted at Rochester, Jan 4,1864.
RUMSEY,       Austin B.   served 3 yrs. 64th Reg NY Vol, in 17 battles.
RUNDLE,       Charles W.
SMITH,        George Addison.
STANLEY,      Wesley      1st Sergt. under Capt. Wm. H. Bradford.
STANLEY,      William     private under Capt. P.C. Mitchell.
STANLEY,      George      ("we believe father of above was in the Civil
SWICK,    *   Oliver P.   enlisted Aug 28,1864, National Guard.
SWAN,     *   Elias       ("called colored"), given below.
TAYLOR,   *   Chas. W.    ("colored"), given later.
TERRY,        Frank       enlisted 1864, 59th Eng, discharged 1865.
TOMPKINS, *   Ira         enlisted Dec 8,1863.
ULLMAN,   *   Cyrenus     enlisted Jul 20,1862, Reg 161, NY Vol.
ULLMAN,       George      died at Baton Rouge,LA; enlisted in 1863.

* Family Information of Some Civil War Vets:

born in town of Newfield, NY in 1841, died in Soldier's Home, Bath, NY, June 1916.  Enlisted either Jun 13,1862 or Sept 22,1862, depending on source. He  participated in many important battles and was never in the hospital. He was one of the first men to plant the American flag on the top of Lookout Mt., Tenn. After returning he resumed blacksmithing, which he had worked at since 13 years of age. In 1872 he married Charity Henderson [Hendrickson], daughter of Daniel and Clarinda Hendrickson.  (Her name was Clarinda in census of 1865, age 14.) She died Mar 8,1899. They had 3 daughters: Anna who married Wm. Young and resided in NY City; Estella; and Ida, who died in Odessa, age 14, or diphtheria.

Born Dec 21,1842, died May 1921.  Father, Cornelius, native of New Jersey; mother, Esther Heminway; family: James H., William, David, Harriet A., Hannah and Albert. David lived in Horseheads, married Sarah Carmen. (2 daus.). Harriet A. married Cyrus H. Webb [4 children]. William in Co K 50th Pa Inf under Capt Ingham.  Albert in Co c 141 Pa INf under Capt A.J. Swartz.
James H. in Co C 141 Pa Inf under Capt. A.J. Swartz.--Lost a finger and loss of hearing at Chancellorsville.  In 1877 married Melissa, sister of John Beardsley, both children of Abel Northrup Beardsley.  For 5 years after the war he lived at Bradford, Pa., the rest of life in Beardsley Hollow.

Was a fireman on the Erie R.R., enrolled NOv. 6,1861, in 88th Reg NY Vol, known as the Steuben Rangers, wounded in the hip at Battle of Wilderness and 6 years later the bullet came out.  He married Sarah H., daughter of Henry and Eliza Melissa (Wakely) Cronk [whose children were: Sarah H., Janet and Dewitt.  Janet married Warren Lanning; Dewitt lived in Montour Falls, NY.]
Children of Washington and Sarah H. Crout:
Burton, married Maggie E. Bowman, Jun 10,1885
Mertie, married ___Silliman. Children: Gordon Jr., Clarence, Ernest.
Adelbert, married Anna, dau of Emmet & Anna (Shear) Stanley. Several
          children live around Dundee, NY.
Frederick, married Grace Cronk of Horseheads. several children.
Charles, was in Co G Reg US Troops, married--wife d. during flu epidemic.
Horace Dean, married Emma, dau of Clarke & Helen (Herrick) Wickham.
            (Children: Sarah, Martha, Horace Dean Jr., Norman Wickham.)
Seymour, married Mar 31,1907, Maude, dau of Emmet & Anna (Shear) Stanley;
         a dau lives in Los Angeles, CA.

"Colored". Born in CT, Jul 14,1830, died Dec 11,1906.  Father was Wm. Denning; mother died Apr 3,1880, aged 103.  Father moved in 1834 to Tioga co., where he lived 20 yrs. &  reared a family of 18. George was 4 when the family moved to NY State, and was a mason by trade.  Enlisted in Co B 26th Reg NY Vol under Gen. Saxton, till close of war. In 1862, married at Corning Felinda A. Reynolds, and had one child, Georgianna, wife of George Cook of Nina, Tompkins co., NY.

