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Collected WILLS & a few OBITS
from the vicinity of Schuyler co., NY

Married of Auburn 14th day 1841, by Rev. J. Hopkins:
Mr. Samuel VanSickles of  Elmira to Louisa A. Palmer of Auburn.

Of  Catherine, NY Jan.5th 1848 marriage of  George Bates & Lucinda L. Brown.

May 7th  by Rev Ira Smith, marriage of  Rosewell Waxley(Wakely?) Jr. to Catherine Cronk all of this place.

Gabrilla Morris of  Elmira married on Feb 2,1846 to Chas. Miller of Hector Falls.

1860 - Dec 15th. at the residence of Jacob Weaver Jr., marriage of George Bowers to
Emily Weaver of Southport (Chemung co.).

Rheasport? Feb 18, marriage of  Mr. L. Stone and Abagail Cronk of  Millport, NY.

In Caton, Steuben Co., 1855 - Nov. 14, marriage of  Mr. GW Trout of  Elmira & Rachael Bechtol of Caton.

Daniel BUMP  died Mar 17, 1869 aged 77.  Born Feb 10, 1792 in Rhode Island; came to Hector nearly 70 yrs ago. War 1812 vet.  Married at age 25.   Resided in Moreland, Town of Dix, 44yrs.  Leaves a wife and 12 children.

John MORRIS infant son of  Isreal MORRIS died in Bath Dec. 13, 1846.
Rosalie MORRIS abt 19 yrs. of age died from suicide with pistol in Hornellville, NY,
        Feb. 23, 1869.
Adelbert MORRIS  died aged 15 yrs., son of  Shadrack and Elvira  at Bluff  Pt., NY,
        Jan. 6, 1871.
Polly MORRIS  died aged 77,  wife of  William MORRIS Sr. in Hornellville Dec 22, 1881.

Lucrecia MORRIS died aged 81 yrs., Hornellville Oct 16, 1879; leaves 2 sisters, Lydia and Sally MORRIS and brothers Andrew MORRIS, came from Branford, CT to Canesteo, NY, 1812.

  Anthony was a member of the Norfolk Brigade Band - enrolled 4 Jan 1864 to serve 3 years but was discharged 9 July 1865 at Norfolk Va.
Child of Wesley SELLON & Belinda ROBERTS
Born:  Reading, Schuyler Co. NY c. 1842
Occupation:  Anthony was a clerk for his brother Alonzo's grocery store.
Died:  Dix, Schuyler Co. NY September 1, 1895,  age 53 years, 11 months and 1 day.
(buried in Glenwood Cemetery; Henry Haas, Undertaker.
Married:  Clarissa JONES, daughter of Joseph Jones. (Anthony left no children.)
"Clarissa owned a house and lot on the corner of 10th street and Decatur in
Watkins New York value $800.  Also owns a mortgage on a lot and store in
Watkins value $1100 made by Alonzo S. Sellen  and a mortgage on a tract of
land situated inthe town of Hector, Schuyler County NY made by Charles M.
Everts for the sum of $500.
Clarissa was born Feb 10, 1847 in B???tsburg, New York (again very difficult
to make out -might be Binudtsburg?????)"

From the Letter of Administration of the Estate of Anthony H. Sellon:
Alonzo S. Sellen, Brother, Watkins, NY
Mary R. Sellen, Sister, Watkins, NY
Elizabeth Campbell, Sister, Elkland, Pa.
Eveline Washburn, Sister, New York City
Philinda (known as Innie) Crandall, Sister,  Avoca, NY
Susan Baldwin,  Niece, Wmsport Pa.
Ida Eaton,  Niece,  Nelson, Pa.
Charles Campbell,  nephew, unknown
Emily (sic) Elliott, niece, Osceola, Pa.
Carrie Perry,  niece, Osceola, Pa.

Names associated with various affidavits (either despondents or witnesses) regarding this estate were: H L Chubbuck,  Jsn T Hass,  Jnos T Price,  Dyer Robinson,  John S Smartwood or Swartwood,  Arthur C Woodward,John S Budd,  J B Morris,  Alonzo S Sellen, Bej W Scoby, Edwin Anthony,  R H Hawes,  John B Macrury,  C H Everts,  M P Grass,  Howard Peck.


Son of Wesley Sellon & Belinda Roberts
Born:  Western Reading, NY  March 24, 1837
Died:  Watkins, NY  December 28, 1902--He is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Watkins Glen.
Alonzo never married.  He was the Treasurer for the Schuyler Co. Agricultural Society and also for the Watkins Glen Driving Park Association.  He had membership in the Watkins Fire Department.  A Lease Agreement-- A. Sellen Bros. to Watkins Division No 148 Sons of Temperance and Glen Lodge No 679 of the I.O. of GI Watkin Lease--"A lease made and executed between A. Sellen and brother of the village of Watkins, Schuyler County, NY of the first part and Moses W. Thurston, B. L. Shay, M.D.W. Bishop, Trustee of Watkins Division No. 148 Sons of Temperance, and Charles J. Frank, John Lawton and E. F. Lumnmis, Trustees of Glen Lodge No. 679 I.O.of G.I. and their successors in office, of the same place of the second part, the 14th day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight..."
From the Letter of Administration of his estate:
This schedule contains the names of all persons entitled as widow, legatee, or next of kin of the deceased, to a share of his estate, with their places of residence, degree of relationship, and a statement of which of them are minors, and whether they have any general guardian, and if so, their names and places of residence, to the best of  knowledge, information and belief.

