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written 1812 - 1814


Contributed and typed by Helena Howard of Schuyler co., NY


Notes from Helena Howard:
    Daniel Howard was born in 1781 (possibly in New Hampshire) of  English descent.  He came to Reading, NY in 1812.  This diary written 1812 - 1814 was very fragile, some pages were so faded it was impossible to read.   It was made up of pages held together by very thin leather strips.  I have done my best to read this and get what I can in print for safe keeping.  Of course some pages may have been lost entirely.  I have typed each page as a paragraph hoping to keep it in the correct order.
    I believe Daniel Howard was a brother of  Joseph Howard Sr. who was born in New Hampshire.  As the family story says "Joseph Sr., with his brother and grown sons, came west"...but Joseph Sr. became ill and stayed in Howard, New York while the rest went on to the shores of Seneca Lake.  Joseph Sr. died in Howard, NY and is buried there.  Daniel & Joe Jr. were both in the militia in Vermont and in Schuyler co., evident from the diary...and in Marlboro, N H there is a monument with all the right names on it but I've not been unable to prove they were ours.
    It was in 1814 that Daniel Howard went to Vermont and he told that it was 2 years since they came to "the wilderness".  He lived next door to Joe Jr. -  their plots were long and narrow
reaching from what is now Route 14 and bordering Seneca Lake.
    Daniel Howard died in 1814 & is buried at Rock Stream.  Other family members may be buried near him, but their is no evidence of this now.  While living in Sandgate, Vermont Daniel was the administrator for the estate of Christian Hill, wife of Levi, and mother of  the Christian Hill Howard  born in 1793.
    Joseph Howard Jr. survived the fever, and he moved to Irelandville.  His home was on a now abandoned road on the west end of what is The Howard Homestead.  He dropped dead while doing chores on Christmas Eve 1873.  According to his Bible he married Christian Hill  1 Nov 1813, in Reading...they had 7 sons and 3 daughters.
     Abner (that visited Daniel) must be related, but the connection is unknown.  The names Daniel, Abner and Andrew appear in every generation.  Joseph Jr. named his first son Abner.

[It seems that Daniel Howard journeyed to Vermont in 1814 from Reading, NY, leaving on the 19th of January and getting home on the 19th of February 1814.]

Daniel Howard Diary

Reading, JANUARY 7 - ------- I went down to CHASES and --- Sunday some snow not cold.  4th cold, 5th cold I went to FULKERSONS. 6th cold flurries of snow sat out 3 apple trees. 7th cold snow all day ----. cold and cloudy----- rainy and cold. 10th cold & clear in the morning. 11th clear.  12 snow   13-cold   14cold   15cold  16 warm  17 warm  18 snow cold  19 warm  I started to Vermont and stayed at HAWES Tavern  in Ulyses  19 snow  stayed at OTIS Tavern in Truxton  20 at Whitestown Tavern in Sherburn  21 at Johnstown  22 at Saratoga  23 arrived at Sandgate VT  snow & rain  24  Keane  25  Snow at night I stayed at Beebees  26 Stayed at Beebes  27 at Henry BEEBE very cold  28 I went to Punt Hollow-and Sansford-  at H Beebes  at HILLS  ------(damimay?) Youngs at RANDALLS  30  at  very cold snow at D GRAYS  31  at Grays

FEBRUARY 1st started from GRAYS to  cross  the mountain and stayed at Deacon WITTMORE  snow at night and 2nd day snow in the morning, blows all night  3  at Winchester at Winchester snow  4th Townshend  5th at Grays  6th pleasant at David HURDS  7 Sunday at David Hurd, Randall  8 at RANDALLS  9th at Randall to Salina  10 at Capt SANDFORD  11 at Beebes  12 started home and went to REID  13 at --white in GRAYS very cold  14 cold stayed Friday in COWNAGA  15 cold stayed at---  ten miles from Utica  16 cold no conajenago Hollow?  ? at HAMMOTH at Cauta  [Cayuta] 19 Got home  20 cold  21 went to Joel JOHNSONS  snow  22 warm  23 very warm  went to cutting logs  24  to mill  25  very warm 26 snow cold drawing logs  27 cold drawing logs  28 Sunday very warm S wind.

MARCH 1st  warm  2  cold I went to town meeting  3 snow & cold S wind  4  cold clear  5  cold cloudy  6  severe cold  7   cold cloudy snow  we went to funeral at CRONKITES 8  cloudy & snow I went to Judge DOWS to (court?) on Willis Van--OVER and I took a summons for JOHNSON (chair?)  9  cold  10  cold  11 cold  I started to go to Col MENDEN stayed at SMITHS  12  Col at olds  13  at OLDS  14 started  15  at home  16 snow in the morning  frosty is change in weather  17 rained very hard I went to BENNETTS  18 warm thaw  19 warm  20 warm  21 cold the snow almost gone  22 cold & clear  23 clear  24  cold  25 cold 26 warm I went to smithy  27  warm cloudy  28 warm rain in the morning  29 warm  30 clear & warm  31 warm.
 APRIL 1 warm rain I went to PHILIPS vandue  2  warm rain  3 clear cold a frost in the morning  4 rainy and cold

