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Laurel Hill Cemetery - p1
Town of Catharine, Schuyler co., NY

A thru H         I thru Z

List composed by William E. Fenton.
This is considered the most up-to-date list which is
kept on file in the local historical society.

"Located on County Rt 10 going north (east of Odessa).
Cemetery is across the road from the intersection of Co Rt 6.
This is a large cemetery  and is very well maintained.
The stones from the old Catlin-Odessa Cemetery are in the NW corner
of this cemetery in some large pine trees. The names of those people
are underlined in this list. The ones underlined and with a ** after
them are names from an old list of people whose stones were not found.
 * after a line denotes information that came from interment records and
no stone was seen for those people.  If it appeared that a man and
woman were husband and wife then “his wife” was put in (   ).
Anything put in (   ) is not on the stones and should be checked.
All stones checked by W. E. Fenton in 1996."



From the History of Catharine, by Cleaver:  "Laurel Hill cemetery was established in Oct. 1878, through the efforts of Sylvester MIX.  A meeting of the citizens of the township was held at Rundle's store, Odessa, Sept. 20, 1878, and the following committee was appointed:  S.T. COUCH, Sylvester MIX, Suel C. BRADLEY (BEARDSLEY?), Herman RUMSEY and Richard LOCKHART.  The land was purchased through a trade with Jacob HAUSNER by Sylvester MIX, so a descendant said.  An item says the first interment was Morrison BROWN."

Town of Catharine

Ackley, Isaac  d.1897 age 78 *1
        Elmira (his wife) d.(10-13-1904) age (79) *
Ackley, William  d.1870 age 18 *

Adams, Herbert C  b.1879  d.(8-15)-1950
       Sylvia E Turner his wife  b.1887  d.(5-4)-1965

Adamy, Daniel  b.1798  d.1871
       Catherine his wife  b.1799  d.1874
Adamy, Daniel  d.5-12-1871 age 72-7-22

Alexander, Benjamin C “Father”  b.6-20-1848  d.6-10-1906
Alexander, Leroy L  b.1913  d.(3-18)-1962
           Katie L (his wife)  b.1917  d.(7-4)-1992

Allen, Barbara F  b.1942  d.(8-25)-1972
Allen, Earl J  b.3-1-1916  d.10-7-1987  S SGT US ARMY WWII
       Helen wife of Earl  d.2-11-1996 age 77 *
         (Internment records also list a husband named Hill)
Allen, Olin B Sr.  b.9-6-1877  d.5-13-1944
                  NY MASTER AT ARMS 3CL US NAVY
       Ida J (his wife)  b.1885  d.(1-10)-1970
Allen, Lois A  b.1907  d.(1-11)-1975
Allen, Marcus L  b.1910  d.(5-25)-1994
       Edith P (his wife)  b.1917  d.(9-28)-1988

Ameigh, Judd S  b.1877  d.(4-4)-1958

Anderson, Dean V  b.7-25-1932  d.3-13-1994  US MARINE CORPS

Appleton, Carol Marie  b.1953  d.(7-19)-1955

Archibald, Adelia  b.9-9-1839  d.(1919)
Archibald, Walter  b.1815  d.1872
           Fanny his wife  b.1819  d.1904

Arnold, Chloe wife of Neuman  b.4-30-1830  d.2-22-1853
              dau of John & Mary Budd

Auble, Willis Burge  b. 4-1-1877  d.11-4-1961
       Anna B Fitzgerald (his wife)  b.11-26-1876  d.1-5-1944

Ault, Charles F  b.1855  d.(1-23)-1925

Austin, Beverly J Wheeler  b.1952  d.(5-30)-1978

Aylesworth, Dell J  b.1898  d.(3-7)-1988
            Teresea M (his wife)  b.1898  d.(9-14)-1979
            Dell J Jr. (their son)  b.1923  d.(8-24)-1980

Ayres, Fred Monroe  b.7-26-1898  d.12-28-1984
Ayres, Howard Monroe “Father”  b.1876  d.(3-5)-1920
       Ella Sherrer “Mother” (his wife)  b.1881  d.(3-30)-1964
            (Married to a Hughey after Howard Ayres died)
       Howard Wm “Son” (their son)  b.1904  d.1926
Ayres, Joyce M  b.1926  d.(4-20)-1927
Ayres, Loren H  b.1900  d.(12-28)-1935
Ayres, Valentine R  b.1903  d.(11-22)-1980

Backman, George W  b.1875  d.(1-25)-1953
         Grace S (his wife)  b.1870  d.(4-15)-1932
Backman, Lewis G  b.1852  d.(6-19)-1935
         Emma R (his wife)  b.1857  d.(6-30)-1933

Bahms, ??? Baby  d.12-12-1948 no other info *

Bailey, Clarence J  b.1900  d.(8-4)-1965
        Mary Mae (his wife)  b.1902  d.(2-26)-1979
Bailey, Dale E Sr.  b.1933  d.(4-8)-1977
Bailey, George R  b.7-26-1922  d.2-3-1970 NY PFC 528 ENGINEERS WWII
        Virginia M (his wife)  b.1921  d.(12-3)-1989

Baker, Albert W  b.1897  d.(5-26)-1973
Baker, Cyrus A  b.1859  d.(2-20)-1945
       Carrie M Moe his wife  b.1876  d.(1-5)-1920
Baker, John  b.1872  d.(12-17)-1934
       Lydia Ring (his wife)  b.1879  d.(8-10-1966)
Baker, Lawrence  b.1858  d.(2-25)-1941
Baker, Lottie A  b.4-6-1883  d.1-19-1912
Baker, Nettilla B  b.1880  d.(3-27)-1965
Baker, Richard D  b.1899  d.(4-20)-1943
Baker, Ruth E  b.1911  d.(7-7)-1912

Baldwin, Augusta May Hausner wife of W N  b.1867  d.(8-3)-1934

Barbery, Harry J  b.1910  d.(4-16)-1970
         Bertha S (his wife)  b.1917  d. ?
         Robert N (their son) b.8-27-1943  d.1-29-1968
                 NY SGT CO B 18 INF 1 DIV VIETNAM  BSM-PH

Barbour, Anna B  d.3-9-1938 age 64 *

Barr, Nicholas  b.1828  d.(1-?)-1916
      Emily A his wife  b.1836  d.1903

Barton, James H  b.1904  d.(7-2)-1995
        Evelyn K (his wife)  b.1905  d.(3-8)-1989

Bayes, Charles R  b.1917  d.(1-24)-1962  (Funeral Plaque)
Bayes, Lloyd D  d.1894  d.(7-20)-1922
       Charlotte E (his wife)  b.1898  d.(6-22)-1926

Bayles, Richard Lee  d.10-3-1942 age 5hr Father was Robert *

Beach, William H M.D.  b.1841  d.(9-21)-1929
       Olive A Vickery his wife  b.1844  d.(1-18)-1925
       Edwin Lewis their son  b.1865  d.1867

Bean, Billie Jack  b.11-15-1979  d.6-30-1994
Bean, Owen Dana  b.1901  d.1978
      Ila L French his wife  b.1910  d. ?

Beardsley, Arista   b.1846  d.(1-5)-1927
Beardsley, Asa C  b.1882  d.(3-20)-1974 (Son of Horace & Emily)
           Frae D (his wife)  b.1884  d.(4-?)-1926
Beardsley, Horace A  b.1840  d.(2-11)-1925
           Emily G (his wife)  b.1842  d.(6-?)-1925
Beardsley, Ina dau of Amos & Charity  d.6-2-1883 age 2-9-19
Beardsley, Lewis  d.1885 age 89 *
Beardsley, Lucius C  b.1900  d.(5-8)-1991
           Ethel L (his wife)  b.1898  d.(10-26)-1986
Beardsley, Philo  d.3-7-1890 age 60
           Margaret his wife  d.5-30-1895 age 57
           Thyphena P his wife  d.5-11-1851 age 17-3-3
           Burton Marcus son of Philo & Marg’  b.1878 d.(5-29)-1944
           Fred S son of Philo & Marg’  b.6-29-1857  d.3-12-1882
Beardsley, Ruth  b.1898  d.1991  dau of Wm & Kathryn Fowler
Beardsley, Suel C  d.5-13-1881 age 65-8-22
           Phebe his wife  d.10-30-1899 age 82-7-3
           Hellen L their dau  d.6-18-1831 age 1-8-18
           Henry C their son  d.4-28-1848 age (4)
           ??? their son  d.6-7-1843 age infant
Beardsley, Tina C  b.1858  d.1937

Beckwith, Jane A  b.12-6-1818  d.1-30-1856
Beckwith, John F  b.1853  d.(3-7)-1942
          Alma C (his wife)  b.1875  d.(11-19)-1965
Beckwith, (Albamus)  d.6-1-1864 age 47  CO H 14? HEAVY ART NY VOL
                Killed at Cold Harbor
Beckwith, (Catherine)  b.10-21-1847  d.1-13-1850
Beckwith, (Ruth)  b. 6-22-1850  d.12-20-1888

Beebe, Arthur D “Father”  b.1850  d.)7-22)-1916
       Adelia S “Mother” (his wife)  b.1852  d.1925
Beebe, George J  b.4-13-1827  d.1925  CO G 5TH REGT NY V ART
       Ellen L his wife  b.12-26-1849  d.(4-10)-1930
Beebe, John  b.1855  d.(3-20-1932)
       Emma J Murch his wife  b.1856  d.(8-27)-1927
Beebe, Joy Marnia  b.1937  d.(7-23)-1941
Beebe, Linda D  d.1-14-1976 age 103 *
Beebe, Liona J  b.1884  d.(10-21)-1921
Beebe, Nicole K  b.1882  d.1976
Beebe, Oscar K  b.1852  d.1918
Beebe, Paul B  b.1928  d. ?
       Theresa M (his wife)  b.1931  d.(5-60-1986
Beebe, Spencer M  b.1886  d.(12-20)-1940
Beebe, Sydney L  b.1875  d.(1-6)-1949
       Frances L his wife  b.1901  d.(12-12)-1978
Beebe, W Murray  b.1856  d.(5-26)-1938

Beedle, Elvaro R  b.1874  d.(5-6)-1955
        Estella J (his wife)  b.1878  d.(3-16)-1958
         (internment records list her name as Sarah)

Beers, Judith A  b.1938  d.1979

Bell, Clinton E  b.1899  d.(1-5)-1983
      Wava B (his wife)  b.1899  d.(8-2)-1966

Bellows, Bernard  b.9-17-1917  d.3-24-1980  PVT US ARMY WWII
Bellows, Martin  d.8-28-1953 age 70-0-21  (Funeral Plaque)
Bellows, Minard  d.7-3-1984 age 70 *
Bellows, Rose P  d.9-1-1966 age 78 *
Bellows, Waldon  b.1910  d.(7-5)-1982
         Maude E (his wife)  b.1912  d.(1-4)-1964

Bement, Rosalyn H  b.1868  d.1894

Bennett, Harold H  b.1922  d. ?
         Ruth Ainah (his wife)  b.1923  d. ?
Bennett, William  d.9-10-1928 age 69 *

Benson, Edgar N  b.1875  d.(3-29)-1959
        Mary O Whitney his wife  b.1883  d.(3-10)-1981

Benton, Carrie  b.1847  d.1890

Betties, Joseph “Father”  b.1878  d.(1-30)-1946

Betts, Cortland S Jr.  d.8-12-1973 age 55 *
Betts, Edward “Father”  b.1885  d.(12-23)-1960
       Lela K “Mother” (his wife)  b.1886  d.(2-28)-1951

Bishop, Frank Darrow  b.1830  d.1906
        Henrietta Swan his wife  b.1832  d.(2-16)-1919
Bishop, Perry E  b.1899  d.(9-26-1995)
        Eliza H (his wife)  b.1899  d.(6-28)-1989

Bixby, Gilbert V  b.1883  d.(1-23)-1954
       Charlotte M (his wife)  b.1886  d.(7-27)-1948
Bixby, Helen M  d.(10-10)-1929 age (infant)
Bixby, Lloyd E  b.1910  d.(11-29)-1932
Bixby, Stanley V  b.1919  d.(9-7)-1938

Blaha, John W  b.1881  d.(12-24)-1958
       Barbara (his wife)  b.1885  d.(8-26)-1949
Blaha, Otto J  b.1906  d.(9-3)-1955
       Ella O (his wife)  b.1910  d. ?