Mary R. Sellen            Watkins,NY          sister    Adult
Evelyn Washburn        New York City     sister    Adult
Innie Crandall               Avoca, NY         sister    Adult
Elizabeth Campbell      Elkland, Pa         sister    Adult
Ida Eaton                      Nelson, Pa.         niece    Adult
  daugher of Emily Campbell, deceased
Susie Baldwin          Williamsport, Pa.   niece    Adult
   daughter of said Emily
Charles Campbell        Rathbone, NY    nephew  Adult
   son of said Emily
Emma Elliott               Osceola, Pa           niece   Adult
   daughter of Sarah Perry, deceased
Carrie McDonald (sc)    Costello, Pa.      niece   Adult
   daughter of said Sarah

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of Catharine, Chemung co., NY
Wife:        Hannah M. Mix
Children:  Sylvester Mix,
                  Dina?/Anne?/Anna? Henry,
                  Samuel Mix,
                  Clementine Lee,
                  Sally Malory,
                  Minerva Mix,
                  Emmet Mix,
                  Fidelia Mix.
Executors:  wife Hannah M. Mix, and son Sylvester Mix
Witnesses:  Eaton Agard, Catharine, NY
                    Eaton J. Agard, Catharine, NY.
Will dated:  Sep. 18, 1849
He leaves to his wife, "all possessions consisting of the west half of lot number 7 and also all that is part of the NW quarter of lot 14 (14 bounded northerly by the north bounds of said quarter lot, southwesterly by the highway and easterly by the east bounds of said quarter lot, all of which lands are situate in the northeast section of township number three (?) in Catharine, Watkins and Flint (?) purchase as well..."

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(son of Titus F. Mix & Hannah M. Mix)
of the town of Reading --later says he is of the town of Catharine, NY.
Probate court date:  Jun. 13, 1887
Wife:  not mentioned (probably deceased)
Daughter:  Catharine L. BURGE, who is also the executor.
Grandaughter:  Eleanor M. BURGE
Witnesses:  Jane Agard of Odessa, NY
                    George K. Coryell of Odessa, NY
Will dated: Jul. 1, 1885
Paraphrased--If his heirs (above) die, then he gives in trust his home farm of 121 acres, including wagons, sleighs and farm utensils to the Central Assoc. of Baptist of NY & PA to support their foreign and home mission. Also, if his heirs die, he gives 50 acres known as the "cemetery lot" or "Laurel Hill cemetery" to the Baptist assoc. with the idea that some parcels of land will be sold to pay for upkeep of the rest.

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of the town of Groton, Tompkins co., NY
Probate court date:  Mar. 23, 1874
Wife:  Mary P. Mix
Daughter:  Margery A. Smith
Sole executor:  James R. Howland
Witnesses:  Calvin S. Howland
                     Emily W. Sikes
Will dated:  Feb. 27, 1871

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of Hector, Schuyler co., NY
Probate court date:  Jun. 22, 1872
Wife:  Elizabeth
Children:  Robert(?) Smith
                  Philitus S. Smith
                  Orvil A. Smith
                  Alexander H. Smith
                  Ann Hivins(?)
                  Harriet A. Nichols
                  Hellin M. Spencer
Grandaughter:  Hester E. Smind? or Smead? or Samuel?
Executor:  Robert(?) Smith
Will dated:  Feb. 9, 1866 -- Chauncey W. Smith
                    gave his age as 76 at that date.
Witnesses:  F. or J. P. Hager of Hector, NY
                   Sarah Hager of Hector, NY
Writing is difficult to make out, but it seems that some "widow heirs" that are next-of-kin of Chauncey W. Smith are required to appear in Watkins surrogate court on Jun 17th (1872). It seems they may be contesting the will (?).
Update, Feb. 2000:  Records of  Smith Family Reunions show that Chauncey  W. Smith
(born in Connecticut 16 May 1789) married Hester Smith (dau of Grover Smith). Grover was
brother of  Reuben Smith.  Hester died 26 Feb 1832.  Chauncey W. Smith then married
Elizabeth Jaquish.

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of the Town of Dix, Chemung co., NY
Wife:  Anna Hicks
Minor Children:  Silas B. Hicks
                            Fanny M. Hicks
                            Sarah A. Hicks
                            Hannah J. Hicks
                            Hamil(?) S. Hicks
                            Lydia M. Hicks
                            David T. Hicks
                            Andrew J. Hicks
Executor:  Lewis Benedict of Orange, Steuben co., NY
Will dated:  Jun. 27, 1850(?)  (followed the 1849 will of Titus F. Mix above.)
Witnesses:  unknown.

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I  Ira Bates of Catharine in the county of Chemung and State of NY, being sound in mind and the Lord be preaised for the same, do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament.  First I devise grant...unto my beloved wife Fanny Bates during her life all my real and personal property of every description consisting of the farm I now live on, and my undivided interest in a certain contract of land purchased of  James Pampely;  my  personal property consisting of houshold furniture, farming utensils and stock on the farm of every description, and all demands due me of every kind.  She is to have and dispose of the personal property for the purpose of paying my debts and trasacting business and educating and bringing up my minor children and she may dispose of the personal property at her discretion and the use and profits of the real property...
Secondly at the death of my beloved wife it is my will that my real property be equally divided between my children. I hereby revoke and  annul all former wills by me made.  In witness whereof  I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 5th day of September, 1845.
Ira Bates
In the presence of
Amos Hoyt,  Catharine, Chemung co., NY
Garry Stone, Catharine, Chemung co., NY
Zalmon B. Frost, Catharine Chemung co., NY

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HENRY CRONK  Obituary Oct., 1909

