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Town of HECTOR, Schuyler Co., NY

Contributed by Karen Dickson.

(Updated Feb. 2008)

"This cemetery has been abandoned, but you can get to it easily by crossing a deep ditch into a wooded lot on a small knoll.  It's right on Buckhill Rd., between Harvey Hill Rd. and Enfield Center Rd. on the Schuyler co. side.  It has been read by Alan CHAFFEE in Dec. 1981 & again by Georgianna STEVENSON & Karen DICKSON in the mid-1990s.  Several folks have helped in clearing it up so the stones could be read, mostly HARVEY & STEVENSON descendants."

 +  means that a photo of the gravestone can be seen at Laura Moore's Site.


+ HARVEY, Samuel    d. 22 May 1842 or 1847, aged 82yrs-10mos.
         his wife Lydia WOOLEY    d. 7 Dec. 1857, aged 93yrs-2mos-10das.

Children of Samuel HARVEY & Lydia WOOLEY (they had a total of 13):

+ HARVEY, Joseph    died 17 Oct 1864, aged 78 yrs.
      +  his wife Hannah LOVELL (dau. of Asahel & Hannah BYRAM LOVELL)
               died 28 Apr 1876, aged 83 yrs.
HARVEY, Andrew L., son of Joseph     died 22 Jul 1830, aged 2mos-13das.
HARVEY, Samuel, son of Joseph     died 2 Jul 1822, aged 4yrs-8mos-4das.

HARVEY, Silas Wooley    died 28 May 1875, aged 87yrs-10mos-26das.    + Masonic emblem on stone (see photo).
      +  his wife Abigail LOVELL (dau of Asahel & Hannah BYRAM LOVELL)
               died 25 Jun 1854, aged 69yrs-11mos-15das.
HARVEY, Philo, son of Silas    died 10 June 1862, 44 yrs.

+ HARVEY, Nelly    daughter of Samuel & Lydia HARVEY
                              died 25 Oct 1851, aged 49yrs-9mos-12das.   (unmarried; left will)

+ WILLIAMS, Zilpha HARVEY   died 18 Oct 1882, aged 83 yrs.
         + Dr. John P. A. WILLIAMS, her husband    died 18 Sep 1864, aged 67yrs-9mos.
+ WILLIAMS, Samuel H., son of John P. A. & Zilpha WILLIAMS    died 1 Mar 1849, ae 14 yrs. & 6 mos.

HARVEY, Joel B.    died 19 May 1870, aged 77yrs-1mo-25das.   (gravestone not found)
         his wife Olive INK  (dau of John INK, Sr.)    died 24 Nov 1886, aged 83 yrs.
HARVEY, Lydia, dau of Joel    died 29 Dec 1877, aged 39yrs-7mos-21das.
HARVEY, Nancy E. (Nancy Emmeline), dau of Joel    died 27 Dec 1870, aged 42-7-5.
HARVEY, Edward, son of Joel   (no gravestone)
        Edward's wife Sarah Jane RUMSEY   (no gravestone)
+ HARVEY, Nettie, dau of Edward & Sarah Jane    died 9 Jan 1873, aged 12 yrs.

+ (HARVEY), Lydia   (wife of Barnardus SWARTWOUT)   died 15 Jan 1839, aged 34 yrs.
         (probably died from childbirth, from dates of her son, below.)
+ SWARTWOUT, Thomas Tone, son of Barnardus & Lydia Harvey     died 8 Apr 1840, aged 1 yr.

(The rest of the 13 children of Samuel HARVEY & Lydia WOOLEY are buried elsewhere, apparently.)

HARVEY, Samuel    b. 18 May 1824    d. 24 Oct 1863, aged 39 yrs.
        "My Husband" written on stone.
        his wife Elizabeth LOVELL  (dau of Aaron LOVELL & Hetty GRIFFIN)
HARVEY, Nelly, dau of above    died 25 Oct 1851, aged 49-9-12.
        "No sickness or sorrow or pain, Shall ever disquiet her now;
          for death to her spirit was gain, As garlands encircle her brow.
          Her soul has now taken its flight, To mansions of glory above;
          to mingle with angels of light, and dwell in the kingdom of love."