Bloom, Clifford S  b.1-20-1900  d.3-3-1955
                 NY PVT BTRY A 106 FLD ART WW1
       Frances Paine (his wife)  b.1900  d.(12-26)-1979

Boling, Lenora L  b.1853  d.(10-18)-1927

Bosworth, Harry F  b.1882  d.(9-11)-1957
          Alice M (his wife)  b.1887  d.(1-21)-1942

Bowen, Earl S  b.1908  d.(8-31)-1989
       Marlee R (his wife)  b.1908  d. ?
Bowen, George  b.1880  d.(10-14)-1957
Bowen, Harold W  d.7-1-1936 age infant *
Bowen, John  d.7-10-1949 age 51 *
Bowen, Olin W  d.7-24-1995 age 84 *
Bowen, Olin W  b.7-6-1932  d.5-12-1990  US NAVY WWII
Bowen, Raymond E  d.2-4-1995 age 88 *
Bowen, Robert E  b.1944  d.(6-2)-1964
Bowen, William  b.1877  d.(6-12)-1942
       Lillian M (his wife)  b.1879  d.(1-9)-1949

Bowers, Milton D  b.1915  d.(12-30)-1970
        Jessie G (his wife)  b.1922  d.(8-11)-1992

Bowman, Cecil P  b.1900  d.(10-1)-1946
Bowman, Patricia Ann  b.2-14-1945  d.5-6-1947 (Mother is Rosemary)
Bowman, Stillborn - no data

Boyce, Benjamin H  b.1888  d.(6-3)-1947
       Elsie G his wife  d.6-4-1918 age 32 *
       Jennie S (Jones) (his wife)  b.1887  d.(3-5)-1958
Boyce, David H  b.1845  d.(8-21)-1926
       Hannah Jane (his wife)  b.1845  d.(4-11)-1923
Boyce, Earl G  b.1880  d.(12-22)-1960
Boyce, Effie Charles “Sister”  b.1890  d.1983
Boyce, Ethamer  b.1884  d.1957
       Naomi his wife  d.3-1-1926 age 42 *
Boyce, Frank E  b.1869  d.(10-28)-1914
Boyce, Grace M  b.1889  d.(11-5)-1968
Boyce, Hughston  b.1882  d.(2-1)-1962
Boyce, John W “Father”  b.1873  d.(8-21)-1942
       Anna M “Mother” (his wife)  b.1883  d.(2-12)-1943
Boyce, Laney  b.1820  d.1893

Bradley, LaVerne C “Beef”  b.2-14-1931  d.10-17-1987
         Sabella James his wife  b.5-30-1936  d. ?
Bradley, Wm Depew b.1-22-1922 d.10-11-1979 CPL US MARINE CORPS WWII

Breedlove, Richard A  b.1920  d.(6-8)-1948
Breedlove, Sherman A  b.1879  d.(8-25)-1949
           Nellie R (his wife)  b.1880  d.(5-12)-1969

Brezina, Mary d.5-29-1925 age 15 days (Father may have been Anton)*

Brink, Charles N  b.1856  d.1887
Brink, Don C  b.11-4-1896  d.6-30-1872  PVT US ARMY WWI
       Bernice Fullwood (his wife)  b.1902  d.(10-7)-1959
Brink, Ruth Ann  b.1833  d.1935

Brotherton, Lois White  b.1877  d.1915 dau of Willis Sr/Eliza White

Brown, Lawrence “Son”  b.1914  d.(12-31)-1961
Brown, Morrison  d.1-7-1919 age 63 *
       Ida B (his wife)  d.3-31-1935 age 76-4-25 *
       May (their dau) - no data *

Brown, Thomas S  b.1-24-1831  d. ?
       Pamelia S his wife  b.1-30-1834  d.8-13-1899
Brown, Tillinghast  d.9-21-1898 age 87
       Nancy his wife  d.1-24-1878 age 66
Brown, William M  b.1869  d.(2-18)-1937
       Cornelia E (his wife)  b.1870  d.(4-21)-1966

Bruce, William  d.12-17-1914 age 44 *

Bruman, Arlene  d.8-19-1982 age 53 *
Bruman, Charles  d.9-16?-1961 age 76 *
Bruman, Helen J  d.7-25-1976 age 62 *
Bruman, Pierce - no data *
Bruman, Ralph J  b.5-29-1905  d.6-29-1973  NY PFC US ARMY WWII

Bryant, Margaret Carpenter  d.5-?-1955 age 57-0-3 *
        dau of Hiram Brown

Budd, Jackson D  b.3-4-1827  d.3-23-1918
Budd, John “Father”  b.8-21-1805  d.1873
      Mary Vail his wife  b.8-16-1809  d.11-1-1894 (Dau of Harry)
      John their son  b.1-30-1846  d.9-28-1853
      Minerva their dau  b.3-5-1832  d.6-19-1883
      Rebecca their dau  b.9-30-1834  d.3-3-1842
      William H their son  b.12-30-1837  d.11-9-1893
Budd, Joseph   b.1845  d.(5-12)-1911

Buelow, George A  b.1893  d.(4-16-1977)
        Jennie L (his wife)  b.1899  d.(4-13)-1973

Buggun, Patricia Ellen  d.9-28-1973 age 1 day *
            (her father may have been William)

Bulkley, Allen Huntress Sr.  d.3-31-1951 age (60-7-19)
         Clara Couch (his wife)  d.9-13-1945 age (59-9-6)

Bulkley, Chestina M wife of Rosalvo A  b.1846  d.1922
Bulkley, H Seymour  d.1-2-1942 age (65-0-22)
Bulkley, Harriet B  b.1859  d.1954
Bulkley, Menzo Darling  d.3-18-1930 age (71)
         Bessie L Blodgett wife of M D  d.10-15-1920 age (68)
Bulkley, Merwin  b.12-31-1822  d.10-10-1903
         Margaret (his wife) b.8-13-1841  d.2-6-1914
Bulkley, Seymour M  b.12-11-1913  d.2-10-1970
                  NY CAPT MEDICAL CORPS WWII
         Katharine T (his wife)  b.1913  d. ?

Burch, Lester  b.1850  d.(5-4)-1923
       Ellen (Lunger)(his wife)  b.1850  d.(10-18)-1925

Burge, Eleanor M  b.8-29-1871  d.11-6-1952
Burge, Frances  b.2-10-1870  d.2-10-1870
Burge, George  b.11-3-1836  d.3-8-1875
Burge, Katherine L  b.12-11-1841  d.3-3-1920

Burnett, Frank F  b.1876  d.(2-27)-1947
         Alice Mae (his wife)  b.1885  d.(12-15)-1933
         Earl (their son) d.10-8-1910 age 1 *
Burnett, Ida Mae  b.1904  d.(12-9)-1958

Burns, Stacey  b.1974  d.1995  (Funeral Plaque)

Burt, Milton R  b.1915  d.(10-18)-1983
      Catherine Carpenter (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?

Bush, Bonnievie  d.12-8-1928 age 5mo *
Bush, Eugene  d.9-21-1937 age 8mo *
Bush, Gabriel T  b.11-28-1923  d.10-17-1984 MSGT US ARMY WWII-KOREA
Bush, Kenneth L  b.5-20-1971  d.1-31-1989
Bush, Kevin A b.6-26-1963  d.9-17-1993
Bush, Mildred M “Mother”  b.1902  d.(4-12)-1987
      Ward T “son” (her son) “Doc”  b.1935  d.(11-6)-1993
Bush, Erastus  b.1898  d.(11-10)-1959
Bush, Merle F  b.1929  d.(9-1)-1959
Bush, Ralph S  b.4-9-1907  d.1-14-1974  NY S1 US NAVY WWII
      Ruth B (his wife)  b.1908  d.(5-25)-1993
Bush, Shane C  b.6-15-1973  d.1-31-1989
Bush, Wilfred  b.7-3-1921  d.5-7-1943  NY PVT 133 INFANTRY WWII
Bush, Wilfred S  b.2-13-1943  d. ?   married 10-11-1962
      Susanne E his wife  b.11-8-1945  d.?

Butters, Guy  b.5-2-1832  d.3-11-1909  CO G 1ST NYV CAV
         Nancy Owen his wife  b.2-4-1830  d.8-4-1900

Butts, Edwin L  b.1920  d.1984
       Arlene Hulford (his wife)  b.1930  d. ?
Butts, Raymond E  b.7-3-1955  d.7-4-1988  SP4 US ARMY

Campbell, Calvin  b.1856  d.(10-8)-1925
          Jane (his wife) b.1841  d.(1-30)-1926
Campbell, Duane B “Red”  b.5-21-1944  d.3-14-1994
          Joan S “Sam” (his wife)  b.9-9-1943  d. ?
          Melissa M (their dau)  d.1-27-1967 age (1day)
Campbell, Edward  b.1854  d.1880
Campbell, Elmer  b.1880  d.(11-18)-1928
          Claudia (his wife)  b.1884  d.(12-26)-1966
Campbell, Fred Conley  b.1878  d.(12-13)-1964
          Lilian Harvey (his wife)  b.1888  d.1945
          Nina Stoughton (his wife)  b.1883  d.(3-13)-1919
          Steven R son of Fred & Lilian d.7-23-1845 age infant *

Campbell, Hila A  b.1819  d.1905
Campbell, John  d.1924 age 73 *
Campbell, Mary  d.1923 age 70 *
Campbell, Ray Harvey  b.10-10-1921  d.8-19-1987
          Beverley Colley “Bonnie” (his wife)  b.4-17-1928  d. ?
Campbell, Tracy E  b.1913  d.(12-21)-1990
          Esther C (his wife)  b.1916  d. ?
Campbell, Wells S  b.5-1-1911  d.5-28-1959
Campbell, Milfred  d.7-18-1931 age (13) (Funeral Plaque)
                      [originally listed as "Wilfred", but a nephew wrote to correct it to Milfred]

Carey, Alanson - no data *
       Mrs. Alanson - no data *
Carey, George  d.7-7-1944 age 83  Son of Alanson *
       Lesbia (his wife)  d.1-20-1914 age 52 *
Carey, William E  b.1886  d.(6-13)-1920
       Margaret D (his wife)  b.1888  d.(11-23)-1947

Carl, Douglas A  b.6-21-1952  d.3-21-1991 PFC US MARINE CORPS V’NAM
      Donna J (his wife)  b.7-17-1954  d. ?
Carl, Frank R  b.1911  d. ?
      Thelma M (his wife)  b.1919  d. ?
      Infant of theirs  d.12-28-1945
Carl, Marie T  12-28-1945 only date

Carley, Emma A  b.1851  d.1902
Carley, John K  b.11-29-1808  d.5-29-1904
        Ruth M his wife  b.8-12-1814  d.6-10-1883
Carley, Lewis P  b.1835  d.1898
Carley, Mary A  b.1842  d.1883
Carley, William A  b.1841  d.(10-10-1930)

Carlton, Leslie E  b.3-22-1916  d.1-17-1993  PFC US ARMY WWII
         Wilma Carrier his wife  b.1918  d. ?