The subject of  this sketch was born in the town of covert, Seneca county, Aug. 11, 1824, and died at his home in Dix, Schuyler county, October 4, 1909, aged 85 years, 1 month and 28 days.
He was one of eleven children born to Arnold and Mary Howell Cronk, and his early life was passed principally in central Schuyler county.
About the year 1846, he married Miss Melissa Wakeley, daughter of  Roswell and Sally Wakeley, who owned the farm now owned by James and Joseph Lawlis [Lawless], about one mile southwest of Montour Falls.  For some time he lived near where Wm. Bennett now lives, about one and a half miles southwest of the Falls.
Later about the year 1862, after working various farms in central Schuyler , Mead's Hill, and near Wedgwood, he bought the Mill's farm about two and a half miles southwest of the Falls, which was then almost wholly covered by valuable timber, which he had cut and for which he received the high prices prevailing during the Civil War, which enabled him by hard work and good business management to pay for his farm.  As the years passed he continued to clear and improve his land until it became one of the best and most productive farms of Schuyler or adjoining counties.
In later years with the help of his son Dewitt, (who with his wife, nee Anna Austin, has been his main stay for many years) he still continued and later bought that part of another farm belonging to Mr. Mills, lying north of the road running from the Falls to Beaver Dams, and between his farm and the road now known as the Corning or Watkins road, and making a farm of more than 100 acres of fertile, productive land, well watered by springs and the creek known as Falls creek.
Mr. Cronk was always a hard working man, spending a share of his life in lumbering and threshing, and was strictly honest and upright in all his dealings...He was a kind neighbor, and many were the acts of kindness performed by him during all his life, giving employment and aid to those in need of such.
About the year 1876  he joined the M.E. Church at Montour Falls, then Havana, and assisted in its attendance and support.  He never aspired to political honors, but was content to perform his duties as an elector and upright citizen.
During his later years when failing strength of body and limb prevented him from performing the full manual labors of the farm,  he persisted in riding the mower, rake, reaper and harrow, and in performing such labor and chores as rheumatic and other ailments would permit.  The past year has seen him rapidly fail in ability to walk and move around, and a few weeks ago he received a serious fall from a mowing machine.
Saturday, Sept. 25th, in some unexplained manner he fell in his room and sustained what the physicians stated was a fractured limb.  Almost continually from that time until Monday, Oct. 4, he suffered intense agony, when in spite of earnest efforts to relieve or cure him, death came and his sufferings ended.
To the writer and others he had said that it mattered little whether he recovered or not.  That he had a home above when called to go and was prepared to go or stay as seemed best.  He was able till the later hours to recognize those around him, and almost at the last recognized and spoke the name of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Dewitt Cronk.
He leaves his widow, Melissa Cronk, now 83 years of age, and among others a son Dewitt Cronk of Watkin, NY Two daughter Sarah, who married Washington A. Crout of Beaver Dams, and Jeanette who married Warren Lanning of Enfield, Tompkins coutny.
Two sisters, Mrs. Mary Smith of Binghamton, NY and Mrs. Kate Crane of  Montour Falls; also six brothers--John of Osborne, Kansas; Mulford of Hornell, NY; Albert of Montour Falls; William of  Montour Falls, NY; Nelson of New Market, NJ; and Warren of Horseheads, NY.
Mr. Cronk was esteemed and respected by all, as was evidenced by the large assemblage gathered at the home Thursday, Oct. 7, to pay their last respects to the departed, and by the beautiful floral offerings.
The sermon by Rev. Mr. Proseus of the M.E. Church, Montour Falls, was somewhat out of the ordinary and was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by those who heard it.
The family desires the writer to express their thanks and appreciation to all who in any way aided or offered during the sufferings, and following the death of the husband and father, especially to Mrs. Mary Ganung, who aided him during all the sad time, and to the Ladies' Aid of  Wegwood, and others for their floral offerings; also to the members of the choir for appropriate selections.

Mrs. Mary CRONK died aged 77yrs in Havana  (Montour Falls, NY)  Aug. 13, 1881.

Jane CRONK wife of  Abraham died Nov. 17, 1849 - Jones Cemetery Schuyler Co., NY.

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SARAH CRONK (aka Mrs. Washington CROUT)
(daughter of Henry Cronk, above)

Sept. 21, 1927
Mrs. Sarah Cronk Crout, widow of Washington Crout, passed away at her home in Wedgewood, Friday, September 16, in the 80th year of her age.  Sarah Cronk was born May 1, 1848, the eldest child of Henry and Mellissa Cronk, pioneer settlers.  In 1866, she was married to Washington Crout and to them were born 7 children, 6 sons and a daughter.  The daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Steadman, died in January 1901, and Mr. Crout passed away in May 1912.  All the sons survive--Burton of  Moreland, Adelbert of Odessa, Fred of Sayre, PA, Charles and Dean of Montour Falls, and Seymour of Los Angeles, CA.

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...the Jefferson railroad was built and Mr. Considine saw the first railway train which reached Watkins on December 9th of that year--60 years ago. Throughout his life he remembered this incident and mentioned it only a few days before his death.
Mr. Considine was employed here and at Coal Point for several years, then he retired to a farm at Sugar Hill, where some of  his children were born.  Later he moved to a farm in Southern Reading, and subsequently took up his abode on the place near this village, where the last 19 years of his life were spent and where he bade adieu to earthly scenes.
About six years ago Mr. Considine was made almost inconsolate by the death of his beloved wife, who was his faithful companion and helpmate for more than half a century; but the kindly ministration and attention of his surviving children, particularly the daughters with whom he lives, and his son James, went far to ameliorate the burden of his grief.
Mr. Considine is survived by two sons and four daughters --James D., Agnes Beatrice, Maria and Mrs. John Conway of Watkins; Lizzie of Middletown, and Joseph H. of Elmira.  Four others preceeded him to the better life--John, Margaret, Edward and Patrick H., all all of whom are well remembbered.
The death of Thomas Considine has removed a familiar face and figure and brought keenest sorrow to many besides the immediate relatives.  No one who knew him had aught but kindliest feelings for  him and his lips framed only the kindest words for others....

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Will of SAMUEL PRICE, Dix, Chemung, NY--written 31st JAN 1850.

I Samuel Price of the town of Dix county of Chemung, NY being now of sound mind and memory...to my blessed wife Anna I give and bequeath the sole use and recupation of the farm whereon I now reside in the said town of Dix while the(re) remains my widow or during her natural life. Second, upon the death of my said wife, I give and bequeath my said farm to my three sons John A./T.,  Isaac C., and William (E.?) Price and to their heirs and...said farm to be divided as follows: my youngest son William E. Price to have one-third part of said farm so laid off as to include the orchard and buildings and the remaining two-thirds shall be exactly divided between my two sons John T.  and Isaac C. respect being had both to quantity and quality.
Third, to the children of son Jonas Price deceased I give and bequeath to Charles Price thirty dollars and to Sarah Ann Price fifteen dollars to be paid to them by my threes sons viz. John T., Isaac C., William E. equally amounting to fifteen dollars each to be paid to the said Charles and Sarah Ann upon my youngest son William becoming of age, in case my said sons shall have come in possession of said farm at that time otherwise to be paid when they shall so come in possession. And I do hereby make the said farm chargeable with the payments of the aforesaid legacies....Fourth, to my four daughters viz. Eliza wife of Southard PHINNEY, Phebe wife of John BUCH, Sarah Ann wife of Arin (?) BAKER, Mary Jane wife of Philemon DRAKE equally all my personal property of whatever name & kind or wheresoever situated to be divided among them after my wife shall have done with it and not before reserving to her the use of so much thereof as she may see fit to keep with the farm for her use and benefit....I appoint my said wife Anna executrix & my two sons John A./T. Price and Isaac C.  Price executors....to carry out these my last and dying requests...
31st January 1850
Witnesses L.S. ROOD,  L.L.TRACY

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SENECA SOULE, Veteran , Chemung co., NY--written c. 1850.

