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 1889 Deaths (one page of records)
 Collection of misc. burial records

From the "Register of Deaths in the Town of Montour"

Order of information (if known):
Name;  Reg. #;  Death date;  Age at death;  Marital Status;  Occupation;  Birthplace;   Father & his birthplace;   Mother & her birthplace;   Place death occurred;   Cause of death;  Duration of illness;  Doctor;  Cemetery.

CRANDALL,  SUSAN;  #187;  d. 5/4/1889;  age 73-7-16; M (married); Housekeeper;
b. Dutchess co., NY;  father= Nathaniel Searles b. Dutchess co., NY;  Mother= Nancy Searle nee Denna (?) b. Dutchess co., NY; d. Havana, NY; heart disease and injury of pelvis; Dr. Baxter T. Swelzer; buried Montour Cemetery.

KENDALL,  ALDRETT;  #188;  d. 5/10/1889; age 45; married; Housekeeper;  b. Pennsylvania;
father= John R. Mann b. PA; mother= Rachael Mann;  d. Havana, NY; d. suddenly of a rupture of a blood vessel near heart;  Dr. George M. Post;  Montour Cemetery.

DOOLITTLE, MARY B.;  #189;  d. 5/10/1889;  age 49; widow;  Housekeeper;  b. Lodi, Seneca co., NY;  father= Hiram Banker b. NY; mother= Jane Wilson Banker; d. Havana, NY; consumption of the lungs; 2 yrs.; Dr. George M. Post; buried in Lodi, Seneca co., NY.

SMITH,  MERCY;  #190; d. 5/17/1889; age 53-11-20; widow;  Housekeeper;  b. NY state;
father= John Mann  b. NY (? see Kendall above); mother= Rachael Mann; d. in Havana, NY; Leucocythaemia; 7 days;  Dr. George M. Post; Montour Cemetery.

BEARDSLEY, NANCY; #191; d. 5/26/1889 (difficult to read); age 56; single; Housekeeper;
b. NY;  father= Levi Beardsley b. Conn.;  mother= Lorraine Beardsley;  d. in Havana, NY; of "anaimicai" or "avaimicai"; Dr. B. T. Swelzer; buried in Catharine, NY.

STONE, GARRY; # 192; d. 6/4/1889;  age 73 (but is wrong--he was  actually 85); married; Farmer; b. in Conn.; father/mother not given; d. in Town of Montour, NY; general failure, fracture neck of femur (?);  Dr. B. T. Swelzer; (Highland/Mitchell Hollow cemetery).

HARRIS, CLARISSA;  #193; d. 6/29/1889;  age 50;  ?;  Invalid;  b. NY;  father/mother not given; d. Havana, NY; carcinoma of the breast; 6 yrs.; Dr. B. T. Swelzer; Montour cem.

LEE, FRANK; # 194; d. 7/6/1889;  age 6;  single; pupil;  father=Raind Lee; mother= ?; d. Havana, NY; of tuberculin meningitis;  several months;  Dr. C. D. Clawson; Montour cem.

WEAVER, LEWIS; #195; d. 7/19/1889; age 68-5-17; widow; ?;  b. New Jersey;  father= Abram Weaver b. in USA;  mother= Kate Weaver b. USA;  d. Havana, NY;  paralysis of the heart and general debility;  Dr. George M. Post;  no burial place given.

BRINK, SAMUEL; #196; d. 7/20/1889;  age 88;  Farmer;  no birthplace or parents given;  died in Schuyler co., NY;  of old age or general debility; about 2 yrs.; Dr. Baxter T. Swelzer; Montour cemetery.

SMITH, MARGARET A. ;  # 197; d. 7/22/1889; age 83-?-5;  no occup.; b. Sussex co., NJ;  father= Samuel Whitesal b. US;  mother= ?; d. in Sussex co., NJ; old age; Dr. B. T. Swelzer;  buried in Burdette, Schuyler co., NY.

HENDRICKS, JACOB;  #198; d. 8/2/1889; age 65 or 68 & 6mos.; married;  Farmer;  b. Waterloo, NY;  father= George Hendricks b. in Penna.;  mother= Sarah Shankweiler ;
d. in Seneca co., NY;  of failure of heart;  Dr. R. F. Irvin;  buried Union cemetery, Hector, NY.

WILKINSON, Female;  #199; d. 9/11/1889;  age 4;  b. Havana, NY; father= Harry Wilkinson b. US;  mother= Mary Wilkinson;  d. Havana, NY;  of convulsions;  7 hours;  Dr. Geo. M. Post; Montour cemetery, NY.

SCOVILLE, HARROLD LIVINGSTONE;  #200; d. 9/22/1889; no age given; married; b. Havana, NY; father= James S. Scoville b. NY; mother= Carrie Higgins Scoville b. Brooklyn, NY;  d. in Havana, NY;  convulsions caused by interceptal (?) irritation;  Dr. C. D. Clawson; Montour cemetery, NY.