Carpenter, Alva R  b.1866  d.(10-11-1930)
           (Jerusa) Daisy Ford (his wife)  b.1867  d.(5-10)-1941
Carpenter, Catharine G wife of George  d.6-20-1852 age 20-10-12
           Esther (wife of George  d.1864 age 31)
           Helen dau of George & Esther M  d.2-4-1863 age 7-0-15
Carpenter, Charles H d.(7-16-1935 age 57) CO M 203 NY INf SP AM WAR
Carpenter, Cleon F  b.1891  d.9-1-1934  CORP 74 NY INF
           Mabel I (his wife)  b.1886  d.(4-18)-1958
           Edwin F (their son)  b.1920  d.1944
Carpenter, Edward  b.1860  d.(7-30)-1927
           Kate (Ford) his wife  b.1861  d.(9-14)-1905
Carpenter, George  d.1909 age 82 *
           Maria (his wife)  d.10-30-1911 age 72 *
Carpenter, Ira Harvey  d.2-22-1945 age 83-6-14 *
           Jane Taylor (his wife)  d.8-4-1946 age 85-7-18 *
Carpenter, J C  d.8-5-1864 age 22
Carpenter, Kenneth E  b.1910  d.(10-30)-1993
           Meta A (his wife)  b.1908  d.(4-24-1997)
Carpenter, Jane wife of (Norman)  d.6-20-1864 age 24
           Ira son of A & J  d.8-16-1864 age 4
           Johnathan son of A & J  d.8-11-1864 age (3)
Carpenter, Marcus  rest unreadable
Carpenter, Robert G  b.1925  d. ?
           Althea C (his wife)  b.1927  d. ?
Carpenter, ??? dau of Saller? & Catharine Pullman?

Carrigan, Albert  d.7-31-1923 age 39 Married Ella Ayres *
            (First married to Pearl Hendrickson of Watkins)

Case, Byron  b.1908  d. ?
      Cora (his wife)  b.1911  d. ?
      Dan K “Our Little One” (their son)  b.1952  d.195?
Case, Dawn Marie  d.4-27-1955 age 3 *

Casterline, Esther Elliot  b.1856  d.(11-14)-1938

Catlin, Claude  b.1870  d.1872
Catlin, Cornelia B  b.7-19-1828  d.3-13-1856
Catlin, Frances M  b.4-24-1835  d.10-24-1852
Catlin, Guy Hinman  b.6-28-1876  d.9-20-1935
        Bessie Cooper (his wife) - no data
Catlin, Henry B  b.1837  d.(2-25)-1911
        Carrie C his wife d.(2-24-1912 age 79)
Catlin, Louis Elijah  b.1872  d.(8-19)-1958
        Ida M Lattin (his wife)  b.1872  d.(10-27)-1960
Catlin, Lucretic  b.1876  d.1881
Catlin, P Howard  d.1904 age 60 *
Catlin, Phineas Sr.  b.10-22-1760  d.1-30-1827
        Sarah his wife  b.4-18-1767  d.5-14-1852
Catlin, Phineas Jr.  b.1-30-1795  d.3-15-1883
        Hannah his wife  b.12-24-1793  d.3-2-1867
Catlin, Phineas  b.1885  d.1901
Catlin, Phineas H  b.1903  d.(9-15)-1982
        Goldie M (his wife) d.(5-3-1993 age 93)
Catlin, Ralph L  d.9-19-1849 age 34-8-12
        Eliza A his wife  d.2-16-1869 age 47-6-10
        William Eugene their son  d.8-21-1852 age 9-1-19
Catlin, Ralph L  b.7-14-1849  d.7-22-1920
        Ida L (his wife)  b.7-16-1850  d.11-28-1932
Catlin, Sophy  b.1842  d.(12-24)-1929
Catlin, Sterns J “Father”  b.1847  d.1915
        Eliza Stanley “Mother” his wife  b.1850  d.(9-9)-1917

Caywood, Elam  b.1818  d.1894
         Hannah his wife  b.1825  d.1906
Caywood, John E “Father”  b.1853  d.1902
         Sarah S “Mother” (his wife)  b.1853  d.(11-6)-1938
         Charles L (their son)  b.1888  d.(4-13-1983)

Chamberlain, Addison G  b.1901  d.(7-17)-1949
             Minnie E (his wife)  b.1908  d. ?
Chamberlain, Donald  b.11-10-1928  d.12-15-1928

Chapman, Adelbert M  b.1861  d.(12-?)-1924
         Libbie D Kelley his wife  b.1868  d.(3-19)-1953
Chapman, Ann Eliza  d.5-15-1893 age 69
Chapman, Bert - no data *
Chapman, C LaVern  b.1880  d.1945
         Mabelle G (his wife)  b.1877  d. ?
Chapman, Clarence E  b.1883  d.1965
Chapman, Delbert - no data *
Chapman, Donald H “Father”  b.1923  d.(11-27)-1974
Chapman, Donald H  d.5-23-1932 age 29 *
Chapman, Edith Gillam  b.1876  d.(4-4)-1961
Chapman, Fred Lavern  d.9-1-1960 age 86-3-4
         Annabelle (his wife)  d.9-19-1942 age 57 *
Chapman, George W  b.2-14-1855  d.6-15-1908
         Delephine E (his wife)  b.1863  d.1925
Chapman, Gordon J  b.11-26-1924  d.7-5-1984  RM3 US NAVY WWII
Chapman, (William) Harrison  b.1852  d.(1-24)-1923
         Viola (his wife)  b.1854  d.(1-19)-1938
Chapman, Harry D  b.1887  d.(7-26)-1975
         Bertha S (his wife)  b.1886  d.(6-23)-1966
Chapman, James  b.1827  d.1915
         Mary S Couch his wife  b.1831  d.1859
         Rhoda West his wife  b.1837  d.1906
         Eva O dau of James & Rhoda  d.8-30-1864 age 2mo 8d
         another small stone next to the one above
Chapman, Kenneth G  b.1900  d.1962
         Margaret S (his wife)  b.1903  d.1981
Chapman, Lansing W  b.1952  d.1952 (Funeral Plaque)
Chapman, Manuel b.10-22-1816 d.6-18-1902 “Crossed the Mountians to
         Oregon with Freemont 1843” & CO F 1ST REG MARYLAND VOL INF
Chapman, Mary  d.3-12-1937 age 78-8-8 *
Chapman, Melvin Newton  b.1-16-1924  d.4-13-1978  S SGT US ARMY
         Baby of his d.3-4-1952 age 15 days *
Chapman, Reuben  b.2-21-1819  d. 6-6-1897
         Angel his wife  b.10-31-1826  d.6-28-1887
         Harriet his wife  d.(3-7-1902) age (68) *
Chapman, S Barlow  b.4-27-1921  d.5-8-1989
                   T SGT US ARMY AIR CORPS WWII
         Clara A (his wife)  b.1918  d.(5-27)-1989
Chapman, Sally Pierce wife of John - no data  stone broken 1873?
Chapman, Simeon  b.1847  d.(7-1)-1912
         Emma J his wife  d.5-8-1885 age 30-9-9
Chapman, Stewart A  b.1892  d.(7-23)-1974
         Mae W (his wife)  b.1890  d.(5-13)-1974
Chapman, William B  b.1873  d.1903
Chapman, William K  b.1930  d. ?
         Gloria Dawn M (his wife)  b.1932  d. ?
Chapman, William M  b.1854  d.(4-2)-1941
         Julia A his wife  b.12-2-1849  d.1-22-1897
Chapman, Willis G  b.1880  d.(11-15)-1955  (Funeral Plaque)

Charles, Edward J  d.4-16-1930 age 75 *
Charles, Effie  d.11-19-1993 age 93 *
Charles, Grant D  b.1887  d.(1-22)-1967  Brother to Irving
Charles, H Eliza wife of A J  d.3-21-1928 age 88
Charles, Horton L  b.1852  d.(3-23)-1937
         Franc P Shelton his wife  b.1850  d.(5-5)-1911
Charles, Infant dau of (unreadable) *
Charles, Irving E “Father”  b.1853  d.(5-5)-1947
         Jennie B “Mother” (his wife)  b.1861  d.(1-2)-1922
Charles, John J  b.1849  d.1909
         Anna S Lockerby his wife  b.1853  d.(2-?)-1923
Charles, Katharine L  b.1886  d.(4-22)-1919
Charles, Mary E  d, 1913 age 56yr 7mo *
Charles, Millie F “Sister”  b.1904 d. ?
Charles, Simon  b.1826  d.1914  CO G 53 PA INF
         Mrs. Simon (Mary E) d.(5-10-1904) age (73) *
Charles, Simon Durell  b.2-24-1877  d.3-1-1965
Charles, T Burr  b.1890  d.(12-10)-1983
         Harriet Moe (his wife)  b.1874  d.(11-13-1948)
Charles, Truman Lawrence  b.1854  d.1907
Charles, William I  b.2-16-1893  d.4-20-1986  PFC US ARMY WWI

Chesney, Claudia P  d.6-28-1995 age 79 *

Choopel, Bertha  d.7-21-1983 age 61 *

Chrisman, Nora A  b.1879  d.1941

Christman, Marsha L  d.6-27-1988 age 53 Husband is Donald *
Christman, William  d.3-10-1917 age 50 *
           Anna (his wife)  d.4-10-1941 age 67 *
           Leslie  (their son) d.12-10-1918 age 10 *

Churchhill, Douglass L  b.9-9-1893  d.11-7-1962
                      NY CPL ADVANCE ORD DEPOT 4 WWI
            Elsie J (his wife)  b.1892  d.1977

Clapp, Charles M  b.1850  d.(1-10)-1927
       Mary Alice (his wife)  b.1852  d.(12-2)-1925
Clapp, Clarence  b.1885  d.(10-22)-1925
Clapp, Cora Munson  b.1890  d.(10-7)-1929

Clark, Anna M  d.1-19-1913 age 45  dau of Frank Henry *
Clark, Baby Boy d.12-9-1968 age stillborn *
Clark, Carrie L  d.1920 age 73 *
Clark, Charles D  12-29-1967 only date
Clark, Francis W  b.1908  d. ?
       Margaret Baker (his wife)  b.1912  d. ?
Clark, Jackie Fredrick  d.11-30-1968 age stilborn *
Clark, James F  b.1944  d.1996
Clark, James F 2nd  b.11-29-1968  d.11-30-1868
Clark, Otis E  b.1867  d.(6-9-1938)
       Alice G (his wife)  b.1875  d.(2-22)-1955
       Nina (their dau)  d.3-8-1902 age 6 day *
Clark, Willie L  b.1921  d.(11-1)-1922

Cleaver, Robert Lincoln  b.1883  d.(2-16)-1946
         Mary Louise Catlin (his wife)  b.1882  d.(6-1)-1974

Cleveland, Violet  d.12-2-1948 age 66-6-13 *

Cline, Lewis - no data  CO E 52ND PA INF

Clinton, James H  b.1894  d.1976  PVT US ARMY WWI

Coats, Stewart J  b.10-9-1897  d.1-20-1985  US ARMY WWI
       Clara N (his wife)  b.4-13-1901  d. ?