In the name of  God.....town of Veteran, county of Chemung, state of NY, of the age of 35 years and being of sound mind and memorydo make & publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say...First I give and bequeath to the executors of this my last will and testament hereinafter nominated and appointed all the money due and to become due to me from Daniel Owen of the town of Veteran in the co. of Chemung and state of NY all the securities for the  payment thereof and also two promisory notes given by Peter (?) Fish and now owned by me for hte payment of the sum of two hundred and thirty dollars or thereabouts and the other for the sum of one hundred dollars or thereabouts ...to be held and possessed by them for and during the natural life of my mother Olive/Aline Soule of the town of Hector, county of Tompkins, state of NY and I do hereby order and direct that during the continuance of said (?) Estate as aforesaid there shall be paid to the said Olive/Aline Soule my mother annually all the incom ....after deducting a reasonable compensation for the services of the said executors in the execution of the said trust, and after the death of my mother the said Olive/Aline Soule that the principal sum held in my trust as aforesaid be equally divided between my brothers Alfred, James, George and Eli Soule.... Second I give and bequeath unto Alfred and James Soule my brothers the sum of three hundred dollars each and all the rest & remainder of my property both real and personal I give to my brothers George and Eli Soule . Third I give and devise all my real and personal estate to the exectors of this my last will and testament ......(don't have the next page with witnesses.)

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DANIEL BAKER, Sept 24,1871
Town of  Dix, Schuyler county (wills) 122
Executor: King J. Baker
Apparent relatives:  Johnson Baker, Lorenzo W Baker, Sally Baker (widow) and Harriett E. Kendall also appeared & Hiram Baker.
Adjourned to  October 31,1871 -10 AM
King Baker executor named in said will appeared and also Hiram Baker, Johnson Baker, Lorenzo W Baker, Sally Baker widow appeared.   Hiram Baker wishes to make a proposal or two, in regard to the will.
1-To throw the will aside.
2-To pay the debts, and then divide the balance equally between the heirs.
LW Baker object to the first  proposition and consents to the second.  King J Baker objects to both.  Van Allen, attorney for Johnson Baker wishes an adjournment for the purpose of filing allegations against the validity of the will.  On motion of Van Allen & no one opposing, ordered that the further hearing of this matter be adjourned to the Wednesday November 15th 1871 at 10 oclock AM.   November 15th 1871 at 10 oclock King J Baker with SL Rood Esquire his council appeared and also Sally Baker widow of  Testator appeared.
November 21st 1871 King Baker took the oath. The Appraiser. (He listed all the belongings of Daniel Baker which amounted to 384.55 total.) Brewster Platt of town of Dix Schuyler county, and Anson Ba(ss)ggard took the appraiser oath. (the listing took in all that was owned by Daniel Baker and it was sold? and or split between the people mentioned)
Sally Baker was awarded one bed, bedding, stove and cooking utensils.  Six chairs, 6 cups and saucers, 6 plates, 6 knives and forks.  One tea pot, sugar bowl and cream cup; 1 famliy bible and books; 2 swine, one white cow.  Court continued open for more than an hour waiting for other parties interested to appear and no one besides those mentioned appearing.
It was ordered on motion of the council for the executor that said Last will and Testament be upheld.  On the 15th of Novemeber King J Baker Executor of  Daniel Baker deceased, respectfully shows that your petitioner King J Baker was duly appointed and qualified by the Surrogate of the county of Schuyler, Exector of the said Daniel Baker late of the town of Dix in said county on the 15th day of Novemeber 1871. He took the oath required by law, and entered upon the discharge of his duties as such Executor and that eighteen months and upwards have expired since such appointment.
The Creditors of Daniel Baker are SL Rood of Watkins, Robert Bell of Orange, LWesley Baker of Dix. Wm Hallor Dix, HD Seamour Dix, Johnson Baker of Dix, Hiram Baker of Orange, King J Baker of Dix, Harriett E Kendall of Horseheads.
King Baker asked to have all persons interested in the estate to attend the settlement of such account.  Dated May 3rd 1875.  JM Woodward-Notary Public.

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Obit. of EPHRAIM CLEVELAND, died Aug. 4, 1888, Montour Falls
Ephraim CLEVELAND, a notice of whose death recently appeared in the Free Press, was the oldest son of Noble CLEVELAND, whom many old residents will remember as one of the early pioneers, and lived nearly all his life, from boyhood to old age, in the vicinity of Havana - now Montour Falls - and [Noble] died in the year 1888, at the advanced age of 84 years.
Ephraim was born July 11, 1826, and remained with his father until Sept. 1849, when he married Miss Matilda LYONS, of Moreland [in Dix], who only lived one short year, and passed away a victim to consumption.  In 1852 he married Margaret ACOMBS, an English lady, who came with her parents from England when about 5 years old.  With this second wife Ephraim settled in Catlin, Chemung co., NY.  To them were born four sons -- Noble R., of Montour Falls, Luther E., of Catlin, and Lee and William, of Moreland, and one daughter, Elizabeth, who passed away from earth some six years ago.  They resided in Catlin until a few years ago, when they moved to Castile, Wyoming county.  At the end of one year, not feeling content to live among strangers in their old age, they returned here and came to the old homestead where they have since lived with his sister, Miss Ann CLEVELAND, until his death, which occurred shortly before midnight on August 4th, 1901 at the age of 75 years and 24 days.
He was a man of many sterling traits of character -- a strong adherent to the right, and a great foe to the wrong in all ways, always ready to do a kindness for a neighbor and always trying to do to others as he would be done by.  He was a kind and loving husband and father and brother and a good neighbor.  He will be sadly missed by all.  He is survived by his wife and four sons and a number of grand children; also three sisters and two brothers - Charles and Miss Ann CLEVELAND of Moreland, Stafford and Mrs. Al [Allen?] McCARTY, of Elmira Heights, and Mrs. Charles PRICE, of Watkins.  The funeral services were held from his late home, Wed., Aug. 7, with Albert LIVERMORE officiating; burial in Montour Cemetery.
Mrs. Margaret CLEVELAND and family desire to thank the neighbors and friends for their kind assistance during the sickness and death of their husband and father Ephraim CLEVELAND.

