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Town of Hector, Schuyler co., NY

This list was provided in 2002 and is the most up-to-date version.
Many thanks to the Logan Cemetery Association & William E. Fenton.

1832 - 2002

Compiled and checked at the cemetery by W. E. Fenton.
Some of the stones are missing due to weathering or damage.
Any information added based on my research or knowledge is put in (       ).
Cemetery is still in use, but only a few lots are left to be sold.
If no stone exists then I have marked the names as follows.

    *     From an old cemetery map made by Carolyn D Fenton, probably in the early 1950's
   **     From an internment book started Jan 1904 - no book exists prior to this.
  ***    From obituary notice.
 ****   From Town of Hector Death Register

Adee, Olivia V dau of Horace & Phebe  d.5-22-1842 age 5-0-12

Andrews, Charles T (Thomas)  b.1842  d.1930
         Mary E Clark his wife  b.1839  d.1916
         Arthur V M their son  b.1871  d.1909
           Arthur is buried at Colorada Springs, Col
         Bertha their dau  b.1875  d.3-21-1881
         Genevieve (their dau)  b.1870  d.1964
Andrews, Lincoln C  b.11-21-1867  d.11-24-1950 (son of Chas/Mary)
Andrews, Richard  b.1797  d.1886 (son of Theodore & Orinda)
         Jane Davison his wife  b.1816  d.1895
          (Richard & Jane are buried at Cherokee, Iowa
         Martha J their dau  b.1846  d.1847
Andrews, Theodore  d.9-5-1859 age 86
         Orinda (Bosworth) his wife  b.1768  d.(8-11)-1860
         Esther their dau  b.1791 d.1876

Armstrong, Hudson  b.Apr 1846  d.1919 PVT 50TH REG NY ENG *  **
           Jane E his wife d.10-1-1890 age 41 ****
                (Dau of John Bryant and Jane Dickerson)
   His second wife was named Susan  b.Apr 1850  d. ?
           Louise dau of H C  d.2-11-1890 age 18 ***

Austin, Eliza  d.12-23-1870 age 56-0-12

Baker, Charles  d.8-6-1901 CIVIL WAR VET  * ***
Baker, Frances - no data *

Bell, Ellen  d.2-6-1849 age 76
Bell, Robert  d.7-4-1882 age 75 (wife's name was Jane born 1808)

Blain, A D (Amos)  d.1-18-1906 age ?  **
       Amy A his wife  d.12-20-1851 age 29-4-19
       Harriet (Bond)(his wife)  d.1910 Age (about 76) **
       Jane (Bond) his wife  d.2-29-1856 age 25-7-9
       Francis son of A D & Amy  d.10-13-1849 age 1-8-11
       Freddie son of A D & Harriet  d.10-31-1864 age 11d
       William G son of A D & Amy  d.3-2-1862 age 17-7-25
Blain, Frank N  b.1857  d.1938
       Alice C his wife  b.1857  d.1920
       Clarence (their son)  b.1889  d.(4-9)-1910 (drowned)
       Minnie (their dau)  b.1897  d.1920
       Three unnamed children of Frank & Alice Blaine all who
       died between 4-16-1892 and 10-1-1892 and must have been
       triplets. ****
Blain, Theron W  b.6-20-1854  d.8-1-1879 (married to Helen Gerow)
       (son of Amos D & Jane B)

Notes on the Blain(e) FamilyAmos D. Blain (born about 1820) and his 3rd wife Harriet Bond (born about 1834).   These folks had
a son Otis James Blain, born about 1869.  Otis married Stella Dimick from Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., NY in the Methodist Church.
Otis James and Stella (Dimick) Blain had a child, Harold Otis Blain, who was born in 1893 when his parents travelled to Ohio.
Otis James Blain hasn't been located after the 1900 census.  At some point, Harold Otis Blain changed his name to Harold Barnes
and kept the name until his death on  November 22, 1963 in Cleveland, Ohio. - submitted by descendant Fran Barnes Jackson

Blanchard, Ira Eugene  b.1868  d.1950
Blanchard, William Thomas  b.1874  d.1946

Bloome, Philip  d.8-18-1910 age (75-5-26) * **
              (Son of George Bloome & Mary Robertson)

Bradford, Fredrick  b.10-20-1897  d.1-22-1971 OHIO S2 US NAVY WWI
          Margery F (his wife)  b.1901  d.1975

Brewer, Mary  d.(12-25)-1938 age 87
            (obit says her name was Elizabeth) **