Coddington, Albert C  b.1872  d.(12-14)-1953
            Susie B (his wife)  b.1881  d.(4-30-1955
Coddington, Coral  d.(8-15-1915 age 24)
Coddington, John D - no data *
            Helen M (his wife) b.1850  d.1901
Coddington, Jason  b.1870  d.(5-30)-1939
            Florence (his wife)  b.1871  d.(8-2-1943)

Cole, Hannah R d.5-20-1860 age 22
Cole, Mary E  d.8-8-1850 age 19

Collins, Earl R  b.1907  d.(5-30)-1985
         Beatrice D (his wife)  b.1915  d.(4-21)-1987
         The above are parents of Robert E, Darlene B & Bonnie N
Collins, Edwin C  b.1909  d.(1-21)-1981
Collins, Eugene  b.1882  d.(9-12)-1963
Collins, Eugene  b.1905  d.(9-24)-1981
         Leah W (his wife)  b.1909  d.(7-26)-1985
Collins, Lamual L  b.1920  d.(9-24)-1984 PVT US ARMY AIR CORPS WWII
Collins, Mahalie E  b.1883  d.(11-24)-1958
Collins, Richard C  b.1915  d.(6-30)-1994
         Adella M Wood his wife  b.1916  d.(11-12)-1946
         Harriet B his wife  b.1911  d.(5-13)-1988
                 Married 7-16-1949 (Butler was her maiden name)

Colsner, Barbara Hollenbeck  b.1893  d.1956

Colwell, Emma  d.1-31-1929 age 62 *

Cone, Amelia Eliza  d.12-28-1955 age 87 *

Conklin, Gloria dau of Norma & Darla  b.11-1-1965  d.3-24-1966
Conklin, Raymond A  b.1930  d.(8-29)-1976

Cook, Martin F  b.1910  d.(12-9)-1979  Married 10-8-1932
      Eileen A his wife  b.1914  d. ?
Cook, Nathan Sean d.(2-5)-1991 (infant) (Funeral Plaque)

Cooper, Alvin  b.1-23-1816  d.12-17-1881
        Elizabeth his wife  b.9-4-1826  d.(11-30-1906)
        Alice V their dau  b.10-20-1857  d.3-15-1880
Cooper, Claude Smith  b.1863  d.(6-12)-1936
Cooper, Freeman W  b.1-28-1928  d.11-22-1992  PFC US ARMY WWII
        Eunice L (his wife)  b.1925  d. ?
Cooper, Oscar  b.7-30-1849  d.12-31-1886
        Kate (Beardsley) his wife  b.2-3-1853  d.8-10-1914
Cooper, Sarah Ruth Hinton  b.1897  d.(5-22)-1949
        Ralph  her son d.8-30)-1929 age infant

Corby, Charlotte Hunt “Mother”  b.1841  d.(12-5)-1910

Cornell, John E  b.1916  d. ?
         Alice R (his wife)  b.1913  d.(1-15)-1986

Corwin, George M  b.1865  d.(3-31)-1928
        Mary E (his wife)  b.1862  d.(5-15)-1931

Costley, Howard W  b.1918  d.(12-13)-1984
         Mary (his wife)  b.1922  d.(4-27)-1981
Costley, Myron G  b.1892  d.(8-19)-1965

Couch, George  b.1881  d.(12-13)-1936
       Lois D (his wife)  b.1896  d.(11-1)-1960
Couch, Nicoll Jones  b.1905  d. ?
Couch, Ruth French  b.1906  d.(2-10)-1990
Couch, Samuel T  b.1838  d.(10-4)-1911 son of Thomas & Lucy
       Viann W his wife  b.1839  d.1919 dau of Gilbert/Mary Woodard
       Vinton M their son  b.1868  d.1901
       Gilbert son of Samuel  d.1-20-1868 age 2mo 19d
Couch, Thomas  b.8-5-1805  d.5-9-1890
       Lucy P Mallette his wife  b.3-24-1805  d.8-11-1877
       Asher their son  d.3-5-1841 age 8mo 3d
       Emily M their dau  b.1835  d.1906
       Myron C their son  d.3-25-1864 age 21
               Co C (unreadable) NYV; Killed (unreadable), GA
Couch, William Leslie  b.1865  d.(8-31)-1937
       Lucy Jones (his wife)  b.1868  d.1911
       Baby of theirs - no data *
Couch, W Leslie Jr.  b.1908  d.(2-20)-1991
       Christine Ely (his wife)  b.1909  d.(10-20)-1983

Covert, ??? d.12-?-1968 age infant (Funeral Plaque)

Cowell, Emma  b.1866  d.1928

Cowles, Melville V  b.1893  d.1961
        Hazel E (his wife)  b.1892  d.(5-6)-1988

Cozier, Eugene L  b.1871  d.(5-?)-1927
        Ida Ella (his wife) b.1855  d.(7-18)-1921

Crainey, Russell W  d.5-30-1984 age 84 *
         Myrtle C (his wife)  d.11-26-1973 age 71 *

Crane, E William  b.1915  d. ?
       Muriel H (his wife)  b.1921  d. ?
Crane, Earl William “Father”  b.9-14-1890  d.5-19-1948
       Minnie Wopat “Mother” (his wife)  b.9-10-1882  d.1-18-1978
Crane, Florence Wickham wife of Robert L  b.1910  d.(10-27)1946
       Richard Stanley son of Robert/Florence  b.1936  d.(9-9)-1941

Crippen, Elmer C  b.1872  d.(5-4-1937)
         Lydia N States his wife  b.1876  d.(10-28)-1935

Croft, A Marie  b.4-12-1922  d.9-9-1988

Cronkright, James  b.9-17-1839  d.9-17-1931
            Mary M his wife  d.5-8-1887 age 47

Cummings, Albert  d.8-12-1932 age 34
Cumming,  James  b.1893  d.(8-31)-1966
          Gladys L (his wife)  b.1898  d. ?

Cure, Deborah - no data *
Cure, Dewitt - no data *
Cure, Heman  b.1856  d.(7-2)-1931
Cure, James M  d.1-10-1894 age 86
Cure, Mary E  d.6-8-1894 age 57

Daniels, Eva N  d.10-18-1969 Husband was Charles *
Daniels, Thomas C  b.1924  d.(4-24)-1990
         Blanche E (his wife)  b.1929  d.1994

Darling, Frank E  b.1883  d.(12-15)-1950
Darling, James  b.6-13-1917  d.9-19-1981  CPL US ARMY WWII

Darling, Joseph L  d.11-2-1865 age 81-2-28
         Rachael (his wife)  d.11-17-1868 age 80-3-10
Darling, LaVerne D  b.1877  d.(9-19)-1955
         Emily M (his wife)  b.1883  d.(3-2)-1972
Darling, Lawrence A  b.1871  d.(11-3)-1944

Darling, Margaret  d.1-11-1947 age 68 *
Darling, William A  b.1836  d.1910
         Sarah E Smith his wife  b.1837  d.(4-11)-1921

Daugherty, Anna  d.6-19-1923 age 29  Dau of W Stark *

Davis, Christopher G  b.1897  d.(4-9)-1957
Davis, Frank William  d.6-7-1974 age 2  Father is Charles *
Davis, Harry Guy  b.1875  d.(11-26)-1943
       Lydia Poling (his wife)  b.1879  d.(6-14)-1955
Davis, John William  b.10-16-1908  d.3-7-1981  CMM US NAVY WWII

Deal, John (Jack)  d.11-5-1995 age 77 *
      Marion Newberry (his wife)  d.4-5-1995 age 76 *

Dean, Abijah “Father”  b.1800  d.1866
      Nancy “Mother” (his wife)  b.1802  d.1857
      Sarah J their dau  b.1836  d.1858
Dean, Deborah L  d.5-5-1947 age 70? *
Dean, Elbert  b.11-20-1924  d.4-21-1990  BKR2 US NAVY WWII
      Beatrice his wife  b.1931  d. ?  married 11-29-1947
Dean, George  b.1863  d.(11-15)-1941
      Mary Elliott (his wife)  b.1863  d.(1-5-1949)
Dean, Gordon W  d.10-?-1913 age ? *
Dean, Owen  d.1-23-1978 age 76 *
Dean, Sandra L  b.1948  d. ?
Dean, Richard  b.1830  d.1918 Son of Abijah & Nancy
      Susan L his wife  b.1837  d.1916
      Richie son of Richard  d.9-14-1877 age 5-0-16

Decker, Abby Lynne  b.1956  d.(4-22)-1970
Decker, Doland E  b.1934  d.(9-14)-1973
        Peggy J (his wife)  b.1934  d. ?
Decker, Ellen  d.12-31-1938 age 65
Decker, Frederick “Father”  b.1875  d.(3-15)-1933
        Maude G “Mother” (his wife)  b.1887  d.(2-14)-1945
Decker, Samuel B “Father”  b.1862  d.(11-15)-1938
        Florence Darling “Mother” (his wife)  b.1863  d.(2-9)-1939
Decker, Seeley  b.1887  d.(4-30)-1973
        Nellie S (his wife)  b.1891  d.(10-1)-1977
Decker, Stewart  b.1877  d.(2-28)-1956
        Amie Stevenson (his wife)  b.1877  d.(8-2)-1929
Decker, Theron  b.1885  d.(7-6)-1949
Decker, Thomas H  b.1841  d.1915
        Mary M (his wife)  b.1854  d.(1-29)-1940
Decker, Thomas H  b.5-1-1889  d.2-12-1965  NY CO I 71 INFANTRY WWI
Decker, Thomas Welsh   d.10-31-1954 age 27
Decker, Wilbur H Sr.  b.1902  d.(5-31)-1974
        Louise E (his wife)  b.1906  d.(8-17)-1967

Defrank, Myrtle  d.2-9-1943 age 63 *

DeGraw, Bertha M  b.1909  d.(3-18)-1957
DeGraw, Charles M “Mike”  b.7-1-1959  d. 3-3-1994 RM3 US NAVY
DeGraw, Edith C  b.1869  d.(3-21)-1934
DeGraw, Ernest b.7-19-1916  b.1-18-1981
DeGraw, George  d.5-8-1948 age 73
DeGraw, Leon M “Dad”  b.1877  d.(3-28)-1952
        Maggie W “Mother” (his wife)  b.1880  d.(8-5)-1931
        Leland R their son  b.1902  d.(2-5)-1934
DeGraw, William T  b.1900  d.(11-27)-1959
        Elizabeth S (his wife)  b.1900  d.(4-3)-1950

Denmark, George R  b.1881  d.(10-10)-1977
         Florence E Harvey his wife b.1882  d.(12-19)-1957
Denmark, Nathan S  b.1837  d.1921  CORP CO K 50TH NY ENG
         Eunice M (his wife)  b.1843  d.(4-18)-1941

Dening,  George  d.12-11-1906 age 75  20 COLORED TROOPS
         Philanda his wife  d.7-22-1908 age 64 *
Denning, Sidney  b.8-28-1865  d.10-25-1901
Denning, W (William) J - no data  CO B 26TH US C INF
         Delia J wife of Wm J  b.1829  d.1915

Denson, Merle W  b.1897  d.(4-5)-1956
        Caroline L (his wife)  b.1898  d.(11-18)-1936

Depew, ????? d.2-15-1923  Dau of Al? *
Depew, Albert L  b.1939  d. ?
       Leda I (his wife)  b.1936  d.(8-8)-1987
Depew, Alfred  b.2-23-1944  d.6-15-1944
Depew, Betty A  b.7-14-1929  d.10-8-1991
Depew, Frances Pelham  b.1893  d.(4-14)-1975
Depew, George W  b.1878  d.(11-2)-1952
Depew, Gordon  b.10-3-1937  d.5-17-1938
Depew, Lyman A  b.1875  d.(11-2)-1954
       Grace H (his wife) b.1890 d.1966 Inter record say 10-17-1965
Depew, Mary Alice  2-13-1923 only date
Depew, Mary Ferguson wife of Samuel  b.1851  d.1905
Depew, Ralph  b.1902  d.(10-7)-1966
Depew, William - no data *
       Mrs William - no data *

Derr, Harry  b.1912  d.(7-13)-1993
      Lorraine (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?