APRIL 5, 1813  clear & warm 6  do 7 do  8 do hewed timber  9  do 10 do  11 do  12 cloudy south wind all day  13  rainy wind  14 warm  15 rain  16 cold clear  17 warm  18 I went to Tom HURDS mill------ day warm  19 warm I went to J DOWS & got out an execution as/us (versus?) Johnson CHASE  20 warm rain -----  21 warm and rain  22  warm cleared all day  23 rain and warm  (lbuit?)  24 clear warm  grass grows very fast 25 Sunday  clear & cool  26  clear and warm  27  warm went to election  28  clear and warm  29  rained a little  30 rained
MAY 1st  cloudy I went to the head of the lake a fishing and sawed flax  2  Sunday  cool  3  I back plowed  4  warm  rain  sowed oats  5 rain dragged in oats  6 rained  7 cloudy  plowed for  corn ----- we helped raise his house   9 rained very fast  Sunday 10 cold and cloudy.

[MAY] 11 cool  12  cool clear  13 cool  14  cold and cloudy  15 clear and cool  I raised my house  16 clear and cold - Sunday - 17 clear  18 clear warm  19 clear warm  20 clear warm  21  clearn warm  22 I planted corn  clear warm day  23  clear warm and dry   Sunday  a shower  24  Rain  25 clear  26 rain very fast I went to Big Stream Point after cord and got up to SMITHS Point  27  got the board home  28  rained  29 rained  30  Sunday rained and is very wet  31  clear and cold.
JUNE 1st  clear warm  I went to Mr  WAIT vandue  2 clear and warm  3rd  clear warm  4 clear  warm dry weather  5  clear warm  I was summoned on a jury of  Inquest on the body of Aaron SMOND (SNOW?)  found dead near the dwelling house of John DAVIS in Reading  6  Sunday  warm  and ____?  7 showers  8 rain  9 clear warm  10 rain all day  11  rain in the morning  12 clear  13  warm and clear Sunday  14  warm  15  warm  showers  16  warm showers very hot  17 warm and clear  18 clear  I worked at the road  19  rained.

JUNE 20 Sunday  very hot  showers  21  some  showers in the morning  22 clear  23 showers in fore part of day  24  very hot  25  hot  dry  26 hot  27  Sunday  28  hot a very hard shower  29  showers in the morning  Hot  30  rain (fadel?)  ----
JULY  first on Thursday  rain  (fadel?)    3 clear and warm
4th Sunday  warm  &  showers  5 clear and pleasant  6  showers  in the morning  7 clear  th----  covered my house  8  rain  9  rain  - clear and cool    11 Sunday  clear  12 rain  13 do  14  I sowed buckwheat  15 do and it rained  16 rain  17 clear I slept a while outside and watched (with Simon?)-  at night.   18  Sunday  rain  19 pleasant  20 a shower  21 pleasant  22 clear warm  23 rain  I got new wheat ground had 40 wt of flour out of a bushel  24  showery  25  Sunday clear  26th good harvest day I (kept?)---my grain  27  a shower in the afternoon  28  cloudy  29  good day  30  showers  31  hot and clear I finished drawing in my grain.

Sunday  NOVEMBER 14th (1813)  very cold  15  cold the ground froze hard  16 not very cold  17 cloudy  19  snow and rainy  20 clear and warm  21  do  22  do  23  do  24  rain all day  25  cold  26  cold  27  cold  28 Sunday  cloudy  29  clear and cold  30  south wind  cold
Dec first  cold   2  do  3  very cold  4 cold  5  Sunday  cloudy and some rain at night  6  cold  7  do  8  snow about 6in deep  9  snow  ao  cloudy and cold  11  cloudy  I went after brick over the lake  12 brought them over the lake  13  sunday  clear and cold  I went to Simeon J HURD with a shay  14 cold  15  clear and cold  16 it began to thaw  17 warm  18 warm  19 sunday  some snow and cold  20  Fort Niagara taken by British   21 cold  22 do  23  cold  24  cold  26  I started on the alarm  and went on 11 mile creek  26  Got to SMITHS in Leroy  27  started to Clarence   28 do on 29

from the head of Seneca Lake to Ithaca to Junius to Dryden
30 The battle was fought at Buffalo and the place burnt by the British
31  I went to the 11 mile creek and the people were all moving away.
Jan first  1814 - I started from Mr. HILLS in Clarence to come home and came to SMITHS in Leroy and stayed there until the 5th and started home  6  stayed at (Syuand?)   7  went to Job WOODS in Honeye and left 2 notes with Wm BAKER Esq to collect  8  got home  9  cold  I drawed wood  10  Sunday  cold  11 cold  12  cold and dry  13  cold  14  cold   Joseph started for Vermont  I thrashed  oats  15  cloudy and began to snow  16 ---Sunday  snow all day  17  cold and cloudy  18  cold  I went over the lake and carried some rye and killed a buck   19  some snow cold  20  cold  21 cold  22 cloudy and cold  23  cold Sunday