Brown, William I  b.1832  d.(10-20)-1910
               (Son of Isiah Brown & Sally Teeter)
       Eliza A (his wife)  b.1829  d.1912
            (dau of Henry Bloom & Mary Roberts)

Bryant, John  d.3-11-1875 age 66-6-1

Bunn, Augustus  d.7-30-1862 age 24yr 6mo
      Emeline his wife  d.8-30-1862 age 39-10-22
Bunn, Isaiah  d.6-2-1870 age 72-2-18
      Frances (Strader) his wife  d.12-6-1870 age 69-8-21
      Cynthia their dau  d.9-15-1843 age 0-5-27
Bunn, Jacob (Isaiah) b.(6-30)-1835  d.(5-11)-1911 CO H 15TH NY ENG
         (son of Isaiah and Frances - one of nine children)
      Almira Smith his wife  b.1832  d.(8-26)-1921
         (dau of Homer & Mary Smith)

Compton, Charles F  d.1-4-1883 age 26-2-4 (Son of Sylvanus/Deborah)
                  (His wife was Carrie Smith)
         Lealah May dau of C F & C O  d.1-9-1883 age 2-1-8
Compton, Ezekiel  b.1843  d.1926 (son of Sylvanus & Deborah)
         Martha Milliman (his wife)  b.1841  d.1918
                (Dau of Andrew Milliman & Cornelia Henry)
         Charles M (their son)  b.1868  d.4-10-1891
         Mattie Franc (their son)  d.9-28-1883 age 7mo 13d
Compton, Frances  d.12-13-1930 age **
Compton, Frank Boyde  d.1942 age ? *
Compton, Jacob  d.3-18-1911 age (71-7-10) * **
              (Son of Sylvanus & Deborah)
         Elvira his wife - no data *
         Alfred S their son  d.5-2-1877 age 7mo 12d
Compton, Olin S  b.1880  d.1942
         Lidie B (Mary Lydia Burd)(his wife)  b.1878  d.1946
         Ralph B (Burd)(their son)  b.11-3-1910  d.11-14-1910
Compton, Peter C  d.1864 age 32-4-1 (son of Wm of Orange, Town')
                died at Chattanooga - buried National Cem in Tenn
         (see Margaret "Maggie" Williams)
         Charles E son of Peter & Maggie  d.11-16-1865 age 3-8-7
         Mary A dau of Peter & Maggie  d.8-20-1865 age 4-11-21
Compton, Sylvanus  d.12-18-1882 age 70-0-3 (son of Jacob/Rachel)
         Deborah (Mathews) his wife  d.3-2-1886 age 71-8-27

Conklin, Samuel  d.1-23-1842 age 67-11-23
         Esther his wife  d.12-1-1865 Age ? stone bad shape
         Phebe their dau  d.12-1-1852 age ? stone broken

Couse, John  d.11-14-1863 age 62-8-20  stone unreadable
       Lydia (Strader) his wife  d.9-13-1859 age 52yr 8m
             Lydia's  stone is almost gone
Couse, William  b. 11-2-1829  d.12-29-1902 (son of John & Lydia)
       Jane Weaver (his wife) b.1837  d.1900
                   (dau of William & Sarah Weaver)
       Sarah J (Moore) his wife  b.10-6-1832 d.6-10-1889
              (Dau of Paul & Mercy Moore)
       Duane son of William & Sarah  b.2-26-1866  d.7-16-1876
       Walter son of William & Sarah  b.9-5-1871  d.12-3-1872

Cronk, Edna L  b.1883  d.1980 (Married to E W Cronk)
           (dau of D K & Mary Mathews)

Dudgeon, Andrew  b.1817  d.12-14-1894
         Rebecca (Jamison) his wife b.1814  d.12-31-1899
Dudgeon, Robert  b.(Nov)1851  d.1932
         Carrie his wife  b.(Dec)1851  d.1912
              (dau of Jonathan Owen & Elizabeth Neat)
Dudgeon, Theodore O b.1879  d.1955 (Son of Robert & Carrie)
         Margaret H (Hager) his wife  b.1883  d.1949
               (dau of John H Hager & Ruth Van Loon)
Dunn, ??? Infant buried on Mont Dunn Lot - no data