STUART, MRS. J. E.;  #201;  d. 9/16/1889;  age 80; widow;  Invalid for 11 yrs.;  b. Catharine, NY then Chemung co., NY;  father= Summers Curtis  b. Mass.;  mother= ?;  d. Havana, NY;  of general progressive paralysis;  11 yrs.;  Dr. C. D. Clawson;  buried Montour cemetery.
(note:  this could be Eliza, wife of Jannett Stuart, the only Stuarts on the Montour cem. list)

LEE, CLINTON;  #202;  d. 10/13/1889;  age 8;  b. Montour, NY;  father= Dewitt Lee b. Montour, NY;  mother= Ida Miller b. Veteran, Chemung co., NY;  d. in Montour, NY;  of acute typhus cephalus;  Dr. C. D. Clawson;  no cemetery given.

STONE,  AZUBAH  JUDD;  #203;  d. 10/26/1889;  age given as 89, but was actally 76y 9mo.;
widow (of Garry Stone above);  invalid;  b. in Conn.;  father= Eli Judd b. Kent, CT;
mother= Sally (Hendricks) Judd b. New Milford, CT;  d. in Montour, NY;  of spinal curvature and general breaking down;  20 yrs.;  Dr. C. D. Clawson;  (Highland/Mitchell Hollow cem.).

CASHUN, HIRAM;  #204;  d. 10/25/1889;  age 75;  Mechanic;  b. Ovid, NY;  no parents given;
d. in Havana, NY;  of old age;  Dr. B. T. Swelzer;  buried in Hector, NY.

HENRY, MRS. JANE SCOTT;  #205;  d. 11/23/1889;  age 46;  colored;  Housekeeper;  b. Williamsport (?) PA;  father= Geo. Scott b Maryland;  mother= Belinda Emily (?) Scott b. in PA;  d. Havana, NY; of Bright's disease and (?) complications;  2 1/2 yrs. ; Dr. C. D. Clawson; Montour cemetery.

TOWNSEND, JOHN;  #206;  d. 11/26/1889;  age 62;  Laborer;  no birthplace or parents given;
d. in Havana, NY;  drowned in Lock (unreadable) Chemung canal;  Dr. Geo. M. Post (coroner);  Montour cemetery.

KING,  JOE or JAC (even JOAN ?) middle name PRICE (?);  # 207; no other info given.

KENT, MAUD E.;  #208; d. 1/12/1890; age 19;  Housewife;  b. Schuyler co., NY;
father= Jac Fish  b. NY;  other info was cut off by copier.

                     miscellaneous records collected by I.C.J.

RS Wakely                       Sept 26, 1885 (jr) 64 yr, 11m Lot 39
Ed P Bowen                     Jan 18, 1885 25y, 8 m-Brights disease
John Bailey                      86 yrs. lived Dix d. Feb 12, 1892 d Beaver Dams
Eugene S Wakely            Sept 11, 1892-Blood Poisioning Sept 10
Chas Kendall                   d Dec 27, 1900 41y, Montour Falls Typhoid Fever
Catherine M Tracey        Aug 22, 1902 81yr Dix
William Kendall               Dec 4, 1903 76ys-.Uremia (death of)
David Baker                    June 27, 1904  76yr, 7m 10 da Brights Disease
Henry Cronk                   Oct 4, 1909   85 fracture of hip
Washington Crout           May 20, 1912 Lot 53A5-68yr d, Watkins-Gastritis. d. in Dix (?)
Sarah A Tracy                  Jan 21, 1913 ae 87 Prostration lived Dix, Bronchitis
Millisa Cronk                   Sept 1, 1913 ae 87 Prostration lived Dix
John G Tracy                   Mar 7, 1913  92 yrs
Chas A Tracy                   Mar.9, 1914  68 y. d. NY City Cerebral Hemorrage
Hattie A Bush                  Dec 5, 1914 65yr. Dix Cancer uterus
Alber Cronk                     73y Montour -Organic heart disease
Jane Cronk                       Jan 12, 1916  76 yrs. Montour pnumonia
Anna J Cronk                   Feb 22, 1916- 66 yrs.Dix Pulm Odema
Luther Bailey                    Jul 24, 1916  72yr Res Montour Hip Frac
Catherine Cronk Crane    Dec 29, 1917  89yr ASHD
Chas Bates                        Feb 12, 1919  CVA
Albert Baker                     Apr. 9, 1919 81 yrs Heart disease
Rachel S Baker                 Nov. 21, 1920 ae 81- single hemmorage
William Cronk                   Jan 17, 1922  84yrs Cardio Renal Disease
Mary Ella Kendall             Apr. 19, 1922 64 yrs. Pnu
Esther R Bailey                 85yrs. lived Elmira Heart disease
Dewitt Cronk                    Jan 16, 1924 Fx Hip  71yrs..
Louisa F Wakely              Jan 31, 1927  94yrs. ASHD
Sarah H Cronk                 d CVA 79yrs d. June 18, 1927
Helen J Bower                d. Jul 3, 1932 ae 4 Mc Allen Tx. Tox. from burns
Fancis S Cronk                Jan. 18, 1923  72yrs. CVA
Adelbert  B Crout           Nov. 18, 1923   66yr 11m 6d lived Tyrone Coronary Thrombosus.
Ed Kendall                      Co Clerk of Schuyler co resides in Yates County 1881-?