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Will of ELIJAH TRACY, probated 18 June 1886
Schuyler co., NY Surrogate Court
We the undersigned, heirs, legatees and next of kin of Elijah TRACY, late of the town of Dix in the County of Schuyler deceased, hereby waive the service of citations upon us for proving the last will and testament of said Elijah TRACY deceased, and request the Surrogate of Schuyler County upon the filing of this waiver, to proceed to the proof and probate of said will without petition or citation therefore.   Dated June 18, 1886     Jane  RAPELEE   (signature)
                                                            Phebe E. COYLE  (signature)
                                                            John F. TRACY (signature)
Schuyler County SS. On this 18th day of June 1886 personally appeared before me Phebe COYLE, Jane O. RAPLEE and John F. TRACY to me known to be the same persons described in the foregoing instrument and who executed the same and personally acknowledged that they executed the same for the purposes therein mention.    (can’t read signature of official)
Schuyler County Surrogate Court.
In the matter of the final settlement of the accounts of Elijah TRACY the general Guardian of King BAKER and Harriet BAKER, the children of Philander J. BAKER and Elizabeth BAKER, deceased.
1864 Estate
July 19 To balance of account as settled    $199.85
Pd. for -----------? Mont. to NICHOLS    $1.25
Pd. T.L. NICHOLS bill as Physician    $105.00
Pd. A. S. SCOBY acknowledged Mortg.   $ .25
pd. S. G. H. NICHOLS Physician for King   $40.00
Pd. Cash for Boott for King     $ 6.00
Pd. S .L. ROOD services as allowed    $25.00
Pd. school bill for King     $    .50
Pd. Mrs. C. A. HULETT  for boarding King   $16.50
Pd. Danial BAKER for boarding King    $10.50
Pd. Cash to King to go to Elmira    $2.00
Pd. Mrs. HULETT for clothing for Hattie   $20.00
Pd. Cash for clothing for King    $10.00
Pd. Mrs. Hulett Boarding King    $11.50
Pd. Mrs HULETT clothing for Hattie     $10.00
Pd. one horse for King     $200.00
Pd. cash to King      $2.00
Pd. Daniel BAKER Boarding King    $12.00
Pd.  School bill for King     $.50
Pd. Cash for Hattie clothing      $10.00
Pd. Cash to Hattie      $5.00
Pd  Hattie BAKER cash        $10.00
Pd. Hattie cash       $10.00
Pd. NICHOLS Mortgage      $326.29
These payments go from the dates of July 19, 1864 to March 3, 1868
Account of credit brought over     $916.25
Balance found due      $115.89
Guardian the 9th day of Sept. 1871 The wards being both present agree to allow TRACY
the--------? $34.11 in addition to all form allowances making the balance for in bil him they day $150.00,
with interest on the same from the 9th day of Sept 1869.

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ERASTUS BRUSH Probate Record, Hector, died 7 Oct 1881
The Petition of Jane BRUSH of the town of Hector in the county of Schuyler respectfully showeth that Erastus BRUSH of the town of Hector in the said county of Schuyler died in the said town of Hector on or about 7th October in the year of our Lord 1881. That at his death he was inhabitant of the county of Schuyler Co. That he left no will as far as your petitioner has heard.
Your Petitioner his widow live surviving and the following children vz:
William BRUSH of the town of Hector;
aforsaid John BRUSH of the town of Catharines in said county;
James /Jane? BRUSH of the town of Dix in said county;
Phebe BRUSH of said town of Hector;
Mary KELLOGG of the said town of Hector;
Sarah LABAR?  of Odessa NY;
Nancy BRUSH GARDNER of the state of Michigan
all of full age.
Maryette MUZIO?, Janes BRUSH, George BRUSH, Charles, Benjamine BRUSH, Erastus BRUSH, Ellen BRUSH, (wid?)  Lorraine BRUSH all being under age and all residing in the town of Hector aforsaid.
As your petitioner further showeth that all goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased do not exceed in value the sum of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars; and your petitiner prays the letters of Administration of the goods, chatttels and credits of the said deceased may be granted by the surrogate of your Petitioner and Frank MENZIO /MUZZIO  of the town of Hector, Schuyler Co., NY.
Dated November 14th, 1881.                                signed Jane BRUSH
                                                                          signed  Frank MUZZIO
Oliver HURD - surrogate.

State of NY.  Surrogate's Court, Schuyler county.
Be it remembered that on the 18th day of June 1919 the last will and testament of Loretta Dart BRUSH, late of town of Orange, in said county, deceased. Will is recorded in Liber 23, of wills at page of 201.
Wittness Hon. George M. VELIE surrogate of the said court this 18th day of June 1919.
E.R. EVERTS,  Clerk of Surrogate’s court.
I, Mrs. Loretta DART BRUSH of the town of Orange in the county of Schuyler and the state of New York, being of sound mind and memory do make and publish and declare this my last will and testament, in manner following that is to say.
First=. I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Second=- I give, devise and bequeath to my husband John BRUSH the use for and during the term of his natural life the so called TERWILLIGER farm upon which I now reside in the town of Orange, said John BRUSH to keep the buildings insured for the benefit of my estate and to buy(?) the taxes thereon.
Third=- I give and bequeath to my brother Thomas DART the use of my interest in all farming tools to used while he is farming on his farm, and my interest in gasoline engine I give to my husband John BRUSH. This interest at the time of making this will is an individual one half  interest.
Forth=- I give to my husband John BRUSH all my right title and interest in all stock on my farm to have, keep or dispose of as he sees fit, and to have the right to go to the Baker farm woods to get timber to fix the buildings on the so called Terewilliger farm and what wood he needs to use while it is my estate.
Fifth=I give, devise and bequeath one note given by Clinton SWAIN and Mary Dart SWAIN to my husband John BRUSH to collect and to collect any part that may not be settle at my decease.
Six= I give, devise, bequeath all the rest residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal to my brothers Thomas DART, Frank DART, Erastus DART. And my sister Mary Dart SWAIN to be equally divided.  Share and share alike and in case any of my brothers or sister do not survive me, than and in that event said shares shall be paid to the child or children if any of said deceased brother or sister.
I hear by give to my executor here after named full poser to sell any and all real estate owned by me at the time of my death.
Lastly, I hereby appoint my brother Thomas DART of Orange, NY executor  of this my last will and testament: hereby revoking all former wills by me made.  And direct that he be paid the usual commission of an executor.
Witness whereof I have hereunto subscribe my name the 12th day of April, 1919.
     LORETTA DART BRUSH  (her signature)
Frank E. HUBBARD  (his signature) residing in Campbell, NY
Lizzie HUBBARD  (her signature) residing in Campbell, NY