DeWitt, Abel S  b.1830  d.(11-23)-1911
        Catherine E Brown his wife  b.1837  d.(6-10)-1917
        George Berg their son  d.11-30-1929 age 53 *
DeWitt, Edward A  b.11-16-1858  d.10-13-1900
        Maude N his wife  b.5-14-1863  d.8-7-1905

DeWitt, Ernest F  b.1892  d.(9-14)-1976
DeWitt, N Fremont  b.1861  d.1921
        Florence A his wife  b.1893  d.(11-7)-1949

Deyo, Charles E “Sod Buster”  b.1920  d.(2-21)-1984
Deyo, Charles N  b.4-21-1891  d.3-2-1972
               NY PFC CO C 316 INF 79 DIV WWI

Dickens, C Raymond  b.1887  d.(4-23)-1967
         Freda S (his wife)  b.1895  d.(12-28)-1973
Dickens, Chauncey “Father”  b.1846  d.(12-23)-1937
         (Mary) Elizabeth “Mother” (his wife)  b.1845 d.(1-18)-1929
         Their baby - no data *
Dickens, F Otis  b.1875  d.1906
         Luella D Smith his wife  b.1873  d.1954
Dickens, Fred  b.1871  d.(7-25)-1948
         Harriet K his wife  b.1874  d.(10-4)-1949
Dickens, Homer G  b.1868  d.(4-9)-1955
         Delta T  b.1873  d.(6-29)-1969
Dickens, James L  b.1934  d.(4-24)-1983
         Carolyn E (his wife)  b.1943  d.(11-8)-1986
Dickens, L Louis  b.1879  d.(9-16)-1952
         M Lillian Smith his wife  b.1881  d.(9-7)-1968
Dickens, Linda  b.1872  d.1976
Dickens, Lucy Z  b.1855  d.1920
Dickens, Mary C  b.1831  d.(12-11)-1916
Dickens, Robert C  b.1889  d.1984
         Evelyn D (his wife)  b.1895  d.1989

Dietrick, William L  b.12-8-1906  d.3-29-1988 CPL US MARINE CORPS
          Rosalie A Fudala (his wife)  b.1913  d.(8-18)-1992

Dimmick, Mrs. ??? - no data  Mother of George Beebe *
Dimmick, Ida M  d.2-6-1932 age 78 *
Dimmick, James  d.9-15-1930 age ? *
         Francis N  d.10-20-1922 age 88 (may have been a Bennett) *

Dingman, Arthur E  b.12-13-1894  d.10-25-1965
                  NY COOK 2 BTRY FA REPL REGT WWI

Doane, Arthur G  b.1914  d. ?
       Bessie C (his wife)  b.1916  d.(12-7)-1976
Doane, Lawrence J  d.(3-21)-1989 age (91)
       Anna C (his wife)  d.(5-6)-1976 age (76)

Dobell, Raymond  d.12-8-1990 (internment date) wife is Martha *
Dobell, Raymond W  b.1959  d.(9-25)-1993  (Funeral Plaque)

Dolan, James Edward  b.1910  d.(8-22)-1977
       Thelma V (his wife)  b.1916  d. ?

Dollaway, Frederick  b.8-2-1906  d.9-11-1973  TEC5 US ARMY
          Florence Eastman (his wife)  b.1905  d.(6-16)-1974

Donnelly, Joseph  3-30-1951 only date
Donnelly, Thomas James  b.1903  d.(3-21)-1993
          Eleanor Parker (his wife)  b.1917  d. ?

Doolittle, Allia  d.3-27-1933 age 67 *
Doolittle, Calvine  b.5-11-1811  d.9-20-1899
           Charity his wife  b.1-9-1810  d.3-10-1888
           Christiann their dau  b.6-5-1841  d.6-20-1855
           John R their son  b.8-27-1836  d.9-3-1851 age 15-5-3
Doolittle, Harrison S  b.7-4-1839  d.6-8-1905
Doolittle, Herman I  b.1836  d.1907  CO H 3 REGT NYV
           Sarah Jane Case his wife  b.1841  d.(5-8-1918)
Doolittle, Lyman H  b.4-10-1842  d.7-13-1915
           Margaret B (his wife)  b.3-27-1876  d.2-2-1946
Doolittle, Naoma  b.10-13-1900  d. ?

Dorling, Adelia E Graham wife of Charles W  b.1861  d.1891

Doty, Isaac E “Father”  b.1836  d.1903

Dove, Thomas  d.(7-15-1904) age (75) *

Drake, Anna C d.8-9-1950 age 88 *
Drake, Aubrey W  b.1896  d.(2-6)-1951
       Mabel D (his wife)  b.1902  d. ?
Drake, Dorothy Alice b.1904  d.(8-15)-1924
Drake, Frances M “Baby”  b.10-6-1931  d.1-4-1932
Drake, Fred  d.3-11-1924 age 52 *
Drake, George L “Father”  b.1878  d.(1-9)-1955
       Fannie E Smith “Mother” (his wife)  b.1881  d.(10-3)-1981
Drake, Merwin  b.1855  d.(4-18)-1930
       Eugenia B (his wife)  b.1875  d.(1-4)-1952

Dudgeon, Richard  d.11-19-1961 age 83-8-13 *
Dudgeon, William  d.(8-29-1908) age (64) *
         Mrs. William - no data *

Dunham, Henry C  b.5-4-1844  d.12-23-1918
        Lydia J his wife  b.1855  d.(11-7)-1912
        Sarah R his wife  b.1850  d.1897
        (Fannie) dau of Henry & Sarah  b.1874  d.1890

Durfey, Arthur J  b.1914  d.(5-31)-1974
        Rosalind E (his wife)  b.1923  d.(8-15)-1969
Durfey, Brett Hamilton son of Wayne & Karen  d.8-18-1975 age 5 hr
        Michelle L dau of Wayne & Karen b.2-21-1969  d.7-23-1986
Durfey, Clarence  b.1887  d.(2-2)-1973
        Flora G (his wife)  b.1892  d.(9-6)-1960
Durfey, Frederick G  b.1929  d. ?
        Patricia R Harvey his wife  b.1933  d. ?
        Shawn Margaret their dau  b.5-18-1967 d.7-23-1986
Durfey, James S  b.1913  d. ?
        June E Whitehouse his wife  b.1923  d.(3-1)-1992
Durfey, William Hamilton  b.4-1-1968  d.4-1-1968

Dyer, Alice Mabel  b.1882  d.1926

Earle, Reed  d.2-11-1982 age 57 *
       Jean (his wife)  d.4-3-1982 age 55 *

Eastman, Clyde R  b.1905  d.1971
         Gladys E (his wife) - no data
Eastman, Eugene  b.1923  d. ?
         Etta Davis (his wife)  b.1917  d.(2-9)-1990
Eastman, Howard D  b.1910  d.(3-6)-1966
         Rebecca M (his wife)  b.1918  d. ?

Edgecomb, Gilbert - no data *
Edgecomb, Jane  d.2-2-1925 age 83 *

Edminster, Lillian Moot  b.1882  d.(11-24)-1974
Edminster, Russell C  b.1903  d.(8-20)-1971
           Carrie B (his wife)  b.1911  d.(4-19)-1987

Edwards, Adella  b.1865  d.1897

Egan, Omar S “Father”  b.1886  d.1929
      Grace “Mother” (his wife)  b.1884  d.(7-19)-1966
               married a second time to a McDanel
Eldred, Charles H  b.5-28-1920  d.7-31-1985  US ARMY WWII
Eldred, George C  b.5-30-1956  d.3-13-1996
Eldred, Nathaniel  b.10-23-1954  d.12-27-1976

Eldridge, Dorothy A  b.4-22-1941  d.5-2-1987

Elliott, Colla David  d.2-24-1957 age 65 *
Elliott, Daniel  b.1818  d.1901
         Margaret his wife  d.7-16-1891 age 62-0-3
         Omar their son  d.6-30-1894 age 40
Elliott, Emmet Burton  d.5-28-1945 age 57 *
Elliott, Hilda Evelyn  d.1-4-1956 age 49
Elliott, Hobert  b.1849  d.(4-8)-1931
         Mary E Merchant his wife  b.1854  d.1910
         Phoenix his wife  b.1848  d.1918
Elliott, Simon Burton  d.3-15-1951 age 86 *

Ely, James E  b.1913  d. ?
     Helen M (his wife)  b.1915  d.(1-24)-1972
Ely, Pamela Sue  b.8-21-1957  d.12-9-1957
         (internment records say her mother was Sandra Wickham Ely)

Emens, C Harrie  d.1-31-1891 age 21                              [could be aka Eumans /Youmans]
Emens, John R  d.3-18-1893 age 60
       C Jane his wife  b.1842  d.(12-24)-1917

Erle, J Nelson  b.1876  d.(4-14)-1945
      Mae M (his wife)  b.1887  d.(4-20)-1980
Erle, Reed M  b.1924 d.1982  Married 4-10-1946
      Jean Decker his wife  b.1926  d.1982

Ervay, Addie A dau of Wm & Lucinda  b.7-22-1855  d.10-5-1855
       Iva A dau of Wm & Lucinda  b.7-22-1855  d.3-4-1856
Ervay, Eliza King  b.1850  d.1931
Ervay, Ellsworth G  b.1865  d.1925
       Minnie L Butters his wife  b.1867  d.(6-1)-1939
Ervay, Foster  b.12-13-1816  d. ?
       Lucinda his wife  b.1-13-1820  d.7-1-1863
       Lucy his wife  b.2-15-1817  d.8-8-1894
Ervay, George  d.2-11-1932 age 80 *
       Caroline Budd (his wife)  d.5-12-1919 age 74 *
Ervay, George F  b.11-4-1852  d.11-3-1935
       Marie (his wife)  b.4-11-1853  d.2-4-1917
Ervay, Howard S  b.1884  d.(8-15)-1955
Ervay, Lewis W  b.1857  d.(7-21)-1946
       Florence E (his wife)  b.1856  d.(6-26)-1942
Ervay, Sylvester  b.1839  d.(12-6-1908)
       Melissa A Ganoung his wife  b.1842  d.1896
Ervay, Walter E  b.1891  d.1892

Erxleneb, Walter A  b.1902  d.(10-28)1951
          Dorothy H (his wife)  b.1899  d.(4-25)-1977

Estabrook, Elmer Tripp “Father”  b.1868  d.(10-11)-1954
           Minnie Noonan “Mother” (his wife)  b.1868  d.(7-11)-1940
Estabrook, Francis W  b.1-7-1925  d.7-1-1947 NY SGT AIR CORPS WWII
Estabrook, Fred Tripp  b.1894  d.1-3-1933
                      NY LT NAVAL RES FLYING CORPS
           Cecile Boorman (his wife)  b.1894  d. ?
Estabrook, Harold C  b.5-1-1895 d.6-12-1955 NY LIEUT (JG) USNRF WWI
           Edith Alleine Smith (his wife)  b.1897  d.(11-15)-1990

Eumans, Morris  d.(7-10-1887) age (67) *
        Mary Jane wife of Morris  b.10-5-1822  d.2-21-1882