Egbert, Andrew M  b.(May)1872  d.1925 (Son of Geo P & Harriet)
        Carolyn E Budd his wife  b.(Nov)1873  d.(4-9)-1954
Egbert, George  d.2-26-1888 age 90-0-28
        Sally (Mathews) his wife  d.12-6-1873 age 68-11-3
            (Sally was first married to Simeon Teeter)
Egbert, George P  b.(Dec)1841  d.1920 PVT 50TH REGT NY ENG
           (Son of George & Sally)
        Harriet M his wife  b.(Aug)1846  d.(6-13)-1927
               (Dau of Andrew Milliman & Cornelia Henry)
        Satie C (Cornelia) their dau  b.1870  d.(2-22)-1884
Egbert, Henry N  b.1834  d.1862 (Son of John & Eliza)
        Mary Robinson his wife  b.1836 d.(2-1)-1929
           (Dau of Sabin Robinson & Charlotte Sprague)
Egbert, John  d.3-22-1873 age 71-6-22
        Eliza his wife  d.5-17-1897 age 88-3-13
        Jane E (their dau)  b.(6-30)-1829  d.(12-7)-1907

Erway, Fred Olin  b.12-31-1872  d.11-30-1929
       Elizabeth Mathews his wife  b.3-18-1869  d.9-13-1956

Farlin, David V (Volney)  d.7-6-1875 age 55-4-24
        Mary (Moore his wife  b.5-14-1822  d.(5-14-1922) *
             (dau of Paul & Mercy Moore)

Fenton, Catharine E (Mathews)(wife of John W)  b.1851  d.1915
        Walter (son of John W & Catharine)  b.1873  d.1890
Fenton, Howard A  b.1897  d.1976 (Son of Ellsworth & Mary)
        Carolyn D (Dudgeon)(his wife)  b.1911  d. ?

Funk, Julius J "Jake"  b.1919  d.1985 (Son of Daniel & Anne E Funk)
      Beatrice M (Elliot)(Davis)(his wife)  d.4-23-1987 age 66 ***

Gardner, Julia A "Mother"  b.1868  d.1931
         Clyde A "Son" (her son)  b.1886  d.1928
Gardner, William  b.12-9-1807  d.(after 1890)
         Dorcus C his wife  b.9-7-1812  d.2-7-1890

Goens, George T  b.1864  d.1953

Grant, John A  b.1878  d.1975
       Emma T (Terybury) (his wife) b.1878  d.1955

Greeley, Alexander  b.1825  d.1905
         Anne Townsend his wife  b.1829  d.1904

Hager, Edwin S  b.6-27-1820  d.10-16-1866
       Ann his wife  b.7-23-1819  d.7-31-1905
           (Dau of Samuel & Esther Conklin)
Hager, Freegift P  b.8-31-1806  d.10-15-1872
       Ann S (White) his wife  b.5-7-1810  d.4-17-1894
       Charles their son  b.10-6-1827  d.6-21-1884
Hager, Harriet wife of Peter  d.3-8-1876 age 30(dau of Mahlon Budd)
       Carrie M their dau  d.8-31-1871 age 7mo 3d *
Hager, Myron D b.5-26-1859  d.7-29-1892 (son of Edwin & Ann)

Hall, Daniel L  d.7-25-1915 age 81  CO A 16 NY HA
          (son of Abraham Hall & Rachel Jamison)
      Catherine (his wife) d.05-27-1925 age 83 * **
         (dau of Andrew Dudgeon & Rebecca Jamison)
Hall, Rachel (Jamison) b.4-1-1793 d.4-9-1884 (1st married to Jacob
         Compton and then to Andrew Hall, Husbands not buried here.
Hall, Will  d.1940 age (about 76)(son of Daniel & Caroline)
      Carrie (his wife)  d.1979 age about 95
          (dau of Albert & Clara Runyan)
Hall, William  d.3-19-1872 age 42-6-13
      Mary (Henry) his wife  d.12-11-1908 age 83-2-26
      Andrew M (their son)  d.3-24-1884 age 29-11-4
      Mary Franc their dau  d.5-19-1881 age 24-10-16

Henry, Andrew  b.10-2-1771  d.8-2-1833
       Mary his wife  b.8-5-1771  d.10-11-1853

Holford, Charles S  b.1922  d.1993
         Elizabeth Funk (his wife)  b.1912  d. ?  (Eliz' & Margaret
Holford, Robert L  b.1917  d.1995      are dau's of Daniel
         Margaret Funk (his wife)  b.1914  d. ?      & Anne E Funk)

Hummel, Nettie  d.1922 age (16 days) * **
         (dau of Earl Hummel & Caroline E Smith)