HARVEY, Betsy C.  (2nd wife of Benj. HUNGERFORD)    died 3 May 1899, aged 86 yrs.
+ HUNGERFORD, Benjamin    died 6 Dec 1875, aged 67 yrs.   (listed as blind on 1865 census.)
+ HUNGERFORD, Fanny  (his first wife)    died 30 Jul 1839, aged 42 yrs.

HARVEY, Philo    died 10 Jun 1862, aged 44-7-21.

+ HARVEY, Joseph Harrison    died 26 Feb 1898, aged 75 yrs.

+ HARVEY, Hanford S.    died 22 Jun 1852, aged 19yrs.-12das.

HARVEY, Thomas  (brother of Samuel)    died 21 Dec 1836, aged 79 yrs.   Died and buried in NJ.
his wife Elizabeth SUTTON    died 6 Apr 1836, aged 79-1-3.

Children of Thomas HARVEY & Elizabeth SUTTON:

HARVEY, Reuben    died 23 June 1866, aged 84 yrs.   (His farm was across the road from this cemetery.)
        his wife Lydia BENNETT    died 23 May 1862, aged 78-1-13.
      + their son Reuben HARVEY, Jr.    died 22 Mar 1834.
Joel B. HARVEY, son of Reuben HARVEY & Lydia BENNETT, died and was buried in NJ.
WOOD, Lydia A.  (first wife of Joel HARVEY)    died 29 Apr 1838, aged 23 yrs.
        (gravestone says daughter of John & Matilda WOOD.)
Infant daughter of Joel B. & Lydia HARVEY  died 9 May 1838, aged 10 days.
+ HARVEY, Susan Arzilla BUCK (second wife of Joel HARVEY)   died 28 Apr 1847, aged 34yrs-23das
        (daughter of Amos BUCK & Susannah LOVELL)

HARVEY, Asher    died 18 Dec 1831, aged 52 yrs.
         his wife Mary WAGER    died 30 Jan 1863, aged 77 yrs.
Their children--
Eliza, wife of Holmes HARVEY    died 16 Mar 1848, aged 31 yrs.
HARVEY, John their son    died 16 Apr 1855, aged 44 yrs.
HARVEY, Harriet Amelia, wife of John HARVEY    died ?
HARVEY, Hannah    their dau    died 4 Oct 1848.

Other families (besides HARVEYs):

AMMACK, Tunis    died 30 May 1842, aged 45-3-14.
          his wife Rebecca (dau of Samuel & Lydia HARVEY?)    died 22 May 1842, aged 45-8-13.

BENNETT, Samuel  (son of Wm. & Samantha BENNETT)
(this was originally listed as "Jenet Samuel" but seems wrong - could be "Senet Samuel"AKA  S. S. Bennett.)
                   his wife Erzilla  HARVEY    born 8 Jul 1832    died Feb. 1887
                          (dau of Seneca HARVEY & Mary Ann FISH)
BENNETT, Erzilla, wife of Samuel Bennett, born July 8, 1832, died Feb 8, 1887 --  (updated info)

BENNETT, George S., son of S. S. and Erzilla Bennett died Aug 11, 1870, aged 1yr and 25das. -- (corrected info)

+ BENNETT, Charles H.  (son of Wm. & Samantha)     died 22 Mar 1842, aged 3yrs-6mos.
       "Sleep on dear child and take thy rest beneth this silent clay.
         Then rise and be fore ever bless'd in everlasting day."

BENNETT, Mary    (dau. of Wm. & Samantha)    died 14 Jul 1843, aged 18-11-20.
      "Dearest sister thou hast left us.  Here thy loss we deeply feel.
        But 'tis God hath bereft us.   He can all our sorrow heal."

+ BOWLEY, James    died 7 Jul 1826, aged 46-11-22
       + his wife Jane    died 23 Jul 1843, aged 65 yrs-7das.