Died, at his home in the town of Reading, Schuyler County, on Wednesday, January 17th, 1872, Deacon Luther CLEVELAND, at the age of seventy years, eleven months and fourteen days.  Luther CLEVELAND was born on Sugar Creek, PA, Feb. 3d, 1801, of parents who were of Connecticut birth and training. Ephraim CLEVELAND the father, and Keziah NOBLE, his wife, had settled there in the wilderness on land claimed by the State of Connecticut, and near the site of the present village of Troy in the County of Bradford. In 1801 the family left Pennsylvania, and settled in the Chemung Valley within the boundaries of the present town of Montour, in the County of Schuyler.  Dissatisfied with this location they moved down the Ohio river in the Spring of 1814, locating at Cincinnati where the mother died very suddenly in May of that year. The father returned immediately to Catharine (now Montour) and falling sick of malarious fever, died a few months later, leaving seven children, the youngest a mere infant, and the oldest under sixteen years of age. Left destitute and without parents or relatives to provide for them, they were soon scattered in
different families, where they found such culture and training as their circumstances and the times would afford.  Luther CLEVELAND was the second in age of these surviving children. At the time of his father's death he was under fourteen years of
age. During the remainder of his minority he lived in the family of Judge Phineas CATLIN, of Catharine. In 1823 (1828?) he married Eliza, daughter of William P. LEE. They lived nine years in Crawford's Settlement, in the town of Dix, clearing up a forest farm. In the Spring of 1832 they settled on the Lake Road in Reading, about midway between Rockstream and Watkins, and that place has since been their home. That town has contained no more enterprising of thrifty farmer, and few citizens of equal moral worth. Industry was the great characteristic of his life, and his farm always bore the highest evidence of intelligent energetic management.  It was rendered largely productive by the eye and hand of a master who drove his work and was never driven by it; and who put his land under far better cultivation than most of the farmers of the country.
While a resident of Dix he embraced religion and united with the Presbyterian Church, to which his wife previously belonged, and
soon after moving to Reading, joined the church at Rockstream. During nearly the whole time since, a period of almost forty
years, he has been an elder and deacon of that church, and one of its most consistent and exemplary members. At an early period
of the Anti-Slavery agitation he was one of its moat zealous and unflinching advocates, and never hesitated to rank himself an Abolitionist and an earnest friend of the colored race. He was also an equally devoted friend of Temperance and maintained through life, by precept and example, the sincerity of his convictions on that subject.
While a man of fixed and earnest opinions, he was kindly and social in his nature, and his heart was full ot benevolence. His wife,
who survives him at the age of sixty-four, has been an unfailing and affectionate supporter of his labors and fortunes, aiding him
by the best of housewife accomplishments in attaining the generous competence which they built up from empty handed poverty, and giving him cordial sympathy and support in his moral and religious aims.
They have been the parents of five children, four of whom lived to adult age and were married, but none of whom survive. They
all died in early life, preceding their parents to the unseen world, and leaving them to mourn the entire loss of an interesting group
of children. Their only living descendants are two grand children, the offspring of their daughter Elizabeth, and two great grand
children, the offspring of their grand daughter Lucia, daughter of John Plummer GABRIEL and wife of John Wallace CORBETT of Reading. Their grandson Er Cleveland GABRIEL remains the presiding genius of the homestead with his grandmother.
Of the original family, two brothers of Luther CLEVELAND survive. One still older is Er CLEVELAND of Sheldrake in the town of Ovid, Seneca county, and another, Noble CLEVELAND of the town of Dix, Schuyler county, three years younger. Three sisters, all of whom are deceased, left considerable families of respectability and worth.— Yates County Chronicle.

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"A dark shadow has fallen over the town of Tyrone during the past week.  William D. COLE, on Tues. morning, Feb. 6th, at 4 o'clock, passed to the eternal world, from the effects of a dose of Paris green.  Not much need be said in regard to his life; it is well and favorably known.  He was highly respected by all who knew him.  Upright in his dealings with men, an indulgent father, a kind and  obliging neighbor, modest and retiring in disposition, and courteous to all.  He was an excellent farmer and a fine workman with tools.  He will be missed.  His death is a great loss to the community.  We are told he left a letter with his niece stating the direct cause of the terrible deed.  He lived on the old homestead with his son, George.  Funeral services were held at the residence on Thursday.  He leaves one daughter, Mrs. W.H. SEBRING, to mourn his untimely death.  We leave him to await the sounding of the trumpet of God, "when  the mists shall roll away."

Be kind to thy father
For when thou wast young
Who loved thee so fondly as he.
He caught the first accent
That fell from thy tongue,
And joined in thy innocent glee.

Be kind to thy mother;
For thee will she pray
As long as God giveth her breath.
With accents of kindness
Then cheer her lone way,
Even thro' the dark valley of death.

(Found in a family bible belonging to Janet Armstrong Peer.)