Huston, Charles F  b.1894  d.1978
        Fra Tichenor (his wife) b.1890  d.1959
Huston, Clarence M  b.1896  d.1977
        Helen Tichenor (his wife)  b.1893  d.1951
Huston, Henry L  b.3-17-1891  d.2-21-1986  PFC US ARMY WWI - PH
             (son of William H & Catherine)
        Hazel V (Van Loon)(his wife)  b.1888  d.1966
Huston, Samuel B  d.4-22-1871 age 66
        Eleanor Adee (his wife)  b.2-8-1811  d.2-4-1910
        Jennie (their dau)  b.10-28-1852  d.9-13-1909
        John B (their son)  d.1-20-1883 age 43-9-4
Huston, William H  b.1848  d.1924  (son of Samuel & Eleanor)
        Catharine Ayres (his wife)  b.1849  d.1931

James, George L  b.7-1-1913  d. ?
       Pauline G (his wife)  b.8-23-1913  d.2-22-1979

Jenkins, Flossie May b.1886 d.(3-20)-1927 (dau of D K/Mary Mathews)
           (Buried on Mathews lot - Jenkins name not on stone)

Johnston, George  b.1837  d.1914 CO E 161 REG NY VOL
          Matilda Mason his wife  b.1841  d.1909
             (dau of Russell Mason & Mary Ann Dean)
          Mattie their dau  d.4-10-1872 age 11mo

Jones, Peter  d.3-24-1871 age 63
       Phebe A (Strong) his wife  d.7-9-1874 age 58
       Charity their dau  d.9-29-1875 age 37

Low, Abraham  d.4-25-1878 age 82-7-19
     Julia A (Haight) his wife  d.6-22-1884 age 74-0-7
     William (their son)  b.1835  d.1916

Manning, Joanna  b.4-17-1807  d.10-13-1888
             (dau of Joseph & Susanna Manning)

Mathews, D Kortwright  b.6-12-1861  d.9-26-1933 (Son of Wm O)
         Mary S his wife  b.9-3-1865  d.10-9-1941
                (dau of Ezekiel & Catherine Mathews)
         Alice Marion their dau  b.1895  d.1897
Mathews, Daniel  d.3-26-1867 age 92-1-7
         Polly (Goodfellow) his wife  d.1-10-1869 age 90
Mathews, Daniel Jr. b.12-26-1810  d.3-26-1882
         Emeline his wife  b.1814  d.(12-14-1896)(dau of Sylvanus)
         Betsy Ann their dau  d.10-8-1864 age 19
         George their son  d.7-12-1869 age 20-7-22
         William H (their son)  d.7-10-1865 age 23-0-12
Mathews, Daniel A  b.1847  d.1931 (Son of Nicholas & Christiana)
Mathews, Elmer E  b.1861  d.1941 (son of Ezekiel & Catherine)
         Elsie E (Grant) his wife  b.(8-13)-1867  d.(8-24)-1942
         Beatrice (their dau)  b.1889  d.1947
Mathews, Ezekiel  b.1820  d.(3-21)-1914 (son of Daniel/Polly)
         Catherine (Auble) his wife  b.(8-6)-1825  d.(5-9)-1899
         Marian (their dau)  b.1863  d.1941
Mathews, Gilbert  d.8-11-1850 age 81-0-21 (Son of Stephen)
         Jemima his wife  d.4-23-1853 age 80-1-3
Mathews, Jeremiah E  b.1827  d.(2-9)-1896
         Betsy Robinson his wife  b.1828  d.(4-25)-1898
         Loren E (their son)  d.4-28-1862 age 10-6-8
         Mary L (their dau)  d.1-14-1882 age 20-10-20
Mathews, Nicholas  d.6-7-1857 age 40 (son of Daniel & Polly)
         Christiana (Dunham) his wife d.5-24-1870 age 55
         Nancy their dau d.2-?-1859 age 6 no stone for Nancy but
               this is the only logical place for her
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Mathews, Sylvanus  d.1-13-1867 age 86 (Son of Stephen)
          (Sylvanus stone is totally unreadable)
         Elizabeth his wife  d.4-18-1868 age 84-2-23
Mathews, Sylvester P b.12-23-1845  d.12-23-1932 PVT CO C 5TH H ART
           (Son of Samuel Seely Mathews & Susan N Canfield)
         Emma R (Peterson) his wife  b.7-10-1855  d.3-6-1910
         Nora their dau  d.9-18-1872 age 12d
Mathews, W O (William Oscar)  b.1827  d.1910 Schuyler Co. History
          lists a Wm in CO H 107 REG NY VOL & 50TH ENGRS
      (Son of Aaron K Mathews & Hannah Sturges)
         Mary A his wife  b.1832  d.(7-11)-1889
         Esther his wife  b.(6-28-1829)  d.12-27-1907 age 78 ***