BROWN, Thomas    died 1 Sep 1830, in the 35 year of his age.
       "Friends or physicians could not save this mortal boddy from the grave,
         Nor can the grave confine it here, When Christ commands it to appear."

BROWN, Susan   (wife of John)    died 17 Jul 1829, aged 57 yrs.

CRAWFORD, David    died 12 May 1863, aged 81 yrs.

CRISSY, Agness     (dau of Hiram & Harriet)    died 19 May 1843, aged 10 yrs.

FISH, Charlotte    (wife of John R. FISH)    died 18 Nov 1864, aged 56 yrs.-11 mos.
      (dau of Reuben HARVEY & Lydia BENNETT)    "Mother we miss thee."
FISH, Lydia   her daughter    died 4 Nov 1829, aged 1-10-4.

GEORGIA, Margaret A.    (first wife of Cyrenius S.)    died 28 Apr 1855, aged 30-10-14.
+ GEORGIA, Olive R.   (dau. of above)    died 4 Jul 1845, aged 2-2-20.
      (He married 2nd, Mary A. LOVELL, dau. of Aaron LOVELL & Hetta GRIFFIN.)

+ GODDING, George W.  - photo shown online.
       "George W.  son of William and Mary Godding DIED June 29, 1853 AE 21 Yrs & 10 Mo's"
         [There is an epitaph but the stone is too worn to read it. This stone is just to the right of
         Mary GODDING's stone, lying sideways against the trunk of a large tree.  It is under a
         bush - if it were spring, it would be completely obscured by the bush.]

+ GODDING, Mary   (first wife of William)    died 21 Aug 1849, aged 56yrs-9das.
       "My children dear assemble here, a mothers grave to see.
         Not long ago I dwelt with you, but soon you will dwell with me."
BYRAM, Elizabeth    (2nd wife of William Godding)    died 1 Nov 1883, aged 62-5-26
       (dau of Jephthah BYRAM & Huldah LOVELL).
GODDING, William    died 16 Oct 1873, aged 82yrs-17mos (that's what it says)
      (his dau by 1st marriage, Calista GODDING, married Oliver BYRAM, brother to
         William's 2nd wife Elizabeth BYRAM.)

Nearby is a stone that reads "daughter of Hill--lsy, who died 9 May 1838, 10 days."

Children of John INK Sr. were Abram, Aaron, John Jr., Joseph W., Peter, George, Charles &  Polly...
A researcher sends Wills & Letters of Adminstration from Book A2 on file in Seneca County Surrogates' Office:

JOHN INK deceased.  Will proved 26 Sept. 1815.  Joseph Bennett and Moses Lovell appointed. Will dated 9 Aug. 1815 -- I, John Ink, town of Ulysses -- mentions wife Anna Ink; daughter Polly; sons John, Abraham, Joseph W., and George; three youngest sons Peter, Charles, and Aaron; and friends Joseph Bennett and Moses Lovell.  Witnesses: Mary Cooper, Gilbert Stevenson, Aaron Cooper.  Page. 129.

INK, John    died 28 Aug 1815, aged 68yrs.   (son of Peter INK, Sr.)
INK, John   (son  of John)    died 5 Sep 1826, aged 38-10-1
       (his wife was Mary WEATHERBY, dau. of Edmund WEATHERBY & Hannah S. HARVEY.)
INK, Charles, Esq.    (son of John)    died 7 Aug. 1825, aged 25-7-6
       (his wife was Huldah Maria CHASE, dau of Rev. Ezra CHASE & Elizabeth BYINGTON.)
INK, George    (son of John)    died 23 Oct 1866
       (his wife was Mary P. EMORY.)
INK, Philo W.    (son of George INK and Mary P. EMORY)    died 10 Sep 1849, aged 18-7-28.
      "Faith in his God, we welcom'd death, A sweet release from pain;
        and ------up his breath"   (stone broken).

INK, Abram       died 9 Jan 1820, aged 29-1-15  (son of John Ink Sr., according to family researchers)
       (his wife was Mary BENNETT)

INK, Aaron B    died 29 Jul 1829, aged 26-1-6   (son of John Ink Sr., according to family researchers)
       (his wife was Sally CHASE, dau of Rev. Ezra CHASE & Elizabeth BYINGTON.)