Everts, Frank D  b.1857  d.(11-27)-1931
        Carrie (his wife)  d.4-19-1935 age 75 *
        Paige V (their son)  d.7-8-1962 age 71 *
Everts, Mary E  b.1859  d.1915
        Asher son of E & Mary  d.10-22-1896 age 4yr 1mo
Everts, Theodore W  b.1867  d.(4-13)-1938
        Jannettie A (his wife)  b.1863  d.(3-8)-1940

Farnsworth, Rev. George  b.1876  d.(7-27)-1959
            Anna M (his wife)  b.1881  d.(9-4)-1953
Farnsworth, Kenneth M  b.1907  d.(2-21)-1972

Farr, Charles A  b.1854  d.(11-16)-1933
      Eda A (his wife)  b.8-10-1857  d.6-22-1893
Farr, George H  b.1-31-1850  d.3-4-1868
Farr, James  b.1847  d.1917  CO I 15TH NY ENGRS
      Angie Decker his wife  b.1855  d.1922
Farr, Mary A Ring  b.1872  d.(2-21)-1959
Farr, Mary E  b.1850  d.(5-8)-1931
Farr, William W  b.5-22-1820  d.6-22-1892
      Sarah J his wife  b.6-4-1822  d.5-24-1895

Farrington, Joseph T  b.1813  d.1899
            Naomi (his wife)  b.1815  d.1898

Ferguson, Albert  d.1917 age 56 *
Ferguson, Albert A  b.1906  d.(12-19)-1952
Ferguson, Andrew  b.1811  d.1888
          Sarah his wife  b.1830  d.1880
Ferguson, Delbert  d.5-30-1937 age 64-2-12 *
Ferguson, Lyman “Father”  b.1855  d.1927 (Son of Andrew)

Fitzgerald, Grant C  b.1-26-1858  d.3-9-1913
            Lucy A his wife  b.1870  d.1910
Fitzgerald, Jacob  d.9-23-1889 age71
            Dorcus E his wife  d.3-19-1902 age 66
Fitzgerald, Lela N  b.1873 d.(8-20)-1914
Fitzgerald, Mary N  b.12-9-1867  d.1-26-1944
Fitzgerald, William W  b.1845 d.(6-21)-1928  CO C 5TH NY VOL ART
            Helen M Frost his wife  b.1851  d.(9-26)-1935

Flatt, Donald A  b.1928  d. ?
       June W (his wife)  b.1936  d. ?
Flatt, G Arthur  b.1900  d.(1-11)-1960
       Dorothy S (his wife)  b.1907  d.(3-20)-1995

Fleming, Ethel Helen  d.10-2-1965 age 78 *

Foley, John J  b.1927  d.(12-31)-1990

Foot,  Adam  d.5-23-1873 age 74 *
       Esther wife of Adam  d.9-6-1879? age ?
Foote, Benjamin  d.10-21-1909 age 64 *
       Clara (his wife) b.1860  d.1915
Foote, Clark  b.1825  d.1894
       Emeline his wife  b.1829  d.1901
Foote, David  d.7-20-1928 age 73  Son of Clark *
Foote, Elias  d.8-2-1886 age 27 *
Foote, Livingston - no data  CO I 1ST NY VET CAV

Ford, Alonzo  d.(2-1-1903) age (65) *
Ford, Hattie  d.4-?-1923 age 74
Ford, Rev. Jabes C  b.1817  d.1892
      Mary E his wife  b.1824  d.1890
Ford, James  b.1816  d.1902
Ford, Tracy C  b.1851  d.1905
      Harriet his wife  b.1845  d.1925
Ford, William  d.10-13-1944 age 75 Son of Alonzo *

Foreman, Dan  b.1865  d.1905
         Ollie Beach (his wife)  b.1874  d.1937
Foreman, Rose L  b.1905  d.1926

Forsyth, Alice  d.10-9-1918 age 48 *

Fosdeck, L Don  b.1904  d.(9-11)-1970
         Laura A (his wife)  b.1906  d. ?

Foster, Elizabeth “Grandmother” (Millspaugh)  b.1865  d.1942

Fowler, Eugene  b.(3-6)-1847  d.(8-28)-1940
        Esther L Harvey (his wife)  b.(5-25)-1854  d.(5-13)-1939
Fowler, Laurence  b.7-25-1945  d.12-24-1951
Fowler, Leroy  d.3-18-1924 age 75 *
        Lucy Harvey (his wife)  d.11-14-1923 age 76 *
Fowler, Harvey J  b.1881  d.(10-3)-1943
        Dora G (his wife)  b.1892  d.(6-30)-1937
Fowler, Lester L  b.1904  d. ?
        Anna W (his wife)  b.(11-20)-1908  d.(2-13)-1989
Fowler, Oliver A  b.1841  d.1914
        Phebe J Frost his wife  b.1846  d.(1925)
Fowler, Ross W  b.(10-24)-1907  d.(11-19)-1967
        Ruth M Beach his wife  b.1910  d. ?
Fowler, Stow - no data
Fowler, Warren G  b.1844  d.1911  CO D 137 NYVI
        Cornelia his wife  b.1844  d.(6-?-1914)
Fowler, William H  b.(5-18)-1881  d.(4-11)-1958
        Kathryn L Gillett his wife  b.1885 d.(5-10)-1949
        Irene their dau  b.(3-31)-1912  d.(6-11)-1914

Frankenstein, Edward A  b.1917  d. ?
              Florence V (his wife)  b.1925  d.(8-19)-1987
              Edward Jr. their son  d.(8-2)-1947 age (5 days)

Fransen, Thomas F  b.1909  d.(6-13)-1994   Married 11-17-1933
         Josephine K his wife  b.1911  d.(1-15)-1988

Fransico, Charlotte - no data *
Fransico, Reuben - no data *

Frei, Pauline E States  b.1917  d.(9-3)-1966

French, Carrie Nichols Stark  b.1-23-1867  d.11-17-1934

Frost, John  d.1925 age 74 *
Frost, Luther  b.1814  d.1893
       Nancy M (his wife)  b.1812  d.1891
Frost, Orin B  d.(11-26-1917) age 78 *

Fudala, Andrew J Sr.  b.12-17-1921  d.9-27-1984
                    CPL US MARINE CORPS WWII
        Alma W (his wife)  b.1924  d.(3-16-1997)
Fudala, Fredrick S Sr.  b.10-29-1920  d.12-10-1994
                   S SGT US MARINE CORPS WWII & KOREA
        Euguanie Williams (his wife)  b.1924  d. ?

Fulligan, Baby boy  d.9-21-1907 or 1963 age 18hr *

Furgason, John A  d.4-5-1916 age 75 *
          Jane (his wife)  d.3-15-1918 age 76 *
          Abe (their son  d.6-1-1923 age 52 *

Gablas, Joseph  b.4-6-1923  d.12-15-1874  PFC US ARMY
        Olga H (his wife)  b.1925  d. ?

Gabriel, Plummer L  b.1877  d.(1-22)-1959
         Grace B (his wife)  b.1880  d.1926
         Roger P (their son)  b.1905  d.(6-20)-1937

Gamster, John W  d.4-1-1937 age 72-10-26 *

Gano, Frank  b.1867  d.(10-21)-1930
Gano, Martha R  b.1834  d.(4-5)-1915

Ganung,  Charles S  b.1845  d.1910  CO C 5 REGT NY V ARY
         Fidelia his wife  b.1843  d.(3-24)-1923
         Fred L their son  b.1-14-1874  d.6-23-1874
Ganoung, Elbert E  b.1872  d.(7-7)-1953
         Gertrude H (his wife)  b.1878  d.(12-29)-1967

Ganoung, William  d.7-22-1888 age 34yr 11mo

Gardner, Coreen Renee  d.(4-12)-1975 age (2mo)
Gardner, Elmer F  b.1869  d.(9-6)-1950
Gardner, Emma E  b.1870  d.(4-19)-1929
Gardner, Frances Hinton  b.1903  d.1993
Gardner, George S  b.1854  d.(8-23)-1930
         Minnie J his wife  b.1864  d.(7-31)-1951
         LaFrance (Son of George) d.(1908) age (21)
Gardner, Jimmie  b.1924  d.1932
Gardner, Legrand - no data *
Gardner, Marian  d.3-31-1939 age 40 *
Gardner, Owen O  b.3-24-1841  d.2-10-1931  CO H 107 NYV
         Lovina Howell his wife  b.3-1-1843  d.7-24-1913
Gardner, Samuel H  b.1872  d.(11-10)-1943
Gardner, Silas E  b.1823  d.1876
         Olive A his wife  b.1829  d.1896
         Frank E their son  b.1860  d.1876

Garland, James M  d.2-6-1894 age 74
         Emeline J his wife  d.11-22-1882 age 64

Garrison, Edith M  d.5-5-1947 age 54 *

Gates, Myron E  b.1865  d.(3-15)-1931
       Della O his wife  b.1872  d.(3-8)-1931
       Edward E their son  b.1898  d.1924
       Everette  d.1923 age ?  Son of Myron *

Gauvin, Alfred  b.1911  d.(6-4)-1978

Gaylord, Elliot  d.(9-24)1914 age 63 *
         Malinda (his wife)  d.(8-19-1897) age (54) *

Geary, Bertha M  b.1879  d.(8-12)-1964
Geary, Daniel L  b.1892  d.(8-3)-1936
Geary, Isabelle  b.1851  d.(8-5)-1928
Geary, Joseph H  b.6-30-1914 d.5-9-1952 NY PVT HO & HQ TRP RTC WWII

Gelatt, George G  b.1862  d.(12-22)-1952
        Ida E (his wife)  b.1860  d.(1-21)-1946
Gelatt, Elsie  b.1886  d.1918
Gelatt, Loraine  b.1881  d.1901
Gelatt, Naomi B  b.1883  d.1926

Gibbs, Charles D  b.1845  d.1908
       Adelia F (his wife)  b.1847  d.(6-?)-1923
Gibbs, Charles G Sr. d.(3-7-1890) age (77) *
       Mrs. Charles G - no data *
Gibbs, Levi  d.3-26-1916 age 74 *
Gibbs, Manley  d.1-?-1925 age 72 *
       Ella H (his wife)  d.7-23-1931 age 76 *

Gilbert, Kenneth E Sr. b.2-14-1916  d.3-28-1992
         Beulah Wood (his wife)  b.9-14-1921  d. ?
Gilbert, Lucian W b.9-24-1945 d.11-21-1988 SGT US AIR FORCE VIETNAM

Gillett, Albert  b.1866  d.(3-23)-1933
         Julia E Love his wife  b.1866  d.1905
         Victor A their son  b.1886  d.1907
Gillett, C Earl  d.2-21-1934 age (33)  NY CORP 153 DEPOT BRIG
Gillett, Potter - no data *
Gillett, Tracy A “Father”  b.1887  d.(12-20)-1930
         Theresa A “Mother” (his wife)  b.1891  d.(4-26)-1921

Gold, Philip Joseph  b.1928  d.(4-6)-1986
      Dawn Lynd (his wife)  b.1935  d.(1-12)-1991
      Joey their dau  b.1975  d.(2-22)-1991

Golsner, Pierce F  b.1893  d.(6-4)-1978
         Barbara Jennie Hollenbeck his wife  d.5-23-1958 age 65 *

Goodnow, Harold J  b.1918  d. ?
         Charlotte H (his wife)  b.1919  d.(3-30)-1966

Goodrich, Earl M  b.1916  d.(1-11)-1969
          Cora A (his wife)  b.1920  d. ?