Menzie, Frank  d.(11-16)-1908 age (57-3-10) * **

Milliman, Andrew  b.7-30-1809  d.7-27-1888
          Cornelia Henry his wife  b.1-8-1811  d.10-7-1887
             (Dau of Andrew and Mary Henry)(from Vermomt?)
          Frank (their son)  d.5-22-1912 age (72-4-22) * **

Moore, Beulah C  d.1927 age ? * **
Moore, Edgar E  b.1884  d.1941
       Susie M (his wife) b.1879 d.1953 (dau of Eugene/Mary Swick)
Moore, Enoch  d.3-4-1920 age 85  PVT 50TH REGT NY ENG
            (Son of Paul & Mary)
       Sarah A (Ann) his wife  d.4-19-1876 age 39
            (Dau of Sylvanus & Deborah Compton)
Moore, Irvin  b.1857  d.(3-20)-1920 (Son of Enoch & Sarah)
       Sarah E (Menzie)(his wife)  b.1857  d.1937
Moore, Kenneth Charles  d.1927 age ? * **
Moore, Lebbeus  d.3-8-1893 age 74-7-10
       Betsy E (Mathews) his wife  d.5-22-1876 age 51-0-22
Moore, Paul  b.11-6-1796  d.2-21-1886  (spelled Moor on stone)
       Mercy his wife  b.11-13-1796  d.2-21-1883

Muckey, Daniel B  b.1880  d.1955
        Ruth S (his wife)  b.1892  d.1933

Munroe, Heather Rose (dau of James/Nellie) b.6-18-1975  d.6-27-1975
Munroe, Mamie (wife of Chrles)  d.9-9-1932 age 54-5-25
        Dorothy dau of Charles & Mamie  b.1915  d.1938

Nichols, Charles F (Dr.) d.1-10-1955 age ? (wife was Mary) ***
Nichols, Elizabeth A  b.1900  d.1993
Nichols, James F  b.1935  d. ?
Nichols, Leon M  b.1872  d.1958
         Mary F Winship his wife  b.(8-15)-1875  d.(9-7)-1922
           (dau of Frank & Stella Strong Winship)
         Frank (Franklin)(their son) W  b.1901  d.1969

Pearsall, Orinda (Andrews) wife of Rev Joseph  d.7-9-1842 age 37

Pruden, Oliver  d.10-13-1865 age 79
        Fanny his wife  d.12-20-1880 age 71yr 10mo

Rapave, Shania Desiree  b.1998  d.1998

Reynolds, Hazel May  d.4-1-1893 age 10mo 12d (dau of Scott/Susan)

Robinson, Oliver b.1834  d.1918  (son of Sabin Robinson)
          Maria Hatt his wife  b.1836  d.1912
          Anna (their dau)  b.1868  d.1882
          Estella (their dau)  b.1876  d.(12-28)-1881

Robison, Elizabeth  d.3-2-1868 age 86

Rupert, Mary wife of H R  d.7-26-1872 age 32-11-25

Seybolt, Stephen  b.1857  d.1946
         Minerva M (his wife)  b.1858  d.(10-18)-1924
              (Dau of Ezekiel & Catherine Mathews)
         Irene (their dau)  b.1892  d.1978

Shriner, Ernest H  b.1888  d.1966
         Mable C (his wife)  b.1885  d.1960

Smith, Bennett  d.1-19-1850 age 80-7-25
       Anne his wife  d.10-10-1849 age 71-?-25
       Horace B their son  d.2-15-1835 age 21-0-19
Smith, Bennett  b.3-3-1817  d.6-4-1905
       Mary J (his wife)  b.1-3-1827  d.12-8-1882
Smith, Chauncey W (Whittlesey)  d.4-19-1872 age 82-11-3
             (son of Reuben Smith & Hannah Swift))
       Hester (Smith) his wife  d.2-26-1832 age 43-3-18
       Elizabeth (Jaquish) his wife b.9-15-1877 age 87-3-0
Smith, Eugene  d.7-10-1934 age 81-6-18 (Son of Bennett Smith)
       Frances A (Salsbury)(his wife)  d.5-31-1935 age 91
Smith, Homer d.3-21-1868 age 59-5-6 (Son of Caleb/Lucy Peck Smith)
       Mary ("Polly")(Brickley) his wife  d.3-30-1898 age 89-1-3
          (Dau of Jacob & Rachel Brickely)
       Daniel J their son  d.10-10-1837 age 2-5-10
Smith, Horace  b.1-1-1810  d.10-30-1865
       Lydia Ann (Henry) his wife  b.1-30-1815  d.1-5-1896
       Hannah (their dau)  b.8-10-1843  d.10-15-1902
       Mary (their dau)  b.2-2-1840  d.3-22-1841
       Mary H their dau  b.10-17-1838  d.1-9-1839