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Aged 5, Died Dec. 9, 1898.
Wayne, NY

"Sad was the news that came flashing over the wires last Friday afternoon, announcing the death of the only child of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert LAZENBY, from Rochester.  Mrs. LAZENBY, after  having thoroughly consulted their home physicians and specialists, went with her little son to the above place on Monday, Dec. 5th, to  have an operation performed.  On Thurs., the 8th, the operation was successfully  performed by three specialists, at the home of Dr. Collier, a relative of Mrs. LAZENBY.  All seemed hopeful until a few moments before  4:30 o'clock Friday afternoon, when, without any alarming symptoms, he quietly fell asleep in death.  This sad intelligence was immediatedly communicated to the husband at home, who joined his wife at Rochester, accompanied by his brother William, of Dundee, returning with the remains on the afternoon train, to their home Saturday.
The funeral was held at their residence Monday, Dec. 12th, at 11:30 o'clock am, their paster officiating.  The church to which they belong, and the friends and neighbors were in large attendance, feeling keenly the sorrow in the home.
Morey Jordon LAZENBY was aged 5 years and 12 days, his birthday occuring November 27th.  He was early afflicted with that which gave his parents much anxiety, leading them to seek competent specialists that he might enter manhood with a sound body.  Their dreams and fondest hopes were in a large degree pending this trip, long anticipated, upon which fond affection would sacrifice anything.  That these ambitions might be realized, but little did they look for hope's star to be so quickly darkened.  Little Morey was a beautiful child possessing a charming face and expression.  Extremely affectionate, with most winsome features that endeared  him to all.  He had entwined himself into others' lives as to be the dearest treasure of his fond parents and grandfather and others as to almost break all earthly pleasures.  He was very fond of his grandparents, who will miss him as much as anyone.  It is with the sincerest sorrow we sympathize with our Brother and Sister LAZENBY and the aged grandfather in this severe affliction.

Grieve not with hopeless sorrow,
Jesus has felt your pain;
He did thy lamb but borrow,
He'll give him back again.     L.C.E."

(Found in a family bible belonging to Janet Armstrong Peer.)

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"C.C. Campbell, of Hammondsport, died Sun. morning after a lingering illess from a tumor.  He was 62 years of age and for many years had been a prominent farmer living at Wayne, and had only recently gone to Hammondsport to reside.  He was a veteran of the Civil War, having served as seargeant in Captain Schlic's company in the 23rd Regiment, NY volunteer Infantry.  He was a man much respected and loved and leaves many friends to mourn his loss.  He is survived by his wife and 2 children, Theodore, of  Keuka, and Mrs. Susie LOOK, who resides at home.  The funeral will be held this morning, the burial being at Bath.

(Found in a family bible belonging to Janet Armstrong Peer.)

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Mrs. Alice BENNETT's Death Came After Briefest of Illness.

Mrs. Alice BENNETT died suddenly, after an illness of about an hour and a half, at her home at Crosby, Thurs. night.  Mrs. BENNETT retied as usual and was taken suddenly sick, lost consciousness and died within a short time, without regaining consciousness.  There survive her husband and five children, three daughters and two sons.  Feb. 13 (year unknown)

(Found in a family bible belonging to Janet Armstrong Peer.)

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1893 Will of SIMON BENNETT, b. 1821

res. Farm   Hector  Schuyler
wife Susan
dau  Lucy
       Harriet Bennett Eddy
son  Charles

The Last Will and Testament of Simon Bennett of the town of Hector, County of Schuyler and State of New York.
I, Simon Bennett aged seventy-two years, do make, ordain, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament, in manner and form following, that is to say:
First, After the payment of my funeral expenses, expenses of settling my estate and debts, it is my will that my executor should pay Frank Cronk two hundred dollars, which I hereby give to him.

Second, In place of dower or distribution share, I give devise and bequeath to my wife Susan Bennett, the use, rents: profits and income of my farm on which I now reside in the town of Hector in the County of Schuyler and State of New York, during her life time.
And she is also to have absolutely as her own all grass, grain and crops growing thereon; also all live stock including  teams. Also all farming tools implements and machinery, harnesses (?) wagons, sleighs and other vehicles thereon as used by me; also all household furniture,  both useful and ornamental, it being my object to enable her to remain in our home, with all surroundings as at the time of my death.
And it is my will that my daughter Lucy have a home with her mother as now, without  charge during the lifetime of my said wife.
Said farm consists of about one hundred and one acres and is to include the tenant house with the lot on which it stands adjoining said farm. And in addition, I also give to my said wife the sum of two thousand dollars in money or in any security or securities that I may leave, she to select the name of (?), to be hers absolutely.

Third, the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal I give, devise and bequeath to my four children, Charles Bennett, Helen Bennett, Harriet Eddy and Lucy Bennett share and share alike. And in case of the death of either, leaving a child or children, such child or children shall take the share of the parent in equal portions.

Fourth, and my executors are hereby authorized and empowered to will and convey any real estate of which I may die seized as fully as I might do if living for the purpose of carrying out the terms of this instrument.

Likewise, I make, constitute and appoint my said wife Susan Bennett and my son Charles Bennett to be the executors of this my last will and testament and I hereby revoke all former wills by me made.
In witness thereof, I have hereto subscribed my name and affix my seal the twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety two. /signed/ Simon Bennett with seal
The foregoing instrument was at the date thereof subscribed by Simon Bennett the testator herein named, in the presence of us and each of us. He at the time of making such subscription acknowledged that he executed the same and declared the said instrument so subscribed by him to his last will and testament. Whereupon we, at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, do here subscribe as witnesses thereto.
 William Austin residing at Trumansburg N. Y.
 Jonah T. Howe residing at Trumansburg N. Y.


Robert Kennedy will 1842
aka   Kenneda

At a surrogates Court held for the County of Tompkins at the office of the Surrogate of the said County in the village of Ithaca on the Eighteenth day of May in the year 1842. Present Arthur S. Johnson, Surrogate.

John H. Kennedy and Hilliard Howland executors named in the last will and testament of Robert Kennedy late of the Town of Ithaca in said county deceased appeared for the purpose of hearing and hairing (?) said will recorded according to law and made satisfactory proof that ? of this application had been read according to law on all the ?s of the said deceased.

An instrument purporting to be the last will and Testament of Robert Kennedy bearing date the Eleventh day of March in the year 1842 was produced in Court and shown to each of the ? witnesses as ? after questioned. The said Will is the ? and figure? following towit:
“I Robert Kenneda of the Town of Ithaca in the County of Tompkins, State of New York, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being in sound mind and memory, blessed be Almighty God for the same., Do make and publish this my last will and testament in ? and form following, that is to say

First I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Lucretia Kenneda one third of all my real estate during her natural life for as long as she remains my widow if she needs the same.