Born Jun 5,1839, in Steuben co., NY, son of Levi Ives Dewey from Broome co., NY, born in 1813, who married Janet Johnson and their children were George J., Lucinda, John, Mary, Maria.  George J. enlisted Oct 22,1861 in Co F 89th Reg NY Vol under Col. Robert Brown, seved 3 yrs.  In 1866 married Cornelia A. Everts, dau of Rev M.M. & Lavina (Reed) Everts, whose children were Lucie, wife of Simeon Brown, and Cornelia. Children of Geo. and Cornelia:
Jeanette, wife of E.T. Smith of Binghamton, and Arthur E. George Dewey purchased the farm north of the Hinman school-house owned by George Thompson and sold to Anton Brezina.

born Oct 6, 1840 in Manlius, NY, died Mar 1913, son of Reuben & Betsy (Whitford) Graves.  Father, a native of Mass., became a resident of NY in boyhood.  Children of Reuben: Reuben W., George, William, Susan, Avery P., Sallie, James, Theodore, Anna, Hiram D., Charles. Avery P. enlisted Apr 25,1861, 3rd Reg, joined the army when 20 years old, served 3 yrs.  On May 21, 1864, married in Ohio to Luella Hull, had 2 daughters, Dora & Maude.  Dora was brought up by Lester & Ellen Burch; married Harvey, son of Leroy Fowler, and had 2 children, Lester & Margaret Van Buskirk.  Maude married Apr 30, 1905, John Supple of Elmira, NY.

born Dec 1843, son of Reuben & Betsey (Whitford) Graves, died 1925, belonged to 102 Penn Inf. Married Mary Lunger. A son, Richard, who died in the "Flu" epidemic, married Emma, dau of Frank Rumsey, who also died in the epidemic.

Born 1840 in Dutchess co., died Dec 20, 1903, son of Martin & Mary (Mead) Hausner, who came from Peekskill to Odessa.  Jacob enlisted Aug 8,1864, in 179 Reg NY Vol till close of war.  Married Sarah M. Hill, born 1844, dau of Augustus (born 1817) and Julia (King) Hill (born 1820), whose children were Sarah and Alvira, wife of O.L. King, and had children, Bert and Estella.
Children of Jacob & Sarah Hausner:
Walter A., born 1863, died 1917, married Belle Brink (d. 1911). A son,
           Corey, married May Hovey of Watkins Glen.
Augusta married late in life Samuel Baldwin.
Emily married Howard Carpenter, lives in Hector, NY. (children)

Born Aug 18,1847, died 1926, son of Daniel E. (native of Jacksonville) and Almira (Travis) Lee, whose children were: George Amos, who  married Jennie Curran, lived in Indiana; Lucy, wife of William Wourling of Liberty, Pa; Franklyn; William, who married Minerva Farr, lived at Caton, NY; Clementina, who married (1) Oliver Watts, (2) Lewis White; Esther, wife of George Deckerson of Elmira.
Franklyn served in Co 121 NY Cav under Col. Tibbetts till close of war. On Sept 8,1872 married Phebe, dau of Soloman Decker, married (2) Lydia, dau of David & Phebe (Baxter) Arnold, and only child.  Franklyn lived in Elmira, Indiana, W. Danby, Sullivanville, and the rest of his life in Catharine.

born in Enfield, NY, June 16, 1848, died 1921.  Grandfather served in War of 1812, enlisting when his son Henry was 8 yrs. old.  Henry was born in Broome co., NY in 1804, married Fanny Henry and had 9 children.  James enlisted at Rochester,  NY  Jan 4, 1864.  Married Clarinda Personius, born in Catlin, Apr 16, 1852, and had 12 children.  Lived near Cayutaville.

Born in Hector, Jan 29,1844, died Mar 1913, son of Daniel and Hannah (Misner) Swick.  Enlisted Aug 28,1864 in 58th NY National Guard under Col. Wisner.  In 1866 married Lucy, dau of William & Lydia Ann (Crawford) Shearer, an only child (died Apr 1917). Had two sons, Howard, who married May Ludlow of Ithaca, and Frank P., unmarried.

"colored". died Sept 7,1890, aged 40; had several children; lived many years in Odessa.  Enlisted as private, Co B 144 NY Vol, was color bearer.  In this position he took great pride, was very exact as to his position, and considered the best drilled man of the company.