Graham, Alice  d.11-1-1915 age 35 dau of Frank Henry *
Graham, Alonzo  b.1846  d.(9-19-1910)
        Sarah M Osgood his wife  b.1853  d.1892
Graham, Charles d.1911 age 47 *
        Adelia Darling his wife  d.1891 age 30 *
Graham, Jerome  b.11-10-1843  d.2-16-1913
        Emma E his wife  b.12-16-1847  d.(1926)
        Arthur J their son  d.2-20-1892 age 15-9-23
Graham, John  b.1814  d.1889
        Catherine Williams his wife  b.1821  d.1900
Graham, John  d.2-7-1942 age 83 *

Grainey, Russell W  b.1899  d.1984
         Myrtle S (his wife)  b.1902  d.1973
Grainey, Russell W 2nd  b.1962  d.1995

Grant, J Clarence  b.6-12-1862  d.11-17-1937
       Emma M C (his wife)  b.5-26-1863  d.4-18-1941
Grant, John G  b.1875  d.(7-7)-1911 (Son of William)
Grant, Margaret C Brant  b.1898 d.1955 Dau of Edward/Kate Carpenter
Grant, William C “Father”  b.1833  d.1906
       Olive W “Mother” (his wife)  b.1837  d.(6-24)-1916

Graves, Avery  d.(2-18-1913) age (74)  CO C 5 NYHA
Graves, Betsy  d. ? age 10mo
Graves, Henry F  d. ? age 14

              Dau of Robert & Diana Howard
Graves, Mary E (Smith) wife of S M  b.1853  d.1894
Graves, Nancy  b.1835  d.1896
Graves, Richard  b.1896  d.(11-2)-1918
        Emma M Rumsey his wife  b.1898  d.(7-21)-1918
        Margaret dau of Richard  d.7-221-1918 age ? *
Graves, Reuben d.(8-16-1925 age 82)  CO A 104 PA INF
        Mary (his wife)  b.1852  d.(1-23)-1928
        Baby boy son of Reuben - no data *

Gray, Harry L  b.1884  d.(4-2)-1952
      Alice C (his wife)  b.1886  d.(10-31)-1967
Gray, Silas D  b.1835  d.1900  CO H 107 REGT NY VOL
      Sarah F (his wife)  d.11-3-1884 age 36
      Dayton their son  d.3-19-1879 age 2-7-10
Green, Edwin J H  b.10-29-1887  d.3-17-1919
       Mary his wife b.1885 d.(3-29)-1967 Married to a Norris 2nd
Green, Elwin W  b.1895  d.(8-21)-1990
       Florence C (his wife)  b.1901  d.(4-10)-1962
Green, Emma  b.1903  d.(7-20)-1991

Green, Luella
Green, Ruth  d.11-20-1991 age ? Records say 3rd wife of Wm Fowler *
Green, Stanley R  b.1910  d.(10-5)-1973
       Pearle M (his wife)  b.1911  d.(12-20)-1948
Green, Viola P  d.1-22-1996 age 75 *

Gridley, Julia DeGraw  d.1-13-1930 age 57 *

Griffin, Henry B  b.3-27-1845  d.5-15-1864
Griffin, Nelson  b.1-18-1814  d.2-16-1898
         Henriette his wife - no data *
         Susan Ann his wife  b.7-23-1816  d.12-15-1865
Griffin, Oscar C  b.10-21-1842  d.5-25-1864

Griswold, Arthie Randall “Mother”  b.1882  d.(9-15)-1938

Grover, Fannie  b.1891  d.1908
Grover, Joseph A  b.2-17-1936  d.3-26-1990
Grover, Philip B  b.6-14-1909  d.4-30-1988  PFC US ARMY WWII

Gustites, Col. Francis W - no data
          Mildred Catlin (his wife)  d.8-21-1943 age (55)

Hagadorn, Charles W  b.1921  d.(10-10)-1986  CPL US ARMY WWII
          Gladys J (his wife)  b.1914  d.(2-3-1996)
Hagadorn, Clayton E  b.1913  d.(9-21)-1986  Married 5-17-1937
          Myrtie J his wife  b.1918  d. ?
Hagadorn, Eugene T  b.1908  d.(12-16)-1972
          Hilda B (his wife)  b.1904  d.(2-13-1975)
Hagadorn, John  b.1872  d.(6-17)-1938
          Armenta (his wife)  b.1887  d.(5-23)-1962
          John Jr. (their son)  d.9-11-1911 age 5mo *
Hagadorn, Leroy  b.1905  d.(12-19)-1966
          Eleanor (his wife)  b.1905  d. ?
Hagadorn, Ralph L  b.1895  d.(3-14)-1971
          Helen D (his wife)  b.1908  d.(4-2)-1968
Hagadorn, Sharon Ruberta  d.8-5-1945 age 12 days *
Hagadorn, Victor L b.1864  d.(6-7)-1942
          Carrie A (his wife)  b.1863  d.1929
Hagadorn, Wilbur S  b.1832  d.(5-13)-1919
          Mary J (his wife)  b.1840  d.(9-19)-1913

Hager, (William) David  b.1867  d.(2-4)-1956
       Minnie (his wife)  b.1876  d.(4-27-1964)
Hager, Homer A  b.1903  d.(3-25)-1975
       Blanche C (his wife)  b.1908  d.(7-14)-1974

Hajek, Clement  b.1887  d.(10-17)-1956
       Susan (his wife)  b.1887  d.(5-27)-1966

Hall, Amos O  b.1915  d.1989
      Norma I (his wife)  b.1923  d. ?
Hall, Edgar E  b.1905  d.1970
Hall, Edgar R  b.1896  d.(5-10)-1988
      Edith B his wife  b.1897  d.1975
Hall, Elwood  b.11-23-1876  d.11-25-1956
      Lula A (his wife)  b.1882  d.(6-14)-1963
Hall, Eugene  b.1848  d.(7-30)-1911
      Eva Elliott (his wife)  b.1860  d.(10-?)-1925
Hall, Henry C  b.1851  d.1925
      Stella (his wife)  b.1862  d.(9-18)-1941
Hall, Jerome B  b.1847  d.(10-1)-1918
      Emma Chapman his wife  b.1851  d.(3-6-1927)
Hall, L (Lula) Myrl  b.1910  d.(5-5)-1954
Hall, Lyman  b.8-31-1824  d.3-12-1907  CO B 141 REGT NYVI
      Elizabeth his wife  b.6-9-1834  d.1-2-1883
Hall, M D (Martin) b.8-9-1816  d.11-29-1894
      Emma E Van Lone his wife  b.2-14-1845  d.8-8-1919
Hall, Oscar E  b.1908  d.(12-22)-1965
      Mildred E (his wife)  b.1919  d. ?

Haller, Leon C  b.1901  d.1987
        Lucile J (his wife)  b.1906  d.(12-9)-1983
Haller, Phyllis Ann  b.1933  d.(11-28)-1942

Halm, Fred  d.8-25-1943 age 78-10-1 *
      Frances (his wife)  d.12-27-1953 age 81-4-11 *

Halpin, Edward “Ned”  b.1887  d.(2-13)-1954 Internment says Thomas
        Mary M (his wife)  b.1894  d.(4-29)-1981
Halpin, Jimmie  b.1930  d.(5-9)-1938
Halpin, John L  b.1848  d.(6-3)-1921
        Sara C (Lattin) his wife  b.1848  d.1909
Halpin, John M  b.1922  d.1992
Halpin, M Ted  b.1925  d.(11-26)-1963
Halpin, Robert E  b.1917  d. ?
        Elsie Goodnow (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?

Hamilton, Rev. George K  b.1871  d.(8-23)-1968
          Edith L Fowler (his wife)  b.1877  d.(11-23)-1962

Hanlon, Howard A  b.11-19-1896  d. ?
        Helen P (his wife)  b.10-16-1899  d. ?

Hannila, Nick  b.1885  d.(6-29)-1950
         Melinda A “Mother” (his wife) b.1884  d.(10-3)-1938

Hansenberger, George “Father”  b.1866  d.(7-13)-1928
              Annetta “Mother” (his wife)  b.1869  d.(9-28)-1954

Harkonen, Lydia “Mother”  b.1888  d.1936

Harris, Hugh A  b.8-11-1916  d.2-14-1985  TSGT US AIR FORCE WWII
Harris, Thaddius  b.1857  d.(6-1)-1924
        Carrie B (Payne)(his wife)  b.1871  d.(8-28)-1947

Harvey, Charles  d.1-6-1920 age 74-9-2 *
Harvey, Charles  d.10-23-1925 age 80 *
Harvey, Charles C  b.9-22-1834  d.2-20-1922 *
        Marie DeBaum [DeBaun] his wife  b.1837  d.11-23-1925 *
        Annie B (dau of Charles C) d.3-18-1963 age (5)
        John T (son of Charles C) d.3-25-1862 age (3)
        Mary dau of Charles C  b.1874  d.3-16-1891 *
          [Andrew Dannemann writes: Under Charles C. Carr, it gives his wife's name as Marie DeBaum.
          It's actually DeBaun; Marie is dau of John DeBaun & Lydia Folley, from NJ, & they
          lived in Schuyler co. for about 20 years in the mid 1800s.  Marie was born in NY City
          (per death cert - informant was her husband).  Write Andrew Dannemann for more info.
          Jeremiah Riker, and Peter DeBaun are two of Marie's brothers, and they were born in
          Schuyler county.  The parents & the younger siblings returned to NJ, but the older, married
          ones stayed behind.]

Harvey, Charles Edgar  d.2-4-1922 age 51 *
Harvey, Charles J  b.1845  d.(2-20)-1920
        Mary E Roberts his wife  b.1844  d.(4-13)-1925
        Minnie B their dau  b.1868  d.1875
Harvey, Edgar  b.1854  d.(2-6)-1934
        Edith (his wife)  b.1861  d.(5-5)-1941
Harvey, Edger J  d.1866 age 3 *
Harvey, Emmet  b.1880  d.1935
Harvey, Joseph T  b.(8-21)-1851  d.(12-22)-1908 (Son of Timothy)
        Helen A Moot his wife  b.1856  d.(11-26)-1920
        M Luella their dau  b.1878  d.1894
Harvey, Leon M  b.11-19-1892  d.12-15-1967  NY COX US NAVY WWI
Harvey, Maria  d.11-?-1921 age 84
Harvey, Melcolm S  b.1918  d.(10-27)-1932
Harvey, Robert L  b.1894  d.(1-16)-1966
        Viola S (his wife)  b.1896  d.(7-3)-1989
Harvey, Reuben D  b.1-10-1840  d.7-26-1902 (Son of Timothy Sr.)
        Almira L his wife  b.6-26-1842  d.8-28-1902
Harvey, Samuel  d.(8-3)-1879 age 49 (Son of Timothy Sr.) *
Harvey, Timothy M  b.10-4-1803  d.5-12-1895
        Viletta his wife  b.4-17-1810  d.2-12-1902
        John T son of T M & Viletta  d.(12-2-1853 age 3)
        Oren T son of T M & ?  d.2-18-1863 age (9yr 9mo)
Harvey, Timothy M  b.1864  d.(7-17)-1962
        Lina wife of Timothy  d.11-18-1892 age 26 *
        Mary J wife of Timothy  d.3-16-1891 age 17 *
Harvey, William D  b.10-11-1830  d.11-29-1921
        Elsie W Case his wife  b.3-10-1829  d.1-24-1904