2. I give and bequeath unto my son John H. Kenneda seventy six acres of land on the East end of the farm on the South Side of the road, that is tosay fifty one acres on the East end of the Schuyler lot and twenty-five acres on the East end of the Gee? lot by his paying four hundred dollars to my daughter. I give and bequeath unto my son Robert Kenneda seventy five acres of land on the south of the road, that is to say, fifty acres on the west end of the Schuyler lot and Twenty-five acres on the west end of the Gee?                  lot – the fence that stands near the center of the lot to be used? for the line fence between my two sons by Robert paying four hundred dollars to my daughters. I give and bequeath to my son Stephen Kenneda fifty acres on the west end of lot number fifth six, fifteen acres on the east end of the De? lot by his paying four hundred dollars to my daughters. I give and bequeath to my daughter Aurelia Kenneda six hundred dollars (insert – can’t read) to be paid in one year after my death, the ? five hundred to be paid one hundred annually and an outset ? fifty dollars to be paid in two years after my death if the said Aurelia should want the same and our cow wherever she shall need the same. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elisa Kenneda six hundred dollars, one hundred to be paid in one year after my decease the remainder five hundred to be paid annually and an outset? worth fifth dollars to be paid in two years of the  said Elisa Kenneda should want the same and one cow whenever she shall need the same.

I further bequeath to my son John H. Kenneda one hundred dollars out of any personal property to help him to build a barn and further it is my will that my sons should work the farms together till the Ligacuid? are paid off and that my daughters have the privilege of living with the family unles that they should marry and I further will that should any of my children live with the family after they become of age that they shall hair scotting? for their ? and should they charge for this ? it shall be taken from their part of the property.
And I hereby appoint Hilliard Howland and John H. Kenneda sole executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. And I hereby appoint Hilliard Howland guardian for my minor children. In ? whom of I have him unto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of March one thousand Eight hundred and forty-two.
…. Published and declared by the above named Robert Kenneda to be his last will and Testament in the … our many ascistussis? in the person of the Testator.

Samuel Rolfe, Enfield
Ezra Gaugung ? Ithaca           [possibly Ganung or Ganoung?]
Steven B. Howland, Ithaca


[Paraphrased from The Emporia, Kansas Daily Gazette, Feb. 19, 1951.]
Franklin Hamilton FISH died 2pm, Saturday, Feb. 17, 1951 in the Newman Memorial County Hospital, after an illness.   Lived at 221 Sylvan, Emporia, KS.  He was born Feb. 27, 1866 in Watkins, NY.  [Franklin was a son of Enoch B. FISH and Elizabeth (HAMILTON) FISH, who was the daughter of Peyton R. & Julia HAMILTON, (see obit below). ]   Franklin moved to Emporia,KS in 1876.  He married Mary Etta LAFFERTY in Neosho Rapids, KS on Sept. 9, 1888.  He was a former farmer and city official, serving as city health officer, 1920-26.  Survived by his wife and five sons:   A. G. FISH, Toronto, KS; E.E. FISH, Oscaloosa, KS; F.B. FISH, Arkansas City. KS; Lawrence FISH, 219 Sylvan. Emporia, KS; Everett D. "Gus" FISH, 611 State, Emporia, KS (Emporia State basketball coach).  Also survived by 4 granddaughters, 3 grandsons, 5 great-grandchildren.  Franklin also had one brother and one sister, both deceased.  He was a member of Grace Methodist Church.  He was buried in the Memorial Lawn Cemetery on Tues., Feb. 20, 1951.

[Paraphrased from the Emporia Daily Gazette, dated Feb. 21, 1951] --
Funeral of Franklin Hamilton FISH was held at the Roberts-Blue chapel, conducted by the Rev. J. C. BROGAN, with Theodore C. OWEN singing, accompanied by Mrs. Glenn A. BLUE.  Pallbearers:   Charles MICHELFELDER, John CHANDLER, Elmer JACOB, Bill SMITH, Wilbur O’MARA, and Harold G. DWELLE.   In attendance were:  Alfred and Frank LAFFERTY, Topeka. KS;  Mr. and Mrs. A. G. FISH, Toronto. KS;  Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. FISH, Arkansas City, KS; and Mr. and Mrs. E.E. FISH, Oscaloosa. KS.


Mrs. JULIA HAMILTON, (wife of Peyton/Payton R. HAMILTON) - 1901
Formerly of Montour Falls, NY (came here 2 or 3 years ago, lived in Watkins, NY most of her life), died Feb 5, 1901, age 83. Burial Glenwood Cemetery, Watkins. NY.  Survived by 9 children--sons George and Albert of Watkins, NY; Arthur and John of Montour Falls, NY; Frank of Geneva, NY; Jefferson of Topeka, KS (sic) (settled Neosho Rapids, KS ca 1870); Samuel (adopted) of Olean, NY; daughters: Mrs. FISH, Topeka, KS ((sic) Neosho Rapids, KS); Mrs. TUTTLE, Sweden Valley, PA. --Death Records Schuyler County Historical Society.

PEYTON R. HAMILTON (husband of Julia) - 1884.
Resident of Watkins, age 86 yrs., b. Nov 19, 1798, d. Oct 12, 1884, Burial Glenwood Cemetery - Schuyler County Historical Society - Death File.

Submitted By:  Marvel Bollinger Delahaye


Mrs. ELIZABETH DURLIN HAMILTON (wife of Thomas Jefferson HAMILTON) - 1927

Elizabeth Durlin was born in Pennsylvania, January 19, 1848, and died in New Castle, Colorado on November 15, 1927, at the age of 79 years, 10 months and 27 days.  She was married at Millport, New York, to (Thomas) Jefferson HAMILTON on April 29, 1865.  They had four children, two of whom died in infancy, and two daughters are surviving -- Mrs. O. E. Bollinger of Emporia, Kansas, and Mrs. James Massie of New Castle, Colorado.
 "Grandmother HAMILTON" was also survived by 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.  "Mrs. Hamilton joined the Methodist church years ago and was an earnest believer in the Christian religion.  Having been ill for many years she was handicapped in doing what was in her heart to do for others, but in memory of her we may say she did her best."  The funeral was conducted by the pastor of the Congregational Church (of New Castle, CO) at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Massie on Friday, November 18, at 1:30 p.m., and the body was put to rest in the Highland cemetery of New Castle.
"We wish to thank the friends and neighbors for their kindness and beautiful floral offerings during the sickness and death of our beloved mother and grandmother." -- signed by Mr. and Mrs. James Massie and Family; Mrs. and Mrs. O. E. Bollinger and Family.

Submitted By:  Marvel Bollinger Delahaye

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