BOrn Jun 8,1841, at Alpine, son of William & Lucina Tompkins of Dutchess co., NY; mother was a native of CT, moved to a farm near Alpine where Ira was born.  He enlisted Dec 8,1863, taken prisoner May 14,1864, at Spottsylvania Court House, sent to Andersonville, and died in prison.  He married Oct 26,1862, Caroline (b Mar 28,1841, d. Jan 30,1921), dau of Luther Frost (b. Feb 4,1814) and Nancy Rockwell (b. Mar 4,1816)-both born in Orange co. and located on Foote's Hill.  Their children were: Phebe Jane, wif of Oliver Fowler; Orrin, single; Jonathan; and Caroline.
Ira and Caroline had only one son, Jesse, born Apr 11,1864, who married Dec 1885, Mary Delia Taylor, born in Newfield. Jesse died in June 1924, aged 60.  There were four children:
Blanche married (1) Edward Carpenter; (2) Edward Thatcher.
Grace married Finch Hausner, who died where her dau. Evelyn was small.
        Evelyn married Theron Strouse, Pine City, NY.
Ira married Nellie Whitney. Ch - Claude, Jesse, Mabel.
George married Zora, lives in Miami, FL.

("called colored") born Feb 8, 1840, in Montreal, Canada, died in Odessa, Sept. 1920.  Father, Elias Sr., a Frenchman, born in Montreal in 1823, married Eliza Simpson, a full-blooded Indian, belonging to the Stockbridge tribe located at Durhamville, NY, sent West by the government.  Children of Elias Sr.: Elias, Charles, Henry, Maria, Elisha, Judson, Catharine, Eliza, Charlotte, William Henry, Mary Elizabeth and William.  Elias Jr. became a resident of Schuyler co. in 1862, married Harriet Davies of Elmira.
Children of Elias Jr.:  Elias, Frank, George, Max, Irvin, Anna, LeGrace, Hattie.  LeGrace married Jerry Jackson, has always lived in Odessa.

born in Town of Rosebloom, Otsego co., NY, son of John F. Ullman, who had two sons: George, died at Baton Rouge in 1863 in the Civil War, and Cyrenus(Rene), who enlisted Jul 20, 1862, in 161 Reg NY Vol under P.H. Durling of Hector.  Regt. discharged at Baton Rouge; re-enlisted in 179 NY Inf under Gen. Grieg of Elmira.  On return married Louisa Strang of Newfield, Oct 10, 1865. One child, Nellie, wife of Zela King, now of Hector.

Members of the P. Catlin Post G.A.R.

"(This record was lost for a few years, and was found in the effects of Owen O. Gardner, the last surviving member.)"