INK, Catherine    (wife of John B.)    died 9 Jan 1843, aged 22-9-21.
     "Resigned she bade this world adieu, Resigned we gave her up to God;
       Triumphant from this vale she flew, A trophy of redeeming love."

LATOURETTE, Mary    (wife of Henry)    died 31 Jul 1828, aged 37-5-24.
LATOURETTE, Mary Ann     (dau of Henry & Mary above)    died 10 Sep 1827, aged 13mos-3das.
     "Sleep on sweet babes & take thy rest, God cal'd for thee when he thought it best."
LOVELESS, Ebenezer    died 19 Jan 1849, aged 63 yrs.

LOVELL, James    died 31 Dec 1845, aged 89 yrs.    (prob. brother to Asahel Lovell, the father of
        Silas, Samuel & Joseph HARVEY's wives.)

MILLER, James S.    (son of James S. & Lydia J. MILLER)    died 4 Aug 1842, aged 2yrs-6mos.

MIZNER, Hermon C.    died 1 Jan 1859, aged 27-4-24.   (son of Peter & Mary MIZNER.)
        his wife Mary HEUSTIS    died 2 Oct 1851, aged 21 yrs.-18 das.
+ MIZNER, Sally  "wife of James W. MIZNER DIED March 16, 1888 Aged 33 years"
               [Her stone is lying flat, is cracked in half about 3/4 down.
                It is lying right next to "Dr. Jonathan".]

OWEN, Joshua    died 21 Oct 1839, aged 78-11-7    (Probably son of Nathaniel Owen, according to a relative.)
        +  his wife Mrs. ZIPPORAH    died 25 Dec 1831, aged 71-4-20.

+ OWEN, Almira    (dau of Jonathan OWEN & Mehitable OWEN*)    died 18 Nov 1832, aged 10 mos-14das.

+ OWEN, John N.    (son of Jonathan OWEN & Mehitable OWEN* )    died 22 Jul 1835, aged 1-10-2.
           *[Note:  Mehitable OWEN may have had the maiden name of "Hetty" CLEVELAND;
             Jonathan OWEN is possibly the son of Joshua OWEN & Zipporah WINTERS, but this is not proven.]

OWEN, Deacon Jonathan    died 31 May 184_ (either 6 or 0), aged 46-7-17.

PEARCE, Jane    (2nd wife of Anthony)    died 9 May 1851, aged 52-6-29.

ROSE, Margaret    (wife of Ebert ROSE)    died 21 Apr 1844, aged 81-4-27.
       "In peace I'm sleeping here, From all my toils at rest;
         Prepare with me to appear in heaven, ---- the blest."

+ SHERER, Lydia Ann    (wife of William D. SHERER)    died 8 Nov 1855, aged 35yrs.-11das.
       "Remember as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I.
         As I am now so you must be.  Prepare for death and follow me."

+ STATES, William    died 7 Apr. 1842, aged 49-7-25.

+ STEVENSON, Gilbert    died 5 Aug 1832, aged 55-10-22.  (erected by his widow.)
                         Betsey    his wife - Burial site of Gilbert's wife Elizabeth "Betsey" unknown.
                         (Possibly dau of Joshua OWEN and Zipporah WINTERS according to family researchers)"
+ STEVENSON, James    (son of Gilbert & Betsey)    died 25 Oct 1840, aged 23-2-23.   (erected by his mother.)
+ STEVENSON, Minerva    (daughter of Gilbert & Betsey Stevenson)    died 25 Apr 1842   (erected by her mother.)
                   [3 readings gave 3 different ages at death for Minerva:  aged 10yr-6mo-21da or 20-6-21 or 26-6-21.]
STEVENSON, Rinaldo    (son of Andrew & Susan)    died 14 May 1850, aged 5-1-26.

STRYKER, Elizann    (wife of Aaron STRYKER)    died 12 Jun 1835, aged 25-11-8.
         "Oh weep not for the dead."
STRYKER, Mariann     (dau of above)    died 15 Dec 1835, aged 4 mos-15das.