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Smith, John H (Henry)  b.(12-6)-1834  d.(3-19)-1914
          (Son of John Milton & Martha Henry Smith)
       Abbie M (Abigail M Howell)(his wife)  b.1844  d.1920
         (dau of Samuel Howell & Lucy Carpenter)
       Cynthia E (Emeline Spencer) his wife d.11-20-1876 age35-9-15
Smith, John M (Milton) (b.10-04-1811  d.9-30-1880)
       Martha Henry (his wife)(b.1-17-1809  d.3-25-1876)
          (No stone for Martha but info is from Genology files)
       Mary dau of John M & Martha  d.10-21-1871 age 30-1-6
       R Horace son of John M & Martha  d.12-6-1848 age 11mo 3d
Smith, Philetus S  b.1827  d.1892
       Mary J  b.1835  d.1921 (dau of Andrew & Cornelia Milliman)
Smith, Whitley J  d.9-25-1888 age 69-7-16
       Mary (his wife) d.12-12-1917 age 88
           (dau of John Auble & Mary Mount)
       Horatio S their son  b.11-1-1863  d.10-12-1865

Spencer, James P  b.4-28-1831  d.(12-8-1915)
               (son of William Spencer & Fannie Root)
         Helen M his wife  d.12-12-1882 age 58-3-9
         Catherine (his wife) d.2-?-1951 age 92 * **

Swick, Eliza Lowe  d.2-10-1919 age 74  * **
        (dau of Abraham & Julia Low)

Teeter, Ezra b.1834  d.(10-24)-1919
            (Son of Simeon Teeter/Sallie Matthews)

Terry, Sara A Conklin wife of Rufus  d.5-16-1873 age 49yr 8 mo

Terybery, Peter  b.1876  d.1931
          Mabel (his wife)  b.1880  d.(9-26-1961)
Terybery, Thomas  b.1854  d.1926
              (Son of Duncan Terbery & Phoebe Robinson)
          Sarah Jones his wife  b.1848  d.1925
              (dau of Peter Jones & Phoebe Covert)

Thorp, David R  d.11-16-1965 age 21 (car accident) * **

Tichenor, Frank C  b.1855  d.1929
             (Son of Fleming & Frances Culver Tichenor)
          Ella L his wife  b.1860  d.1897
              (dau of Philetus & Mary J Milliman Smith)
          Frances their dau  b.1884  d.1923
          Georgia their dau  b.1892  d.1895
Tichenor, George E (Egbert)  b.(6-28)-1895  d.(9-1)-1947
          Ada (Dell) Smith his wife  b.(11-30)-1895  d.(1-29)-1980
            (dau of Eric and Emma Brown Smith)

Townsend, Orville  d.1-19-1883 age 59  PVT 50TH REGT NY ENG
          Persina (Van Nortwick) his wife  d.2-11-1883 age 54

Tracy, Allen C  b.1813  d.(1-15)-1892 (Wife was Amy Hager b.1814)

Van Nortwick, Abraham  d.2-6-1868 age 79yr 1mo
              Nellie his wife  d.2-9-1879 age 84yr 5mo

Van Wormer, Timothy M  d.7-13-1896 age 58
            Polly (Osborn) his wife  d.1920 age ? * **
Van Wormer, Verna (Tichenor)  b.1886  d.1950 (wife of Lewis)
            (Lewis is buried in Calif. where a son lived)

Voorhees, Cordelia I wife of Barnett  d.4-8-1882 age 40-1-24
          Anna dau of Barnett & Cordelia  d.8-17-1879 age 19-6-6

Weaver, William  d.3-13-1878 age 78-9-26
        Sarah (Hayes) his wife - no data *
        Jackson B their son  d.4-3-1908 age 77 * **

West, J A  d.12-30-1877 age ?

Williams, John G  d.1-21-1901 age 69  CO D 2ND CAVL MO MIL
          Margaret (Smith)(his wife)  d.(12-17)-1912 age (72) **
           (Called "Maggie" first married to Peter Compton)
           (Dau of Homer & Mary Smith)

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