(1814)  JANUARY 24  cold  25 do  26  snow  27  David HURD came here  28  Gregory was at our house  29  cold  30  I went over the lake  Sunday  30  coldest this winter  31  went down to  RICHARDS
Feb 1st  winds south begins to thaw   2  Major SMITH came to Reading  3  very cold  4  cold  I went to the head of the lake with David Hurd and Major  Smith  5  cold  6  sunday  Major started for home  7  modeerate  8  pleasant  9  rain and snow  10  cold  snow and froze  11  cold  12  cold  I went over the lake to mill  13  Sunday  cloudy and cold  14  snow  it fell  8 inches in 3 hours  15  cold  16  Joseph  got home   16  snow  17  and 18 and 19  very warm  20 rain  21  warm and the snow was gone almost  22  warm  23  warm  Joseph HOWARD began to keep house  24  rain went to mill  25  made troughs  26  do  27  Sunday I went to mill  28  cold made troughs
Mar 1st  cold  I went to town meeting  2  cold  3  cold  4  cold  5  cold  6  Sunday  it bagan to moderate  7  warm  I cut down old timber before John ROBERTS door.

FEBRUARY  (year ?)  warming  9  cold  10  cold  snow  cold winds squalls  12  gravely  sunday  very cold  14  dressed flax for John ROBERTS  15  cloudy and rain  my wrist is hurt out of joint  16  cold  17  do  18  do  19  warm  20  warm  Sunday is running  fast  21  snow  and cold  I went to John WEEKS and to HURDS Corns.  22  cold  23  cold with some snow  a shower storm  24  snow  25  a draft was made of 5 men and a sargeant  26  warm  27  Sunday  warm  sap run fast  we made 400 lbs of sugar  28  warm  29  snow gone  30 warm  31  warmer
MARCH 1st  warm in the morning cold at night  2 cold  3  rain  4  rain  5 clear and warm  the grass begins to grow  6  warm  7  do 8  warm  9 warm  10  Sunday rain  11  rain  12  cold  13  cold  sapp runs  14  I worked for Dr ROBENSON  snow  16  warm  I took out my potatoes

APRIL 17th  Sunday  warm and pleasant   18th  cool I loged before John ROBERTS door  19  I worked for -----hr.  20  cool  I began to plow for flax  21  warm  22  warm  23  cool  24  Sunday  cold with some hail  25  warm  26  very hot  27  warm  28  clear and warm  29  I sowed flax seed  30 rain
MAY first  Sunday  clear and cool  I went to Ovid  after  appletrees    2  rain and hail  Abner HOWARD came to Reading  stayed 2 days   3  warm  4 warm  5  warm  6  do  7 do  8 cool Sunday  9th warm   10 warm cloudy I began to plant  11 and 12  planted that  hill before J ROBERTS door.  12  it began to rain  rained  sunny until the 15  which is Sunday  and it is showery all day and cool  16 rain all day  I went to Judah  WEEKS

MAY 17th  (1814)  I plowed  18 warm  19 warm  20 sunny hot  I finished planting corn  21 rain  22 sunday  Cloudy and warm  23  I finished sowing oats and Joseph was taken sick with the fever.  24 warm  25  very hot  26  do  27  cloudy and rain  28   Joseph very sick  hot  29  hot  30th  I worked for Joseph  31 hot  I was at Josephs  (again?)
June 1st  Hot and very good growing season  2  do  3  do  4  I planted potatoes  5  warm  Sunday  6  do  7  I began to hoe corn  8  I howed corn ---?  9  do  10  I finished howing  11  I plowed at Joseph' corn  12  warm  Sunday  13  warm we had a bee to plow buckwheat land for Joseph  14  warm  15  rain  16  I went to mill across the lake

17 JUNE 1814  ----- to come to Reading to the unknown land so called   18 warm rain we finished plowing buckwheat land  19th is Sunday cool it is 2 years this day since we came to Reading  20  very hot dry weather  21 do  I was cutting fallow  22  do  23  a fine shower  24 clear  25  warm and clear  26  do  27  do  28  do we have our  corn  (thinned?)  2nd time  fallow  (burn?)  28  began to mow some clear  29  dry weather  30 do
July 1st  warm dry weather  2  do  3  some rain is sunny  we went to Big Stream Point to meeting  4 (clear guard?)  5 do  6 very hot

JULY 7  Hot dry on the 4th day of July Fort Erie was taken without the loss of a man and soon after there was a hard fought at Chippewa.  this month is a very dry month however it ----this season
On the 28 of July I rec a letter from Abner  AUGUST first good however ---- on the 6 day finished  drawing in wheat   7 is Sunday warm.

[Helena Howard]

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