UPDIKE, Calphurnia  A.    (wife of Lewis Seal UPDIKE)    died 9 Jul 1851, aged 23-11-9.
                                            (dau of Dr. John WILLIAMS & Zilpha HARVEY.)

+ VanHOUTEN, Mary Ann    (wife of SEARS)    died 28 Jun 1849, aged 35-11-17.
         "Farewell to earth and earthly things, In vain they tempt my stay;
           Come angels spread your joyful wings, and bear my soul away."

VANMARTER, Mary A.    (dau of Joseph VANMARTER & Elizabeth HARVEY)  died 27 Jul 1853, aged 1-9-14.
           (her mother Elizabeth is dau of Reuben HARVEY & Lydia BENNETT.)

WALLENBECK, Jainet    born 1 Jan 1815    died 11 Jul 1883.
his wife     Cornelia    born 1 Mar 1819    died 23 Nov 1900.
+ their son    Darwin    died 7 Jul 1862, aged 14 yrs.
their dau    Alice J.    born 30 Mar 1855    died 27 May 1875.
their son    Charles H.    born 31 Aug 1859    died 24 Feb 1875.
their dau    Carrie    died 7 Jan 1863, aged 8 mos.
their dau    Harriet    died 28 Jun 1864, aged 7yrs-11das.
       "Fare thee well thee bud of beauty, Thou art broken, faded, gone;
         We resign thee dearest Hattie.  God and angel's bade thee come."
(Note:  Joel Bassett HARVEY, son of Joseph & Hannah, married his 2nd wife
      Abigail WALLENBECK, Jainet's niece.)

WALWORTH, William    died 6 Apr 1851, aged 50-8-23.
         "Weep not dear friends that he has gone, Eternal bliss to share.
           So too that you when life is o'er, May meet your lov'd one there."
+ his wife Esther    died 14 Oct 1872, aged 67yrs-6das.
        "Calm in death she closed her eyes.  To meet her Saviour in the skies."

WHITE, John T.    died 29 May 1822, aged 60-4-20.
      + his wife Mary    died 16 Mar 1841, aged 79-10-10.
            "Ye mourners who in silent gloom, bear your dear friend to the tomb.
              Weep not when Christians go to rest, They sleep in Jesus and are blest."

+ WILLIAMS, Calphurnia A.    (dau of Isaac H. WILLIAMS & Mary E. PAIGE)
           died 10 Jul 1858, aged 9mos-4das.    "She was but given a fair bud to blossom in Heaven."
          (her grandparents were Dr. John P. A. WILLIAMS & Zilpha HARVEY.)
WILLIAMS, Emma F.    (dau of Isaac H. & Mary E.)    died 19 Aug 1861, aged 1-10-18.
         "Gone but not forgotten."
+ WILLIAMS, Dr. J. P. A.

WOOD, Matilda    (wife of John WOOD)    died 20 Apr 1867, aged 76 yrs.
+ WOOD, Emily    (dau of John & Matilda WOOD)     died 27 Sep 1876, aged 57-8-22.

WOOLEY, William    (his father Silas WOOLEY, married Rebecca LOVELL, dau of Asahel.)
WOOLEY, Phebe    (first wife of William WOOLEY)
WOOLEY, Catherine    (dau of William & Phebe)    died 10 Mar 1841, aged 1-2-22.
WOOLEY, Sarah E.    (2nd wife of William WOOLEY)
(WOOLEY, Aaron    son of Wm. & Sarah E. Wooley    died 3 Mar 1853, aged 5-9-4    buried in Enf. Chr. Cem.)
+ WOOLEY, Joel    died Jan./Jun. 2, 1822 aged _1 years (11 years?).

A couple of stones have only initials on them, & some have the writings "peeled out", so are difficult to read.

"S.B."  together with "N.B."

"S.A.H." on a stone

A broken gravestone with "died June 29, aged 21yrs-11mos-19das"

"W.J." on a little stone marker.

"David" on a stone, near the LARISON gravestone.

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