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Schuyler Co., NY

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1913 Mecklenburg School, across from the Dickens Farm

Mecklenburg, Schuyler co., NY

(contributed by Dee Watt)

 Grace Caroline Dickens is the girl 5th from left, 2nd row.  Blanche Dickens is the girl on the left in the 2nd-from-top row.  Charlotte Dickens (mother of Dee Watt) remembered that when word reached the family that WWI had ended, Grace Caroline ran across the field and rang the school bell.
Another family incident re the school -- in the 1940s Dee's grandfather (Fred Dickens) had to verify his birth and a family friend gave a supporting affidavit stating: "The school house where I attended was near the home where he was born, and the news soon spread -- a child was born there the day before."   Dee's grandfather was born in Sept 1872 so the school house was in operation for a long time.



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