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This cemetery list was taken from

"The History of the Town of Catharine, NY" by Mary Louise Catlin Cleaver,

First pub. in 1945, p.16.

Purchased and used with permission from Higginson Book Co., reprinter.


There is a newer, more up-to-date version of this cemetery on the Tompkins co., NY website.

Go to "Snyder Hill" Cemetery on the Tompkins site.

This cemetery is in the border area between the two counties.

CAMPBELL     Fanny,  wife of Wm. Campbell    d. 1837,        aged 27

SNYDER       Elizabeth,  wife of Wm. Snyder  d. 1858,        aged 77
SNYDER       William                         d. 1860,        aged 83
SNYDER       William                         d. 1862,        aged 17
SNYDER       Fannie, wife of John Snyder     b. 1826 - 1917  aged 91
SNYDER       John                            b. 1817         d. Apr 24,1905
SNYDER       George                          d. 1886,        aged 81
??           Julia, (wife/Geo. Snyder?)      d. 1871         aged ??

CHURCH       Almira                          d. 1890,        aged 92
CHURCH       Simeon                          d. 1844,        aged 49

BROWN        Sally Ann, wife/ James Brown    d. 1856,        aged 38
BROWN        Adelia, dau of James Brown      d. ??
BROWN        Ann Eliza, dau of Jas. & Sally  d. 1881,        aged 21(?)

BONNETT      David                           d. 1852,        aged 63

DUNCAN       Betsey, wife of Henry Duncan    d. ??
DUNCAN       Burnett, son of Henry Duncan    d. 1841

TRACY        Henry, son of Daniel Tracy      d. ??
TRACY        Martha, wife of Daniel Tracy    d. Dec 20,1845  aged ??

BEEBE        Orlando, son/John & Lydia Beebe, d. 1840        aged 24

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