VAN LOON      John,       age 62, Pvt 107th NY        d. Jun 13,1897
GARDNER       Owen O.,    age 42, Pvt 107th NY Vol
CARLEY        Wm. A.      age 42, Pvt 141st NY Vol
ERVAY         Julius      age 45, Pvt 109th NY Vol
LOCKHART      R.C.        age 39, Pvt 125th NY Vol    d. Dec 19,1896
GANOUNG       Chas.       age 38, Pvt 5th NY H.A.     d. Jan 22,1910
HOFFMAN       Philip      age 58,     14th NY H.A.    d. Feb 3,1889
STANLEY       Wesley      age 43,     141st NY Vol    d. Apr 7,1911
HARVEY        Chas. J.    age 38,     N.Y.H.A.
SMITH         George A.   age 41,     141st NY Vol    d. Feb 10,1911
PEARCE        Burt        age 42      141st NY Vol
FOWLER        Warren G.   age 38, Pvt 137th NY Vol    d. Jun 1911
MITCHELL      Wm. J.      age 36, Pvt 30th  NY Vol    d. Nov 3,1917
PAINE         Sam A.      age 34,     103rd NY Vol
RUNDLE        Charles     age 40,     5th NY H.A.
BEARDSLEY     Philo       age 53,     1st R.I.H.A.
STANLEY       William     age 42, Pvt 141st NY Vol    d. Jan 1917
LOCKERBY      John        age 38, Pvt 141st NY Vol
FITZGERALD    William     age 38,     5th N.Y.H.A.
DUNHAM        Henry C.    age 39,     103rd NY Inf
HAGER         Theodore    age 38, Pvt 120th NY Vol    d. Sep 12,1885
BRYANT        Benj. F.    age 38,     1st NY Vol
ENSIGN        O.S.        age 38,     137th NY Vol
TAYLOR        Charles     age 41,     44th NY Vol;    "colored"
HAUSNER       Jacob       age 44, Pvt 179th NY Vol
MITCHELL      Phineas C.  age 47, 2nd Sergt. to Capt., 141st Ny Vol
MALLETTE      Ephraim N.  age 41,     107th NY Vol    d. May 1913
RUMSEY        A.B.        age 45, Pvt 64th NY Vol
CORBY         James       age 40, Pvt 141st Pa Vol
CATLIN        P.Howard    age 38, Pvt 194th NY Vol    d. Nov 1904
CRAWFORD      DeWitt C.   age 57, Pvt 4th Iowa Cav. (to Capt), d. Sep 8,1901
JONES         Nicoll F.   age 46, Corp. 179th NY Vol
STRONG        Geo.        age 55, Pvt U.S.C.T.
TERRY         Franklin    age 52, Pvt 50th NY Eng
SWICK         Oliver P.   age 40,     38th N.Y. N.G.  d. Mar 1913
GARY          William H.  age 35, Pvt 38th N.Y.H.A.   d. 1885
FARR          John B.     age 41, Pvt 11th Pa Cav
POTTER        Joseph      age 55, Pvt 179th NY Vol
ULLMAN        Cyrennus    age 43, Pvt 161st NY Vol
BEARDSLEY     Ichabod     age 68, Pvt 10th NY Cav     d. May 19,1899
SWARTWOOD     Leroy       age 38, Musician, 107th NY Vol
LATTIN        Joseph      age 52, Pvt 50th Eng        d. Apr 1906
FARR          James       age 37, Pvt 15th NY Eng     d. Jun 13,1917
DART          Adson B.    age 43, Pvt NY Vol 23rd Reg
BEEBE         David W.    age 45, Pvt 109th NY Vol
HALPIN        John L.     age 38, Pvt to Capt, 5th NY Vol
YATES         Horatio     age 38, Pvt 3rd NY Art.
HILL          Augustus W. age 43, Pvt 109th NY Vol    d. Jan 9,1917
CORNELL       Joseph      age 47, Pvt 141st NY Vol
SYMES         John L.     age 57,     1st N.J. Vol
HARVEY        Frank       age 38, Pvt 179th NY Vol
BEARDSLEY     Amos        age 43, Pvt 137th NY Vol
CULVER        John E.     age 43, Pvt 141st NY Vol
BEARDSLEY     Philo (2nd) age 46, Pvt 22nd Mich. Vol
RAWSON        E.D.
CHAPMAN       Manuel
BUTTERS       Guy         d. 1909
SINE          Martin V.   age 45, Pvt to Corp, 31st N.J. Vol, d. Dec 1903
RICHARDS      Thomas F.   age 67, Pvt NY Cav
BUNN          Jacob       age 48, Pvt 15th NY Eng    d. May 11,1911
CURTISS       John D.     age 56, Pvt 50th NY Eng
BECKWITH      Washington  age 58, Pvt 141st NY Vol
CROUT         W.A.        age 48, Pvt 86th NY Vol
HALL          Lyman       age 67, Pvt NY Vol         d. Mar 12,1907
MERRICK       W.H.        age 50, Pvt 89th NY Vol
LOCKERBY      Burr        age 45, Pvt 5th NY Vol

BOWER         L.H.        age 54, Pvt 179th NY Vol
ELLSWORTH     Fernando    age 47, Pvt 106th NY Vol
VAN HORN      Nathaniel   age ? , Pvt 137th Pa.      d. Oct 18,1898
McCLARY       Timothy     age 68, Pvt 64th NY Vol    d. Jun 10,1900
DUTCHER       Thomas      age 44, Pvt Cav
RUNDLE        William     age 51                     d. 1907
JACKSON       William H.  age 54, Pvt 179th NY Vol
SEARLES       Daniel M.   age 52, Pvt 179th NY Vol
BEEBE         George J.   age 72, Pvt 5th N.Y. H.A.
GRAVES        Avery P.    age 58, Pvt %th N.Y. H.A.
DENNING       George   "colored"  Corp 26 NY Color Guard, d. Dec 1906
DUNHAM        Eli                 Pvt 50th NY Eng    d. Aug 1915
No name.
HOXIE         Joshua      age 40, Pvt 109th NY Vol
CHARLES       Andrew J.   age 75, Pvt 161st NY Vol
DURNIN        Nicholas    age ?   Pvt 111th NY Vol
MITCHELL      P.C.        re-instated
MACKINSON     A.H.        age 80, Sergt 10th Reg Wis. Cav.
LEE           Franklin    age 69, Pvt 21st NY Cav
SWAN          Elias       age 74, Pvt 43rd NY Inf;    "colored"
DAVIS         Frank       age 69, Pvt 54th Mass. Vol; "colored"

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