Hausner, Almerian  d.10-13-1857 age 21-6-6
Hausner, Alonzo  b.1844  d.(3-25)-1922  109 NY INF
         Mary F his wife b.1846  d.(10-28)-1921
         Sarah E his wife  b.1844  d.1882
Hausner, Belle B  b.1861  d.(6-25)-1917
Hausner, Clarence W  b.1862  d.(12-29)-1942
         Florence A (his wife)  b.1868  d.(6-21)-1951
Hausner, Corr Lynn  b.1886  d.(7-20)-1953
         Baby of Corr Lynn - no data *
Hausner, Edward F  b.1881  d.(3-12-1951)
         Grace M Tompkins his wife  b.1889  d.(3-15)-1918
         Glen Willis their son - no data except stillborn *
Hausner, F Edna  b.1893  d.(11-15)-1937
Hausner, Jacob  b.2-2-1839  d.12-20-1903  CO D 179 REGT NYV
         Sarah Hill his wife  b.11-14-1843  d.5-30-1926
Hausner, Martin  d.4-8-1871 age 84-5-12
         Mary his wife  d.8-1-1876 age 71-6-26
Hausner, Peter J son of Martin & Polly  d.3-16-1863 age 23-1-7
                 CO I 32 REGT NYSV
Hausner, W Ronald  b.1909  d.1910
Hausner, Walter A  b.1863  d.1917  (Son of Jacob)

Havens, Arlo M  b.6-16-1926  d.10-18-1994
Haven,  Ernest  d.1905 age 25 *
Havens, Floyd H  b.1884  d.(8-30)-1963
        Ida May (his wife)  b.1892  d.(10-16)-1963
        Gertrude J (their dau) b.1925  d.(6-29)-1926
Havens, Floyd H  b.1956  d.(1-29)-1963
Havens, Harold E  b.1924  d.(2-22)-1969
        Helen Ione (his wife)  b.1915  d. ?
Havens, Howard E  b.1892  d.1950
        Mildred S (his wife)  b.1896  d.(7-30)-1946
Havens, Howard E  b.1951  d. ?
Haven,  Mary A  d.1910 age 70 *
Havens, Mary Foot - no data   Dau of Elias Foot *
Havens, Timothy  d.5-15-1979 age ? *

Hayes, Alpheus E  b.1904  d.(7-27)-1972
       Charlotte S (his wife)  b.1909  d.(11-24)-1993
Hayes, Andrew R  b.1890  d.(1-9)-1973
       Lena E (his wife)  b.1893  d.(8-30)-1977
Hayes, Clarence M  b.1897  d.(8-?)-1978
       Wilda H (his wife)  b.1899  d.(7-16)-1967
Hayes, Daniel L  b.1865  d.(5-19)-1930
       Cora A (his wife)  b.1866  d.(4-22)-1936
Hayes, Dorothy A - no data
Hayes, Leo D  b.1885  d.1941
       Olive C H (his wife)  b.1888  d.(6-30)-1978
Hayes, Milton E  b.1930  d.(12-18)-1930
Hayes, Richard L  b.7-6-1932  d.5-12-1990  US AIR FORCE KOREA
       Esther M (his wife)  b.1934  d. ?
Hayes, Ronald A  d.3-14-1997 age 64 *
Hayes, Rev. Russell  b.1824  d.1895
       Jane H Little his wife b.1828 d.1904 Buried So. Bradford, NY
Hayes, Stillborn Baby - d.3-20-1949 *

Hazen, Harvey  b.1859  d.1903
       Florence M his wife  b.1860  d.(3-3)-1936
       William C their son  b.1880  d.(3-27)-1958

Heal, Charles R  b.1917  d. ?
      Margaret W (his wife)  b.1922  d.(11-4)-1979
Heal, John G  b.1897  d.(2-27)-1967
      Mary Jane (his wife)  b.1896  d.(6-2)-1979

Heath, Clara J  d.3-16-1979 age 80 (had son named Emmit Mathews) *

Hedgeland, John - no data  CO I 32ND NY INF

Heimes, Fred J  b.4-28-1918  d.3-17-1945  Killed in action
              STAFF SGT 254 INF 63 INF DIV WWII

Heller, Baby - son of Mr. & Mrs L C  d.12-19-1927 *

Helm, Frederick W  b.1864  d.1943
      Frances M Gray (his wife)  b.1872  d.1953

Hemmerly, Chester G  b.1883  d.(5-9)-1962

Hendershot, Nellie wife of Stephen  d.1886 age 22 *
Hendershot, William  d.5-5-1860 age 40

Henderson, Lyman G  b.1839  d.1885
           Minnie E Mix (his wife)  b.1859  d.(3-18-1938)
Henderson, William J  b.9-5-1914  d.6-14-1987  PFC US ARMY WWII
           Bessie Wood his wife  b.1919  d. ?   Married 1-1-1938

Hendricks, Mertie Symes (dau of John & Mary)d.(8-17-1903)age (25) *

Hendrickson, Daniel  b.1812  d.1889
             Clarinda Hedgeland (his wife)  b.1824  d.1895
Hendrickson, Daniel d.(8-1-1913 age 80)
             Malinda M his wife  d.3-20-1895 age 66
Hendrickson, Isaac  d.5-3-1852 age 47
             Trutila his wife  d.6-8-1885 age 75
Hendrickson, Michell  d.1906 age ? *

Henley, Claude  b.10-10-1884  d.2-16-1972
        Anna K (his wife)  b.2-15-1896  d.1-25-1993
Henley, Raymond S  b.8-15-1925  d.10-6-1992  TEC5 US ARMY WWII

Henry, Abigail dau of Benjamin & Lucinda  d.8-29-1863 age 22
Henry, Frank  d.5-8-1919 age 76 *
       Esther Miller (his wife)  d.8-17-1920 age 77 *
       Juliett dau of Frank  d.7-1-1912 age 24 *
Henry, Fred son of W F & E M  d.8-28-1877 age 5mo
       Sanford son of W F & E M  d.1-12-1875 age 1-3-8
Henry, William L  d.11-23-1879 age 63-7-18
       Alma his wife d.(5-24-1888 age 75)
       Anna M their dau  d.5-30-1852 age 11yr 10mo

Hern, Ralph L  b. 1896  d.(8-19)-1969
      Laura H (his wife)  b.1898  d.(3-23)-1978
Hern, Susan E “Auntie”  b.1833  d.1908

Herritt, Eugene R  b.2-8-1907  d.6-6-1945

Hetherington, Miles R  b.1867  d.(11-12)-1958
              Grace D (his wife)  b.1874  d.(4-51949
              Florence M (their dau) b.11-29-1895  d.12-13-1895

Hewitt, Ellen Doty b.1848 d.(1-14)1934 (1st Husband was Isaac Doty)
             (The name Carey also appears on the internment list)

Hill, Augustin W  b.1841  d.(1-12)-1917  CO G 109TH NY VOL
      Joannah Ervay his wife  b.1844  d.(10-27)-1925

Hilsinger, Grace  d.3-16-1972 age 81 *

Hinton, George W  b.1862  d.(7-7)-1939
        Bertha J (his wife)  b.1863  d.(5-1)-1940
Hinton, Luna  b.1886  d.1904
Hinton, Patricia  d.4-?-1936 age 15 *

Hochberg, Jacquelyn Rae  b.9-5-1941  d.1-2-1989

Hodges, John Richmond  b.1837  d.(10-17)-1932
        Alice C Cole his wife  b.1858  d.1915
Hodge,  Ralph C  b.1906  d. ?
        Elizabeth M (his wife)  b.1897  d.(2-4)-1964

Hoffman, Corp. Philip  d.(2-3-1888) age (62)  CO ? 14TH NY HA

Holford see Hulford

Hood, Nancy Parker  b.1-7-1801  d.5-28-1882

Hoover, Clarence  d.4-7-1925 age 65 *
        Lida (his wife)  d.3-23-1928 age 62 *
Hoover, Harry Barr  d.6-12-1962 age 65yr 6mo *
        Jennie Rae (his wife)  d.2-9-1958 age 60-3-25 *
Hoover, Robert C  b.1921  d.1995
        Hilda J (his wife)  b.1924  d.(9-5)-1988

Hopkins, Halstead C  b.1906  d.(9-7)-1978
         Evanna Winans (his wife)  b.1903  d.(11-30-1983)
Hopkins, John M  b.1869  d.(8-3)-1918
         Adelaide Merchant his wife  b.1969  d.(4-18)-1946
Hopkins, L M  d.3-13-1883 age 56-6-10
Hopkins, (Merchant)  b.1832  d.1888
         (Elizabeth)(his wife)  b.1833  d.(7-25)-1921
         (Fred their son)  b.1863  d.1901

Horton, Blanche M  b.1874  d.(11-30)-1958
Horton, C Glenn  b.1900  d.(1-13)-1988
        Ella M (his wife)  b.1906  d.(6-14)-1987
        William W (their son)  b.8-27-1938  d.9-9-1938
Horton, Dorothy M  b.1909  d. ?
Horton, Duaine  b.1932  d.1958
Horton, Elmer D  b.5-7-1932  d.11-11-1950  NY SR USNR
Horton, Harriett L Ranson wife of Rev. T C  b.1876  d.(5-30)-1942
Horton, Ira C  b.1910  d.(11-11)-1955
        Frances (his wife)  b.1912  d.(7-21)1983
             (It appears she married a Knapp after Ira’s death)
Horton, William H  d.9-19-1940 age 68 *

Houghton, Arthur  b.1882  d.(12-24)-1969
          Laura (his wife)  b.1886  d.(11-6)-1966
Houghton, David Lee  d.2-15-1953 Father was Alfred *
Houghton, Dewitt Asa  b.2-10-1914  d.4-26-1973
                     NY PFC ARMY AIR FORCES WWII
Houghton, Freeman  b.1920  d.(9-19)-1950

Hover, Clarence E  b.1860  d.1929
       Lida B his wie  b.1865  d.1928

Howard, Charles C  b.1836  d.1899
        Margaret A his wife  b.1840  d.1924
Howard, P  b.11-23-1844  d.10-30-1904
        Mary Hinman his wife  b.9-17-1847  d.11-12-1944

Howland, Agnes Smith Shulman  b.1892  d.(3-20)-1977

Huey, Albert   b.1899  d.(2-5)-1952
      Minnie (his wife)  b.1899  d.1993

Holford, Frank  b.1868  d.(5-?)-1907
         Mary J Wasson his wife  b.1866  d.1950
Hulford, William  b.1894  d. ?
         Anne Edsall (his wife)  b.1895  d.(5-13)-1930

Hull, Irving D  b.1890  d.(6-6)-1946
      Lulu M (his wife)  b.1890  d.(10-27)-1975

Hultz, Eugene D  b.1849  d.(3-18)-1933
       Adaline Swan (his wife)  b.1847  d.1896

Hunter, Katie “Mother”  b.1896  d.(6-2)-1969 (Wife of W H)
Hunter, Wyatt Harvey  d.8-16-1975 age 76 *

Huntley, Allen  b.1844  d.1925
         Margaret A (his wife)  b.1841  d.1891

Huyler, Alvie E  b.1861  d.(6-25)-1931
        Eva A Foster his wife  b.1863  d.(8-25)-1934
Huyler, Deborah  (4-22)-1965 only date
Huyler, Ray S  b.1883  d.(1-3)-1964  Son of Alvie & Eva
        Addie M Merrick his wife  b.1885  d.(11-19)-1967

Hyer, Gerald E  b.2-2-1924  d.11-4-1991   Married 4-8-1950
      Esther M his wife  b.1-10-1928  d. ?

Hynes, Sidney M  b.9-25-1909  d.12-30-1991  TEC4 US ARMY WWII

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